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“Do you know what heterochromia iridium is, Atsushi-kun?”

Was inspired by @ariaille‘s fic Kaleidoscopic and decided to draw this scene from it. Hope y'all enjoy 💕



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i'm learning german and swedish at the moment, but there's also chinese and italian and i'm like ??? i know 4 languages at the same time is impossible to do, but do you have any advice ? i know it's not the sensible thing to do and that it'll probably take me years to reach fluency in them but i really don't know what to do ? could you give me some advice on either if it's feasible in one way or another or if i'm just insane and should take it slow and one by one ?

It’s not insane :) Although I agree w sticking to two would be faster.  But if you really want to learn another, I say go with Chinese (I’m guessing you’d want Mandarin) since you can learn some characters every day and can go back to Italian after some time of advancing at German/Swedish. I suggest looking at these online courses to make it easier for you to learn. Different people have different methods of learning but many people agree that as long as you are at different levels, you should be fine. Your main focus would be to learn something every day if you are doing multiple languages and perhaps make a language schedule. Try to do 30min - 1 hour a day if possible.

The hardest thing will be to make time for languages and to incorporate them into your life. Mix immersion strategies with grammar studying. For example, on YouTube I watch a Russian Let’s Player, when I get ready in the mornings I listen to a language podcast. Here is a sample schedule and how you can create your own. As for me, I started using Habitica for languages and here is how I have it set up. 

You can also use the printables below. As long as you are using your time wisely and not hating your languages, you should be good :)

wait up, i’m coming home | harry/louis | 28 700 words

The boy beams. It’s brighter than the lights dotting the sidewalk into the distance. Louis is absolutely entranced by the stretch of his lips and the way his jaw gives way to his neck, pale skin and smooth bone. There’s something about him that reminds Louis of a sunset, a painting, a beautiful thing.

or the one where louis finds harry, then loses him, then finds him again. a flawless performance from fate featuring some penguins, some celestial bodies, and a whole lot of tea.

written for the 1d smut-free ficathon.

which matsuno brother should you fight
  • Osomatsu: definitely fight Osomatsu. He talks a big game but you can win easily. Be prepared to get roughed up a bit but you can win no problem. Fight Osomatsu.
  • Karamatsu: pretend you're going to fight Karamatsu. Don't actually fight him. He will tell you he wants to fight and can hold his own but will lose after one hit and then you'll feel kinda bad for breaking his sunglasses and his pride.
  • Choromatsu: fight Choromatsu. He's a nerd. It'll be easy.
  • Ichimatsu: do not, under any circumstances, fight Ichimatsu. You will lose and it will be terrible for everyone involved because he doesn't actually want to fight you either. Unless you like pain and suffering, do not fight Ichimatsu.
  • Jyushimatsu: I mean, you could fight him but why would you want to? What has he ever done to make you wanna fight him? Even if there were some odd reason for you to want to fight him, you'd lose. He's a never ending supply of energy and strength. You'd lose, but you'd go down smiling.
  • Todomatsu: FIGHT TOTTY! But be careful, he's shifty and fights dirty. It will be tough, but you can win if you're willing to throw away all of your morals. Practice caution.
  • all of the brothers at once: you can win. they will end up fighting each other and will do your job for you.