i do not like it in any way

ok i wasn’t going to say anything but so many people seem upset right now and i think that it’s turned into an echo chamber that i think has made people lose perspective. i don’t want to invalidate anybody’s feelings and it is absolutely okay to be upset for any reason but i keep seeing people say that taylor doesn’t care about her poor fans and i just… genuinely do not think that’s true. and i don’t want you guys to feel like taylor doesn’t care about you if you don’t have money because you don’t deserve to feel that way. 

the thing is that i love a lot of musicians so i’ve seen how other fandoms operate, and taylor is the only one who has consistently and actively tried to bridge the gap between poor and rich fans and give everyone opportunities to be close to her.

i keep seeing people say that rich fans are more likely to meet taylor but this is probably the only fandom where that’s not really the case. she’s certainly the only celebrity of her calibre who meets so many fans and never charges for it. she’s always had her team scouring her venues before/during shows and finding fans to upgrade to pit/soundbooth/front row, and obviously to meet her after the show. she’s had a b-stage at most of her headlining tours so that people with nosebleed seats could have good seats for at least part of the show. last era i know she gave a few fans front row tickets and m&gs because she saw that they couldn’t afford to go to a show. not to mention the fact that she is on this website trying to give people attention which obviously doesn’t cost anything. none of this is the behaviour of somebody who doesn’t care about the feelings of her less fortunate fans. 

it’s absolutely okay to be upset if you can’t afford merch or good tickets, and it’s okay to be upset that people with more money have better opportunities, but this is a societal problem as opposed to a problem that taylor herself has created. it is not unique to the taylor fandom and it doesn’t mean that taylor hates you. it’s making me really sad to think that a lot of you genuinely think that taylor doesn’t care about those of us who can’t afford to drop hundreds of dollars on this stuff because for the most part, her behaviour has reflected the exact opposite.

Things I wish people understood about systems

- If one alter knows about a trauma and another alter doesn’t, do not tell them about the trauma. Ever. There’s a reason they don’t remember.

- If you’re close with an alter and they suddenly stop fronting for a while, understand that it’s likely not your fault. Even if they want to front, sometimes they just can’t.

- If you hurt a little in any way at all, expect a protector to come and promptly get angry. They can’t help it, it’s their job.


- If you wouldn’t do/say something to an actual child don’t do it to a little

- Understand that not all alters will have the same feelings for you

- alters are people not just personalities

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Seeing how you just answered a question about your favorite thing about each function, what part about each function (maybe when they're unhealthy or inferior) do you like the least?

Ni: there’s only one way to interpret this, ever, and I refuse to admit otherwise.

Ne: I never make decisions because I abstract everything into non-existence.

Si: kill any new perspectives / ideas / change. Kill them with fire!

Se: I don’t care if this wrecks my life, I’m doing it anyway, because it’s there.

Fi: I will do whatever I want, whenever I feel like it, even if it hurts you. *** you!

Fe: if you’re not ‘with us’ you’re ‘against us’ and I will turn people against you.

Ti: people are just systems to screw with, really. That’s how you know more.

Te: make ruthless tactical decisions, screw the body count.

- ENFP Mod

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Got any tips for better anatomy and more dynamic poses? I'm really struggling to break from drawing the same three poses over and over


Aidan Gillen quotes:

“Here’s some beautiful places in Ireland: Connemara, Sligo, Kerry, the Burren…they’re busy with lots of tourists but that doesn’t make them any less beautiful. Go on a rainy day. I also like out of the way places in the Midlands. Islands are good too, like Inishboffin, Inis Meain. I do miss Ireland but I’m there a lot so it’s OK. I have a big celtic brooch with the wild bull of cooley on it through my belly-button. No, I don’t really. No jewelry at all.”

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“I’m not going to write any Christmas fic because I don’t have enough experience to write culturally accurate Christmas celebrations for Yuuri and Viktor celebrating together but I do have a fic planned for another very important date in December instead…” THANK YOU, its my biggest yoi related pet peeve to see fans westernizing them and this is soo respectful of you, thank you so much. And ohmygod i can hardly wait for this other date in December, and literally any other Rivals verse content!

I’ve always felt that with things like Christmas and weddings that are usually deeply rooted in tradition, no matter how much research I tried to do into Russian/Japanese culture regarding these events I’d never be able to portray it in the right way. There’s usually so many intricacies to these things and I don’t have enough personal experience to be able to write that in the way those events would deserve to be written. 

As for the date in December, it’s not actually a Rivals thing I have planned but I’m very excited all the same! 

