i do not appreciate this harry styles

i totally appreciate and understand what harry is doing by choosing smaller venues but i think he’s forgotten that he’s literally harry styles and this is going to be the Messiest ticket sale ever


I am FINALLY done with this. Hope you guys enjoy it, please let me know if you do, your comments are very much appreciated. Lots of love, B xx

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It’s all he can see when he looks at you. It’s the color that paints your lips and it’s the only thing he’s been able to think about all night long.

When he picked you up earlier tonight, on your way to a dinner with a group of friends, his eyes had zoomed in on your lips the second you opened the car door to greet him - while you stepped inside and leaned in to say hello, placing a chaste and pert kiss on his cheek, his eyes followed your lips as you came closer.

“What color is that? Crimson? Bright red?” Is what he thinks, the shades of it swirling in his mind. He doesn’t know and he’s tempted to ask you but to do that was to show he’s been paying more attention to you than he’s got the right to and maybe it’d give you the wrong impression - he’s not interested in your lipstick but more on the way the color makes your lips look full and incredibly inviting.

Biting onto his bottom lip after greeting you quickly, his eyes fleet to his rear view mirror, spotting the patch of skin close to his jaw where you had placed your kiss - a lipstick mark remains, the shape of your lips stamped onto his skin in a bright shade of red.

The sight gave him goose bumps and he couldn’t explain why, but when you leaned forward on his front seat, the visor pulled down so you could look in the mirror and make sure your lipstick was not smudged, Harry felt his stomach sink - images of you on your knees, eyes hazy and lips swollen while you suck on his cock with greedy, swollen and red painted lips, leaving a stain on his length, invaded his mind without his permission and he feels his cock twitch in his pants, heat rising underneath his skin.

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Harry Looks Better Than Me in Short Shorts

Let’s get started.

If I’m not mistaken, this started it all.  I mean, what the hell Harry, they weren’t short enough so you had to roll them?  I’m not complaining though.  In fact, good idea.  Great idea.  Do it again.

He did it again.  I don’t even know what this outfit is.  All I know is I love it and he should probably wear it again.  Keep rolling your shorts. And keep letting the butterfly and birds fly free.  Please and thank you.

He rolled them again.  I approve. And also I’m jealous of his legs.

Right about now is where I tend to black out because yellow shorts.

Everything’s blurry.  I can barely see.

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Wife {Harry Styles Smut}


hello! this is just a quick one shot that i churned out bc i loved the concept and i was rly motivated! i hope u enjoy it! if u do, feedback is greatly appreciated (it rly motivates me) and here’s my masterlist if u want more lol :-)


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I know requests are closed but could you possible do a little blurb where y/n is Harry's current gf and she gets a little jealous that Carolina is about someone else and Harry's wondering why she doesn't like the song cause every time he asked her about it she shuts down and they fight and h gets mad cause y/n is "hindering his creativity" and they fight but then make up? Thanks love id really appreciate it

I hated that I’d become this person.  Jealousy was not in my repertoire.  I knew the deal when I’d started dating Harry Styles.  He was committed to his art.  He wrote about experiences he’d had which could range from things he’d done to people he’d hung out with.  I was lucky enough to become one of those experiences though he’d never written a song about it.

And maybe that’s where I was stuck.

We’d been dating for a year.  I resisted him at first, I didn’t want the spotlight that came with dating someone like him.  I’m not a girl who walks around in Gucci everywhere I go.  In fact, most weekends I look homeless while I run around LA in workout clothes and not a stitch of makeup.  But he’d persisted.  And he’d finally won me over.  A combination of his kindness and undeniable charm and I fell fast.  He told me daily that I was the one who inspired him.  I was his home.

But yet, he’d never written a song about me.

When he’d come home from Jamaica with new songs burning a hole in his pocket, I was almost as excited as he was to hear them.  We’d been apart for two months with limited communication at his request.  I understood, I didn’t get upset.  But I also wouldn’t say it had been easy.  Missing Harry, whether he was a thousand miles away or two miles away, was just part of my day now.  It went with the territory.

And I was blown away.  I was.  The songs were other worldly.  They were a perfect mix of every artist we listened to together.  They were Harry.  He gave me a little rundown of each song.  What had inspired him, what parts he’d written versus the parts other people had written, how the arrangement came about.  He knew I liked hearing about how the songs were built so he indulged me.  Just one more reason why I loved him so much.

