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Noblesse vs Texts From Last Night

(mostly Muzaka vs texts from last night)

can werewolves and modified humans get drunk/high? probably not, but that won’t stop me

some of the content under the cut is not intended for minors because Muzaka is an awful drunk with no limits that’ll get himself killed by Frankenstein

Long post ahead!

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i feel like i’ve never actually written a paper on what i’m supposed to. like in every case i’ve taken a prompt and sorta kinda written about it, or at least the same topic, but never in the way the professor intends on me writing about it. and the weird thing is i’m pretty sure my professors have noticed? but like, what are they gonna do, its a well written paper that proves a point. its like i’ve donald trumped my way through every academic paper and there’s no stopping me now

Shark Emoji Review

A big friendly shark with an adorable shine in their eye! Traditional colors, possibly a great white? Looks like they’re about to ask you how you’ve been and give you a hug. 10/10

Looks like a meany, but is a tough guy with a heart of gold. Pretty shade of blues, like a blue shark! Not as detailed as Apple, but still ready to do business. Will beat up anyone who hurts you and give you a kiss. 10/10

A bold lil fella (pun intended) who ends up getting into pretty risky situations! Cute face of shock, yet curiosity and wonder. Very simple look of a not-so-simple great white. A good baby. 10/10

Don’t confuse this one for a dolphin! This is a shark through and through! Has the curious and gentle face of a thresher, yet no long tail. That doesn’t stop them! I support them. 10/10

Apple’s smaller, and not as detailed, sibling. That isn’t anything bad! Gentle colors and a tiny face to support such a cute shark. Most likely also has a Facebook and posts how much they love their friends. 10/10

Big and shy pal. What has you so sad? Could really use a hug. But, when they hug back, it feels like hugging a teddy bear! An ambigious shark. Cute color that fits their character. 10/10 (+a hug)

Looks like they just took a picture of a random great white. What a beautiful picture though! Looking good! 10/10

Dude with an attitude. A beautiful and confident smile that could draw in anyone. Their dream is to one day have a motorcycle gang and rule the sea. No one tell them it’s hard to ride a motorcycle with fins. 10/10 (+wishes for the best)

Ahh!!! Scared you, didn’t they? Looks like they look up to Jaws! A big fella with cute lil eyes and gleaming teeth. Wants to be a big movie star someday, practicing their moves for their Jaws-not-a-ripoff movie. Bet they will do great! 10/10

Complains: Not enough sharks. That’s it. They’re all beautiful.

i looked up alexander hamilton’s last words and among them were:  “My vision is indistinct… Take care of that pistol. It is undischarged and still cocked. It may go off and do harm. Pendleton knows that I did not intend to fire at him,” and “I have no ill will against colonel Burr. I met him with a fixed resolution to do him no harm. I forgive all that happened,” which is sad but also:

he wouldn’t fucking shut up even as he died that is the most hamilton fucking thing i

All offense intended but if u know someone is severely mentally ill and doesn’t have a lot of support and u tell them you will support them and be there for them, and then abandon them suddenly and without any explanation, u are,,,,, how do u say,,,,, a total and complete piece of shit 🙃

Best Friend Starters!

{Text}: Go to bed and stop texting me. This isn’t the intended use of emojis.

“Hey, I read about this super illegal thing and I think we should do it.” 


“Do you think foods have feelings? Maybe that gumball I dropped today was sad I didn’t eat him…”

“No, we can’t buy five hundred pugs.” 

“What do you mean I’m too loud? It’s not like I’m SHOUTING IN YOUR EAR!” 

“If I go down you’re coming with me! This is a mutual effort!” 

“I’m not picking your drunk ass up at three in the morning anymore.” 

“Stop coming into my house to sleep on my couch! Someday you’re going to find the door locked.” 

“Oof, get off! You’re too heavy!” 

“I honestly think you belong in a cell, but again, I guess we’d be cellmates.” 

“Now who the fuck took my skittles? It was you, wasn’t it, you smug little-” 

“Somehow I don’t think the teacher believed our story about the sword wielding elves breaking the window…” 


“I don’t care if you didn’t wanna share, it’s mine now!” 

“YOU ARE A DICK. Also I’m at your door, let me in.” 

“C’mon, smile…I’ll tickle you if I have to!” 

“You’re sad. Don’t lie to me. I see the pouty thing you do.” 

“Do you need me to kill someone for you?” 

“You can’t even reach me to hit me, shortie-OW!!” 


A/N: This is a repost of an old story that I deleted from my other blog. But it’s wintery so therefore kinda Christmasy? I do intend to write a Christmas one shot at some point.

Oh and it’s smutty…

“Y/N, we should go. The snow’s starting to get heavier.”

“But I’m having so much fun!” You whirled to a stop on your ice skates, in front of your best friend and colleague Spencer Reid.

You’d been driving home from lecturing at a college a few hours away when you’d spotted a deserted frozen lake that just called out to you. It looked beautiful, it had snowed over the last few days and it looked like a winter wonderland Christmas card. In your youth you’d been a budding figure skater until a shattered ankle had put paid to your dreams of pursuing it professionally. You still kept a pair of skates in the trunk of your car in the winter and you’d driven off the main road and found the entrance to the lake, begging Spencer to allow you to skate for a while.

He’d agreed and had found a log to rest on for a while, shoving his hands into his pockets as he watched you with a smile on his face.

You must have been out there for an hour before he called you back, snow starting to fall again quickly and the sun setting in the sky.

“I know you’re having fun, and I’m enjoying watching you. But I’m cold, and it’s getting dark. And we’re still at least two hours away from home. Plus… The snow is coming down pretty quick now.”

It was. You couldn’t skate very fast without feeling the force of the snowflakes against your face. He was right. And he’d been a really good sport about sitting in the cold. You carefully walked over to where he was waiting with your boots and plopped down next to him on the log, swapping your skates for more suitable footwear.

“One day, I will have you out on skates Spencer.”

“Sure you will. Probably on the same day you manage to beat me at chess.” He smiled at his joke and you nudged him playfully.

You trudged through the snow back to the car, your heads down against the falling snow. Now that you’d stopped moving on the ice, you were quickly cooling down.

Spencer dug in his pocket for your keys and pressed the button to release the central locking. Instead of the lights flashing and a bleeping you got nothing.

He pressed the button again.



Approaching the drivers side door, you took the keys off him and unlocked the door manually, leaning over and opening his door. You both shut yourselves in away from the cold as you inserted the key into the ignition, turning it to start the engine.

Nothing happened. You and Spencer looked at each other as you tried again, pumping your foot on the gas pedal and jiggling the wheel in case you’d accidentally engaged the steering lock. Still nothing.

“Fuck.” You muttered trying again.

“Y/N. It’s no use. I’m pretty certain the batteries dead.” He pointed to the cigarette lighter which had his phone charger plugged in, his phone still attached. “I’m sorry. I thought I’d disconnected it.”


“Pop the hood.” Spencer told you and you shot him a look.

“Do you know anything about cars Spencer?”

“I know a lot about a lot of things… Just do it. You might be surprised.”

Sighing, you did as he instructed, grimacing as he opened the door again and moved around to the bonnet. He stood there for a few minutes, bent over and you opened your door calling out to him.


He dropped the bonnet securing it again, and got back in. “Yeah…. No.”

“So that was a pointless exercise and only ended up letting more cold air in.” You spat out.

“Hey, don’t get mad at me. We all make mistakes and I apologised. You’re the one that wanted to stop remember?”

You guessed he was right. It was both of your faults.

He pulled out his cell and dialed a number from memory, mouthing ‘Triple A’ at you.

You only heard one side of the conversation but it wasn’t sounding good. When he ended the call he shook his head.

