i do not know how the third world war will be fought

An alternate Season 2

I talked a bit about lack of payoff in the second season in a previous post and I got asked to expand a bit on what I would have liked to see the show go on to do after the first season. (I’m going to be honest I wrote that post under the impression Mirror Gem/ Ocean gem were the end of the first season but I mean…since basically every episode after that with maayybe four exceptions was filler up until Jail break can you blame me for thinking that?) Since by that point the audience was still under the impression that the war for earth destroyed the entirety of the gem civilization save the crystal gems we know and gem monsters.

I thought that the show was about rebuilding a lost civilization out of and with the help of broken people healing.

The set up made steven learning his powers integral to the story, it made his human side vital to the theme of new beginnings

SO what if we did get something like that? Here’s some ideas trying to take the themes brought up in the first half of season 1 to their logical conclusions

 So in no particular order:

  • Steven tries to heal centipeetle early on, right after his success with healing Lapis. We get something similar to Monster Reunion, but this time he’s actually successful and centipeetle doesn’t disappear from the narrative
  • Maybe centi’s whole crew is healed and they begin to work on fixing their ship
  • It’s either at this point, interacting with another gem unfamiliar with Garnet, that Garnet is revealed to be a fusion OR
  • Garnet is revealed to be a fusion during or right after the stevonnie episode
  • Steven begins trying to heal other corrupted gems and we get some interesting conflict between the crystal gems and some newly healed gems that fought for homeworld
  • Or gems that fought for Rose and maybe regret it
  • Just some characters with conflicting viewpoints! Gems that see the crystal gems as the destroyers of everything they once held dear! Gems that see Steven as a hail mary for their species! Gems unsure how to live in a world that is not a rigidly-structured heirarchy!
  • Steven treated as someone still learning and growing out of his naiveté and not the sole voice of reason all the time
  •  Newly healed gems that dislike the crystal gems finding that they really enjoy the humans of beach city
  • BISMUTH! She gets unbubbled earlier on and is fucking livid that after she got imprisoned finding out what Rose did 
  • Bismuth winds up still liking Steven despite of this, maybe she’s the one that tells Steven he absolutely does not have to be like Rose at all
  • Bismuth becoming the first (besides the crystal gems) to actually join the cause Steven started of rebuilding a better gem civilization on earth. Steven is “do no harm” to Bismuth’s “take no shit”
  • Lapis returns at some point, after finding out that the war Rose led had been won, at the cost of Homeworld

  • Lapis doesn’t forgive anyone, really, but despite being more than a little wary of her she bonds with Bismuth over their shared imprisonment experiences

  • The two spend a chunk of time (that we get to see! Without Steven there!) excavating and rebuilding sunken Gem buildings and architecture like the Lunar Sea Spire. They hash some things out, to a varying degree of success.

Still want our favorite crystal gems to punch some evil space bad guys?? I want that to!

  • Some surviving gems from Homeworld turn their eyes toward Earth and we get a Peridot arc that plays out relatively similarly, but Peridot is not working on a kindergarten but assessing the planet to plan how to turn it into Homeworld 2.0
  • Her last message to Homeworld gems hanging out in space was that Earth was ripe for colonization, then the crystal gems destroy her devices and she cannot get more information out to the higher ups
  • Peridot keeps her mildly threatening and cold personality but finds herself impressed with the progress made by the crystal gems and friends to rebuild gem culture (without the shitty hierarchy)
  • Peridot finds she likes this set up more because her intellect is no longer hindered by the ambitions of others but the damage was done by that last message
  • Homeworld gems come a-knockin
  • We get the crystal gems and the friends they made by Steven helping to heal corrupted gems fighting against a force of colonization fuck yeah
  • The scattered gems that had been healed and had not stayed with the crystal gems had grown to like the earth the way it is. They enjoy not being under the thumb of a tyrannical regime and do not like the idea of their new home getting turned into one
  • Steven becomes the focal point for these gems, since he is a product of both Earth and Gems he becomes a symbol of “Look! You can be a gem and still be a part of earth!” sort of thing
  • This would be the end of the second arc of the show and the beginning of the third
  • The third arc of the show would be the many healing gems that Steven and his moms helped against the last of the Homeworld gems

Tentative third arc ideas?

  • Leading the last of the homeworld gems would have to be White Diamond

  • White diamond is a character I imagine to be fucking terrifying, just a brutal bitch who thinks of other gems in terms of what they can do for her

  • She has a strangely hard time understanding that other gems might have wants and needs that do not align with her own
  • She thinks she’s a god, basically

  • (this is getting really long so heres some last thoughts) Theres a few badass episodes of the new crystal gems and the old crystal gems fighting against homeworld gems

  • some enemies they manage to talk into joining the fight for earth

  • At some kind of climax, because Steven universe seems to like to defeat bad guys in unconventional ways, in the final showdown with White Diamond is maybe betrayed by a once loyal confidant 

  • The betrayal, getting injured maybe, and faced with the rebellion-age soldiers that killed her sisters (sisters? Other diamonds? Idk if they’re familial) and faced with the reality that her soldiers are no longer extensions of her will White diamond does not break but she corrupts

  • Maybe she becomes monstrous at first, but then just shrinks down into a tiny white lion

Hm this became a lot longer than I thought it would

Feel free to add your own ideas! I would love to hear them!

Caffeine #12

This is not the greatest of my caffeine challenges, but when I saw the roots prompt, I remembered that Yggdrasil exists and I wanted to do something based around that. Hence a ton of mostly unknown Norse mythology thrown into a story.

They say you never forget your roots, but you did.


You take three steps down the street, and then you hear it.

Hello, sister, whispers the oak tree on the corner.

You don’t answer.

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Erasure of Jewish Identity and Culture in Marvel

(Not including X-Men films: I’m not up to discussing the tragedy of the X-Men movies and the complete erasure of all Jewish characters besides Magneto, the villain, today.)

Honestly, as a Jewish person in America this ongoing erasure of Jewish identity and culture Marvel is committing doesn’t even surprise me. This sort of subtle anti-Semitism that Marvel is participating in is par for the course. The erasure of Jewish identity and culture is so common most people don’t even pause to consider it, and if they do they don’t consider it anti-Semitic. After all, they don’t hate Jews, they don’t insult Jews, they don’t attack Jews, they don’t think Jews are bad or evil, so OF COURSE it isn’t anti-Semitism if you just pretend that Jews don’t exist and destroy Jewish character’s identities. It’s just a change of backstory, after all!

The erasure of Jewish characters and the destruction of characters created by Jews is not a change of backstory, Marvel, it is anti-Semitism. Anti-Semitism is defined as hostility, prejudice or discrimination against Jews. By erasing Jewish characters you are discriminating, or participating in unjust treatment, against them on account of their religion. By ignoring the huge contributions of Jewish writers and artists who gave life to so many comics characters you are being prejudiced. Your hostility, or unfriendliness and opposition, to the inclusion of Jewish characters and the defamation of characters created as allegories by Jews are anti-Semitism, Marvel.

Ignoring, or ret-conning, the fact that Wanda and Pietro Maximoff are ethnically half Jewish and Roma, and always have been, is anti-Semitic and racist. Their heritage may not have played a significant plot point, but it certainly influenced their decisions and motivations. Turning Jewish-Roma Wanda and Pietro Maximoff into volunteers for the fascist-Hydra organization headed by von Strucker, a Nazi, to conduct illegal medical experiments on, is wrong.

Turning Steve Rogers, who has always stood as an allegorical shield for the Jewish people against the Nazi’s and fascism in general, into a fascist Hydra member, is disgusting. Turning Steve Rogers’ who served as Erskine’s (a Jewish scientist’s) golem, his creation and stand-in, to defeat the Nazi’s into a member of Hydra, is revolting.

Fun fact: Captain America’s iconic shield is an allegory in and of itself. What in English is called the Jewish Star or Star of David, one of the most recognizable Jewish symbols in the world, is in Hebrew called the Magen David (Yiddish the Mogein Dovid) which translates to the Shield of David. Steve’s shield with the star on it, used to protect him as he fought Hitler and the Nazi’s in the early comics, was an allegory to a powerful and well known Jewish symbol that the Nazi’s were corrupting. It was a ‘spit in your eye, fuck you’ to the Nazi’s and Jack Kirby and Joe Simon knew that their Jewish readers, desperate for news that the Nazi’s would be stopped and their families were safe, would recognize it.

I’ve seen comments on the Jewish actors in the MCU not being allowed to play Jewish characters. I feel that if in canon the characters are actively shown not to be Jewish, or it’s heavily implied at least, then it’s appropriate for the Jewish actors to portray that character as Christian or Muslim or Hindu or Atheist, or whatever that character religiously identifies as. However, for a character like Darcy Lewis, who is not a canon character in the comics at all, how hard would it be to have her say a throwaway line about her Bat Mitzvah? Or to have Jane Foster (whose religion is never mentioned in the comics) mention her Bubbe (grandmother) in a ‘my Bubbe always said’ way?

I have to wonder what would happen if Marvel suddenly decided that Sam Wilson wasn’t black? What if they thought Wakanda would be better served as a European nation? What if Kamala Khan was found to support a fascist regime? Why is it okay to erase and ignore Jews as both characters and creators? Why are Marvel’s actions not being called out as the anti-Semitism it is?

It doesn’t matter what reason Marvel gives for their choice to make Steve Rogers’ a fascist, a Nazi. It doesn’t matter if it’s a plot twist, a time-change, a clone, a triple agent or a cry for attention. Marvel has taken a character that has stood for freedom and doing the right thing, a hero and a symbol of hope not only to Jews but to people around the world that there are people who have the courage to fight back against oppression, and they have destroyed him. They can never take this back, there is no ‘oops’ here. Even if they retcon this arc in the future, like they did with William Burnside, they have destroyed the legacy of Captain America.

Wasn’t it enough to erase Wanda and Pietro Maximoff’s past? Why do you have to ruin Captain America too?

Jack Kirby and Joe Simon received death threats for creating Steve Rogers, Captain America, in a time when many Americans were either Nazi sympathizers or content to keep their head in the sand. It was a time when Jewish families checked their mailboxes every day praying for a letter from their parents, siblings, aunts, uncles and cousins still in Europe. It was a time when the US turned away boatloads of Jewish refugees fleeing Europe.  It was a time when the Third Reich steadily gained more and more land and more and more power, and while many European nations fought back against the rise of fascism the US refused to involve itself in Europe’s war despite knowing the threat Hitler posed. Kirby and Simon were surrounded by this environment of fear, because no one knew what was truly happening in Europe, but knew they had to do something about it. It is an insult to the memories of Jack Kirby and Joe Simon.  It is morally repugnant to make Captain America into a Nazi.

Marvel has erased Jewish identities of characters in both the comics and the films. That was bad enough. But now? Marvel has taken a hero I love, and have loved since I was a child, and perverted it. They have taken Captain America and twisted him around into a parody of all that he has ever stood for. They have taken a character that was literally created by two Jews to stand against the Nazi’s and say ‘screw you’ to Hitler for all the Jews who couldn’t, and made him into a Nazi. As a Jew and a fan of comics for most of my life I feel like I have been spat on and kicked while I’m down. 

Fic Rec List

So I see a ton of fic recs and had always hoped that my fics would be good enough to rec, but I have noticed that any story written within the past 3 years, gets next to no attention whatsoever, unless there are a shit ton of reviews and favs. And even then, I see fic rec lists on Tumblr or Yahoo or Reddit, and rarely do I see my fics, or fics from people I know, on those lists. Even though we’ve reached the usual review/fav amount required.

It’s always the same ones. The ones we have all read before, from the writers we all know very well. And nothing ever changes. It’s like the fandom is too scared to branch into the newer works, so they just stick to the old ones because it’s what they know.

So here is a list of more recent/unknown stories, that deserve as much attention, for Tomarry/Harrymort, Johnlock, and Hannigram.


Riddle and The Ancient Contract by HERMIT532- What if it wasn’t anything the current Potters had done that saved little Harriett Potter as an infant? What if the child prodigy Thomas Riddle had tweaked the horcrux spell before creating them? And what happens when they discover that nothing is exactly what it seems? FemHarry, DumbledoreBashing EXPLICIT SEX/ MENTION OF RAPE. YOU’VE BEEN WARNED.

Heirs to the Dark by Dark Disaster- How did Voldemort and Harry Potter end up in a romantic relationship? A potions accident might hold the answers.

A Beast’s Virtue by Arliene- Schooled at Durmstrang, forced into political upheaval, pursued by dark and light wizards alike, Harry Potter becomes a leader and icon for his entire generation, thus turning the Dark Lord’s attention to him. HP/LV. Politician Harry

Boredom and Secrets by XxXxDarkVampirexXxX- A very bored Harry Potter starts writing to the Dark Lord over the summer after his fifth year at Hogwarts. An equally bored Voldemort decides to write back. And thus, a summer of secrets is born, and the enemy named boredom is fended off.

