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Teaching Newt How To Cook Would Include...

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Request:  Could you do a newt x reader where the reader tries to teach newt how to cook/bake? - Anon

I wasn’t sure how to fit this into an imagine, so I made headcanons instead!

  • Lots and lots of small burns in the beginning but you heal them with ease
  • Him being very thankful for it
  • Having to teach him what each knife is for
  • “No, Newt, that’s not a butter knife.  That’s a meat cleaver.”
  • “That makes a lot more sense.”
  • Queenie sometimes coming over to help
  • Making strudel with Queenie
  • Strudel being the first successful pastry Newt can bake
  • Sometimes Newt accidentally makes poisonous concoctions
  • The two of you being cute nerds and pouring magical potions onto muggle food to see what happens
  • E x p l o s i o n s
  • Pickett being very interested in what you two are doing but also kind of concerned
  • “Newt, it’s just boiling.  Calm down.”
  • He once made the mistake of wrapping his arms around you from behind while he was watching you at the stove and caused you to burn your wrist pretty badly
  • Newt feels so bad about it for nearly a week
  • Having to remind him multiple times that you were okay and it was fine
  • Food fights
  • Having to check the Niffler’s habitat to retrieve stolen silverware
  • Jacob helps Newt with pastries and occasionally puts some in his shop
  • Newt becoming mediocre with cooking but pretty good at baking
  • He definitely prefers to bake, which explains the pile of cupcakes, cakes, cinnamon rolls, and muffins
  • You feed leftovers to the creatures
  • On your birthday, Newt, Jacob, and Queenie joined forces to bake you the most extravagant and delicous cake ever
  • It was all Newt’s idea
  • Now Newt helps you a lot when cooking meals
  • Always having some sort of treat to look forward to
  • Newt’s mother being utterly thrilled you taught her son how to cook
  • Since your father is a muggle, you know what Twitter is, so when you and Newt have cooking fails you’ll tweet Gordon Ramsay a photo of it.
  • (If you haven’t seen Gordon Ramsay’s Twitter it’s the funniest thing ever)

Please let me know what you thought of it!

Persona 5 Headcanon: Studying w/ The Phantom Thieves

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A lack of P5 imagines here… And so, to begin finals week, I’m gonna take advantage of it. :P :3 I got you fam. [I haven’t finished playing through the game, so some characters might be shorter than others… I literally only just finished changing Madarame’s heart]

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With You {Part 1}

Mark Tuan x Reader x Jinyoung
Genre: AU/Angst

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The summer heat filled the kitchen as you stirred the batter of the cupcakes you were making. Even with the windows wide open, no breeze came in and the air was filled with sweetness. With the back of your hand you dabbed at the sweat that had trickled down your neck as you mixed the batter with your other hand, the wooden spoon scraping against the metal bowl as you whisked away. The kitchen felt ten degrees hotter than it was outside as you had the oven running. You had made sure to put the icing in the fridge so it wouldn’t turn into a liquid goop while you waited for the first batch of cupcakes to cool. You were still readjusting to the LA summer weather. There were still boxes left unpacked in the living room, and pictures that needed to be hung on your wall. You were slowly starting to feel at home again since you moved back a month ago after five years. Your house phone rang, carrying the bowl of batter you walked over to answer it, still mixing on the way.

 “Hey mom,” you said as you continued to whip the batter, “I’m still working on the cupcakes for their anniversary,” you said tucking the phone between your ear and shoulder and making your way back towards the counter.

 “That’s good darling, I was just checking up and to remind you that it starts at 4:30.” You could hear your mom fiddling in the background.

 You glanced over your shoulder at the clock, noting that you still had a couple more hours before you had to start getting ready, “Don’t worry mom, I didn’t forget. I’ll be there with an armful of cupcakes.”

 “Okay, see you at their house later. Are you by yourself?” your mom asked.

 You starting lining the tin pan with more cupcake liners, “Yeah, Jinyoung and her are at the aquarium. They will meet us at their house later.”

 There was a moment of silence on the other line, “Mark is back you know.” Your mother stated.

 You froze as soon as you heard your mother say his name, “I thought he was supposed to be away in Asia?”

 “He’s here now, I’ve heard that he’s settling back in LA and running the operations from here. What are you going to do?” you could hear her concerned voice over the phone.

“We’ll only be there for a bit, just to congratulate them.” You said as you bit your bottom lip.

 “Okay dear, I will see you then.” your mother hung up the phone

 You removed the phone from you ear and placed it on the counter. He’s back. You ruminated over what your mom just told you. The feeling of your heart pounded rapidly against your chest and a pit started to form in your stomach. You suddenly felt too weak to mix the batter.

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{ five's company // ch. 17 }

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a/n: hello! i’m trying to get better at updating for this story. the goal is for a new chapter each friday. hope you like it!

t/w: implication of sex

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“They’re very affectionate here.” You mumbled, looking around at all the couples who were openly holding hands and sharing sweet kisses. 

Alex managed a little laugh, swinging your intertwined hands gently. “You just noticed?” 

“Where do you think Laf gets his tenacity from?” John teased, making you laugh a little. 

“I never hear any of you complaining.” Laf scoffed, hands intertwined with Hercules’ as you walked down the streets together.

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Daddy’s a Baker

Bouncing into the front room, blonde curls rebounding up and down, Grace finds her daddy sitting in his favorite overstuffed chair reading a book. 

“Daddy, I want a treat.” Smiling wide at her father. 

