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This blouse from the Vampires pack was really, really nice, but the weird mesh panels just absolutely ruined it for me! I sat down with Photoshop and made this edit. It… took a while.

There are four versions of this - a coloured body with black and white trim (seen above on the left and right), and coloured trim with either black or white body (black version seen above in the center). Each version comes as its own package, but I’ve included a merged version with all four.

  • Requires the Vampires game pack
  • Available for Teen-Elder females; will work on any other gender/frame combination
  • Enabled for Party and Formal
  • Custom thumbnails on first swatch of each package (sorry, I didn’t feel up to doing 114 of the things) with a label to identify them
  • Tag me if you use this on a sim! I’d love to see your pictures :)

Download under the cut!

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Want to make your own Mimikyu? Here’s the template I made! 

I printed mine on a lightly yellow tinted cardstock (which is why its more yellow in the picture) and used good ol’ Elmer’s glue.. I feel like its pretty basic, but if you have any questions feel free to ask! I did not do double sided ears/tail- but if you just print them out flipped then you can get both sides :)

If you make one, please tag me back so I can see it! :D!


young justice fancast

Khả Ngân as Artemis Crock // Dylan Sprayberry as Kon El // China Anne McClain as M’gann M’orzz // Ava Allan as Zatanna Zatara // Trevor Jackson as Wally West // Keith Powers as Kaldur’ahm // Aramis Knight as Dick Grayson // Boo Boo Stewart as Roy Harper // Zendaya Colleman as Raquel Ervin // Chi Pu as Jade Nguyen

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures used here

[In honor of s3 being announced I decided to do a fancast with actors and actresses as closely to the characters ages as possible.]

RFA + Saeran Headcanon

You meet your Ex boyfriend

* A little nervous
* “Hi I’m Saeyoung! I’m her BOYFRIEND OKAY.”
* stands right in between you both
* tells him how lucky he is to have you
* insults him with memes
* “You’re such a pepe lol.”
* Drinks his Dr. Pepper, watching you two talk
* touches you a lot

* kisses you all the time
* tells him how rich he is
* “So, do you own any company?”
* shows him pictures of the house you two own
* asks him a lot of rude questions
* “So did you make Y/N scream your name every night?”
* “Oh, excuse us, we have to go, our private jet is coming.”

* anger pure
* ready to beat the fuck out of him
* “He did not just look at- wait did he just wave at- no he’s not coming over is he?”
* jealousy much
* “So, you’re the douchebag that broke my girls heart aye? You know what will be broken next? You’re fvcking face.”

* quite + scared
* “He’s way more handsome than me…”
* blushes when you tell him that he’s the only one you love and that no one can be any more handsome than he is
* confidence level rises from 0 to 1000
* “I bet you never had sex while playing video games with her did you?”
* regrets everything he said as soon as your ex is gone

* “Why don’t you just go back to him, I don’t like you anyways.”
* actually quite scared that you might actually leave him
* “Lol he looks like a loser, just like you, the both of you would be cute together.”
* cries on the inside for making this joke
* freaks out as soon as you agree (as a joke)
* freaks even more out as you wave your ex over
* “Get the fck off mate, she’s mine, I love her and she loves me so don’t even think of getting closer to her”
* acts as if that never happened afterwards

BTS Reacts to You Showing Up at a Fan Meet Pretending to Be a Fan Girl

Hey guys! So, this is part two of the request I received. Just like the last one, there is a bit that needs to be established before you read the reaction so that it will make more sense. Details will be in bold below. (I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE GIFS OR PICTURES USED, I SIMPLY FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE!)


     Anonymous:  Bts and Big Bang react to you going to one of their fan-sign events pretending to be a fangirl

     For this reaction, it is going to be assumed that your relationship is public. The staff of the event knows what is going on, but none of the members do. You are wearing a BTS t-shirt, a hat, sunglasses, and a face mask. The order will stay consistent in order to preserve my sanity so, from the starting point, the order is: Jin, J-Hope, Suga, Jimin, V, Rap Monster, and then Jungkook.

1. Jin

     “You’re so pretty, Oppa. You have such a nice voice,” You would gush, your hands clasped together. This would cause him to offer you a warm smile.

