i do not like it in any way

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how many times lauren say things then with time we see that whatever she said no to is actually true !! i get her they are really attacking her everyday and they are only doing it to lauren not camila so i got frustrated cant imagine how she must feel's like but yeah camila need to man up and take some of the shit up she put everything on Lauren !

Please don’t drag Camila into this, Lauren made the choice to address it, Camila doesn’t have any obligation to do the same. Tbh the more I think about it the more I realize what a bad idea it was to shut Camren down that way. I mean, at the end of the day, the crazy CS won’t stop harassing her, on the contrary, now I’m sure most of them have the need to prove her wrong by spamming even more Camren in her face, and the non-crazy/low-key shippers feel guilty and hurt and decide to abandon the ship altogether, even if it never came from a place of disrespect towards the girls. That’s why I think that the way Camila has always handled Camren is the right one - to just ignore it, to let people speculate and stay away from social medias altogether. I don’t know if it’s because she herself was part of a fandom (1D) and so she understands the complicated mechanics of shipping, especially for the LGBTQ community, but I think she gets that what she says will touch people, a lot of them, and that sometimes silence is the only way to not hurt anybody.

As far as I can tell, the far-right holdouts on the health care bill actually have a really legitimate demand.

So, like, there are a couple ways you can do health care. One is ‘the government decides which services are basic human rights and pays for them’, which is how most countries do it. That’s not happening in the U.S. any time soon. The debate is more between flavors of ‘the government decides which services are basic human rights and then requires insurance companies to cover them and then helps you pay for them with subsidies’.

And the Republicans are offering shit subsidies. So if they have a long list of which services are basic human rights - if they demand that all insurance plans offer genuine comprehensive coverage - then there will not be any health care plans on offer that aren’t obscenely expensive, and most poor people will have to just skip getting health care altogether. 

The numbers are all made up, but imagine the Republicans give every person an $800 health care subsidy annually. Then imagine that insurance companies are willing to offer catastrophic coverage - insurance against cancer and heart attacks and getting hit by a bus and being diagnosed with a rare condition whose medications cost $10k a month - which doesn’t cover any routine expenses like wellness checks and dental, doesn’t cover therapy, doesn’t cover addiction programs - for $800/year. And they’re prepared to offer actually decent health insurance - which has minimal co-pays and covers therapy and wellness checks and vaccines and therapy and so on - for $6000 a year. 

Right now, by law, they can’t offer the $800 plan, because therapy and addiction programs and wellness checks are things the government considers basic human rights and you are not allowed to offer health insurance that doesn’t cover them. So the only plan you’d be offered is the $6000 one, and if you’re a poor person, you probably can’t make that work, so you don’t buy health insurance at all. 

The far-right caucus wants to make it legal to sell the very restricted $800 plan, which doesn’t cover anything close to everything you need but which is, with the subsidy, free. That’s better than no insurance and no subsidy, which is what unmodified Trumpcare gets you.

You’re welcome to be like ‘okay but the government messed up appallingly for this to even be a choice we have’, and you are 100% right. But I’d rather have a bad cheap plan than nothing.

