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I always thought it was extremely powerful that ATLA decided to portray a younger female (Azula) abusing an older boy (Zuko) and not have it be played for laughs. It’s portrayed to be just as horrific as it would be if it were the other way around. And I loved how Zuko was never mocked for being frightened of and traumatized by his little sister. Because boys—just like girls—can be victims, and girls—just like boys—can be abusers, and I love how this show decided to show that

There is so much that is wonderful and almost unheard of in Azula’s storyline. She is as you say a younger girl abusing her older brother. We don’t see a lot of acknowledged sibling abuse, much less sibling abuse of an older brother by a younger sister. We also almost never see acknowledged abuse within a friend group. When we see abuse in fiction, it tends to look pretty much the same, a husband abusing a wife, a parent abusing their child. When we see do see other kinds of abuse, it’s almost never acknowleged as abuse, or as really harmful by the narrative. Azula is a complete departure from this. She, a fourteen year old girl, is always acknowledged by the narrative as a credible abuser, who is capable of real harm, and Zuko, Mai, and Ty Lee are never shown as weak or somehow at fault for being her victims. They are allowed to be scared of her, to be traumatized and hurt by her, and when they do get away from her, this is shown as an act that takes real strength and bravery.

Fiction is a mirror of real life and when you never see your own experiences reflected in that mirror, it’s difficult to name them and see them for what they are. I remember when I was in high school, I told one of my teachers that my relationship with my abuser was like an abusive marriage. At the time, she was still stalking me, and I had only just moved to a new state and my nerves were raw, and the fear I had lived with for four years was refusing to go away. But though I could say that my experience was like being in an abusive marriage even then, it took me several more years to be able to name what had happened to me as actual abuse, not just like abuse. And it took me even longer to stop feeling like a fake victim because my abuser was younger than I was and another girl. If I had seen Avatar: the Last Airbender earlier, that process might have been much easier.

Kiss Me (One Shot)

Pairing: You x Taehyung

Request: Could you do a 7 minutes in heaven game w/ best friend taehyung who has feelings for you? Like you go in the closet with someone else and he gets angry, then he gets in the closet with you? Maybe a lil smutty and angsty? Sorry if this doesn’t make sense aha

Warning: fingering, smut, angst, jealousy

Words: 1782

A/N: Hey guys! I have more requests of scenarios to write but I started with this one cuz idk, i felt more inspired. But don’t worry! The other ones will come out! For now, I hope you’ll like it!

Also, i wanted to put a gif and a picture, but idk why Tumblr doesn’t let me, so sorry about that.

It was like a normal Friday night: you decided to stay at your best friend’s, Sasha. Both of you had a rough week since the exams started so she thought it would have been a good idea organizing a girl night with some popcorn and good movies.

But the night wasn’t going as planned; your best friend just had a big fight with her boyfriend, Hoseok, so she wasn’t really in the mood.

“Sooo… what do you want to watch? Sex and the City?” You asked.

“You know what makes me more angry?! The fact that I’ve been here for him at anytime! And he doesn’t even care about that! It’s like ugh! I hate him!” She screamed.

“Okay… So you don’t want to watch it?”

Sasha sighed. “I’m sorry Y/N, I know it’s not what we had planned for tonight…”

“Hey, don’t worry. You just need to distract yourself from Hoseok…”

And like the Universe had heard you, you received a text.

“Hey you, wanna join me at a party? I’m bored.”

TaeTae has sent you a picture.

“… aaand I tink I know what we can do.”

You showed your best friend the message and she threw you that glare that says “Oh hell no”.

“COME OOON!” You pleaded.

“Okay… But if Hoseok shows up I’ll leave.”

And half an hour after, you showed up to one of your friend’s house. It was like the typical high school party. In the garden there were people making out and throwing up. There was music from the living room that was on a loud volume and even sounds of glass breaking.

You entered the house looking for your other best friend, Tae.

“Oh god this was a bad idea…” Sasha said.

“I know, but…

“Y/N!” A brown haired boy jumped on you, almost making you fall.

“Jesus, Tae!” You laughed.

“I’m so glad you came, this was pretty lame.” He said with a smile.

“Uhm… I think I saw Emily in the kitchen, I’m going to say hi! Have fun!” Sasha kissed your cheek and Taehyungs before looking at him weirdly.

“Okay…” You said watching her leaving. “So, what are we doing?”

“I don’t know, I was in the living room talking with the boys, but they all have a girl for tonight, so I’m all alone…”

“Oh, and that’s why you invited me?” You crocked your eyebrow.

His face froze for a moment. “N-no! Not at all!”

You laughed. “Chill, I was joking!”

“Oh, sorry…” You knew he was kinda embarrassed of what he said, but you knew that Tae wasn’t good with words, so you didn’t bothered.

