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A Lost Memory

Summary: Newt deals with a loss he believes he can never recover from with firewhiskey.

Request: “I would like angst and angst and tear my heart apart and smash it into the gutters. Regrets and tears and mistakes were made "I never want to see you again” HURT ME"

Word Count: 3,407

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by @red-roses-and-stories (I hope this broke your heart enough) but also tagging @caseoffics @dont-give-a-bother @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy @thosefantasticbeast2

You run your hand down Newt’s bicep, popping up onto your toes to rest your chin on his shoulder and peer over him to the papers in front of him. “Whatcha doing, babe?”

“Studying the reactive tendencies of various…” he trails off, brow furrowing as the liquid in front of him turns a deep violet shade. “Well, that hardly seems right.”

You giggle and fall back to give him space. “Be careful you don’t let Pickett fall in.”

Newt scarcely appears to process your words, giving you a distracted “hmm” in response.

You roll your eyes and slide under his arm as he scribbles something onto a note. Extending your arm, you let Pickett hop onto your hand. He squeaks away as you draw him to your side.

“Come on, Pickett, we’ll go make supper so someone here doesn’t let us all starve.”

Newt’s eyes crinkle with his smile as he glances up at you. “And who did you say exaggerates the most this morning?”

You stick your tongue out. “I still think you do it more often.”

Newt watches you whisper to Pickett as you walk out, and before he returns to his work, he checks the drawer to make sure the box is still there.

Thunder rumbles, a heavy roll that rattles the rack of vials on the table.

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Steve Rogers Imagine

Imagine The Avengers constantly teasing Steve about your crush on you.

‘‘We know you like her.’‘ natasha sang, bopping steve on the nose.

‘‘Who, Y/N?’‘ steve asks.

‘‘Duh!!’‘ everyone shouts in unison.

Steve laughs and looks at the ground. He bites his lip and shakes his head. 

‘‘No, I don’t.’‘ steve smiles, looking up at the team.

‘‘Stop denying it Rogers! We know it’s true.’‘ bucky smiles.

‘‘Do you have any proof?’‘ steve asks.

‘‘I don’t know, maybe the way you look at her every time she enters the room?’‘ tony smirks.

‘‘What are you-’‘

‘‘Hey guys!’’ you smile, entering the room.

‘‘Why are you all in here? Oh.. Crap! Was there a team meeting?’‘ you ask, looking around at everybody.

Everyone looked at Steve who was giving you the same look he always gave you whenever you entered the room. His heart was beating and he looked like he fell instantly in love with you. You looked at him and his face turned completely red.

‘‘Steve? You alright?’‘ you ask.

‘‘Steve has a crush on you Y/N!’‘ wanda exclaims.

Steve snaps his head at Wanda who was screaming and yelling at everybody to run before he got up. Wanda started pushing everybody out of the room, everyone was screaming as Steve stood up. They all started to run as Steve chased after them. You just stood there watching the whole situation with a smile on your face. Steve had a crush on you. That was awesome.

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Hello sweety, I really love ur account, I start to be a believer in kaisoo this year, I am late I know, but I have a request I was looking for some jelousy moments bc these r my favorate moments ever any way all I could find is nini jelouse over soo and there is a lot of it but only 2 or 3 jelouse soo over nini :(((( can u do a long post about jelouse soo :) thanks 😘

Hi~ Seems like a lot of ppl wanna see some jelly ksoo moments~ 

Here are some that I could find ^o^ (there’s not a lot tho)

You could literally see his face fall..

Aw soo..

Lol it was quite funny tho, cuz even k e y noticed it

So he teased soo for it xD and soo tried to deny it but nah, he was being too obvious xD

When some old friend of nini called, and soo was acting weird xD the other members were being really cheerful and interacted with the girl, but soo was like >_>

This one might be looking too into it, cuz they were all pretty tired that day, but there was just smth about this that made my heart hurt a little..

When soo went and “stole” nini from taetae lol

Funny thing is that taetae quietly slipped away xD

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GOT7 Reaction // When you (their crush) does not understand korean.


He would be very understanding and would try his best to conversate with you by not using korean. If you wanted, he could also help you learn it way faster.

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This is where his confidence would start to deflate. He’d probably end up doing too much research on your language and try to talk to you every once in a while.

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Like Mark, I doubt Jackson would have any trouble with this. If you were willig, he would like lessons on your language, and he would give you classes on korean.

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He’d be a little intimidated, but would never show it. Instead, he still try to talk to you as best as he can.

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Like Jinyoung, he’d be a little intimidated, but not to worry, he’ll still try to talk to you with his a+ english.

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Another fluent! english speaker. He would try his best to not disappoint but we all know how that goes.

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He would probably be so intimidated. When he would try to approach you, the words just didn’t come out and he had no idea what to say.