Marvolo’s Ring by ImperialPepper- Vernon Dursley changes the course of wizarding history, when he gives his wife Petunia a ring for her birthday.

Embracing His True Self by DebsTheSlytherinSnapeFan- Tom Riddle/Harry Potter Slash. What if Harry didn’t want to fight Voldemort? What if he was fed up with the light side judging him constantly and wants to be his true self? The Slytherin side that he had squashed in a bid to fit in and be accepted? Realizing he never would…what of the prophecy? Could they overcome it? Will Voldemort even give him a chance?

Your Name on My Heart by whitedandelions- Bearing the Dark Lord’s soul mark on his chest certainly isn’t easy when his family is firmly on the Light Side. HPLV SLASH. Set in the Past.

The Wand Chooses by Dreamereye- Voldemort, obsessed with defeating Dumbledore, conscripts Gregorovitch into making the most powerful wand. Little does he know that the famous wandmaker is retired. Or that the man’s son, the brains behind the operation, is really Harry Potter in hiding. Will either be able to fight rising feelings for the enemy? A/N: Slash.

Σίγμα Τρία by Watermelonsmellinfellon- Humanity has evolved and the Secondary Genders change the world! Harry Potter was not expecting these sudden changes that came with being an Omega. The Wizarding World was not expecting it either, but certainly took the revelation much better than the Muggle World did. This opened up new avenues for them to approach.

A/N: Omega-verse. Sigma-Harry/Alpha-Voldy. Goblet of Fire/AU. SLASH.

third time’s a charm by lejf- Soulmate AU: soulmates’ thoughts are written on their match’s hands. HP/TR (HP/LV) A story that follows Harry through canon events as he searches for his mysterious writer who always seems to be in pain.

Irresistible by fadingstarlight (Genveon)- Beta Tom Riddle has achieved his goal of becoming a teacher for DADA in Hogwarts. He is also the alpha Lord Voldemort, who’s struggling to gain support from the purebloods in wizarding society. Enter omega Harry Potter who may be the answer to his problems or the start of another. More tags will be added as this story progresses

Consuming Shadows by Child_OTKW- ‘His attention skipped passed the students and moved to the politicians’ pavilion. His gaze locked with crimson, and he nearly faltered under the sheer hunger in those eyes.

It unnerved him how fixated the man was on his dirtied, bloody, exhausted figure.

But what troubled him more was the slight smirk he could make out on the man’s lips. It was almost pleased.’

On the night of the attack, Lily managed to escape with her infant son, but at the cost of her husband’s life. Distraught and distrusting of her friends, she fled to France with Harry, to raise him away from the corruption in Britain and the rising influence of the Dark Lord. She trains him to the best of her abilities, shaping him into a dangerous, intelligent and powerful wizard.

But when Britain re-establishes the Triwizard Tournament, and Harry is forced to return to his once-home, he finds himself questioning whether he really wants to kill the Dark Lord. Voldemort finds an unexpected challenge in the child, and as his intrigue and amusement grows, so too does the desire to possess the spark in those defiant green eyes.

Kitty Series by phoenixmaiden13 (LadyPhoenix)- Harry has an accident and gets turned into a cat! If that wasn’t bad, he finds himself in the hands of his enemy. Follow Harry as he tries to find a way to freedom, or will he want to?

4 part Series, Parts 1-3 are finished.

The Consort Tournament by Watermelonsmellinfellon- The Dark Lord wanted a consort and had decided to host a competition that involved nearly everyone in Britain. If they thought they were good enough, they could enter to compete in a certain amount of tasks set by the Lord of the lands himself. Only the victor would have the skills necessary to become Voldemort’s consort.

Harry unfortunately nabs the Dark Lord’s attention. Voldemort does as he pleases.

A/N: SLASH/Harrymort/AU.

Burning Desire by Little.Miss.Xanda- It burned, leaving nothing but desire. It took everything he was and even so he couldn’t bring himself to regret it. A/N: Poem.

Death is But the Next Great Adventure by TheObsidianQuill- What if that night in Godric’s Hollow went differently? What if Harry did die? What if Death stepped in and made a deal with the Savior of the Wizarding World? How different would Harry’s life be after that deal?

(Or, Harry makes a deal with Death and in exchange gains something Voldemort has fought his entire life for. Immortality. And a strange friendship with Death)


Lessons on Being a Seer by ZeGhostCow- Being a female in Medieval times would have sucked. Being called and treated like one even though you are male in this time, must suck even more. Do you know what sucks more? Living in the future whilst this is happening.

Welcome to Harry’s world.

Embracing Life’s Riddles Without Asking Questions by Nemesis13- When Harry and Voldemort died at each other’s hands, Harry awoke in an alley as a ten year old girl. Perplexed at this turn of events but not overly surprised, she is taken to Wool’s Orphanage. Now known as Iris Black, she is roomed with Tom Riddle, who she decides to befriend because honestly, why not see how things unfold from the other side? It might be fun.

Riddled by Killing Curse Eyes- On a class trip to London Harriet Lily Potter found a little black book lying on the ground, and suddenly, destiny shifted. Fem!Harry Diary!Tom Eventual TMR/HP Currently in year 5.

I Will Always Come Back to You by Watermelonsmellinfellon- Tom had a friend when he was little. His friend taught him that he was special because of what he could do and that people who hated him, were beneath him. When an accident occurs, Tom’s friend promises that he’ll never truly be gone. Hadrian always comes back to Tom, in the forms of Haraldr, Harish, and finally, Harry. Magic grants wishes. A/N:Reincarnation. SLASH. TMR/Harry/LV.

The Lady of Slytherin-Dark Beginnings by Nemesis13- Lillith Potter, The-Girl-Who-Lived, appears before Severus Snape bleeding and broken at the age of six. Determined to protect his dead friend’s daughter from sharing her mother’s fate he raises her to be brutally pragmatic, viciously opportunistic, and violently protective of those she loves with the help of the Black Sisters. Dad!Snape, Mentor!Bellatrix, DarkFem!Harry, Third Year+ with slight Harmione for several chapters.

Bearstody (Bear Custody) by Clarisse (transnymphtaire)- A 3/shot of Harry working at Build A Bear and meeting Tom Riddle. Tom buys a bear which becomes his and Harry’s ‘son’, and they negotiate custody of their ‘child’.

Rapunzel, Rapunzel… Where is Your Hair? By phoenixmaiden13 (LadyPhoenix)- Tom a wandering thief looking for adventure finds Harry locked up in a tower. What better adventure could you come across?

Don’t Fuck With Florists(They’ll Fuck You Up) by MayMarlow- Unsatisfied with his post-war life, Harry decides to get to the root of all of his problems when that root was still working at Borgin and Burkes shop in the late 40s. He’s the Master of Death, damn it, he can do what he wants for once in his life.

Tom Riddle isn’t particularly happy about working at a small, dingy shop for magical artifacts, no matter how interesting those artifacts are. He’s even less happy when an insufferable stranger sets up the most obnoxious flower shop right across the street.

What follows would be a romantic comedy, if it weren’t for politics.

(Romance isn’t the centerpiece.) HP:

Long Live the Queen by Offsides-(Pretty famous story but recently posted in September of 2015.)

With Harry Potter’s hearing for Underage Use of Magic looming, and Sirius Black hunted for a crime he didn’t commit and was never tried for, Harry reaches out to Her Majesty the Queen for help, with unexpected results. No ships. AU starting Ch 6-9 OotP, No HBP, No DH, No Horcruxes.

Session Transcripts by lazycrazyhorn-(Also pretty famous, but I think more people should read it.)

What happens when a brain damaged Harry and a transgender Hermione both get sorted into Slytherin? Snape’s not sure, but he thinks it’s likely to be an interesting term. This story follows various first years through the trials of their first year.

Doing Things Differently by Blufuzzybubbles- Harry has lost one too many a person to Voldemort and he wasn’t going to lose another. With the help of a mysterious benefactor, he is entering his fifth year with the hopes that “more than one innocent life can be spared”. No more irritatingly naïve Harry. No pairings for Harry, but everyone else is fair game. And bashing of course, because what’s a story without it?

An Unfound Door by joe6991- War is coming to Hogwarts, and Harry Potter, fifth-year Ravenclaw, is beset on all sides by enemies unknown, unseen, and unfound…


HP/Sherlock Crossover:

Lineage Ligno: A Family of His Own by Godiva9- It started out as a simple summer assignment; it ended up changing his life forever. After using a lineage potion for a project, fifteen year old Harry Potter finds out he is not a Potter after all, and that his father is a self-proclaimed Sociopath who committed suicide nearly three years ago. Harry wants answers so he goes to the one man who knew his Dad best, Dr. John Watson

Plain Johnlock:

the thunder underneath his ribs by darcylindbergh- Six or seven, maybe eight months later, there’s a thunderstorm in London.

Sometimes things have to fall apart before they fall together.

Useless Experimentation and Distraction by Nightshift_Works- Sherlock had been acting odd recently and conducting useless experiments. He’d refused to take cases and lays around the flat listlessly. John began to wonder just what was wrong when he came home to the oddest of circumstances: Sherlock was curled up beside his bed, clutching a pillow to his chest, sleeping. Just what was happening to Sherlock Holmes? And just what was happening to him?

The Second Room Upstairs by Laur- 5 times Sherlock needed an excuse to invade John’s room and 1 time he was invited.

So Brave, So Quiet by SomeCoolName- John Watson has always been perfectly in charge of his life, thank you very much. But an intriguing murder, seven suspects, an alcoholic sister and Sherlock’s new interest in him - will it be enough to make him realise what ‘being in charge’ really means.


The Stygian Court by campitor- The Lecter family spurned a witch long ago and so she gave them two skins to wear: one human, one beastly.

A supernatural Hannibal AU where Hannibal is a shape-shifter from a cursed family and Will begins to wonder if that antlered man is truly a figment of his fevered imagination.

How Potent is Thy Sting by extremelyperturbed- I requested it at the kinkmeme but nobody did it so I wrote a story where Hannibal behaves very much like a parasitic wasp, an insect that lays its eggs inside a host and the larva basically forces its host to eat like crazy to feed it and protect it. The chosen host is Will. Hannibal does not look like an insect, however nor will actual insects be a part of the story. A/N: Rape/Non-Con, but with a happy ending.

Instead of Bleeding, They Sing by Square_Pancake- William Graham is the new star of the Baltimore Opera Company. After fending off a serial killer interested in his empathic abilities, Will draws the attention of FBI consultant Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal appreciates the artistry of his music; eventually he wonders if the singer will appreciate the artistry of his kills.

Strangers ‘Til Now by mokuyobi- Post Mizumono, season 3 AU – Instead of being pushing him off the train, Chiyoh takes Will to Paris. There, in Hannibal’s old haunting ground, they attend a Masquerade where Will sees someone who reminds him very much of the man himself.

Consider the Hands That Write This Letter by Watermelonsmellinfellon- Hannibal had written a letter to Will and Alana decided not to have it sent. In a misguided notion of mercy, she decides that Will doesn’t need to know that Hannibal is trying to contact him and lies to Hannibal, telling him that Will has threatened to leave should Hannibal persist. She decides to just have the letters shredded.

Hannibal realizes the opportunity for what it is and chooses to continue writing to Will, pouring his heart into those words and using his Memory Palace Will to pretend that everything is right with the world. He can confess his adoration and Will would never know. Hannibal would never have to face rejection and Will wouldn’t know his feelings.

But there is a small issue. One of the orderlies doesn’t like Alana’s decision and secrets away the letters, sending them to Will Graham anyway.

Hannibal bares his soul, Will falls in love and sheds his fears, and Alana is unaware of it all.

Oh, the drama that shall unfold.

Rafraîchir by ElloPoppet- Hannibal and Will attempt to navigate life, and their relationship, after surviving the fall. Hannibal continues to groom Will into his ideal Murder Husband, only now, Will is an aware and willing participant. How will everything change once Will has embraced not only his attraction to Hannibal, but also his own violent desires?

In which Will unleashes his monster and accepts his destiny by Hannibal’s side, the boys run away to build a life together, and Jack Crawford becomes their hunter.

Let the Night Be Dark by beforethedawn and Destinyawakened- Will and Hannibal are rescued by Chiyoh, only to find out she’s been hired by Hannibal’s uncle to retrieve them. Robertas’ intentions aren’t at all well intended, as they soon come to find out. Will they overcome to find their happy ending?

