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Off Limits

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Request: Can you write a fic where like dean and the reader are at a bar or something finding out shit for a case and some guy/bartender starts hitting on the reader and Dean gets super defensive. Oh and it being like really fluffy, sorry I live for that shit 😂

Request: Hi, I love reading what you write and I was wondering if you’re still taking requests. If you are, can you do one where it’s Dean and the Reader and he gets SUPER defensive over the Reader to the point where if anyone hits on her he kind of hurts the guy or punches him? Thanks!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 800ish

Warnings: language, lil’ bit of violence

A/N: Combined these two since they went hand in hand…

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William Nylander ~ Miss you when you’re gone

Requests are still open, I just have a ton of them just now so it might take a while to do them all! :)

Requested: Yes

“33 with willy? bc i feel like he would 100% do that :’)“

Writing Prompt 33. “I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”

Warnings: Nahh

For @starlightgems

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The door swung open and you were immediately pulled into a tight embrace.

“Miss me?” You asked, the sound coming out muffled considering Willy had you pressed tightly to his chest.

“Mmm, a little bit.” He replied, clearly trying to hide just how much he had.

It had been almost 3 weeks since you had seen each other, Willy had been busy with road trips and you with school and the vacation you had just returned from, and you were so glad to finally be in his arms once again.

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In the future, our socks rub against each other in the morning. 
Under the blankets, you can barely see us.
It’s Sunday morning and we drift in and out
of sleeping, keeping conversations
of everything we wanted to do today.
In the future, you know I’m most lonely
around 4, and let me know
you’re headed home and ready
for me to fall back against your chest again,
you’ll hold me close
even if I have nothing to say.
In the future, I make a mess of the kitchen counter.
We take a break of making 
a birthday cake, and smear flour 
across each other’s cheeks.
It is snowing down on our eyelashes
and I am quickly reminded
of every moonlight I’ve ever watched with you.
In the future, we unload our lives
into the new house.
We unpack all my potted plants,
the salt and pepper shakers,
and fold our scarves into the dresser drawers.
We unroll the carpet first
and sprawl out around it, just to talk for a while.
We waste an hour playing find shapes in the popcorn ceiling,
but keep telling ourselves this rug will roll back up again,
let’s wait a little longer.
—  Schuyler Peck, Salt and Pepper Shakers
I Believe You

Lydia walked into the animal clinic, shaking her head and watching water droplets hit the floor. She looked up and saw most of the pack, all except for Stiles. Her brow furrowed in confusion. Where was he?

She took in the expressions of her friends, Malia’s face was stony, her eyes empty; Liam was mostly preoccupied with Hayden, but was occasionally throwing Scott a nervous glance; Scott…Scott looked completely lost, but somehow looked as though he had a hard resolve. Lydia’s gaze drifted to Theo, and she could tell he was trying hard to control his expression, every so often a glimmer of a smirk slid onto his face. Lydia swept a piece of wet hair behind her ear and stepped closer to Scott.

“Scott?” she tried, he didn’t respond.

“Scott” she said again, more steel in her tone. He looked up at her and his expression caught her by surprise. His lips were pressed together in a tight line, his brows set. She immediately felt uneasy.

“Scott where is Stiles” she said, hands clenching into fists.

“He’s gone” he said through his teeth.

“What do you mean he’s gone? He left me a message saying he was coming here” she whispered. She looked pointedly at Malia for support, she was Stiles’s girlfriend, she had to be worried about this.

“Malia, did he call you too?” she tried. Malia just closed her eyes and turned her head. What the hell was going on?

“Okay fine’ she started, getting frustrated ‘ I’m going to call him” she said fishing her phone out of her bag. As she scrolled through her contacts, Scott grabbed her wrist.

“No Lydia, he can’t be here”

“What the hell do you mean he can’t be here?” she asked shrilly. Scott, Theo and Malia shared a look.

“Lydia… Stiles…he killed someone” Scott said. Lydia felt as though something cold had been spilled over her head. Every cell in her body screamed in rebellion. No. He would never.

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A transparent Merrill for Merrill Positivity Week! 

I originally designed this to be a sticker, which you can purchase on my Redbubble :> 

Wet Dreams - Cameron Dallas

wow ok i’m going to hell man this is short, so sorry in advance but :)) Cameron Smut :)) 

requested: Cameron has a wet dream and y/n decides to have a little fun


My fingers continued to type on the keyboard, and I sighed, checking the clock. It was nearly 3:00 a.m., and I was having another sleepless night. I crossed my legs and turned my head, checking to see if Cameron was still asleep. The light snores that left his lips told me that he was out cold, and I smiled to myself as I watched him.