He saved Carolina for last.  He said it was the song that got them out of their funk in the studio when they felt like everything they were coming up with was crap.  I liked it.  A lot.  It was fun and infectious and the kind of song I’d enjoy blasting while driving down the highway.

However, when he launched into the explanation for the song, my love for it dwindled until it was gone.

And that’s where I was stuck.

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Julia you've read the article? So what do you think?

i did! like i said in my tags, i think the author has a knack for inserting his own plot into the overall story. i think harry’s quotes are lovely, appreciative, humorous and deflective enough and the author worked with what he was given and created his own harry styles. i think he knows how to blur the lines between harry’s quotes and his own perception/imagination and how to make it a compelling read for a rolling stone reader. if you’re the nitpicky kind, like us, you quickly find a disconnect between harry’s words and careful phrasing and his embellishments (i.e. the quote about compartmentalising his private/work life vs the whole paragraph about taylor swift).

that said, i think harry was portrayed very positively to someone who is interested in getting to know him as a solo artist. he clearly loves his fans, he doesn’t have a bad word to say about one direction, he is quirky and unique. i could have done without the ben winston und ~relationships part (because it was factually incorrect and i don’t like ben or taylor) but that’s me - a one direction fan who knows these things intrinsically. it’s also important to keep in mind that he is still in the closet, as has been discussed extensively today. and for someone who has fully expected harry to actively stunt again i’m really very pleased (for lack of better word) we’re ‘only’ getting all these rehashed stories simply because people outside of the fandom vaguely know about them but that have lost actual relevancy a long time ago.

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I very much appreciate your taking the time and effort on the in-depth analysis of SOTT. I do have a question about it. You ended the main section with this: "How does he rescue himself and others?... Musically, of course...Harry Styles has hung out his Sign." Can you clarify or expand on that a bit? I guess I was hoping for something more positive and hopeful of a definitive end to all the fuckery. Do you see anything like that for our boys, or (1 of 2)

(2 of 2) is it pretty much a lost cause and they’re all going to be stuck in a hellish round-a-bout of bullshit for the forseeable future?


I didn’t mean to imply that he hung out a Sign as in: “from here on it’s all Holo forever.” I’m sorry if it came across that way.

What I meant was that this song was Harry delivering the goods. “You want Holo? You got Holo.” And the messenger was the message– the meaning of the song itself explained how it was birthed, with a lot of pain, lies, confusion, forced separation.

I totally do not think this will last.

What I’ve seen for the last few days is:

- Liam and Niall tweeting congrats to Harry; Louis did not
- Harry unable to mention Louis’s name in interviews
- Liam tweeting a strange message– glad you’re getting to do your stuff. Because Liam can’t?
- H and L releasing public pap and stalker photos showing they are in separate locations/ continents

Why do they have to go this hard? Why are they always linked? If there’s nothing going on, why can’t there be normal congratulations, well done H, let’s catch up sometime?

It tells me that things are not normal right now, but the narrative is being pushed hard. We were hoping for change in April, but obviously it didn’t come. I think the hard push has to do with nothing getting in the way of a successful Holo launch.

Why would Louis agree to go along with it? If they’re not together, why would Louis care that Harry launches successfully, and go to such lengths?

Because they ARE together. Always. You.

And if Harry can write this kind of music, doing what he has to do to protect Louis, and Louis has to do what he has to do to protect Harry, and still make music, then they’re managing. We want them to be “free,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean what we imagine: free to come out as a couple, free to conduct business without restrictions.

I have to believe that they know how to manage their own careers better than we do. They have access to lawyers. They know things we don’t know. Both are amazingly smart and have planned their lives accordingly. It will end. Already almost no one in the media (thanks Sirius XM assholes) mentions Louis’ having a son, and he doesn’t even pretend to care anymore. And Harry gives no shits about deflecting questions he doesn’t want to answer.

All four boys are set to release music this quarter. It is ending, bit by bit. It will end.

pet shop girl

Harry is lonely and meets a girl at a pet shop 

 I slowly pulled in and parked in the spot directly right in front of the shop. I turn off the ignition and pull the keys out of the socket and stuff them in my pocket. I reach for the door handle and pull it down to step out of the car. I stroll up and step on the side walk, reaching and ripping the door handle open. I hear the loud chimes as I opened the door all the way. I see an older woman feeding a few of the puppies some kibble, when she notices my presence she lifts her head up and look over towards my way.

