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Bungou Stray Dogs Real-Life Locations


(Welcome to The City Where the Wind Blows, Yokohama.)

So I was finally able to go around Yokohama! I’ve been in Tokyo for a year and a half but was only able to do this now (why self why). It’s not my first time in the city though, because of the BSD event last February, but this time I got to literally walk around the city which made me fall in love with it instantly!

I did my research but due to limited time, I only got to drop by a few BSD spots. I’ll definitely come back and walk more next time!

(Sorry for the low quality photos but I’d just love to share them still ❤)

Motomachi Road - Episode 2

Chinatown - Episode 9

Red Brick Warehouse - Episode 9

Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall (The Jack) - Episode 9

Yokohama Customs Building (The Queen) - Episode 9

Yokohama Stadium - Episode 9

Yamashita Park - Episode 17

And ofc ofc in front of this blessed statue (still in Yamashita Park)

Featuring embarrassed Soukoku fangirl me lol sorry

(Side story: I was with a friend who isn’t an anime fan but happens to be familiar with this statue as she has seen it on TV dramas a few times. When I showed her the Soukoku art, she said, “Why did they meet here? It’s a dating spot!” And I was like, “Uhm, yeah, that’s exactly why” \(*^▽^*)/)

Anyway I think I know now why Chuuya loves Yokohama

Yay. I wish I could live here. I wouldn’t mind waking up to this scenery everyday. More like, I would love to!



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you knew this was coming: gotbang necks 

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“Ya. You love me that much?” He swept your hair away from your face and pulled the hood up “that you steal my favorite hoodie?He continued.

“Well it smells like you so? Umm. Uh..”

He would totally lose his macho aura and giggle at how cute you are.

“It’s okay because I steal your panties too” he said bluntly


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Suga wouldn’t really pay much attention to it, but tease you.

“Hey next time ask” he joked but you didn’t take it like that. So you started to remove the sweatshirt and he quickly held it down.

“Nope. Nope. I was just kidding never take it off please” and he pecked you on the nose.

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“Oh look we’re the same size. Who knew you fit men large?” He teased you and what looked like his supreme white hoodie that was clearly too big for you.

“J-Hope!” You laughed and half shouted.

“Just kidding” he said as he pinned you with both his hand against the wall and kiss your lips gently.

“What’s mine is yours” he said as he dove more into the kiss.

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Rap Monster

Rap Monster was scrolling through his camera roll trying to find a picture of J-Hope on his bday to post when he came across a selfie you had taken with his phone wearing his hoodie.

He immediately went and found you. Then smiled and showed you the picture. As you were about to run for the hills he grabbed you chin and raised it while giving you a deep kiss.

“It looked Sexy” was all he muttered

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“Jagiya, explain this?” He held up a picture on his phone clearly taken by paparazzi.

“Umm a photo of me walking down the street? Why?”

“Walking down the street wearing my hoodie?” He smirked

“Umm about that. Yeah sorry” you ran away as fast as possible.

Then received a text

Mochi ~ Don’t worry I’ll get you back at home ;)

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“Wear this. Come here. Hurry. Hurry" before you could protest he slipped something over your head.

“What’s this?“

“My hoodie. A lot of couples do this, I thought it would be cute” he smiled.

 "Aww V you’re so cute” you booped his nose.

He bit his lip and licked them “On second thought it’ll be on the floor soon. Sorry Gucci ;)”

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“LEt mE BoRRow YoUr Hoodies. Pleaseeeeee” you begged

“You know I don’t like people wearing my stuff” he cupped your face and smiled.

“Fine. I’ll ask namjoon-oppa to give me one of his” you pouted and headed towards the door but Jungkook quickly blocked your way with one of his Hoodies in hand.

“Here have 20 if you want” he said fast. “That’s what I thought” you said seductively.

*gif : How he looked at you when you said Namjoon-oppa

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It took me a while to post this because I had to edit the text…that’s always what holds me up. Full story under the read more

Here we have the presidents son out walking his dog with his 2 guards in tow
Umbra’s after making things awkward with a total stranger who whips around ‘oh em gee your dog got further than any date ive ever had’ and of course Noct is mortified D:
Ignis and Gladio are just like 'Dog?!?! what’s wrong with you??’

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April Fool’s DLC SUFFERING Ending  Guide Part 1

So I’m still shook over one of the normal (read: SUFFERING) endings I finally unlocked from the Mystic Messenger April Fool’s DLC. Here is my guide of what I USED which unlocked the ending.

Following this should give you the unlock the chats “Epiphany” and “The world for you and me” after the game branch. 

Also: Spoilers! I’m placing this guide under the cut. 

