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Candy gore - Chase Brody

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so i got my english creative back today. i didn’t do well but i pulled the whole thing out of my ass so it was to be expected. however, the first 2 sentences of the teacher comments caught my eye. note that the rationale of this task was not even marked.

‘Rationale - beware of terms such as ‘homophobia’; people can disagree with something (same-sex relationships) without being phobic about it. Demonising those who disagree with you may work in persuasive speaking, but it is poor analysis.’

the following was the ONLY section of my assignment where i even mentioned homophobia:

‘The protagonist, Sloane, is married to a woman. Although our world is improving, something like that is still frowned upon in countries, even though it could be legal and have anti-discrimination laws in place. Hate crimes still occur, and it is still illegal in some countries. Laws and bills can be passed in parliament but the stigma surrounding same-sex relationships still exist. In the world of Aulor, there is no such thing as homophobia. Life for the people is short, which is why they believe that you should be with whomever you wish, no matter their gender.’ (apologies for errors - this was the product of a coffee-fueled all nighter)

1. ok, you’re right. homophobia is not a phobia. hatred and bigotry is not fear.

2. so people can be against same sex relationships without being homophobic…huh……………..here’s our old friend Oxford Dictionaries. ‘homophobia: dislike of or prejudice against homosexual people.’ i think being against homosexuals being happy with the person they love falls under ‘dislike’.

3. Pray, ser, who exactly am I demonising in that paragraph? I am only stating facts and analysing my fantasy world. It sounds to me as if something has hit close to home and has upset you quite a bit!

(He has said in class that he has many homophobic friends who are still very, very nice people and his good friends.)

4. I think that lacking basic empathy and compassion towards your fellow human beings is not a good thing. A homophobic person committing a hate crime against gay people is not a ‘disagreement’. That’s like calling WWI ‘drama’. Like, yeah, it sure was drama. But to reduce it to that is insulting and offensive to people who suffered and died because of that ‘drama’.

gays: please stop killing us?

homophobes: No :( you don’t deserve happiness or the same rights as us :(

gays: i hate homophobes

homophobes: Bully!!!!! BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!! is this the ‘tolerant left’????!! why are you demonising ANYONE who disagrees with you? free speech!!!!!!!!

i don’t know how such a cruel, malicious and hateful person is even allowed to work at my school full of impressionable young people, but that’s life for you.

if this post gets some attention i will complain to the school board. a number of people have agreed with me that this is Seriously Messed Up, but if i do complain it will need to be without my mother (i haven’t properly come out to her yet and don’t particularly wish to right now) and i am not sure if my voice has enough weight to be taken seriously, or if my complaint will be unopposed. here’s one bigot, how many are hiding higher up? i am very scared about complaining because that will effectively out me to the higher-ups, even the head or the principal, and that is not desirable. i want something to be done about this but i am small and a coward, so i really need your support. 

if this post gets attention in the form of messages or comments i will consider creating a petition or something on change.org or SOMETHING to help make my voice count.

thank you so much!

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Side note who the fuck makes Dany’s clothes? She wasn’t planning on going to the North you expect me to believe she had that white fur dress just ready for whatever? Also who does her hair? Missandei? Missy’s got better things to do than waste the hour it would take to do those braids. Why is everyone on this show greasy-haired and dirty, wearing the same clothes for at least a season at a time while she’s out there looking like America’s Next Top Model? 

The Chaser gets chased (Noorhelm) (3/4)

Author’s note: Hello everyone! Here it is: a drama-filled third chapter to this fic. Hope you like it! Do let me know what you think: I love reading your thoughts. I hope I can write the fourth chapter this week and have it uploaded by next weekend, but I’m not going to promise anything. I’ve got a French exam to study for and I still have a way to go… Anyways, enjoy the third chapter! It’s almost 3k and entirely full of Noorhelm! Hope I lived up to your expectations! Thank you for reading!


Noora’s last class of the week is Astronomy. At midnight. On Friday. She’s not happy about it. The entire week has been hellish: classes were hard, she fought with William, it kept raining buckets all day every day, if she happened to run into him by accident William glared at her, Eva and Chris were being disgustingly cute celebrating their anniversary, William pretended she was completely invisible. All in all, Noora was proud she hadn’t hexed anyone to release some of her pent-up frustration.

