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Long term progress photos are cool, but so are short-term progress photos. This would be Winter of 2015 compared to summer of 2015.

This is generally what I walk around looking like. 198# compared to 188# I feel much better a bit lower. My goal is to maintain 185# this year and not really track anything that I’m eating…

I put my own program - Crush60 to the test. Somebody sent me a rude message and it pissed me off, so I did nothing but crush60 workouts and adjusted my intake to a bit higher protein. I will never preach something I DO NOT practice. I’m glad it works for you, and I’m glad it works for me. That is, you know, why I started this whole thing.

So much more coming this year - Im so happy to have you guys on board as we grow - TOGETHER.

www.CrushFit.com (shameless)

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So at the end of episode 5 of shadow hunters it shows Alec and Isabelle stay behind while the others go to Magnus's place, how do you think Alec ends up at his place?

wow anon…

You just made me realize that Izzy isn’t with the others at Magnus’s place, judging by the promotional photos of ep 6. 

I’ve been so busy staring at Malec holding hands that I haven’t noticed she was missing!!!

So that means either Alec changed his mind and went to Magnus’s on his own both to see him and to help Jace, or Izzy suggested that she would be the one to report the case to Maryse and that he should go… since, you know, Izzy is our #1 captain of the Malec ship.

Either way, I’m sure he will very soon follow the others since he’s already there to help Magnus when Luke’s poison is “spreading”.


Buncha studies from patreon early access. Usually I don’t post them, but now I do. :’> For your entertainment and for my.. Uh.. Progress record?.. I’ve become significantly better since the times I didn’t do studies at all. Excited about future improvement. >w<

Patrons can watch my clumsy step-by-steps.

Photo sources: 1, 2, 3, 4.

Reporting Reposted Art on Instagram: A Tutorial

Okay, so Instagram’s a site where I constantly see a lot of artist’s works being reposted without permission. For a photo-sharing site, its process of reporting things that violate copyright laws is pretty convoluted (and considering a lot of experiences I’ve personally had with art reposters, it’s kind of useless trying to talk to them haha). Finding the forms themselves are hard enough. So this is just a short tutorial on how to do that!

NOTICE: This will only work if you are reporting reposted art that is your own. You are unfortunately unable to report reposted art if you are not the original content creator.

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They really backed themselves into a corner by saying they were 100% sure Briana's bump was fake... they took the hardest, most convoluted route.

They cling to two photos they want to believe showed no bump during the pregnancy, even though in both photos you can actually see that she’s resting her arm on it and that she has a bump curving in front of her. 

But as they’ve decided to use both photos as proof of what they need to believe, they’re no longer capable of seeing anything in those photos but their own version of events.

If they turn around and admit she had this baby, it would mean that how they’ve been talking about her for months makes them completely disgusting, and they should be ashamed. They won’t do that as I believe they enjoy hating her, nor will they admit to being the kind of people who look to persecute women for simply having one of their male fave’s babies. 

It would also mean they’ve been utterly wrong about something they insisted was a fact of reality. I can’t remember Larries ever admitting to being wrong about anything. (Not to mention if Briana was really pregnant it means the baby is almost certainly really Louis’s….)

After the raging angry denial that’s hit them once the birth certificate came out, I don’t know how they can be trusted to hold any viable opinion on anything. When they say nothing will ever change their mind or convince them otherwise in the face of a government issued document, all their theories need to be looked at through those glasses. We can’t pretend they’re reasonable Logical™ people, we have to see them the way they admit they are: zealous fanatics immersed in their own dogma.

For this one I had an old russian cosmonaut suit front view photograph as reference, used a soft brush to block the proportions and pose, then a sharper brush for the lines. For studies I copy the photograph for practice but for stuff like this I don’t copy the pose or angle in the photo, instead I rotate it and change it, add some of my own designs and think about the form, shapes and flow. It’s a cool mind/creativity exercise to do. -Gabo


And to think, I only got kicked off 3 servers from doing this…

On top of this, I also messed around in civilian mode, caught players in teleporter traps, and did the new borneo exploit with a couple of pyros. Thanks valve, for breaking all your own maps <3

(If you didn’t know, the teleporter automatically kills anyone who tries to use it)

As I reflect on the steps of my journey, I am reminded of the powerful complexity of life. Dr. Wayne Dyre states that nobody knows enough about anything to be a pessimist. The dark valley I walked through during my time in college brought me into my destiny as a reiki teacher. My many heart breaks revealed places within my heart that I thought light could not touch. And because of the pain I learned how to love those places unconditionally. The injuries I sustained while working out taught me how to balance and progress through my growth, paying loving attention to my own well being. I do not know exactly what lies ahead, but I believe that only good lies before me. Photo by @ck_frias #reiki #peace #love #meditation #healing #selflove #universe #yoga #sun #earth #spirit #gaia #gofundme #travelinghealer #vanlife

So, all week, I had planned on playing some OoT today (Friday) and I got really excited. Around Wednesday, that excitement boiled over and I drew Zelda. I actually had another work lined up to release today but, I liked this one so it took precedence.

- Was supposed to be doing a lot of landscapes this month so uh… expect that?
- I’m currently working on Xin Jua, and I’m liking it so far
- Idk… something else too.

- Actually, the challenge for this piece was to use as little art references as possible. So only a few select items were allowed, they are as follows:
- The character sketches for the Twilight Princess versions of Zelda. This was for costume purposes only.
- a mirror to look at my own face (Because I’m SO glamorous), and a select few photos of stock front profile shots.

SAI - Sketching and LA
CS6 - Painting