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Harry Looks Better Than Me in Short Shorts

Let’s get started.

If I’m not mistaken, this started it all.  I mean, what the hell Harry, they weren’t short enough so you had to roll them?  I’m not complaining though.  In fact, good idea.  Great idea.  Do it again.

He did it again.  I don’t even know what this outfit is.  All I know is I love it and he should probably wear it again.  Keep rolling your shorts. And keep letting the butterfly and birds fly free.  Please and thank you.

He rolled them again.  I approve. And also I’m jealous of his legs.

Right about now is where I tend to black out because yellow shorts.

Everything’s blurry.  I can barely see.

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i’m LAUGHING there are people on my twitter timeline retweeting posts slamming taylor swift for tweeting about the march but not actually attending and for not getting involved in the election etc etc etc and then retweeting harry styles’ tweet about the marches and praising him to the heavens like i’m sorry but what has ur white ass boy toy done for feminism???? absolutely nothing that’s what. taylor swift has a long ways to go and i do not always support the way she talks about feminism but i can say without a doubt that she is TEN times the feminist harry styles is because she’s shown the way she feels through her actions and words and is CONSTANTLY telling young women that they are worth it and they are enough and she’s donated money to various charities and she lives what it is to be a successful woman and has to overcome & deal with a ridiculous amount of sexism every day
but okay i guess harry styles is the Feminist Icon™ lol


@Harry_Styles: My lovely friend @Dwdsoutar directed his first music video so have a peek. He’s also tiny and flying the drone.

@zaralarsson: @Harry_Styles @Dwdsoutar KÖTTBULLAR!!!!!!!!! 💙💛  thank you so much for doing this. Have fun tonight!!! 

@Harry_Styles: @zaralarsson köttbullar back to you. You have a lovely song and an undeniable taste in directors. Hope you’re well .x

@zaralarsson: @Harry_Styles that tweet really woke my up from my lil tiger snooze! Thanx man I appreciate it, so do you!!!

Confessions of a Curly Secret Santa

Harry Styles - One Shot

A/N: Here’s my Harry Holiday Special!! Feedback is appreciated! xx

“You have to tell him,” Your blond haired best friend insists, frowning deeply when you shake your head ‘no’, “Yes, you do. If you don’t tell him now, he’s gonna find someone else and you’re just gonna be friendzoned and heartbroken, again.”

“I can’t,” You moan, banging your forehead against the table in frustration, “What if he doesn’t feel the same way? I’ll fuck everything up by telling him about my feelings.”

“Babe, I love you, but shut the hell up,” He scoffs, poking your head until you look back at him, “He’d be totally insane not to feel the same way, he’s in the music room alone right now, go talk to him.”

“I am way too sober to have that conversation with him now,” You exclaim wide eyed and slightly frantic, “I’ll wait after the party tonight or something, when I get some liquid courage in me.”

“Fine,” Niall agrees, a determined look taking over his face, “But if you don’t tell him tonight, I’m telling Liam you were the one that scratched his car door and not some random stranger.”

“You wouldn’t,” You gasp, your eyes widening at the thought, “I thought you were my friend.”

“I am, that’s why I’m making you do this, love,” He smiles, rubbing your back affectionately.


You’re standing in a secluded corner of the living room watching people partaking in drunk karaoke when harry swaggers his way across the crowd to lean against the wall next to you, “Hey, love, you look lovely,” He compliments, his eyes giving you a once over, a crooked grin taking over his face as he notices the blush on your cheek.

“Thanks, H,” You smile, your eyes involuntarily checking out his exposed chest, “You don’t look so bad yourself,” You offer him, almost rolling your eyes at the biggest understatement ever, he looks so much better than what you let on. He looks like some kind of God, walking around with overflowing confidence in his tight black jeans and unbuttoned white shirt.

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Author’s Note: This is based off a request from my dear friend L! It’s where Y/N is a student in university studying for exams and Harry comes rescue her at the library. Something I’m going through right now, minus the Harry of course. I hope everyone in school right now is doing okay! I hope you all enjoy. Thanks so much for reading! Feedback is appreciated! x

If you could have been anywhere in the world at that moment, it would have been somewhere with Harry. Preferably in his arms, wrapped tight and solid with your head on his muscular chest. Especially in a quaint place like his hometown, where the two of you had spent the dog days of summer lazily with each other. Not doing much at all, yet enjoying every last second of it. The way your head would be sprawled across his stomach and his hands would lightly tangle in your hair as you stared at the stars. Well technically, you just looked at him. And well, he just looked at you. But like I said, you both stared at the stars.

