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BTS Reaction To: Giving Them A Blowjob.

- Request: BTS reaction to you gagging when you give them a blowjob?

Can you do a BTS reaction to you giving them a blowjob (individually) -

I decided to do both of these requests together as they were similar. Thanks for requesting!


Jin couldn’t help but buck his hips as you sucked the head of his dick. If there was one thing Jin didn’t have when it came to sex, it was patience. Once you finally took his length in your mouth, you gagged around his member. Although part of him found it quite hot, he wanted to make sure you were okay.

“Princess, are you okay?”

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“Take all of my cock, baby.” Yoongi murmured. Yoongi watched you as you wrapped your lips around his tip, moving your head as you took more of him into your warm mouth. “Ah - just like that.”

You knew you couldn’t take all of his length, but even so, you proceeded to attempt to take him all. You choked around his member, removing your mouth completely from him. You felt bad that you couldn’t pleasure Yoongi the way he wanted to be, and he could see the almost guilt within your eyes. Yoongi smiled reassuringly at you.

“It’s okay, baby, you did good.”

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As you gagged around Namjoon’s length, he felt even more turned on than he already was by the sight, especially as you proceeded with pleasuring him rather than pulling away. Namjoon threw his head back, letting out a deep grunt. He liked how you choked around his cock, more than he liked to admit.

“You’re doing so well for me, Kitten.”

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Hoseok was undergoing a lot of stress, and the main reason for it was because of his upcoming mixtape. He needed to relieve some of his stress, and you were more than willing to help.

You kneeled between Hoseok’s legs as he sat on the sofa, licking the underside of his cock which caused him to let out a shaky breath. It wasn’t long before you tried taking Hoseok’s member in your mouth, attempting to take every inch of him. Soon enough, you found yourself gagging around him, not being able to take any more of him.

Shit.. ah- baby, you can stop if it’s too much.”

But, you refused to do so.

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“Come on, Princess, I know you can take more of Daddy’s cock.” Taehyung muttered, staring down at you as he watched you move your mouth further down his cock. “Your lips feel so good around me, baby.”

Taehyung placed his hands on your head, bucking his hips into your mouth. Your eyes widened slightly in surprise, not expecting Taehyung to suddenly take control. You gagged around him.

Taehyung stopped his thrusts immedately. “..I couldn’t help myself.” he said, sheepishly.

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You took more of Jimin’s cock in your mouth, glancing up at him through your eyelashes. Jimin squirmed a little beneath you as he tried to stop himself from bucking his hips. Jimin was completely lost in the feeling of your lips around him, squeezing his eyes tight shut and letting out a mumbled curse. You attempted to try take in another inch of his cock into your mouth, but the tip of his dick hit the back of your throat which caused you to choke around him.

“Jagi, are you alright?” He asked. He took your answer as a “yes” as you still continued to suck him off. “Jagi- ah, fuck..”

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After teasing the head of Jungkook’s cock with small kitten licks, you decided to take Jungkook’s member into your mouth. You tried taking as much of Jungkook’s length as you could, wanting to satisfy him and possibly even give him the best blow job he had ever experienced. However, once he hit the back of your throat, you gagged around him, but nonetheless, you still didn’t want to stop pleasuring him so you continued.

“God, Daddy loves it when you choke around his cock.”

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Imagine if somebody made a video about those kidge theories we do lol that'd be insane i would cry of happines i stg i'd like to this but i dont even have windows movie maker hMmM


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I’m insane at this point oops

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Aro is shown as a very patient person, extremely hard to irritate; or at least (considering his bickerings with Caius), to loose his control and shout. Do you have any headcanons about moments the mask of patience failled and he got really mad at someone? He has more than 3000 years old, after all.

I definitely do. To my mind, Aro is difficult to anger but he’s fallen into some pretty spectacular rages over the years. 