Despite it all, she still showed up to class tonight. Her fellow Astronomy N.E.W.T. students are an interesting bunch. One more so than all the others combined. Noora wasn’t about to not jump at the chance to drink in as much of William Magnusson’s presence as she possibly could while he couldn’t run away from her. It would take more than some spiteful words and some – admittedly heartfelt – glaring to scare her off.

She chooses a workspace that’s a few spots down from William’s – he’ll be less likely to notice her staring if she isn’t directly beside him. She sets up her telescope and folds out the chart she’s working on, weighing the parchment scroll down with her inkwell and her textbook. She also sneaks another glance at the Ravenclaw Prefect.

William’s wrapped up in his thick winter cloak and fingerless gloves, his beanie and scarf in matching Ravenclaw colors keeping his head and the lower half of his face shielded from the icy winds. Noora thinks he looks cute and huggable – and wishes she could snuggle up to him. The sharp look she receives from Professor Sinistra alerts her that her wistful sighing wasn’t as internal as she’d hoped. She quickly looks away from the aging woman and through the lens of her telescope.

Noora works diligently for the next hour or so, but during the last thirty minutes of class her focus slips away from Astronomy. She tries really hard, she really does, but she’s had a long day and and an even longer week and every single movement William makes just draws her attention.

When she sees him shivering, she imagines running her hands up and down his arms to get him warm again. When he blows on the frozen tips of his fingers, she wishes it were William’s instinct to slip his cold hands under her knit Gryffindor sweater and heat them up against the bare skin of her back while smothering her entire face in kisses to distract her from the uncomfortable feeling. Noora’s so caught-up in her daydreaming of sharing body heat that when Professor Sinistra dismisses their class, she notices she named one of Saturn’s moons ‘William’ instead of Atlas. She blushes.

That’s what I get for zoning out on William’s shoulders. His broad, broad shoulders that could probably carry the weight of the world… Even the voice inside her head sounds lovesick. And maybe a little ashamed. But mostly lovesick.

Their classmates eagerly leave the classroom, descending the Tower’s narrow staircase, and make their way to their respective Common Rooms. For the first time this week, the universe works in Noora’s favor when only she and William are left standing underneath the night sky. This week’s never-ending rain has let up, allowing a thick blanket of stars to illuminate the two and she thinks the starlight turns William’s pale complexion angelic.

(Noora’s glad Legilimency isn’t a course taught at Hogwarts – she’d probably disgust the entire student body with her sappy thoughts. Sometimes she wonders whether people would look at her weirdly if she were to slap herself in order to stop the nauseatingly amorous thoughts.)

Noora shakes off her musings, opting to focus on packing away her stuff and getting to her bed. Her stomach grumbles loudly – loud enough that William surely must’ve heard – and for once, Noora’s lovesick brain comes up with a somewhat realistic romantic scenario involving both her and William. She clears her throat and turns around. The Ravenclaw is still furiously scribbling away at his own chart.

“Eh, William?” Noora calls softly. He ignores her. She tries again, a little louder this time. He can’t pretend to not have heard her. “William?”

Noora doesn’t need to see his face to know that he’s recognized her voice. To know that he’s aware of who exactly it is he’s left with in the classroom. She can see him squaring his shoulders, most likely mentally preparing himself for another round of Noora’s flirting. He takes his time closing his ink well before turning around to face her.

“What is it, Sætre?” He’s got his walls up, an obvious defensiveness to his voice. Noora tries not to be hurt by his behavior.

“I’m planning on stopping by the kitchens on my way to the Gryffindor Common Room, see if the elves have any hot cocoa to warm up a little.” William raises his eyebrows questioningly – the only indication that he’s actually paying attention to what she says and doesn’t just pretend to be listening. “Would you like to join me?”

The distance between her and William has been killing Noora all week. She misses being around him – even if their conversations rarely go beyond her asking him out and him rejecting her. This is her extending an olive branch to him, hoping that it’ll get rid of some of the tension between them. William clearly misinterprets her intentions. He sighs deeply – clearly exasperated.

“Really? We’re back to this?” His face is stony when he looks her in the eyes. “The first opportunity you have, the first moment we’re alone together, and you’re asking me out? Again? What is it about you that doesn’t understand the words I’m not interested?”

