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and the beautiful fruits of the stream, Matoko, Komakure and Kirigami.

Matoko (Makoto/Toko): SHSL Lucky Author. Started on Wattpad and ended up with a major movie deal. Has trust issues. Wants to trust their friends but has a lot of trouble doing it. Cinnamon Roll

Komakure (Komaeda/Hagakure) SHSL Mystic.Komaeda’s luck has upped Hagakure’s talent from 33% to 100%. Komakure actualy knows too much. Comes off as a chill person, the chillest you may ever meet, but is constantly tormented by what he knows of the future. Conniving, but plays dumber than he is. Incredibly OP. Hair is infinite storage space.

Kirigami (Kirigiri/Togami): SHSL Affluent Detective. Cold and calculating. Has a ton of money, but no one knows where this money comes from. The most muysterious of the fusions. Generally keeps to self. Angry little eggplant.

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Hi, I love your story and I was wondering if you could recommend some other simblrs with good stories too? Thank you!!! <3

Hi!! Well my love!! You can check out my follow forever!! It’s on my resources page here! Also!! If you go onto my actual blog (it’s on the right hand side!) I have a ‘currently reading’ section!! If you hover over a story it will tell you the name!! and if you click it’ll take you to the authors blog!! (DO U KNOW HOW LONG THIS TOOK TO SET UP??? SO MANY LINKS, SO MUCH HTML!!)

Obviously I read more than 10 stories but these are some of my favs! But I’ll give you some more because you were so sweet!!! 



Anddddddd like a 1000x more!! So get your reading glasses on nonny!! time for some stories!! when yo’ done come see me and I’ll give u another list 😉

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Ok so I'm like super gay for all of the Hamilton girls but I can't find like any fics of the characters or cast and like do you know any blogs or fics you could recommend with a fem or gender neutral reader?

Hi! I’m sorry for a late reply, but I wanted to make sure to get this right. I am humbled that you’re asking me, but I’m not sure that I’m the right person to come to regarding this matter. I have read a lot of HamGirls x Reader, but a lot of them I have either forgotten the name of it, or who the author was. But I’ll try to give you some useful tips anyway! Firstly, @hamwriters​ is a great source for everything. They also have a good tagging system, which makes it easy to find the fics you’re looking for.

Some personal faves I have:

Midnight Coffee (Jasmine Cephas Jones x Fem!Reader) by @cinnamonbuneliza (They also have a LOT of other HamGirls x Reader imagines, so that is a great starting point!)
Marry me (Peggy x Reader) by @secretschuylersister
Drinking Hot Cocoa (part of 31 days of fluffmas, Angelica Schuyler x Reader) by @love-doesnt-discriminate
Congratulations (Eliza Schuyler x Reader) by @wrotemywayoutimagines

I’m also doing a little shameless self promotion™ and linking you to my own Eliza x Reader imagine, You are the best thing

There you go. I also remember reading a story where Reader meets Jasmine while working together at a café, and they start to talk only via notes at first. I don’t remember the name of the fic, nor the name of the author. Maybe someone knows which fic I’m talking about?

Good luck!

Title: We Meet Again 

(Part 2 to The Bachelor Party)

Character(s): Simon x Reader (pre-apocalypse)
After moving to Atlanta, you finally see a familiar face. 
Word Count: 5,247
Warning: SMUT!!! 
Author’s Note: Since Simon isn’t in the comics, I didn’t know what he used to do before the apocalypse, so I made something up. Just wait until part three comes out. Any guesses on what may happen and who may appear? ;) Enjoy!!!! 

(GIF Source: @heartfulloffandoms​)

It had been a year since Jason’s bachelor party. You saved up just enough money to put yourself through school for the first year and after receiving your acceptance letter to an art institute in Atlanta, Georgia, you were more than ready to move out of Las Vegas.

Every time you had to work a bachelor party, you thought back to the two older men that caught your interest: Negan and Simon. There was a likely chance that you would never see them again; Las Vegas was a tourist city. Majority of the people in Las Vegas were tourists for  vacation.

Since moving to Atlanta, you realized it was completely different than Las Vegas. It was much quieter than what you were used to, but you enjoyed it. You managed to get a job as a bartender downtown. The tips alone helped a great deal with bills and your tuition.  