Not As I Planned by TigerPrawn- Will and Hannibal are not a couple. Will’s first heat after falling from the bluff. All bases covered – Blood, check. Smashing objects, check. Will going into heat during a hunt, check.

The Door to The Abyss by War_Queen- “Will Graham, a bored demon, finds an eight year old boy with a promising future, and makes a deal with him. Years later, he becomes the ruler of hell, and remembers his contract.”


Pairing Undecided:

The Forgotten Potter by njeha- Wrong BWL. FEM Potter. James and Lily Potter has given birth to twins. On that Halloween night, they mistake the real prophecy child, leading to years of abandonment; which ends up being the biggest mistake the light side have ever made. There will be crossovers with many different worlds. Dark FEM Potter. Powerful & Genius FEM Potter. MOD Potter. Warning: Very Extreme M rated.(NSFW in any capacity!)

To Be Continued…

(If you know of a fic from the above 4 OTPs that is good but gets next to no recognition, reblog with the name of it so I can check it out.)

anonymous asked:

ok that gif for varric was really freakin funny and also hilariously sad xD but i was hoping more along the lines of a written response please?

Originally posted by boldlygiffing

It starts off as camaraderie. Hawke is ballsy as anything, and Varric can see that from a mile away. It’s why he backed them for the trip and gave them the advice on how much to offer Batrand. Hawke has made a name for themselves with all the smuggling and mercenary work, and as a dwarf very content to be on the surface Varric wasn’t keen on being in the Deep Roads.

He also knows that it will annoy the hell out of Batrand, so that’s a plus.

But then the Deep Roads happen, and everything changes. It takes days to get out, and by the time they’ve killed all the Rock Demons and made their fortunes their friendship is cemented in the way that only comes when people have fought by each others sides. It also means that he is there for the second strike of tragedy against the Hawke family- third if you count Malcolm’s death- and Varric…he doesn’t leave his friends when they are hurting. 

It doesn’t hurt by then, of course, that they are amassing a group of shared lunatics friends and that the Hanged Man has gone from headquarters to home. There’s Drinking and Wicked Grace, long hikes through the Wounded Coast and far too many trips through Lowtown at night. They talk and fight, teae and joke, and for the first time Varric has someone that fills the sibling shaped hole that Bartrand never really fit into. Things were…good, good in the way that he’s never really thought about before.

And then Leandra dies. It’s the final blow. The final piece of the Hawke Family, shattered, and all he can do is watch as his best friend collapses. Aveline- family friend for as long as anyone of them have known Hawke- steps forward to comfort them, but even as the rest descend to the Hanged Man Varric…he finds himself dragging his feet. He wants to go back in to the estate, to sit down on the bed with Hawke and just hold them. No useless words, no empty gestures, just hold this amazing human that he can’t seem to live without and offer some soft of comfort.

But it’s not until the battle with the Arishok that Varric realizes just how deep he’s gone. He can’t breathe, can’t think, can’t exist outside of the impromptu dueling arena. It doesn’t matter that they will all likely die if Hawke doesn’t win, doesn’t matter that it Kirkwall falls to the Qun it will bring war and violence like none have ever seen. All that matter to him in that moment is sight of Hawke, his Hawke, going up against the biggest baddest Qunari outside of Par Vollen. And he dies a thousand deaths with every cut, every wound. And when it is finally over, after Meredith has gritted out Hawke’s new title and the city celebrates, Varric goes back to his room in the Hanged Man, vomits up everything he has ever eaten, and passes out cold.

Because he gets it. Hawke is…Hawke is it, for him, and it doesn’t help that the treacherous part of his heart- the romantic part that certainly wasn’t talkative when he was writing Swords and Shields- won’t stop comparing Hawke and Biance. Comparing loyalty to manipulation, friendship to…whatever it is they have left over all these years. Bianca is enthralling, always has his attention, but it comes with a price. Hawke…

Hawke just is. And Varric spends one too many nights thinking about that as the world falls apart around them, as they fight the Warden’s problems and the politician’s problems and everything that is devolving at the Gallows. Which means that when Anders finally takes that last step, his decisive action against the Templars and the Chantry, Varric has loved Hawke for so long that it’s simply a fact of life for him. Maybe it will go somewhere, maybe it won’t, but It doesn’t matter. He’s made his choice.

And so when Cassandra “Stab the Book” Pentaghast drags him to a cell and demands answers, there is no contest for him. It doesn’t matter if the next place that knife goes is between his ribs, if the tale of Varric Tethras ends in a dank cell somewhere far under Kirkwall. He loves Hawke, always will and in truth always has, and that is enough for him.

– Mod Fereldone

In Support of Small Ma’at

Or, Ma’at; It’s More Than That

So, there’s been a rather vocal contingent of Kemetic Tumblr strongly supporting the idea that social justice is ma’at.  This post is prompted by that voice, but not necessarily a rebuttal.  Rather, I’d like to talk about a different aspect of ma’at that we haven’t seen going around much.  Indeed, a newcomer to the community might think that in order to keep ma’at, they must also support the social justice movement.  That’s not only rather off putting to more moderate minds, but also flat out untrue.  Ma’at is a complicated idea, and there are many ways of putting it into action.  There is no one way to do ma’at.

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I miss her Part [3/...]

Originally posted by esgaroths

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x reader
Words: 1268
Warning: sad and angry reader

Summary: Bucky and [Y/N] found themselves in the 21st century, the only problem - [Y/N] doesn’t know that Bucky is still alive and that he tries to find a way to get back into her life.


Another punch hit the thick punching bag and a great amount of sand spilled out of it. Sighing [Y/N] pick it up and threw it to the pile of broken punching bags next to the door. Some of them were also kind of frozen.  

After the experiment with Howard in the 40s, [Y/N]’s body temperature was below the average. First Howard thought that she might die but after he made a few quick tests they both finally realized that [Y/N] had the power to control ice and had the ability to heal very fast. Just like Steve. At first she didn’t know what to do and how to control it but shortly after Steve found her and she started training, Wanda helped her with her powers because the brunette knew how it was to be afraid of this great responsibility.

“Wow, you smashed more of them than I” Steve came into the training room and laughed quietly as she stretched herself. [Y/N] looked over her left shoulder while Steve examined the punching bags that were laying next to him “It’s hard to control the power but…it gets easier with time. Wanda helped me a lot”

“Good. I’m glad that you and the others get along. First I was worried that you might be a little bit shy or scared because of your new surrounding.” Steve smiled softly and throw some of the old punching bags over his shoulder and took the others in his free hands.

[Y/N] gave him a tight smile when Steve winked and nodded towards the door “I bring them outside. You should take a shower and get some rest. You know because of the mission”

Nodding, she took her bag and made her way back to her bedroom where [Y/N] decided to take a shower.

Dressed in a white top and gray sweats, [Y/N] went to the great archive that was in the basement. She had to prepare for the new mission on Wednesday. Tony told her she had to take down another Hydra base together with Wanda and Vision which was located in the north of America because there were still some agents who worked for the organisation.

[Y/N] sat down in front of the desk and went through old files of Hydra because since the 40s some things had changed. Red Skull was dead and Alexander Pierce as well.

While [Y/N] read some of the reports, she saw a file that was laying in the back of the archive. With a puzzled look, she stood up from her spot and picked the old and yellowed file up.

The Winter Soldier.

“The Winter Soldier?…” she mumbled to herself and laid the file on the others she had read a few minutes ago. She worked with the others for so long and against Hydra but she never heard something about the Winter Soldier.

She sat back down and opened the file.

Shocked [Y/N] read the reports of the soldier. He was an assassin and was responsible for many assassinations through the years. The file said that many agents called him a ghost, someone who doesn’t exist because he was set to kill people for 50 years and still wasn’t dead.

But when she turned the last page of the file, she noticed that some pages were missing. Like somebody ripped them out on purpose.

“Friday, could you show me all the things you can find out about the Winter Soldier? Bring it on the big screen.” [Y/N] went to the big screen next to the table and waited until some pictures and documents appeared on it while Friday gave her a little speech “The Winter Soldier is an assassin who worked for Hydra for over 50 years. Shortly after the attack on the Triskelion, he disappeared just like the other Hydra agents. No one ever saw him again.

In 2014 he was identified as James Buchanan Barnes by Agent Steven Rogers, a soldier from the Second World War. He was-”

“Wait!” [Y/N] stopped the computer system and stared at the picture of Bucky that was shimmering on the screen in front of her. It felt like her soul left her body as she sank back on the stool. Tears flooded right into her eyes but before she could began to cry, rage began to form. Furious, she  swang the door open and stamped through the hallway “Friday, tell me the location of Agent Rogers”

“Agent Rogers is in the living room together with Agent Wilson and Agent Barton” the system answered quickly while [Y/N] made her way into the elevator and pushed the button to the third floor where the living room was.

“I swear, she didn’t even look my way” Sam laughed and put his beer down on the table when they heard the sound of the elevator. Clint closed the fridge and smiled when he saw [Y/N] coming but it changed rapidly when he saw her facial expression.

Just like Steve who stood up and wanted to ask her what’s wrong when she pushed him against the next wall.

“Why didn’t you tell me!?” she screamed at him. Her eyes were full of hate and sadness at the same time “You knew that Bucky was alive the whole time and you thought not telling me is a good idea!?”
Sam’s eyes went wide as he whispered “Fuck I knew it…”

“[Y/N], I can explain” Steve coughed as she hold him by his throat and let go in the next second. He gasped and held his side before he stood straight again and met the gaze of [Y/N] who now started to cry.

Just in that moment, Sam and Clint decided to leave them alone and went outside.

“So?” [Y/N] sniffed while Steve noticed how the room became a few degrees colder. He sighed and closed his eyes before he spoke again “I can’t explain it. I think I just wanted to protect you. He changed, [Y/N]. Hydra changed him. When I met him one year ago, he couldn’t remember me. He looked at me like I was a total stranger. I found out that Hydra found him shortly after his fall from the train. Because of the experiments he survived the fall but they started to wipe him.

After the Triskelion was destroyed, Bucky and I fought against each other until I was down and fell into the river. But he pulled me out and disappeared shortly after. Since that day Sam and I look for him.”

A few tears rolled down her cheeks “You should have told me. I could have helped you”

“You were just starting to get comfortable with this new world. I didn’t want to…burden you with this…story” his gaze turned to the ground and closed his eyes in shame.

When he looked up again, [Y/N] was gone.

[Y/N] put some fresh clothes in her bag and the rest of the things she needed for the long trip. Together with Friday, she made out a few locations where Bucky could be and now it was up to her to find him. She put on her jacket and laced up her shoes before [Y/N] went to the door.

For the last time, she took a glance at her bedroom before [Y/N] left without a goodbye.

Standing at the gate right before boarding that would bring her to her first destination, [Y/N] looked down at the picture she kept of Bucky.

He always said that he would find a way to get back to her and now it was her mission to find him and get him back.