And after the week she’s had, Noora could’ve foreseen herself making a joke out of his comment, maybe she might even have bet on her fleeing from the Tower. Hell, she’d sooner have guessed she would’ve started crying (and Noora Amalie Sætre does not cry – it’s never gotten her anywhere in her life) than what actually happens.

She yells at him. Loud. Unashamed. She channels all the hurt from his cutting remarks and allows it to feed her heartache-induced fury.

“I’m not asking you out, you pompous… prick!” She bellows. “I’m waving a white flag at you, Wilhelm! I want us to bury the hatchet, to put Monday’s argument behind us! I want us to no longer force our best friends, our best friends who are dating each other, to have to choose sides!”

William’s eyes have widened: he is obviously more than a little surprised by her outburst. He opens and closes his mouth a few times, struggling to find words but Noora doesn’t let him. He’s opened the gates; now he’ll have to listen to her flood of thoughts.

“What is it about me that disgusts you so much? That makes you lose your appetite when I join you for breakfast or lunch or dinner? That makes you turn on your heels as soon as possible whenever I walk into any room? That makes you lose your patience when I so much as breathe?”

Noora imagines that her head must be as red as the Hogwarts Express at this point. Still, it’s difficult to care about her looks right now. Even if she’s standing in front of William Magnusson. “I’m sorry, you know. For whatever it is.”

William blinks, still wearing a shocked expression, and for a moment the duo just stare at each other in silence. Noora trails her eyes over the Ravenclaw, re-learning and memorizing him as if she’d never see him again. When she speaks again, her voice has lost all resemblance of anger and fighting.

“But the one thing I won’t apologize for, William Magnusson,” By using his full name, Noora forces William to look her in the eyes. It’s important that this next bit rings through. “The one thing I refuse to apologize for, are my feelings for you.”

His eyes turn to slits when she says that. Noora wonders what it is that makes William go in lockdown whenever she puts her heart on the line.

“I agree that maybe it isn’t ideal that it grew to be so public. That it might make you feel uneasy: everyone having their own opinion about it, pushing you one way or another, shoving their input down your throat. I get that. I can understand that it might make you feel like you’re a zoo animal, stared at and pointed at. And I’m genuinely sorry for that, William.”

She breathes, deeply, before continuing. “I’m loud and I’m unapologetic and I voice my thoughts and opinions. And I wear my heart on my sleeve, William. I don’t hide my emotions or my feelings.”

And then William finds his voice again. He clears his throat, voice still a little shaky but progressively growing stronger. “So, what then? We forget Monday’s whole scene and become best friends? Braid each other’s hair and have sleepovers?”

Noora’s answering grin is a little hesitant but William isn’t joking. “What is it you want from me? Am I supposed to believe that you care about me? You don’t care about me.”

Noora feels as if he’s slapped her across the face. She balls her hands into fists – suddenly grateful that she’d forgotten her gloves. The pain of her nails piercing the flesh of her palms gives her something to focus on, something to distract her from the angry tears that are threatening to roll down her cheeks at any moment now. Not even William Magnusson is going to make her cry – no way in bloody hell.

“You care about putting on a show for your admirers, for the masses who are amused by your theatrics. You don’t care about me, Noora Sætre. You only care about yourself.”

“I do.” She closes her eyes. She needs a second without his piercing gaze boring holes into her face. “I care about you. For real.”

“You don’t know me.” William scoffs. “You know nothing about me. How could you possibly care about me?”

“I’ve been trying to get to know you.” Her eyes are open again and she smiles at him. A gentle, but sad smile. “You haven’t exactly made things easy.”

“You have to give up, Noora.” Normally, the sound of her name rolling off his tongue sends shivers down her spine. Now, it just makes her feel empty – empty without the swarm of butterflies in her stomach. “You’re wasting your time. It’s never going to happen between us.”

“Give up?” She echoes. Noora call feel the incredulity painting her face. “I won’t give up, William.”

Why?” He sounds utterly bewildered. “Why won’t you give up on this little game of yours? What is it about me that makes you want to have me so much? Is it the chase? You want me because you can’t have me?”

Minutes ago, her stomach was a pit full of raging fury. Then it felt empty without the usual fluttery feeling. But now, in this moment, Noora feels as if her fondness for William has been injected in her bloodstream. It’s everywhere. Every part of her body glowing with affection for this confused boy in front of her. She wonders if this is what it feels like to fall in love with someone.

