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Kim Taehyung as your boyfriend ♡

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You're just idiots, you understand nothing. Louis just lost his mother and you create drama for him everyday. Real fans promote just hold on and not talk about his private life like you do. Look at your posts only hates and fake theories about his friends, family, girlfriend, son, music.... His son is his son, you can crop Danielle on the pic or edit but you can do anything on the original pics and who promote JHO --> not you. Grow up and leave him alone

Um pal, you do realize I’ve been streaming JHO on four devices since it was released and bought it for over 50 strangers? You do realize project Just Hold On is organized and is run by Larries? You do realize that Briana faking a hack and Danielle hanging out with other people on NYE is not my doing, that they did that of their own volition? You do realize that the photo wasn’t cropped by Larries and was submitted that way, even the LouelleUA admitted they don’t know if their was an Uncropped version even though they refuse to post it?

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Does it ever upset you when people "steal" your scanned photos and post them to their own page/Instagram without giving you credit? Photos you've paid money for and took the time to scan and post. I have a fan blog (for someone else) and I've stopped uploading my own pics for this reason. Very annoying.

Hey anon, in general I do get upset for like 2 minutes and then life happens and I forget about it. I did get very upset though when pictures that were shared with me by one of the biggest Stevie photo collectors were spread without so much as a mention and ‘thank you’ to her. 

This is a very complicated issue because one can always claim that the scans don’t belong to the original uploader but to the photographer, so if you’re upset about your scans making the rounds on every type of social media without credit, the only thing you can do is to not share them. In the past, I reached out to a couple of people who often reposted my scans and asked them to mention my blog; not because I felt I deserved credit but because I really wanted more and more people to know about this blog. Turns out tumblr isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and most fans stick to facebook only, and that’s ok.

The purpose of this blog is to try and gather as many pictures of Stevie as possible, that’s why I created a somewhat comprehensive tag page (which needs revamping and updating desperately), so I plan on keeping on sharing no matter what. Having said that, I no longer feel like posting HQ links to the scans and photos, unless I have a specific request.

I sympathize with your situation and wish it hadn’t happened to you. Maybe you could still post smaller scans just for the sake of adding rare material? 

I absolutely love fan blogs, and I follow some for the creativity and dedication even if I’m not a fan of the singer/band/actor. Fan blogs are a beautiful thing with all the thought and effort put into paying homage to the people we love. (I wish I had more time and creativity to come up with unique ideas, but I have a lot going on in my personal life right now.)  At the end of the day, it’s all about our love and nothing else matters. So, if you would consider it, I’d love to know more about your blog and follow it.

Hope you have a fantastic Sunday. :)

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Hi, I'm kinda new to tumblr and i want to use this as kind of a platform to get more into photography. Do you have any tips about both tumblr and photography that you could give me?

Hmm…I guess that depends on if you want to take photos or if you want to look at/share photos that other people have taken. 

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Outtake of Wicked, IT Post Magazine #14 {Fall/Winter 2013}
Ph. Kwannam Chu

under the cut you’ll find #57 icons of chris evans from avengers: age of ultron as requested anonymously. i do not own the original photos used in these icons, although i cropped, coloured, sharpened, and added a border to them. please like and/or reblog if you will be saving/using, and don’t claim them as your own. thank you!

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how do you cut out your sims from their original picture so that you can put them on your own background. like when you take a shot from cas. because whenever i use my selection tools in photoshop it always ends up leaving some kind of 'residue' from the previous background if that makes sense. its driving me insane.

Hi! So I could just say ‘do this and then that’, but I like making tutorials so here’s one for you, nonny!

So you start with your unedited photo. First I click the background layer on the right two times, and transform it into a normal layer. After that, you press W or the Magic Wand Tool, and click on the background. I’m using a 25 tolerance for this photo, but you can adjust it to a higher number if the contrast between your Sim and background is bigger, or lower number if your Sim blends with the background a bit, so the Wand Tool doesn’t accidentally selects parts of your Sim too. 
After you have selected all of the background, hit delete, so you are left with only your Sim.

Next step is to inverse the selection. If you have already deselected your Sim, use the Wand Tool again to select the background and then press CRTL+SHIFT+I. (that’s the letter i). Now your Sim is selected. Go to the tabs on the top of the screen, search for Select and click Refine Edge. A box will pop up.

This is the settings I currently use, but to be honest it changes everytime. The important things are Smooth and Feather. You will see a little preview how your Sim looks with these settings, so just play around until you find something that looks decent. It’s also important - or at least, it’s what I prefer - to Output to New Layer. You will keep your old layer with this, so you can retry if it didn’t look good.

After Refine Edge, you can make a new layer, put that below your Sim and add a background. I almost always use the Gradient layer style on top of my background, so make it look nice. I also crop my images!

If your Sim still has some of the background around it, repeat the steps from Refine Edge. I almost always use it twice, because there may be still a little bit left which I could not spot the first time. Then edit your Sim however you like!

This is the way I always cut out my Sims from their background. It makes the lines around them a lot smoother, so they don’t look jagged and it blends them in a bit more too, so it doesn’t look like they just got plopped on there. Hope it helps!

chibizel replied to your post: Send me a character and I’ll tell you… their blog…

   Groose! Do Groose’s blog!    

Haha, sure! :D

their blog url: thegroosenator :D

the kind of posts they reblog: Pre-game, selfies (only his own), shitposts and memes, fitness stuff, pictures of tasty food, Stritch and Cawlin’s posts with sarcastic tags, Zelda’s posts with really gushing tags. Fairly obnoxious, posturing, teenage boy stuff.

Post-game, it’s much more thoughtful, has lots of photos of the Surface, cool engineering things, Link and Zelda’s posts, still lots of fitness stuff and pictures of tasty food, haha. Original content still has a lot of selfies, memes, and shitposting, but there’s also more personal and honest stuff, posts about what he’s been up to lately and what’s going on around Skyloft (while he’s finishing his studies, this is his main form of communication with Link and Zelda, after all!), stuff he’s thinking of, a few photos of himself and Grannie that he took earlier, stuff like that.

the first person they followed: Cawlin made all three of them get them.

what kind of theme they’d have: One of the default ones, in lots of reds and blues.

what kind of text posts they make at 2am: Emotional honesty time.