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“You, Him And I” (B.I x Reader)

“Hello! Can I get a scenario where hanbin’s girlfriend has been hanging out too much with Jeong Jae Won (one) lately so he gets jealous, plese? I know you don’t do scenarios for one but this is about Hanbin. Thaaaaanks you! and sorry for my english”

Name: “You, Him And I”

Character: B.I // Kim Hanbin (iKON)

Genre: Angst

Word Count: 1,007

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Hanbin’s eyes narrowed as he scanned across the photos. There was you. Your eyes were bright, glinting the relentless rays of the midday sun. The whole of your faces was glowing as you laughed, purely. Such an image of you would normally make the young leader melt at the sight. But, his sharp gaze gravitated towards the figure beside you. The face was covered with a mask but he could still figure out who it was. It was almost as clear as day. Jung Jae Won from his own company was walking beside you. Not only did he dislike the fact he was hanging out with his girlfriend, but the fact that the media was now lapping up the potential dating scandal. Angrily, his hand tore through the strands of hair on his head. He seethed. The logical side of his conscious tirelessly screamed that you guys were friends. Deep down, he knew you both were just friends. Yet, a rising ache filled his entire torso as he scrolled through picture after picture after picture. The devious spirit was taunting him, jeering at him, and its name is jealousy. He hated to be that boyfriend. The type of boyfriend that keeps the girlfriend he trusts more than anything on close taps but something about the rumours irked him considerably more.

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GOT7 REACTION: To them seeing you take a bunch of selcas on their phone

“oh, my memory card”

Mark: He’d be watching from afar with a smile on his face and before a while he scares you.

Jackson: “jagiyaa let’s do it together, so the photo would be perfect”

Junior: “owwn look at you doing aegyo”

Youngjae: He woudn’t notice it was his phone and would be looking for it.

“where is my phone, I can’t find it…”

Bambam: “aishh, you don’t know how to do it, let me teach you”

Yugyeom: “you’re cute, but can you give me my phone?”

This reaction was to be posted yesterday, but I ended up really bad and couldn’t post it, sorry

~ADM Cherry~

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so… pick a color scheme (for example 33A) and (if you want) a picture of tjo for me to reference (as in how he looks,, emotions, ect,,) and I’ll draw your character.

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this makes me so mad. somebody else put their user on MY photo and then somebody else proceeded to post it without credit. i know its petty to get mad over this stuff but this is why i have like 100 photos i will never post of the boys. please dont take anyones photos without giving them credit, or at least saying its not yours instead of adding your name to it.


Aoi Shouta [UNLIMITED] Pamphlet , Interview portion scans. 

(>_<)” I better upload this today, if not I’ll be postponing this to I don’t know when…

I receive messages of people telling me that they shared my scans on other social platforms , thank you for crediting it back to me :)

And I also know of those that took my scans without crediting… I’m not mad, but I hope those users please at the very least drop me a message telling me so. I don’t own a scanner of my own at home. I had to go out and spent money scanning these pictures. So please at least make me feel that my money is well-spent. >_<”

And ermm… I’m not sure if anyone can see those puny words from the photos… I’m sorry, i can’t really do anything about it. I can’t tell you what’s the interview about also because I have had no time to read it yet. :<

Anyone that’s interested in having the picture scans (original scans I got from the printing shop / which is also the photos I uploaded) , feel free to drop me a message with your email. I’ll send it out via email to you. :)