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“Barça has been a dream for me, since I was a kid. I am very happy to be here and I am willing to be on the pitch and play"

[Fic] Dworin Week Day 1: A gift

Series: The Hobbit
Prompt: SecretsCharacters: Dwalin, Thorin Oakenshield
Pairing: Dworin
Rating: G
Length: 1,873 words
Summary: Dwalin is the worst at keeping secrets.
Warnings: Fluff! Cuteness. Gifts. Sleepy Thorin. <3
Notes:  Something quick and fluffy to start off this week (since I kinda ran out of ideas for this prompt. whoops)! Hope you like it.

Read here under the read more or on AO3!

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The Pet Goldfish - Chapter 7

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hey, look idk could you just like let me know if you still want to be tagged or if i tagged you wrong? because ive got no fucking idea what the hell im doing anymore. is anyone even still reading this? like theres so many amazing new stories out right now. idk. do tags even work?

Music is magical to her. There’s a fire that lies within every song, from quiet single flames to the roar of wildfire tearing through a forest, there is truly something miraculous tied and tangled within every beat. It fills her up, it lets her free, and she flies through the air. But it’s only the very few, truly special songs that empower her to travel far away.

And so Rae did. She found a Radiohead CD and shoved it in the player, stuck her hands out in the air and she took off into the air, the house she once was trapped in was so far gone she wouldn’t even be able to remember the colour of the walls had she tried. With her eyes closed she can’t feel the carpet, she can’t feel his touch, she doesn’t hurt from the bruises. She is secluded and free all at the same time. Isolated yet connected to the only thing that could ever matter to her. She doesn’t smell last night’s dinner she smells freshly cut grass and the slightest bit of Finn’s cologne from that day in the park.

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Is getting to the point of asking to have Ambrose and Breeze make tags for each other so I can blacklist it. It was cool the first time but now it's repetitive and bothersome. I'm not the only person who wants to say something about it.

As the person who plays Breeze all I can say is we are playing to the story line we are currently playing. I think it’s unfair to ask two members to tag/blacklist their conversations. I know some people here don’t want to see other peoples posts but they don’t blackmail it. I’m sorry you find it bothersome, but we currently have a story line going. We’re not hurting anyone by interacting. There are plenty of posts here people find “repetitive” but they haven’t been asked to be tagged.

Edit: Breeze and Jon haven’t even argued today, they actually talked nicely, so I’m confused.

Would you all believe me if I say that the ‘’s /n/ k sm/ ut voi/ ces’’-blog is following me

Going to redo scarlet completely.

Sorry but I can’t stand the way she is now.

This means all my muses stories will change. I’m sorry I just can’t anymore. I’ll still rp with mcl scarlet which is what I’ve done today. I’ll only be rping with the twins for now.

it’s 2:40am and i’m in a really bad fuckin mindset and I’ve only been listening to rasputin and kiss me thru the phone for the past hour and a half. 

like if u read!!!!

so anyway im stuck in this loophole where im very mentally ill and cant do anything due to anxiety/depression/bpd (which leads to -10000 motivation to do anything) and my mum is treating it as if im acting like a baby and im making excuses so i get out of caring for her/doing chores. she is disabled and has been my entire life, and my dad doesn’t live with us, so shes kinda dependent on me. the only thing thats gonna help me help her is me getting on meds, but idk how to ask her without 1. her saying im being a baby. 2. her coming to get them with me as im a child and can’t legally do it on my own 3. her putting it off until it cant happen anymore because she doesn’t feel up to it because im not caring for her enough. i dont really know what to do

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I don't know what to do anymore I can't wait for the next instalment of your kink series to come out because there's none left and iM CRYING~~~

I knoww/// I feel so abnormal not writing any more to the kink series?? rip at least there’ll be a new series + more smut to look forward to soon

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Hi... Can you do S. Coups 8 & 9 please? Thanks very muuuch :)


8. “You just walked away.” +  9. “You don’t even know why.”

Word count: 774

//talked bout being carried away and lost while writing lmao. i wrote the intro part in the morning and procrastinate until midnight. original idea was making it angsty but tonight im not as angsty anymore lmao mood swings eerhh. anyway thanks for requesting!! ily here u go, i hope u enjoy//

“What are you doing here?” was the first thing she asked him when she saw him sitting outside of her attic room. “Wait, how did you find me?” she asked again, furrowing her eyebrows.

“You don’t need to know,” he brushed her off, gripping her arm with his hand.

“You have to tell me, so that I won’t beat up the wrong person,” she jokingly threatened, taking a seat beside him.

“So, there are a few people you told about this but you didn’t tell me?” he retorted, trying his best not to sound too demanding or upset.

“Look, what do you want from me?” she asked back, sighing as if she knew why he was there and what he had heard before coming down there.