“There’s been a huge pile up twenty miles down the road. Caused by the snow. What we’re getting here is just start of it. Apparently there’s a huge storm setting in. There’s no responding vehicle available for at least four hours.”

“You are shitting me.”

“Afraid not.”

“What about Derek? Could he come out?”

As soon as he started talking again, you realised what a stupid question that had been. “We’re still two hours away from home anyway. If there’s been a pile up he’s not gonna be able to get through either unless he goes the long way around. And if the snow is that bad….”

“I get it, I get it. We’re stuck.”

“Yep. They said to leave my cell on and they’ll call as soon as a vehicle is on its way.”

Right. You both switched your phones into ultra power saving, turning off all apps after quickly sending the team a message informing you of the situation in case you were needed. You and Spencer weren’t going anywhere for a while.

Climbing between the seats into the back, you leant over into the trunk and pulled out the emergency sleeping bag you kept in there. It was a bit musty, but nothing too bad. You always kept some emergency things in the trunk after you’d had to spend a full night at the side of a road when you were nineteen. Hopefully this wouldn’t be that long. You unzipped it and spread it out over you and Spencer looked back at it longingly.

“Fine… We can share. Come back here then.”

He struggled to fit between the gap in this seats, cracking his head on the roof of the car and causing you to giggle.

“Not funny, Y/N. Now share the warmth. Do you have anything else back there that could help us out?”

He wriggled next to you and you fit the sleeping bag around you both.

“I’ve got a couple of bottles of water and some protein bars. And some chips.”

“Well at least we won’t starve.”

Ninety minutes passed and you were starting to feel extremely cold. You and Spencer had sipped a bottle of water between you and shared a protein bar. Both of you had eaten a fairly large meal before you’d left for the journey home so you weren’t too worried about going hungry, you were just cold.

You and Spencer had talked for a bit but now you had your head resting on his shoulder, your arms linked together for warmth. You’d both zipped your coats up as high as they’d go and burrowed your head down into your scarves.

You fidgeted, your hands were freezing. You’d left your gloves at home and typically Spencer had misplaced his too.

“You okay?” Reid asked, his breath showing in the air.

“My hands… ”

“Here.” He took them into his and rubbed them, the friction helping a little.

“Spencer, I’m starting to worry. I’m really, really cold.” You told him and he looked down and away for a second.

“I’m not worried as such… But I’m freezing too. Erm… There is one thing… Actually. No. Forget it.”

“Tell me.. If it’ll keep me warm, I’d literally do anything right now.”

He looked unsure and you nudged him. “Spencer. Seriously. I need to get warm.”

“Okay.” He looked around the car and then back at you. “This will probably work better if you sit on my lap. It’s either that, or we collapse the seats.”

“Theres too much crap in the trunk to do that.” You started to shift your weight, getting ready to climb onto him, not even questioning him until he started to unzip his coat, removing it along with his sweater and scarf. As he started to unbutton his shirt you realised why he’d hesitated before telling you.

Body heat.

But it worked better when it was skin on skin.

Fuck it.

Lowering the sleeping bag, you followed suit; removing your coat and outer layers, stopping when you got to your bra. That was staying on.

“Trousers too?” You asked and he nodded, already slipping his off. Again you copied him and when you were both down to your underwear you climbed onto his lap, feeling slightly self conscious.

He shrugged his thick coat back over his shoulders, not putting his arms through the sleeves and you pulled the sleeping bag back around you.

“So…. I guess we snuggle right?”

He nodded, giving you an apologetic look.

Okay. Whatever.

You leant in, pressing your chest against his and resting your head back on his shoulder. Spencers hands went around your back, rubbing up and down your bare skin as you cocooned you both in the thick material.

As uncomfortable as you felt sitting on your colleagues lap, this was tons warmer. You wriggled, shuffling your knees closer to the back of the seat and pressing as close as you could.

“Don’t wriggle. Please.” Spencer sounded choked and his hands gripped your waist.

“Sorry. Just trying to get warmer.”

“I know. But….just don’t.”

“Shit, am I hurting you?” You asked.

“It’s.. not that.”

“Then what?”

He coughed, clearing his throat. “I don’t want to make this awkward because I’m finally starting to feel warm but…. Well. You’re a very attractive female. And you’re on my lap wearing very little.”




“You think I’m attractive?”

“I’m not blind, Y/N.”


You wriggled again, his fingers digging into your hips this time.

“Stop it.” He hissed at you.

“What if I don’t want to?”

“Y/N. I’m not in the mood to be made a fool out of.”

“What? Spencer, I’m not trying to make a fool out of you. I just find it amusing that you’ve just admitted to finding me attractive and I sure as hell think you’re hot. And like you say, I AM sat in your lap, semi naked.”

You pulled away from his shoulder so you could look at him, grinning at the confused and shocked look on his face.


“You heard. Don’t act so shocked either.”

When you shifted this time, he didn’t grasp you so hard, his hands still on your hips but no longer in a vice like grip.

“You think…. Me? Really?”

“I’m not blind, Spencer.” You echoed his own words.

Thinking quickly you asked him. “Triple A said four hours right?”

He nodded.

“And that they’d call when they were on their way?”

“Yes. Why?”

“I can think of another way to get warm… A lot warmer than this. And a hell of a lot funner than this too. If you’re game?”

He gulped before licking his lips.

“I’m game.” He whispered.


Lowering your head to his neck, you started to place gentle kisses up and down, nibbling softly on his ear lobe and rolling your hips lightly. He stopped trying to still your movements and instead started trailing up and down your sides, tickling your skin.

Slowly dragging your lips across his jawbone, his light stubble chafing your lips, you stopped just shy of his mouth.

“Sure you’re game?” You asked once more.

He nodded in response, his lips parting as you placed yours against his.

Oh god..

Your kisses started slow and then quickly built into passionate urgings, your mouths moving against other in a way that you’d never thought you’d be doing with Reid. Sure, you thought Spencer was attractive, and you got on extremely well with him. You’d even go as far to say that you harboured a small crush for him.

You just never thought you’d act on it.

You rolled your hips again hearing him groan, a deliciously low sound that you wanted to hear again and again. Sliding back and forth gently you ground your pelvis against his lap, feeling him hard beneath you, another groan escaping his throat as you kissed.

You repositioned yourself slightly so that you were on the receiving end of the friction you were creating as you rocked your hips to and fro. A gasp caught on your lips and you felt him grin against you mouth.

Feeling bolder, he slid his hands around to your front, palming your breasts through your bra.

It was good job you were in a relatively secluded area, the windows of the car were now completed misted over.

Spencer tugged on your bra straps, sliding them down your arms and reaching behind your back for the clasp. You allowed him to remove it, making sure the sleeping bag was positioned so that if anyone did suddenly appear, you wouldn’t get shopped for publicly indecency.

Reid broke the kiss and pulled back to look at you, his eyes raking over your chest. He breathed in deeply, his eyes darkening.

“Like what you see?” You asked cockily, trying to break some of the tension.

“What’s not to like?” Spencer leant forward and pressed his warm lips to your breastbone, his hands moving over your thighs, sliding higher as you continued to grind gently against him.

“Stop moving for a second.. ” His whispered, his breath tickling your skin as he kissed his way across your chest to your nipple, lightly circling it with his tongue before sucking it into his mouth, flicking your hard bud.

“Oh fuck” You whimpered. You could no longer feel the cold, only the warmth coursing through your body. Spencer sucked harder, his tongue teasing you and sending shivers down your spine straight to your groin. His fingers moved higher up your thighs, stroking against the fabric of your underwear which you were sure had to be wet now.

“Spence… Fuck.”

His thumb grazed over your clit, making you shudder lightly. Realising he was in the right place, he started to rub over the fabric, glancing up at you as he did, biting down softly on your breast.

You started to pant lowly, biting on your bottom lip as Spencer massaged your clit through your panties.