  • Immediately after Didyme’s death, a guard suggested killing Marcus as well. She meant well– poor Marcus definitely wanted death and his pain was awful to witness back then– but Aro lost it. That suggestion highlighted his own doubts about what he’d done and made him wonder whether he’d broken Marcus permanently. After the outburst, Aro apologized and blamed his grief; the guard was dismissed a short while later and never heard from again.

  • Aro and Sulpicia and Aro and Caius have gotten into shouting matches. Caius lets nothing go; after Week 5 of constant pointed comments, Aro’s cool takes a vacation and he yells back. (The most recent topic of great contention must have been immortal children.) Meanwhile, Sulpicia has a tendency to loudly point out Aro’s flaws, particularly when she feels they’re compromising the Volturi, and Aro feels the need to defend himself equally loudly. The volume of your voice = the strength of your convictions, probably. 

  • I haven’t quite ironed out the history and politics of this one, but I’d like to think that Aro was absolutely furious with some human leader right before an easily-avoided disaster/invasion. Like…. Aro had given this person good advice! The crisis could have been averted with minimal effort! And here he was, watching something he loved– a city, a collection of artifacts, a culture– diminished because some human was arrogant? Appalling. And, at that stage, eating the individual in question would change nothing. 

  • Even vampires can’t open that plastic clamshell packaging easily. Which is to say that yes, Aro has screamed at a new pair of headphones in the very recent past. Can we really blame him, though?

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I knew it. We are moving towards Rob being devastated and convinced he’s not good enough for Aaron and nobody can convince him otherwise. Maybe not even Aaron.

it’s like they’re slowly teasing us, making him go even further out of control but I DON’T HAVE THE PATIENCE FOR THIS

I feel like it’s just gonna be a standard thing of robert saying he fucked up and aaron saying he fucked up and robert saying he’ll do better and aaron forgiving him but I WANT SOMETHING DIFFERENT





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Any chance you have a master post of all your comics? I absolutely love them and want to read them all! :D please dont ever stop! You are amazing <3

The closest thing I have is my art tag. The comics are linked between them in description. It’s still a bit troublesome to follow, but if you have enough patience you could do that haha!


I should really do a master post.. At least with the link of first part of each comic, so people know where they can start from.

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5 things you can find in my blog:
1. Video Games

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1. My bed
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5. Lots of pillows

5 things I always wanted to do:
1. Go to England & fully visit Chicago
2. Get my own car and drive
3. Get my own apartment
4. Save my money better
5. Have more patience

5 things that make me happy:
1. Video Games
2. Cats
3. My Friends
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5 things on my to to-do list:
1. Work out at a healthy rate and always try to love my body no matter what
2. Learn to drive
3. Hang out and meet with more of my friends on here 😊💕
4. Become more mindful
5. Try to make it through everyday the best I can

5 things you might not know about me:
1. I struggle with 3 Mental Illnesses
2. I’m from New York originally
3. I’m Puerto Rican and Italian
4. I’m sensitive
5. I had blonde hair once

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I don't how you and amitds have the patience to readon with these wankers, I just block them all.

Hehehe it’s less of patience and more that we have spare time and honestly we find it amusing, well I do but I think Amit feels the same, it’s hilarious watching people go through so much to drag SS down, and it’s even funnier when what they say actually goes for their character more lol.

maybe lesbians ship so much m/m stuff not because they are “sexualizing” the gender that they aren’t even remotely attracted to, but because they want to navigate and explore the narrative of a gay relationship they care about.

and maybe because female characters are so monumentally underwritten across the board – in terms of relationships with each other and sheer personal character development – said lesbians cannot muster the investment they can for two male characters. maybe thats why there isn’t as much f/f content out there. it’s not some moral failing or internalized homophobia, it’s a sheer lack of well-rounded content

but u know. don’t ask me i’m just a girl math is hard!!

shiro with the paladins: make sure to eat three meals a day never skip breakfast go, be great patience yields focus i believe in you i’m here for you we can do this we’re a team i’ll always have your back

shiro with matt: (preparing to do a keg stand over a barrel of energy drinks) i’m here for a good time, not a long time

I really like the idea of Taako (and elves in general) having really long ears that move independently. Taako gets startled by something and the ears are standing straight up - Magnus realizes this within a week of meeting the twins and tries to sneak up on them all the time because that’s hilarious and also kind of adorable? (The twins don’t put up with that for long, and their retaliation is expertly planned and executed.)