Harry looks up from his book, her big blue eyes sparkling at him. “What kind of treat are ya thinking bug?“ 

"Hmm” Grace slowly taps her finger against her chunky cheek as she thinks of something yummy. “Cookies?" 

"Oooo those do sound good don’t they?” Harry beams at his favorite little girl. “Peanut butter or chocolate chip?" 

"Mummy loves chocolate chip, so do I." 

"Chocolate chip it is! Race ya to the kitchen?” Harry puts his book down on the table and stands up to race his little one into the kitchen. 

“Mark. Set. Banana.” Grace howls as her dad begins to run to the kitchen. “I didn’t say go daddy, I said banana. Come back.” Harry slumps his shoulders and pads back to where Grace was standing. 

“Are ya teasing me?” Grace nods her head and smiles, letting that deep dimple sneak into her cheek. 

“Kay, mark. Set. GOOO!!” Grace bolts to the kitchen with Harry hot on her heels. Giggling down the hall Grace beats her father into the kitchen. "I win!!“  

"You may have won this time.” Harry says as he tickles his little one, who lets out a giggle that echoes though the house. “Ready to make cookies?" 

"Yes!!” She says with excitement. 

“I’ll get the recipe book. You get out aprons.” He says as he walks over to the cupboard where all the recipe books are kept. 

Grace skips to the pantry and opens the door wide. Inside the pantry sat three hooks, each hanging an apron that belonged to a specific member of the family. The aprons have a pale pink top section with the same color as a ruffle at the bottom. (Harry’s apron is the same pink minus the ruffle; just a pink strip lines the bottom) The middle of the apron is a light blue fabric with pink, white, and brown cupcakes randomly placed. Each apron has the name of the family member it belongs to embroidered in a solid white thread. 

Grace grabs her apron along with her daddy’s and she slides into the kitchen ready to help make cookies. “Here ya go daddy.” She says as she hands Harry the apron with his name on it. Both of them slip the apron over their head. Harry turns Gracie around as he ties the back strings into a bow. He lifts Grace up and sets her on a barstool so she was at a good height to reach the mixer. 

“Okay Miss Gracie girl, it says to mix one cup of butter. Then the white and brown sugar along with vanilla in the mixer.” Harry walks to the fridge and pulls out some butter and eggs. “Can ya open the butter and put it in the bowl love?” He says as he hands the two sticks of butter to Grace. 

“Mmmhmm!” Her tongue sticks out of the side of her mouth as she struggles to get the wrapper off the cubes of butter so they can go in the bowl. 

Harry walks to the pantry to bring out the sugars, and the flour. “Good job Gracie! We need a ¾ Cup for the sugar. Can you find the cup with a 3 dash 4?" 

Grace looks through the measuring cups to find one with a 3 dash 4 and waves it high in the air. "Got it daddy! May I pour the sugar?”

“You may sweet pea.” Harry opens the container of white sugar so Grace can scoop up the sugar. “’M gonna teach ya how to be a baker. Ya know I used to be a baker. A pretty good one if I do say so myself!” He says flashing that dimple with a proud smile. 

“Daddy? What’s a baker?” Grace dumps the ¾ cup sugar into the red mixer as she asks her dad. 

Opening up the bag of brown sugar, Harry helps Grace pack the brown sugar into the measuring cup. 

“A baker is a person who makes delicious cakes, pastries, cookies, and pies.” Harry watches as Grace dumps the brown sugar into the bowl. “Hold the spoon love. I’ll pour the vanilla.” He hands Grace the correct measuring spoon to hold over the bowl. 

“Can I be a baker when I grow up daddy?” Grace turns the spoon so the vanilla can be mixed into the dough. 

“You can be whatever you want to be bug.” Leaning down Harry kisses her head. “Time to mix.” Pulling the beater down he helps Grace turn on the motor to mix the ingredients smooth. “Do you want to crack the eggs? Or should dad?" 

Full of sass Grace says "Daddy, I know how to crack eggs.”  She giggles as she has a mischievous glint in her eyes. 

“We both know that ya goose!” Harry taps her nose and then hands her an egg to crack in the bowl. She cracks two eggs into the bowl and starts the mixer with her dad’s help! 

Harry helps Grace add all of the dry ingredients into the bowl to be mixed into the dough. He hands her the opened bag of chocolate chips. 

“Dump ‘em in bug!" 

"The whole bag?” Gracie’s eyes grew wide with excitement. 

“Let’s make them with extra chocolate for mum! She loves chocolate!" 

"Good idea daddy!” Grace dumps the whole bag of chocolate chips into the bowl as the mixer folds the chips into the dough. 

Once the dough was mixed. Harry shows Grace how a “True baker” uses a spoon to place the cookies on the cookie sheet. Harry slides the first set of cookies into the oven and helps Grace place another set on a new cookie sheet. 

“Can I have a taste?” Grace asks, pulling her classic puppy dogface. 

“It’ll make ya sick love. We don’t want that!" 

"Let’s make a deal.” Harry had a love hate relationship with this line because it was cute but he hates how it always made him give her what she wanted. “I get a taste, you get a kiss! That a deal?” Tacking on a smile spanning from ear to ear.

“Okay, one bite and then I need you to go get mum. The cookies are almost done!” Reaching into the bowl and giving Grace a pinch of cookie dough. She pops the cookie dough in her mouth. 

“Mmm daddy, we did a good job!” She says with her mouth full of dough. “I’m gonna get mum!” She jumps off her stool and runs out of the kitchen. Harry can hear her little bare feet thumping on the wood floor as she runs to get her mum. 

Grace brings you by the hand into the kitchen as Harry is pulling the cookies out of the oven. 