i always get a little miffed when i see apollo refered to as “the only man artemis ever loved” because no he wasn’t there was this dude named orion who accidentally stumbled on her hunting camp one time and she got all “hey fuck off im not having any of your rapey shit” but he was just like “dude wtf no its night time in the forest and youve got a campfire i just want to get warm” and she was like “???? okay?? this is weird and i don’t trust you but whatever” and they got to talking and they became the bestest hunting buddies ever and then apollo showed up like “oh HELL no youre not having your way with my sister” and tried to kill orion but artemis was like “damn it you sunbaked asshole think before you attack do you really think i couldnt have killed this guy on my own if i wanted to? hes cool af okay ima be mad as hell if you hurt him” and apollo was like “oh okay i get it i have to be sneaky about the fact that im a jealous fucknut who wants to kill this dude just because youre hanging out with him instead of me” so he gave orion a dream where he got killed by a fucking 10 foot scorpion and when he woke up there was an actual 10 foot scorpion outside his house so he did what any reasonable motherfucker would do and grabbed his gods damn sword to try and kill it but it was too strong and it pushed him back into the sea so he just goes “fuck this shit ima swim for it” and then apollo went to artemis and was all like “hey i saw this dude rape and kill a girl and i could have killed him myself but i thought youd want to do it” and artemis is all “youre damn right i do” and she shoots an arrow through orion’s face from so far away that his head looked like a tiny dot on the water at which point apollo just starts laughing like “haha lmao you said i couldnt kill him so i got you to do it for me also btw i lied about seeing him do some shit see ya” and fucks off to leave artemis alone with her dead best friend so she does what gods always do when shit goes down and hangs orion in the stars and goes to kill the scorpion but you know apollo didnt like that too much so he tries to send his fuckening scorpion up there to get orion a second time but artemis fuckin swats it and the scorpion ends up on the other fucking end of the sky so it never comes anywhere near him and theyre not even up there during the same months so since orion’s up there trying to hunt down that fucking scorpion and it’s trying to obey apollo and kill him, they just chase each other in circles for all eternity BUT orion got the better end of that deal because his belt is one of the most recognizable asterisms in the sky and i fucking dare you to tell me what scorpio looks like.

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cold, ocean, phonebook

post Drive

What she needed was a local dive, some seedy diner with busted red vinyl booths and laminated menus featuring blue plate specials and eggs any way you would like them. As dusk settled over the Californian sea beyond her, she flipped through a phonebook, thought of keywords for what she wanted: milkshakes, family-owned, titled as Chuck’s Place or Beverly’s Diner or even The Greasy Spoon. Biting her lip in concentration, she counted the waves beyond her little payphone, measured time with them as she looked over all of the listed restaurants from here to San Francisco. Loleta was an odd combination of seaside and rustic, rich and unpopulated; if she wanted a diner, she would have to drive, and after that day, she didn’t want to be stuck behind a wheel any longer than was absolutely necessary.

And Kersh had been called, and their asses were on the line, and their return flight to D.C. would be filled with her last moments of reprieve before an inevitable hailstorm of paperwork, liability, and unfortunately both metaphorical and literal manure rained down upon her desk, but somehow, she had the inkling that a good plate of corned beef hash at a checkered palace where neon lights claimed open twenty-four hours and where blonde waitresses scooted around on roller-skates would at least take Mulder’s mind off of exploding eardrums and the fragility of human life. Of course, the inkling was hardly backed up by solid scientific fact, and just last week, she’d told him that he needed to better his diet for the sake of his heart’s health, but nonetheless, she needed to find him respite, a place where he felt most in his element. First, a diner came to mind even though Loleta seemed void of any diners.

Back in her second year working with him, they’d been stranded in a snowstorm in Burlington, the roads closed and all of the native Vermonters snuggled beneath flannel sheets while she’d phoned her mother to say why she couldn’t make mass on Sunday. That night, they’d holed up in one of the few bed-and-breakfasts that had power, the lake effect wind rustling the shutters on her window, the television’s rabbit ears barely picking up a signal, and at two in the morning, when she’d somehow still been awake, he’d knocked heavily at her door, shouted to her, “I’m starving. Want to get dinner?”

And then, they were in a Ford Taurus - rented, of course - barreling over snowdrifts while plows on all kinds of cars - most commonly trucks but also Jeeps and Yukons and even the occasional S.U.V. - cleared what they could, silent and fat flakes of snow still falling well into the night. From the reckless turns Mulder made, and from the crunchy way the brake pedal on that car had felt even before the snowstorm, she clenched her fists on her lap for the whole ride, her mind repeating I cannot die in a snowstorm with this man, for that’ll be the most tragic way for me to go. While Mulder sought out a diner, they both realized that, apparently, there was a culture surrounding the idea of a diner and that so-called diner culture didn’t exist in Vermont, where shops closed at five in the afternoon and dared not reopen until morning. Stomachs empty, they made it back to the motel, where they managed two candy bars out of a vending machine and where they sat together on his bed, her boots left at the door while his were kicked off haphazardly in the middle of the room, and watched local programming on the fuzzy television. Unsurprisingly, Vermont news was tame to the point of hilarity; over processed chocolates, they laughed at how Mrs. Roberts’ grandson’s visit was the breaking story of the night, and when Scully fell asleep alongside Mulder, he was polite enough not to wake her until morning.

