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Side Story: Scenes from a Visit

A/N: Three short stories for y’all, partly to celebrate +100 followers, and because it’s fun to know what happens behind the scenes.



The Queen’s drawing room, Hyrule Castle. First day of waxing crescent of the eleventh month.

‘Goddesses!’, Impaz exclaimed joyfully, ‘Who would have ever thought Sheikah and Gerudo would make such a lovely creature! Look at your pretty red hair, your eyes match with your eyes! And your lovely brown skin!’

‘Thank you, Dame Impaz’, Amina humbly accepted her compliments, ‘you flatter me way too much’.

‘You deserve it, dear child!’, she laughed, ‘now, do tell me which magic spells you know’. She served enthusiastically tea and pastries.

‘Well’, she took a deep breath, ‘I know Din’s Fire, Nayru’s Love, some healing spells, and I can do small glamour spells’.

‘Then you are most welcome if you want to improve your skill’, Impaz offered her, ‘We Sheikah must pass on our skill to the younger generations… and I only had Zelda as a student, she has all the skills required, but she is the Queen, after all. The remains of the Sheikah here lack the magic skill you possess’.

‘Of course!’, Amina assured her, ‘I shall come at least once a week to see you!’

‘I feel like I can die in peace now knowing our lineage is safe’, Impaz sighed, the young woman surprised at such ominous comment.



Telma’s Bar. Second day of waxing crescent of the eleventh month.

‘Dear members of the Council, Ms. Uli, wifey’, Naima stood up with a glass of moonshine, ‘besides making a toast to you all for being amazing hosts and colleagues, I’d like to make this an unofficial Council meeting to address a very important subject of Hyrule’s contingency’.

Everybody looked puzzled at the tall Gerudo Matriarch.

‘We need to address the Oocca in the room’, Naima stated.

Shad and Ashei looked at each other suspiciously.

‘Not you, guys’, Naima made clear, taking her seat, ‘Zelda and Link’.

The crowd at the table made a collective nod.

‘Uli and I know the kid since he was a baby’, Rusl noted , ‘it’s pretty obvious they are at least attracted to each other, but Link either hasn’t realized yet or is too scared to tell’.

'He is being discreet’, Uli assumed. ‘I am quite sure he likes her… mothers always know, even though we’re not related by blood’.

‘Shad and I saw them chatting at the fountain on the way back to the castle when we celebrated his knighting’, Ashei recalled, ‘I told them they looked like a couple… they are really cute together, even though I hate the word’.

‘Ashei, you told them they looked as if they were hooking up’, Shad sighed.

‘Oops’. A vague flashback of her subtlety came to her mind.

‘You seriously screwed up, sister’, Naima told her with a disapproving look.

‘We should give them time’, Telma commented, ‘Both are young and inexperienced. They have to realize things by themselves’.

‘I support Telma’s argument’, Auru intervened, ‘Zelda is a very wise young woman, but lacks knowledge of the matters of the heart’.

'Auru, do you know anyone else who might have information?’, Naima asked.

'If Impaz knows anything, she won’t tell’, Auru guessed. 'on Link’s side, I have no idea whatsoever’.

'Agitha won’t tell either’, Ashei added. 'Unless we bribe her with bugs from the Stone Oasis’.

'Didn’t you brought a letter from mother for Link?’, Amina asked, all eyes turning to her.

'Lost cause, Mother will take her secrets to the Sacred Realm’, Naima concluded, scared of even daring ask the Elder. 'Time will tell, then’.

There was a collective sigh at the table.



Castletown. First day of waxing crescent of the eleventh month.

Link was riding along the merry entourage of Hylians and Gerudo, when the feisty matriarch approached him on her beautiful grey steed.

'Mother sends you her regards’, Naima said casually, handing Link discretely an envelope with an orange wax seal. She returned to the conversation with her new raven-haired friend.

That afternoon, in his office at the barracks, and while the Council was still in session, Link opened it.

‘Dear Link,

I hope you are in good spirits, and my daughter is not giving your Queen and the kingdom too much trouble. Poor Amina, she has to put up with her antics all the time here.

I wondered if the object of your affections has realized how you feel about her. May Din light the fire of love in her heart, and favor your feelings.

If you need discreet and confidential advice, feel free to write me.