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Are there any conventional rules of writing (replace "said" with descriptive alternatives whenever possible, avoid -ly words, etc) that you feel are made to be broken?

That is such a hard one. My writing mentor always said he identifies with said at the beginning, and then doesn’t use any reference at all until you can’t keep track of the characters, then he uses said again. I can’t do that. It drives me crazy. Of course, I’m not the one with the PEN-Faulkner Award, he is. 

On the other hand, overusing said bores me to death. I do like to indicate the mood or intent of the speaker, within limits. 

You have to find your own way, basically. There are always going to be people who say you have to do this, you have to do that. I do what works for me. 

Backpack Guy

(It’s a bit lengthy and I’m so sorry)
Another fun story from the red office supply store that everyone hates apparently. Just another casual night closing the store. We close at 9pm, but sometimes there’s a few stragglers who come in at like 8:55 and browse the store. So my manager usually sends me to sweep the aisles and check the store for any remaining customers so I can send them up front to the register and we can finally close. As I was doing this one night it was going okay, I had approached a younger couple and gave my infamous line of, “Do you folks need help finding anything? We’re closed, but you can still take your items up to the front to be rung out.” and they were pretty chill with the whole thing and casually made their way to the front. Then I find this asshole in the next aisle. So I go up to him and lay on the same line with the same fake but nice sounding customer service voice. He had a backpack in his hands and asked me how much it was. I asked him where he had found it(because most people ignore the price tag to begin with) and he tells me he pulled it down from our mid stock. Mistake #1 asshole. I calmly explained to him that since he had pulled it down(messing everything up for me) I wasn’t sure of the price since we were in the midst of sending things back to the warehouse and it could have been a clearance bag or just one that wasn’t meant to be sold in the first place.(this apparently pissed him off) and he asked if anything was wrong with the bag and I told him probably not, we just send old product back to the warehouse if it isn’t sold in months so we can make room for new items. He asks if we sell any luggage sets and I informed him we don’t because WE SELL OFFICE AND SCHOOL SUPPLIES YOU DUMB ASS. He asks where else he could go for luggage and I told him to go to walmart(even after he said he didn’t like theirs.) He then looks at me and asks, “are all of the workers here as retarded as you?” This instantly pissed me off. I normally NEVER fight back with customers, but since it was after close and I didn’t even have a name tag on I said fuck it “that was rude and you can take your item and go to the front to purchase it or you can just leave right now” He huffed and took the backpack up to the front to price it and possibly buy it. Karma got the bastard because when they scanned it it rung up $255(it’s a backpack meant for fucking technology or cameras not clothing and travel.) He ended up throwing the bag at the cashier before storming out the doors(hitting them because they were turned off and he didn’t wanna wait for one of us to open it for him) Probably the most satisfying thing in the world for me.

Night Time Routine

Sometimes it’s really difficult to fall asleep at night. A routine is a wonderful way to tell your brain that it is time to sleep. Here is a example routine, and you can change it or add to it however you need!

1. Set a time.

I think it’s good to have a little wiggle room, in case something comes up. Consider you’re bedtime something like 10-12. Aim for 10, but 12 is the latest.

2. Clean up.

Brush your teeth, wipe of any make up, wash your face, shower if you prefer to do that at night.

3. Go potty.

You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to pee.

4. Jammy up.

Pick out your favorite onesie, oversized t-shirt, or whatever it is that you’re most comfortable in.

5. Prepare your army.

Stuffy army of course. Get your bed fixed just how you like it, and pop a paci in.

6. Story time.

If you like bedtime stories, grab your favorite children’s book, or Google it, and enjoy.

7. Turn out the lights…

…and fall asleep.

Optional additions:
Night lights, white noise makers or gentle music, essential oil diffuser with a relaxing smell, take any night time meds you may need.

I tried to make this one that can be applied to all littles, whether single, LDR, live with a CG, etc., but feel free to adapt it to what works best for you. If your CG is around, they could help you with all this.

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hey um so do you think it's possible to be aro/ace towards men yet still find them attractive but sexually attracted to women? for years I have been struggling with my sexuality, and for a while I identified myself as gay cause I don't want a relationship with a man in any way, but today on a tv show an attractive dude was shirtless and I kinda felt something. Like a was attracted to him and I am just so confused and stressed cause of the labels, I don't see myself fit under any sexuality. (1/2)

What do you think is wrong with me? (2/2)             