And now, she once again found that, when they needed a diner most, one would never appear.

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Not Boring

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Request: Hello! I was wondering if you could do a request with something such as the reader has always been told she’s the ‘boring’ girl and she’s really insecure about it? But like Dean or Sam likes her any way and reassures her that they like her no matter what?

Pairing: None 

Word Count: 800ish

Warnings: none

A/N: Some rainy day fun…

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Thank you for Everything….Naruto

Finally done with this drawing…ugh I feel like tearing up again…I can’t believe Naruto ended! 🌷💕 Do not REPOST EDIT or USE in any way.

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i'm trying to heal a skin condition that's really exacerbated by picking and scratching but that's proving to be a very difficult compulsion to resist. do you know of any resources for strengthening will/ self control? or soothing itch/ discomfort/ inflammation?

oh totally! i do that stuff too i was actually scared they were going to call my shoulder acne as staph at state for wrestling since it got so bad lmao

anyway heres our derma tag but it looks like there are just sigils atm


i would recomend maybe drawing the sigils on ur hands/fingers or near (not on) your problem areas so if you go to pick maybe you will see it and it helps remind you that way as well!

here is a habit breaking spell


this looks alright self control spell courtesy of google


i dont know anything abt helping w inflamation and itching other than energy work in general and imagning light at the area smoothing over it

i also recomend washing your hands frequently, it not only helps keep your sores clean but i find it helps me not pick as much

good luck and stay safe!


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I really like the way you draw hair!! Do have any tips on how t draw hair?? -dino anon

Aaaahhh Im rlly bad at explaining and I çever rlly had this problem so i cant rlly give tips dkkdksis
But there’s this vid of an artist that I love https://youtu.be/HsoaRjGKPyA so yeah, i hope it helps 😭😭😭😭💓💓

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Who do you think is throwing up the restriction then? I thought in the beginning that perhaps Steve's team put the limitations in so as to drive traffic through their client's channels. But that seems like a stretch now. Louis's team could have found a way around any restrictions about JHO to directly promote a festival appearance leading up to it. So I wonder if it is Syco enacting these restrictions? Certainly don't impose these on their other artist's collaborations.

Oh, yeah, I most certainly think it’s Syco. They’re the only ones that make any sense at all.

Modest isn’t his management, so they wouldn’t have any lingering control. Ultra would only benefit from more social media promo. Sony wants to make money and wouldn’t likely try and stop cheap marketing from happening, especially since Ultra is theirs. Simon Jones has ZERO control over this sort of thing.

Then there’s Syco. They are not a full Sony label, Syco is a partnership led by Simon Cowell. So while Sony owns 75% of it, it’s unknown how much control they retain if Simon is still the head of it.  That said, you’d THINK they’d step in and stop this nonsense (and a lot of other nonsense), but maybe that’s not how their contracts with Simon are written. Maybe he has ultimate control as long as the company is making money. IDK.

Who knows what the details are, but there’s really not anyone other than Syco that could impose those kinds of restrictions.

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Kendrick Lamar has just released a song yesterday (amazing btw eveyone listen!) and didn't make any kind of statement before at all lmao He just tweeted the links. People are just making excuses because things are not happening the way they want and because they have no clue about Harry's plans. Anyways, I'm ready, Harry!

SKDKSKD right! Artists do this LITERALLY all the time, even ones who are far less famous than Harry randomly drop songs and are just like “hey guys check this out!” When it’s released. People try to act like because they’ve taken one (1) business class they suddenly know everything and are more capable than the people harry is working with and. That’s just not true, pals!

