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Prompt: Can I request Deku or Bakugou where they see their crush out of class only their crush is panicking. They were trying to go somewhere got got lost even with directions. S/o is just really bad with trying to find a new place on their own. They’re not the brightest person but this is the first time they’ve ever been that helpless. They’re so happy to see their classmate they actually hug them and they say they owe them for wasting their time trying help a lost cause

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When Midoriya sees his crush panicked he kinds starts to panic too, honestly. That doesn’t stop him from going to help them right away though, apologizing quickly if he’s with someone as he takes off towards s/o. He’s quick to ask them what’s wrong and if they were somehow hurt, if they need to get to Recovery Girl, ect. When he finds out that s/o is actually just lost Midoriya is actually pretty relieved. Having his crush suddenly leap out and hug him definitely takes Midoriya by surprise though and he’s quickly a blushing mess. His crush is??? Touching him??? So close. He can feel them on him and he can’t even breathe. Still, Midoriya’s not sure if he’s happy or not when s/o lets him go. He’s very quick to assure them that they’re not a lost cause though, that everyone has something that their bad at. Midoriya doesn’t hesitate to offer to take them to their destination and he’s actually pretty happy for the chance to (try to) talk to them on the way!

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Like Midoriya, Bakugou immediately notices his crush’s distress and reacts right away, worried about what could have happened to them. Unlike Midoriya he isn’t gentle, immediately snapping at them and ready to kill whoever caused them this much distress. When he realizes that s/o was just lost he gets a little irritated since they managed to get him so worked up over something dumb like that. Stupid s/o. Of course, the second they hug him he cools off a bit - even if he does get all stiff. He doesn’t reciprocate (he’s got an Image™) but he does enjoy it. “Tch, whatever. Just follow me, idiot.” Everyone who doesn’t really know him, or doesn’t realize how he feels about s/o is super shocked that he’s willing to take time to bring them wherever they need to go. He walks ahead of them to start and doesn’t wait for them to catch up (unless they fall too far behind in which case he’ll wait but still tell them to hurry up) but he still makes sure they get to their destination safely. If anyone else makes fun of s/o’s lack of direction they’re dead too.


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headcanon: after even drew that heart for the first time in 3x08, it became a thing™. ever since that fredag whenever one of them is waiting, the other draws a heart onto the glass upon arriving. it’s totally a thing™

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warm up before i start commissions :)c there was no need to draw percy ft. infant tyson but everyone’s on that Big Bro bandwagon so here i am (also what size are baby cyclopes??)