Best wishes,


The brief but kind words from the Elder brought a smile to his face. He hid the letter inside his chestplate, and resumed his work on the recruits’ training trip to the Peak Province.

Once I arrive from Snowpeak, I’ll take the risk and tell her for sure. Maybe a letter should be a good idea? I am better at writin’ stuff than talkin’…. Yeah, that’ll do! I’ll start writing tomorrow evening then!

The owner of our place is in the middle of opening up two more restaurants and I’m lowkey gunning to work at one of them in a higher up position but I’m pretty sure I won’t get it.  I dunno. It’d be cool to make desserts for all three restaurants, especially the one on Rittenhouse because I can do some super cool shit for there that I can’t do where I am now. Plus, doing only pastry would get me off the line, probably get me a raise, and make it so that I never work closing shifts which would be tight as fuck.

I just feel like A) He doesn’t think I have the experience to basically run a pastry program for three restaurants/move to one with a higher grade of food, or conversely B) He thinks I’m too valuable of an asset/I  know too much to move me to one of the other places, because I’m the only other person there who’s trained on every station and can fill in or help out anyone whenever. I’m just stoked because I’m addicted to bread and he’s doing all these cool breads with preferments and house ground flours and high hydration doughs in high temp ovens, and that’s the shit I like, and I want to be part of it.

kay-marie19  asked:

I would just quit tbh, can you find like another job like at small cake shop? Like we have raos cafe here it's a pastry shop, idk if you have that where you live? Find a place where they understand, yes Walmart do make the best cake haha! But I would look for another one tbh!

I’ve been thinking about doing this honestly the new management is just awful! It used to be pretty cool there but the new people are asses! I’ve been there so long though so it’s hard to walk away but I feel like it’s time. Also they’re totally going to die without me omg they all take like 3 hours to make one cake and I’m out here making 3 cakes in one hour (or more) 😂

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I'm sending random numbers without reading them so I hope these are good ones! They're my favorite numbers so 🤷🏼‍♀️ 5, 25, 33, 37, and 74

Hahaha you have a lot of favourite numbers my dude!

5: are you self-conscious of your smile?
Nah! I like my smile and find reasons to smile often!

25: what’s the weirdest place you’ve ever broken into?
I don’t think I ever have haha

33: what’s your fave pastry?
I’m not a huge pastry/sweets person at all. I’ll have one bite and that’ll satisfy my craving haha. I do like macarons, and a good chocolate chip cookie!

37: do you like keeping your room messy or clean?
I like keeping it very clean, though it gets pretty messy…hahaha

74: describe a good friend of yours without using their name or gendered pronouns.
They live 15 000 km away and we met during English class and found out we both loved the Toronto/Montreal band Stars (which makes sense for me, not much for them). Not a day goes by I don’t think of them.

Thanks for the numbers! 💕💕

oh my head’s to blame (for all my heart’s mistakes) for iksnilits

word count: 10,963

side pairings: none listed

warnings: sexual content

“Just come over a few times next week, and do…boyfriend things with me? Impress my parents and convince them that I’m not going to have a partying fuelled breakdown from the ‘pressure of the industry’?”

“This is so ridiculous.”

“So you’ll do it?” Harry says excitedly.

“I didn’t say that.”

“Pleeeeease? If you date me for a week I’ll treat you to lots of nice things,” Harry bribes. “I used to be a baker you know, I can make some pretty sick pastries.”


It’s my birthday and I’m alone today, so I figured I have a good excuse to treat myself a little ;) I put a pretty dress and some make up on, bought some pastries, and I’ll be opening my birthday mail soon! 

(Also I was tagged by books-and-cookies and octoberreads to do the 10 beautiful women challenge, so I think these photos will do ;) If you’re reading this, feel yourself tagged!)

What The Signs Photograph
  • Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius: themselves, their clothes/make-up, pets, funny signs, their friends about to do something catastrophically clumsy/dangerous, road signs
  • Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra: plants, sunny skies, their coffee, their reflection in the mirror, shadows, aesthetic photos
  • Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn: their bedroom, pastries and candy, jewelry, their records, their different hair colors and styles, nail art
  • Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces: the ocean, cloudy skies, souvenirs, holding hands, their art, pretty houses they see as they're walking/driving, fairy lights