Part 4

I’m sorry that it took me so long to post a new chapter of my series but I was very busy and I couldn’t write anything down….
I hope you still liked this crappy chapter - next time we will meet Bucky again ;)

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The Originals Sentence starters
  •  ❝ I thought only of you. Every day I fought for your return, searching for a way. You were not forgotten. ❞
  • ❝ This is New Orleans. We’re always at war and collateral damage happens. I learned that from you. ❞
  • ❝ Guess who I learned it from? ❞
  • ❝ What you’ll allow doesn’t matter, ( insert name ). Welcome to a 21st century custody battle. Moms win them now. ❞
  • ❝ Well, I am no stranger to death, young Lucien. Or third-rate prophecies for that matter. ❞
  • ❝ Not three months ago you utterly despised me. Now you’re playing protective brother. ❞
  • ❝ I’m sure you’re quite capable of protecting yourself from the scourge of fraternity row. ❞
  • ❝ I came through the front door and you appeared through the window like a creeper. Besides this is a matter of life and death. ❞
  • ❝ Oh, how novel. ❞
  • ❝ She’s getting bigger by the second.  ❞
  • ❝ The ninth ward coven thinks I’m a vampire sympathiser. I won’t prove them right. ❞
  • ❝ You’re scared. Because the people you love are angry with you. ❞
  • ❝ Always and forever indeed. ❞
  • ❝ Seems we’re officially orphans. ❞
  • ❝ I suppose it’s a family trait. Everything we love, we turn to ash. ❞
  • ❝ You brought me back from the dead to torture me. ❞
  • ❝ Go to Hell. ❞
  • ❝ I’m not in the habit of asking permission. ❞
  • ❝ Have you diagnosed yourself with OCD yet? ❞
  • ❝ It’s not every day you lose your father at the hands of your brother. Again. ❞
  • ❝ It must really suck to have to be you all the time. ❞
  • ❝ Sorry! I’d love to help but I’m a little busy grieving another dead boyfriend. ❞
  • ❝ I told you I love you. I meant it. ❞
  • ❝ Yeah and that’s the first time anyone’s ever said to that to me. I want you to know that I didn’t marry you for all of those people. I married you for me. ❞
  • ❝ I’m afraid that’s not an option. ❞
  • ❝ Always and forever is not just something you weasel out of, brother. ❞
  • ❝ It won’t be easy, but we’ve got no chance of winning this fight without something to fight for. ❞
  • ❝ You okay? ❞
  • ❝ Yeah, my boyfriend and his buddies are super-wolves now. ❞
  • ❝ What happened to the brother I used to know? The one who laughed death in the face. ❞
  • ❝ That’s a lot easier to do when you haven’t died already once. ❞
  • ❝ This family makes me want to murder people. ❞
  • ❝ I see my timing is as impeccable as usual. ❞
  • ❝ The only thing delicate about you is your ego ❞
  • ❝ When placed beside the behemoth size of yours, certainly. ❞
  • ❝ All good grace with me was lost the moment you sided with our wretched siblings. ❞
  • ❝ You know me, ( insert name ). I take sides with whoever I think is gonna win. And to be honest, well, you and mum were acting a bit daft, weren’t you? ❞
  • ❝ Wait, you can’t go alone. ❞
  • ❝ Well, to be absolutely clear here, technically he could go alone. ❞
  • ❝ You helped me. Why? ❞
  • ❝ Because I’m a bloody fool, or maybe I just like the idea of us girls sticking together. ❞
  • ❝ I guess I just really hate secrets. ❞
  • ❝ What happened? Is ( insert name ) okay? ❞
  • ❝ I’m fine. Thank you for your concern. ❞
  • ❝ ( insert name ), listen to me. You are outmanuevered, outnumbered, and quite frankly, you’re out of your mind. You’re not getting out of this alive.❞
  • ❝ No, we are all getting out of this alive. ❞
  • ❝ I fought it for as long as I could. Look at me. I am still your mother. I’m sorry. I was just so hungry. ❞
  • ❝  You’re a hypocrite. You speak of purification, of cleansing the souls of our family, and yet you caved to temptation rather than standing with your principal. ❞
  • ❝ You really think there’s a way out up here? ❞
  • ❝ You and I on the same team. It must be Christmas. ❞
  • ❝ I wish it could always be like this ❞
  • ❝ If wishes were horses… ❞
  • ❝ Beggars would ride. ❞
  • ❝ I would appeal to your morals but those seem to be all over the map. ❞
  • ❝ I’m not the one who was sleeping with one vampire while half in love with another. Your morality is a moving target. Mine is not. ❞
  • ❝ We’re not so bad. We’re not the monsters that our parents think we are. ❞
  • ❝ I think I’d be a bit testy too if my old ex was about to jump into my new ex. I think that’d be a bit eh… ❞
  • ❝ Awkward? ❞
  • ❝: I was going to say kinky, but that’ll work. ❞
  • ❝ And where, pray tell, is he now? ❞
  • ❝ He’s waiting uncomfortably for me to return and deliver his punishment. Pass the beignets, would you? ❞
  • ❝ Quite nice of you coming to my rescue like that. ❞
  • ❝ You know, it’s a good thing you didn’t actually steal the stake from me, or I’d have been the one torturing you. ❞
  • ❝ Does that mean you trust me then? ❞
  • ❝ I know you’re only doing this to help our people, but I promise I will be a good husband to you. ( insert name ), will you marry me? ❞
  • ❝ No ring? ❞
  • ❝ What did she do to me? ❞
  • ❝ All you need to know is that I beat you. Again. ❞
  • ❝ A lovely dream, one just beyond our reach. ❞
  • ❝ We arrive into this world as innocents. Wide eyed and vulnerable. It is the job of our parents to nurture and protect us. ❞
  • ❝ You’re gonna like me, ( insert name ). And I’m gonna let you pretend a while that you don’t already. ❞
  • ❝ Is the hand holding really necessary? ❞
  • ❝ I mean, we could make out but would that not be entirely distracting? ❞
  • ❝ Hey, I know this probably isn’t your ideal Friday night. You’d probably be, like, doing pushups or drinking beers with your bros or whatever. ❞
  • ❝ Eh, it’s not so bad. ❞
  • ❝ Stay here with your wolves and mind the fort. ❞
  • ❝ I’d rather rip your mother’s head off. ❞
  • ❝ Our mother thinks she will win because she has left you alone. You are not alone. ❞
  • ❝ You declared war when you came after my family and for that, I will make you suffer as only I can. After all, I am my mother’s son. ❞
  • ❝ His return changes nothing. ❞
  • ❝ It changes everything. ❞
  • ❝ So, how would you diagnose my friend ( insert name ), if I may ask? ❞
  • ❝ Well, he’s clearly depressive, low self-esteem, paranoia, impulse control. Wouldn’t you agree? ❞
  • ❝ I’m sorry, is this some sort of motherly critique? Please feel free to choke on it ❞
  • ❝ Are you okay? ❞
  • ❝ Oh, a bit lightheaded. It might have had something to do with being knocked arse over teacup by dear old dad. ❞
  • ❝ You will not break me. ❞
  • ❝ Oh, you are already broken, my dear boy, but not beyond repair. I am here to fix you. I am here to fix you all. ❞
  • ❝ My mother said kill the spell or kill her, and I happen to like you. ❞
  • ❝ Please! ❞
  • ❝ Listen, you don’t disobey Mother Dearest without some consequences. Yes, she brought me back to life but she’s mad as a hatter, and that lunatic that you’ve made your pet is my father. ❞
  • ❝ Let me hazard a guess. You are one of these alienists, right? ❞
  • ❝ Actually, we’re called therapists, and you could do with some couch time. ❞
  • ❝ Oh, hello darling. Back to huff and puff and blow the house down? ❞
  • ❝ You know, it’s funny how often a person’s sharp tongue can end up cutting their own throat. ❞
  • ❝ You do know you’re entirely demented, don’t you? ❞
#114 - For anonymous x2

Filling the prompts “one where the reader and van broke up around 6/12 months ago and the reader is in a relationship with someone else but it isn’t going very well and the reader and her new bf go to see catfish in a gig and van sings red and she realises it’s about her.” and “one where like you drunk text van like a couple months after you’ve broken up or something and like he comes pick you up and you tell him that you miss him and stuff like that and its cute??”

Watching Catfish and the Bottlemen become more and more successful was a double edged sword. It was all Van ever dreamed of, and God did the boy fucking deserve it. He had grafted since he was a kid, and you knew that. You knew he wanted to buy houses for his family and make people all across the world lose themselves in the songs he’d been writing his whole life. There was never a moment where you wished they didn’t get so famous. It wasn’t like that. But, what it was like was standing between the two blades on a pair of scissors. One handle was Catfish’s success, and the other was Van. The closer he got to it, to the dream, the closer you were to being all cut up and hurt and left behind. He never, ever meant it to be like that, but it happened.

Van would be on the road more and more. In the short few weeks he’d be back in your bed, he was distracted by to-be-written lyrics, and predictions for how audiences in countries he’d never been to would behave. All the other things you’d talked about as ratty teenagers faded into the background. There wasn’t a shared dream, and that alone was enough to push you out into the arms of your friends and other people. Van didn’t know about your friendship with Riley, nor did he know that it was probably more than a friendship. You weren’t a cheater, but it still felt deceptive, all the time you spent with Riley. When the guilt was too much, you told Van it was better for you both to go your separate ways.

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Gintama 632 translation

Title: You have to commit your crimes while doing good things

Matako: Can you take me with you? I know what kind of person are you, the one that can do anything, we are the same, we both lost everything during the war, my father that fought for this country, it’s been killed by the same country. And my mother that was a criminal’s wife, died while was persecuted. The only one left that can still do something it’s me, and the only thong i can do is to take revenge against my family’s enemies with this gun that my father left… !! W.. wait!! They.. they took everything from you too!! The bakufu, teh amanto” please take revenge with me!! We will …

Takasugi: Together? So if we have the same enemies… why don’t you point that gun to your head? If there is a thing I will do, it’s to destroy this country, you are still in time, they say that the smartest ones survive. 

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I had a friend who claimed to be Jewish. He wasn’t, and isn’t, and never will be. For him, it was a fasionable alienation, a thing that he could use to make himself an outlier without actually putting himself at risk. I tolerated this, because there’s a certain amount of smiling and thinking this too shall pass when you’re Jewish.

Sometimes, it surprises people to learn that anti-Semitism is alive and well. It flies under the radar. We don’t like to think about it, as a society: there’s a very real sense of “we’re sorry we used you as our scapegoat and murdered tens of thousands of your people per year for two thousand years, and then let a madman wipe out one third of your population, but that’s in the past. Why aren’t you smiling? You’re rich, right? You control all the money and banks and movies…”

Back in the Medieval Ages, Europe took that whole Christian thing pretty seriously. Jesus was against lending money and charging interest, so royalty lent their money to Jewish communities and had them charge interest, then took it all. Jews were given the worst land to live on and forced to be tax collectors, and if the nobility charged people too much and they rebelled? “Well, it’s the fault of the Jews. Blame them. Kill them. They’re only Jews.”

I disagree with the Zionists and what they’ve done to the Palestinians, but I understand their fervor. A large reason why all these atrocities happened was because there was no Jewish homeland - if you were, say, a Frenchman visiting Spain and the Spanish were mean to you, France would step up to protect you. The Jews had no homeland. No one stood for us, and for two thousand years people took advantage of that.

Have you heard of Yiddish? Of course you have. It’s that funny sounding language that Jews sometimes speak in sitcoms or movies. It’s a real language, a sort of ‘pig-Hebrew’ that was developed in the East Roman Empire. There was another language just like it spoken by Jews living in Western Europe called Sephardic. No one speaks it anymore. Everyone that did was burned to ashes to satisfy the misplaced religious bloodlust of a death cult.

I’ve had pennies thrown at my feet. I try and talk about it and people say that doesn’t happen or you don’t look Jewish, or any one of a dozen other things. I explain that most Jewish holidays boil down to they tried to kill us and failed… let’s get drunk. Smile. Laugh. It’s funny.

1941 was before Pearl Harbor. The United States was still very isolationist. When Hitler put Jews on boats and told the world what he wanted to do to them, the United States didn’t take them. The Jews at that point were allowed to do one of two things by the people that, for two thousand years, had done little more than murder and kill them whenever they felt like it.

In 1941, two Jews invented the character of Captain America. The concept was two-fold; on one hand, Steve Rogers was to be the Aryan Ideal turned in on itself, the Superman made someone who was inherently decent, the conscience of his world. The second was a plea; by calling the character Captain America, these two Jews were asking America to remember its dream and live up to that ideal.

The creators of Captain America had family that the Nazis murdered. They went and fought in that war to save the Jews that the world left to die.

Jokingly, I’ve written a column called God of Comics. I know how comics work, and in regards to this there will be a separate article about how this storyline is a symptom of a larger problem that is choking that industry. So, yes: the Captain America that is now a Nazi will be explained away as being a Skrull, or a clone, or from a different time line, or any one of a hundred different outs. It will be retconned; the company that has allowed this to happen will hope that it will be forgotten.   

It won’t be.

It took Marvel ten years to salvage something of Iron Man from Civil War. Without the movies, I do not think they would have had any idea of where to start. Now, we’re hollowing out an icon that was meant to stand against a thing by making him a part of that thing.

Yes, this too shall pass. It’s comics, another form of fiction, and people that don’t understand the power of fiction will dismiss it as such. It will be fixed, you think, when it gets retconned out of existence for being the idiot idea that it is.

And it is an idiot idea. It’s click-bait built on the deaths of eleven million people, over half of which were just the latest atrocity committed against the Jewish people.

I don’t know how to end this. I try not to quote other people, mostly, as I think that as a writer I should be able to speak for myself. Yet, in this instance, I’m bowing out to Sigrid Ellis, the Jew that does the panels for a comic called Pretty Deadly:

“And knowing that this wound is temporary, that it’s for the sake of sales and money and a story beat, that just makes it hurt more, not less. How little we must matter, the people who needed Steve to be the defender of the underdog and the weak, how little we must matter if betraying us for a story beat is so easy.

"How little must we matter. The people who created Captain America, and Superman, and countless other heroes like them. The people who need him. The people whose history and suffering and hope, as we stood on the brink of annihilation, gave you your weekly entertainment and your fun thought experiment, 75 years later.

"I hope it was worth it, Marvel.”

Smile, everyone. This too shall pass.

Boba (Or Nah?)