     “Thank you,” he would say, holding up a tiny heart.

     You would raise your sunglasses to wink at him before moving on to J-Hope, leaving Jin confused. It wasn’t until you reached V that he realized why you looked so familar. He didn’t want to draw attention to you so he let you go. He decided to confront you about it at home.

2. Suga

     “You’re so handsome, Oppa,” You would say, offering up a copy of his album to be signed. You would remove your sunglasses and lower your face mask, smiling at him. He would grab your wrist and drag you closer.

     “Really, Jagi? Did you say all of that just to embarrass me?” He would grumble, his eyes meeting yours as he hands back the album. 

     “But I still want it signed,” You would pout. He leans his mouth next to your ear.

     “I’ll sign it at home. I wouldn’t want to make anyone upset with what I write,” he would say, smirking as he sent you on your way.

3. J-Hope

     “Saranghae, Oppa!” You say excitedly, making a heart with your hands. He would smile brightly, making a heart and wiggling in his chair. You laugh, which he instantly recognizes. 

     “Jagi!” He would shout, jumping over the table to hug you tightly. This would cause Jimin and V to laugh while Suga just rolls his eyes. 

     “I’m so glad you’re here, Jagi! Come sit here!” He would drag you behind the table and have you stay with him for the rest of the fan meet. He would introduce you to every fan.

4. Rap Monster

     “Oppa, you’re so cool! You’re girlfriend must be so lucky!” You say, supressing a laugh. Your voice would be familar to him, and he would end up putting two and two together after a few moments. He would motion you closer, his lips lingering near your ear.

     “I think I’m the lucky one, Jagi,” His lips brushing your ear,” Try not to get in to too much trouble.”

     He would brush his fingers across your cheek before letting you go on. He would plan on bringing home some kind of gift to spoil you for doing this for him.

5. Jimin

     “You’re such a good dancer, Oppa!” You would say before leaning forward,” I bet you have some other moves that are even better.”

     Jimin would realize who you were immediately because you’ve made this joke before. He might get up and do a little dance just to tease you. He would wink at you before sitting back down. 

     “If you want, we can try out some of those ‘moves’ at home tonight,” Jimin says suggestively, wiggling his eyebrows at you. You would roll your eyes at that snorting. He brushes a kiss on your cheek before sending you on your way.

6. V

     “Oppa, can you say something in your deep voice?” You ask cutely. You would remove your mask and sunglasses, doing bad aegyo. He would stand and lean toward you over the table.

     “Hi, Jagi,” He says, his voice going deep. He would grab your shoulders and pull you closer to him,” Get up here.”

     He would drag you up on the stage with him. He would make you stay for the rest of the meet, but you have to keep him on track because he keeps getting distracted by your presence.

7. Jungkook

     “Oppa, I have a secret to tell you,” You lean forward,” You don’t know all you need to know. You are a small bean.” (I couldn’t resist, lol) His expression would get a little irritated until he recognized the beanie on your head as one of his own.

     “Jagi,” He would whine,” That’s not fair and you know it.”

     You would laugh and lower your face mask to give him a quick kiss on the lips. He would blush bright red as you walk away, feeling smug. He would definitely get payback later, though.

I hope you guys enjoyed this! I have a few more requests to take care of, but my inbox is open for any requests!

A list of bad writing excuses you need to stop using:

Applies heavily to Fairy Tail, but also to many manga and fiction in general.

“It’s his story, he can write/draw whatever he wants!”

  • A similar thought process could be used to defend Mein Kampf. I have the right to email you a picture of my middle finger raised, but that right certainly doesn’t invalidate your own right to raise hell about it. Please refer to bullet point #4 as well.

“It’s just comedy!”

  • And it’s not funny, so it’s pretty shitty comedy, isn’t it? I’ll judge comedy the same way I judge any other form of writing. Do you realize how immature that sounds? That’s just the whole “I-said-something-offensive-so-I’m-going-to-backpedal-and-say-it-was-just-a-joke” defense taking another form.

“Stop judging fanservice so harshly!”

  • Is it fanservice, or authorservice? I assure you I did not request all of these fucking scenes where a character is undressed at the expense of the story tension. Get with the program, and realize that the reason you’re feebly defending it is because it’s points for your camp.