I turned back to the computer screen and got back to work on my schoolwork, typing paragraphs and deleting sentences like it was a sport. I chewed on my lip and rested my chin on my fist as I stared at the document, no longer seeing words as my eyes drifted shut slowly. I wasn’t even tired, but doing schoolwork was enough to put me to sleep.

A loud groan snapped me out of my sleepy state, and I jolted up, blinking my eyes awake. I glanced back at where Cameron was lying on his stomach, face in the pillow. I turned back and yawned, deciding that it’d be better off to make myself some coffee to stay awake.

“At least Cam’s having a nice sleep,” I chuckled to myself tiredly. I closed my eyes and leaned against the counter, tired of being awake so early.

Within moments of brewing my coffee, I headed back to the bedroom to get working on that paper. Before I could even walk into the room, I heard Cameron whimpering and panting, soft whines leaving his lips.

I froze in place and slowly smirked before walking into the room casually, as if Cameron weren’t having a wet dream. “Y/n,” Cameron whined, turning over in the bed. The blankets were thrown off of him and his boxers looked uncomfortably tight. I blushed and bit my lip, shook my head, and giggled softly.

“Fuck,” he moaned loudly, his eyes squeezed shut. His chest heaved up and down heavily and I tried to tear my eyes away from him, but I couldn’t. He was covered in a thin layer of sweat and his breathy moans were extremely enticing.

My eyes trailed to where his hand was palming himself and I knew exactly what I had to do. Just his moans were enough to build up my arousal.

I walked over to the bed quietly and bit my lip, grazing my fingers over Cameron’s bare chest softly. He let out a soft moan and threw his head back on the pillow. “Baby,” he murmured breathlessly. I smirked and walked over to the closet and pulled out a pair of handcuffs Cam had bought for us. I cuffed his wrists to the bed frame and straddled his hips, rocking back and forth slowly.

Within moments, Cameron’s eyes fluttered open and he stared up at me. He let out a loud moan, raising his eyebrows. “Y/n?” He asked, his morning voice strong and raspy, only making me more aroused. “Oh, fuck! What are you doing?”

I looked down at him with a seductive smile on my lips. “Babe,” I cooed, “I know you were dreaming about me. Tell me what you were dreaming of, Cam. I’ll help make your dreams reality.” I began rolling my hips against him, causing Cameron to let out a groan.

“I-I don’t remember, all I can think about is how good you’re making me feel right now baby.” His wrists strained against the cool metal and he let out another throaty groan, his eyes squeezing shut once more. “Y/n, this is so hot, fuck!”

I stopped grinding against him and leaned down, pulling his tight boxers down. I took his dick in my small hands and pressed a very light, lingering kiss to the tip. Cam’s fists tightened against the handcuffs and he gulped loudly. “Babe,” he whimpered, “More.”

I nodded my head and poked my tongue out, licking his tip. Cameron moaned and stared down at me, his chest heaving up and down rapidly. “Ah, shit, y/n!” I swirled my tongue around him and batted my eyelashes innocently. I took him all the way into my mouth, to his surprise, causing him to suck in a huge breath.

I hallowed my cheeks, my teeth grazing the sides of his base teasingly. “Fuck,” Cam whined, his back arched off the bed. “Baby, fuck,” He moaned as I licked all around his tip.

I continued to pleasure him at a steady pace. My hands reached up and fondled his balls, causing him to let out a loud, almost animalistic groan. “Do that again, shiiiittt!”

Within moments, Cameron was a whining, moaning mess. “I-I’m gonna come,” he whined, nearly falling apart in my mouth. I felt him throb against me and I purposely moaned, the vibration spurring his release. I swallowed him completely and licked my lips, smirking down at him.

I moved away from him and unlocked the handcuffs that restrained his wrists. He flopped back on the bed, grabbing me and holding me in his arms. His lips crashed to mine, working perfectly. His hands ran up and down my sides and I stared up at him in awe. When we pulled away, he smirked deviously at me.

“That was the best way to wake up ever! What time is it?”

I turned and looked at the clock before giggling his direction. “It’s 3:45 in the morning,” I replied, patting his knee. “You need to get back to bed. You have a big day tomorrow.”