“Oh god….oh sweet fuck… ” You gasped, starting to grind on him again. He moaned loudly biting down harder and you cried out.

“Shit. Too hard?” He pulled away.

“No… But… ” You lifted yourself off him slightly and reached for his boxers. He got the message and raised his hips and slid them down.

Resting back down, you reached between your bodies and pulled your panties to one side, using your hands to position him against your lips.

“Do we….. ?” He asked.

“Pill.” You breathed out, allowing him to slide in slowly, wincing slightly at the new sensation.

“Fuck.” Spencer groaned out.

“Yep.” You agreed and started rocking against him, his hand slipping back between you to resume it’s ministrations on your clit.

Resting your forehead to his, you moved. Rolling your hips against his and clenching around him as jolts of pleasure shot through you. He bucked underneath you, pushing himself deeper inside as you both soon fell into a perfect rhythm with each other.

Spencers fingers kept up their motions on your clit and you slowly felt your orgasm start to build, your legs trembling when it started to overtake you. You started to grind harder and faster on him, his own moans coming faster now. You came a few minutes later, crying out his name as you did. You shuddered on top of him, your thighs clenching as you continued to move up and down, Spencers hands now moving to your hips to help with your pace.

“Oh fuck… I’m gonna… ”

He didn’t need to finish, you felt him releasing himself inside of you in short bursts. You slowed your movements, bringing them to a halt.

“Well…” You breathed out. “I don’t know about you, but I’m a hell of a lot warmer.”

“Same… Almost too warm, not that I’m going to complain.”

Just then, his phone started to sing and you scrambled for it, feeling a warm sticky fluid running down your thighs as he slipped out.

“Sorry….” He said hurriedly, grabbing for his cell and answering it.

It was Triple A. They had a vehicle ready and he was on his way. He’d be about fifteen minutes, they told Spencer.

You hurriedly pulled your clothes back on and wiped down the interior windows so you watch for their arrival.

“Y/N?” Spencer asked, nerves in his voice.


“Was that…. Was that like a one time thing?”

You glanced back to see him looking away quickly.

“It’s an as many time as you want it to be thing, Spencer. ”

“Okay, good.”

“But Reid? Next time… You really don’t need to break my car. Just ask!”

“I didn’t… I… I… Y/N, I swear…”

You laughed at him, seeing headlights approaching in the distance.

“I know Spencer… I know. ”

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hc that when alec g lightwood finds out he can just *tuck* his chin over magnus's shoulder because they're almost the same height he just. never really stops doing it. when magnus is making breakfast. reading. cooking potions that could definitely kill you, alexander, you might want to step back. and sometimes obvi, when that's not the case he can turn his head and press kisses up and down magnus' neck bc have you seen his neck g o d.

please see yourself out

because this is exactly the god damn thing. your boy alec lightwood loves tucking his chin over magnus’s shoulder. he loves rolling his shoulders over and resting against his back, his chin pushed into the dip at the outer edge. he does it on the couch when magnus is reading and he wants to go to bed but magnus isn’t ready yet. he does it at parties when magnus is talking to someone and too preoccupied to give him much attention. he does it when magnus is transcribing contracts or translating books, the blue of magnus’s magic glowing over his features.

and when magnus says things, whatever it is, alec doesn’t pull his head up to respond. he stares up at magnus and bobs his chin against magnus’s shoulder and magnus feels his heart stop short in his chest cause alec isn’t trying to be cute… but god damn if he isn’t anyway. it almost makes magnus want to roll his eyes but his chest is burning too hot to even think about it.

other times he rests his head there and falls asleep, softly snoring and sometimes drooling on magnus’s shirt. other times yes, it’s just his head tucked there, pressing in closer, fingertips on magnus’s waist as he pushes his mouth up against magnus’s neck, mouthing a warm wet line down his neck. because magnus’s neck is too good and alec can’t get his mouth off of it if he’s honest. he can’t stop dragging his tongue over it and sinking his teeth into it, pushing his nose against magnus’s adam’s apple and sinking his fingers deeper into him.

this happens whether he’s pressed up against magnus’s chest or whether he’s pressed up against his back. sometimes he just pushes his nose into the soft hair at magnus’s nape, breathing in him, breath hot against the strands of hair, making magnus shiver underneath his fingertips. other times he drops his head lower, pushing his face in between magnus’s shoulder blades, when he’s cold and he wants to soak up magnus’s warmth. and it’s the same with his chest, his lips pushed against one of magnus’s collarbones, shoulders bent and head tilted, breathing softly against magnus’s exposed skin.

and always magnus wraps an arm around him or slides a hand down his back, or reaches back to grab at his fingers, chuckling and smiling, eyelids drooping because alec just loves being in his space and that’s a good feeling.

{Reaction} Being in the Mood with Monsta X

Note: I wanted to write for Monsta X, so I did. This turned out way longer than I expected, but oh well, I hope you enjoy it anyway. This is written as if the reader is female, I’m sorry I didn’t make it as gender neutral as I intended.

Masterlist ~ Monsta X Masterlist

  • NSFW - includes themes of sex and swearing, please read at your own risk.

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used.

Lee Minhyuk

Originally posted by trainingpanda

You and Minhyuk had tried to do it a while ago, but since you hadn’t been together very long, you stopped him before things got too intense because you didn’t feel as though you were ready. But now, as you thought about it with your bottom lip between your teeth needing him, you weren’t sure how to approach the situation as you’d never been good at talking about your feelings, or having a heart to heart. You figured the best way to get this kind of attention from him would be to tease him until he finally snapped. You took one final check of yourself in the full length body mirror of the bedroom.. You were wearing laced underwear and one of Minhyuk’s button up shirts, except the buttons were all undone, exposing everything beneath. You let out one final deep exhale before exiting the bedroom and following the sound of the TV where Minhyuk would be.

In the room, his attention was on you instantly. He smiled at you - still so sweet, he’d never want to do anything with you that you didn’t want to. Except this time, you did want to. You sat next to him, placing your hand dangerously high up his thigh, making his breath hitch. After a few moments of teasing his upper thigh with your fingertips, Minhyuk was on top of you, your back pushed against the sofa.

Minhyuk: “Is this what you want Jagi?” *Hands already gliding up and down your bare stomach with his other hand gently pushing strands of hair away from your face.*

{y/n}: *Nods*

Minhyuk: *Moans before pushing his lips into your neck - be ready for him to send you to complete ecstasy*

Yoo Kihyun

Originally posted by babywoon

Kihyun kept rolling his head back, hitting the wall behind him as though he’d lost the will to live. You and him had been stuck in this goddamn room for half an hour now after being sent in for a game of‘seven minutes in heaven,’ it seemed as though the other members had either abandoned you both on purpose or have simply forgotten you were both trapped inside of there. Based on Monsta X’s intelligence levels, you decided it was probably the latter that was more likely. You turned to look at Kihyun, who was still hitting his head and rolled your eyes. Seemingly, this action didn’t go down to well in his head, because next thing you knew, you were pushed back against the floor with Kihyun hovering above you. He looked as though he was about to give you a piece of mind until you pressed a kiss against his lips.

When you pulled away, he looked dazed, then, like the switch of a light, lustful. He stood up, pulling you with him before pushing you up against the door of the room, no one was going to be coming in anytime soon. Then, he pushed his lips to your again, passionate and open mouthed as his hand wandered down to the place you were starting to ache for his touch.

Kihyun: “If you were this horny for me, you should have just said so earlier.” *Smirking as he can literally feel how turned on you are.*

{y/n}: “Just shut up and kiss me”

Kihyun: “Oh {y/n} I’m going to have done much more than kissing when I’m done with you.”

