i do not normally yoga

i need people to understand that i am not depressed because i don’t do certain things (yoga, sleeping at a normal time, eating… normally) but because i am depressedi cannot do some of those things. like sharon i’m not depressed because i don’t do yoga every day like you, i don’t do yoga because i’m depressed

Imagine winding up Dean on the phone...

“Okay, not sure exactly when, but I’ll be home soon, is there anything you want from the store?”

You rolled your eyes, even if he couldn’t see you, it made you feel better. That was when the idea crossed your mind.

“If you’re at the shop, get some condoms.” You said coolly.

Dean went silent for a few moments and you began to wonder if he’d actually heard you.

“Did you say what I thought you did?” He said in a husky voice.

“Mmmm,” you hummed. “After my hunt went bust, I’ve just been so… bored. How long you going to be? I’m feeling a little flustered…” You cringed at your own wording, but judging by his tone of voice, it did the job.

“Y/N, I’ll… I’ll be there as quickly as possible.”

It’s really heavy energy, diving into the abyss. My head is spinning and it’s hard to focus. I feel…very clouded. which is not my normal. I’ve been doing yoga when i can and trying to just find that creative, playful energy as much as I can.

Tread lightly. Find your playfulness through this one.

 if you have to watch tv, color, make art or play video games just do it, because this energy is just ugh…it’s rough. 

Find your fun even if you have to push yourself out of what you normally do

 Hang in there. <3