Originally posted by visual-17

Pairing: Mingyu/Reader

Genre: a whole butt load of Fluff

Summary: Mingyu thinks he’s sly. You think Mingyu hates you. Mingyu is not sly. 

Author’s Note: TBH this idea was conjured because my sister and I think the guy at the Boba place I always go to hates me. OR DOES HE. No but forreal, we started referring to him as “Kid #2 that hates me.” since there’s already “Jason, the kid that hates me” at school lmao. Anyways, Enjoyyyy, this is just super dorky and cute and I love it lmao Mingyu is a cutie

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The Snow Globe

by reddit user NP-CO

“Janie honey,” My mother said as we left the funeral. “That lawyer gave me a key.”

“A key?” I said.

“It seems that Aunt Tabitha left you something. Locked in a safe deposit box.”

“Really? I asked turning to my mother. “But wasn’t she poor?”

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A/N: Hello! Sooo, I know I’ve been MIA for practically the entire year, but as I’ve told you guys a million times, I was studying to get into med school. And guess what? I did! So I can concentrate on more mundane endeavors.

So! I promised Logan’s birth didn’t I? I guess you can say I’ll deliver it now. Ha! Get it? *Shows up six months late with a bad pun* I’m sorry. I’ll let you read it.


Annabeth had fought hellhounds, dracanae, empousai. She’d fought Titans, Giants, survived two wars before she was legally allowed to drink. She’d been hit by arrows, taken a poisoned dagger to the shoulder, broken ribs and walked miles in the deepest parts of hell on a broken ankle. She’d held up the bloody sky. She had considered herself quite resistant to pain.

And yet, childbirth… was something to consider. No wonder every polytheist culture in the world had several goddesses for it. That thing hurt. You’d think someone would have invented a better method by now. ‘I’m going to go up to Olympus and propose a theory on why they should invent a new way to birth babies,’ she thought somewhere into the third hour of contractions. ‘I am NEVER doing this again,’ she thought midway the process of pushing a small-sized human through an even smaller place. ‘I am going to kill my husband,’ was also somewhere in there.

And then, ‘Oh.’

That’s why no one had invented a better method yet. All the pain goes out the window the moment they put her son in her arms.

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THE SUN AND OTHER STARS, by Rosamund Hodge

Other girls have galaxies between their palms.

Me, I have only one star.

Adults like to say it doesn’t mean anything. Not for sure, anyway. All the double-blind studies with twins, and still nobody really knows what it means when you press your palms together, breathe into the little gap, cup your hands–and see stars floating between your fingers.

Nobody knows. But the story is, each star is for somebody you’re going to meet and love. Boyfriend or best friend or baby: any kind of love will make a star for you.

When I was in middle-school, the other girls loved sitting together and cupping their hands, giggling over the new constellations they saw each time. I’d watch them from the corner of my eye as I sat at my end of the cafeteria table, pretending to read. I was three feet five inches away from them–just far enough that it didn’t look like I was trying to sit with them. Just close enough that I could imagine they might talk to me.

They never did. And the worst thing was, I was pretty sure I knew why.

All my life, I’ve only ever seen one star in my palms. 


When I was sixteen, I met Katya, and everything changed.

I’d met her before, technically–we’d both been at St. Clare’s since freshman year–but we’d never really talked until fate or dumb luck got us assigned to the same group project, and while we were waiting for Elsa McBride to show up, I started doodling in my notebook. 

“Is that an elf?” Katya asked, leaning over my shoulder. 

“Um,” I said, trying to hide under my wrist without looking like I was hiding it.

“That is so cool,” she said, and grinned at me. “I mean it. You’re really good. I can’t draw at all.” She bit her lip, hesitating, then went on, “I like to write.”

By the end of the week, Katya had given me a stack of her favorite detective novels, and I had given her a stack of my favorite fantasy novels, and we were plotting to create a comic about Isfandelius the Elf-Detective. I had hopes and dreams I’d never imagined. I wasn’t just Maria anymore, I was one half of the Maria-and-Katya, and the world would never be the same.

By the end of the week, I knew for an absolute fact that my star was for Katya. And I didn’t care that she had a hundred stars between her palms. I didn’t care if I ever found anyone else to love. I had a friend, and if you don’t know how much that means, you’ve never spent your whole life on the outside looking in.


We went to the same college. It was like a dream come true. 

By then, I wasn’t so worried about stars. I was practically an adult, and adults aren’t supposed to care about middle-school fortune-telling. I wasn’t so worried about making friends, either, because I’d managed to befriend Katya, hadn’t I? And I could always talk to the people that she talked to. It was going to work.

It worked. Everything went fine. We forged a gang of friends together, we fought in the epic Popcorn Popper Theft Wars, we both changed our majors three times in the first year.


Katya was a girl with a hundred stars in her hands. She had five best friends, six if you count frenemies. She fell in love twice, broke her heart twice, and now the third time seemed to be working out.

I had Katya. And I got to hang out with Katya’s friends.

Sometimes I told myself that I did have more than one friend. That nobody was the same as Katya only because I wasn’t alone anymore, so nobody else could be the one who saved me. That just because I didn’t want to share my secrets with Katya’s friends, didn’t mean they weren’t important to me.

Sometimes I told myself that any day now, I would find friends of my own, friends I hadn’t just mooched off Katya. Or that I would fall in love, because isn’t that supposed to fill up the gap in your chest? Isn’t that what finally makes you whole?

Sometimes I dug out the half-finished pages I’d drawn of the adventures of Isfandelius. Katya was still writing, but she’d moved on to other projects. She had a thousand ideas, as many as the stars in her palms, and she had to try them all.

Sometimes I just cupped my hands, and stared at my single star.


I don’t have an ending to this story.

I want to say that one day, I woke up and realized the stars in our hands have nothing to do with love or fate, and I stopped being afraid of being alone. Or that I realized my single star wasn’t Katya but somebody else, some perfect person who finally made me whole. 

I want to say I’m sure that one day, no matter how it happens, there will be nothing inside my chest but the sunshine glow of being loved.

Here’s what I know: I have one friend, as precious as the sun itself. Katya was my miracle, and if I never get another, I can never be thankful enough.

Here’s what else I know: my heart is as greedy as a black hole. I could have all the love in the world, and I’m not sure it would satisfy me.

That’s all.

That’s all, but also this: when I cup my hands, and breathe, and look at the single star between my palms … it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

SasuSaku Month 2016
Day 26- Us Against the World
: The People who Love You.
Summary: The Konoha council is discussing Sasuke’s sentence and the death penalty is the one thing the elders want the most. He needs to pay for his crimes, but killing the Uchiha won’t be that easy. Not while she’s around.
A/N: Ahh! I’ve finally finished this one! I was so excited to write this idea, and since I was traveling, I thought I wouldn’t have time to do so… BUT thanks to the dawn, I’ve managed to finish this theme XD I’ve tried making it more direct again, but this one ended up really long. I’ve added the details I wanted, and I’m reallyy happy with the results! I hope you also enjoy it, and please, leave me a comment! Tell me what you’re thinking about the themes so far!
“ You’re not touching Uchiha Sasuke.”

Her voice echoed around the room, crossing the entire wooden table until it reached the ears of the old woman standing some chairs away from her. Emerald eyes were burning in pure anger, as an uncomfortably dangerous silence was set. Tsunade was there, with her arms crossed and eyes closed, simply waiting for her student to solve things up.

People were looking at her. People were judging her words.

But Haruno Sakura couldn’t care less for all those things.

“ Excuse me…? Perhaps I didn’t quite understand your words, Ms. Haruno.”

Trembling were the words that left Koharu’s lips, as she looked shocked at the medic, who was simply sitting in that chair, with her hands forming a bridge in front of her lips. The elders who formed the Konoha Council were equally surprised- and equally annoyed at the pinkette’s words, but not a single one of them dared raise their voices against the girl. They were more afraid of her than they were of her master, and thanks to previous experiences, the entire council remained quiet, leaving all the talking to the old woman in front of them.

That was exactly why they didn’t want that girl there.

Not when the matter was none other than Uchiha Sasuke’s judgement.

Even if the elders did their best to keep that meeting a secret from the ones close to the raven haired boy, there was no way to force the slug princess to stay quiet. They had successfully prevented the loud Uzumaki from joining, and even the future Hokage was left out of that assembly due to personal connections with the culprit. It was evident and infuriating to see that the council was blocking all their efforts on trying to have any say in the final decision, but in the end, there was nothing neither of them could do.

They were left out, but she was definitely in.

For being the pupil of the Godaime, Haruno Sakura has always had free access to many things around the village. From special books to some of the deepest secrets of the village, the girl knew it all, and even if her access to the judgement was also threatened, Tsunade herself- as the Hokage in charge of that trial- brought her pupil along as her right-hand-woman. There was no arguing with the blonde, and if it was already difficult for the elders to get their ideas approved with just the Hokage, with her miniature-self around, such thing would just be impossible.

Especially when the main idea was the execution of Uchiha Sasuke.

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anonymous asked:

It bothers the hell out of me when people claim that Jon is the heir of house Targaryen. Like what, by a vague bloodline that he neither knows nor honors? What dragons has HE ever fucking woken what fire has ever given him strength the only Targaryen legacy Jon has is the advice Aemon gave him like what the hell fandom DAENERYS is the heir to the Targaryen throne and the legacy of Valyria her ancestors's choices are HERS to correct & emulate I don't give a damn about R&L's marital status

Greeting anon!

Sorry about the late reply but I received the message during my vacations and well, I was on vacation. But I’m back now and better than ever, I think.

My dear friend, I feel your pain. This has been a source of grief for a long time. As a fan of Daenerys Targaryen, The First of Her Name, I’ve had to deal with the relegation by these fans of Dany’s character and arc to a delivery service that will provide Jon Snow will the dragons and the armies he needs.

Let’s first look at Jon Snow’s arc; it’s most important theme is his identity and what he sees as his place in the world. Jon doesn’t just want to be legitimized he wants to be legitimized a Stark. To find out that he’s not a Stark and that his father is a Targaryen will be devastating. He has no connection to the Targaryen other than, as you mentioned, his relationship with Maester Aemon and what he has heard and read about them. So, he has no interest in restoring House Targaryen and becoming the Targaryen heir, that’s not what his story is about.

His story is about becoming comfortable with who he is as a person and what he has been able to achieve despite the fact that he’s a bastard. Being legitimate won’t change him as a person, won’t change what he’s achieve. Legitimacy would be for the benefit of other not him, not really. His character shouldn’t be defined by his “true parentage” it should be defined by what he learned from his father Ned and what he achieved on his own despite being a bastard. Finding out who his real parents are is the last step in pushing him to finally and truly come to term with being the bastard, Jon Snow.

Okay, sorry, I needed to get that out of the way in order to discuss the story of the true heir to House Targaryen, Daenerys Stormborn.

So, I’ve very briefly delineated what I believe Jon Snow’s story is really about, which is not House Targaryen. Jon being a Targaryen has way more to do with the magical aspects of the story than the political aspects.

Let’s talk now about Dany’s story and its major theme. Like Jon, the main theme in Dany’s story is that of identity*, of which the most important one is her identity as the last scion of House Targaryen. Dany was not born and didn’t grow up believing that she was the scion of House Targaryen and that it was her job to restore her House, that was her brother Viserys who had been crowned king by his mother in Dragonstone. So, Dany’s identity at the beginning of the story is as the meek little sister of the beggar king, Viserys. But because it’s the world of ASOIAF shit happens and Dany found herself alone in the world, the last member of the once great House Targaryen.

Her whole life her brother drilled into her how they had to take back what was stolen from them, that they had to avenge their family, and erase the disgrace they now found themselves in. Viserys’ death didn’t erase these things from Dany’s mind, it made them more urgent. Dany feels the weight of her entire family’s history on her shoulder. It is up to her and her alone, to take back the kingdom that was formed by her family, to restore her House and to avenge the death of her family. After all she was the last Targaryen, if she failed, her House would disappear, but worst of all, it would have disappeared in exile, disgraced and in ruins, a shell of its former glory. It is now Dany’s duty to do everything in her power to restore and redeem the Targaryen name. This is not an easy burden to bear for Dany, it is lonely and sad, and it forces her to put away any personal want she might have had, for the good of her House and family.

Dany being the heir to House Targaryen is not just something that she fell into by virtue of being the last know Targaryen but it also appears that it’s something that the “cosmos” has chosen for her. Why do I say this? Well, in Dany’s first chapter in AGOT she has her first Dragon Dream, in which she presumably sees Drogon for the first time. She goes on to have another Dragon Dream in which she is healed by Drogon’s fire. Then, she has a third dream (during her miscarriage) this is an incredibly important dream, it’s her Fevered Dream. In brief, during this dream Dany is being encouraged by her ancestors to become a dragon.