But that was the summer. That was a few months ago. Now it was mid-October and you midterms were right around the corner. Just when you had felt like you had gotten into the swing of the new school year, the pressure and panic of those worth-more-than-half-your-grade examinations come at you with full force.

So, even though you wished you were somewhere with Harry, you were stuck at the library on your university’s campus, with nothing but the bookshelves to keep you company.

You were a good student, as hardworking and bright as they can get, but as the sun disappeared from the fall sky, so did your focus. And your energy. Your heavy lids threatened to close as they read over the material for what felt like the hundredth time. I think by now you fully understood the carbon cycle, but still, you didn’t want to risk getting complacent. But soon all the words began to morph into one, and it was as if every word that began with H said Harry. That boy was officially on your mind and in your heart.

See, the thing was, you also happened to be on Harry’s mind and in his heart. In fact, you were just about making his heart beat from outside of his chest. Where were you? Why weren’t you answering his calls or text messages? He knew you were studying and didn’t want to bother you, but as your loving boyfriend, he still took it upon himself to make sure you were motivated and doing okay. You hadn’t responded to the “hey,” the “you okay?” or the nerd emoji. And when you didn’t respond to that one, Harry knew something was up.

He paced around the main floor of his house, a thousand thoughts swarming through his mind. For one of the first times in his life, he wished he was in school. Maybe that way he’d be with you right now instead of worrying about where the heck you were. You had said you were going to the library, but from the few times Harry stepped foot onto the campus, he also knew that there was more than one. Oh God, Harry groaned, running his fingers through his short hair. You were supposed to be home with him right now, not at some library by yourself. You should have called him an hour ago, waiting to be picked up in front of the main administrative building. Screw it, Harry thought, he was going to look for you.

The drive to the university was not long, yet it seemed to drag on forever. Harry silently thanked the universe that the girl he had fallen in love with was a student at the local university. He didn’t know what he would have done if you were studying halfway across the world. Hell, he’d probably come get you, but on a plane.

Harry circled around the campus which was illuminated by a few streetlights and the moon. He passed two libraries, both large and not at all your taste. He knew you well enough to know that you liked to study in isolation. So when he passed the small library at the corner of the campus, he somehow knew that he had found the right building.

Hastily he pulled the key out of the ignition and made his way through the thick double doors. The old library was quaint and homey and timeless. If Harry wasn’t so preoccupied with making sure you were okay, he would have imagined pushing your body against the old oak bookcase and kissing the crap out of you.

But, wait.

Maybe that’s not such a bad idea after all. Because when he sees your body, hunched over the table with all your materials spread out, the only thing he wants to do is run up to you and swallow you whole.

Hands touch your shoulders and you nearly jump from your chair.

“Shh, Y/N, it’s me. Didn’t mean to startle ya,” Harry tells you.

You sigh and rub your eyes, thinking you are imaging your boyfriend standing right in front of you.

“Harry?” you ask. “What’re you doing here?”

“You didn’t answer any of my messages or calls. Was worried,” he says, looking deeply into your tired eyes. You nod, feeling slightly guilty for unintentionally ignoring him. He’s already started to pack up your things.

“Phone. I left it at home,” you explained sleepily.

Harry closed his eyes in light frustration. Had he known that, he never would have let you go without knowing how to get a hold of you.

“Are you mad?” you begin to cry.

“No, baby, I’m not mad at ya. I never could be. I love ya too much to be mad.” He’s rubbing his hands along your arms. You stifle a yawn.

“Come on, I’m taking ya home.”

You fall asleep in the car, and Harry carries you bridal style into his home. You’re barely coherent when he sets your body onto his bed and begins to remove your jacket. He has a t-shirt and sweatpants in his hands for you to change into, but that’s not enough to get you comfortable for bed.

“Wait, Harry,” you say suddenly. “My makeup, I need to take it off.”