“Listen to me, William Magnusson,” She smiles again. This time it’s amused. “You’re a Ravenclaw, a smart guy. So you have to realize that this,” she waves between the two of them, “is more than me wanting you just because you don’t want me. This isn’t that clichéd love story of ‘every time you reject me, I only want you more’.”

“Then what is it?”

“I don’t know.” She grins, shrugging her shoulders.

“If you don’t know, then why won’t you give up?” He asks. They’ve stepped closer to the other, staying just out of arm’s reach. Noora shivers because of it – delights in this little dance they’re sharing.

“Because I only give up on lost causes. And this, whatever it is, doesn’t feel like a lost cause. I don’t believe it is, refuse to believe it. So, I won’t give up.”

William’s carefully constructed walls have crumbled down during their conversation – and Noora has become even more enamored with the Ravenclaw. They could be so good together if only he’d give them a chance.

“You can’t force me to like you.” He mutters. Every bit of maliciousness and biting snark gone from his voice. Noora nods.

“I can’t. But you can’t force me to not like you.” She points out. “That’s practically impossible.”

William leans against his forgotten desk, his classwork still spread out on top. Noora lets him gather his thoughts.

“I won’t give up, William.” She repeats her earlier words. “Not without a good reason to do so. Not without a fight.”

They’re quiet for another moment. Noora notices how cold it’s become and how an icy wind has picked up. She wonders how long it’s been since the Professor dismissed their class. She’s surprised they haven’t been found yet. The silence stretches out and eventually, Noora’s had enough.

“Alright,” She puts her hand on his shoulder, tugging, and turns him around. He faces her and she squares her shoulders, licks her lips before speaking. “This is what we’ll do.”

Now or never. The voice in her head whispers. This is it.

“Look at me.” He doesn’t. “Don’t make me call you Wilhelm, Wilhelm.

It works. He looks at her, a half-assed glare thrown at her. She would wink if things weren’t so intense between them. She takes a deep breath, gets ready to once again offer him her - bruised and battered - heart.

“Just… tell me you don’t like me. Tell me you don’t want me. Look me in the eye and tell me you feel nothing, not a single thing, while we’re standing here. We’re standing here, shouting at each other at the top of the Astronomy Tower, Hogwarts’s number one make-out spot. Tell me you don’t like me, William, and I’m gone.”

William looks at her, studies her entire being, and Noora lets him. She sees all kinds of things pass through his eyes, all sorts of thoughts reflected in his gaze, and she stays quiet. Eventually he shakes his head. “I don’t. I don’t like you.” He croaks.

Noora’s mouth twitches, a small smile tugging at the corners of her mouth, but she doesn’t let it show through. Instead she picks something off the ground and takes a step closer to him.

“I don’t believe you.” Noora hands William the cap to his telescope lens, closing his numb fingers around it with one hand and raising the other to stroke his fringe out of his face. “But I’ll let it go… for now.”

Her fingers shake where they’re resting on his cheekbone. She notices how irregular his breathing is. The tension between them thickens, both are aware of it, and neither pull away from the other. When her fingers slide down his jaw, resting below his chin for a second, and before she can take a step back to finally leave the Tower, he grabs her wrist – keeping the physical contact intact. Noora holds her breath.

“You don’t care for rules, you don’t do anything without an audience to applaud you for it, you disrupt class and…” He sounds frustrated. Noora’s doesn’t know if it’s with her or with himself. “And you have a head bigger than the Giant Squid! That’s why I don’t like you.”

“Was that all?” She whispers. William looks her in the eye and they’re so close now that she feels his breath hitting her face. Their foreheads rest together and despite the difficult nature of this conversation, Noora’s pretty sure this is what it feels like to drink Felix Felicis, Liquid Luck.

He whispers a “No” so soft it’s almost lost in the wind. If it weren’t for their proximity, Noora would’ve missed it.

The hand not holding her wrist, the hand not keeping her hand pressed to his face, touches her cheek. Strokes the soft, chilled skin. Neither looks away from the other: Noora vows that they’ll have a moment, someday, where she’ll count all the stars reflected in his eyes.

William leans in and Noora swears he’s about to bridge the slight gap between their lips. She doesn’t move, frozen in this little bubble they’ve created, scared to spook him. They’re so unbelievably close, closer than they’ve ever been, and Noora begs her heart not to give out on her now.