When you left Las Vegas, you also left the life of being a stripper. It was never something you wanted to do long-term.

Keep reading

Well tomorrow is the first day of my PhD. Can’t say I’m not excited, (and a little nervous) but it’s good to finally be starting after waiting for so long. 

Might be radio silence from me for a short time while I get into the routine of it all. I hope to share my research on here as I go along as well as my regular posting.

(French soldier writing a letter in a trench at Verdun, 1916.)

First Love

author: ayumin



Description:  Jimin is being courted for the first time. He doesn’t really know what to do.

Comments: This is a really cute read.  Jimin is cute being courted.  Taehyung and Jungkook are great in the supporting role as Jimin’s besties.  Yoongi is sweet on Jimin but aslo a very great brother to Jungkook.  I am enjoying reading this story so far.



Even if Manga-chan’s storyline is (somehow) entirely consistent across the universe, the AUTHORS AREN’T. 

Like. Consider that for a moment. Completely different people in completely different worlds all writing the same exact canonically matching plotline but in slightly different art styles. 

Guys some of these worlds don’t even have ninjas, BUT THEY KNOW THE PLOT OK. IT OCCURS TO EACH OF THEM NATURALLY AND COMPLETELY. 


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we dont really smile at everyone, but a lot of the time we use expressions to show our awknowledgement to other people. so like, if we want to tell someone we see them, we'll smile real big and say hello when we get closer. i feel like, as Americans, we're an expression-based culture bc half of us dont really know how to use our words effectivley, so basic expressions come in handy. (also why most American authors pay closer attention to the gestures a character is making instead of the words)

Meanwhile in Germany: you say hi by making a grim expression/a grimace somewhat resembling a smile, blinking exaggeratedly, and then nodding your head once

I mean we do smile and say hi too when we recognize each other in public but the above example is how I tend to greet people

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Hello! Do you know any heartbroken fic in which they are in love but cheat on/ misunderstand/ break up... each other? I have just finished Knowing You and Atonement and The Fruitless Year and i'm completely in love with them. Prefer completed and mature rating fic?

Title: 1001 Nights of Pride
Author: Red Wicked
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Drama, Angst
Chapters: 14
Word Count: 55,463
Summary: She needs money. He offers it to her in exchange of one night spent with him. Malfoy believes all women are rotten, Hermione believes Malfoy has no heart. Tables turn when the truth comes out, and unrequited love is bringing them both to dark places.

Title: Consequences of Common Civility
Author: Delancey654
Rating: M
Genre(s): Drama, Romance
Chapters: 12
Word Count: 63,473
Summary: Hogwarts, Sixth Year. Hermione Granger is assigned to tutor Draco Malfoy in Arithmancy. When the two enemies manage to find common ground, could the consequences be far-reaching enough to alter the outcome of the Second Wizarding War? Prequel to The Ginger Malfoy.

Title: Friends With Benefits
Author: LucindaRemyMalfoy
Rating: M
Genre(s): Romance, Humor
Chapters: 18
Word Count: 56,251
Summary: Hermione and Draco are best friends who’ve come up with a rather  interesting arrangement that works for them - but what happens when fathers get involved, weddings get crashed, and true feelings are revealed? Stick around to find out. And grab your gloves ladies and gentlemen, because it’s about to get messy! AU/AH

- Lisa

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I'm a trans woman and I wanted to say thank you for the way you wrote Galinda in TLC, and the way you approach transness in general in Shame Machine. The frankness, humor, sadness, and sexuality all ring true. Its incredibly validating to see sex scenes and romance with trans and nonbinary protagonists, and I can only hope for more from you (and that more people will write stories soon. the options out there are dire)

oh my gosh, im so happy you like my fic!!! :’’’’’) being trans is v important to me, so it’s good to know I’m doing an alright job depicting The Trans Experience. And dont worry, I will never not be writing about trans people.