“And are we going to stay here all night?” You asked, smiling and looking around the room full of people.

“Come with me!” Taehyung took your hand and guided you to the living room, where his group of friends was sitting.

“Hey, Y/N!” Hoseok raised his hand. “Uhm… Is Sasha here too?”

“Yeah, she’s in the kitchen.” You told him.

“I’ll be right back.”

You sighed and took his place on the couch, between Tae and Jungkook, who put his arms around your shoulders.

You looked around and saw that Yoongi had his around another girl waist, as Namjoon were murmuring thing to another one and Jin was making his girl laugh.

“Boys, now that we have enough people, what about playing a little game?” Asked Jungkook, looking at you. “What about… 7 Minutes In Heaven?”

The boys all smirked, except Tae, who had a panicked look on his face. “I-I don’t think Y/N wants to play…”

“Hey relax man, she can decide for her own.” Jin laughed.


“Tae, relax, I’ll be fine!” You rubbed his right arm in a reassuring way.

“If you say so…”

You all sat on the floor, an empty bottle of beer between you.

“Okay, let’s start!” Namjoon rubbed his hands together with a smirk.

He turned the bottle once and for his luck, it landed on the girl who he was hitting on all night.

“This is going to be fun…” She said as she got up.

The two of them went to the small closet and locked them inside for seven minutes.

After the timer went off, Jungkook, Jin and two other girls opened the door and a happy Namjoon and a messy haired blond girl came out, cheared by the boys.

Taehyung was still on the floor, looking at you as you laughed and clapped your hands at the scene. He was silent, but smiling.

“So who’s next?!” He screamed.

“Me!” Jungkook sat right in front of you and started spinning the bottle.

And the only thing you saw was Taehyung’s smile desapearing as the bottle landed on you.

Your heart stopped almost inmediatly.

Jungkook was really handsome. You’ve always liked is big brown eyes and his bunny smile, but you knew he wasn’t good with girls. Not in the way that he can’t talk to them because he’s shy. He wasn’t good in the way that he slept with them once and then leaves them and acts like he doesn’t know them.

So you weren’t very glad when he locked both of you in the closet.

When he heard the click of the door, he turned around a attacked your lips. You moaned in shock, opening your eyes wide open.

“What?” He asked.

“U-uhm… Nothing…”

“You don’t want this?” He asked again, this time attacking your neck with small kisses.

You would have been lying if you said that you weren’t affected at all by his actions. His lips were on your sweet spot, right between your jaw and your collarbone. But you knew it was a bad idea. You wanted to stop, but you didn’t know how.

“Jungkook, open the door!” You heard someone knocking the door with a brutal strength.

“I’m occupied!” He screamed back.

“I don’t care!”

And with that, an angry Taehyung opened the door, took Jungkook by the shirt and pushed him out of the closet.

“What is wrong with you?!” Were the last words you heard from Jungkook before Tae closed the door.


He was heavy breathing and he could smell the alcohol in his breath.

“When did you drink?” You asked.

“Right now. I needed some courage.”

“For what?” You were confused.

“For entering here and beat my friend’s ass before he kisses you.” He explained.

You looked down the floor, blushing.

“Don’t tell me I’m too late.” He looked at you more angrily. “Y/N, you’ve been here for what? 40 seconds?!”

“Tae, I didn’t start anything, he kissed me…”

You tried apologizing, but you didn’t know why. It’s not like you were forbidden of kissing boys…

“FUCK!” He punched the wooden wall, almost breaking it.

“TAEHYUNG!” You screamed.

“Hey! Is everything okay in there?!” You heard Jin asking through the door.

“Uhm… Yes, don’t worry.” You answered.

“No, it is not okay!” Taehyung exploded. “How could you have kissed one of my best friends?!”

“I don’t know… It was just a game…”

“And what? Did you have fun?”

You didn’t know what to say, seeing him like this was scaring you a little bit. He usually was so calm and now he looked like he could punch someone until sending them to the hospital.

“So?” He asked again.

“No…” You said, ashamed of yourself.

You were feeling bad, really bad. You knew that making out with Kook wasn’t a good idea but you weren’t feeling bad for that, you were feeling bad for Taehyung. It felt like you just had broken his heart.

“Tae… What’s going on?” You approached him.

“Don’t touch me.” He spat.

“Then talk to me please…”

He looked down the floor, angst replaced by sadness.

“I know this may ruin our friendship but I-I can’t stand seeing you with other boys… I-I think I like you… More than I should…”

“Oh my god, Taehyung…”

“I know, you don’t have to answer… I should go. I’m sorry for causing you any type of trouble.”

“No, wait, don’t go.” You stopped him.

“Why not?”

“Kiss me.”

These two words fell out of your mouth before you could even think about it, and when he turned around, you could see that he was as shook as you.