Before you even finish the sentence Harry is knelt in front of you with a warm washcloth in his hands. He takes his time massaging the soft fabric over your face. The movements are slow and gentle, as if you are the most precious thing in the entire world.

“So beautiful,” Harry coos. “Just the way you are.”

Now it’s time for him to study. Study you. The way your full lips are heart shaped and slightly uneven, even though he thinks they’re perfect. The freckle under your left eye. The way your cheekbones cast shadows on your face. You’re beautiful, and Harry can’t believe you’re with him.

“What if I fail? Harry, what if I fail?” you ask him as soon as he finishes putting you in his clothes.

“You won’t baby, you got this.” You always seem to forget how you succeed at nearly everything you do.

“Yeah, I got this,” you whisper. Okay, now you’re seconds away from passing out.

Harry chuckles lightly. He believes in you. He knows you can do it. And no matter what happens, you have him.

Int: Have you had to modify the set list at all? Malik has a big solo on “Story of My Life,” for instance.

Harry: It would be pretty devastating if we took that song out. Liam [Payne] stepped up to do the high notes. He kicks them in the bollocks every show. He doesn’t hold back

Can your hear me cry?

I’m just so proud of Harry he’s out there doing nothing people expect him to do. For once, he’s finally doing the things he wants to do without having to do it publicly. Since the beginning of 2016 he’s just like fuck off ill do what I want. And even though I miss him I’m so happy he’s able to finally be more private and keep secrets from his fans and the media.

what she says: i’m fine

what she means: harry styles has never acknowledged his leaked solo track “don’t let me go” despite the secrecy surrounding it lending to an air of mystique about the meaning behind the track, namely a popular belief that it’s a heartfelt serenade to louis tomlinson, his bandmate. his refusal to talk about these rumors or the track’s nature only increases the fans’ attitute towards, keeping the song “don’t let me go” incredibly tender and important, and in some respects validates fans’ beliefs that it’s about louis by encouraging the air of mystery about it why hasn’t harry styles acknowledged “don’t let me go”


“I really really love and appreciate you”

not too sure about this one tbh. but here are 202 of us on here!! omfg. thankyou so much guys! this is amazing! this imagine was also a request btw, so hopefully, i did what you’ve asked me to! i’m really sorry for the long wait, i just couldn’t get myself to do it :( but after next week i’ll hopefully be able to do more and they’ll be more frequent as i’ll be finished with college by then! xx

Request - Can u do one where they break up but then get back together


Louis Tomlinson appreciation post. It really upsets me how often Louis’ kind and charitable actions go unnoticed. The other day at school I mentioned Louis and someone immediately asked oh yea isn’t he the one who was caught in that video doing drugs? And yea that was him, but does that really need to be the first thing people think when they hear his name? He’s smoked marijuana and that’s not necessarily something people see as being very great but that doesn’t cancel out all the good things he has done. I generally avoid conflict and am fairly quiet in school so you can imagine the boys surprise when I began to tell him off. “Louis Tomlinson is the one who works tirelessly to make his fans happy. Louis is the one who spent time in Ghana helping the children and raising millions of dollars to vaccinate and treat the babies and children dying in their hospitals. Louis is the one who died his hair red for a concert and interview to raise awareness of Red Nose Day. Louis is the one who bought his local football club and organized a charity football game which he played in despite an injury. Louis is the one constantly tweeting, visiting, and sending gifts to children in hospitals for cancer or anything else and offering their families his condolences. Louis is the one who is an ambassador for the Ray of Sunshine Foundation. Louis is the who’s love for his mother and his siblings is unbelievable. Louis is the one who works tirelessly to support Eden Dora Trust for encephalitis after meeting Eden and realizing how much he could do to help. Louis is the one who was part of an anti bullying campaign and showed us that things do get better. Louis is the one who works closely with Bluebell Children’s Hospice and Operation Smile along with dozens of others. Louis is the one who helped raise 500,000 euros for cancer and $825,000 dollars for poverty. Louis is the one who was a part of BBC Children in Need and the Elephant Project for Alzheimer’s awareness. Louis is the one who is never happier than when he is doing something to help someone in need. Louis is the one who saved my life and is the reason I am here today and I will defend him until the day I die. You are the one standing here ridiculing one of the most generous people in the world who you know nothing about. Think about that.” I’m sick of Louis being seen as the rude or arrogant member of the band and his amazing qualities and actions overshadowed by the media. He is not just some celebrity who doesn’t care about anything but money and fame. He is an outstanding human being and deserves to be recognized as such.

anonymous asked:

Except that flaky Harry contradicts everything anyone's ever said about him - how he always remembers to thank everyone and send them flowers and cards and thank yous and cupcakes and remembers their names and so on. I get what you're saying, but there are other "flaws" that seem way more likely, that's all.