Seriously, to all the gelphie authors and artists on here - embrace the trans hcs!! Elphaba at least is like, basically canon nb and intersex in the books. make them trans give it a go

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Hey I'm a NYT bestselling author who is obsessed with YoI, and reads YoI fanfic, including yours, and your level of writing would put you (easily) in the top 10% of published books, and I would know, because I've read literally thousands of them. Feeling self conscious about writing is the tool that makes a good writer into a great one--your self consciousness means you don't settle for good enough. This is what the act of writing looks like. It's great. It sucks. It's great.

Holy shit, bud wow. I’m stunned, this is such a massive compliment how do I even compare to the worth of receiving it?

You’re living my dream. I’m work in editing but I so wish I had the courage to publish. This story was actually that moment of ‘I’m going to do it’ for me. It means so much to me and I really do try to make it the best I can, but the nerves are so strong! Probably doesn’t help that I’m anxious anyway.

But to hear such a thing? From someone as accomplished as you? That’s unbelievably flattering. Your advice is something I’m so grateful for. I’m sorry I can’t articulate to you how much it means, but I’m just so humbled, flattered and excited- I can’t thank you enough.

I’m so lucky to have people like you interested in what I write. Beyond lucky.

I don’t know if I ever told you all about this, but for the past, like, fifteen years or so I’ve been telling my mother that I’m going to write a book and she is always skeptical and tells me to get a real job. But the other day I really wanted to tell her that I was doing pretty well as a fanfiction author and that I’ve been getting better at writing thanks to it too, and that I think fanfiction is something that’s going to help me get my name out there and stuff. And like, she agreed with me??? I was so shocked when she was just like “Oh, yeah, well that is a good way to get people to notice you. And then if you do ever publish anything, you know people out there like your writing.” And I was like, yes, exactly. Plus it’s fun and is a great way to practice. But like, I was just amazed that instead of her telling me to go back to college or find a real job, she was actually kind of supportive…

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This is a silly question that I hope you can answer. I've read a lot of classics, and I've noticed that around the 1800s that names of towns (and occasionally titles) are abbreviated. For example, my edition of Les Mis uses "The Bishop of D----" and I remember a "----shire" in Jane Eyre. Do you know why? No one does it now and I haven't noticed it in older texts, so it seems to have been a bit of a fad

Oh, hello! I actually do know the case with English novels, at least! It was actually omitted by the author in many case, to prevent anyone trying to identify it with that bit of the country. After all, it was fiction, and they didn’t want it to be taken the wrong way and people to assume, let’s say, a Jane in Dorsetshire is the real Jane Eyre. -Shire was the way most towns ended their name, though, so it was a safe way to avoid that. Also, a writer with a pseudonym wouldn’t want to put the name of their own hometown in the novel, worried about propriety and anonymity! So you’re right, it is a fad indeed for that moment in lit history. Hope this helped!

Fanfic Recs!

Turn And Say“ by paranomasia, 11k words. This one is so funny! It has misunderstandings, a nice buildup to e/r and wonderful writing. I love fanfics where the reader knows more than the character, and this one does that really well!

Expecto Patronum” by Oreste_et_Pylade, 7k words. This is a Harry Pottter AU, but Grantaire is a muggle being plagued by dementors who Enjolras (a wizarding resistance leader) befriends and protects. I really love this unique plot and the end is beautiful.

If You Tickle us, Do We Not Laugh?“ by @small—but—mighty, 44k words. Android Grantaire who is technically Enjolras’ property. I may have ranted to many people about his fic. It is seriously amazing. I loved how the author reconciled artist!Grantiare with robot!Grantaire, that was fascinating.

There’s No Masking Love“ by lyres @lesamis, 14k words. This is also about Eponine/Cosette as well as e/R, and I adore the characterisation of Cosette in this fic, she gets so much more depth!! It’s a Christmas fic, with a sweet gift exchange and loads of fluff!

a place beyond the grind and hurry“ by @willowveild, 12k words. This Enjolras/Grantaire/Combeferre fanfiction about them getting together while they’re all at Combeferre’s home for the holidays is adoughrable! It’s full of warmth and pining Enjolras, all that good stuff.

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Hi guys, I hope you don't mind me asking, but what professions do guys come from? As in, do you guys have backgrounds in writing, film-making, acting, theater etc.? No specifics, but I'd love to know how you've developed a keen eye for detail and understand nuances of character development? Is it something you've developed in the last 5 years because of your love for Homeland and Carrie Mathison? Or do you guys do TV/film/theater work for a living, and dissecting Homeland comes naturally to you?