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4 | You’ll Never Walk Alone



series warnings: mature themes, strong language, violence, substance abuse, eventual smut. this chapter contains graphic content such as blood, drugs and guns.

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G-Dragon: When we first debuted, we released a lot of singles. If we re-released it now, people will think they’re new songs because there’s a lot of people who didn’t know them…These days, when rookies debut and top the charts, people call it a ‘successful debut,’ but when we were rookies, it wasn’t that kind of system. We started from the bottom. We tried many things. We came out with 1 single per month and performed them, to the point camera directors were feeling sorry for us. They told us, 'You guys must be struggling,’ I remember. Back then, we were poor-looking.

TaeyangWe were 'hungry’ [for success]. We didn’t care about anything else.

G-Dragon: We would get up in the morning, and if there was no schedule, go to lessons, clean the apartment, and sleep. We did almost all variety shows. We went to all performance stages. We would make choreography, write music, record them, and do concerts. It really wasn’t easy.

TaeyangBefore, I would go and do interviews and take photos at different media companies…Thank you for coming all the way here for us; sorry and thank you. Even if we lacked in some ways, hope you can understand. Please be careful of the cold.

lilac highschool!au -  jeonghan moodboard

  • Jeonghan would be that one kid that sleeps through most of class
  • but yet somehow still does okay in exams ??
  • he’d definitely be able to bullshit his way through his answer when the teacher calls on him
  • always late because he overslept
  • but the teachers all love him so they don’t care
  • spends more time coming up with excuses for not doing his homework than he would have if he just did it
  • takes photos of the board instead of taking notes
  • but then asks for your notes anyway
  • always notices if a someone’s alone and invites them over
  • he’s the one that comes up with the idea for your group project
  • but lets everyone else do all the hard work

did this become a bullet scenario ? sorry, i like thinking about jeonghan and got carried away oops


Cole Sprouse by Miriam Marlene for Indie Magazine.

(Sorry for the watermarks guys, seriously, I hate to do that! But people from Instagram and Twitter are utterly rude and have no matters at all, they simply steal our stuff and never give the credits, and this time I paid for it. If you want to edit the pictures for your blog come ask me off anon and of course I’ll gladly send you.) 

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Ok I know this is really sad and I hope I don't come off as rude but I'm such a ballet technique nerd that I just have to say that in one of your lance drawings his knee isn't high enough because passé has to be a 90 degree angle from the crotch and I sorry I just had to point that out I'msorry

It’s alright, I actually used a reference photo for it and I guess the guy is doing it wrong? Or it could be the perspective. I dunno. 

well, now I know better :) It’s not sad at all! We all are learning by mistakes :)

Shipping real life people is honestly a little insensitive??? Like you’re forcing your feelings onto them and it’s just not very cool?? I’m not trying to come after anyone, but the T*mdaya stuff is getting to be a lot??? Tom and Zendaya got tailed by the paparazzi for like twenty minutes (I think) today because everyone is so desperate to get a photo of them doing something lovey dovey, even though they both, on multiple occasions, have said that their relationship is purely platonic?? I understand that it’s not the shippers fault that the paparazzi is just being awful, but if everyone could take a chill pill with all the shipping for a while, maybe Tom and Zendaya wouldn’t be put in dangerous situations like they were today???? I’m really sorry if I’m coming off harsh right now, I’m just upset because neither one of them should be getting treated that way and Tom truly looked shaken up and I know that none of the fans want that!

I Know A Guy - Peter Parker x Reader

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Pairing: Peter Parker x reader
Warnings: [N/A]
Fandom: Marvel

It was the end of Spanish class and Peter was making his way to his locker when he heard a familiar voice call to him from behind.

“Peter hey! Wait up” he turned to see you, one of the prettiest girls in school, not to mention Of of the smartest waving at him. To be honest Peter was surprised you even knew his name. He even looked around to see if there were any other Peter’s around just to make sure you were talking to him.

“M…me?” He stammered once you approached. You let out a sweet laugh at his flustered reaction.

“Yeah you doofess” you said playfully hitting him in the arm. If he could without looking like an idiot Peter would have punched himself in the face. What a stupid response.

Peter’s liked you for a long time. Like he’s already said you’re pretty, smart, but also down to earth and really nice. You sat beside him in math and history and always said hi to him but because of his own awkwardness the conversation would never go past a greeting. Jesus Christ he’s never even heard you say his name because no matter how much you tried he never tried to talk back to you, just because he was too scared of looking like an idiot. Things were going to be different now though, becoming Spiderman has given him a new sense of confidence. He wasn’t going to run and hide anymore. He was going to have an actual conversation with you like a normal guy.

“So anyway Peter” you continued “heard a rumour that you’re friends with Spiderman. Is it true?“.