Nothing is wrong with you dude, I don’t really think it means anything if you experience fleeting attraction to a random person through a TV screen

longer answer um, sexuality is fluid, you can change, or feel different ways on different days, and some people don’t even put a label on themselves at all and that’s all fine? it’s also possible to like multiple genders but have a vast preference for one of them in particular, it doesn’t have to be an even 50/50. it’s also still possible to be charmed by people you’re not usually attracted to, like I’m only seriously into girls, and would only ever consider actually being in a relationship with a girl, but I can still be like, aesthetically attracted to boys on the rare occasion. it’s just not that deep

don’t sweat it, you don’t need to label yourself if you need time to think ^^

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hmmmmm maybe they should shut down all the gross pornblogs, following me, a 14 year old. when i go to block them i see images i can never get out of my head ;-;

tumblr has a rampant problem with pornbots and has for years but they really don’t seem to make any actual effort in solving it. Like, I do not expect them to be able to completely get rid of pornbots, but they just don’t ever seem to try to do anything about them. They usually even have blatant nsfw terminology in their blog names, how is that not an auto-flag but innocent LGBT stuff is?

I’m very sorry you have to see stuff like that. I’m not sure how you’re blocking them, but I’m guessing you’re mousing over the blog names and using the drop down? If so, try it this way (if you’re on a computer): Go to settings, click on your blog name, scroll to the bottom of the page to where it says “Blocked Tumblrs” and click the little pencil and manually type in the name of the blog. That should allow you to block it without seeing the ‘top posts’ thing the drop down shows you.

I mean, tumblr really should do something about this so you don’t have to do this yourself, but in the meantime you should’ve have to see that kind of stuff just because tumblr is a useless garbage site

PLL showing what matters

This was sweet…

S: “Oh no wonder you didn’t want her going down any more holes… Congratulations.”
C: “Thanks”

So was this…

M: Goodbye spencer.
S: Goodbye.
S: Be careful.
M: I will, you too.

Do you know how many people loved this moment?

E: “Ali, look it took me so long to finally get here with you. Okay I didn’t come all that way to lose everything now… I promise you, I won’t let them hurt you.”

Something the powers that be in TV land need to understand, sometimes the most memorable times are when we see our characters show what it’s like to be real. Whether it be friends, family or lovers, when you can portray that moment, we will eat it up and probably turn it into a million different montages.

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Did Yamamoto admit she liked a girl romantically in that interview or did I read that wrong?

I actually was wondering too, but the way the phrase is worded does sound like that. The English translation in this case is pretty accurate, because “like” (as “suki”, which is used in the original Japanese text) can be used with a non-romantic meaning, but if you say for example “I liked a person in high school” normally you would mean it in a romantic way. Of course do not expect any Japanese interviewer to ever delve into that…

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do you know any ways to queer-ify my altar? It's not gay enough for me tbh but i dont know what to add. Thanks, and I hope your day is fantastic!

Thank you, Nonnie!

-glitter (v gay)

-iconic gays

-the babadook (he is amazing, deserves his own point)

-pride flags

-did i mention glitter?

-lil shrines to your favorite (likely dead) queer character/person

-informational booklets on your favorite queer people throughout history

-a long, & maybe menacing, list of curses for transphobes/homophobes/etc.

-rainbows/whatever pride palette you want everywhere. ribbons. glitter. candles. paper w/ the colors on it for fuck’s sake. everywhere.

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We had to take my cat to a vet last night because he had a ruptured anal gland and has to wear a cone so he won't lick it. He seems really sad and confused, any ways do you think I can make him feel better?

Oh I am so sorry to hear this! This is actually a pretty common thing. It happened twice to our late cat Besss (who passed last summer of old age). The best thing to help make your kitty feel better is to keep the wound clean. If you have a sprayer on your sink, you can gently wash the wound twice daily with that. 

Hold your kitty like a baby in your arms and gently aim the sprayer at the effected area (you may need two people to do this). Use lukewarm to cool water, but not icy cold. Wash the wound for 5 or 10 minutes twice daily. Depending on your cat, they may or may not allow you to do this at first, but keep trying. Once your cat realizes that it helps them feel better, they will be easier in allowing you to do it. Caress your cat while doing it to help him feel more at ease. With Bess the first couple of times were not too easy, but after that she complied completely once she got wind that it made her feel better. The important thing is to keep the area clean and not to cover it up so that it can heal properly. Other than that, be sure that your kitty has something soft and cool to sit on. I actually put a pillow in the fridge to cool it and Bess would sit on it happily (you can also do this with a towel). It will take some time for it to heal, but washing it twice daily can help speed up the process tremendously, as well as eliminate any further infection. 

Get your kitty some of their favorite foods and treats also! Treating them while in this state will definitely help lift their spirits. Good luck and let me know how it goes!


