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agleerph theme pack: themes 8-11.

I started randomly messing around with some themes, and realized I kind of missed some of my old style/”throwback” Glee themes. They’re a bit of an updated version of them, I guess? They’re named after some of my twin characters because why not. Anyway, please contact me if you find any glitches with any of these. I haven’t personally used them, so I’m not 100% sure. Enjoy!

  • PLEASE NOTE: Each theme will be completely blank once you put it on your blog. No colors, photos, sidebar background… nothing. Don’t freak out. Just put the pictures & colors in, your desired pattern (it looks better, in my opinion), the description and all that. Once you’ve done that, it’ll look normal again, promise.

i. do not steal any parts of this coding and use it in your own. // ii. do not use this as a base code for your own theme. // iii. feel free to edit as much as you’d like for personal use. // iv. do not take my credit off or move it somewhere else. // v. message me here if you have any questions.

theme 008. ★ casey. ( live preview & code )
theme 009. ★ spencer. ( live preview & code )
theme 010. ★ gwen. ( live preview & code )
theme 011. ★ kingston. ( live preview & code )

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wait why don't some ppl in the fandom care for sharkcookie. What did he do?

I have no idea. I’m assuming same people that agree with Abby since he had a falling out with Abby and basically called her out for being unprofessional and forbidding him from using his own photos of the girls publicly.


Proud to share with everyone my completed Briar Rose Embroidery Job. This was my first time ever hand embroidering an item so I know it isn’t the best. But I am happy with the out come. The original is on the right and mine is on the left. I used the art work in the middle as my reference for my custom. Hope you all love her as much as I do! I even made my own official photo for them!

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Hi yasemin, hope you are fine..why everyone is questionable Jane arrested? Did they forgot the photos, it's can Accused her for a fraud very easily in my opinion, sorry for my bad English 😁


I’m doing great! Hoe you are too, lovely!

Well to answer your question, yes, there are legitimate reasons to arrest Jane. Basically everything she did and the role she played in framing Mayfair. Also her knowing about Carter’s death and not coming forward. Also the information she had on her own case, let’s not forget that the Jane Doe case is still an active FBI case. And she had information about that and still didn’t come forward. So yes Jane deserves to be arrested.

But, the problem is that Kurt arresting her in that scene was not based on anything worth arresting. He doesn’t know of Mayfair’s death or Jane’s involvement in that or her framing or any of the stuff Jane has done. He claims to be arresting her for pretending to be someone she is not when in reality she wasn’t the one to claim she’s Taylor. They told her she is Taylor. And her involvement and her being part of the team was not because she was Taylor. So they cannot say she pretended to be Taylor to be part of the team.

Kurt is saying he’s arresting her because she pretended to be someone she’s not by faking memories? Well, technically for all he knows, this woman did go on a fishing trip as a kid and that memory could be legit but it wasn’t with the Weller’s.

Basically the idea is, while Jane deserves to be arrested for s lot of things she has done, Kurt arresting her for none of those doesn’t make sense. His reasons are not grounds for arrest.

Why is he doing it? The boy has lost it. He’s not thinking straight. He just dug up his best friend’s body that was buried by his own father twenty five years. His father who just died. He’s spiraling out of control. He’s devastated. Lost. Confused. And a little bit drunk. His actions are not rational. So what does he do? The first thing that comes natural. He goes into cop mode.

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How do you make your own pictures

Hello Nonnie :)

I use TSR Workshop to make my own pictures for the sims. I’m assuming you’re talking about my custom family portraits. You can use any photo for this and so I utilized some screenshots that I’d taken in game.

In my opinion, there aren’t any super great tutorials out there. But I think by utilizing a few tutorials, you should be able to figure it out. I think this tutorial on TSR is pretty decent. Also you can always search youtube for more tutorials. Here’s one I found for Gimp or Paint.Net since I know not everyone has photoshop.