He takes back what he just said, now was a good time to run and hide. Peter instantly felt himself start to start to sweat at your question. This was all Ned’s fault. If he hadn’t blurted that out in front of the entire gym this wouldn’t even be happening. Yet again, if he hadn’t he probably wouldn’t be talking to you outside of class either.

Peter stumbled upon his words for a second or two but after taking a deep breath he managed to give you a clear and proper answer. <br>
“A…ah yeah I do. It’s no big deal” he said shooting you a nervous grin “he’s a nice guy”.

“Really? That’s so cool-”.

“Don’t listen to Parker” Flash Thompson said appearing out of no where and wrapping his arm around you’re neck. You and Peter both cringed. Flash was the opposite of you yet he acted like you two were dating. It made Peter’s blood boil. <br> “Come on, this is the guy who I heard was going to build the Death Star out of legos after school one day-”.

“Death Star? You like Star Wars?”.

Once again you found a way to surprise Peter. Smart, pretty, nice, down to earth, and a nerd. You were becoming even more appealing by the second. <br>
“Oh yeah” Peter chuckled “me and Ned are building it”.


“That’s not the point” Flash interrupted once again “Parker’s a nobody. Why would a guy like Spiderman give him the time of day? He’s obviously lying”.

“Oh please” you replied with a roll of the eyes “I mean Peter’s probably the nicest guy that goes to this school. He’s probably never lied a day in his life. I believe him” you finished shooting Peter a sweet grin that could have made anyone’s heart start to beat out of their chests. His cheeks went pink at your words. He couldn’t help but feel guilty because that wasn’t true. The past few months of his life have only been a lie.

“Whatever so [Y/N] want to get something to eat after school?” Flash asked with a smirk.

“Er ah Flash I would ah love too… but I have to do something after school, sorry?”.
Peter couldn’t help but feel somewhat smug as he watched Flash walk away looking defeated, he immediately felt bad for it though. Once Flash was gone you turned to Peter. “If you couldn’t already tell I’m not actually doing anything after school. Maybe you can ask your friend Spiderman if he’d like to stop by my place?”.

“Ah [Y/N] I don’t think I can…”.

“Jeez Peter I was joking” you laughed “no dear god don’t ask Spiderman to show up at my house. I don’t want to look like a crazy fangirl. But… you know I’d actually really like it if you stopped by tonight. We could hang out? Talk about that Death Star of yours?”.

He felt as if he couldn’t breath. You of all people were inviting him over to hang out? This was the greatest thing that’s ever happened to him. Well besides being bit by that radioactive spider…

“Y…yeah that would be awesome!… I mean s…sure why not?” He said desperately trying to act as casual as possible.

“Fantastic, you know where I live right?”.

“Yeah of course I do… Crap that sounded really creepy what I meant was that I’ve been there a couple times for parties and stuff. I’ll be there around six if that’s okay?”.

“Sounds great” you said giving him one last smile “I’ll see you then” with that you turned away. Peter didn’t take his eyes off you until you completely disappeared down the hall.

 Peter arrived at your house thirty minutes late. He got held up stopping a bunch of bank robbers and showed up at your house still in his suit, which he had to change out of behind a bush in your backyard.

Once he successfully stuffed his costume into his backpack, he raced to your front door and rang the door bell. A few minutes later you were in the doorway grinning back at him.

“Hey look it’s Peter I suck at being on time Parker” you teased not looking actually upset. In fact maybe Peter was imagining it but you looked almost relieved to see him, as if you were scared he wouldn’t show up. As if he’d ever do that. He’d have to be crazy to stand you up.

“I’m so sorry I had to help my aunt”.

“Don’t worry about it just come inside” you said ushering him inside. Peter gave your parents a quick greeting then you lead him upstairs to your bedroom. Your house was really nice, definitely better then his apartment in Queens. Peter couldn’t help but look at the family photos hanging on the walls. After all these years your smile managed to stay just as pearly white. There were a lot of photos of you and your friends from school too. You really seemed to have it made.

“I’m happy you came over Peter” you said once you both entered your bedroom and you shut the door behind you “you’re in a bunch of my classes and I’ve always wanted to hang out, you seemed really nice. I’m happy we’re finally doing it now”.

“Me too” he replied sitting down on your bed. Soon the smile on his face faded into a frown. He wasn’t being honest with himself. No way someone like you who had a nice house, such good looks, and so many friends would want to be around someone like him.
“Look I know you’re only talking to me because I know Spiderman or whatever” he finally muttered making your smile vanish as well.