“If you don’t like it, go read/watch something else!”

  • Woe is me, for I have not yet found that one golden piece of fiction that I feel is absolutely perfect in every way and thus does not warrant me complaining ever. I suppose I could write one, but that tends to produce mary sue and self-insert fiction! Such is the price of the paradox of writing for oneself, yet publishing to an audience: I open myself up to mine audience’s judgement and wrath!

“No story is perfect!”

  • See above. Imperfection is the reason why it can be criticized, not why it can’t. Moreover, I do not expect things to be perfect. Even Harry Potter isn’t perfect, and it’s rightfully held up as some of the greatest fiction literature of all time. But I don’t complain about it because it’s apparent the author put everything she had into her work and had it edited and double-checked dozens of times. A substandard expectation may lead to less disappointment, but will always prevent real happiness or satisfaction.

“How many mangas/books have YOU written?!”

  • I don’t need experience writing bullshit wish-fulfillment mary sue fiction fantasy, I have enough of that from when I was 13 and so do most people. The difference is that I grew out of it. And one day, you’re going to say that to someone who actually is a published author and you’re gonna look like a dumbass. More of a dumbass, anyway.

“It’s just fiction! It doesn’t mean the author condones it!”

  • This is an excuse I see a lot and I’m here to cut it down. Theoretically? Yes, it doesn’t mean the author condones it. But if they don’t, that leaves very little room for why exactly they wrote whatever it is that is being burned at the stake. Most people, shocker, write what they know or feel. Male writers write male characters because that’s familiar to them. Writers write main characters who are in the writing business because that’s familiar to them. LGBT+ people write LGBT+ stories and characters because that’s familiar to them. And creepy people with fucked up ideas or fetishes are no different. So for all of you “mun =/= muse uwu fuck off” people out there? I’m callin’ your asses out. And I am especially calling out authors who use outdated tropes they think are cute that have long since been revealed to be unsettling or unfair. Subject matter is not so important, it’s how and why you portray it that matters. 

“This is how it is, complaining about it won’t change it.”

  • That is very untrue. Most things that get changed do so because people express their dissatisfaction for the current system. That’s sort of a basic component of most systems of decision-making, including writing into such unrelated things as law and justice. And, pray tell, if you don’t think complaining will change anything, what exactly would you suggest that would?

Coming soon: A list of bad writing complaints you should stop making!

No More Recasts - I am Pro Artist

I’m in the process of selling my recast dolls as part of my overall “if you need to come up with an excuse for what you’re doing, maybe you shouldn’t be doing it” bi-annual existential panic.

I’ve been working with a few great seamstresses over etsy and the like to have really flawless clothing made for my dolls, and it was actually that that made me realize I can’t own recasts any more. As the seamstress, I would feel sick knowing my hard work was used to lend legitimacy to a fake–like a period picture frame on a forged painting. I tag all my doll snaps with “recast”, which is ironically even worse, as it may encourage someone else to think that a fake is just as good as, or acceptable as, the real thing, and/or that any of the people associated with clothing/wig-making/etc for the doll endorse their wares being put on stolen goods that are killing the hobby.

I have always admired people in the bjd hobby for the art they create–whether the dolls themselves, the props, the clothing, the photos, what-have you. I have stayed away from the bjd community because I knew I was committing a crime morally, if not legally, against artists by funding recasters. I am ashamed of what I have done, and I hope I can prove both in word and deed that I will do right by the doll community–artists and collectors alike–from this day forwards.

Blue! Jay park x big girl moodboard.

Based on the amazing story ‘Telenovela or Korean Drama?’ by @kpopthirstaddicted @smutfictionaddicted
As a big girl I found inspiration in this story when my confidence was low and I was not feeling sexy or desirable. This story gives a voice to big girls while also fuelling our imagination. You accept all no matter their race, religion or weight. You are truly inspirational ❤

Please do check out the story below:

[Credits to owners, I do not own any of the pictures. Please do not use without giving credit and do not delete the caption]

New Year Spell

a.k.a. A Spell for a Prosperous and Witchy 2016

I encourage everyone to make this your own! If you do it, lemme know how it goes! I’d love to know what you guys think of it. I’ll post pictures of my set up when I do it with @witchsaves soon. 