Wonho/ Shin Hoseok

Originally posted by wonhobe

Wonho can get you in the mood very easily, let’s be honest here. This is the kind of man that smirks when you call your real father ‘Daddy’ because God knows your father isn’t the only man you call by that name. But you, yourself, can be rather shy when it comes to intimacy, and while you’re more than happy to engage when Wonho suggests it, you’re hardly ever the one to hint that you want to even if you need it. But when you finally pluck up the courage to take the first step, you finally learn what magic really works with the simplicity of you taking the lead.

You lay in bed beside Wonho, your head leaning on his chest with his arm around you as you nervously took a deep breath before climbing on top of him. He grumbled for a moment, his muffled words saying something along the lines of ‘what are you doing?’ until you start kissing down his chest and his words turn to groans of encouragement.

Long story short, Wonho gave back all you gave him and more. You should definitely initiate passion when you need it, because however turned on you may feel, Wonho will always feel it more.

Son Hyun- Woo/ Shownu

Originally posted by lostinmonstax

Shownu was away from the Monsta X dorms house-sitting for his parents for a week while they were away on holiday. For his week out of practice, he decided to take full advantage of his week off and invited you, his partner, over to his parent’s house to spend the week with him. He decided that he wanted to take you out on dates and spend as much time as he could with you for the week. Except, when you finally reached the empty house, a sense of excitement rolled in your stomach as he showed you around the house and his old bedroom.

On the second night of the stay, you found yourself getting in the mood as Shownu turned the channels on the TV, talking about how he used to watch it a lot between practicing when he was trying to get onto a traineeship with the company. Suddenly, you pressed your lips against his, and he finally got the idea as the remote slipped completely out of his fingers so he could pull you onto his lap and run his fingers along your upper thigh.

Needless to say, the rest of the week consisted of the two of you using every corner and surface of the house to make up for time lost to his practices.

Shownu: “I can’t believe we just did that on the kitchen table - my parents eat at that table”

{y/n}: “They aren’t the only ones that eat at that table” *winks*

Shownu: “{Y/N}!”

Lim Changkyun/ I.M.

Originally posted by livelovelunch

Since you’re usually rather shy when it comes to this kind of thing, it took him a little while to finally understanding what you were hinting at as you ran your fingers over his whole body. With each hitch of his breath, you smirked, making a side comment on how it was informative to find out where his sensitive spots are. You soon became frustrated as he kept acting clueless, so you jumped straight into the deep end, latching your lips onto his neck and letting your hand slide down his chest to the place you knew he’d seen your intentions with touch.

His eyes rolled back, moaning before grabbing your hips and pulling you onto his lap.

{y/n}: *innocently* “What about the film?”

Changkyun: “Fuck to film”  *pulls you in for a kiss*

Chae Hyungwon

Originally posted by wonhontology

It was a hot summer’s day, so hot even the air conditioning wasn’t making it seem any more bearable. You, and your best friend Hyungwon were sat in the living room, all windows wide open as you sat in shorts and a blouse with as many buttons undone as you could get away with and the sleeves rolled up. But Hyungwon was in less clothing, literally sat in his boxers because he could, little did he know how much you yearned to see him in even less. It was wrong for you to have these feelings for the man you considered your best friend for the past several years, but you couldn’t help yourself, and it wasn’t helping when you’d been crushing on him heavily for the last few months. You decided it was time to take action.

You stood up, unbuttoning the rest of your buttons to reveal a purple laced bra, Hyungwon scoffed at you, telling you that it being so hot wasn’t an excuse to strip. You laughed, tossing the shirt aside before unbuttoning your shorts before him. It became clear very suddenly how the atmosphere changed.

Hyungwon: “If you remove any more clothes I won’t be responsible for my actio- wait, are you smirking at me? Are you teasing m-”

{y/n}: “I’m still not satisfied, maybe I should take the rest off too-”

Hyungwon: *pulls you in and does that job for you*

Lee Jooheon

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You had experienced blow of emotions, from jealousy, to anger and then to lust. You had caught Jooheon talking to one of the backup dancers after his earlier show, she had confessed to him, and even though he had respectfully turned her down, you couldn’t help but feel slightly intimidated. It was that moment that it hit you how popular Jooheon was with the female (and male) population, and how quickly he could get over you is someone better came along. Of course, this was all rubbish, and Jooheon was more than pissed off that you even suggested that he’d leave you for someone else. That’s where the anger kicked in, the two of you shouted as you entered the front door of the apartment. You groaned frustrate as you tore your coat off, practically throwing it aside carelessly before attempting to leave the kitchen and sulk upstairs.

No chance. Jooheon grabbed your waist and pulled you in before setting a hot, passionate kiss upon your lips. And then, more clothes were coming off, and before you knew it, the anger had turned to lust.

Jooheon: “How about I show you how much I really love you?” *speaking in between kisses on your neck*

{y/n}: *moans in acceptance*


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Part One

AN: so this was a little different than I intended but felt that as a Salvatore the Reader needed a little spunk and the last part didn’t do her any justice <3

“We need to stop this.” Stefan growled.


“Stefan he killed out baby sister, I will not stop!” Damon shouted back and his fangs extended, making Stefan clench his jaw as he glanced towards the room where your body lay in a charmed coffin.


“We could find a way to fix this and use the fact that he doesn’t know we can bring her back to keep her hidden from him.” Stefan offered and his furious brother calmed.


“How long do you think we could keep her hidden?” Damon asked seriously.

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psychic: *reads my mind*

me: After the war I went back to New York
A-After the war I went back to New York
I finished up my studies and I practiced law
I practiced law, Burr worked next door
Even though we started at the very same time
Alexander Hamilton began to climb
How to account for his rise to the top?
Man, the man is
Gentlemen of the jury, I’m curious, bear with me
Are you aware that we’re making hist'ry?
This is the first murder trial of our brand-new nation
The liberty behind
Deliberation (Non-stop)
I intend to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt
With my assistant counsel
Hamilton, sit down
Our client Levi Weeks is innocent
Call your first witness
That’s all you had to say
One more thing
Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?
Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?
Why do you assume you’re the smartest in the room?
Soon that attitude may be your doom (aww)
Why do you write like you’re running out of time?
Write day and night like you’re running out of time?
Ev'ry day you fight, like you’re running out of time
Keep on fighting
In the meantime
Corruption’s such an old song that we can sing along in harmony
And nowhere is it stronger than in Albany
This colony’s economy’s increasingly stalling and
Honestly, that’s why public service
Seems to be calling me (he’s just non-stop)
I practiced the law, I practic'ly perfected it
I’ve seen injustice in the world and I’ve corrected it
Now for a strong central democracy
If not, then I’ll be Socrates
Throwing verbal rocks
At these mediocrities (aww)
Hamilton, at the constitutional convention
I was chosen for the constitutional convention
There as a New York junior delegate
Now what I’m going to say may sound indelicate (aww)
Goes and proposes his own form of government (what?)
His own plan for a new form of government (what?)
Talks for six hours
The convention is listless
Bright young man
Yo, who the f is this?
Why do you always say what you believe?
Why do you always say what you believe?
Ev'ry proclamation guarantees free ammunition for your enemies
Why do you write like it’s
Going out of style?
Write day and night like it’s
Going out of style?
Ev'ry day you fight like it’s
Going out of style
Do what you do
Aaron Burr, sir
It’s the middle of the night
Can we confer, sir?
Is this a legal matter?
Yes, and it’s important to me
What do you need?
Burr, you’re a better lawyer than me
I know I talk too much, I’m abrasive
You’re incredible in court
You’re succinct, persuasive
My client needs a strong defense
You’re the solution
Who’s your client?
The new U.S. Constitution?
Hear me out
No way
A series of essays, anonymously published
Defending the document to the public
No one will read it
I disagree
And if it fails?
Burr, that’s why we need it
The constitution’s a mess
So it needs amendments
It’s full of contradictions
So is independence
We have to start somewhere
No way
You’re making a mistake
Good night
What are you waiting for?
What do you stall for? (what?)
We won the war
What was it all for?
Do you support this constitution?
Of course
Then defend it
And what if you’re backing the wrong horse?
Burr, we studied and we fought and we killed
For the notion of a nation we now get to build
For once in your life, take a stand with pride
I don’t understand how you stand to the side
I’ll keep all my plans
Close to my chest (wait for it, wait for it, wait)
I’ll wait here and see
Which way the wind
Will blow
I’m taking my time
Watching the
Afterbirth of a nation
Watching the tension grow
I am sailing off to London
I’m accompanied by someone
Who always pays
I have found a wealthy husband who will keep
Me in comfort for all my days
He is not a lot of fun, but there’s no one who
Can match you for turn of phrase
My Alexander
Don’t forget to write
Look at where you are
Look at where you started
The fact that you’re alive is a miracle
Just stay alive, that would be enough
And if your wife could share a fraction of your time
If I could grant you peace of mind
Would that be enough?
Alexander joins forces with James Madison and John Jay to write a series of essays
Defending the new United States constitution
Entitled The Federalist papers
The plan was to write a total of twenty-five essays
The work divided evenly among the three men
In the end, they wrote eighty-five essays, in the span of six months
John Jay got sick after writing five
James Madison wrote twenty-nine
Hamilton wrote the other fifty-one
How do you write like you’re
Running out of time?
Write day and night like you’re
Running out of time?
Ev'ry day you fight
Like you’re
Running out of time
Like you’re
Running out of time
Are you
Running out of time?
How do you write like tomorrow won’t arrive?
How do you write like you need it to survive?
How do you write ev'ry second you’re alive?
Ev'ry second you’re alive? Ev'ry second you’re alive?
They are asking me to lead
I am doing the best I can
To get the people that I need
I’m asking you to be my right hand man
Treasury or State?
I know it’s a lot to ask
Treasury or State?
To leave behind the world you know
Sir, do you want me to run the Treasury or State department?
Let’s go
I have to leave
Look around, look around at how lucky we are to be alive right now
They are asking me to lead
Look around, isn’t this enough?
He will never be satisfied
He will never be satisfied
He will never be satisfied
History has its eyes on you
I am not throwin’ away my shot
I am not throwin’ away my shot
I am
Alexander Hamilton
I am not throwin’ away my shot