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since the fandom’s going to shit right now anyway do you hate anyone in the fandom spill the tea haha

I usually delete messages like this because I don’t think they deserve to get any attention whatsoever, but this really rubbed me the wrong way.

First of all, the fandom isn’t “going to shit” by any means. There is some chaos, yes, and people are upset, yes, but it is temporary and I am sure things will resort back to normal once people’s questions and concerns are answered.

Second of all, what an ugly, toxic message to send. “Hey things suck right now so let’s add to the fire”. Really, anon? It’s not funny by any means, yet rather just absolutely disgusting. Sorry to disappoint, but shockingly enough, I will not be dragging anyone through the mud, not now or ever.

I advise you to take the energy used to send messages like these, and use it to send messages of love and compassion to those you care about instead. It would be a much better use of everyone’s time.

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Hi frisk, i've been dealing with my class for a year, bully and stuff and i still can't move on, any... advices ? and by the way, you two are adorable <3

(this goes for anyone by the way I feel awful this is an extremely old ask I’m so sorry it took me this long to reply to it)For bullies its important to know that their most likely not doing it because they have a problem with you. It can be because of them having their own problems that they only feel like they can feel better is by taking it out on someone else. That’s why it’s really important to not take it to personally, but if you are dealing with a bullying problem its super important to speak up, and tell someone about it, because if you don’t stand for it to stop now it might just become worse later, but if your looking for something to cheer you up I’d recommend partaking in something that makes you happy, or just doing something you think you would enjoy, or just getting outside doing something even if its just a walk it can really clear your mind, and its always good to look for support, and talk to people if your having these kind of problems. I hope this was at least a little useful I don’t really have any experience with bullying, and I’m like four I’m not the go to person for advise I just hope this was able to help anyone at least a bit, and if anyone is having bad depression or just feels stuck or under going hard ships just know their is always going to be someone their that loves, and supports you(like meeee), and everything does get better no matter what you might think were always here to support you, and as always stay determined.

here’s a frisk we love you ;_;

Billy H Binge: The Spy

This episode gives us one scene with Billy. He and Max are at home and Billy is working out while Max is taping up her skateboard. Technically, we don’t know what happened to the skateboard in this episode, but if we remember Billy’s ominous “You know what happens when you lie,” last time we saw him (and ahead in a future episode he says “you know what happens when you disobey me - I break things”), we can safely assume Billy broke her board. Which is finally something I cannot justify in any way. That was a dick move, Billy. There was no reason to do that. I just find it odd that the Duffers waited six episodes (out of nine) to give Billy a truly 100% douche action.

I would also like to point out that when the doorbell rings, Billy calls for Max to answer it even though he is so much closer to the door than she is. Like, he is literally right there and he still calls Max out of her room to answer the door. Come on, Billy! 😝

Anyway, Max answers the door and quickly goes outside and shuts the door because it’s Lucas. Billy stops his workout and goes over to investigate. I can’t tell if he looks worried or not. I read an anon post that maybe he was worried about his dad being the one at the door and that could be. However, why would his dad ring the bell? That part doesn’t add up to me. But I don’t know what else his expression could be. And I don’t know why he was suddenly so interested who was at the door when he didn’t bother to answer it himself. Soooo… moving on.

“The hell were you talking to?” Billy asks Max when she comes back inside. She thinks for a moment, then gives him a brilliant answer: “Mormons. Talkative ones.” I literally laughed out loud. I have known quite a few Mormons and they are talkative - that is definitely a thing 😂 Billy opens the door to check for himself, but doesn’t see anyone. And again he has an expression on his face that I have a hard time interpreting.

Later on Max shares some information about her family with Lucas, which I think is relevant to include here even if Billy wasn’t actually in the scene.

Max’s dad is still in California. He is divorced from her Mom (who married Billy’s shitty dad). It’s obvious that Max misses her dad from the way she talks about her mom and step dad wanting a fresh start “as if he was the problem, which is total bull.”  This makes me SO curious to know about Billy’s mom - the one parent we are told nothing about!! Also, since Max never mentions it, I think it’s safe to say that Billy’s dad is not abusing her at all.

“My step-brother’s always been a dick but now he’s angry all he time.”  This line is significant. It means that Billy hasn’t always acted out the way he’s doing now. Brothers can be dicks, so “he’s always been a dick” could mean anything from brotherly behavior to actual dick behavior and coupled with “but now…” I think it was probably more brotherly. Also, I wonder what caused the difference in Billy’s behavior. Did something happen to his mom? Did his dad recently start abusing him? Does he just resent the new family members? I need to know! Please give us answers, Duffer bros!  