-Any four candles. You can use whichever colors or scents suite your wishes for the New Year. 
-An egg (spring)
-Some ground black pepper (or any sort of pepper/chile) (summer)
-A leaf (fall)
-A bit of wool (or snow if you have it in your area) (winter)
-A piece of paper that has as many corners as the number of candles being used
Optional: A sigil for any sort of New Year’s luck/prosperity/etc. I have some here. This is can just be an extra kick for the spell. It’s not required. If you’d like to use one, draw it on the paper.

-Cleanse your space! Cast a circle now if you want. To cleanse my space and candles I’ll be using a salt & lemon-water spray. Cleansing the seasonal symbols comes a bit later.
-Light your candles and place them at the corners of the paper while meditating on your intent for each. I’ll be using blue for wisdom, white for protection, pink for personal growth, and yellow for prosperity.
-As you cleanse and place each symbol on the center of the paper, repeat “With this new year will we grow, seeds of craft we planted we now sow.” (this lovely phrase is the product of @witchsaves‘s beautiful mind)
-Once all symbols are sitting comfortably on the paper, meditate on their energies. When you feel the needs of the spell are met, blow out the candles (and close your circle if you casted one). 
-Bury the seasonal symbols and burn or rip up the paper. If you can’t dig to bury the symbols, you can cover them with a pile of leaves or snow or compost (DO NOT litter if you’re using a fake egg/artificial leaf/etc.).


If you are going to be using real fire, make sure that 1) you’re in a space where flame is permitted, and 2) the candles are on a safe surface. Also, when you’re placing your symbols on the paper be careful when passing over the candles. Please don’t burn yourself! 

I think that’s everything… Have a GREAT New Year, guys!

Royals! Moodboard.

based on the story ‘Royals’ by @solarexact. For such a young person to have such a talent in writing is astounding. One of the most dedicated and passionate writers I know and admire, please stay amazing and beautiful ❤

Check out the story below, it’s worth it!

[credits to owners, I do not own any of the pictures. Please do not use without giving credit and do not delete the caption]

사랑해 (I love you) - BTS Movie

(A/N: This is not a real thing, you can breathe. I don’t own any of the pictures used to make this, only the result. Please don’t take without credit. Thanks :D)

I love you. Do you see me? Will you ever love me? I love you. I could die for you. Let me show you…

BTS Reacts to You Being Shy Around the Other Members

Hey guys! Sorry, I know it’s been a bit since I’ve posted….. I’m home for the weekend so I may not be able to update as much as I usually do because I don’t have wifi at home. (I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE PICTURES OF GIFS USED, I FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE!)


     Anonymous:  Bts reacts to their s/o being shy around their other members

1. Jin

     Jin would notice that you weren’t really talking. He would intertwine his fingers with yours and slowly try to ease you into the conversation. He would try to stay by your side as much as possible to avoid letting you get overwhelmed by personalities like V and J-Hope.

     If you were still a little shy, he might pull aside Rapmon and Suga, requesting that they ask you questions every once in a while. He’s hoping that if some of the members show an interest in getting to know you, it might help you relax. He knew Rapmon and Suga wouldn’t ask too many questions, so they were his best bet. He will probably to to you about it when he takes you home. 

     “Trust me, Jagi. None of them will think anything bad about you because you’re a wonderful person. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t think you were worth every challenge. We’ll work through this together,” he says, kissing you softly as he strokes your cheek gently.

2. Suga

     Suga may not notice at first. He doesn’t talk much, so he wouldn’t necessarily think it was strange. When someone asked you a question and you stuttered over your answer, you voice quiet, he would know something was wrong. Since he has social anxiety, he would be the most understanding of your situation. 

     That being said, he wouldn’t try to force you into the conversation, instead choosing to let you decided when you’re ready to interact comfortably. When you get home, he wouldn’t bring it up. You would probably watch tv for a bit, just like any normal day. He doesn’t want to make you feel like how you interacted with the guys changes the way that he feels about you. 

     “I have to be in the studio early tomorrow, so we should probably go to bed soon,” His voice tired after socially interacting all day as his head rests in your lap, your fingers softly stroking through his hair.