“Who’s there?” A voice rings through the Tower. “The last class has been done for well over an hour now. What are you still doing here?”

The light of a lantern is floating up the staircase, Hogwarts’s caretaker’s voice drifting towards them. Noora curses the man for ruining their Moment.

William jumps away from her, tripping over his bookbag and almost knocking his telescope off its stand, before hurriedly grabbing his belongings and storming away from her.

Noora can hear the caretaker yelling something after the Ravenclaw, but she’s trying too hard to make sense of what had just happened to understand what’s being said. She feels as if she’s floating, drugged on William’s scent and his touch, and barely registers the caretaker now scolding her.

“Straight to your Common Room, you hear me, missy?” He shouts at her back. “And don’t think your Head of House won’t hear about this! I’ll personally suggest some punishments!”

Noora’s so out of it she can only focus on setting one foot in front of the other. Somehow, she makes her way to the kitchens. There’s never been a problem a cup of hot-gone-cold cocoa wasn’t able to fix.

She sits there, at the copy of Gryffindor’s House Table, mulling over the conversation she and William had, until long after the House Elves start preparing breakfast.

Author’s note: And there it is! The third chapter. So sorry I didn’t upload it sooner: I got home late last night and fell asleep before I could finish proof-reading… Hope you enjoyed it and do let me know what you think! I love reading your thoughts!

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do you think they would have made scalia happen if dylan was still in every ep ? because we would have more stydia obvi so it would have been too much romance ? i feel that we are so unlucky to have witnessed stydia become real only to just have the domestic and happy cute stuff taken away from us... i am so sad that it ends like this :( on another note the beating scene with liam broke my heart i ddin't expect it, i nearly cried and im not about the 2.0 gen usually

I definitely think that the fact that they were left with no romantic pairings made them take the last step, i don’t think scalia was ever in plan so yeah if dylan was in s6 they probably wouldn’t have been canon. Even if on the other hand i think they wanted to give scott an endgame and since arden wasn’t “available” malia was the only choice


My rendition of this fic by @destieldrabblesdaily.

You should also definitely click to have better quality.

Out-lawyering an Inevitable

 (This happened during downtime as sort of an interview-slash-session-zero for a new player to replace a player who’d dropped out.  The new character is an elf cleric whose backstory has him running an apothecary on the side, specializing in reviving the dead.  There were dice rolls involved, but I was not privy to any of them since this was all done on Discord.  The whole party was listening, but the rest of us had our mics muted.  All kibitzing was done in the OOC text channel, but I’m omitting that here since neither participant was reading it at the time.)

DM:  You see what appears to be a construct approaching.  *Dice roll.*  I’m just going to go ahead and give you that it’s an Inevitable.

Cleric:  Marut, I’m guessing?

 (Note:  Inevitables are construct outsiders who are built to enforce universal laws; Maruts specialize in dealing with people who cheat death.)

DM:  Very good.  Do you try to run or attack?

Cleric:  Nah, I’m good.  I wait for it to approach.

DM:  *Raises a brow.*  Alright, then.  *Clears his throat and does a creditable Michael Dorn impression for the Marut’s voice.*  “You are Taviel Andaris.”  Statement, not question, by the way.

Cleric:  “I am.  What brings… I would ask what brings you to my apothecary, but I think I already know.”

DM:  “If you expect the charges against you, then you already know of your crime.  You stand accused of denying death its due.  To date you have resurrected four hundred and seventeen people…”

Cleric:  “Um, four hundred twenty-two.  It was a busy week last week.”

DM:  *Without missing a beat.* “…Four hundred and twenty-two people.  My programming is to stop this from happening again.  Your options…”

Cleric:  “Defying death?  Um.  Not guilty, actually.”  Not rolling a bluff check, I’m not bluffing.

DM:  Fine by me, I’m still rolling sense motive.  *Dice roll.*  The Marut looks profoundly dubious.  “You not only confessed to your crime, you corrected my outdated count.  You have already admitted guilt.”

Cleric:  “I did no such thing.  Yes, I specialize in resurrections; no, I am not guilty of keeping anyone from the grave.”

DM:  …I think I see where you’re going with this, but the Marut won’t.  “Your arguments are irrreconcilable.  My programming is to stop this from happening again.  Your options are to accept a geas or to be destroyed.”

