i do not deserve so much love


“A man sometimes devotes his life to a desire which he is not sure will ever be fulfilled. Those who laugh at this folly are, after all, no more than mere spectators of life.”

Dedicated to @kyoka-izumi (。- ω -)​
Happy Birthday to my cutest Rin ♡

I hate stalkers so much. They just want stuff from Louis. Hugs. Pictures. A Twitter follow. Do they ever tell them they love him or that he will do well tonight? That he looks cute today? That he means so much to so many? Those are the kinds of fans he deserves to meet.

sometimes you have to choose the choice you need but not want. putting yourself first and putting your emotional & mental health first is so crucial for growing. even if it hurts like hell do what’s best for you long term. the short term pain fucking sucks and it might still affect you later bc you gave a piece of your soul to someone else that you can never get back. but you deserve to be w someone who loves and understands you and treats you the way you deserve. you deserve to be happy.

Hello everyone! So a very close friend of mine writes the cutest Yoonmin FanFics and I could not stop myself from making fan art of her Yoonmin Corpse Bride Au! Please check out her Ao3: agustmiin and her tumblr: @agustmiin !! Send her some love! She deserves it! Thank you so much for showing support if you do! It means a lot to me!

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okayy so how about some hc where tamaki meet his s/o family? like big protective brother, hero father? and the other way, i have this feeling that tamaki's dad is just like him idk <3 THANK YOU *u*

I hope is alright, I typed so much c,,,x Tamaki deserves so much love. I can’t see him being disliked by any family!

Tamaki Amajiki

- Meeting your family for the first time is worrisome for him, and you already know that he’s having difficulties with himself! At this point, Tamaki is worried about what your family is thinking of him and how much potential he is for you. All these thoughts bringing him more anxiety.

- If you have a over-protective brother then Tamaki might be concerned for himself in some ways, not that he will do anything bad to you but one wrong move in your brother’s eyes and then his mind goes overload. But Tamaki assures that he will do everything to make you happy! (You might want to calm him down afterwards) Your brother may be serious, then surprise! He actually likes him by learning through you. If you talk about him frequently.

- If chances are that your father knows the Big Three, then there won’t be any problems between them. But Tamaki is a sweetie and wouldn’t hurt a single soul purposely, there’s no way your hero father could dislike him. In welcoming arms, Tamaki may already become part of the family. He’s treated like a son by your father, most likely.

- Tamaki spends half of the day spending time with your brother and your father (separately, so they could learn more about him). However, he needs you to be by his side so he wouldn’t get so anxious around them. For now, you let him do all the talking with them and never saying anything embarrassing about him. This may be a bonding moment.

- You all eat dinner together every day and ever night. Tamaki comes visit your house if your father allows it (and of course, he’s always invited by him). He’s starting to become comfortable around your family by then.

- Tamaki sure hopes that his family likes you on the first impression. He is pretty quiet and doesn’t talk about his love life with them as much, but he does mention you to his father several times. The way his cheeks flushes every time he brings up your name convinces his father that you must change him!

- You found out that his father is similar to Tamaki, but maybe has a little more esteem than Tamaki too!

- The rest of you are spending your time together walking around the communal parks and what-not, just like Tamaki, his father enjoys the nature. Tamaki remains quiet while observing your conversations with his father. The way you both laugh and calmly discuss general topics hits him (also talking about Tamaki in front of him)- as in realizing something.

- That you mean so much to him and that one day he will ask your hand in marriage. He did propose to his father that someday he wants you to become officially part of their family and you know when he’s dead serious.

Drew some tiny gift art for one of my favorite YouTubers, DashieGames/DashieXP! I love the guy so much, he always has a way of making me laugh even on stressful days! Give him a watch sometime, he’s a great guy. ♥️

I try do little doodle gifts for my other YouTube faves too! So many deserve more love than they get, even if it’s a silly little art scribble from me.

And of course he’d be an “orenge” Yoshi who wears a Legend of Zelda shirt. X’D

you know who deserves some appreciation? the people who work at castles, and stately homes and such. i just love that i could go visit a place and say something like: “oh, that portrait over there is pretty interesting”, and these people jump in and give me the whole story of who that portrait is of, and why it was painted and all these other little facts. i just really believe that they do so much to bring these places to life, and they deserve all the admiration for that.