“Something smells good!” You say as you sit down at the counter. 

“Someone looks good!” Harry throws a wink your way as you begin to blush. 

“Daddy, can I have a cookie now?” Grace is very eager to have a taste of her creation. 

“The secret to a good cookie is letting it rest outside of the oven for a couple minutes. Should we get some milk?” Harry was determined to teach Grace the correct way of baking cookies. He pulls down three cups from the cupboard and gets the milk from the fridge. Harry helps Grace pour milk into each cup very carefully. Using a spatula, Harry takes the cookies off the sheet and places three on the counter. 

Grace takes a bite of her warm cookie “high five dad! Good job!”

Harry gives Grace a high-five and digs into his cookie. 

“These are delicious!” You say with a smile. 

“Daddy used to be a baker.” Grace repeats what Harry told her earlier. 

You begin to giggle, “I’ve heard!” You smile at Harry. “A very good baker indeed!" 

 As always thank you to the wonderful @whoopsharrystyles without her I wouldn’t be able to keep going! She is amazing! Please let me know what you think!!! I want to know!!! Love you all!!!

Making A Change

Lafayette x Reader

Note: so I took the suggestion that @coololdsoulpoetlove gave me and took it a lot further than I think anyone really expected. I hope you guys enjoy it and let me know what you think!

Warnings: I don’t think anything needs a warning

Word Count: 3,421

Life had become boring.

You thought that after finishing college, moving to the city of your dreams and finally having the chance to live alone that you’d feel accomplished and fulfilled. You thought that you could live the life of a writer that you always dreamed of living. You got a job, it payed decently enough and it helped you get buy while you spent as much of you time as possible writing, trying to get something finished so you could attempt to get it published.

But soon enough you started working more than you first intended to and your job became your first priority. All your old notebooks, the books on writing and the poetry books you read over and over again to feel inspired were packed away. Your jeans and sarcastic t-shirts were put away in favour of slacks and blouse’s that were more suited for the more professional office job that you had taken, mostly for the better pay.  

And now every day seems the same, you wake up alone in your big bed, go through your usual morning routine of showering, drying your long locks, putting on your makeup and then spending 10 minutes picking out an outfit that makes you look kind of decent before heading to work and then repeating the same again the next day.

Each day is tiring and boring, and even though you would rather do anything but sit in your apartment alone all night, you can’t bring yourself to go out with your friends when they want to get dinner or catch a movie. It’s been like this for a while and you’re well aware of the hole you’ve fallen into, but you’re not sure how you’re supposed to get yourself out.

It feels like you need a spark, something to brings back all your creativity and your love of life and new experiences that you lost.

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Undermemory Charactere: Memory! Muffet

Hihhihi! Hello my barley sugar! My name is Memory! Muffet! I am the incarnation personify of all the memories of the Muffet of the Different AU. Just like more of my other “me”, I’m the pastry cook of my Alternative Universes. Everybody snatches my pastries at gold prices, even the king, Memory! Asgore! I get along pretty well with everyone. And unlike my other “me”, I do not need to make my customers fear that they come bought my pastry. Only my best smile and the service unequaler of my littles darlings is enough to fill the cash registrer! I am also a Protector of the Universal Memorial World. So … Beware of the wicked man who wishes to sow trouble and make his law. It could be one of the ingredients of my next cake recipe! ~<3

anonymous asked:

could you make a list of your favorite paul headcanons, please?

- paul being born in december and then being made fun of as a kid for being the youngest in class is my personal fave bc i love when people drag paul he’s an asshole n i hate him 
- paul can’t braid hair for shit BUT he knows how to tie a pretty bow in claire young’s hair who always requests her hair bows be tied by him because “uncle p knows how to do it best” 
- his favorite pastries by yung e-money r her strawberry muffins topped w/ plain yogurt (this headcanon has made appearances in my kared one-shot and rach/paul four-part mini-fic) 
- he and jared r Best Buds and live to annoy Samuel Uley 
- he visits his mom in Tacoma often despite his dad’s annoyed protests 
- paul gets angry so often even he’s annoyed of his own outbursts but would never admit because he’s a Cocky Little Shit 
- PAUL HAD AN EMO/GOTH PHASE WHICH HE FLAUNTED ON MYSPACE (much to his current dismay) AND HIS IMPRINT NEVER FAILS TO MAKE FUN OF HIM FOR IT (said imprint’s phone wallpaper is 15 yr old paul with bangs and eyeliner with some awful caption like “who’s scared of the big bad wolf? >;D”) 
- paul’s actually rlly good at math,, specifically algebra 
- gets genuinely angry over the fact that alcohol has no effect on him anymore (except old quil’s moonshine that shit could fuck up a vampire if ingested) 
- has no idea what to do with little children (except claire young who is his Best Pal) that when he’s handed a baby he’s immediately uncomfortable and stiffly holds the child with an awkward face until it is taken away from him 
- doodles shit in tests to piss off his teacher like an intricately drawn flower with a dick 
- is this stupid little shit: 

I came across @wistfullwishing‘s post and I couldn’t resist, so here is some Faerie!Jehan meeting a mortal Montparnasse in a little urban fantasy:

On the whole, faerie heritage was quite easy to hide. Most people nowadays tried to pretend they had died out anyway. That was advantageous. It’s much easier to hide in plain sight if the people looking don’t really want to see you.