“Are you joking?! Peter the Spiderman thing was just an excuse so I could start a conversation with you. I mean all we’ve ever said to each other before was hello. I really like you for you. You’re smart, funny, sweet. Honestly I would have tried to talk to you before but I didn’t think you liked me. You know because whenever I try to talk to you you hardly respond”.

Peter went red.
“Oh that. That was really only because I was nervous about talking to you”.

“It seems like we’ve both have been wasting a lot of time huh?”.


“Well I don’t want to waste anymore time then” you said popping down on the bed beside him “tell me about Peter Parker and for gods sake don’t bring up Spider-Man. I just want to know about you”.
Ironically if Peter was to tell you truthfully everything about himself he’d have to bring up Spider-Man but just as you requested he skipped through that part.

You two talked for what felt like hours. He told you about his Aunt and you made him promise to introduce you to her. He learned a lot about you too. You both laughed a ton, turns out you were really funny. Another thing to add to the list of things that made you amazing.

Eventually your dad knocked on the door and announced that it was time for him to go so reluctantly you walked him downstairs to the front door.

“This was fun. Really Peter I can’t remember the last time I met someone so easy to talk to. Thanks for stopping by”.

“Trust me it was my pleasure. Thank you for putting up with me for this long” he chuckled making you laugh once again. Did he mention that your laugh was cute because it was. If he could have it as if ringtone without it being creepy he would. “See you tomorrow Pete” you said and too his great shock you leaned over and kissed him on the cheek. Even after you closed the door he was left standing on your porch blushing like a maniac. He said before that being bit by a radioactive spider was the best day of his life. That was lie. Today was by far the best day of his life.


Deadpool x Reader

A/N: So @bkwrm523hounded  (haha) me about this dialogue prompt she had, “ “FINE!  BUT ME AND MY BOOBS will be playing together in the bedroom. ALONE!”. So I caved and added the anon prompt request in my inbox "I’m going to stop you there before you say something that really crosses the line.” And this is the result. Enjoy.

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DO YOU GUYS WANNA KNOW WHAT HAPPENED TO ME LAST NIGHT ok i was in the car with my dad on the outskirts of my city which is the third biggest city in australia, just for reference, and we were driving fairly fast down a MAIN ROAD when my dad sees something on the road and swerves like a motherfucker but it was too late because we hit something

and my dad swore REALLY LOUDLY and i was like “what???” and he was like “i think i just hit a koala” 

and it’s important to note that i have lived in australia for 23 years and i have NEVER in those 23 years seen a wild koala, not once in my entire life, and here we are on the main road in a very urbanised area and we HIT ONE WITH A CAR?????

so being my emotional, animal-loving self i burst into tears and my dad pulls over and gets out of the car to see if he can do anything but i have no hope because i hEARD the sound this koala made on our car and there’s no way that tiny thing is alive so i sit in the car crying hysterically

then five minutes later my dad comes back and he’s like “jess you gotta come see this” and i’m like “????? father???? i don’t really want to see an injured furry animal if it’s all the same to you???” and he was like “no you wanna see this”

so i get my ass out of the car and i’m basically shaking because i’m thinking WE JUST MURDERED THE NATIONAL ENDANGERED ICON OF OUR COUNTRY and he leads me to a tree and tells me to look up

and what do i see???

sorry this photo looks like it was taken on a ham sandwich but this RESILIENT MOTHERFUCKER got hit by this 1000kg vehicle and my dad said he watched as it just fuckin CLIMBED BACK UP A TREE with seemingly not a scratch on it and is staring at us like “hahaha you bitches THOUGHT u could end me i could sue but i’m far too busy for that right now” 

we called wildlife queensland just in case and they’ll probably move it to a more suitable area but what a god damn champion honestly


Musical『Touken Ranbu』in Itsukushima Jinja - Limited Release [Special Booklet] Scans! (Team Shinsengumi with Hachisuka Kotetsu)

I have included Kashuu in this set also! (as he only had one photo in it)

And my scanner does show these lines when it comes to actual paper booklets and such >< (Sorry!)


(They have been watermarked, but you can save these to your computer/phone)



It went pretty well! There was a lot of people! I’m happy the majority of the poeple i invited came!

Even my ex 3d animation teacher was there and i was so happy cause he is a really good person

(he kind of told me about how to get some really cool concept art books so i was glad i invited him hahaha)



*breathe in* *breathe out*






(turns out my teacher that was holding the exhibition changed the prices. She HIGH THEM BECAUSE SHE SAID I WAS SELLING ME TOO LOW. AND FREAKING PEOPLE WANTED TO BUY IT STILL)





I still need to know the details but omg 

is this like getting a job? idk idk idk omg this is so much

my anxiety was over the roof tho, too many pictures. i only wanted to talk with my friends xD