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Hey, I love your work. Could you please do number 4? (it was about the yelling, right?). It could be really angsty but you can just give your own spin to it of course. Thank you in advance :).

Oh, thank you so much, I appreciate it!!! I’d be more than happy to do it!! 

I actually got inspired by this prompt listening to Mother Mother I love them!!!

Anyhow thanks a bunch and have a spectacular day!! Enjoy!! <3

4. “Are you going to yell at me, too? I deserve it.”


“Are you sure you don’t want me to join you?” Cullen asked you as both of you settled on your horses, surveying the camp just outside of Mythal’s Temple.  

“Are you asking for my sake or yours?” You questioned, tipping your head to the side curiously, grinning. “You’ve been worrying since we’ve set off.” 

“I’m not wrong to.” He remarked, pulling back on the reins as you approached a ledge, looking out to the temple with a weary chill creeping down his spine. 

Nothing good would come of this – he knew that much from the very start. 

“It’s a temple to a God that died out long ago,” You assured him. “Morrigan said we shouldn’t expect too many surprises aside from that.” 

“Do you really trust her?” Cullen furrowed his brow, shifting uneasily. “I know she’s helped with the… Eluvian or whatever it’s called she’ll hardly tell me but – something about her…” 

“She’s done nothing but help us.” 

“She’s done nothing but helps you,” He retorted, huffing. “She talks to me as if I’m some sort of oaf!” 

“You’re not,” You hummed, leaning over to press a chaste kiss to his cheek. “but even if you were – you’d still be my favorite.” 

You turned around, clicking as your horse quickened to a trot. 

“Come on, let’s get it over with.” 

But that was far easier said than done. 

The clusters of fights throughout the forest were managed well enough by you and your companions as you’d pass, exchanging thanks with those helping you before passing on.

But as you came to the entrance you found something far larger and far worse.

With your commander at the helm. 

Corypheus’s men charged at your troops, men clad with red lyrium that clamored through every inch of their bodies or painted their eyes in a horrifying canvas. 

Cullen was still situated on his horse, a sword drawn as he’d surge through the horde, yelling out commands to and fro amongst the soldiers.

But the only time he grew silent – if only for a moment was when he saw you.

His eyes had widened like saucers, worry, and concern drowning his face for a minute before he gestured out to the army, raising his voice once again.

“Secure a path for the Inquisitor!” He barked his order, twisting around to attempt to meet you in the middle. “Keep them safe at all costs!” 

He attempted to reach you, watching as you made it to the gates alongside Morrigan and your companions, only soothed as you gave him a small smile.

And it all came crashing down. 

A grand sword came to drag itself against his horse’s side, a guttural sound of horror erupting from the steed before it crashed to the ground. Cullen only following with it as he was dragged down onto the ground, heaving himself up despite the torn bits of armor. 

And the slashed flesh beneath.

You felt your stomach drop in horror as a Behemoth turned its attention to him, letting out a bellowing roar as it raised up its jagged malformed arm. 

In that moment, it all became a blur. 

You rushed forward without a thought, the screaming and yells of protests from your companions hardly a thing as you continued on. 

You pushed past the soldiers in your ways, unraveling the gloves plastered over your hands. as you approached the scene. 

An arm smashed down into the ground, just barely missing Cullen as he staggered back, slamming his shield and sword back in retaliation. Only stopping as you came into the way. 

“Love, what’re you doing?” He almost growled, attempting to clamp onto your arm and pull you away from the danger. “Get back now!” 

He softened, his eyes shining with more fear than you had ever thought possible for a person to hold. 

“Please.” He whispered. “Go back.” 

You simply shook your head, smiling softly as you always seemed to do until you turned back, wretching up your hand as the Behemoth lurched downwards again. 

It only barely made it before you opened a small rift, draining the life and slowing the time in its wake. 

But what it had made, struck you.

The arm had dug swung itself into your stomach, horrifying murmurs and mumbles of lyrium filling every inch of your now shivering body.

None of that compared to as the Behemoth threw out its arm collapsing to the ground in a fall that shook the very earth to its core. 

You? You simply collapsed. The lyrium infested whispers dying out before you.

Warmth bubbled in your abdomen as the crimson seeped from your body, your fingers overflowing as you gave a feeble attempt to cover the gaping wound. Feeling arms cradle you the second they were able, tears dropping to your cheeks.

And as you looked up, you saw they were Cullen’s.