3. J-Hope

     J-Hope, being a ball of literal sunshine, would notice pretty fast that your weren’t talking. He would sit next to you and try to pull you into the conversation at every opportunity. It would be a little while before he realized he was making you more uncomfortable instead of alleviating your stress. J-Hope wouldn’t wait until you get home to discuss it with you, he would pull you into side room, just the two of you. 

     “I’m sorry, Jagi. I didn’t mean to make you more uncomfortable,” His expression showing how disappointed he is in himself,” What can I do to help, Jagi? Is there anything we can do to make it easier?”

4. Rap Monster

     There’s two ways it could go with Rapmon. He would either notice immediately or he wouldn’t notice at all. If he did notice, he would probably try his best to involve you in the conversation subtly. 

     His hand would rest on your knee as he talks to some of the other members. He would ask his opinion on issues he knows you care about, trying to see if it might help your open up a little. When you get home, he would pull you into a tight hug, his hand rubbing up and down your back. 

     “Thank you for trying, Baby. It will get easier with time, and I’ll help you in anyway I can. I’m sure I can find some advice online that might help too,” He says, resting his chin on the top of your head.

5. Jimin

     Jimin wouldn’t notice right away. After a while, he would notice that you were a lot quieter than usual. He may not realize that it’s because you’re feeling shy, instead thinking that you’re feeling unwell. He would keep a close on you, eventually pulling you away from the group to ask if you were feeling okay. When you explained that you were feeling shy, he would feel both relieved and confused.

     “Why, Jagi? You that they would never dislike you, right?” His fingers would brush along your jaw,” Even if we’re popular, we’re still human and we have flaws. None of them are going to tear you apart…. Actually, on second thought, steer clear of Suga-hyung. He didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.”

6. V

     In all honesty, I don’t think V would notice. Not because of his super 4D personality, but because he would be distracted by talking and having fun with everyone. It’s not that he would forget you were there, he would probably be holding your hand or touching you in some way for most of the day. But, since you haven’t said anything about your discomfort, he wouldn’t notice.

     Most likely, Jin would notice and be worried that you don’t like them, which he would express to V privately. Only then, would V notice that you weren’t really really talking. He would pull you aside and ask if you were feeling okay. When you said you were feeling a bit shy, he would pull you into a tight hug. 

     “I’m sorry I didn’t notice, Jagi. We can go home if you want. Or, we can try again. I’ll stay by your side the whole time,” he would say, leaving the choice up to you.

7. Jungkook

     Jungkook would notice very early on that you were feeling shy, but he wouldn’t know how to help you. He would try his best to stay by your side, holding your hand as his thumb soothingly rubs circles into the back of your hand. He wouldn’t touch your much more than that because he knew his hyungs would tease both of you and he didn’t want to make you feel more uncomfortable. Once you were home, he still wouldn’t know how to broach the topic. He wouldn’t hold you close, kissing the top of your head.

     “I love you, Jagi,” He says, hoping that you can hear the unspoken promise to stay by your side. He kisses gently to seal the unspoke promise.

I hope you guys enjoyed it! I have a few more requests left, but you can inbox me any requests you have!!

Art Prompts

I posted earlier about possibly hosting an art challenge series.  I realized later, however, that maybe my question was too vague, since a lot of art challenges are more like a series of school assignments.  That’s not quite what I had in mind.

It wouldn’t be a challenge you have to participate in every month.

Each month would sorta stand on its own.  It would be more like prompts.  I would post a picture of a facial expression for you to draw.  You could do it in any style you wanted, or you could even just use it as inspiration for a piece.   You could also use the picture as a drabble prompt if you’re not into drawing.   Those who submit an art piece or drabble/ficlet for the challenge will be entered into a monthly drawing for humble prizes, like postcards or stickers from my shop, or maybe some miniature icon paintings.

ETA:  ALL art media would be acceptable.  Not just drawing and painting, but collages, sculptures–anything art.

All skill levels would be welcome.  You could submit a crayon doodle and that would be acceptable.  I mean I want people to make an effort, but my point is everyone would be welcome.  I want it to be fun and happy.

I think it would be fun, but I don’t want to do it if there isn’t some solid interest in it.

Does this sound interesting or fun to anyone?