“Kiss me.” You repeated with a trembling voice.

And without hesitating, he pressed his lips with yours, pushing you against the wall of the closet at the same time.

You ran your hands through his hair, pulling it.

He moaned at your action and that beautiful sound turned you on in no time. His hands were everywhere. In your hair. Touching your face. Your neck. Your back. Your waist.

You were both needing this. Needing each other.

He lowered his hands to your shirt, which he took off with a smooth movement. He also unbuttoned your jeans, but he didn’t lower them. Instead, he slid his long fingers between your folds, playing with your clit.

“Did I make you so wet?” He smirked.

“Yes.” You moaned.

“Good.” And with that, he introduced two fingers at once. You already felt like your knees wouldn’t hold that long, so you grabbed him by the shoulders. “You like that, baby?”

“Oh god… Yes!”

He approached his lips to your ear and started nibbling your lobe, still moving his fingers in and out of you slowly, making sure you were enjoying every move.

“What about I let you finish yourself here with my fingers, and then I take you back home with me…?” He asked.

“Yes, please… god, it’s so good…” You were a moaning mess for him. Only him.

“Moan for me…” He said accelerating the pace of his fingers.

And so you did.  

“F-fuck I’m s-so close, Tae. OH MY GOD!” He entered a third finger easily and you couldn’t help but clench all over his fingers.

“Mmhhh… Are you coming for me, kitten?” He set aside the strands of hair out of your face. “Come on… Be a good girl…”

He started rubbing your clit with his thumb.

“Fffuuuck!” You moaned as you felt your knees weaken.

He helped you rocking out your high with a few more movements of his fingers and you felt like almost crying.

When you regained your breath, you placed a small peck on his lips, but he took you by the back of your neck, intensifying the kiss.

“You don’t know how bad I’ve wanted to do this…” He confessed.

“And you’re about to do more later…” You giggled.

He smirked and kissed you again. It was passionate. Full of love.

It was all you needed

Brass & Strings [1]

Episode 1
Words: 4.2k
Genre: Fluff, Humour (?), Slice of Life, Music!Au, College!Au
Summary: Have you ever wondered what happens to the mean girl after high school? Where do they go, where do they end up? More importantly, what happens when they get mixed up with the classic nerd that’s always too nervous to answer ‘no’? Things become a lot more complicated when Kim Namjoon encounters you. They dub you as 'bat-shit insane’ and you’re not ashamed.


“I love you.”

You bring up your hand, smashing your palm against his cheek. A ‘cracking’ sound like lightning reverberates down the street and even in the rush hour, all those who are passing by freezes. The man stumbles back in a pure and unadulterated shock, the red marks of your fingers entrenched in his cheek.

“Don’t ever say that again.”

With an exhausted huff and an exaggerated roll of your eyes, you spin on your heels while sliding your sunglasses on. Your hair whips away from your shoulders, fluttering in the wind and you bask in the attention. People are staring at you as usual, probably admiring your wholesome beauty and goddess-like aura. You can’t really blame them for idolizing you.

You really are perfect.

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OKAY for something more specific...fav trixie moments from unhhhh??

i’m FINALLY ready to answer this (amendment, 2 hours later: i wasn’t ready to answer this)

- the entirety of Worst Hookup duh
- the artistry
- her impression of katya yelling at her
- their entire Fantasia argument
- scaring katya in the candyman thing
- just like any 27 year old crossdresser fading reality star, i sleep like this
- all of thanxgiving obviously do i even have to link it. i bet you already have it open in another tab, LOSER
- look at her slow side smirk here. look at it. it was my sidebar for months for a reason
“manicure school at the Shire” one of trixie’s most underrated jokes IMO. like i never see it in “best of” compilations but it’s one of my favorite goddamn things she’s ever said
- high school both part 1 and 2. i don’t even know what to to write to rationalize this. her look, her anecdotes, her escalating terror at katya’s?? it’s all very chef finger kiss
- the string of expressions she makes in these 5 seconds... this is by far my stupidest entry but. her relatively light/nude lipstick and cheeks here make it weirdly easy to imagine her boy face underneath and i’ve thought about it for too long to not include it here. also 30 seconds later, DON’T TOUCH MY GUN
- i said this in my last post already but her asmr review of her Authentic ‘90s McDonald’s Barbies
- every time she does her southern lady church voice. i cant link them all here because i value my health
- all of Crying because DUH

THERE!! thank you for asking! i’m gonna go lie down

TC Imagine: Request

Yes, that is right, I’m back with yet another one. This one was requested by @here-for-scroll and while it’s a pretty common plot, I figured I’d do it anyway, why the hell not? Hope y’all like it, and you can always request an imagine of your own by messaging me or submitting an ask!