Anyway, that’s their loss bc babie is gonna kill it 😌🌸

“Back when I was 15 years old, I stayed over night at my grandma’s house in the country. This house I knew was haunted because the time before I slept in her bed and the door knobs to both the closet and the bedroom door started shaking as if someone was trying to turn it but didn’t have the strength.

This particular night I am sleeping on her couch in the living room when I turn off the TV and go to lay down and try to get some rest. On my way over to the couch, directly in front of me, it sounded as if a priest or other church type of voice was singing some type of holy hymn. Kind of like do ré me fa so la te do, you know that kind of thing, but it sounded very holy like you would hear in a church. Mind you it is DEAD SILENT in this house there is no other source for any volume, and it was not coming from another room. It was as if a person was right in front of my face, that’s how close it was. I will never forget it, it sounded like what you would hear at the gates of heaven.”

By: @toohighcantcomedown

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Hii @fabrickind I want to make a ffix garnet suit, i seen other ppl make really tall leggings (that starts under the breasts) and then make an under bust vest sort of patten for the top half of the suit. Any suggestion on patterns to use or advice on how to create the top half? I dont have a mannequin, so i have been looking for a template to work with. Ty

Hello there!

For this, I would modify a unitard pattern rather than trying to combine two patterns, though I can see it going either way. A pattern like this would be a good base. What you would need to do (and this can be done on your body or flat, especially with the help of a friend) is cut away the neckline so it reaches to under the bust, keeping in mind the stretch as you do so. If it is stretched on your body, you can draw the line with a fabric-safe marker and cut it when it is off your body. Open up the center front seam (or cut one in), see how much it pulls apart, and again mark and cut the lower portion that is laced up. If you have a cheap fabric you can use as a mockup before doing your actual fabric, you can use this as a pattern once you get to the actual material if you are satisfied with the fit. (You wouldn’t have to do the full legs for the lockup, just the torso.) I do a lot of this type of draping on my own body, and while it takes some practice (or a friend if you can’t draw the lines on yourself), and it works fairly well, even if it isn’t traditionally “correct” patterning.

If you wanted to make it with a waist seam like you are describing (or draft it flat and then combine it with your leggings pattern), you likely aren’t going to be able to find a vest pattern that works for this, since this isn’t shaped like a vest. You are going to make the high-waisted leggings with the U-shaped cutout where the lacing is, keeping in mind the stretch here (the lacing makes it so it encircles the whole body and keeps the tension, though don’t make it too tight or else your lacing will be strained). 

For the part that goes over the bust, trace an armscye and side seam off of another pattern or a garment you own that fits well. Stretch is less important here because it doesn’t fully encircle the body, though you don’t want extra ease in your pattern. Match up this side seam with the side seam on your high-waisted legging pattern. Draw a line following the armscye until the fullest part of the bust (be sure to measure how far down the fullest part of the bust is from your shoulder seam in order to properly mark this), and then curve that line so that it matches with the opening of the U-shaped portion. It should look vaguely like this:

Wow that drawing is bad, even for me. I hope it makes sense. Dotted lines are so you can understand what everything is – center front, so the pieces are mirrored, and the lacing drawn in dotted so you know where that goes.

Luckily, due to the nature of this garment, there are very few seams (I’d even eliminate the center front seam and just cut it on the fold, but include a center back seam for shaping, especially if you have a very curved back) because of the stretch material, so the shape of your pattern is mostly going to be the shape that you see. Since the top portion isn’t covering the bust, you don’t have to worry about the trickier fitting there, and since the fabric above the bustline isn’t fully encircling the body, it won’t be stretched around it, so you don’t have to worry about reducing your pattern size there for stretch.