I disagree (and while I’ve definitely heard the thanking and remembering people’s names - I’m not so sure I’ve heard stories of him sending flowers and cupcakes that often).   He’s very polite and appreciative of what people do - but that doesn’t mean anything about whether he’s flaky with his friends.

A lot of my favourite people make vague plans and never follow through with them all the time (the greatest thing about that is that I don’t have to be reliable).  They’re still lovely and polite.  I think lots of factors in Harry’s life that might have led him to develop quite a flaky friendship style (most importantly not having control of his own time) and it’s completely compatible with other things Nick has said about their friendship (like Harry’s habit of dropping in on Nick).

The whole story could be made up - or massaged in some way.  But to argue that Harry couldn’t possibly be flaky to his friends because he thanks and introduces himself to crew is a terrible argument that ignores how different those sorts of relationships are.


The evergrowing list of favorite 1D fics

I could build a castle
by little-cather

“This’ll be fun,” he says.
“This’ll take months,” Taylor corrects. “Probably a good year or so, if we’re only coming out here on breaks from tour. I’m not sure how wise this idea of yours was.”
“I was just thinking about us doing it up together,” Harry murmurs. She can hear his smile in the darkness.

In the not too distant future, Taylor and Harry buy and renovate a disused beach house.

I won't put my family through this - imagine

So this was suggested by an anon, here is the original message:

“Can you do an imagine where apps are always following Harry and Y/N and Y/N is very anxious about it and then when something very serious happened with apps she says that she can’t do it anymore but Harry is very afraid of losing her?”


*Harry’s POV*

No one really appreciates the privacy they have in their everyday lives until it is gone, until their every move is being watched, analysed and criticised by the media, the public and the fans. Having simple tasks such as going to the shop, filling up the car at the petrol station, or even going down the end of the driveway to collect the mail, each step I take seems to be under constant surveillance. It never bothered me before. Having this constant attention is part of what I do, it is part of the life I lead and I have become used to it. Only when she came into my life did I realise how much of a strain it can put on a relationship.

I have been dating my beautiful girl for 5 months now, 5 glorious months of kisses, cuddles and laughter. She is perfect. She is kind, sweet, beautiful, and loving. She is everything I have ever wanted and after having her get the approval of my family, the boys and most importantly the fans, I could not be happier.

But my girl, she isn’t used to this. All this attention and constant harassment, it is a lot to take in and I think the pressure of the public eye is starting to take its effect. She is less keen to go out publicly with me, she doesn’t want to go on dates to restaurants, she doesn’t want to walk in the fields beside my parents house, she barely wants to come round to my apartment, always insisting that I go round to hers. It is tough, that I know for a fact, but the ever present cloud of doubt above my head refuses to shift. The doubt that she will be able to handle this, to be able to cope with this pressure for ever. I can already see her giving up, I see it in her eyes. The glow that is usually present behind her beautiful eyes seems to be dulling with each article, each photograph and each rumour and it is killing me inside. To know that I am doing this to her, I am causing this anxiousness, this unwillingness to do the things she loves. But I’m just too selfish to let her go.

My thoughts are interrupted by a quick knock on the door. I switched off the TV and and padded towards the front door, fixing my shirt which had crumpled slightly due to my slouched position. Running my fingers through my hair I pulled open the door to be greeted by my girl.

“Y/N, baby! I didn’t know you were coming over gorgeous” I said, pulling her into my arms and burying my head into her neck. In turn, she wrapped her arms around my body but they hung limp, her hands barely touching around my back. She didn’t lean in either, her slender body leaving a slight gap from mine. Something is wrong.