You’d fucked up. There was no other way to put it. You had thoroughly and truly fucked up. Getting drunk at a club on a Friday night and not thinking ahead to how you were going to get home was pretty much the ultimate fuck up. 

You weren’t usually like this. You thought things through. You planned ahead. You never drank, let alone did it with a fake ID in the middle of town. But you’d thought, what the hell? Everything sucked, why not make it suck even more?

Now…now you were hitchhiking. There was some part of brain screaming at you that this was the worst idea you’d had all night, but you weren’t listening to that part of your brain. You hadn’t been for at least three hours. Why start now?

It had started when you’d gone to the Coffee Bean to study. Yes, this horrible, terrible, no good, very bad night had started with the intention to study. And you’d seen him on the way there.

He was with a couple of the other teachers; must’ve been getting an after work drink or dinner or something. Didn’t really matter. What mattered was that he didn’t even notice you. Ever. You noticed him all the time, but he never gave you so much as a second glance. And you were fucking over it. 

So instead of turning on Plum Street and walking to the Bean, you’d turned on Peach and gone to the bar your older brother always talked about. You’d used your fake ID (you only had it so you could vote, right?) and spent way too much money that you didn’t even have on alcohol you really didn’t need.

And here you were. Drunk out of your mind, all because he didn’t look at you.

Another car was coming up the hill, and you stuck your thumb out, somehow still believing that you’d find a ride that wasn’t a serial killer. Surprisingly, the car slowed, and pulled over, rolling the passenger side window down.


You couldn’t see into the car, but if they knew you, they would take you back home, right? If they knew your name, you must be in safe hands. You didn’t even say a word as you opened the door and clambered into this car. 

“What the hell are you doing out here? Hitchhiking? Are you kidding me?”

It was so dark, you couldn’t see…who the fuck cared if you were getting rides from strangers? “I didn’t have a ride, asshole, what else am I supposed to do?”

He–you could tell that it was a he now–scoffed. “God, you’re completely plastered, aren’t you? Do you even know who you’re talking to?”

You didn’t say anything. His voice was so familiar, now that you thought about it…

“It’s Mr. (TC/N). You know, your teacher. From high school. And last I checked, high school students are definitely not old enough to be drinking.”

Oh. God. It was…This was…You were in…WHY HIM??? OF ALL PEOPLE? You wanted to sink through the floor and let the world swallow you whole. Why did it have to be him seeing you like this? You stayed silent again, the embarrassment and shock taking hold of your body and freezing you in place.

Another scoff from him. “Where is your house?”

You shook your head wildly before he’d even finished. “I cannot go home right now, teach, I would be so, so grounded until I freaking died.”

This time, he sighed. Heavily. “Well…if I take you back to my house, will you promise not to tell a single living soul, ever? Just to crash and then take you back in the morning?”

Your mouth dropped open. Was this–had you died and gone to heaven? Sleeping at Mr. (TC/N)’s house? A dream come true. “Yes, sir. Not a single, eensy peensy word to anyone, ever.”

The drive to his place went so fast; it felt like he was driving a thousand miles per hour, but that might’ve just been the alcohol turning 35 mph into 80. And its so warm in this car, in his car…

Before you could even think about falling asleep, he’s pulling into a driveway, getting out, and coming around to your side of the car to pull you out. You giggle drunkenly, whispering, “Wow, Mr. (TC/N), you’re so forceful, I love it, where’s this authority when you’re teaching?”

He rolls his eyes, although he’s fighting a smile on his lips. “Miss (Y/LN), that’s hardly an appropriate thing to say to your teacher.”

“Pfft, and it’s appropriate to be having your student, your drunky drunk student, spending the night in your home?”

He just laughs at that, and leads you to the front door. You like the feeling of his hands on your arms, firm and steadying. Somehow, you’re in his room now; there’s a bed! Oh, a bed, a soft, lovely, bed calling your name…You collapse on it, and you feel your shoes being removed. The duvet is moving under you, isn’t it? Or…no, he’s pulling it, so you can get under it. Pfft, you could’ve done that yourself. But once you slide underneath and feel that warm soft pillow hit your head, you can’t even think about him tucking you in. You’re too busy passing out.

When you wake up, the first thing you notice is the horrible, terrible, no good, very bad throbbing in your head. The second thing you notice is a very dark room with a soft light in the corner, illuminating a scribbling hand at a desk. That’s a straight up man, and you’re straight up in his room, right? Because this isn’t your room, and if it’s not your room, it has to be his. You check for your clothes, and sigh with relief that you’re still wearing them. So you didn’t smash. That’s good.

You move to sit up and the ache in your head screams in resistance. You groan and rub your eyes; why would anyone ever want to drink anything, ever, in their entire life?