He jutted out his bottom lip and pouted at me. “I’m not going to bed without my baby girl by my side,” he pressed.

I rolled my eyes and stood up, made my way to the desk, and shut the laptop. I turned off the light and hopped next to Cameron, making my way under the covers. He grinned over at me and raised an eyebrow at me. “What were you doing awake so early?”

“Couldn’t sleep,” I replied, “And I had schoolwork to finish.”

Cameron smirked and bit his lip, letting out a deep chuckle. “You know I’m not finished with you, baby. I definitely owe you one.”

I shivered and shook the idea from my head, trying to picture myself actually getting sleep.

“Tonight,” I promised, “Let’s just go to bed now.” I giggled and pressed my lips to his passionately, our lips working together in the most beautiful sync. After a moment, I pulled away and smirked over at him. “So what was your dream about, baby?”

He shrugged his shoulders and smirked over at me. “It involved things that we’ll be doing later,” he murmured, elbowing my ribs and chuckling. “But that’s beside the point. I love you, y/n, even though you’re too good for me.”

I rolled my eyes and giggled, shaking my head at how spontaneous my boyfriend was. “Shut up, you’re perfect for me. Oh, and I love you too, loser.”

He chuckled, pecking my forehead and pulling my body into his. “You weren’t telling me to shut up earlier,” Cameron pointed out, chuckling into my neck. I rolled my eyes, cheeks burning.

“Don’t start,” I teased, closing my eyes and falling into a fit of laughter.

request things like this ^ here xx

i have a larger fic forthcoming but i’m catching up on ahs & htgawm & i’m prolly about to fall asleep in a whisky hungover nap so

here’s some hollstein winter fluff:

— carmilla coming in from the cold & cursing a bunch & laura just thinks it’s the cutest thing bc carmilla’s cheeks & the tip of her nose get pink

— laura taking off her beanie when they get inside & messing up her hair & carmilla fixing it with a smile & kissing her forehead

— huddling together while they’re waiting for the bus/tram so they can stay warmer

— laura buying all of these huge scarves & wearing them once before carmilla steals them so they have this little game of pretending to fight over who gets which scarf (laura loves this game a lot bc carmilla wears extra-soft & muted colors & they float against her jaw, plus they have a whole drawer of scarves by the time winter is over)

— laura shoving her hand in carmilla’s pocket when they’re walking & she’s forgotten her gloves

— carmilla trying to use her iPhone with her nose bc she doesn’t want to take her mittens off

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yours to keep (1/?)

summary: Sequel to World Unknown. Emma and Killian navigate through a new season of life with the sudden growth and popularity of the band.

word count: ~3800

also found on: ff.net, ao3


month nineteen. emma and killian’s house, storybrooke, maine.

Emma Swan is happy.

She hurries to slide her feet into her shoes and steps quickly into the bathroom. Giving her hair a once over, she bites down on her lip.

Killian has his toothbrush in his mouth and she smiles softly, turning to him. “Okay. Gotta go, Handsome. Elsa’s waiting for me.”

She pushes up on her toes to kiss his cheek and he grins at her as soon as he spits out his toothpaste. “I’ll see you there.”

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Treated and Tricked (A Halloween Joshifer One-Shot!)

As I’m finishing getting ready upstairs in my second floor bathroom, I hear a familiar ruckus downstairs. I’m pinning the cat ear headband to my head as the heavy boots pound up the stairs and Josh’s deep voice asks, “Where’s Jen?”

“Fucking obsessed,” Liam says in response. “You just got here. Not a drink, a smoke, even a motherfucking hello to anyone else before you start searching for her?”

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Hi. Ugh can you write a Jack Barakat one where you wake up and Jack's gone and you find him in your daughters room in the rocking chair and she's asleep on his chest (she's only a week old) and he's asleep holding her? Just cute and fluffy?

Your POV

Jack and I got home after our date night. I paid the baby sitter, and right before she left, she told us that Ellie was fast asleep in her room.

Ellie was only a week old. Jack was so happy when he heard I was pregnant. I still remembered that damned smile on his face. He hugged me all day, whenever he got the chance. I stood up to get something to drink, and he’d pull me back down to hold me in his arms. I felt right there, like I belonged to him.

Jack wouldn’t leave my side the whole nine months I was pregnant. He was there when I had her, and he held my hand through it. We weren’t married yet, but we were both fine with that.

We fell asleep next to each other soon after we got home in our bed. He had his arms wrapped tightly around me, and I never wanted to leave.

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