Jehan knows the average customer would rather not believe in fae and they take full advantage of that. Their little café is as popular as it is tiny and most of the regulars have no idea that it’s the magic in the food and drink that keeps them coming back. Not that Jehan actually makes them come back. They don’t lay spells on people, they pride themselves in that. All they use is a little glamour…and a little glamour goes a long way. Some of the customers do actually taste the burst of happiness Jehan bakes into their pastries, but that doesn’t mean that they can tell the difference between faerie magic and the other glimpses of power that some people are still born with. Which is good, because when they do believe in it, faerie magic freaks people out. Jehan doesn’t resent this, but it does make them smile sometimes. The days of faerie rings are long gone and they don’t live in a grassy mound with a hawthorn growing on its top. They live in a little apartment above their café. They like the city and they love their shop.

Because faeries make deals, that’s what they’re all about, and Jehan makes a deal with every customer that walks through their door. 

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Cafe 1880

Location: 1186 rue St. Denis

Metro Station: Berri Uqam (or Champs-de-Mars)

If you read my previous post, you would know that I recently bought my Indie Coffee Passport. You would also know that my first stop using the passport would be Cafe 1880…

And here we are! Why did I chose this place as the first location? Partially by gut feeling and partially because it’s on my way to school. I haven’t heard much about this place other than from the passport. Which is why I wanted to try it: pure curiosity. 

My main fear when going here was its proximity to UQAM University. Although being close to a university is great for the cafe, as a cafe crawler I am always scared to show up and find 0 available seats. It’s the worst feeling when you’ve transited for a good 45 minutes only to find out even that little smaller-than-a-laptop table by the bathroom is taken. Especially, I was going to a cafe this morning mainly to work on a Lab Report and I would be “devastated” if I couldn’t find a proper seat to complete it. But I did. No excuse to procrastinate because this place was pretty empty when I walked in. 

I appreciated the seating arrangement here because they had 2 average sized tables with multiple chairs (YAS), many smaller high tables for two and a bar that goes along the window where you can enjoy sunlight. And they were close to plugs: essential when your laptop is old and dies in about half an hour. 

The decor of this cafe was exceptional. Mainly because they had drawn a caffeine molecule on the wall. I should get that tattooed to be honest. The atmosphere of the place is dark since the walls are black and has a few bright accents. One one of the walls, a huge “1880″ is painted in turquoise (like their logo). Gorgeous!

The coffee (AKA latte (I (always) order a latte (woops)) was delicious. Even my boyfriend loved it, and he hates lattes or coffee in general. Don’t worry, I still love him though (gotta accept each others’ flaws). The latte art was very well drawn and didn’t bubble up. If you think that’s a non important factor, please let me know how calm you stay when your latte bubbles before you even take it to your table and loses its prettiness and you can’t even take decent pictures. You won’t be calm. It bothers all of us. Or maybe just me, I don’t know. 

I decided to also get a croissant, which I never do but should because croissants are great and make me feel French (my priorities in life are amazing). A cool thing about their pastries is that they get them from Premiere Moisson, a well known chain bakery in Quebec.

All in all, I loved this location and will be back for sure! UQAM students - if you haven’t been here yet.. do you even go to UQAM?!

Part 6 of Why Korra and Asami Are Meant For Each Other (Part 6/ Of A Million)

They are both so, so dorky. We’ve all known Korra is an idiot (an adorable, lovable one), who is hopelessly a not-too-aware romantic (hopefully she’s changed, hehe). But…y'all think Asami isn’t a dork because she’s smart and pretty, but the girl is head over HEELS for Korra. And love makes you do stupid things.

Stupid, adorable things.


Building statues of Korra- small, tiny ones, made out of metal that Asami can quickly wire up in her workshop.

Booking the most expensive restaurants because she has *influence*. And engineering “awkward” scenarios for Korra on said dates.

Bringing sweet little pastries home, every time she walks by her favorite bake shop.

And as for Korra…

The girl’s heart is dork. She’ll do anything for Asami. Like…

Writing ‘I love you’s’ in the sky with her airbending.

Flying Asami to work sometimes (not even on her air glider, because she won’t be able to hold her as close)

Writing a bunch of 'I love you’ notes on her work folder, that they spill out onto the table during her business meetings and she has to clean them up

Looking into her window at work, and surprising her with lunch. Or sometimes, just stopping by for a quick kiss, then leaving immediately after.

Their relationship is kept alive by their dorkiness. It’s because they love each other, so much, that they’ll never stop doing these stupid little things for each other. Keeps them buoyant, keeps them afloat. It’s, very nice. :)

Nohrian Festival: Silas and Saizo Conversation Pt. 1 & 2

Silas and Saizo are my new official OTP. Here’s a rough summary of how this conversation goes: 

Pt. I

Silas: Do you think that Faceless have feelings?

Saizo: WTF man. 

Pt. II

Silas: You’re really nice. Wanna go on a date?

Saizo: I’m not a girl. 

Silas: Dude, don’t be sexist. Let’s go on a dessert tour. 

Saizo: I hate desserts. 

Silas: You’re cute when you blush. 


Silas: It’s a date, okay? I’ll wait for you. forever

Saizo: … Fine, BAKA. 

… No, seriously, that’s how it goes. 

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Pastry Fish

This was one of the odder FFXIV recipes I’ve tried! Who would have thought to shape an apple pie pastry like a fish? Not to mention saffron, raisins, almonds… an unusual filling. However, the saffron gave the apples a lovely golden color, and the raisins and almonds kept the apple-pie-like filling from being too cloyingly sweet. Whoever designed the Pastry Fish knew what they were doing! 

I am like, the opposite of an artist, so cutting a fish out of dough was quite difficult for me. I am sure that my talented followers could do a better job of making a pretty Pastry Fish than I can~ Also, I think I scored my fish too deeply, as the dough split slightly on the top during baking. 