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You have a cintiq?? 😱 I want one but they're so expensive 😓

yes it was a hanukkah gift about a year and a half ago! 

they are an expensive piece of a equipment (though there are some that are way more expensive), but if you think about it, you buy it once and you have it for like 5 or 6 years or something (maybe more! maybe less but hopefully not) and you don’t have to buy any other materials if you do digital art. if you were doing fine art you’d be spending that much money all the time on supplies! so it’s actually a great deal for what you get out of it so it’s worth saving up for 👍

So over my break I thought about making a few (kind of major) changes to this blog:

The first one I already started and that’s making a side blog for asks @askmather

The second one is that I have decided to stop with political tumblr (at least for now on any of my real Ted Cruz blogs), as it’s hella cancerous. I’m gonna take to a different, more productive platform to continue with my interest in politics. When I do bring up politics on here I’m probably gonna do it in a more jokey, memey kind of way.

Third, I want to make this blog more fun for me to manage. I really like the idea of making it all relate to some sort of story, like what I was doing at the beginning with the other real politicians and then later on with the Loafians. I have to figure out exactly what that story is gonna be but I’ll let y'all know.

anyways a bad habit is taking pics of yourself and sending them / uploading them and whenever anyone compliments you you just denying every compliment
its a really bad form of behaviour because for one thing it benefits no one in any way, youre only making yourself feel worse and either driving the other person away or forcing them to say nice things about you
and its a path ive been down and seeing people do it nowadays they always seem to be bad people and i was a bad person back when i did that shit too and just like. why would you even do that ? someones going out their way to give you a compliment and yr just like. ‘nah yr wrong’.. like that can hurt some people..
so like……. dont do that shit. its bad. please break that habit before it only makes things worse okay

Knock Down, Drag Out Fight

you and harry get in a fight and he’s really mean and then he kicks you out? and you come back in a bad state and lots of fluff and angst

Word count: ~900 words

Warning: angst, general very vague referral to family death.

A/N:It was very tough to write this. This was sort of how I imagined Christmas time will be THIS year with the missus and Harry. I in no way intend to make light of or fun of anything that’s happened to the Styles family. It felt like an important point to make that Harry is human and has feelings and that we as fans are entitled to nothing from him. Everything we get from him is a gift. I do not condone going through his trash, hacking his iCloud or any of the other myriad disgusting things that have happened to this family lately.

“Babe, I don’t know what else to tell you,” you yell frustratedly. “We went to my parents for New Year’s last year, it’s only fair to switch.” You watched him grind his jaw and stretch at his neck- he was very clearly angry.

“I don’t trust myself around you right now. You need to leave,” he stated loudly. He left the room and you could hear the door to the study slam shut.

You’d been bickering for the better part of an hour and full-out fighting for 10 mins. You’d never seen Harry angry let alone livid. His face and neck were flushed and the veins on his arms popped as he continuously clenched and released his fists. Harry’s words made you realize it was time to take a break. You stalked off to grab your backpack and threw in some things for a few nights. You’d crash at your friend’s place until Harry had cooled off.

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@rorzcach @jagged Hey. Figured I’d put these up because I am at least one of the ones that requested @plsklance to make the icons. I find it quite funny that OP “should have apologized to the LBGT community for thinking ours and the ace community’s are in any way comparable.” You do realize what the full acronym is right? The “A” isn’t just for show, and despite what you obviously think, it doesn’t stand for “asshole”–though apparently there’s plenty of those among the rest of OUR LBGTQIA+ community. Like @friendly-neighborhood-hufflepuff I will also make more flags upon request!

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Not only do so many people invalidate QPRs, and generally any relationships aros might have, they also constantly dismiss and ridicule the way we plan out lifes? Like no one takes me seriously when I say my goal is to one day share a house with my best friends, QPPs, and cats (maybe even children). It's apparently "too childish", "wishful thinking" and "noone would want to live with me in those conditions" simply because it's not a traditional way of life :/

Little minds presented with new things always react the same way

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The problematic SCs being the same CLs from The 100 fandom also explains why some of them get more notes than they reasonably should when they, ironically, start using abusive tactics to beat down anyone who doesn't agree with their narrative that Chris = bad (blatantly lying about who Chris is, mocking his fan base, accusing some of being fake POC/LGBT, etc). They already have an established "base", so to speak. Same game, different name.


it’s suddenly all starting to make sense. i think they did this in OUAT fandom aswell?? (with colin i think) like they literally have a whole group of them who will go from fandom to fandom and blatantly hate the male actor or character who gets in the way of their ship. it doesn’t matter if it’s about chris, it’s not even personal to chris, they will literally do it to any male who gets in the way.

it’s actually a sad thing because they really are bringing a bad name to people who want more f/f representation, because they don’t support actual f/f ships, just who they want to be together.

this has really made me feel better about the situation, i’m out here like why do so many people hate chris??? but they don’t even hate chris, they hate “the chris” ie with OUAT it was colin and with the 100 it was bob and whichever fandom they decide to invade next it’ll be who ever the male actor is who they think is it the way of their ship.

i love that saying, same game. different name.