“I guess I’m angry, too” This line tells me that Max understands at least somewhat what Billy is going through (obviously not everything. He wouldn’t ever confide in her and I don’t think she knows about Billy being abused) which gives me hope for their relationship to mend in the future. It will take so much work and Billy’s going to need to earn her trust, but I think it’s possible and it’s what I am hoping for next season.

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Any thoughts about those JJBA fanarts where they blackwash the characters?

// i’ve… never heard someone use that term and something about getting a message like this makes me feel like youre looking for an answer where someones would be like ‘yeah wtf why do ppl do that’ ….

i dont see any harm in it at all. i think people are allowed to headcanon that characters have darker skin than they may be presented in their source material. it’s not changing the character at all personality-wise??

oftentimes people are doing that to see more of themselves in characters or because they see the critical need to add a bit of diversity in that department (because so much media fails in that way) as, the fact is, not everyone in the world is light-skinned

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Omggg I have to MadaKaka for 11. “You can have half.” Sharing is caring boys (don’t be so grumpy Dara-chaaan~)

From these prompts.


“You look like you’re about to pass out from excitement.”

“Shut up,” Madara growled. “Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for this? Every time I try to save money something comes up. My car breaks down, my heater stops working, my-”

“I get it,” Kakashi laughed. “Well it’s finally here. I still think it’s weird for a burger to cost this much but whatever makes you happy.” 

Madara gave his friend a scandalized look. “It’s not just any burger. It’s supposed to be the best burger in all of Fire Country!” 

Kakashi only shrugged and motioned him towards the glorious plate of food sitting between them. It was hard to deny that Madara was right about one thing: this wasn’t just a burger. It was a craft of perfection that would make any meat-eater’s mouth water. The bun was golden, the meat juicy, the toppings crisp and fresh. It was edible artistry. 

Almost reverently, Madara lifted the burger with both hands and raised it up to inhale the perfect scent of it. His mouth split in a grin of anticipation as he opened his mouth and prepared to take the first bite. 

Heaven. He was in heaven. 

Surely no better burger existed anywhere in this world and every minute of every extra shift Madara had had to work just to afford this stupidly expensive burger in this stupidly fancy cafe was worth it. He moaned all the way through chewing his first bite, savoring it for as long as possible. 

Then his eyes popped open at the sound of a rumbling growl. He looked across the table to see the tips of Kakashi’s ears turn pink while the younger man tried to sink down in his chair, hands covering his stomach. 

“Kakashi? If you’re hungry why don’t you order something for yourself?”

“Nah, I’m okay.” His friend waved him off casually. “This place is a bit pricey for me anyway.”

“We’ll stop by somewhere afterwards so you can grab something then.”

Again Kakashi waved him off. “No it’s okay. I shouldn’t spend the money.”

“You need to eat! I know we told Hashirama we’d go over to his place tonight but do you want to stop by yours first so you can have dinner?”

Madara was baffled when the tips of Kakashi’s ears darkened even more, hints of the shade creeping across his cheeks above the scarf he was still wearing. The younger man couldn’t seem to meet his eyes as he mumbled, “No point. There’s no food at my place.” 

Jaw gaping in horror, Madara connected a few dots in his head. 

“Kakashi, when was the last time you ate?” he asked softly. His friend shrugged.

“A couple days ago. Some of my bills were a bit more than I expected this month. I’m fine, okay?”

Looking down at his plate, the older man suddenly felt like the biggest schmuck in the world. Here he was lording this gorgeous creation over his friend’s head and the poor guy was literally starving because he couldn’t afford to buy food! Madara took a deep breath and pushed his plate over until it sat in front of Kakashi. 

“You can have half “

“What!?” Kakashi tried to shove the plate back towards him. “No way! You’ve been looking forward to this for weeks!” 

“And you haven’t eaten in a couple of days!”

The two of them glared across the table at each other, neither willing to budge, until Madara dropped the gaze first. He pushed the plate towards his friend again, then when Kakashi tried to shove it away he caught the other’s hand in his own. 

“Just half. We can both enjoy it. Please?” 

Although he hadn’t been looking for any, Madara received three separate rewards for his spontaneous good deed. The first was the unfathomable gratitude in his friend’s face as he finally accepted the offer. The second was the groan of ecstasy Kakashi made when he took his first bite, perfectly replicating Madara’s own reaction. 