However, the fish was delicious, and I will definitely use this filling again, maybe in a traditional pie. It reminded me a little of eating a big cinnamon Pop-Tart, except enhanced with nuts and raisins and maple. Just heavenly. 

Pastry Fish!

2 prepared pie dough sheets (or substitute your own favorite pie dough recipe!)

2.5 tbsp butter 

2 red apples, peeled and cored (I used 1 Fiji and 1 Honeycrisp)

2 oz raisins

A handful of slivered and blanched almonds

¼ cup maple sugar 

¼ tsp cinnamon (more if you’d like!) 

~15 strands saffron

Pinch of salt 

1 large egg 

Slice the applies very thinly, then melt butter in a saucepan over medium heat. Add the apples, raisins, almonds, maple sugar, cinnamon, saffron, and salt and let it cook until the apples are soft and golden, stirring occasionally. Reserve one large raisin for the next step. 

Cut two large fish shapes from your dough. If you make one a teensy tiny bit bigger than the other, it will make putting the fish together easier! Figure out which one is most attractive looking and score a # in it very lightly with an edge (I used the end of a spoon) – this will be your top layer. Spoon filling into bottom layer of the pastry fish, leaving about a half inch of dough all the way around. Beat the egg with a tablespoon of water in a small bowl to form an egg wash, then brush the egg wash all around the edge of the fish. Carefully place the top layer on, then pinch all the way around to seal the edges. Brush the fish generously with the egg wash, then place your reserved raisin on the fish for the “eye.”

Bake the fish at 350 degrees Fahrenheit on a parchment paper-lined baking sheet until the dough is golden brown and cooked through, about 35-40 minutes, then let it cool and enjoy! 

P.S. I had leftover apple mixture and leftover dough, so I lined a little ramekin with dough, filled it with apple mixture, and covered it and baked it too. I must say, this was just as tasty and WAY easier than trying to cut a fish shape and free-bake it! If I made this again, I would probably just make it in ramekins! 

Stealth sensory seeking

This is another thing that I regulate the appearance of. My family were always puzzled by my love of spinning for hours and persistent jumping down the stairs. When you’re going somewhere that requires intolerant formality, want something quick and easy that soothes, or if you just don’t want to be asked questions, here are some subtle ways of sensory seeking.


#1 Rucksacks- when seeking pressure, not much is better than a normal school rucksack. Just put any stuff that you actually need to carry in and put whatever you need to make the weight right underneath.

#2 Bedsheets- Have you ever slept over at grandma’s house and found that you fell asleep so much quicker? It is more common for those of older generations to have layers of sheets instead of or in addition to a duvet. This is good for pressure stimming as you can change the number of layers to suit the amount of pressure you need to sleep well (or simply relax) and it is also useful for those who have issues with temperature regulation as you can simply sleep in a higher or lower layer to combat feelings of overheating or cold.

#3 Carriable beings- I really like being around small children and animals because they are cute and don’t mind me chatting at them or being childish, and because picking them up is a nice pressure stim. When around small people in a stressful environment I will likely offer them a piggyback as this not only calms them but calms me too because of the pressure, and of course with animals I will simply carefully pick them up if they don’t mind me doing so. You shouldn’t be around small animals and children simply for this reason, but it does seem to be fun for both parties providing that you ask first.

More may be added, hope this helps :)


#1 Crafting- sewing, knitting, crocheting and other hands-on forms of crafting can give you a hit of tactile input safely and easily and (as I noted in my other post) these three in particular are socially acceptable in most settings, as well as giving you a pretty result.

#2 Cooking- Hands-on recipes like making bread by hand or doing pies/pastry, as well as icing cakes not only gives the tactile hit, but there’s also food at the end of it :)

#3 Gardening-probably the most tactile, great for if you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, and allows you opportunities to use heavier touch (digging, weeding) than the other activites.


#1 recreational furniture- Swing seats, rocking chairs and hammocks are all a good excuse to move repetitively with soothing motion, provided that you don’t move on them too vigorously and only use if yours or if you have the owner’s permission to use them.

#2 Sports- Certain sports give you movement input that can be soothing. Tramlining, gymnastics and swimming can give you a nice fit of that feeling of knowing exactly where you are in space, so signing up to sports clubs of this kind can give you regular access to ways of getting this input.


(I am sound sensitive and so dislike loud noises, so what I write here may be affected by that)

#1 ambient noise- having recordings of white or background noise can be really soothing. Also just going to places and listening to the sounds that occur there can be pretty calming

(for those people who like loud noises)

#1 social events- Music festival and similar events are good places to get your hit of loud noise without upsetting the neighbours, and can be less damaging than playing loud music directly into your ears through earphones, though be careful not to damage your hearing.


(I can occasionally find this overstimulating and so my answers for this one may not be as good)

#1 Find eye candy- no, not good looking people (though you can find those too if it helps you :P) places with interesting, intricate patterns. I like looking at forest floors and tracing the patterns of the leaves on the ground, or looking at the pattern of the paving stones in city centres. A favourite of mine is a local indoor shopping centre. I hate shopping, but the flooring in the main walkways is made of a kind of polished rock that has the occasional fossil in it, so while whoever I came with is hunting for clothes, I’m hunting for ammonites in the flooring (the little shell fossils) and it makes me ridiculously happy.