The man turns around at the sound of movement, and you look up at him with wide, disbelieving eyes. That’s Mr (TC/N). That’s your teacher. The one you’re sort of casually in love with. What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On. He smiles gently at you. “Welcome back to the land of the living. Given how much sense you weren’t making last night, I’m gonna guess that you’re pretty confused about where you are right now?”

You nod slowly. He shakes his head knowingly. “And based on the look on your face, you’ve never had a hangover before, right?” Another slow nod from you.

He gets up and leaves the room. You barely even have time to question it in your just woke up haze before he’s back with a glass of water and a couple of painkillers. “Trust me, things will be bearable again if you take these.”

You cautiously take them from his hands, sit up, and swallow them with a few sips of water. Even just the feeling of the water in your mouth is like heaven, and you take a few more gulps as he moves back to sit at his desk. You realize now that he’s grading. God, this is fucked up. You’re in your hottest teacher’s bed, watching him grade your papers, while he takes care of you after a shitty night out? This is a whole new level of fucked.

You sit there, sipping your water and not fully grasping anything, until your glass is empty and your head feels like you might be able to move again. You stand up, expecting him to say something, but he says nothing. I mean, is this not your version of heaven? You’re in the home of the man you’re in love with, and he’s sitting a few feet away. He’s practically begging you to do something, right?

You tiptoe over to him, sitting on the corner of his desk, and set your glass down on top of the paper he’s reading. He pauses, almost like he’s waiting for you to move it, but when you don’t, he sets his pen down and leans back, looking at you. He’s got yet another smile on his face. “There’s the (Y/N) I remember. Not the drunk mess I saw last night.”

You pout playfully at his words. “The (Y/N) you remember is the one who likes to annoy you in class, right? I’m sure I was perfectly capable of annoying you last night.”

He crosses his arms. “You know, you really can’t be doing shit like that. My being your teacher aside, that was really dangerous of you to do. I mean, getting drunk? Hitchhiking? You’re smarter than that.”

You mess with the hem of your shirt. “What about spending the night with my teacher? Am I smarter than that?” You look up at him. He holds your eye contact, and neither of you knows what to do next.

He rolls his chair closer to you, just closing the distance by a few inches, and you notice that his knees are on either side of your leg. “(Y/N), don’t play games with me. I was just–” He cuts himself off with a sigh. “I was just doing my duty as a teacher.”

You roll your eyes, nudging his knee with yours. “Yeah, right. You would’ve taken me back to my house, not here to yours. You can’t fool me. I’m smarter than that, remember?” He laughs a bit, not meeting your eyes and murmuring, “Yeah, you are smarter than that.”

Neither of you says anything, but you notice his hands fidgeting in his lap. He’s nervous? You grab his hands to keep them from their mindless movements, pulling one away from the other. You don’t let go, and neither does he. You play with his fingers, opening his hand and tracing things into his palm. Wait, now you’re nervous.

You glance up at him, oh so quickly, and notice that he’s watching you. Almost like he’s waiting. You bring his hand to your mouth, not even thinking about anything but the feel of him as you kiss his palm. You gaze at him now, unabashedly lost in him as you bring his thumb up and close your lips around the tip of it, sucking ever so lightly. He’s lost in you, too. You can see it in his eyes, and the way his mouth is open and his breath is shallower.

Your spell is broken when your phone rings next to his bed. You both snap apart, and you stand and rush to the nightstand. A text from your mom. She’s worried sick. You sigh, and it’s like he already knows. He’s standing up, grabbing his keys. The moment is gone. He breathes out a heavy, “Well, we ought to get you home, huh?” And all you can do is agree and follow him out.

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I'm another anon. I try to reply to other' simblrs stories, to talk to them, but they don't answer me or they stop to do it. It's awful, so now I always think I'm bothering someone and I'm discouraged to send messages and even asks :(

I feel your pain! To be honest, Simblr can feel like a huge popularity contest. I remember reaching out to a bigger Simblr active on here and leaving comments on all their pics and asking questions about their characters and getting no response whatsoever from this Simblr. When my Simblr grew and my stories started to become more popular? Lo and behold, that same Simblr started acknowledging me. It sucks but that’s how life is, some people never leave high school.

What keeps me going are the people who do respond, the people who do appreciate my comments and answer my Asks and make this community a fun and engaging place to be. I’ve learned a lot from people on here ( just today I got a valuable life lesson from a Simblr I deeply admire) and those are the people who should keep you encouraged, okay? Never feel like a bother because you’re trying to be friendly. Even if it’s only a handful of people who respond to you and appreciate your feedback, they are the ones who matter. And you can always reach out to me, on and off Anon :)

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I figure it's on a backburner now, but I went to one of your livestreams waaaaay long ago and you sang part of a song you'd written for like this opera? of Persephone and Hades, and it was SO GOOD and your voice was SO GOOOOD! And I just wanted you to know I remembered it and that it was really good. All your stuff is incredible! I just like all your art whatever the medium.