BTS Reacts to You Being Kawaii AF

Hey guys! So, I’m going to try and get both of the posts for this request done today. I have two more requests left after that, although I encourage you guys to request anything you want to see! (I DON’T OWN ANY OF THE GIFS OR PICTURES USED IN THIS POST, I FOUND THEM ON GOOGLE!)


    Anonymous:  BTS and Big Bang react to you being Kawaii AF

This reaction will be based around you randomly doing something super cute. I figured that would be the best way to go about it because it’s something we can all relate to.

1. Jin

     Jin would be over the moon. We all know that Jin loves super cute things, so when you did something cute, he would be extremely excited. He would stop whatever he was doing (yes, even eating) to rush over to you. He would take your face in his hands.

    “That was so cute, Jagi!” Jin would press soft kisses all over your face, a bright smile on his face.

2. Suga

     Suga’s reaction would vary depending on whether he was around the other members. I see Suga as someone who would secretly love his girlfriend being cute. If he was around the guys, he would let the moment pass without comment.

    If you were alone, he might let a small smile grace his face. His reaction wouldn’t be as big as someone like J-Hope, or Jin, but he would be happy. He would hold you close, cuddling with you.

    “Who knew my Jagi could be so cute?” One of his hands strokes your hair as your head lays on his chest. He presses a kiss to your forehead.

3. J-Hope

     As expected, J-Hope would immediately squeal. He wouldn’t be able to contain his excitement, rushing over to you immediately. He would wrap you in a tight, rocking from side to side. He would most likely still be emmitting squeals the whole time.

    “That was so cute, Jagi! You should be like this more often. It suits you well,” J-Hope gushes, his smile looking big enough to crack his cheeks.

4. Rap Monster

     Rapmon would be the most unsure of how to react. It’s not that he doesn’t find you cute, he just isn’t sure what to do about it. A few things crossed his mind (I’m sure you know what I mean ;)) but they’re hardly appropriate. He would settle for giving you a sweet kiss.

    “How can one human hold so much cuteness?” He would mutter to himselg, pursing his lips in thought.

5. Jimin (I love this gif!! Ahhhh!)

     Jimin’s face would turn bright red, the blush taking over his face. This little bean would become shy, probably thinking about it for most of the evening. Any time he thought about it, he would grab your hand or pull you closer to him. You wouldn’t think much of it since Jimin really enjoys skinship.

    “Aish! Why are you so cute, Jagi? It’s distracting,” Jimin’s tone would be jokingly frustrated as he presses a kiss to your temple.

6. V (Awkward V is best V.)

     V would go super 4D. He would become super excited, rushing over to you grab you and spin you. His signature boxy smile would take over his face, causing you to laugh. He would attempt to make some sort of aegyo at you, starting a cute facial expression battle that would last for weeks.

    “See? I can be cute too, Jagi. We’re a cute couple!” V would say, making an extremely derpy aegyo face at you.

7. Jungkook (Memekook)

     Jungkook is the other one that I feel like wouldn’t be sure how to react. Considering most of us think he only knows how to properly communicate through memes, he would be unsure of how he’s supposed to react. He would love how cute that moment was, and he wouldn’t want it to go away, but he wouldn’t know how to express this. He probably wouldn’t verbally react to that moment. Instead, he just pulls you close and kisses your cheek.

    “I love you, Jagi,” Jungkook would say quietly, a small blush enveloping his face.

I hope you guys enjoyed! I’ll get the Big Bang reaction up as soon possible! Inbox me any requests you have!

Red! Professor Baekyhun moodboard.

Requested by the amazing @solarexact and inspired by her beautiful story ‘Chemistry’. I found so many great pictures so I did one for each colour you proposed ❤

Please check out the story below:

[Credits to owners, I do not own any of the pictures. Please do not use without giving credit and do not delete the caption]

50 ways with you - BTS Movie

(A/N: This is not a real thing, you can breathe (if you can…). I don’t own any of the pictures used to make this, only the result. Please don’t take without credit. Thanks :D)

Love has nothing to do with all that. Our bodies are just fit for each other. Trust me and come play with me…

(A/N: OMG this is suggestive, I’m sorry but I’m not…? haha This was requested by @mimibtsghost (who has a bit of a perverted mind HAHA) Hope you like it friend ;) )