(People who don’t find bright colour overstimulating)

#1 Comics- DC Comics (Such as Watchmen) use very bright colours and nicely detailed pictures. Because I find this a little overstimulating, I read these comics very, very slowly in comparison to my usual reading speed, and it tires me out, but if you are a seeker of bright colours and eye-catching details, then it’s a good way to get that hit.


#1 Perfume/aftershave- find one (or several so long as you don’t wear more than one at the same time) that you like and spray yourself with it, carrying it with you if you need to top up during the day. Carrying or wearing other scents such as peppermint and vanilla essence is also a nice option though on skin not clothes as varieties made for baking purposes may be sticky and not great for your garments)

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30 please! :D

tourist/knowledgeable local au


Thank you to the ever beautiful mrsbonniemellark for proofreading!


Katniss sighed heavily. She stood in place, watching the subway car fill up with people knowing where they were going, unlike her.

Once again she had chosen the wrong train to get from her friend’s apartment to Times Square. Stalking over to the giant map in the middle of the platform, she stared at the little red dot that said, “you are here”. Her face turned into a downward pucker as she pointed to the train line she wanted and mumbled, “But I was to be here.”

The silence of the space finally sunk in, and she looked around, finding herself alone. Well, expect for the drunk mumbling to himself on the bench a few feet from her. Suddenly she realized just how hot it was down here, and she cursed herself for wearing a sweater. She tried to maneuver it off under her backpack as she climbed the stairs back out of the station, tugging one of her arms that got stuck, freeing it after the third try.

A ripping sound, the flood of people around her all talking at once as she reached the sidewalk, and lastly the sound of a thud met her ears, pain shooting through her hand in synch with the thump.

She stilled. She had hit someone. Turning to the source of the continuous muffled groan, her apology died on her lips when she saw her victim.

He had blonde curly hair, and the longest blonde eyelashes that should be tangling when he blinked. The hands that covered his face and muffled his groans as he leaned against one of the few trees spread sporadically through the cement were large and rough. He pulled his hands away and looked at them, seeing blood.

It took him a moment to process, and in that moment Katniss ignored the smear of blood on his face continuing to pour from his nose, and instead noticed his chiseled jaw line, hanging slack then clenching and - oh he looked at her. His eyes were very blue. An indescribable shade. It reminded her of sparks. He was talking to her - oh. He was talking to her.

“…the hell?!” He was saying.

Katniss shook her head, trying to scatter the distracting thoughts and collect the important ones. “I am so sorry!” she said, bunching her sweater in knots in front of her before offering it to him to hold to his still gushing nose.

He took it gratefully, holding it up, and trying not to wince as he held it in place.

“I didn’t break anything did I?” Katniss asked, stepping so she was right in front of him, rude passersby no longer able to step between them.

The man chuckled. “No, no. I think just my pride.”

Katniss found herself laughing. She bit her lip when he looked up at her again, thinking he was annoyed at the sound, but she saw his eyes twinkle and a slight dimpled grin starting up his face. Pretty soon they were both shaking with a fit of laughter.

“Are you a professional boxer or something?” He asked, pulling the sweater away to check the blood flow before looking back to her.

Katniss stared at the cement, shifting her weight, her hands deep in her pockets. “No, no. Just an angry tourist cursing the subway system for it’s complexities.”

He rubbed his hand along the back of his neck, stilling when he realized it had blood on it, wincing. “I probably look like a caveman now,” he joked, smiling when Katniss found another laugh falling unbidden from her lips. “I’m sorry. The subway can be a bitch sometimes. How about we split a cab?”

“Oh no, I can just walk-”

“Come on. My nose has stopped bleeding, and I need to get your sweater cleaned. I’ll drop it by the dry cleaners and then I can take you to my bakery and give you any pastry of your choosing while I explain the subway system to you.”

“But I almost broke your nose,” Katniss said quietly.

“I ruined your sweater. I owe you something,” he grinned.

Fine,” Katniss huffed.

Something in the man’s eyes danced as he looked at her, and she couldn’t help but stare.

“By the way, I’m Peeta,” he said, holding out his hand. “Peeta Mellark.”

Katniss glanced down at his hand before taking it and meeting his eyes when she felt a spark between them. The twinkle in his eyes said he felt it, too. “Katniss,” she shook his hand gently. “Katniss Everdeen.”

There was that grin again before he turned to hail a cab. “So, Katniss Everdeen, do you prefer something sweet or something cheesy?”


“Your pastries. I don’t mean to brag, but I’m good at making pretty much everything.” He glanced at her, biting his tongue to keep from laughing at the challenging look in her eye.

“I don’t mean to brag, but eating delicious things is kind of my forte, so…. We’ll see about that, Mellark.”

“So it’s a duel of the fates, huh?” He teased. “Can my masterpieces step up to your tastebuds….”

“Something like that….” She smiled.

“Frosting. The final defense of the dying,” he mumbled as the cab pulled up, smiling when she laughed behind him.

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[Trike the Manectric] Do you think you can help me make an extra sweet treat? My friend's birthday is coming up and I tend to favor spicy things... Our trainer usually gives us Pokepuffs on our birthdays but we got separated... this will be Zoro's first birthday without her... *his ears droop as he gets a bit worried*

Here is a pretty easy snack to make.

You get one of those rubber or metal things you pour muffin or cupcake mix into but insted you make a little cupe with puff pastry (i think thats what its called).

after baking them till golden brown you coat the inside with chocolate, let that harden. then you can fill it with what ever you like! jam, or nuts, I prefer whiped cream with fruit. (I prefer dark chocolate coating on the inside because its less sweet and brings ou the sweetness of the added fruit)

Please do not see me as some sort of a cooking god because i am NOT


Ninefox Gambit is a book that came out this summer, and it is really, I mean REALLY good.