psychic: wHAT THE FUCK

I am absolutely horrified by what is going on in the fandom right now. You people should be ashamed of yourselves.

If this offends anyone, know that it is not my intention to.

But also know that, if you take offense you chose to take it and feel free to send all the hate you wish to me, I’ll even leave the anon open for you to do so, because I don’t fucking care about your immaturity.

I am going to generalise, but know that I am not talking about everyone, I am fully aware there are civil people out there; this is directed to those who are victimizing themselves and are being horrible to anyone who is not agreeing with them and especially horrible to the crew.

I might come across as insensitive but you have crossed every unimaginable line!

Stop. Just stop making this show into something that it is not (and never was). The show was never intended to be a depiction of romance between the two main characters. Never. You may argue the contrary all you want, but this is not true. You have the original source that is over 100 years old that does not depict it (you may read into it whatever you want, no one is stopping you, but the simple truth is that all it depicts is friendship), and the show is based on those books.

The show is not based on “The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes”, only the relationship/rivalry between Mycroft and Sherlock is. Get your facts right.
But even if it was, the film does not portray Holmes and Watson in a homosexual relationship. Watson is a heterosexual man, while Holmes is alluded to maybe being a homosexual and having feelings for Watson that might go beyond friendship. But Watson’s feelings are not returned. Full stop. It is just an allusion and not a confirmation. Whatever was the original intention for the film does not matter, what matters is what the final product is - because if you are basing something on a product you are basing it on what it is and not what might have been.

Having the show based on the original source and that film, it does portray the two main characters truthfully to what it claims to be. The show itself is crime, mystery and drama. It is not romance and it never claimed to be. The show always gave mysteries, crimes and drama. Because that is what the show is about. Everything else is up to interpretation.

The creators of the show have been telling you since the start that Sherlock and John are not a couple and are never going to be in their version. You labeled them liars.

There are many instances in the show itself that disprove them being a couple. You chose to ignore it.

The fact that you are hurting because they happened not to be a couple in the end, is your own fault because you didn’t listen to what you were being told.

Calling the “gay jokes” in the initial seasons queerbating is incredibly ridiculous, because they are not. Why even are you labeling them gay jokes? They are just jokes, the fact that they happened to be aimed at two men doesn’t make any difference, because those jokes were simply meant as two close friends being mistaken as a couple, regardless of them being two men. That was the whole point. It is not offensive and it is incredibly realistic - in real life it happens all the time that people mistake two close friends as a couple (be them two men, two women or a man and a woman). My friend and I get mistaken as a couple all the time. And it happens to other people I know as well. It is as simple as that.

Yes, they went too far with those jokes, I agree. The jokes got boring and repetitive, they realised it and they dropped it.

I’m not even going to discuss the elephant thing as I have no idea how can possibly an elephant be a metaphor for a relationship. And I honestly don’t even want to know about your delusions.

Now, I understand that representation in media is important. I really do. And I agree. The writers do and they told you so but they also told you many times that this is not what this show is about.

They never lied to you about it, and they never promised you what you were asking. Because the show is not about that. They were always clear on the aspect that John and Sherlock are not a couple in their version and never will be, but also they told you that you are free to interpret it as something more, just don’t ask them to do it because that is not their vision.

The show you are watching is Mark Gatiss’ and Steven Moffat’s vision of Sherlock Holmes, not yours. They don’t owe you anything but good storytelling, mystery and drama - what the show is. And that’s what you always got. They don’t owe you any romance.

I understand LGBTQ+ people wanting representation and seeing themselves in these characters; but don’t force it on the writers to make it into something that it is not and that they never promised. If you see something more in these characters, continue doing so. No one is telling you that you are not allowed to, no one is telling you that your opinion is not valid. No one is telling you that your identity and your sexuality are not valid because two fictional characters are not shown as a couple.

I am telling you all this as a bisexual man. You do not need a show to prove you that you matter. Do not force something as big as this on a programme that was not intended to deal with this topic. Do not do that.

Do not send hate and threats to the crew. Do not label them as homophobic - do you have any idea how big of a deal this is?
Do not label them anything offensive!

Do not label them as anything. Do not send hate. Do not. You didn’t like the episode? You don’t have to. You are entitled to your own opinion, you are allowed to dislike something. But that does not permit you to be disrespectful to the crew. Not liking a piece of television does not permit you under any circumstance to send personal offences, hate, death threats, to people who have worked on the show and to people who disagree with your opinion. Have some human decency and be respectful.

Keep in mind that you are also just a portion of the entire Sherlock fandom. There are many others who don’t see the two mains as a couple, among which am I. And with that I am not saying that just because not everyone sees what you see makes your interpretation invalid. No. What I am saying is that just because you see them as a couple does not make everyone elses interpretations as invalid.

And while everyone has their own vision and their own opinions, why are you pretending that only your vision is the correct and that the writers need to validate it? Why do you think that your vision is the correct one and are forcing the writers to see it your way? Why do you think you know better than the writers themselves? That is just incredibly rude.

You get a series filled with crime and interesting cases, good family drama and mystery. And all you care about is a non-existent relationship. This just proves that you never even cared for the show but just your own fetishes.

The things that have been said are just appalling. Things I don’t want to repeat for how disgusting they are about the cast and crew and just because of a goddamn ship.
You are a small portion of the fandom, but sadly the loudest. And not only are you embarrassing yourselves but you are embarrassing the entire fandom and putting us all in a bad picture. And do yourselves and everyone else a favour: stop it. Just stop.

