i do not claim ownership of these images

Digital art thief gets humiliated.

Back in high school, I used to make digital art as a hobby. I had a small amount of early success with it, with a few social media followers (Livejournal, if that gives an indication of time frame - about 15 years ago), and a handful of commissions from record labels for album covers, etc. I had a website that I had made myself, which was a huge struggle since I didn’t know HTML at the time, but it worked and I was proud of it.

At some point, I was browsing my website’s traffic stats, and noticed some traffic originating from a website in India. Turned out it was an art thief, some dipshit in India who had created his own art website, looking to be hired for commissions. He had not only used my digital illustrations on his website, claiming them as his own, but he actually didn’t bother to host them on his own website, instead he embedded them on his website, but their URL path was still linking to my hosting.

So I updated the images on my own website to have a different address, and then replaced the images he had stolen on my own web hosting with new images - plain white backgrounds with bold black text saying something along the lines of “(Fake Artist’s Name) is attempting to claim ownership of artwork that he has no affiliation or involvement with. Please do not support this art thief. He does not possess the legal right to sell this image, or any image displayed on this website.” Hit refresh on his website, and boom, half of his images claiming to be his art now show this message.

It must have stood there for at least a few days, because it took about a week, but he eventually emailed me and claimed he was going to report me for hacking his website. When I pointed out that he had been linking to images hosted on my website, he never replied back.


❝ jeon jeongguk: dim ❞

where does the light go when the darkness comes? does it fizzle out and pass into something new? or does it hide beneath the shadows until morning? why don’t you ask it?

dear light of the stars and lake-top reflections: where have you been? do you miss me, too? i miss your burning taste and your twinkle-kissed skin. i hope you feel better enough to return tomorrow. 

are you a hole in the darkness, too? which needle poked you?

i do not claim ownership of any of the above images. all credit goes to the original owners.

Well, I had a rather interesting discussion earlier today. It was with a young lady who attempted to accuse me of deleting watermarks from a photo and then presenting it as my own property. Topping THAT off, she claimed she was “sticking up for a friend” (of hers, I’d have to assume). This lead me to do some editing at the top of my page. No, I do not claim ownership to any of the images that I post here. If I DO, I will be more than happy to point that out. Having said that, I hope you all had a great weekend. Keep safe out there, people!!


❝ pyo jihoon: don’t leave ❞

is that skin yours? did you give it to yourself? or did you steal it from the shop window so that you didn’t have to pay full price?

luckily for you, it fits perfectly. it sticks slimly to your bones and moves with your whispers. 

i hope we can be close like that soon.

i do not claim ownership of any of the above images. all credit goes to the original owners.


dedicated to my love @curledlife !! happy birthday!!! i am so so happy that we have become friends and i wish you the best year ever! i hope that we continue to be close for a long time!

❝ kim taehyung: dark roast ❞

it was freezing that day. the ground was hard, and the trees begged the wind to break their brittle limbs. the lights that twinkled from the dark ceiling of the cosmos breathed warmth onto your skin and made you remember how it felt for him to touch you like before. he whispered in your ear, pressing smiling pecks to your neck and a hot cup into your hands with that gentle force of his. he wanted to keep you warmer than the trees could be and safer than the wind could be. he wanted to be the sweet tea on your lips and the gloves on your hands. he wanted to be your everything, and you let him. 

i do not claim ownership of any of the above images. all credit goes to the original owners.


dedicated to my actual soulmate @softparkkyung ! You’re my sun and my moon and I don’t know what I’d do without you! I hope this makes you happy and I hope you have a happy birthday!

❝ park kyung: hearth ❞

he made your heart pound with such vigor that you wondered if it might catch fire. he took you places that lit a match in your skull to burn away all the darkness you had sewn yourself there. his voice was a fire, too, one that licked through your ears and cleaned you out with each “i love you” and “hello”.

with his fire, he showed you your own brightness with the reassurance that you needed no one else to light you up. he taught you to burn for yourself and be the hearth you had always tried to build in someone else.

i do not claim ownership of any of the above images. all credit goes to the original owners.

ablackpolarbear  asked:

Hey I understand you said to give credit to the photographer on your pics but don't you think a source is enough? I get the whole "credit to where credit is due" thing and I am in no way claiming this for myself but I just feel a lot of captions cramp my blogs style. Im not trying to be argumentative I just want to know your stance.

Hey there!

The problem I have with captions being removed has a lot to do with crediting but also has other areas that affect me as a creator.

Yes a source link does point back to the original posting blog. But that doesn’t necessarily imply ownership of the image. How many times have you seen an image you like and decided to go see the original posters blog? Even then how often is the original poster really the creator of that image?

Artists post their work here because they want it to be seen. They want people to enjoy it and be inspired. They also want to retain a connection to their work. Art is hard work too. People like to devalue it but it is important to the artist and the culture they are trying to reach. Artists don’t become good from nothing. They work at it they improve from large amounts of practice.

Think of it this way. You work a job that pays the bills and makes ends meet but you have a dream of traveling the world and taking beautiful pictures for magazines or other media. You work hard at getting better at photography and developing your style. You pour yourself into your work emotionally and physically. You struggle through depression and lapses in motivation. You post your work because you want it to be seen, enjoyed, and hopefully get you noticed. You learn to love your work after being self conscious about it for so long. Then someone comes along and removes your name from it and in doing so cuts your chances of being noticed down to a minimum. Because they see it as just another pretty picture.

Removing captions and links from art not only disassociates the artist from their work it removes their chances of getting noticed. And in some cases loses them money. I have a link to a store where people could buy things with my pictures on them. Which gets deleted along with other places I post my work, my name, my copyright, and the titles I give my photographs.

That’s basically where I stand.

I’m aware Seth Rogen stated “we wanted to make the first ever R-rated fully Pixar style” whatever but if you really think about what he’s saying, it’s not like he’s claiming ownership over the first ‘3D stylized-realism adult feature,’ as that’s a really specific thing to claim.

It’s also not as good as marketing it as ‘the first adult animated feature,’ which it totally isn’t. Pixar is such a loose term that people use ALOT to describe something that uses a combination of 3D animation and stylized realism: Overwatch and Team Fortress 2 are big ones. People even think Frozen, Tangled, Wreck-It-Ralph, and Big Hero 6 are Pixar.

What I’m trying to say is, alot of people use the term ‘Pixar style’ incredibly loosely and I believe that’s what Seth Rogen is doing here: Using “Pixar style” to describe “a cartoon movie.”

And with that, I sincerely believe he is claiming ownership over the first ever animated adult feature to have characters running around, swearing and fucking each other. It’s more believable than him claiming ownership over the first ever CG animated adult feature to have characters running around, swearing and fucking each other, if you think about it that way.

He shouldn’t though.

And this was still fun to make haha