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Guys I was just on twitter minding my own business ( as some of y'all “true armys” should do ) and I stumbled across this post by a, obviously, taek**k shipper. It was a photograph of T**hyung and Jungkook. Nothing weird right? Yeah, until I saw it was a picture originally from the summer package, a JIKOOK photo, with Jimin being cropped out and T*#hyung in his place. The caption was something among the lines “ how it should be” and it had so many likes and comments blasting on Jimin. WHY DO TAEK**K SHIPPERS HATE ON JIMIN WHAT DID HE EVER DO TO THEM TO BE TREATED THIS WAY?

[ she/they reported me and others after we scolded her about her immature behavior, you might still find her post on the anti jik**k tag ]

spiritedpursuit | To be honest, I’ve been very conflicted about photographing the Maasai while here. Not because they aren’t stunning - they are obviously captivating - but because I don’t want to “other” them. A few that I’ve met traveled here from Arusha just to be able to make money from tourists that are intrigued by them; ready to jump on demand and answer questions about their culture in the hopes that travellers will buy goods from them. I’m definitely not against that (it’s their own choice to do as they wish with their bodies and culture after all), but it did make me think twice about if I was helping or hurting by engaging. I don’t know the answer yet, but it has been very fun having genuine interactions with them. Anyway, meet Moses and Antone who insisted I take their photo after they spotted me with my camera while on a walk yesterday morning. // #spiritedpursuit

Was talking to our very own beautiful Cindy cosplayer @stylishchocobutt cos we’re both going Kupocon Pomingham Palace in February.

Obviously can’t wait to meet her and get photos

But also ill probably be one of the only people there not in cosplay just like the last one

Help a girl out and be truthful. If I did cosplay anyone in ffxv I’d love to do Gentiana. Trouble is, I’m paranoid I’m too tall. She’s so small and delicate whereas I’m only a few inches off Ardyn’s height.

And as we’ve seen in the train scene, she’s way shorter than Ardyn. Am feeling self conscious xD Reckon it’d still look alright?

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hi I was really into bugs as a kid and now that I'm 16 I find myself fascinated by them again. I don't want to go into entomology because I'm not that great at science that isn't insects, but what are other ways I could use this interest as a hobby?

Welcome back to the world of insects! :D There are many things you can do with insects, you can:

  • run a blog like myself or other insect enthusiasts
  • have potted plants that can provide a place for insects to live and eat
  • read about them in published books and articles
  • collect them and make shadow boxes for decoration
  • get your own bee hive and collect honey
  • volunteer with a local outdoors/entomology club
  • make jewelry with insect wings (butterfly wings are really popular for this)
  • draw or sketch or photograph them (you can submit photos to websites for fun or for documentation of species)

I was sent an anonymous message I deleted accidentally suggesting these frogs are Pyxicephalus edulis rather than adspersus, they do look similar and this could be the case but since they’re both separately labeled as adspersus on Joel Sartore’s own website as part of his [and Nat Geo’s] Photo Ark project I chose to use the same label he did. I’d love to discuss it more if you’d like to message me again!

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I think people were more bothered by the hashtag #WWEWags. That's just such an interesting/weird thing to tag your own photo with as a significant other of one of the wrestlers. I think "wags" is more of a reference used by fans to describe athletes significant others. If I were dating an athlete I wouldn't personally feel the need to tag a selfie of mine with #wwewags or #footballwags etc.

The good thing is, if you ever date an athlete you won’t have to use #wags if you ever post a picture of the two of you. Another good thing? Sarah can do whatever the fuck she wants, use whatever fuckin hashtags she wants. It’s nobody’s business but hers and Seth’s. Fangirls have absolutely no say in how she should function within HER relationship. And that includes getting all bent out of shape over hashtags.

What is the purpose of Rutiles?

In the SU Wanted special that aired two months ago, we were introduced to MANY new gems. And before then, we introduced to two new gems: Aquamarine and Topaz. In the Wanted Special, we were introduced to Zircons, Fluorite, Rhodonite, Padparadscha, and Rutiles. For this post, I’d like to focus on the Rutiles in specific.

We’ve learned the purpose of Zircons, they’re made to be counsels and prosecutors for gems going on trial in the court.

Fluorite and Rhodonite are fusions.

Padparadscha is supposedly a defective Sapphire.

We can easily assume the purposes of Aquamarines and Topazes from the 3 episodes they appeared in.

However, we know next to nothing about Rutiles. All we know is these two twin Rutiles, who emerged as conjoined gem twins.

So, here is my question: What are Rutiles made for? Why are they presumably mass-produced in kindergartens, and what are they sent out to do?

Well, I have a theory. First, let’s talk about rutiles as we know them in our world.

Pictured above: the best photo I could find of a real-life rutile.