Continue disliking the show, the episode(s), everyone else in the world. You are entitled to it. Continue to ship johnlock. You are entitled to it. But do NOT send hate and threats to anyone!

Be civil.

anonymous asked:

So to what extent do you think Palpatine ever considered Anakin a potential "apprentice"? Did he always intend to enslave Anakin from the moment they met? Like, I mean, yeah, he did, but. Like, when Sidious is fighting Yoda he says "You will not stop me. Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us." And somehow I think he meant it? Like, Dark Empire aside, he probably wasn't going to live forever? So to what extent did he want Vader to someday take over eventually maybe?

I don’t think there’s any functional difference, in Palpatine’s mind, between “apprentice” and “slave.”

Maybe Palpatine had some convoluted Sith plan to become immortal. Maybe he didn’t. But here’s the crucial thing about Palpatine: everything he does is aimed at getting and maintaining absolute power for himself.

Let’s assume he doesn’t have some plan to live forever. So eventually he’ll die, and then what will happen to the Empire he’s built?

I don’t think he actually cares.

Why should he? He won’t be in power anymore, and that’s his primary motivation.

I know the EU has this whole complicated thousand-year long Sith plot to take over the Republic, or whatever, but I don’t necessarily see any evidence for that in the movies. What the movies give us is Palpatine’s plot to take over the Republic.

For Palpatine, the Force and the Sith are just a few of the tools in his arsenal, all of which are aimed at gaining absolute power for himself. I think it’s one of the most interesting, and crucial, elements of his character and of his role within the narrative that he could have become Emperor without ever using the Force. If Palpatine weren’t Force sensitive, almost nothing in the PT would change.

So Palpatine wants absolute power. And he’s a master manipulator. He views other people as tools, and he knows exactly how to use them.

I don’t think he ever intended any of his apprentices to be his successor. Possibly Maul or even Dooku thought they would be, but if so they were always deluding themselves. I don’t think Anakin ever even thought he would be - not unless he pulled off a coup against Palpatine himself.

Palpatine’s apprentices are always picked to do very specific things for him. Maul’s role is to be an assassin, to look intimidating, and, most importantly, to provide a distraction for the Jedi. That works beautifully. It keeps working even after his death: for the next ten years, the Jedi are preoccupied with the return of the Sith, which keeps them from paying undue attention to the true danger in the political arena. In fact, the masterstroke of the distraction that is Darth Maul doesn’t play out until ten years after his death, with the start of the Clone Wars. The Jedi are so preoccupied with the discovery of Dooku as a Sith Lord, with the confirmation that the Sith are behind the Separatist movement, that they plunge headlong into a righteous war without asking a lot of crucial questions. (And, it has to be said, without showing any hesitation at using a slave army of people literally bred for war.)

Dooku himself serves as both an excellent distraction and as someone whose own considerable political acumen can hold together the Separatist movement while also carefully directing it to suit Palpatine’s plans. It’s possible that Dooku really believes he will be Palpatine’s heir, though given his age I think it’s more likely that he, like Anakin two decades later, is instead planning a coup against Palpatine.

And then there’s Anakin himself. My take on Palpatine’s thoughts on Anakin is actually articulated best in Trophies, which is a fic that’s part of the Double Agent Vader AU, but which actually fits well with canon, at least as far as Palpatine’s thoughts are concerned. I think he wants to control Anakin for three main reasons:

  1. The Jedi believe Anakin to be their Chosen One. That alone is reason enough to turn him - what better way to completely crush the Jedi than to turn their anticipated savior into their destroyer?
  2. In terms of raw ability / potential with the Force, Anakin is as powerful as it’s possible to get. Palpatine himself, in my headcanon, has a midichlorian count just below the cut off point that would have sent him to the Jedi Order. Palpatine loves power more than anything, and what could be a greater thrill than having complete control over the most powerful Force user who’s ever lived? (This, I think, is what lies behind Palpatine’s glee when he tells Yoda, “Darth Vader will become more powerful than either of us.” What’s important there is the unspoken, “And I’ll have complete control over all that power.”)
  3. I think that Palpatine actually had a vendetta against both Padme and Anakin following TPM. The conflict that would lead to his emergency powers and ultimately to his Empire was supposed to start on Naboo, but these two insignificant children, a girl queen who should have been easily manipulated and a slave boy who shouldn’t have been there at all, ruined his plans. Palpatine’s never been above petty revenge, and he’s very good at playing the long game. By the end of ROTS, Padme is dead and Anakin is completely under his power, which was the plan all along.

Title: Sleep With Me

Pairing: Sherlolly

Word Count: 1880

Rating: K/G

Summary: When Sherlock offered the sleepy pathologist his bed he really hadn’t intended on joining her…

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An amused smirk twitched at one corner of Sherlock’s lips as he watched Molly fail in her attempt to stifle a yawn.

“Why don’t you just stop fighting it and go to sleep?”

“’m fine,” Molly mumbled around another uncontainable yawn.

“I’m not Rosie, you know,” Sherlock snapped mildly. “I’m not an infant. You do not have to keep an eye on me every second.”

Molly caught her bottom lip between her teeth, either in contemplation or to bite back a retort, Sherlock wasn’t entirely sure.

“Well, maybe… Maybe I will just kip here for a bit.” She put aside the book she had been reading and stretched out on the sofa, wriggling around for a moment to find a comfortable position.

“You can use my bed,” Sherlock offered, distractedly plucking at the strings of his violin. “You’ll be much more comfortable.”

Molly’s head popped up, her eyes slightly wide. “W-what about you?”

Sherlock huffed. “I highly doubt I will be doing any sleeping tonight.”

“Oh. Then maybe I should stay up and keep you company,” Molly purposed, looking unsure about leaving Sherlock on his own even if she would just be in the next room.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” Sherlock dismissed. “There’s no need for the both of us to lose sleep. Especially when you’re tired and I’m not. I’ll be fine.”

Molly sighed. “Okay. If you’re certain.”

“I am.”

Molly hauled herself up from the sofa and crossed the room. “Don’t hesitate to wake me if you feel any urges.”

Sherlock arched his brows at her.

“Oh you know what I mean,” Molly huffed, rolling her eyes, trying to appear exasperated, but the touch of pink tinting the tips of her ears gave away her embarrassment.

Sherlock smiled. “Yes. Will do, Molly. Goodnight.”

Molly sighed. “Night, Sherlock.”

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Jack Maynard - Jealousy Still Looks Good On You (ft. Conor Maynard)

Anon: imagine of y/n and jack dating, but jack gets jealous because y/n is always with Conor since they’re both singers. Fluff and/or make-up smut maybe?? 😘😘

A/N: Thanks for this request! It’s a little longer than I intended I think. But I just felt that there was more I could do so I continued. And personally, I’m a fan of longer imagines, and just lengthier stories in general. Also I don’t think I’m any good at writing smut, so I stopped myself. I might consider getting into that sometime, but not yet. Hope you enjoy it!

Word Count: 1755

It was any old Thursday evening, you were chilling with the boys at their apartment. Your feet propped up against the armrest of the sofa as you lay across Jack’s lap. His fingers laced through your hair, gently pulling and twirling it. Occasionally, he leant down to place cheeky little kisses on your lips.

Jack and Josh had just finished a filming a collab which you helped with, and you were waiting for Conor to get home so you could both work on a song together. Soon enough, he walked in, his arms laden with the pizzas you had ordered earlier.

“The boys joining us or are we meant to finish it all?”, Conor asked incredulously, looking between the three of you sat around the living room.

“Please, Conor don’t act like you’re not gonna demolish it”, Jack laughed at his brother.

“I mean I could down it actually”, Josh added.