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“Flat out” - h.s. Part 3

Part 1 / Part 2 



Before Harry came back to London, you had always enjoyed that your flat was kind of a drama free zone. You never invited anyone over, except for Felicity who came over on weekends to study, and you always had a sense of clear calm and peace to have your work zone and just enjoy yourself.

But when Harry came back for longer than just a couple weeks, things did become different. You didn’t mind though considering it was technically his apartment, and it was just his space as much as it was yours. But you knew that the only reason the flat had been so quiet was because you had been the only one in it. And now that Harry was back, you both found a way to express yourselves through some louder words every once in a while.

With the arrest of diTorino and his buddies, you really didn’t feel unsafe in any way. But that didn’t seem to matter to Harry as he drove you in silence back to the flat you shared. He was quiet, a brooding angry quiet that you didn’t want to mess with, and you decided not to allow it to bother you in any way as you dropped your keys and shoes at the front door and made your way inside.

You’d seen Harry angry on multiple accounts. There had been the whole cupcake fiasco at Liam’s birthday two years ago, and then that paparazzi that had almost knocked you over during your time in Canada. And though it was scary at times, you never took it that seriously because you knew he was nothing more than a softy on the inside.

So you didn’t take it into thought as Harry slammed the door behind you while you walked over to the kitchen.

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Authors Note: I kinda think this is cute and fluffy, but I don’t know. I am thinking of doing a part two to this, but again, I don’t know, haha. Thoughts and opinions welcome. I hope you enjoy this piece, kinda enjoyed thinking about it. Xx 

You can find my Blurbs HERE

You observe the space between the bare sheets and you sigh to yourself, the scarceness denoting that Harry is either working or he’s running early morning errands, perhaps even at the gym. 

You take your time with getting up, savouring the pleasure of the bed and the warmth of the fresh coverings. There is nothing better than relaxing between the warmness of the covers, having nothing to worry about, no need to get up and go to work, just a pleasant lazy day to do nothing.

You smile as your round into the kitchen, your husband smiling before he takes a drink of what you assume is his early morning smoothie. 

Every now and again after working out he indulges in a smoothie or he gets a health shake— you much prefer the smoothies, particularly his, he continuously distinguishes the ideal combinations of fruits. 

“Morning!” You beam as you wander closer, admiring his fallen hair and his gym outfit compiled of nothing but a T-shirt and a pair of jogging shorts. 

He beams down at you, opening his arm for a hug, “Morning, someone’s cheery.” He comments before caressing a kiss to the top of your head, a hum escaping your lips to agree with his observation. 

“How was the gym?” You tenderly pull away from the hug, the scent of his cologne lingering on your shirt, something you absolutely love to inhale in warm mornings.

“Pretty good. How was sleeping in?” He questions, taking a drink of his Coral coloured resembling smoothie, 

“Better if you’d sleep in with me.“ 

"Mhm, you know I can’t sleep in. Body just doesn’t like it.” He shrugs, “plus, I needed the workout, been slackin’ lately, no thanks to you.” He kisses the top of your nose, reminding you of how you have selfishly managed to keep him nestled into you in the mornings the last few days. Sometimes, you don’t want to share him with the world or the gym, you want him to stay in bed and cuddle with you until you are ready to get out of bed. A few muffled whines and an ‘I really don’t feel good,’ is enough for him to give in and skip the gym. It wasn’t really intentional— You can’t help the fact that sometimes his warmth, soothing touch, and cuddles is enough to make you feel better.

“What did ya get?” You challenge, your hand reaching for his smoothie but he stretches away from you, your lips already beginning to form a pout. His smoothie looks so~ good and refreshing. 

 "Uh-ah, yours is there.“ He gestures to the counter that holds a verdant coloured smoothie, something you have no desire to drink. His looks better, it has a delightful ocherous hue to it, much prettier than the burgeoning grass he wants you to absorb. "It’s a lot healthier than this mango thing.” He takes a drink of his smoothie, only enticing you to desire it more. 

“It looks fucking gross." 