Anyway, there are some awesome reviews (I’m particularly fond of the one from Strange Horizons), but I have a desperate need to hear this book talked about in fandom language. I wanna hear us talk about how (to give you a taste):

Kel Cheris, an actual cinnamon roll who is also a military commander for what becomes increasingly clear is a definitely lowkey shitty, possibly highkey shitty galactic empire type deal called the hexarchate–there are six factions, see, including the Kel (military) and Shuos (profession sneaky assholes, like literally that’s basically their entire squad’s job description)– gets in hot water for using ~heretical~ strategies to save her whole unit from gory death. To redeem herself, she has a chance to crush some rebelling ~heretics~ by teaming up with the preserved consciousness of a dead general, Shuos Jedao, who never lost a battle but then murdered both the enemy’s army AND HIS OWN yikes

Except Jedao’s disembodied self, which lives where, oh yeah, CHERIS’s BRAIN turns out to be manipulative and cunning and also literally a Team Mom who is constantly fussing at Cheris to eat and sleep?? And it becomes obvious he genuinely loved the comrades he murdered so???? ?? ? ??????

aaaaand we go from there

Also lots of gr8 supporting characters, like the servitors, lil sentient robot servants on hexarchate ships who’ve developed their own culture and customs on the dl, and want to protect Cheris just as much as you will bc she is actually literally Cinderella and respects them and talks number theory with them (d'aww).And then there’s Vahenz Afrir dai Noum: ruthless, cunning, sassy-memo-writing, pastry-loving heretic leader who has absolutely zero moral compass and is canonically in it #forthelulz (okay, for the Challenge™ ).


It’s…tough to read starting out, with a lot of wild sci fi worldbuilding and zero exposition (at first you’re like…??? why??? but it actually makes sense and ultimately works pretty well to do it that way). THAT BEING SAID, I’m a sci fi reading enginerd and I only made it thru the first chapter by consulting some reviews to see what the heck was up, SO, I AM MORE THAN WILLING to explain things and answer any questions (…to the extent I can) if you want! Just tag me or drop by my inbox :)

(It’s also super gory, with a list of commonly triggering topics as long as your arm–so please also hit me up if you want specific warnings! I got chu!)

Best Friends

Mystic Messenger Week 2016 | @mysticmessengerweek
DAY 10 x Tears

Characters: Seven, MC

Warnings: It’s depressing, Seriously depressing, Mutual Pining AU, Best Friends AU, Reset Theory, Long post, It IS safe for all ages

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Hello!~ Can you write about draco and his pureblood slytherin gf who lived in the muggle world as a kid living in the muggle world and his gf is teaching him the muggle way of life? Can you make it fluffy please? Thank you! (Sorry for my English >.<)

Title: Muggles?
Warnings: kissing, light smut, fluff
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 1657
(Y/f/m/s) - your favorite morning snack (coffee, pastry etc)
(Y/f/s) - your favorite snack (chips, pastry, veggies)

I hope you like this! If you don’t I’ll write another one…but I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Sorry I haven’t been posting lately, I promise I will be. And don’t forget to send requests!
-s △⃒⃘ ⚯͛