Officially we’ve got two scientists, two operations/technologists, one author (published), a PR guru, a medical professional, and a marketing girl who made commercials once upon a time.

Unofficially we include a passionate theater nerd, three former TXF addicts, a 24 obsessive, and several fic writers. Hobbies include: walking, cross-country skiing, playing board games, reading comic books, drinking coffee, hiking, photography, listening to opera… 

Personally, my (Sara’s) true hobby is this blog, which I started before I had an actual job (or, my job was to be a student) and it really inspired a love for and interest in film and television and story overall, which I hope is reflected in this space. It also goes hand-in-hand with my other hobby, which is drinking wine. 

on one hand im pissed at what they’re doing to live action mulan but on the other hand i just KNOW if the movie flops a bunch of white folks are gonna come out of the woodworks and say “SEE! ASIAN LEAD MOVIES DONT SELL WELL! QUIT WHINING ABOUT WHITEWASHING!” and im just :/

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hey i hope it's ok if i ask but, i know a lot of latinx book twitter/bookblr ppl are uncomfortable and angry w/ all the crooked saints and i know its with good reason. i do have a question, do they think the way ms is handling latinx characters is shady and inappropriate or are they more upset that its a white author writing a book about latinx characters? im a writer who wants to write diverse books 1 day and i was just wondering if u know what her particular mistakes are so i don't repeat

 i thought the general rule is if you don’t belong to a culture you should still include a character of that bg in ur writing (avoid all-white trc again lmao) but don’t fetishize it/appeal to stereotypes or pretend you know the struggles that ppl of that group experience. sorry this is kind of a loaded question but i wanna make sure im informed           

OK, this definitely is a complicated question, and I’m also white so idk if I’m the best person to answer it, but I guess I’m like the authority on hating Maggie Stiefvater now lol. [I’m in a stable mood so I don’t really *hate* her, it’s just that she’s done a lot of things in her writing and online presence that bother me a lot and remind me of people that have hurt me, idk, long story]

Anyway: I’m also a white writer who wants to write diverse books. I don’t see a problem with white writers, or writers belonging to privileged groups, writing characters with identities they don’t belong to. I think it’s important, obviously, to not write a whitewashed world, like you said, avoid the all-white TRC problem again. I think Maggie is trying, which is respectable, as a response to the We Need Diverse Books movement and the backlash to how whitewashed her other books are.

Unfortunately, “just trying” isn’t enough, when you’re a person with this much privilege. Maggie is privileged as a white cishet woman, and she also holds a lot of power in the YA publishing community. The majority of YA folks really adore her, and she often appears on panels, interviews, as sort of the spokeswoman for YA, much like John Green or whoever. And she’s a popular writer, which means her books are more or less guaranteed to sell very well even if they suck at this point. Which means they’ll appear in publishing journals, in the media, get attention, be read widely by innocent young teens, show up in school libraries, etc. That is a LOT of influence.

Anyone who’s privileged is definitely gonna fuck up when handling diverse representation. You can do lots of research and get sensitivity readers and watch yourself and things, but you’re going to fuck up. That does NOT mean you should do nothing, and just stick to writing what you know, a cute whitewashed world. No, of course not- people like Maggie, who already have power in this community, should take risks, should be supporting diversity rather than just avoiding the topic out of fear of fucking up. I think that’s what she’s trying to do here, but there’s plenty of reason why I- and many readers, especially Latinx readers- don’t trust her with this task.

First off, supporting diversity doesn’t mean just writing diverse characters. It means putting in the goddamn work. It means getting- and paying- sensitivity readers, of a variety of backgrounds, and then listening to what they tell you. It means doing a hell of a lot of research. It means talking to actual, real-live members of those identity groups. It means changing who you are as a person to be an ally, to be someone who can see beyond yourself. And it also means, above all, supporting #ownvoices work- diverse books written by diverse authors. I have yet to see Maggie supporting books in this vein, with all the influence she has.