“Why are you here instead of the dorm? Why aren’t you coming to practices?” he demanded, sounding more serious as he went through the questions.

“And, this is why I don’t want to tell you,” she sighed, rubbing her temple and her neck.

“What happened to you? Are you quitting? Why? Is it because the trainer said you’re not improving?” he continuously asked, bombarding her with questions. “I thought you said that singing was your dream. But, you just walked away, like it was nothing,” he accused, disappointed in her decision.

“It still is,” she argued. “Why are you talking like I’m abandoning everything?” she countered, standing up and looking down to him.

“Because you are,” he insisted, looking up, finding her disappointed gaze. “You know how tough the company can be. If you’re out now, they won’t take you back. If you start anew with another company, it’ll take years,” he sighed, trying to reason, trying to convince her.

“Stop reminding me these things! I know it damn well, okay?” she yelled in frustration, rubbing her face, running her hand through her hair. “I have my own reasons. You can go back to the company and tell them I’m not coming back even if they sent you here to make me,” she continued, refusing to face him, she turned her back.

“You think I’m doing this because they asked me to? You think I’m the company’s puppet or something?” he chided as he took a deep breath and stood up. “You seriously don’t know anything. I did this because I care about you. You don’t even know why I’m doing this,” he surmised, frustrated as he turned her body back to face him.

“If you care about me, you wouldn’t stop me,” she uttered quietly before sighing. “Yes, my dream is to sing. But it doesn’t have to be on a huge stage as a huge idol star. I can sing in the streets and be just as happy,” she explained, cracking a small smile when she mentioned the word happy. He looked at her in absolute confusion, his two hands were still resting on her shoulders.

She smiled again, reassuringly. “Look, I love music. These two years, being a trainee, I felt nothing but stressed and miserable. I love music so much, I don’t want to hate it. That’s the reason I’m leaving, well, among other things,” she added, looking straight to his eyes, softly.

His gaze softened. “Two years? Why didn’t you tell me sooner? I didn’t even know that you were feeling this stress and misery. You should’ve told me. I could’ve done something to make you feel better,” he said, sounded somewhere between disappointed and offended.

“I don’t want you to worry and if I tell what I think, you’ll overthink it, for sure,” she said, in a as-a-matter-of-factly tone. “But, I want you to know, I’m supporting you guys, always rooting for you. You do belong on the huge stage,” she reassured him, slightly punching his arm.

“Wow, now I feel bad,” he pouted, flopped down on the bench again.

“Don’t be. Now that you’re here, I realized that I should’ve told you sooner. You’ve wasted your time and energy coming down here,” she sympathetically said as she took the seat beside him.

He cracked a smile as he looked up and let out a relieved sigh. “Hey, now that you’re out of the company, we don’t have to worry about the no-dating-among-trainees policy anymore, right?” he teased, nudging her elbow with his.

“Yeah, about that,” she dragged her speech, pretended to be in deep concern. “Now that I’m a poor street musician who lives in the attic room of someone’s rooftop, you kinda have to make it as a huge idol star because you’ll have to start paying for dates,” she teased him back as he chuckled and ruffled her hair.

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Ciara mentioned on Twitter that she had no idea she wasn't coming back for season two. So it's not like she wanted/was happy to leave Legends/wanted to get back to Broadway. Guggenheim wrote her out at the last minute and since she had no idea she was being written out she didn't have time to audition for other stuff. Hence getting into writing. She also mentioned yesterday that she won't be back for season 2. So Guggenheim is basically doing Justice League/Egypt/Thanagar without her.

Hm that makes me really 👀👀 at marc. Though she did write + put on anything but love which you can’t do overnight, and so who really knows what she’s up to? Like honestly im at such peak hatred with marc that I’m just glad he can’t write kendra anymore. I know ciara is very close with a few of the LoT writers, so we’ll see what happens in the future. I’m honestly worried for s2 of LoT bc since every critic and DC comics themselves have insulted arrow to death, i’m concerned marc is gonna want to write more LoT bc thats a show people actually like. So i’m just glad i got my 1 good season of LoT in and i hope marc doesnt ruin s2.

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do you know what they did? i just watched clips from ski lodge 2 and you know what? they fucking convinced maya that she NEVER had feelings for Lucas. thay convinced her that it was to protect riley. i'm fucking mad.fucking writers and fucking Josh.

ugh it’s so ugly. i’ve known spoilers for this ep since the taping and seeing the ep was still a horrifying experience. tbh, im not even angry anymore this show just sucks. the storytelling is so bad what a mess?? im here until girl meets i do and then see ya. 

@thebeastisyou said: and the contrast between the red and the shiny silver wheels, gd

“just step into my totally heterosexual car. as you can see by its flashiness and its colorfulness it is 100% straight, just like i, the owner, am 100% straight, you see, totally hetero, not gay at all, i love women with their….. boobs and………… makeup??”