Shortly after this, Dany walks into a pyre of fire with her three dragon eggs and hatches them, these eggs that have been dormant for at least 150 years. She walks out of the pyre unburnt with three little baby dragons and feeds them from her own breast milk. Please note that she almost symbolically gave birth to her House sigil, which is a three headed dragon. Now, she hatched three separate dragons but the connection is there. She then goes on to bond with the black and red dragon, the dragon that bears her House colors.

Dany then embarks in her quest to gain an army and take back the kingdom that was stolen from her family. During this quest she encounters Slaver’s Bay; which exist in great part to the Valyrian’s enslaving that region with the assistance of their dragons. She then uses her own dragons to free the people of Slaver’s Bay. Basically, undoing what her Valyrian ancestor did. Along the way she begins to learn a little bit more about her family from someone other than her brother, Ser Barristan. What he tells Dany is a bit different than what she’s heard. She is confronted with the possibility that her family was complicit in its own downfall. She learns that her father was a mad man who committed any number of horrors. But this part of the story is still in progress.

Regardless of this though, Dany still sees it as her duty to restore her family honor and the throne that belong to her family. She has her armies and her dragons and will soon set sail to Westeros to reclaim her crown and restore her House.

Like Jon, Dany has to come to term with her identity and what it all entails. She is confident in her role as a Targaryen, but does she know and recognize what that truly means? The good and the bad and the really, really bad? We’ve seen hints of this in the show, when Dany says that she wants to leave the world a better place than her father did. But I think Dany’s push (like Jon’s push with the revelation of his parentage) will be when she is forced to chose between the throne that she has fought so hard for and the fight against the Others. She will have to make good on her promise that she wants to leave the world a better place than her forebears.

I think it’s important that this choice be a clean choice for Dany. If Jon were the true Targaryen heir it would diminish the importance of Dany’s choice, in my estimation. Because the throne wouldn’t have been hers in the first place and so therefore her entire arc was a futile exercise attempt to regain and restore a House she wasn’t even the scion of.  Hahahaha!

So, then what lesson do we take away from this, don’t be ambitions, don’t fight for your family, their honor, your own honor as the last member of your family.

Who do you think you are woman; move aside so that the real man of the House can take your place.

Had Dany not felt it her duty to restore her House she might not have hatched her dragons, she wouldn’t have gone into Slaver’s Bay much less free the slaves there. She wouldn’t have gather her soon to be very large army and brought it to Westeros (where most all other armies have been turned to pieces by the War of the Five Kings. BTW).

And I ask those fans who are so keen to disinherit Dany, where would Westeros be if Dany hadn’t accomplished what she has accomplished? Because if you think that the dragons and that large army Dany is bringing to Westeros (however much it is reduced after her fight with Euron/Cersei) are not going to be extremely important if not essential to the War for Dawn then you have not been paying attention.

This is why it’s important that she’s the legitimate heir to the Targaryens, because her turning her back on something that is hers by right, that is just within her grasp, for the greater good makes her choice so much more powerful and meaningful.

So be grateful that Daenerys Stormborn is the heir to the House Targaryen, that she had the guts, the courage, and the cunning to do what needed to be done to restore her House. And that she’s bringing all that to Westeros, all her fight, her fearlessness, her determination that she will prevail. Because if she wasn’t bringing that, the story we would be reading would be the story of the end of the world.

This turned out a lot longer than I intended it to be, because apparently, I’m feeling wordy today.

*Dany’s struggle with identity is a bit more complicated. She’s a mother; she’s a dragon, a Khaleesi, a queen, the duality of her character, etc, etc. But for the purposes of this ask I focus on her Targaryen identity because it’s the overriding identity, it’s the reason she’s doing what she is doing.

lost in time
  • words: 5,750
  • genre: angst, ceo! au
  • member: baekhyun

I don’t know when everything started falling apart. We were a good couple, or as “good” as any couple in an arranged marriage could’ve got. That wasn’t the issue, though. No, we didn’t really start having issues until about eight months into the marriage.

He told me it was work. He worked longer hours for his father’s company. He wouldn’t come till after I’ve fallen asleep, and he’d be gone long before I’ve waken up.

I suppose I’ve had my doubts. “Work” was going well, according to my father. “Work” was in fact, better than its ever been. There was no need for longer hours. But every morning, I’d feel the rustle coming from the other side of the bed at 5 am sharp, and I’d softly open my eyes just as Baekhyun left our room to get ready for “work”.

One night, I stayed up late. I was determined to see my husband. My husband, who worked longer hours than everyone in his own company. Husband. The word suddenly sounded strange, even in my head. When was it when I had last kissed my own husband?

I was sitting quietly in front of a blank television screen at 2 am when I heard the turn of the lock, signaling Baekhyun’s return.

I watched his face as he entered our home. The small smile that disappeared from his face when he saw me watching him from the living room.

“(Y/N)?” His face pulled into a confused frown. “What are you doing up so late?”

“I wanted to see you,” I said. My voice sounded so small compared to his. “Are you hungry? I-”

“I’m actually really tired. I was just about to go to sleep.”

I stared at his figure as he went up to our room, leaving me all alone on the couch. I couldn’t stop the pang in my heart or the thoughts that kept recurring over and over again.

Did Baekhyun even love me any more?

I didn’t go back to sleep that night.

At 5 am, I heard the door to our bedroom squeak as he slid into the bathroom. 5:30, I hear his footsteps as he comes down the stairs. He stops when he sees me in the living room still.

“Why didn’t you come to bed last night?” He speaks quietly.

Why didn’t you ask me that last night? I wondered bitterly.

“I was tired.” I answered.

“If you’re tired, then shouldn’t you sleep?” He says, a small smile on his face.

I stare quietly at my hands. “I was too tired to sleep.”

He looked at me for all of three heart beats before he made his way out the door. “Go to bed, jagiya.” He calls over his shoulder as he walks out again. Walks out for his “work”.

I don’t know what prompted me to follow him. I don’t know why an hour later I decided to go visit him. I don’t know a lot of things about what happened. What I did know was, the moment I couldn’t find his secretary by his office that my suspicions had been right. When I heard both their voices from outside his door; when I saw the faint outline of my husband and another figure through the tinted windows of his office.

I knew I no longer meant anything to him.

I swallowed as I saw them get even closer than they were before, Baekhyun leaned against his desk, while the outline of a woman traced her finger against his chest. I saw the silhouette of my husband looking at her, talking to her, but doing nothing to stop her.  

I called his phone. I saw them both stop for a second, and he turned around as his phone rang. He reached over his desk and held his phone for a moment, before he set it back down.

“The number you dialed is-”

And that was the last straw. I stormed out of his office, and I heard murmurs of confusion from his employees as I walked out.

The first thing I did was call Chanyeol.

“(Y/N)? What’s-”

“Chanyeol, I have to see you.”

He paused. “What’s going on, are you okay?”


“I’ll be in my apartment in fifteen minutes. Wait for me there, okay?”

I hung up immediately.


He stopped when he saw the look on my face. In an instant, he was beside me, his usual smile replaced with a grim frown.

“What happened?” He urged. He led me into his apartment and I didn’t say anything until I was sitting down.

“Y/N, what’s-”

“It’s Baekhyun.”


“He’s cheating on me.”

And maybe it was because I heard the words being said out loud, that it suddenly felt so real, so painful. And when Chanyeol pulled me into his chest, I couldn’t stop the tears that kept streaming onto his shoulder. Somehow, his soft voice calling my name only prompted me to cry harder. I missed Baekhyun. I missed how he’d say my name. I missed his hold, his care.

“What are you talking about?” He said gently. “Come on, you know Baekhyun loves you.”

“I saw him! Chan, she was practically on top of him, and he did nothing to stop her! Nothing!”

Chanyeol frowned for a moment, but he masked it just as quickly. “Hey, maybe you just misinterpreted what was going on, there’s no way-”

“Then why doesn’t he come home?” I demand. “Why didn’t he step away from her? Chanyeol, why-”

I pull out my phone and dial his number immediately. It takes all of three seconds before-

“The number you dialed is-”

“Why doesn’t he even want to talk to me anymore?”

And suddenly, I was in Chanyeol’s arms as he brushed his fingers through my hair and told me that I would be fine. I was crying all over his shoulder and into his chest, to the point where his shoulder was too wet for me put my head against anymore. But not once did he tell me to stop crying.

I don’t know if it was minutes or hours later when I finally stopped, but I didn’t speak for a while.

“I must look pretty pathetic right now.” I laughed bitterly.

“I’m sorry. I don’t know why Baekhyun’s acting like this (Y/N), if I could-”

I shook him off. “I’m tired, Chanyeol. For the past three months I’ve been so tired.”

And just like that, he didn’t say anything else. He brought me food and water, but I couldn’t find the energy to eat or drink. I slept in his extra room and I didn’t go home that day. When I didn’t see any calls or texts from Baekhyun, I didn’t go home the next day either. Or the day after that.

It wasn’t until the third day that he even acknowledged my absence.

A single text at midnight.

Jagiya, where are you?

I turned my phone off and went to sleep.

I begged Chanyeol not to alert him of anything. Not my presence at his apartment or even my knowledge of his affair. And true to his word, Chanyeol also rejected his best friend’s calls, and did his best to be there for me in his place.

The next day Baekhyun stepped up his game. He actually called.

As the days passed, his texts also changed.

Call me now.

It was a week later, and I sat in my room staring at the seventeen text messages he’s left since I’d left when I heard a knock on my door.

I called out “come in” and smiled gratefully when Chanyeol popped his head into the room.

“You’ve locked yourself up in here all week,” He said. “In your absence, my lady, the entire Earth’s water supply has dried up, two world wars have been fought, and Kanye West has become the new President of the United States. Only the sight of you outside and smiling will bring back world peace.”

At that, I lowered my gaze as a soft smile played on my lips. In response, Chanyeol walked in and sat on the edge of my bed.

“Won’t you grace me with your presence at the luxurious, over-priced and absolutely horrid supermarket to help restore my humble home’s lack of milk and cup noodles?”

I laughed.

“My back hurts from sitting around and doing nothing all day anyway.” I shyly admitted.

“Well, then it’s settled. Come on,” He smiled encouragingly, I realized just how grateful I was for all that he’s done for me this past week.

“Chanyeol?” I called as we made our way outside.

He looked over his shoulder. “Mhmm?”

“Thank you.” I said. “For everything.”

He swung an arm around my neck as we walked into the supermarket. “Well, what are friends for, amirite?”

We kept strolling through the aisles. Chanyeol was restocking a lot more than just milk and cup noodles, but he only grinned elfishly at my observation.

The sound of his phone ringing stopped us from judging the many brands of ice cream at the dairy section. He pulled it out, and after a moment of deciding whether or not to answer, he slid it back into his pocket.

“Jandi?” I asked with a smirk. “Who’s that?”

He rubbed his neck embarrassedly and looked back at the ice cream. “This girl I was with the other night. She’s actually pretty nice.”

“Aren’t you gonna call her back, then?”

“Later,” He promised with a smirk. “Hunger before hormones.”

I laughed, and we were about to move to the next aisle when suddenly my phone rang, as well.

I looked at Chanyeol.

“Wow, look at us. So popular.” He joked. I gave him a small smile before I pulled out my phone. Sure enough, it was Baekhyun again. Calling for his 2nd attempt that day. I scoffed and put my phone back in my pocket.

“Aren’t you gonna answer?” Chanyeol asked softly.

“Hunger before hormones.” I replied back with a forced smile.

“He’s probably really worried, you know?” He told me gently.

I stared at my hands. “If he really wanted to see me, he’d have done it by now, you know how Baekhyun is.”  

Chanyeol looked at me sadly, so I put on a forced smile and waved it off. “Whatever, come on, let’s go back now.”

But before we could move, a deep voice stopped me dead in my tracks.

“Oh, were you going somewhere?” the voice asked.

I turned around, not believing my ears.

“Baekhyun,” Chanyeol’s eyes widened.

“I’m sorry, am I interrupting something?” He raised a brow. He was dressed in his usual business attire, his arms crossed aggressively as he watched us. He still looked as handsome as ever, albeit slightly thinner and his skin somewhat paler.

I felt my eyes burn just at the sight of him. “Chanyeol, let’s just go home.” I pleaded as I tried moving away from him.

Baekhyun charged forward and roughly pulled me against him. I would have tripped, had his hold not been so strong. “The only home you’re going to is ours.” He growled.

I scoffed. “Did you finally remember we had a home?”

His scowl deepened and he pulled me again. “Let’s go.”

“I’m not going anywhere with you.”