"Don’t knock it until you try it. It’s kale, it’s good for you and helps with morning sickness.” He encourages, handing you the verdure resembling smoothie. You glare at Harry, already not savouring his concept of a healthy smoothie. “Taste it, that’s it.” He presses kindly, giving you his affectionate eyes and an agile kiss to the lips to convince you. 

You take a sip, instantly spitting it out to the floor with a heavy sigh. 

“Well, it was worth a try.” He shrugs, 

“You fucking taste that.” You hand the smoothie back to him, “That is enough to erupt morning sickness, gross.” You shake your head, handing him the drink. 

With a heavy sigh, he takes the smoothie and decides to try the Kale-Smoothie. Immediately, he screws his nose up at the flavour, understanding your feelings towards the disgust. “Alright, here you go, love.” He hands you his smoothie, instantly satisfying you as you taste the pleasant taste of mango on your tongue. So much more soothing and enjoyable than the Kale. “And now I’m left with the morning sickness drink.” He pouts, watching you sip on the smoothie he was deliciously appreciating. 

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Sign Of The Times

This is short and not that great but I think it’s been on all our minds lately… Only 3.5 more hours until we hear it for real!


It was bright in the room, you were wide awake in bed, and Harry was pacing the room anxiously- but it was 2am.

“Can’t believe everyone’s gonna hear my song soon. This is the weirdest feeling.” He spoke, pausing to look in the mirror while he took a deep breath.

“Stop worrying; everyone’s going to love it.” You smiled and masked another yawn.

After finishing all the pre-recorded radio shows he’d be doing, he’d come back to the states to spend time with you before his single came out. He knew he wanted to be with you when it was played on the radio for the first time, because you had a way of calming his nerves during moments like these. The only downside was the time-zones; you had to wake up in the middle of the night to hear his interview.

Your laptop was open on the bed and you were excitedly awaiting the moment when the first notes of Harry’s song would come through the speakers. He flopped down on the mattress next to you, giving you an exasperated look as soon as you turned to him.

“Didn’t expect to be this nervous.” He sighed, glancing back to your laptop screen to check the time. There were only a few more minutes until the world would be introduced to Harry Styles- the solo artist.

“C'mere.” You opened your arms and he scooted into you, and you kissed his forehead gently.

“Everything’s gonna be fine. The song is incredible, and it’s just so… you. You know that as well as I do, baby.”

He smiled thankfully at you and he honestly didn’t know how he managed to get so lucky. He’d found someone who not only accepted his career, but was there every step of the way. He appreciated it even more at times like these when he knew he wouldn’t survive without you.

You leaned forward to grab your laptop as the time finally came. Harry sat up a little straighter and took a deep, shaky breath as you turned up the volume on your laptop.

You reached your hand out so it sat on his lap and he took it quickly, squeezing gently as a thank you. Harry’s familiar voice filled the room as he made the announcement that his song was about to play.

As the first lyrics came through the speakers, some of the tension seemed to fade away. Harry was staring down at your hands, looking somewhat pleased and free of nerves. The five minutes of the song went by surprisingly quickly, and when it finished, you immediately threw your arms around Harry.

“Oh my gosh, that was so good. I’m so proud of you, H.”

He chuckled and squeezed you a little tighter.

“Thank you so much. Means the world you could be with me today.” He whispered, gently pressing his lips to the side of your head.

You immediately grabbed your phone and opened up Twitter, turning your phone around to Harry every time a positive tweet from a fan caught your eye. By the time you were finished, he was smiling ear to ear and he couldn’t be happier with the way everything was turning out.

He pulled you back into him, a content sigh leaving his lips as he finally relaxed.
“I should be celebrating, but I’m exhausted.” He laughed, looking over at the clock and noticing how late it really was. It was starting to sink in now that the song was out, but it just left him feeling relieved enough to sleep.

“Good, because I’m going to bed.” You joked, and he laid down alongside you and pulled you closer.

“You know I really am proud of you, right?” You turned to look at him, and you swore you caught him blush.

“You’ve said it a few times, yeah.” He chuckled, “Thank you so much for this. All the support you’ve given me… I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

You leaned in to softly press your lips against his.

“It’s been my pleasure.”