I would draw this out on paper a few times, hold them up to make sure the shapes and where it is hitting you works, and then make a mockup or two. The top portion is a fairly easy part to draw out by hand if you have a template (such as a tight T-shirt) for the armscye, and from there, and especially in this type of fantasy garment in a stretch material, it’s a matter of making small fixes to the fit from there.

If you have a piece of shapewear that sits under the bust (one of those “wear your own bra” type torso shapers), you may be able to trace off that shape and use it (I can’t find a pattern to make one yourself unfortunately), and possibly increase the size a bit because you aren’t trying to reshape your torso with this garment. I would also recommend wearing something like that underneath this garment to smooth everything out – getting the fit and everything smooth is the biggest challenge with this type of garment.

Good luck! I hope that’s helpful :] 

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

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Okay, so after the war, when Prythian has been restored to peace and EVERYONE lives ( I'm trying not to think of any other alternative ) - I'd like to think that Lucien attempts to court Elain and was wondering about your thoughts concerning what they would do first date wise ? Also would you prefer it if lucien became high lord of spring ( as is the most popular theory going around ) or high lord of autumn, assuming Beron dies and Lucien is the next heir ( as a lot of people think also ) Tysm

alright so conveniently i’ve written basically this exact fic (short answer, a ride and picnic, long answer, the context and timing of their first Real Meeting is way more crucial than their choice of first date and also likely to be somewhat out of their control. I HAVE SO MUCH ELUCIEN ACOWAR ANXIETY, YOU GUYS.)

But, ok, let me talk about The Fate of Lucien. I think in canon, based on my conjecture about how SJM tends to operate, he’s going to end up the high lord of the fall court. Which I’m not against at all, but it is not my preferred outcome. My preferred and wildly unlikely outcome is that Beron kicks it, Lucien’s mom declares herself autonomously-ruling high lady of the fall court, and Elain is the autonomously-ruling high lady of spring with Lucien as her consort.

I adore high lord!Lucien, but like, babe deserves to take a break and do nothing but nap and have sex with Elain for a couple hundred years. The series kind of treats high lord/lady-ship as a Fun And Fancy Title (sorry, but does Rhys do any actual governing? Does Tamlin?) but it’s, realistically, a very demanding political position. This is all my HC, but I don’t think Lucien wants to be high lord of anything. It’s fucking hard. He’s basically been running the spring court anyway since Tamlin #lost it and he’s been having a terrible time. “Being crushed under the weight of ur trauma and having no real friends” does not put you into a “yeah i think i could rule a country” mindset.

(Of course, that probably won’t matter, in canon; it’ll be an arc of dealing with a position he didn’t ask for in a court he hasn’t lived in for hundreds of years. Which is interesting, story-wise, but I want my babies to be MAXIMUMLY HAPPY so it’s not what I want.)

But beyond what I want for Lucien, I LOOOOOVE the idea of Tatiana (that’s lucien’s mom’s name, in my mind) being emboldened by Feyre’s appointment as High Lady and raising hell to get the power/respect she fucking deserves after having to put up with Beron for xhundred years. And it also JUST MAKES SENSE; who would know the court/ how to rule it better than her? And she can remarry some hot young fae stud and have some heirs who aren’t evil or Lucien. It’s a good deal, and, in my mind, somewhat redemptive of how fucking nasty this series is in laying on the misogyny-for-drama. @ SJM LET WOMEN BE BADASSES WITHOUT NEEDING MEN TO ENABLE IT.

Also in that vein the thought of Elain just falling head over heels in love with the spring court and coming into her own there because that’s how much she adores it and its people makes me want to cry. My baby would be SO GOOD at politics, and could have such a great arc abt learning to be more badass and assertive without ever losing that sweetness and compassion. And think of Lucien teaching her all about the court and being sort of in awe of how passionate she is about it and how earnestly she tackles these things he’s come to be really bitter about??? And everyone in the spring court being skeptical of her because of her age and how she used to be a human, until they meet here and EVERYONE FALLS IN LOVE INSTANTLY bc it’s Elain, you can’t not. And Elain working really really hard to maintain the tradition and the weirdness and the wildness of the court while modernizing it? And Elain always being barefoot with flowers growing in her hair??? And Elain falling asleep on top of books and paperwork and Lucien has to scoop her up and put her to bed????? #elainforhighlady


It’s okay to take a break from the stress.