“Baekhyun, let her go.” Chanyeol put a hand on his best friend’s shoulder.

As if touched by fire, Baekhyun growled. “Don’t fucking touch me after what you’ve done.”

As Chanyeol finally realized where Baekhyun’s thoughts were headed, his face pulled into an angry frown.

“After what I’ve done?”

But Baekhyun was already walking away, his hold tight on my wrist. I yelped as his fingers kept getting tighter and tighter, but he didn’t let go of me until we were in his car.

“Who the hell do you think you are!” I screamed once the doors closed.

Me? I wouldn’t be saying that if I slept around with my husband’s best friend for the past week!” He growled, his voice deadly.

And that was the last straw.

“What’s wrong with me staying with Chanyeol, sleeping in different rooms, for a single week?” I demanded. “It isn’t like I’ve been sleeping with my secretary for the past three months!”

And just like that Baekhyun stopped. His eyes widened, his face paled even more than before, and his mouth hung with shock.

“Three whole months of me sitting at home every day, doing nothing but cooking and cleaning and waiting for a husband who wanted nothing to do with me! Who couldn’t wait to leave as soon as he came home!”

He opened his mouth to say something, but I wouldn’t give him the opportunity.

“What have I ever done to you, Baekhyun? How could you do something like this to me?” I cried. “I hate you. Do you know how pathetic I feel because of you?”

His face reddened.

“Oh, embarrassed, are you? How do you think I felt walking into my own husband’s company and walking out to give him and his little secretary some time alone? How do you think I felt waiting for you every single night, even though you walk in without even sparing me a glance? How do you think I feel when every time I tried to start a conversation with you, you walked out and left me all alone!”

“(Y/N), I-”

“I loved you.” I interrupted him. “I loved you like I’ve never loved anyone else. You were always the first thing on my mind when I opened my eyes, and the last thing I thought about before I went to sleep. Even in my dreams, what kept me going was that maybe one day I’ll actually be able to have you to myself. That I’d actually be able to spend time with my own husband!”

Baekhyun was staring at me with something that resembled guilt. Or maybe it was pity. I was making a bigger idiot of myself by the second.

“Was I- was I not good enough?” I whispered. My voice began to fade as little droplets of rain began to hit the top of the car. “Was I not pretty enough? Was I too boring?” I looked up at him clearly for the first time. “Why, Baekhyun?”

The car stopped in front of our home. Or what used to be home. I didn’t realize how much I was crying until his hand reached out for me.

“(Y/N), I-”

“Don’t touch me!” I recoiled. “Don’t talk to me, Baek. I-I don’t want anything to do with you anymore. I tried so, so much. But- but I can’t keep doing this anymore, Baekhyun.”

And before I could make an even bigger fool out of myself, I walked out and hoped my tears weren’t as obvious in the rain. I ran upstairs and didn’t fully let everything out until I was in my bed. Where I’ve spent every night thinking about how best to be there for Baekhyun. Baekhyun, who didn’t even care enough to kiss me goodbye every morning or hug me tight when we went to sleep.

Baekhyun, Baekhyun, Baekhyun.

And just like always, he was the last thing on my mind before I drifted to sleep.

I get confused in the morning when I find myself back in my bed and not Chanyeol’s. When everything came flooding back, I frantically search for my phone. Did Chanyeol call me afterward? Would he be able to come get me? It’s around 10 am, so Baekhyun’s back at “work”.

When my eyes start watering again, I frantically rub them and get out of bed. I had to wash my face. No doubt I look like complete and utter shit after all that’s happened.

But as I open the door, my heart turns to lead when I hear a sudden grunt from beneath me. My face pales as I realize I stepped on a sleepy Baekhyun, who was sitting on the floor in front of our room.

When I see him, I frantically try to go back into my room when I feel his tight grasp on my wrist again.

“Wait, (Y/N), I-”

“S-stop hurting me,” I whimper pathetically as I tried fighting him off of me.

His eyes widen, and his hold turns softer as he pulls me closer.

“Baekhyun, leave-”

“Please,” He whispers. I look at him for the first time and realize just how horrible he looks. His hair’s a mess, as if he’d been pulling at it all night. His eyes were tinted at the corners, and accompanied by the dark circles under them, it looked like he didn’t get much sleep either.

I stopped fighting him.

“I fired her.”

I look at him with a smile. “Oh, is this the part where I’m supposed to feel relieved and jump into your arms and ignore everything that’s happened for the past-”

“I told her the next time I see her, I’ll take her to court. I’ll ruin her for all she’s worth if she ever comes in front of me.”

Before I could say anything else, his voice gets even lower.

“The first time, I was in the office late and she walked in. I was really stressed at the time. And I wanted nothing more than to come home early. And she told me to go and she’d take care of it. I said ‘thank you’ and hurried back home to you. That was the first time I recognized her.

“A week later,  my company’s stocks dropped lower than they’ve ever had before. I didn’t know what happened. When I told you, you looked so upset and I could tell that you were worried about me more than ever. Each time you adjusted the blankets when we were sleeping so I’d get the bigger half, each time you called your dad behind my back to help me and he ended up yelling at you to just leave me, (Y/N), I noticed it all…

“And that’s when I realized that you stopped smiling. You were always putting me first and I hated it. I hated that I wasn’t a good enough husband. That I couldn’t have less problems so I wouldn’t constantly trouble you with them. I, I-” He hesitated before he softly cupped my cheek, his eyes full of pain. I winced at his touch. “I just wanted you to be happy.

“Soon, she started offering to finish up my work for me every night,” He continued. “I was so confused. The work was getting done but the company’s position kept getting worse and worse. Then, one night, I caught her.

“She had offered to finish things for me again, but while I was on my way home, a sudden thought struck me and I turned around immediately. And there she was, in my office, pulling out at my paperwork and messing with my files. She- she was ruining me for all I had.”

My eyes widened.

“I got angry, I was going to call the police, but then she threatened that if anything happens to her, she had the paperwork to bring my company to the ground. I didn’t know where she was getting any of those documents from, or how, but one look at them and I knew if they were leaked, I’d be done for.

“And that’s when she made her first attempt.” He whispered solemnly. “She suddenly changed her tone, came closer and kept eyeing me like a lion watches its prey. She-she said, I could promote her and keep her as my secretary, and she would make it all go away. I was scared, and I agreed immediately, but then she kept suggesting we…” His voice trailed off as he took in the expression on my face. “I promoted her. She probably knows more about the company than anyone else I know. I gave her all she asked for, fearful of what might happen if she was to play around with more of my files.”

I was quiet.

“I gave her everything, (Y/N), but not once did I touch her.”

“Bullshit.” I say immediately. I was about to turn around right then and there, but he held me even tighter.

“You have to believe me. I swear, I denied her each time she tried to get closer to me. I know I’ve been an ass to you and haven’t been the husband you deserve-”

I pull my hands out of his, but this does nothing more than make him more determined.

“-but I swear, (Y/N), I would never do something like that to you.” He stares at me intensely. “She tried so many times, but she doesn’t even do it as seriously as before because she knows I’m not interested. Each time, I tell her I already have a wife waiting for me at home. I never touched her.”

“And all I did was wait for a husband who never came home.” I mutter bitterly. Guilt covers his face.

“I was worried about leaving the company, Y/N,” He whispered. “Every night I went back because I was scared to leave the company alone. I was worried she would do something and I’d end up behind bars for things I didn’t do. I was so, so scared and didn’t trust her for a second but I- I didn’t know what would happen if I didn’t give her what she asked.”

“Baekhyun, you- you just said you fired her.”

He looked at his feet with a small smile. “Well, I guess we’ll find what happens tomorrow.”

My head was spinning with a million thoughts per second, but my body lacked the energy to express them.

“Baekhyun, I’m your wife,” I whispered. “You- you know worrying about you is my job, right?”

He looked up at me and he looked sadder than I’ve ever seen him. “(Y/N), you have no idea how much it pains me to see you like…” He moves closer and cups my cheek more delicately, as if he was afraid I would shatter under his touch. “-like this.” He carefully wiped the tears from under my eyes. “Because of…me.”

I turned away, but my tears kept falling harder, until his hand that rested on my cheek was covered with them.

“What about your company?”

“By tomorrow, I might not even have a company.” He chuckled sadly. “For all I know, I might lose everything by the time the sun comes up. But I can’t do this anymore,” And for the first time in months, Baekhyun pulls me into his arms. Desperately, gently, and full of affection, like he’s been holding it in for a long time. I squeezed my arms around his neck as I cried, ugly and loudly but I didn’t care. I could feel his chest clench with each wheeze that came out of my mouth and his arms shake as he holds me. “I was so stupid. I don’t- I don’t deserve you. I know you probably don’t ever want to see me again, but baby, I swear, I’m so, so sorry. I know you’ve been in so much pain because of me.”

“You’re such a selfish bastard, you know that?” I scream as I throw my fist against his back. I feel him wince beneath me, but I know my words were doing more harm to him than my hands, which bounced off him without much energy.

“What did I ever do to you?” I kept going. “Why couldn’t you say anything to me? Do you know how many times I sat and wondered why you didn’t love me anymore?”

He slowly pulled away and held me by my shoulders. After a long moment of staring into my eyes, he whispers, “You have no idea how much I love you. It’s the one thing I’ve ever been sure of.” He says insistently. When I don’t respond, he holds me even tighter. “What do you want me to do? Whatever you say, I’ll do it.”

I pause. “Anything?”

“Anything.” He says instantly. “You could tell me to get my lawyer right now and sign every single penny I own to you, give you all I have and announce myself dirt-poor right now, and I swear to you-” He takes my hands into his. “- I’d do it without hesitation.”

When I don’t respond, he pulls me into his hold and rests his forehead against mine. “Baby, please.” He says quietly. “Let me fix this.”

I breathe heavily when his hands gently snake around my waist, pulling me closer, until our hips touch. We’re so close I can hear his heart beating dangerously in his chest and feel his warm breath against my skin. He eyes me with a mix of fear and desire when he dares to come even closer.

“Tell me to stop and I will,” He breathes. Then, he does something he hasn’t done in three months. Baekhyun presses his lips against mine. He stays still for a moment before I hear him shift his position so it wasn’t an uncomfortable angle for me, and kisses me again.

I don’t tell him to stop.

After a few moments of hesitation, my hands begin to nervously reach toward his face. My fingers ghost above his jaw before he suddenly starts kissing me harder, as if he can feel the warmth of my hand without it even making contact. He’s kissing me as if we’d never kissed before and as if we’d kissed a million times, all in the same heartbeat.

“Do you love me, Baekhyun?”

He pulls away, staring into my eyes with his own big brown orbs. “More than anything.” He answers without hesitation.

“Are you sure?” I whisper back boldly.

He removes one of his hands from my hip to my hand above his cheek. He squeezes my palm before gently placing his lips against it.

“As sure as I am that there stars in the sky,” He says. Then, he presses his lips against my forehead. “And that Donald Trump is a piece of shit.”

The ghost of a smile lingers on my lips before I cross my arms. “I could name a few pieces of shit myself.” When he realizes what I said, he hangs his head low with shame.

And that’s when I finally wrap my arms around his neck and kiss him. His eyes widen with surprise, and when he finally registers what’s happening, he squeezes my waist tighter and kisses me back with more passion, as if he was experiencing a thousand different emotions at once, and couldn’t wait to pour them all into me.

“Every night,” I whispered. “I waited for you to do this. To touch me. To kiss me.” I let the words fall between us. “But you never did.”

The guilt fills his face like a drop of ink in water.

“I couldn’t bring myself to touch you. I knew I was the worst husband ever and I was almost…afraid to touch you,” He says quietly, his face suddenly pained all over again. “I never hated myself more,” He swallows. “-than that first time she tried to get with me. When I was about to kiss you goodnight, and I couldn’t bring myself to do it to you. I was never home, and you were caught up in this and you didn’t deserve any of it, and I guess I-” He closes his eyes with regret. “I guess I felt like you were a piece of the purest piece of silk in the world, and I was nothing but a dirty rag, and if I touched you, I’d taint something so beautiful, and I-I couldn’t bring myself to do that to you.”


“I’m the biggest piece of shit in the world, I know.”

“-I love you.”

His eyes widened as if I’d suddenly started speaking another language. “What?”

“I said I-”

I never got to finish my sentence because in the next moment, Baekhyun lifted me up into his arms and crashed his lips against mine. I smiled warmly as he covered my face, shoulders, and neck with kisses, his heart beating at the same pace as mines. He gripped my thighs tightly as he led me into our bedroom, and laid me down on the silky sheets of our bed.

“Baekhyun,” I giggled as his lips tickled me under my ear. He smiled back and flipped me so that he was the one on the bottom, and I was laying comfortably on his chest.