You had never seen him cry – you’d seen tears brim at his eyes or grow shiny when in horrible misery.

But never once, had you seen him cry until then.

“Are you going to yell at me, too? I deserve it.” You rasped through your shaky breaths, raising a palm to his cheek. 

“H-Hush…” He told you, pulling you close as if somehow in some way he could take away the pain – turn it all into a mere bad dream. “J-Just be okay…p-please – Maker’s breath, please… be okay.” 

You tried to tell him you would be, opening your mouth only to feel scarlet bubble to your lips, your hand ribboned around him beginning to fall, only protected as he held onto yours desperately. 

A bit of you was glad you passed when you did, missing as he’d let out an awful sob, hunching over you, his very heart shattering into pieces with your limp body. 

But you would’ve given anything to give him one last warm smile, and tell him everything was okay and that you’d be there no matter what came.

Even if it was an utter, absolute lie. 

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*swooshes in* Heyo ~~ I've been on your blog for like ten minutes and I LOVE IT. The fact that you read into our boys through their emotional and physical reactions. Ugh, it's amazing. I really respect what you do, you really read into their actions. Taejin had always been my favourite ship even though it is highly underrated. So I thank you for devoting your time and effort into this blog for our enjoyment. - ( :3 )

Hey there “swooshes” anon,

Awww thank you so much for the super adorable LOVE message, it really means a lot! I try to do my best when I write the masterposts so it makes me really happy that people like yourself can appreciate the effort. 

Yep, Taejin is truly underrated by the fandom and this is a topic I often talk about. I can’t change that and sometimes I feel so sad for Jin and V cause we are a tiny group, and Taejin won’t have the vocal support and love they deserve like other ships do. But if my posts can make at least one person truly appreciate the beautiful relationship Jin and V have, my work is done! 

I wish I could devote more time to this blog and Taejin, I love them (and all our boys) so much! Thank you for loving Taejin as well.

Lots of love.

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so i just ate a lot more food than normal because of the holiday. probably around 1200 calories verses the 400-600 a day. how do i get back into the low cal diet without gaining weight from this “binge”??

1200 calories isn’t actually that much, a 4 year olds recommended daily calorie intake is 1200. This ‘binge’ won’t push you that far off track, just forgive yourself and start again. Besides, it’s the holidays and you deserve to enjoy yourself with your loved ones xx

I’m here to post a passive agressive reminder that I, Kaat, love and cherish Jellal Fernandes so fucking much and for so many reasons, and that I will keep on loving him with my whole heart forever.

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elyxion is on right now and they members are doing their opening ments! jongin just finished his and he started crying in the middle of his ment, saying he was so grateful to see so many fans come to the concert. it makes me so emotional to see exo remain so humble after all their success, they literally have 3 of the biggest kpop tours of all time and they are still so thankful to every fan that attends. i love exo 😭💖

anon, don’t make me cry TT I was just watching this - NINI DESERVES THE WORLD!! Ahhhh, I know. They love their fans so much, it’s so wonderful to see their appreciation and excitement. They put SO much of themselves into their tours, they truly try and give the fans everything - I LOVE EXO, TOO!

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171124 EXO Chanyeol solo stage @ ELYXION IN SEOUL DAY 1

His voice is actually heaven I could listen to him rap/sing/speak all day long. I’m so glad their doing solo stages and that Chanyeol decided to do this rap. I could feel the emotion in his voice and I wanted to cry even though I have no idea what he’s saying. 

I love him so much he’s so talented and works so hard and deserves all the love he receives and more.

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I honestly hate you so much like what the hell???? Wow like I hate you with an absolute passion and an about to hit that block button. Like why the hell would you write such an amazing and heartwrenching fic??? It's been almost 2 hours and I can't seem to stop ughh I love you so much

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*feigns innocence* What on earth did I do to deserve this? 😘

now is a great fucking time to be stuck in traffic!!!! fuck me

god fucking damn it Lo listen to me i don’t give a fuck what your parents say they’re fucking selfish idiots. do what you want to do cos you do fucking deserve to be happy you fucking idiot. we love you so fucking much and i know you don’t really want to leave. i know you know you can figure yourself out without leaving. you have our full support. you always will.

do what you do best and take control of your life stop letting your parents control you

please. i love you so much. Ro and i wouldn’t be the same without you. you’re an important part of this relationship. you complete us.

just think this through you stupid logical nerd -virgil