Cleric:  “If you wish to place a geas on me to prevent me from, as you phrased it, denying death its due, then you are welcome to do so.  It will not affect my business or business practices.”

DM:  The Marut looks sort of bemused.  “You do understand what a geas is, correct?”

Cleric:  “I can cast them, myself — and break them.  I would not need to break yours to continue my business.”

DM:  *Dice roll, snort.*  It’s not happy with that answer.

Cleric:  *Laughs!* I can make it a lot unhappier, but I’m not set up for this kind of a one-on-one fight.  “Let me explain myself.  How much do you know about my business besides the resurrection count?”

DM:  *Dice roll.*  It scowls at you.  “I will allow this, but be brief.”

Cleric:  “Let me rephrase that question, actually:  How many people have I granted immortality?”

DM:  *Snickers.* I stand corrected, that’s not where I thought you were going with this.  It doesn’t like that answer, but it doesn’t move.  “You have granted no one immortality.”

Cleric:  “And how many people have I brought back to life who were not killed by old age or disease?”

DM:  *Dice roll.*  It gives you a triumphant look at that.  “Three.”

Cleric:  Shit.  Um.  “Those were deliberately administered diseases with the intent of killing the victims, two from traps and one that was later successfully tried as a murder case.  They can not be considered natural deaths.”

DM:  Nice save!  *Dice roll.*  I’ll allow that.

Cleric:  Yes!

DM:  “Discounting that, you have resurrected no one who has died of natural causes.”

Cleric:  “Then how have I cheated death?  It’s natural and even more inevitable than you are.  I’ve only postponed it so that…”  What was that number again, anyway, four-twenty-two?

DM:  Uh, I think so, yeah; close enough.

Cleric:  “…So that four hundred twenty-two people could have a chance to finish lives that would otherwise have been cut short.  I firmly maintain my not-guilty plea.”  And I put my hands on my hips and glare up at it.

DM:  It glares right back at you.  “Your arguments are based on a technicality.”

Cleric:  *Defiantly.* “No.  Your charges are based on a technicality.  My clients will all die.  Eventually.  I cannot change that.”

DM:  *Dice roll.*  …Hm.  *Dice roll.  Snicker.*  Well, then.

Cleric:  What?

DM:  “Your answers have satisfied my programming.  You are free to go.  But be aware:  You actions will be monitored intently.”  *Laughs.* I hate you.  That was supposed to be the start of a fight that I was going to get the rest of the party in on for our next session.  You just broke how I was supposed to introduce you all.  …Who the hell even tries to out-lawyer a god-damned Inevitable in their own area of expertise, anyway…?


{ 11-5-17 } 76/100 days of productivity

Finally finished my English oral exam!! 🌬🌸 Went a lot better than expected (… maybe due to my excessive revision ..) but ha ha time to start doing everything else waiting in line for me 😢 guess who’s not slacking until July

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How to Read Energy and What to Expect

As many of you know, one service I offer on this blog are energy readings. I have gotten a lot of inquiries on how I do these readings, so I would like to inform you on my methods as well give you tips on how to do them yourself. Please note that I am not an expert nor do I have the final say on how to do energy readings properly, this is just my experience. 

Understanding Energy
The way I understand energy is as the force that inhabits everything at one point or another. Everything has an energy signature, down to the smallest grain of sand. However, the energy of living things is a bit different. There have been many names given to this energy but it is most often known as one’s life force. The hardest part of an energy reading is picking up on one’s particular energy among the trillions of energy sources swirling around at any given moment, but I will tell you how I do this.

How to Read Someone’s Energy

My method for reading energy is going to be different from everyone else’s. Your method for reading energy will be different from everyone else’s. Everyone has their own techniques for reading energy, but here are a few of mine.