“What exactly are we doing?” Draco whined as he rolled over in the bed. “We are going into the muggle world.” You said as you walked out of the bathroom from doing your makeup, “put these on” you said tossing a pair of black jeans, black tee shirt and a red flannel at him. He groaned getting up cursing under his breath. You slid into your maroon skinny jeans and black loose sweater. “Come onnnnnn you slow pokeeeee” you complained, you were super excited to get back into the muggle world that you missed dearly. Draco walked out of the bathroom seeming pleased with the outfit you picked. You both slid on black boots and headed out of your apartment. You made it to your car and directed Draco to sit in the passenger seat, “put on your seat belt” you commanded as you clicked yours in and started the car. He looked around him turning his head from side to side unable to find what you were talking about, you leaned over to his side and grabbed his seat belt buckling it for him, then kissing him on his cheek laughing as he started to blush. You put the car into drive and started backing out of the parking space you were in, “how do you know how to work this? Why couldn’t we just appirate? Why were you raised in the muggle world if you’re a pure blood?” Draco said thinking about each question carefully, you giggled shaking your head and glanced at the time, only 11:30 this’ll be a long day, you thought to yourself. “Well Draco I know how to drive cause I was taught, we can’t appirate because muggles aren’t used to seeing someone appear out of thin air plus you’re getting the full experience. As for why I was raised here, my parents were both doctors here in the muggle world trying to help anyone they could, so if someone was sick beyond muggle fixing they might use a bit of magic and create a miracle for them.” You explained your voice trailing as you concentrated on the road in front of you. Draco looked out of the window taking in all of the information you’d just given him. You reached over and turned the knob causing music to start playing throughout the car, Draco jumped and looked at you like a confused puppy. “It’s just the radio dear” he slowly nodded “OH MY GOSH” you squealed as your favorite song stared playing, “ I DONT UNDERSTAND IT, YOU DONT MESS WITH LOVE YOU MESS WITH THE TRUTH, AND I KNOW I SHOULDNT SAY IT BUT MY HEART DONT UNDERSTAND, WHY I GOT YOU ON MY MIND!” You practically screamed dancing the whole time, “this is weird” Draco muttered, “this is a great song” you retorted continuing to dance and and sing earning soft chuckles Draco every now and then until you arrived at your destination. It was a small coffee shop in the college town you lived in since you were attending. Every morning you stopped here to get (y/f/m/s), there was a line out the door just like every other day. You got out of the car and Draco followed as you got in line. “Why is this building orange?” He asked looking up at it, “really?” You said crossing your arms, “Have you seen the buildings in Diagon Alley?” Draco just sighed looking around. The two of you made small talk until you got up to the counter. “Hello, I’d like a (f/s)” you said smiling at the cashier who you could tell didn’t want to be here at all “I’ll just have the same” Draco Said dryly sensing her hostility. She sighed and went to the display case to grab them then you payed and walked it hoping to never see her again. “Come on we’re going to play laser tag!” You said running to the car your hair whipping behind you, “we’re going to do what?” Draco asked looking at you his eyebrows furrowing. “You’ll see” you said smugly smirking, you leaned over and kissed his cheek holding your lips there for a minute before he turned his head so your lips met, “you’re such a tease” he chuckled pulling away. You just laughed putting the car into drive.
As soon as you arrived at the building with neon stars painted all over it dracos mouth dropped. There were barley any other cars in the parking so you figured it would be easy to teach him. You walked in to the entry way with more neon paint and arcade games spattered about and led Draco over to the desk, “hello what will your code names be” said the girl while glancing at Draco. “I’ll be…(y/c/n) you said “umm…” Draco said scanning over the list “StarLord” he said confidently, you giggled knowing he only picked it cause lord was in it. The girl handed you your passes and you walked into the briefing room to put on your vests. “Ok StarLord” you said laughing “you just slip the vest over your head and use the gun to shoot at me on the little targets” you said demonstrating with your own, he nodded fastening his vest on. The doors opened and you ran through the maze leaving Draco looking confused as ever. You ran through trying to find a good hiding spot, as soon as you found a little corner to hide you shot everyone that passed including Draco. “YES!” You whisper-yelled as you shot what looked like a 6 year old several times. You did a little victory dance to celebrate until you felt your best viabrate indicating someone shot you. You spun in a circle noticing there was a little corner just behind yours that you could see perfectly. You shot blinding hoping to hit something, then a dark shadow ran towards you causing you to squeal. You ran but much to your avail you felt two arms wrap around your waist, “I always win” Draco whispered in your ear sending shivers down your spine. You froze for a moment before spinning around “save it for later” you whispered, standing on your tiptoes to reach his ear. You winked and heard the buzzer sounding to show the game had ended, you walked out pulling Dracos hand behind you. You walked out getting into the car and starting it to go to your final stop. “That was fun but I know a way to have more fun” he said with a smirk playing on his lips, you leaned over your lips almost touching “maybe later” you said in a bored tone leaning back into your seat leaving him shaking his head. “We’re going shopping” you told him keeping your eyes on the road, “I’ve been shopping before” he said stating the obvious, “I know but never in a mall helping your girlfriend pick out clothes” you said as a matter of factly.
You pulled in finding a parking spot amongst the many cars. You climbed out and started walking towards the mall Draco holding your hand, “ok so this is just a big building with a bunch of clothing stores in if. And I need a dress for that dinner we’re going to on Friday” you stated as you walked in the big doors revealing all of the stores. “Great” Draco said sarcasm practically dripping from the words. You guys went in almost every store before you found a dress you fell in love with. “Ok sit here” you told Draco pointing to a bench outside the changing room. He did as told and you went in slipping on the right red sequin dress that came just above your knee and was a high neck halter. You spin around in the mirror looking at yourself then decided to show Draco. “So” you said doing model like poses in front of him “what do you think?” He looked up at you his jaw dropping “wow” is all he managed to get out “you look stunning” you felt a hot rush go to your cheeks as you could tell they turned red. “Yes, but I have a feeling it would look better off” he said smirking once again, you grabbed the hanger from the hook in the dressing room and smacked him on the head laughing, then walking back in to change. You quickly payed then walked out of the mall the tension growing by the second, as soon as you reached the car and got in he grabbed your face and kissed you passionately. You pulled away causing him to pout and started driving home. You quickly grabbed the bag with the dress and sprinted inside Draco laughing trying to catch up, “catch me if you can!” You yelled back dropping the bag on the floor of the apartment. You ran upstairs and grabbed your wand from in your purse as you slowly crept around the corner out of the bedroom looking for him your wand ready. You peered out of the room and heard a slight crackle behind you. Figuring it was the wind against the window you ignored it then arms quickly grabbed your waist and lifted you up spinning around “I caught you” Draco whispered in your ear. You spun around to face him your lips immediately connecting Into an intense kiss. He shut the door with his foot and pushed you up against it. “Jump” he said in between kisses you did as you were told and jumped wrapping your legs around his torso as he grabbed your butt causing you to gasp. He walked over to the bed and threw you down climbing on top of you and continuing the kiss. “I had fun today” he whispered into the kiss “I love you” your breath hitched your throat before breathily saying “I love you too”



  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup soymilk


  • 2 hard boiled eggs
  • Salad (green veggies, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, etc) w/balsamic vinaigrette


  • 1 bowl of brown rice
  • 1 bowl of 천국장 [fermented bean soup]

And then I had 1 cup of soy milk and ½ a Korean pastry, and a slice of banana bread… T_T

This no-carb thing was so hard; I was doing pretty well until I got home and gave in to those temptations… I think my body was just freaking out because I had eaten so little compared to what it was used to.

Even though this day didn’t end up going as well as I planned, I feel less sluggish and cranky already! Having healthier foods really does make a huge difference, in my opinion.

But, despite having given into the carbs, I feel ready to take on tomorrow! I can do this!