Within a few minutes, you were both sound asleep, knowing the world would never live another day without knowing who Harry was as an artist.

my skill

cheering on my friends and appreciating/supporting EVERYTHING they do because


Jessica’s Follow Forever: The 7000 Edition

In honor of hitting 7000 followers (wow!), I thought I’d do an updated Follow Forever to show some love and appreciation for all of you and how much you mean to me! I’m pretty picky about who I follow because I want my dash to be a positive place. I’ll try not to forget anyone and, if you know someone I should be following but I’m not yet, give me a shout! I’m always up for following more writers and Harry lovers! <3

So, without further ado…a big THANK you to the following people for being amazing and awesome and talented and just generally fun to interact with.

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“Come in, come in!” My mother ushered the two of us inside.

I was cringing at my state already, but I refused to let go of Harry’s hand. Even when my mother opened her arms to him, expecting a hug, I made the experience very awkward for him because I just didn’t let go.
He leant down to her, receiving a warm welcome.

“You must be Harry.” She said the obvious.

“So I’ve been told.” Harry replied.

He gave her a friendly kiss on the cheek before he withdrew, and I wondered if Curls just had this effect on mothers, because my mum was swooning just looking at him. He’d said four words and I could tell she was smitten.

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I just want to contrast my very favorite quote from Harry’s Rolling Stone article with the quote from 5SOS in December 2015. Arguably, both are/were trying to broaden their audience.

“Who’s to say that young girls who like pop music – short for popular, right? – have worse musical taste than a 30-year-old hipster guy? That’s not up to you to say. Music is something that’s always changing. There’s no goal posts. Young girls like the Beatles. You gonna tell me they’re not serious? How can you say young girls don’t get it? They’re our future. Our future doctors, lawyers, mothers, presidents, they kind of keep the world going. Teenage-girl fans – they don’t lie. If they like you, they’re there. They don’t act ‘too cool.’ They like you, and they tell you. Which is sick.” - Harry Styles

“Seventy-five percent of our lives is proving we’re a real band,” says Irwin. “We’re getting good at it now. We don’t want to just be, like, for girls. We want to be for everyone. That’s the great mission that we have. I’m already seeing a few male fans start to pop up, and that’s cool. If the Beatles and the Rolling Stones and all those guys can do it, we can do it, too.” - Ashton Irwin

I feel like people are maybe downplaying this quote. Or saying that of course he doesn’t want to alienate that fan base. I think that many artists shit on teenage girls when they have an opportunity for a different demographic. 

harry styles gif icons.

◟ * ・゚✧ by clicking RIGHT HERE, you’ll be directed to +1,000 gif icons of harry styles sized in 75x75 dimensions. not even one of these are made by me, all of them have been collected through the years, and all i did was crop, resize and edit them, so full and complete credit to the rightful owners. all of them (or most of them i guess) are from 2014 to 2016, so this hunt it’s full of his gorgeous stage of long marvelous hair. i will be updating this regularly because i still have a ton more gifs to share w/ yall. you can do whatever you want w/ these just don’t repost please, a like and/or reblog will be gladly appreciated.

Secret Love Song (Louis Tomlinson Imagine)

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(not my gif! credits to owner)

REQUEST: (from Anon) You’re a famous singer and you and Louis have been dating for about a year and you come out with your relationship imagine? Love your blog btw x 💛💕

WAAAAHHHH! MY FIRST REQUEST! I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who requested. I really do appreciate them! Keep on sending them in and I’ll do my best to finish them quickly. Feedbacks are very well appreciated. 


Being Y/N Y/L/N has its pros and cons. A pro of it is being able to travel the world while doing what I love the most… singing. Singing is just one thing, but singing songs written by me, for me, and with me is a whole other level.

Another pro is finding the love of my life during an award show, where he and his bandmates won against me for best music video.


“And the winner for Best Music Video is…” Rihanna says through the mic. Each tear on the envelope sending chills down my spine.

I was nominated for my music video for “Salute”. My opponents include Zayn’s “Pillowtalk”, Maroon 5’s “Don’t Wanna Know” and One Direction’s “Night Changes”. The competition was tough but I really wanted to win this award. I gave my everything on that song and its music video and winning will pay off the hard work.

The air became almost non-existent when I heard Rihanna shout One Direction. It felt like the air was physically punched out of my system. But with the cameras filming our reactions, I had to fake a smiling face and clap for the winner.