So I’m kickstarting my illustrated Hades and Persephone story in 2018 and one of the stretch goals/rewards will unlock some of my demos for that old Hades and Persephone musical!  I wrote it like, in high school and toyed around with it while I was in college, so I thought anyone who liked backing the book might also like the music.

Originally posted by thirdchildart

I’m so happy you like the livestreams!  When I finish the trailer and go back to making my own projects, I’ll do more of those again!

Insecure richie things

@thescaryflower this is kind of what you asked but I’ll do what you actually wanted when I answer your ask 💕

Insecure Richie (some light bichie)

-in 8th grade Richie starts getting shit from teachers.

-he is almost constantly talking (but still maintaining As and Bs) and his teachers start calling him out “What Richie? You need to get attention here because you don’t get it at home?” (Something my actual math teacher has told me)

-at first it doesn’t phase him. He’ll respond with a snarky comment like “no ma’am I just like the extra attention”

-but by sophomore year in high school it starts to wear him down. He doesn’t talk in class anymore even when there is a class discussion and there are things he wants to say

-his teachers are so thankful to finally not have him talking that they ignore the way Richie slouches in his chair and picks at his nails

-the Losers start to notice.

-it was Stan first. They were in Stans room and where Richie would usually be attempting (but failing) to read the Torah, he’s sitting on the bed completely silent. Stan doesn’t say anything but starts to notice the way he acts even outside of the classroom

-then it was Bill. They were, again, at bill’s house. Georgie had come in and tried to talk to Richie “richie Richie! Do you wanna see the new legos I got today?”

-“no I’m ok buddy” now, this response was very unusual for the Trashmouth.

-usually he would jump up and pull Georgie to his room excitedly about seeing whatever new toy he got

-Bill saw how Richies shoulders deflated as Georgie walked out of the room. He could tell Richie wanted to follow but stayed still.

-the It was Eddie. This one was more obvious and and Eddie kicked himself for not noticing sooner.

-where the were sex jokes about his mom, Richie was silent even when Eddie set him up for some easy ones

-“damn this morning I woke up with the worst back ache” he expected richie to respond with some stupid shit like “your mom has worse than a back ache after I was done with her”

-“you should probably go to a chiropractor then Eddie” not even a lame nickname

-then it was mike and Ben. They were at the farm and usually richie would be doing stupid silly voices at the baby animals while he followed mike.

-he just looked at them, not even a smile.

-the boys kept silent about this even though they were worried

-Beverly took notice soon after when her and Richie were sharing a cigarette.

-usually richie would be talking her ear off about lord knows what

-she could tell something was up when her neighbor, a very attractive woman in her 20s, and Richie just looked away and took a longer drag than usual.

-“Hey she’s looking really hot today, do you think she just came back from yoga or something?” She tried.


-the next day at school they were all eating lunch together when mike spoke up.

-“richie. Man what’s going on? You’ve been acting really different lately…”

-Richie looked up form his lunch and frowned “I have no clue what you’re talking about Mikey.”

-“bullshit Richard. What is wrong”

-“nonya Edward.”

-“seriously rich what’s going on”

-“nothing bev. Don’t fucking worry about it” He was getting mad.

-“they’re not wrong richie. What’s gotten into you”

-Richie glared at stan after he spoke.

-he got up angrily, tossed the rest of his food into the trash and stormed away

-they all looked at each other confused before bill was running after him.

-Richie had gone to a seat outside

-Bill easily found him and sat next to him silently.

-Richie looked at him confused “what’s up bill?”

-“I-I know y-you don’t wanna hear it b…but” he was getting frustrated with his stutter

-“take your time man you’re all good”

-Bill took a breath “but th-theyre not wrong. Y-you’ve been ac-acting really str-strange lately and were all worried”

-Richie didn’t meet his eye “just figured everyone would be happier if the Trashmouth shut up…” tears pooled in his eyes

-Bill immediately hugged him tightly “get th-that bu-bullshit out of your head r-Richie.”

-Richie didn’t know what to do. So. He hugged back and let the tears fall

-Bill held him tighter not letting go.

-when they came back they were holding hands (Richie needed some sort of grounding)

-the others looked at the two and smiled

-Richie sat down and looked around at his best friends. “Sorry about these past couple of months.”

-Beverly shook her head “no worries loser. Just don’t fucking scare us like that”

-he laughed and looked at Eddie

-“tell your mom that I’ll be by later to have some hard core make up sex”

-everyone groaned but smiled.

-they had their Trashmouth back

anonymous asked:

this isnt a NTAM, but i need some advise. my little brother is about to turn 14 and enter high school and i want to make sure he grows up to be a good man but high school is a cesspool of porn and rape culture. i try talking to him about feminism and all, but i'm moving away next year and i want to make sure he stays on the right track. what should i do?