When stress is overwhelming you and you don’t see any way out, it’s okay to call a timeout and take a break. Even if it doesn’t feel like you are able to, I urge you to take some sort of break - even if it’s just for five minutes.

If you feel like you need more than five minutes, take as long as you need. Your health and sanity always come first, so whatever stresses you’re dealing with can just wait until you return. You’re doing your best, and that’s enough <3

Keep on shining!
♥ Courtney

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I just finished writing all your fics and I'm amazed! You're so good!!!! I love the way you write so much!! Do you have any idea when the Vigilante AU will first be posted? I'm sooo hyped about it :))) ily

ALL OF THEM?? Thank you so much!! ^.^ I’m so glad you like my writing!

The Vigilante AU might be a little while, I’m afraid – I’ve got a super busy weekend ahead of me and I need to rewrite most of the first chap D: D: Possibly Tuesday?? Sorry for the delay and I hope you like it!! <3 <3

Recommendations please!

Okay so I want to start running again, (i haven’t been running seriously since I was like 12, and even then it was a girls on the run club in the 6th grade and i wasn’t very good) so basically I’ve never been a serious runner, but I want to start!  

Does anyone have any recommendations for an app I could use to help get started? Obviously I know how to run but I just want to keep track and do it in a way that’s structured??? does that make sense??? 

okay, ready, set, go!

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I'm writing a story about an autistic superhero (something I personally have always wanted haha), but I'm very wary of the autism = non-human/powerful/magic/gifts/etc. thing, and I was wondering how to avoid that. There isn't much room for non-superhero characters, and the only one I currently have planned is going to be allistic, so I don't think I can also have a non-superhero autistic character. Is there any other way to avoid the trope/implication?? Thank you :)

My first thought was “make non-superhero autistic characters to show that autism != superpowers,” then I re-read your ask and I see you don’t have room for them. So my second thought is “make plenty of non-autistic superhero characters.” It sounds like that’s what you’re planning on doing, so you should be okay. As long as it isn’t “all superheroes are autistic and all non-superheroes are allistic”, I don’t see anything problematic.

-Mod Aira


Under the cut you’ll find roughly 101 gifs of my one of my favorites, Odette Annable from her role as Dr. Zoe Brockett in Pure Genius season 1 episode 1. Annable nee Yustman is an actress known for her roles as Trudy Cooper in the The Astronauts Wives Club, Joanna Clark in You Again, and mainly recognized in her role as Jessica Adams in House. Ethnically, she is of White(French & Italian) and Cuban descent, so please cast her accordingly. The gifs are all small/medium, textless, and as hq as I could get. There should be no repeats, any were completely accidental. I made all of these gifs so credit to me and please if you decide to steal them or edit them in some way, although I’d like to say don’t do it (but some of y’all won’t listen) at least please give me some sort of credit. Made for myself and @wndamaximoffs Please like or reblog if you plan on using. Thank you! 2/?

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Do you have any tips for storing and caring for Lolita wigs? Like those long, wavy twin tail wigs?

I keep my wigs stored in the nets and bags that they were shipped in. I know some Lolitas like to keep their wigs displayed on stands to store them but I prefer not to do that because if it’s curly the curls can loosen over time and they can collect dust. If you like the idea of keeping them out on wig stands to display they may need more upkeep than if you store them in bags. The best way to comb curly wigs is to just use your fingers so the curls don’t lose their shape and for wavy wigs you can use a wide-tooth comb, starting at the bottom and working your way up. Unless you wear them every day you probably won’t be washing them very often. Regular shampoo and conditioner can be used to wash them and then they should be pat with a towel and laid out to dry. You can use a wig stand to dry them but again, I don’t recommend this for curly wigs.