The one interview we have regarding “All The Crooked Saints” suggests that she hasn’t done any of the above. I believe she did get sensitivity readers, which is a step in the right direction, but from what I hear from Latinx bloggers, this book appears to be a hot mess of stereotypes and inaccuracies. Things like the names of the characters and the town are basically ill-researched Spanish, and the way she addresses it is in this voice that makes it sound like she picked this background for how exotic and free it is. I don’t think she did that consciously, but it feels like it to a lot of readers. Additionally, she isn’t just writing Latinx characters, she’s writing about a very particular time in history, the 1960s, and it sounds like she’s romanticizing it to be about the music, and misunderstanding the historical struggle of Latinx people at that time. This is a touchy place to go when you’re already clearly not doing your research.

I’d be more open-minded about this, and give her the benefit of the doubt, if it wasn’t for how she’s handled this sort of thing in the past. Henry Cheng in the Raven Cycle is a prime example. He was her one [1] character of color, and she managed to give him a “dragon lady” stereotype mother, have him make self-deprecating jokes about his race, and worse, have Ronan make shitty racist jokes about him that are never addressed. When readers called her out on this, she pretended that none of it happened, saying that the racist jokes weren’t actually racist and the readers were misinterpreting them.

She’s also historically been bad at taking criticism, especially about her representation. [See: literally any time LGBT readers asked about the half-ass approach to her two queer characters.] Being able to take criticism is essential if you’re a privileged writer writing about identities that are not your own. Not because “you need to have a thick skin, those mean diversity goblins are gonna come after you!” But because if a teenage reader of color criticizes Maggie online for shitty rep, and she responds by going “woe is me, being online is a constant onslaught of attack, I’m a woman you know,” all her fans are going to go after this teenager. She’s gonna get sympathy, and her critics- who are the readers, the young teens, the people she’s supposedly writing for- will be attacked by people who are most likely not going to be nice about it. And there’ll be a hundred think-pieces about how the YA community is so nasty and people need to defend the innocent white authors and this diversity trend is really leading to so many bad things. An ally, working for diversity, knowing damn well that this kind of shit happens, should not be the sort of person who lashes out against criticism. That’s not being an ally, that’s being someone who only cares for their own self-interest.

I’m a petty, vindictive bitch, but I don’t want to see Maggie crash and burn with this book and totally fuck up. Because the truth is, even if she does, she’s gonna get heaps of praise, and it’s not going to hurt her, it’s going to hurt teenage readers and actual Latinx writers. I want to see her handle this well, but I am very wary, and so are lots of people in the YA community on Twitter.Anyway, the conclusion to this essay that is longer and more thorough than any essay I’ve ever written for school is, people aren’t upset that she’s a white woman writing Latinx characters. They’re upset that she’s showing a lot of signs of being about to royally fuck it up, and that she has a history of not being great about that. Again, I’m white, so it might be better to ask a Latinx person, but this is pretty much what I know.

ohhh boi i saw somebody ELSE at it in their ao3 bookmarks, making notations about how the fic wasn’t really all that great :) look here pal :) u paid 0 dollars for the privilege of reading that fic that u personally sought out and clicked on :) and if u didn’t enjoy it, it costs 0 dollars not to say so where the author can see it :) while I personally don’t understand why tf u would bookmark something u didn’t even like, if u really do feel the need to keep track of even ur negative opinions, there is a super nifty feature to make bookmarks private! :))))

like this honestly pisses me off so much. I don’t know if all authors do this, but I check the bookmarks occasionally bc sometimes ppl who don’t comment write sweet things in their notations and it can really make my day. so idk why would u say u DIDNT like a fic there :’)

ive read plenty of fics I didn’t enjoy, but I didn’t take time out of my day to note down why they sucked, jfc. again, this didn’t happen to one of my fics, but like…it’s just so fucking rude. u ain’t reviewing books for the new york times, ur saying mean things about the amateur work of a stranger on the internet who just wanted to share with others, or try their hand at being creative :) hope that makes u feel great buddy!

(and just bc ur not doing it in english doesn’t mean ppl won’t figure it out, jag ser er era jävlar :))) skäms)

Tldr just make your fucking bookmarks private if you can’t behave. Ugh.