The crew is scoping out a new world, or the boys are on a mission for the Bureau, and it’s suspiciously quiet. They’re all trying to listen for the noise of a nearby enemy and one of Taako’s ears perks up, swivels, and then lowers again while the other perks up instead. He doesn’t even know he’s doing it. The ears keep trading places.

When he’s tired, the ears are droopy. Ren can tell when he’s losing steam at work by their slow descent; if he’s determined to stay awake, they’ll twitch up every so often but it’s a losing battle. When he’s upset - very sad or angry - his ears will be at their lowest, brushing his shoulders. On bad days, the ears don’t move much at all.

Kravitz is fascinated. He’ll play with Taako’s ears, bothering them into twitching in all directions until Taako finally has to swat his hand away because for fuck’s sake Kravitz you’re going to get a face full of this stew if you don’t stop that shit I’m trying to cook go bother Lup. Kravitz does not bother Lup because Lup has already put up with a century of Barry bothering her ears and that is about the limit of her patience.

They haven’t been dating for terribly long when Kravitz compares Taako to a bunny the first time after a few drinks. Then Kravitz won’t let it go, and Taako wants to be annoyed but it turns into a pet name. Taako has never been in a relationship that involved pet names before; he doesn’t know what to do. At that point in his life, he’s not used to someone liking him so much. He still puts up a token resistance but it’s hard to be annoyed when Kravitz sounds that… genuinely affectionate. If he thinks he’s calling Taako that in public or in front of anyone Taako knows, though, he can look forward to ordering take-out for a month.


We live in a terribly fast-paced world. A world where we’re constantly pressured to have it all figured out, to know our paths far before we reach them. To have our journeys and stories prepared. They tell us to rush. To grow up already. You know what I say? Patience. Take a deep breath. Do your best. Enjoy your growth. Make the most of your journey. You will get there. You were not made to have it all figured out.

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‘’ He has too much of his father in him—– ‘’

Okay but for the final season I want it to be parallel to the first season like:
  • Like Pidge is messing with her tech or something and Hunk instead of him poking at her equipment he actually asks for permission
  • Lance and Hunk do some sneaking just like the one from the first episode at the garrison
  • They think Keith is dead from an explosion or something. At some point Lance starts laughing
    • “It’s Keith I see him!!”
    • “wait are you sure buddy?!?!”
    • “Yea i’d recognize that mullet anywhere”
  • Allura does some badass magic shit and she gets drained and falls into lance’s arms. Allura forgets where she is for a second and Lance says the same thing he did when they first met but now is crying and has a wobbly smile because holy shit it’s his found sister and he almost lost her.
  • Shiro and Keith have their brotherly talk and Shiro tells Keith not to worry because everything will be alright
    • something does happen and its actually shiro who’s freaking out and keith calmly tells him “Someone I look up to always tells me: Patience yields focus”
  • When they get back to Earth, Lance and Coran have a similar talk from the first season but instead of talking about what they miss about their homes, they talk about what they miss about space
    • they also talk about things to do now that they’re on Earth like going to the beach, seeing the rain, etc.
  • “They call me the Tailor because of how I thread the needle”
  • They’re all training and making the laser gun noises
  • Lance getting to see his family again and when he hugs his mom he just cries and whispers “I just really missed your hugs”
  • Garrison people are chasing them and they have the same scene with the hover bike
  • Keith looking at all the evidence he has in the shack and tells shiro how he could find him all because of it
  • Hunk and Shay stare at the sunset after the war ends
  • “Saviors of the universe….I like that” with the camera zooming out as they stare at the sunset on the beach.

(if any of you have anything else please add on!!)