Rutiles are a major mineral source of the element titanium, commonly known as a tough, powerful element on the periodic table (if i paid attention in science class). They are about 60% titanium and 40% oxygen. It ranks 6.6 on the Mohs Hardness Scale.

Though rutiles can exist on their own, they are most commonly found as red spikes in minerals of many different types.

Rutile in quartz.

Rutile silk in sapphire.

Rutile in opal.

Rutile in peridot.

There are many other minerals rutile can be found in, but I wanted to use gems that we’re familiar with in Steven Universe.

Rutile is most commonly found in quartz.

Back to the rutile twins.

Notice their design. The lack of a nose or ears. The simple buzz cute. The full-body, simply designed uniform, with a lack of a diamond symbol.

Seems like if you fused with them, not much would change.

So…what am i getting at here?

Because rutile is so commonly found included in other minerals, and the rutiles are manufactured with such simple forms, I believe that rutiles in Steven Universe are made for the sole purpose of fusing with other gems.

“But, Cookie,” you interject. “Isn’t Homeworld AGAINST fusion?”

Yes, fusion is majorly outlawed on Homeworld.

However, it is accepted for one thing. Combat.

Rubies in particular are commonly seen fusing for the purpose of combat.

So, you have a gem like rutile, which is majorly made up of titanium. That’s great for strength and hardnes. If you fused a rutile with another gem, not much would change in the other gem’s appearance, so the resulting fusion would not be entirely different.

Rutiles seem as if they’d be great for fusing with other gems, potentially providing extra strength and hardness in battle.

It only makes sense to me they would be designed for fusing with. And plus, Rebecca and the crew pay more attention to gem meaning and geology than you may believe.

I could very well be wrong, and there could very well be another post exactly like this somewhere else on this site. However, I couldn’t stop thinking about this, and had to get it out here.

Azaj,17, Oakland, Calif. Transgender girl. Part 1

1-As long as I can remember I always knew I was a girl. I was just very feminine, not because I tried to be, but because it was just natural. I remember when I was in elementary school everything was separated by girl and boy, it was confusing for me because I was a boy physically, but was a girl with my heart, mind and soul. It was not until I was in the 6th grade that I came across the term transgender and when I did so many questions I had started to be answered. I finally felt like I knew who I am. I knew I could trust it because it made me feel complete, that confused feeling was no longer there, but it was still a secret.

2.  It was not until I was in the 10th grade that I came out as transgender. I was really difficult because I was so used to hiding myself, but when my friends gave me the courage I needed I was unstoppable. I was finally being myself. I was wearing make-up and the clothes I wanted to wear. I truly believe I was a happier person once I came out. I started to regain that light I lost as kid. I wanted to spread my pretty colors everywhere! I had to show everyone that I had found my place in this world and that is anywhere I choose to be.

4. It is really different living as myself. I never thought that this would be happening. Before I felt like I was always trying to squeeze into jeans that were 6 sizes too small, but now it feels like am in jeans that were made just for me. I don’t feel uncomfortable. I am not always sad or overly upset. I am free. I now feel like I have a purpose. I no longer wake up hating myself or this world that does not understand me. I wake up with a smile, not because my life is so great, but because I love who I am. We will not hide anymore!

5. Have people you know been supportive?

Yes, I have a really great support system. My friends and family loves me for me and I am so grateful, but I mean not everyone I have told supports me.  It is something that comes with being transgender. People come and go in life and it hurts, however life goes on. I was told by my aunt that I am not in charge of anyone’s happiness, but my own. I strongly agree! If you support me I have room your opinions and ideas, but if you don’t you should have nothing to say about what I am or what I do in my life.  

Photo by Annie Tritt

High Heels, Vogueing and Classical Ballet with @theharperwatters

For more high-heeled skills and jetés, follow @theharperwatters on Instagram.

Harper Watters (@theharperwatters) says he’s been “a constant mover” ever since he was a child, dancing in styles from modern to hip-hop, jazz to African dance while he was growing up in New Hampshire. After moving to Texas to pursue his dream of becoming a professional dancer, Harper, now 25 years old, has since realized that dream as a demi-soloist with the Houston Ballet.

“It’s my goal to highlight the ballet world and bring it to different audiences,” says Harper, an extremely active voice in the social media dance world. “I want to show that we have our own interests and likes.” To accomplish this, Harper frequently films photos and videos he calls “The Pre Show,” showing himself and his fellow dancers preparing for performances, and creates viral videos of himself in bubblegum-pink heels — dancing, vogueing and walking on the treadmill. “These are expressions of my personality and extensions of what I love to do,” says Harper. “I want to create a space for people to be comfortable in who they are, where it’s possible to love Beyonce and RuPaul, and you can wear a pair of pink heels and still call yourself a classical ballet dancer.”


I want us to be ravenous for victory until the very end.” - Miyuki Kazuya