I hope this information is helpful, Nonnie :)

Fucking feminist portraiture here:

Bust of a woman, but cropped to deny the viewer full view of her secondary sex characteristics. The focus is on her face and expression. An expression that is for her, not the viewer. She is looking at a subject that is not the viewer, with a look of concentration and determination. This is a person who is thinking about her own thing, and without distraction. The angle and lighting do highlight her natural beauty, but not as an alluring person, but as an example of humanity, with strength of character and disregard for supposed physical flaws (receding hairline, moles, wrinkles, blemishes).

And she took this photo herself.

There is no trace of the patriarchy here. Nothing about this is for or by men.

As a graduate of the arts, I am damn proud of this selfie!

- Anne, author of Fenmere of the Kletaccete


Out doing groceries with my Parents and yes i always pay for the groceries since my parents are the ones paying the bills every month because i was the one who bought the house and paying the monthly bills of the new house. Lol. Di kaya sagot lahat, i have to save money for me to buy my own car.

And if you’re wondering, yeeees—we finally patch things up last night. I mean, Papa texted me to go home because it was raining very hard and i know that they are very concerned because i haven’t fully recovered yet and i went out of the house. Pfft. Gaah my parents love me. He he he. Papa talked to me about my attitude yesterday though. Lol. Which i was sorry for. Tss.

Anyway, after doing groceries we’re going to eat out. I loooove whenever i am able to spend a considerable amount of time with them. We always make sure to go on a “date” every week. Hehe.

I played with my dogs also earlier this morning, so i’m definitely in a good mood today. I hope this would last until Friday. Hahaha!

How about you guys? What are you up to?

Help me out!! <3

Do you guys know of any famous wlw that aren’t white, cis, able bodied etc?

I want to make some wlw artwork but want to reflect a larger experience than just my own

If you don’t know any pls reblog to get the message out :)

Also if you want to put forward your own stories/photos for my artwork (which will be used for university but also published on this blog) then please go to my submit page!!!



Yudai blog update:

Hello! !
It’s Yudai Ohno! !

Thank you as always for your many comments and daily routine reporting! !

It’s fun to read! ! ^ ^

My own daily routine report is we had a meeting about our tour and a bout three days of interview coverage, so I’m very rich in activities! ! ^ ^

As for our tour meeting,
every time we talk about it becomes even more fun and exciting,
my heart can’t stop pounding in my chest. . \ (// ∇ //) \

That this is the first time we’re doing something like this is too much ,,

I want you a lot of people to come see us! ! ! ^ ^
I’d like to increase our tension because our rehearsals will be starting soon! ! !

And since there was a photo booth machine which does cool simulations when we were at Da-iCE’s Shibuya display yesterday
if you’re in the area, you should by all means stop and try it! ! ^ ^

Oh, because Sota did it already, I took a picture with GENKING san! ! (^ - ^) / lol

Now! !
Let’s also enjoy! ! ! ^ ^

See you! !

Let’s make today a happy day for everyone! ! ! ! ! !


I was kind-of-not-really tagged by @ravencourtmemories, can this count? (I really wanted to do it lol) This is an aesthetic moodboard of sorts! I used all of my own photos and the gif of course is not mine. I have this habit of saving all the pictures from when I liked my face so I’ve spammed you with three of those! Then you’ve got a photo I took while driving in the rain (I love driving and I love the rain, this was dangerous b safe out there kids, no one was on the road and I stopped. SAFETY.) Then I started spoiling myself this year bc I’m finally have my own bathroom! It is teeny and I take baths whenever I’m bored at night. Then you have my dog, Jack, napping in my lap. My shoes from when I hiked Bear’s Den. And the gif about being a teengager bc I will be for another five days! My birthday is on the 29th! None of this screams “this asshole sends shitty memes to her best friend instead of responding to text messages” but I figure I’d save that for next time.

and I’d like to tag @peachinger, @thomintnewt, @alaina-in-wond3rland, and @thranduilfatherofgreenleaf ! don’t feel like you gotta post photos of yourself or even do it but I’d love to see your aesthetics !