“Let me make it up to you,” He pressed his lips against my head. “I’ll be the husband you’ve always wanted. The Baekhyun you fell in love with.”

I lift my head from on his chest to look into his eyes for all of three electrifying heartbeats.

“I believe you.” I smiled.

And just like that, everything dissolved between us until there was nothing but eager laughter and overdue smiles through the empty night.

My heart pounded in my chest when I woke up to the sound of Baekhyun’s alarm at 5:00 AM sharp. I held my breath when I felt him stir beside me. I was disappointed when I felt one of his arms leave my waist, and even more disappointed when I no longer felt his warm breath against my neck.

When he turned off the alarm, as he does every morning, I waited to feel the warmth disappear from beside me…but it never did. Minutes passed, but all Baekhyun did was turn off his phone, and then I felt his arms wrap around me again.

But although I missed having his chest pressed against my back, when twenty minutes passed and he still didn’t move, I rubbed my eyes to wake myself up.

“Shit,” Baekhyun mumbled when I shifted in his arms. “I’m sorry, did I wake you up?”

“Baekhyun, aren’t you going to w-work?” I stutter at the last word and I hate how my voice sounds saying it.

However, he merely shakes his head and squeezes my hand. “Let’s just stay like this a little longer.”

“But, what about-”

“Stop worrying about me, baby.” He mumbled before sitting up beside me. “I’ll figure something out.”

“Baekhyun-ah,” I curl up into him. “Should I call my father?”

It’s slight, but I see his jaw harden. “You know your father hates me. He won’t do anything.”

“I’m his daughter,” I offer him a small smile. “He loves me a lot more than he hates you.”

Baekhyun sighs and rests his chin on top my head, but I could tell he’s troubled. “Don’t make him upset over me. I’ll figure something-”

“You promised you’d actually listen to me.” I interrupt him with a frown. “Baekhyun, stop thinking you have to do everything yourself.”

He’s about to protest, but I press a kiss against his cheek and his gaze softens.

“Baekhyun,” I mumble his name lightheartedly. I curl into his lap and he holds me closer to him. I smile when he presses his lips against my neck. My heart races when I hear his deep voice hum into my skin.

“I haven’t held you in forever,” He chuckles sadly as he kisses me again. I lean back into his chest and smile.

“As much as I like this, stop changing the subject.”

He’s quiet and I could tell he’s thinking. I sit up straighter and hold his shoulders firmly.

“Byun Baekhyun,” I take my time saying each syllable. “He’s my father. If you go bankrupt, his only loving daughter will starve forever. And if his only daughter dies of hunger, then he’ll have no grandchildren, and he’ll be a grumpy, lonely & rich old guy for the rest of his life. And besides,” I add shyly as I trace my finger along his biceps. “Haven’t you always wanted children? Baekhyun-ah, how are you gonna have children one day, and explain to them that you went to jail because of something you didn’t do? How are you gonna take care of them, and let them grow up with a father that’s too busy paying off debts he doesn’t owe? How- how are you gonna leave me and your children like that, Baekhyun?”

When I look up at him, my cheeks red with embarrassment at what I was suggesting, I find him staring at me intensely.

I get even more flustered under his gaze. “Baekhyun, stop looking at me like th-”

But before I could finish my sentence, a pair of lips captures my own. My eyes widen with surprise before slowly fluttering shut, as Baekhyun’s hands grip my waist even tighter. I hear him breathe for a moment and then he’s kissing me again. I squeeze his biceps, feeling the veins softly bulge under my fingers.


“I love you.” He interrupts with a kiss. “I love you, I love you, I love you.”

My heart races in my chest. “Why are you being like this?” I mutter shyly, turning away from him.

“Do you mean it?” He asks, the way a child asks his mother if she really meant he could take the last cookie from the cookie jar.

I brush my hair behind my ear, my cheeks flushed. “I mean, I don’t know if you still want to, but before,” I swallow, remembering when we first got married. “-before, you said you did, and- and if it’s something you really want, I-” I look up at him. “-I don’t mind.”

“Did I mention how much I love you?” 

I blush under his intense gaze. “No, I must have missed it.” I joked.

“Well, I love you,” He says as he kisses me. “I love you. I love you so much.” 

“Does that mean you’ll let my dad help you?” I ask hopefully. 

“It means I’ll do anything you want,” He chuckles back as he hugs me even tighter, and I laugh as we fall back into the sheets together. 


I was dressed in a long black dress when I arrived at my father’s company. All the employees greeted me eagerly, offering me drinks and sweets upon my arrival. I shook my head and smiled gratefully, before I took the elevator to the top floor. 

I enter my father’s office immediately, without knocking. 

“-he won’t give in to me, sir.” 

I stop dead in my tracks. I look closer to make sure I wasn’t just hearing things, and hide behind a column so I wouldn’t be discovered. 

“Have you tried everything?” 

The woman nods curtly. “I made dozens of forged documents threatening him, and have tried getting Mr. Byun to sleep with me on numerous occasions. He gave me money to stop, and has even promoted me to his secretary, but he has refused all my advances, even when I told him I would get rid of all the forgeries if he gave me just one night.” 

“The son of a bitch.” My father mutters. “He’s like a roach, no matter how many times I’ve tried stepping on him, I can’t get rid of him.” 

“May I suggest something, sir? We have all the paperwork, I think it may be time to just call the police-”


The two freeze. My father looks surprised for a moment, before he shoots the woman, Baekhyun’s secretary, a look, and she hurries off.

“(Y/N), what are you doing h-”

“This was all your doing?” I say with disbelief, barely able to contain my anger. “Father, you’re the one that sent her? 

My father slouches back in his chair. “So what?”

“So what? He’s my husband, father! How could you do something like this? Not only did you try to ruin his company, but you tried getting him to cheat on me, too?” 

My father doesn’t look the least bit apologetic. “Darling, you know he’s never home. He’s constantly at his company, you don’t know what he’s doing, who he’s seeing-”

“Well, yeah, that’s all because of you!” 

He merely shrugs in response. “I have dozens, hundreds, of guys waiting to meet you. They come from much better families, they’re a lot richer than that bastard, they-” 

“I don’t care about anyone else, I’ve already chosen him. I’m married now, father, stop trying to sell me off to anyone that you can take advantage of!” 

“You don’t understand that I’m doing this all for you, darling, I-”

“No, you’re doing this all for your stupid company! How dare you call yourself a father?” I storm out of his room in tears, thinking about Baekhyun, poor Baekhyun, who’s stuck in all of this because of me. 

I pull out my phone and dial Chanyeol’s number. 

“(Y/N)! Are you okay? I’ve been trying to get in touch with you since-” 

“Chanyeol, I need your help.” I interrupt him, taking one last look at my father’s company. 

Chanyeol goes quiet for a moment, before he says, “I’ll be in my apartment in 15 minutes. Wait for me there, okay?”



When Baekhyun comes home, he finds me sitting on the couch, my legs folded against me as the television blares in the living room. 

I look up at him, my eyes red from crying. I see a newspaper in his hands, and the sight makes me feel even worse. He comes to my side immediately. 

“Are you okay?” He asks softly. He wraps his arms around me and I can’t find the energy to lie to him, so I shake my head and sink further into his chest. 

“Don’t cry, jagiya. I’ll call my best lawyer and get him out as soon as-”

I pull myself out of his arms. I wipe my eyes, and swallow. “I’m the one that called the police, Baekhyun.” 

His eyebrows scrunch together in confusion. “What?”

“Don’t try to get him out,” I say quickly. “I’m the one that called the police.”

“You?” He sits up straighter, still confused. “Why?”

“I-I went to his office this morning.” I stare at my feet. “I-I saw your secretary there. He- my father- was the one who hired her to forge your files. And- and, to try and get you to sleep with her. So-so when I find out, I’d,” I take a shaky breath. “I would leave you.”

“Your father?” 

I nod, ashamed. 

“I called Chanyeol. He brought the police and they took him and your secretary.” 

He’s quiet for a moment. “Are you sad because you feel like a bad daughter?”

“Bad fathers deserve bad daughters.” 

I hear him sigh and then he’s brushing my hair out of my face. “If it’s making you sad, I can take his place. I can release a statement that the files aren’t forged, and they’ll take me instead of him.” 

“What? No! That’s not it, Baekhyun, you know I-.” 

“Then why are you crying?”

I hide my face from him. “B-Because,” I swallow. “I was so upset about you not coming home, and I kept assuming things when in reality,” I hesitate, still not believing the words that were coming out of my mouth. “-when in reality, it was all my fault.” 

He chuckles as he puts his hand on my hip and slides me closer to him. I cover my face with my hands so he doesn’t see me crying. 

“Jagiya, what your father does has nothing to do with you.” He says softly. “Actually, if I had listened to you earlier, maybe things wouldn’t be as bad as they are now. I mean, if I hadn’t listened to you last night about telling your father, I’d still be in this mess, right?” He presses a soft kiss on my cheek. “So thank you.”

“Thank you?” I scoff. “Baekhyun, did you even hear what I said? My father has been trying to ruin you and your company for the past three months. My father’s been trying to get you to fuck your secretary just to get you away from me. My father’s been doing all this, and I just kept telling you to trust him over and over again. Why aren’t you mad?” 

He’s gives me a small smile. “Because he’s your father. And I love you.” 

My eyes widen. For some reason, this just makes me want to cry even more. He should be angry. He should yell, kick, scream. He should shout out “I told you so!” and walk out the door. But he isn’t. He’s hugging me close to him. He’s telling me he loves me. He’s even smiling

“Don’t- don’t you want to leave me?” I whisper. 

He laughs out loud this time. “Jagiya, the only thing that could take me from you is death itself. And even then, they won’t take me willingly.” He adds with a wink. 

I look down at my hands. “I still feel terrible.”

“You know what’ll make you feel less terrible?” He says with a smirk as he brings his mouth close to my ear. “…if we were to have a kid or two, don’t you think?” 

“Baekhyun-ah…” I cover my flushed face immediately.

“Jagiya,,,” He laughed as he pinched my cheek. Then, without warning, he lifts me into the air, and I scream as he carries me toward our bedroom. 

“Baekhyunnn,” I giggle into his shoulder. 

“You don’t have to say it, babe, I love you too.” 

I shake my head, but I can’t fight the smile off my face when the he shuts the door behind us.  


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A Sad Farewell (F!Corrin x Laslow)

A submission by @mfnheadcanons

Corrin stood on the balcony of her treehouse quarters, gazing out over her castle with a sad expression on her face. The reason being tomorrow she would leave this place and everyone in it and - as far as she knew - she would never see it again.

Laslow, or Inigo as she was now informed, was going home. Going home to the world he belonged to. She had made a promise to follow him anywhere, and she wasn’t one for breaking promises. She had said her farewells, and now she was saying her final goodbyes to the world she knew.
She turned to look into her room again, to her beloved family. Soleil and Kana cuddled contently as they slept, which brought a smile to the dragon princess’ face.

“It’s not too late to back out, you know,” Laslow said from behind her. He had been watching her for a little while, slowly accumulating guilt from being the one who to drag her away from the only world she had ever known.

Keep reading

Tell Everyone That There’s Hope In Your Heart | Bill/Fleur

title | ffnet | AO3

“Heads up, breakfast!”

Fleur groaned loudly, covering her head with a pillow. Her husband responded by pulling the duvet off the bed, and she shrieked in horror. “Wakey wakey,” Bill said cheerfully, opening the curtains as she rearranged the duvet back around her, fluffing up the pillows with a scowl on her face.

“It’s the weekend! I deserve a lie-in,” she grumped.

“You definitely need your beauty sleep,” agreed Bill, and she pulled a face, taking the tray he’d been levitating and pouring herself a large mug of coffee. “You have a letter from your mother,” he added, as she buttered toast for him.

He climbed back into the bed, taking the Prophet as she opened her letter. They ate breakfast in silence, each immersed in their own thoughts, but she hooked her ankle over his, and he occasionally reached over to brush her hair out of the way of her mouth. After a few moments, she folded the parchment in half and placed it back on the tray, sipping her coffee thoughtfully.

“Any exciting news?” Bill asked.

“Much gossip,” Fleur said, “and Gabrielle finishes at Beauxbatons for Christmas next week.”

“Early, this year,” he said.

“It ees,” Fleur sighed. “Maman wondered if she might come to visit for a little while, as we shall not be there until the New Year.”

“She could come and stay,” Bill said, “we’ve got the room, and we could book some extra holiday from work and go—”

“No,” Fleur said firmly, “no. It would be nice, but…maybe next year. It ees too…much, still.” 

Bill nodded slowly. She was right. It was all too much. Still.

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