“Oh just hush up and pass them over Conor”, you gestured to the pizzas still in his arms. “I’m starving!” You took the boxes out of his hands, grabbed a slice for yourself and settled back in Jack’s arms.

“Babe”, Jack whined. “What about me?” he tried reaching over to your slice for a bite.

Pushing him away, you laughed, “You’re joking babe. I love you, but get your own bloody pizza.”

When dinner was done, Jack and Josh finally decided it was time to put away their equipment and throw the trash out. You headed up to Conor’s room to work on a song. “Laters babe”, you kissed Jack as he whined about you leaving him. He didn’t let go like you had planned, pulling you into a rather long kiss instead. You forgot about the other two boys in the house as you fell deeper into his kiss.

Before things could escalate, Conor called you over, “Oh god please stop. You have the rest of the night, okay? Josh and I are going out later.”

With a final peck, you left him momentarily to get some work done. You were currently working on Closer by The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey. You had adjusted the song to fit you both better, and were just going to go over it a bit to fine tune.

You moved over to the area he had set up to record, letting him take the lead. He sang the first three versus of the song perfectly, which helped set the tone perfectly for you.

“So baby pull me closer
in the backseat of your rover…”

You felt goose bumps rise as the words he sang melted perfectly together. You closed your eyes, letting his voice drown everything else. He gently closed off, leaving it hanging for you catch on.

“You look as good as the day I met you…” you felt yourself sing right from the heart, each word coming from the soul.

Every so often, you would look at each other. It was more of a reassurance thing. You could feel the music flowing through you when you sang together. There was something magical about Conor’s voice. In that moment, you felt a new deeper connection with him. You wrapped up the first take, feeling pretty good about it.

“Damn (Y/N)”, Conor shook his head in awe. “That was something else.”

There was an overwhelming feeling coursing through you. “Yeah. It was. You were bloody amazing honestly.” You reached over to hug him.

“Aww (Y/N)!” he squeezed you back.

“Do you ever not kill it every time?” you were still in a daze from the music waves hitting you and surge of power you felt when singing. You continued chatting away as you helped him store his equipment back in place.

“So we’ll film the video tomorrow yeah?” he asked.

“Uh huh! Should be fun”, you were pretty excited to film the video actually. “See you later or something.”

“Yeah. Don’t have too much fun with my brother please. Y’all are actually disgusting”, he added.

You burst out laughing at that. “I’ll try my best, but no promises”, you winked, leaving his room.

“Babe!” you called as you entered Jack’s room. He was laid on his bed, face down, scrolling through his phone. You slid up next to him, wrapping your arms over his back, your head resting on his shoulder. You placed a kiss on his neck as you lay beside him.

“Hey love”, his voice was quiet.

“What’ve you been doing?” you asked.

“Not much. Just edited a little.” He turned to face you. “I heard you and Conor. You sounded good”, he complimented.

Your smiled broadened. “You think? Thanks babe, but compared to Conor I feel a lot…less, you know? Like his voice is so much more soulful and all”, you couldn’t really get into words.

“You were brilliant love”, he smiled softy.

Jack was pretty quiet the rest of the night. He was not even interested when you wanted to have some fun. You figured he might have just been in a bad mood, so the two of you snuggled up, watching a bit of Friends, and snacking on the leftover pizza.

The next morning you woke up to find Jack had already gotten up and left. You walked out to find Conor and Josh in the living room. “Oh (Y/N), Jack left for the gym. He said he might be meeting Mikey for lunch”, Conor relayed the message.

You were a bit confused seeing as Jack was not one to start his day before noon. “Well I guess we could just get started on the video earlier then?” you asked.

He agreed, and you decided on the plan for the next couple of hours while you had your breakfast that Josh had so kindly made. After breakfast, you took a quick shower, dressed up and did your make-up, ready to get filming. You went to set up the equipment while waiting for Conor to finish getting ready. The boy could spend days getting ready. By the time Conor was ready, you had finished setting up and testing everything.

The video went smoothly. You had finished the whole thing in just a short few hours. Now all that was left was editing, which was actually the tricky bit. You decided to get started on that later, and grab some lunch first. Walking back to the kitchen, you found the other two boys had already started on their lunch.

“Hey babe. You’re back”, you leant down to kiss your boyfriend. “Why didn’t you come say hi?”

“You looked a little busy”, his voice was clipped.

“Well either way we’re pretty much done filming”, Conor chipped in, yapping on about how great he thought the video was going to be.

“Oh for fucks sake!” Jack interrupted. “We get it okay. You’re both so bloody brilliant together. Fucking amazing!”

He pushed off from the kitchen counter, storming off to his bedroom. “What the hell?” you muttered. You looked between Conor and Josh for a clue, to which they both shrugged. Hopping off the chair you were sat on, you ran after Jack.

“Babe?” you started.

He cut you off almost immediately, “Oh don’t fucking babe me!”

“Okay what the hell Jack?”

“You know what the hell. Do not play dumb with me. You’re a fucking good liar and we both know it. Just don’t lie to me”, he kept pacing around the small room.

“What the fuck are you talking about?” you were a little pissed off now.

“Are you kidding me? You and my brother!” He shouted. “My brother (Y/N)! I mean literally anyone else wouldn’t have been as bad!”

“Jack. Seriously? You’re barking right now.”

“No I’m not. I’ve seen it okay. I see the way you look at each other. Everytime you sing together and shit. You always get that look in your eyes.”

You were speechless. You didn’t think Jack would have a problem with you working with his brother, but he clearly did. “I saw you guys just now. I saw the way you looked at him when you filming”, he added quietly.

He sat himself on the bed, head buried in his hands. You sat yourself next to him, lifting his face up by his chin. “Baby, we were acting. None of it was real”, you spoke softly in his ear.

“It was just the song. You know what music does to me. I was feeling the song, not him”, you spoke gently in his ear. “Besides, if anything, I was thinking about you. How you make me feel baby.”

He finally really looked at you, playing with your fingers, “Its just, seeing you and my brother so close, I don’t like it. I mean I guess it’s all professional and everything but I don’t just don’t like knowing you spend so much time with him.”

“I’m afraid of the connection you might have with him”, Jack’s voice was soft and shaky

You wrapped your arms around, kneeling on the bed to envelop him in your hug. “Oh love! Jack, you never have to worry about that. Your brother’s great and all, but he’s not you.”

“What we got is something else altogether”, you added.

“I know love. I just don’t ever wanna lose you”, he pulled you back down to look you in the eye. You leant in for a kiss, to which he responded back eagerly. The kiss was slow, but deep and passionate, both of you trying to pour out all the love you had in that kiss. You wanted him to know that he was the only guy for you, and you could feel how strong his love was for you in that moment.

“I love you Jack. It’s only ever been you”, you breathed out as you pulled away.

His voice came out in a raspy whisper, “I love you (Y/N). So much.”

“We’re okay right?” you asked.

“We’re perfect”, was all he said before he leaned in to place more kisses all over you. You ended up in a heaping mess on the bed as you rolled around, laughing and making out on his bed.

That night, you wanted to show how special he truly was to you. “No matter how much time I spend with your brother, he’ll never get any of this”, your smirked as you pulled of the top you had been wearing earlier.

His eyes widened, taking in all that was in front of him. “Shit”, he breathed, reaching forward to take you, where you spent the rest of the night.


Capturing The Akuma (Marichat Scrap I Wrote)

Okay. Now. Now is the time to do it. Marinette Dupain-Cheng, you are not backing out of this, the girl said to herself in her head.

“Marinette, think about this… What if it doesn’t turn out the way you had hoped?” a squeaky voice whispered.

“Hide, Tikki. I’m not backing out now.”


“I said hide, Tikki.”

The small goddess did as instructed. She knew there would be no stopping her master now. At least she had done her best to talk her out of it. Squirming inside the girl’s bag, the tiny red creature let out a sigh and shook her head.