His third reward was a warm hand slipping shyly in to his as they walked towards Hashirama’s house after they left the cafe. All things considered, the third reward was his favorite. 

Marnie: Johnny! I’m not sure this is what next door neighbours do because I haven’t really had any… You see, the Walkers lived almost five miles away back in Appaloosa! Oh, boy does it feel like a long way to walk on a hot summers day! And the Montgomery’s were even further away, almost twen-…

Johnny: Whooa! Slow down there Marns, you really don’t have to explain! I’m happy to be here! So, what did you want to do? 

Marnie: Ohp, sorry. I tend to be a bit of a chatterbox… I guess. Hm. Now, I spent almost all my money on that TV over there, and now I want to see if the machine’s any good. But.. I figured it’d be borin’ doing that alone, so I guess… That’s why you’re here! Oh, and did I tell you that Auntie Mary always said televisions were reeal-…

Johnny: Huh. Spent all your money on a TV? Somebody’s got their priorities right! Look, I’m in as long as we’re watching the Comedy channel! 

Marnie: Owp. Okay!! 

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A bit random but I was wondering: a lot of HP fics write Harry as someone who turns out to really bad at Auror-ing (sometimes simply incompatible with the details of the job, but other times legitimately incompetent compared to his colleagues). Do you have any personal head canons, or thoughts about how Harry would do as an Auror? Do you think he would like it after everything he went through or be any good at it? Thinking back on your fics I think you've had a mix? Sorry if I'm misremembering!

I don’t think there’s any way in hell that Harry would be an incompetent Auror. He has as much as or more skill at seventeen, as both a fighter and a teacher, than many of the adults around him, he’s cool in a crisis, he’s passionate about justice, he’s got great instincts. There’s just no way he’s inept at this.

Traumatized though? Maybe. I could see it. I could see him not wanting to fight anymore.

Otoh, it’s one of the few things he’s ever had in his life that’s led to him feeling loved and included, I could also see him clinging to it fiercely.

You’re right that there’s a mix of depictions in my fic (though I don’t think he’s ever inept?) and that’s because I think that how Harry felt and performed as an Auror would depend on a lot of other things about his relationships and the evolution of post-war society. In a scenario where Ron joined him and Kingsley ran a tight (and just and moral) ship, I could see him being a career auror. If Ron went to work at WWW and Harry was fighting without the support of his friends, and/or if the Aurors were engaged in morally dubious stuff and/or if a bunch of ex-Death Eaters pulled a Lucius and got back into power, I think he’d be inclined to step away.

This is, I think, an important thing to keep in mind about writing fic: characters are not static. Understanding characters does not mean developing one definite headcanon and shoehorning it into every situation, but openly and thoughtfully considering how your characters would respond to the world in which you put them.

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If sam could go any place and any time where do you think he would go?

that’s anytime past present or future fyi

King Arthur’s round table.

When Dean told them as little Sammy drifted off to sleep, the stories would stir up dreams in Sam’s mind. Sam always wanted to know what it was like to be there, to live every day as an adventure - although some argued his life was an adventure every day, Sam didn’t see it that way. He wanted to wield a sword and ride a horse everywhere he went. He wanted to save princesses and do good deeds for the people of Camelot. Sam just wanted to be a hero. Because in his own eyes, he was nothing more than a man doing the job he was raised to do. 

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I've been stressed lately bc I'm 18 and I've been "homeschooled" and living in the middle of no where since I was 7 but I'm 100% positive I want to date/have sex but I've been basically bubbled and I have no way of meeting ppl since I can't drive and I'm not allowed to work and I just don't know what to do anymore I feel like I'm gonna be stuck here with my mom forever bc she just won't allow me any freedom or give me the ability to do anything like get a job what should I do??

oh wow dude this is way above my paygrade. obtaining financial independence can be crazy hard and it sounds like your mom is purposefully making it harder. I hope you can find the resources you need for this (and if anyone knows any ways to help please comment) but I am not that resource

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I like both girls and boys, but lean towards boys, so I identify as homosexual even though I’m technically bi. Is that something I can do or is that wrong?

That’s totally okay, you can identify any way you like! -Alex

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Are anger issues always related to enneagram? I am torn between being 154 and 514 but I am pretty sure I have the sense of justice 1s have but the way I deal with my problems is how 5s do. This ia vague but will 514 operate on anger as much as 154 does during any kind of conflict?

personal reasons for being angry are not (necessarily) linked to enneagram, but how we deal with anger definitely is.