You can’t make someone stay on the track you want them to. All you can do is provide him with information, like you already are, and resources. Is he receptive to when you talk about feminism? If so, there are several works you could recommend. Here are some:

  • The Macho Paradox: Why Some Men Hurt Women and How All Men Can Help by Jackson Katz
  • The Guy’s Guide to Feminism by Michael Kaufman and Michael Kimmel
  • We Should All Be Feminists by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

There are several books, articles, and websites that touch on the issues of porn and the effects of rape culture. Here are some of those:

Some other miscellaneous videos that you may be interested in:

  • Miss Representation
  • Killing Us Soflty
  • Tough Guise
  • Be A Man
  • The Mask You Live In

If you don’t think he would use these, you could try continuing to talk to him for some time and see how it goes. Are your parents helping with this? More support will make it easier. 

What other suggestions do our followers have?

✓ ID #41999

Name: Kirsten
Age: 18
Country: USA

I’ve just graduated high school and I started university this past August. However due to some mental health issues I’ve moved back home and am not doing much. I would love to talk to someone who has gone through/is going through similar struggles. Also, I love books, especially YA fantasy authors like Sarah Maas or Leigh Bardugo. I also adore Taylor Swift, watching any movie, drawing, playing around with photoshop, and driving around without a destination. I’m pretty sarcastic and self deprecating, and I make plenty of punny jokes. (what do you call it when you take a cat to mass? cat-olicism [I’m so lame oh my god pls be my friend])

Preferences: I prefer someone to be around 16-20. I also think snail mail would be super cool, but if that doesn’t work for someone I’m willing to use email or something else.

the adult learner/non-traditional student advisory board sent me an email asking me to give feedback abt my experiences but this is literally the first time all semester i’ve heard from them. everyone who contacted me when i was enrolling needed me to remind them 10 times every conversation i wasn’t in high school. i didn’t even know the university was aware i was a non-traditional student other than having my information that explicitly says i am.

so like… i had a great experience this semester but @ this particular “advisory board” yall had all opportunity to contact me while i was working my ass off and paying bills and etc while going to school… how do i give feedback about you instead of the university

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Ok i truly wonder how harry (like harry now) would’ve dressed in high school, like he dresses like the average white boy on public but onstage he be fucking it up with them Hucci outfits


Story time

Since this is my 5th aka last school year (known as senior year I guess?? Usually american high schools don’t last as italian ones) I’ll have to do a final exam and taking a topic which I’ll talk about for 10-15 minutes

I did choose animation, and instead going with our old pal Disney like 90% of people is doing, I decided to bring it with political stuff, its mechanic and when you can see examples of it in past (even behind 1900, at 
Impressionism‘s age with photography sequences)

I know how to bring it with history, art’s history, maybe physics with light, and maybe English (maybe with Loving Vincent I LOVE THAT FILM)
also I would like to bring it with Graphic arts and Phylosophy too 
I wondered how to bring it with Italian literature today, so I asked to my teacher some stuff
and she told me that I am totally free to do this topic’s scheme however I want, she even suggested me to animate something for it 
and it’s not a bad idea?? I mean, I can bring it with interpretation of stories in animation, and this idea sounds tempting as much it’s masochistic. But I think I’ll go for that and gotta think how.

ALSO I hate the fact I gotta hide everything because I aim for a well worked original thing and the last time I told my ideas for a contest a classmate has literally copied me lmao.
I hope I can go out with a high grade because after all the stuff I’ve been through these 5 years I totally deserve it

So my brother is taking this hunting and boating license elective in high school, and he has this discussion post in which he has to answer how he would respond to the following scenario…

“You are a deer hunter pulling up to the hunting grounds during the proper season and there are protestors protesting the hunting and blocking the grounds with signs that say “Save the Deer.” How do you respond?

So the other students are saying stuff like, “Oh, I would just pack up and leave.” “I’d call the police and come back another day.”

But my brother, it’s the end of the semester and he’s just DONE. So he writes…

“I would inform the protestors that I am not a hunter, but am actually a part of PETA, and the rifle I brought is not to shoot the deer, but to go after the hunters.”

His teacher was apparently done too, because her only comment was “Good job, really insightful.” and gave him 10/10 on the assignment.

Everytime I see a new game that I like I’m like cool, I’m gonna get it when it comes out.

I never do.

But this is different… Monster Hunter World just brings back so many memories, it takes me back to my high school years when I used to play Monster Hunter on PS2. I had a part time job at Dunkin Donuts back then and I told my mom that I would pay for high speed internet just to play this game haha she let me do it of course. I played countless hours and had so much fun, getting on, knowing that I could find a group of people to play with was so exciting. 