  1. Sit in a comfortable location with at least part of you pressed firmly against the ground. 
  2. If you are reading for someone irl, have them sit near you. Physical contact often helps if both of you are comfortable with that. 
  3. If you are reading for someone not physically present, it can help to have a piece of them “sit” in front of you. I ask for names and blog urls when I do my readings so that I have an energy signature to focus on but you really can use anything or nothing at all, whatever helps you get a lock on the other person’s energy. 
  4. Sit in front of the person or blog and close your eyes. A bit of meditation before you try to tap into their energy is a good idea.
  5. Feel the energy of the earth under you and feel out this individual’s energy as it appears, a piece of the earth just like you.
  6. Grab onto this energy. Snatch it from the earth just briefly. Images, smells, tastes, sounds, colors, and feelings should come to you as you feel their energy. Keep a mental note of what you experience and write it down once you return.
  7. What you have experienced while feeling someone’s energy is their energy reading. It may be a bit of a jumbled mess, but that’s okay. Everyone’s energy is different but there may also be some overlap, which is also okay.

You can give someone their energy reading in many forms. I give mine as a paragraph with everything I saw, yours may be only a line or two. Everyone experiences different things when reading energy and having shorter readings isn’t a bad thing. You may even pick up on more or less energy from each individual. Its totally okay if some readings are long and others very short. 

So…. What if your energy reading doesn’t resonate with me, like, at all?

There could be a great number of reasons your reading went screwy. As I said before, energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it simply changes shape. This being said, it could be a number of factors.

  1. I am picking up not on your energy, but the energy of someone very close to you. If you have been in contact with them recently, pieces of your energy sometimes clings to them. 
  2. It could also be that I am reading into the energy of one of your past lives, something you won’t necessarily resonate with or remember.
  3. It could also be that the reading was accurate but maybe some part of it was hard to hear, or some repressed memory. This is not the fault of the reader, in the long run it is up to the client to interpret the reading. 
  4. It could also be external factors in my own life clouding my ability to pick up on your energy. My cat knocks over a vase in another room and not thinking I write that in as your energy because I was so lost in the moment.
  5. It could also be you’re my last in a long line of energy readings and I am exhausted and hurriedly trying to get through your reading without paying attention to detail. 
  6. It could be any number of things, all acting upon one another. Keep an open mind. 

Whatever the reason for your energy reading not being accurate, it is best to just be polite and move on. No good will come of harassing a reader, especially if they are offering a free service. 

I just did an energy reading and I’m exhausted!

Yup, that’s a real thing and totally normal. Energy readings can be draining, especially for beginners, as you expend some of your energy when you tap into the earth and go out in search of other energies. This is especially draining at first if you have not yet learned how to shield your energy when searching in the energy field and subsequently some of it may be leeched out. Here are some self care tips to help you regenerate faster.

  1. Time yourself. I like to light a stick of incense before I start my readings. Once it is completely burned out, I stop no matter what I’m doing and go drink some water and just do something I enjoy for 30 minutes or so before returning to readings. 
  2. Eat or drink something sugary or high in carbohydrates while you read to return energy lost. I like to munch on sweet cherries while I read.
  3. Learn to shield yourself from energy drain. I imagine my energy dressed in a suit of impenetrable armor before I search out someone’s energy. Your shield can come in any manor of form, find one that feels right to you and keeps the pesky energy leech out. 
  4. Take little breaks in between readings, even just a minute or two to catch your breath. 
  5. Use crystals to return your energy. I like to take some moon-charged amethyst and hold it in my palm during breaks, feeling its energy flow into me. 
  6. Practice self care. Shower, change your clothes, put on some lotion or makeup… Anything like that will help replenish energy.
  7. Take a nap! I have a bad habit of doing energy readings as soon as I wake up and then I’m dead for the rest of the day. Napping helps immensely. 
  8. Know your limits. You probably won’t be able to do 20 energy readings your first day. Pacing is so important.
  9. If you are doing energy readings online, be prepared to use the block button. Some people are going to be rude, but that is their problem not yours.
  10. Have fun! If energy readings become stressful take a break. If someone is waiting on you for their energy reading, they will understand if it comes a little late. If not, fuck ‘em. You don’t owe anything to people who don’t care about your well being as a reader. 

There are a great many things you can do to recharge after an energy reading, but these are just a few of my favorites. Everyone is different, and respecting that is key. 

Remember actually enjoying yourself is key. Good luck with your energy readings!

The Sunshine Club™ is a network that mainly aims to promote positivity, self-love, and equality where you can share your love for animals, plants, art, poetry, and literally whatever the heck you want. You can ask for advices, develop friendships, and relationships with people from all over the world! This network will most likely be facebook-based (I will create a facebook group) so please before entering the club, make sure to have an fb account!


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