> will 514 operate on anger as much as 154 does during any kind of conflict?

no. 5-cores will not “operate on anger”. anger is not their driving force. they won’t make gut-decisions like 1s do, 5s are a head type after all.
but 5s can still be angry and care about justice, with or without 1-fix. but they deal with those issues in a 5-ish way: indirectly, by doing research first before speaking up about it and with the underlying fear of not knowing enough about the topic to be truly qualified to say something

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Hello! I’m half Dutch half Filipino, but growing up I’ve only lived with the Filipino side of my family (they all live in the same city I do, while the Dutch side of my family lives overseas). I look Asian, but I’ll usually get mistaken for part Chinese or Japanese. Is it still okay for me to say that I identify more as Filipino even if I don’t completely look like it? A large part of my life growing up was experiencing the culture, especially when I felt like an outcast at an all white school.


If you’re Filipino (or anything else), that’s what you should be identifying as. You don’t need any validation from anyone else just because you may not “look” Filipino.

I don’t think group identification should be based solely on looks. That’s a very exclusionary way of viewing one’s or another’s identity. I think it also has to do with background, culture, history, knowledge, experience, and/or all that good stuff. Our “looks” is not the only thing that shapes our identity.

I’m somewhat similar to you. Most people I know or meet will say I “look” Chinese. I have Mien, Hmong, and Chinese blood but I mostly identify as if I were a full Mien person when percentage wise, I’m only some 30% Mien. So who’s then to say I’m not Mien or can’t identify as Mien because I may not “look” like it? No one can tell me my identities except me. As should you.

Angry Asian Guy

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I initially was only researching witchcraft and stuff for a book I'm working on, but I fell in love with sigils. I don't really feel like I want to expand past sigils, especially into spirit or crystal work. I guess what I mean to ask is if that somehow makes me less of one? I really love sigils and feel like I could be a little more secretive that way than other methods but also feel like I'm restricting myself.

Do whatever your comfortable with.
If you want to stick with just one kind of magic that doesnt make you any less of a witch.
Maybe one day youll feel comfortable expanding into other things, but you dont have to pressure yourself into jumping into it if you dont feel like youre ready yet. At the same time dont be afraid to say ‘dip your toe’ into something new every now and then if you feel like you really are restricting yourself. You can try something small from a different type of magic without diving headfirst into it, just to get a feel of it.

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Hey if you still do requests for prompts. Shotor AU where they meet at the gladiator fights

this took me so long, but i love shotor so i Did It

Prince Lotor had heard much about the Champion of the Empire’s Grand Arena, but knew very little by the way of hard facts. The renowned Champion was league smaller than many Galra with a desire to live and survive much stronger than any of the fools who bowed and ‘Vrepit Sa’d to Emperor Zarkon. He was currently undefeated and had a prosthetic arm of Druid design that made him even more formidable. 

What made all of this even more interesting was the fact that the Galran Champion had no Galra in him. He hailed from a primitive, pre-warp culture that Zarkon had conquered in his search for Voltron’s Blue Lion and had no fur or scales to protect him. 

In short, Prince Lotor was curious. The Champion had declined a Patron in the Arena – much to Commander Sendak’s disdain – and had thrived without the luxury and creature comforts such protection provided. He was small, pink, and plucky which put him right in the Prince’s alley. 

“It’s foolish to take him on in the Arena,” Acxa warned, though it was clear she was not going to reach out and stop her sovereign. Lotor knew she found his interest in the Arena and her Champion entertaining – if a bit troubling. “What if he bests you? He is currently undefeated.” 

Lotor snorted on his laugh, guiding his hair up into a loose bun so that it could tuck under his helmet. “He will not best me. I will offer him an offer that he cannot possibly refuse.”

Ezor made a curious noise, holding out Lotor’s helmet. “And what offer is that?”

“Me, or Sendak.” Really, there was no choice at all. 

The Champion was smaller than even Lotor had anticipated, but even the Prince could admit there was an absolute fire in his gray eyes and in the way he wielded his dual-ended scythe. They met each other blow by blow – though Lotor was loath to admit that they were nearly evenly matched – and there were several moments where Acxa’s worries about the Champion besting the crown prince were firmly at the front of his mind. 

At the end, however, the Champion was disarmed and glared up at Lotor. His pants made his chest rise almost flirtatiously towards the tip of the Prince’s blade. “Who are you?” He spat in unsteady Galran, beautiful gray eyes narrowed. 

“Your salvation.”