Unfortunately the game came to an end, the servers shut down and I never played another Monster Hunter game, I was never a fan of handheld consoles so getting it for the Vita or Ds was not an option for me. I learned to accept the fact that I would never experience this game again on a home console. I tried playing similar games like White Knight Chronicles and Toukiden Kiwami but they never filled the hole that Monster Hunter left in my heart. 

All of this changed a few months ago though… when I saw the Monster Hunter World announcement I knew I had to have it. I knew the game had changed, I knew it had been around for more than 10 years so it would not be the same game I used to love but still, it was Monster Hunter and my heart knew it.
I was so happy that even though I have possibly the worst internet connection nowadays and I have to be really lucky to play online I still wanted to get it, because it’s MY game. 

A few days ago I downloaded the open beta (after about 7 hours) and when I played it I noticed that things had changed, but overall it was the same game I used to love, it was still Monster Hunter. I really liked the beta, I like how the game looks, how the environment looks, the new features, the faux open world, can’t really complain about it, after all, I’m lucky to be playing this again.

tl;dr I am so fucking getting this game.

carat culture #2

I aspire to reach improvising level: Pledis

like these dude mans low-key come up with some crack head bs reasoning and it sticks lol

we’re going bankrupt and can’t afford to hire more staff?  no problem! let’s just get these “self-producing” idols do all the work


oh all 17 members aren’t debuting? let’s just go with some crack head math make this work instead of geez idk CHANGING THE NAME MAYBE

biH they improvise like a high schooler being caught binging High School Musical

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hey this isnt witch related but youre the first person i thought of to ask. I think I may be being emotionally abused by my parents (particularly my father) but idk what to do about it. Im still in high school so its not like i can move or anything. if i bring it up it will do nothing at all, theyll get angry at me and probably scream at me all night. idk what to do or where to go. I dont want to bring it up to any school official bc theyll bring it up to my parents. Idk thanks for any help

God okay, I’m sorry I took so long to answer this but I don’t really know if I can even help you.

If you can get away with bringing it up to a school official and you know for certain they won’t tell your parents then do it. Other than that, if you have friends your age who support you, then please talk to them and get support from them. Having friends who you can sneakily do things with will probably save you from a lot.

Alternately, if you think your extended family will be more reasonable than your parents, try them.

Every situation is different so this is really vague, but until you can get out of the situation just lay low and make sure you have friends who you can escape to if you really need it.

Here’s a masterpost with a bunch of links that have calming things to do and also some crisis sites.

I remember graduating from college five years ago, so confused and terrified that I was never going to get a job (poli sci major)

I tried a few jobs that didn’t fit, they paid significantly more than what I do now but they just didn’t feel right. It felt like a chore, I was just passing my time till 5 pm so I could go home.

I remember I was in between jobs when my sister told me to start substituting to earn extra money while I was looking for jobs.

It was the best decision I’ve made in my entire life. I tried middle school, high school and elementary, and then for some reason I tried special ed.

I don’t know what made me take a sub job as a special ed teacher, I had zero experience and I was never a kid person growing up, EVER.

It felt like coming home, one day in that clasroom and I knew I wouldn’t want to do anything ever again. Special ed is where I’m supposed to be.

I forget this sometimes when I look at my paycheck and think about all the other things I could be doing, or making more money, or being more comfortable than I am. I know I bitch and complain about having hard days and the kids diving me crazy and counting down to my vacations and just being worn out.

But I would rather be worn down and exhausted as a special ed teacher than be doing anything else.

I am so grateful that I found where I was supposed to be and it has never felt wrong, or like it didn’t fit. A lot of people spend so long never finding a calling or a place, and I found mine fairly early in life and I am so thankful and happy that I did.

ultrawhizbang  asked:

When you're writing a lead character that you didn't create, do you tend to have a strong sense of things like what movies they like, what books they read, hobbies that aren't plot-related? Always sort of wondered how detailed your vision is of these guys when it comes to things that aren't made explicit in the finished work.

I need, at least, to have a good enough sense of who the character is so that if I need to mention movies or books, I’ll be able to do so in a way that seems fitting and character-revealing. But I don’t make lists beforehand.

I used to, back in high school, when I was creating characters. But these days it’s more about knowing who the character is, knowing their background and motivations, so that when I need surface details, I can build them from the inside out, rather than picking things at random.

martial-minimalist  asked:

11, 12, 13

11. How many pairs of shoes do you own?

Hell if I know

12. What was your last dream about?

Me and Snake Bae were having….Fun

13. What talents do you have?

I do have a strange talent that I won’t say that only I can do that everyone in High School knows I can do since I used to do it at parties. But even I have to admit its REALLY FUCKIN GROSS and I don’t like showing it, also it hurts really bad after a while.