During the after party, I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate my Best Female Singer award and socialize with everyone on the room. My manager just forced me to attend as to not start speculations of me being a sore loser or what not. The lose really took a toll on me. The worst thing was… I only lost to them by 5 votes! I mean… 5 votes?! It really bummed me out.

“Hello?” Someone said, shaking me out of my frustrated thoughts.

“What?” I said, shaking my head to bring me back to reality.

“I’m sorry.” The person said. I looked at the person and saw none other than Harry Styles.

“No.. I’m sorry. Just really not in the mood to be here.” I said honestly.

“Oh, sorry ‘bout that love. But my friend Louis right there was just too nervous to meet you, and seeing your reaction tonight about the award, he was really to scared to approach you.” He said, pointing towards Louis’s direction. Louis had a sheepish smile raising his hand as a sign of hello, which may I say was adorable.

“Was it really that obvious?” I asked nervously.

“Just a little.” Louis said. I didn’t even notice his appearance up until now.

“I’m really sorry.” I said genuinely.

“It’s alright love.” He said with that same sheepish smile.

That night, I got to know him better. We didn’t even notice that we were already conversing without Harry.

I silently thanked my manager for forcing me that night.

Because that night was the start of something great.


A few months and a few dates after that award show, we started dating officially and up until now, Louis and I are still going strong. Although with our situation, with both of us always being under the limelight, we decided to keep our relationship to ourselves for the meantime. Only our closest friends and family knew of our relationship.

That was the con of everything. The line between my private life and public life was almost invisible. Rumors after rumors of us dating have been published but we just shake them off, saying that we were just really good friends.

In a few weeks, we’ll be celebrating our first year anniversary. I’ve been working my ass off at the studio for the special gift that I was about to give the man that makes me smile every second of every day.

A song about us.

“Guess who?” said that voice that I knew very much, him covering my eyes with his very soft and fragile hands.

“Louis William Tomlinson, I’m so stressed so please let me see your beautiful face so that I can kiss it.” I said. He finally let go and turned the office chair that I was sitting on and gave me a peck on the lips.

“So, why did you ask me to meet you here?” He said, taking a seat on my right, Greg, my producer sitting on my left.

“Listen to this. “ I said as Greg played the song that I wrote with him.

When you hold me in the street

And you kiss me on the dance floor

I wish that it could be like that

Why can’t it be like that? Cause I’m yours

The song started playing, Louis passionately listening to the newly recorded song. I wasn’t listening to the song because I was busy reading Louis’s expressions.

I wrote this song for him and for us. I couldn’t stand not being able to show everyone how much I am in love with this Doncaster boy.

We keep behind closed doors

Every time I see you, I die a little more

Stolen moments that we steal as the curtain falls

It’ll never be enough

It’s obvious you’re meant for me

Every piece of you, it just fits perfectly

Every second, every thought, I’m in so deep

But I’ll never show it on my face

Tears started streaming down Louis’s face. He wiped it as unnoticeable as possible but I was still able to catch his small gesture. The song ended with a few tears pooling in his eyes yet with a huge smile on his face. He just shook his head and kissed me.

After regaining himself, he thanked Greg and asked if he’d be kind enough to let us talk privately. Greg nodded and left the room, patting Louis’s shoulder and congratulating him.

“When are you going to put the song out?” He asked.

“I’m not sure. Why?” I asked.

“Do it within the week or so.” He ordered.

“Are you sure? This soon? Why?”

“Because I want to shout it from the rooftops from now on. I’m yours and you’re mine.”


We decided to tell everyone of our relationship during our James Corden’s Late Late Show appearance, which coincidently, we were both on at the same time. The song was a huge hit and people caught on the meaning of the song causing ruckus here and there with regards to who the song was about.

On the day of the filming of the Late Late Show interview, Louis and I were sat beside each other on the couch, just the two of us. James was in front of us asking questions about our career plans for the next few months from now, until my new song was mentioned.

“So Y/N… A little birdie told me that your new song is about a certain someone called the Swag Master of Doncaster. Care to explain?” James asked showing a photo of us exiting the studio with Louis’s arm protectively and lovingly around my waist. I started blushing, my cheeks heating up quicker than normal.

I didn’t say a word. I just simply held Louis’s hand and smiled.

James let out a loud chuckle and that was it.

We were officially a couple in the public eye… and we couldn’t be happier.


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Love you all! 😘