Marinette’s thoughts weren’t clear today. The girl had finally mustered up all of the courage she could manage, and she was going to do what she intended to. After a quick pep talk from Alya, she was feeling pretty confident. Too confident.

Her best friend had a way of making Marinette feel better about herself. This is bad timing, Tikki thought to herself. Marinette isn’t herself today. This is all wrong.

She walked into the classroom with a certain flair that she had never worn before. Her crystal blue eyes stared straight ahead, not acknowledging anyone. She moved towards her seat with power in her steps, and sat down. She made sure to sit tall, shoulders back, eyes focused and ready. Nothing was going to ruin this. She wouldn’t let it.

Alya arrived to class and joined her, curls bouncing and eyes daring. She gave a thumbs up to her friend, followed with the flash of a grin. They had talked it over. Today was the day. The dark haired girl glanced at her friend, granted her a small smile, and then returned to her seriousness. As their classmates began collecting themselves into the room and finding their seats, one person in particular entered the room. Marinette drew in a breath, and let it out slowly. There was no turning back now. Without a second thought, she bolted up from her seat. Thank god Ms. Mendeleiev hadn’t arrived yet. Turning on her heel, she powered herself straight towards her classmate.

“Whoa! Marinette! What are you-” the one who was unfortunately being pursued attempted to say.

“Hush.” She nearly hissed, grabbing his wrist and whirling him outside the door. She caught a glare from Chloe, which was typical, but this time there was something different. Was that shock?

Closing the door as if she were closing Chloe’s eyes, Marinette yanked the boy in front of her. She had to see his eyes if she wanted to see the truth. “Listen, Agreste, this is serious. You’re going to hear me out, and you’re going to listen to me.”

The boy’s eye’s widened. What is with her today? He had never seen this girl (who had an obvious crush on him, but he didn’t really care for it) that had always sat behind him acting so much like a drill sergeant. “Is everything okay, Mari-”

“I like you. I like you a lot. Ever since the day you gave me your umbrella. When you laughed with me. Remember? It was raining outside. You came to apologize to me about the gum incident. About something you didn’t even do. And I believed you. Not because you said you didn’t do it, but because your eyes were telling me a truth that your lips couldn’t. Something happened. I saw you with your guard down. You were relaxed. You were… you were honest. I could see it. I don’t know how, but I could see it. And I’ve noticed a lot lately. You laugh and smile and wave at people, but it’s not like that day with the umbrella. You weren’t representing your dad’s company that night. You were just being honest with me. And… and…” she started to stammer, and all of a sudden her wave of coolness was leaving her.

No. I’m not finished yet, she told herself. “…and I liked you for it. This crush I have on you…it’s because of that honesty in your eyes, that honesty that I rarely see anymore. I want to see it now. I want the truth. Please. Tell me, tell me how you feel about me. I need to know. I can’t just sit here and fiddle around any longer. Tell me, please.”

“Marinette… I… I don’t know what to….” his near cat-like eyes softened. He knew he would have this coming.

“Tell me the truth.”

“…I’m sorry. I’m not… I don’t… Listen, Marinette, you’re a sweet girl. You’re always nice and so caring. You’re a great friend. I like you. But… not like that. There are so many people who like you, so many who would hang out with you. I just don’t… I don’t know any other way to say it. I don’t feel the same way about you. There’s… there’s someone else in my life who I care about like that, I’m sorry.”


Ring. Ring. Ring. Ring, ring. Riiiiing.

Marinette’s dim blue eyes glanced at her phone. Silencing it, she looked away in the other direction.

Alya had called several times. She had tried to get to Marinette’s house, but before she could do so, the spots were on and she had vanished. Now, she sat atop a building, untransformed and alone. She couldn’t stay in her super hero alter ego for long. It was hard to focus on where she was pitching her yo-yo. She wasn’t worried for herself, but that in transforming back to normal if she were to fall, Tikki could get hurt. The sun was setting now, and she could almost see the stars.

But stars were the last thing she wanted to see. They reminded her - all too guiltily - of Adrien’s eyes on that day with the umbrella. The twinkle of unguarded happiness. She turned away from them as she had turned away from her phone just seconds before. “I should’ve listened to you, Tikki.” she whispered.

The kwami said nothing, for she didn’t know any words that could make it better. She just nuzzled into Marinette’s side in an attempt to comfort her. Tikki could sense that some strong force had been broken. She had very serious concerns to voice, but decided that now was not the best time to do so. Something was severed. Something that could put many people’s lives in danger. Tikki felt that it may have had something to do with the Yin and Yang of creation and destruction: the ladybug and black cat miraculouses.

The pig-tailed girl brought light fists to her forehead. “I was so stupid.”

“No, Marinette, no…” the goddess spoke softly, as not to stir her anymore. “You just wanted to know, is all. And sometimes it can hurt. But don’t - not even for a second - think that you are stupid, Marinette. Remember, you are the Ladybug. You’re intelligent. So many people depend on your intelligence and bravery, you know. Stupid is the last word I would use to describe-”

“No, Tikki! I’m not intelligent! All I do is wear that stupid mask! Behind it is a coward with no real bravery. None of that was ever me! It was always that stupid mask! It doesn’t matter who I am, all that matters is when I wear that mask! No one cares until I’m wearing the mask!” Marinette shouted.

“You’ve got it all wrong, Marinette! It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the mask or not! Think of all the people who care about you!” Tikki replied, concerned. “The mask doesn’t define who cares about you, you do.”

A faint flapping noise. Butterfly wings.

///////SHOULD I CONTINUE??? :0

Spotify has been giving me ads for the U.S. Army. A threatening voice announces that they are reading all my correspondence, spying on everyone in the whole world. Then suddenly the speaker is cut off, and a different one invites me to join the U.S. army, which has a team ready and willing to fight cyberattackers wherever they come from.

I assume they focused-grouped it and it must play well among their intended audience. But every single time I hear a solemn description of the thing the U.S. government is doing, I really sincerely expect it to encourage me to fight the NSA or give the ACLU money or something. And then it’s followed by an exhortation to join the U.S. military so I can stop the baddies doing it. It’s quite a reminder of how differently things play outside my bubble.



You let out a groan, slowly turning your head to glare at Harry who had just playfully spanked your butt. “Babe.. stop.” you whined.

You’d be feeling ill that past few weeks and were currently laying in bed on your stomach, clutching the pillow underneath as you tried to take a nap. Harry, however, kept ruining those plans.

“Aw, I know yeh feel like shit love. But yeh need to take your medicine. Doctor’s orders!”

Shaking your head, you buried your face into the pillow. “Don’t wanna.”

Harry smacked your butt lightly again. “No can do, love. Promised your mum that I’d take care of you and I intend to keep that promise.”

You felt around behind you for him, your hand smacking at his stomach and arms. He let out a low chuckle as he grabbed your hand and laced his fingers between yours. He pressed a kiss to your forehead and laid down next to you. He brought your interlaced hands to his mouth and gave kisses to each of your fingers while his other hand rubbed your back.

“Can I at least take a nap before I take my medicine?” you asked softly.

Harry felt his heart burst at the sight of you being so soft and vulnerable. He nodded his head and wrapped his arms around your body, pulling you in closer to him. “Course you can, my sick baby. C’mere.”

You snuggled into his body, nuzzling your face into the crook of his neck and pressed a kiss there as well. “Love you my little nurse. Thank you for taking care of me.”

“You’re welcome lovebug. I’ll always take care of you. In more ways than one.”


Just a little something because I’m currently suffering from bronchitis and I really want Harry here to make me feel better. Hope you liked it! I’ll be dabbling in some more writing again because I finished my first semester of college and I’m on break now! So expect to see some more blurbs and imagines soon! :)