I pulled back from her weak embrace and looked her in the eyes. I frowned as she gazed back at me with a blank stare.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“We need to talk” she said. My eyes widened as I looked at her. I know what that ‘we need to talk’ means, that means her walking away from me, from us. She’s going to try and leave me.

“Erm, sure, OK,” I said, stepping aside so that she could walk into the lounge, I closed the door behind her. “What’s wrong?” I asked. She held out her hand, a magazine which I never noticed before held between her fingers. I took the book from her hands and flicked to a page that she had marked by turning down the corner. Across the glossy pages was a double sides article, two full pages of pictures of Y/N from her holiday with her family to the beach. She had been gone for a week, taking a well deserved break with her family while I stayed behind to record some new music with the boys. There must have been about 20 pictures, each of my girl. They were all different, from her and her sister getting ice-cream from the store, to her family and her walking down the beach, to a picture of her in a bikini swimming in the water. Every activity which they had undertaken over the last week had been photographed and was now printed in one of the countries most popular magazines. To say I was mad, would be an understatement.

“I can’t do this Harry, I can’t live my life like this” she said, gesturing to the magazine in my hands.

“They were following me for the entire week, everywhere I turned there was someone with a camera, taking pictures of me and my family. We couldn’t do anything without having someone taking pictures of us. I can deal with it Harry, I really can. I can put up with this if it means I can be with you but I will not put my family through this. My sister couldn’t even walk next door to buy an ice-cream without some guy shoving a camera in her face Harry. I mean seriously! She is 11 years old! It’s fucking disgraceful!” She yelled, her voice getting louder and louder as she explained the event. I gripped the magazine harder.

“Baby I’m sorry-” I started but was interrupted when she ripped the magazine out of my hands.

“No Harry, god damn it! 'I’m sorry’ isn’t going to fix this! Do you have any idea what it’s like to have your sister come home crying because she is afraid of these people! You might be able to put up with this Harry, hell, your family might be able to put up with it but I will not put my family through this!” She yelled. Throwing the magazine across the room so that it hit the wall. I reached out for her but she stepped away. I started to panic.

“I can’t be with you any more Harry. I can’t do this” she said, her shoulder deflating and her lips trembling as she looked at me. I shook my head rapidly from side to side, and reached out to her once more, managing to take hold of her upper arms.

“No, baby please don’t do this. Please you can’t do this to me. I need you baby. I need you, I know you need me too just please don’t leave me. We can fix this, I can fix this, just please” I pleaded, desperately trying to pull her body towards mine but she fought to get out of my grip.

“No, Harry”, she said, finally freeing herself from my grasp, “I’m sorry” she said, walking around me and towards the door. She pulled open the door and flinched as the cool breeze brushed past her cheek, fanning her hair out around her face gently. My god she is beautiful.

“Y/N, please don’t leave me” I begged. She turned and looked at me before shaking her head gently.

“I’m sorry” she breathed, looking at me for a moment before she walked out of the door, out of my apartment and out of my life. It took a moment for my body to realise what had happened, but as soon as the events caught up to me I collapsed to my knees, smothering my mouth with my hand to hide my sobs.

“No, no, no, no, no” I repeated, over and over and over again, hoping that the more I said it the more I would wake up from this nightmare and she would be by my side, sleeping peacefully in my bed, her eyelashes fanned out over her rosy cheeks as she breathed in and out softly. And I would look at her, comforted by the sight of the girl I love. The girl I love… The girl… I love….

Oh my god, I’m in love with her. I’m in love with Y/N and I just watched her walk out of my life. I shook my head rapidly. “No” I said loudly, stumbling to my feet and grabbing my keys from the counter and my jacket from the back of the sofa before running out the front door. I love her, I’m in love with her and I will be damned before I let her walk out of my life so easily.

Feeling Blue

Request: Can you write a one shot of Harry where the reader colors her hair blue??

 A/N: So this was probably not what you had in mind, sorry. Feedback is appreciated! Xx


“Are you sure about this,” Your friend asks you, looking at you incredulously through the mirror, “I mean, there’re other ways to make a statement, love.”

“I’m doing this,” You state stubbornly, running your fingers through your natural coloured hair for the last time, “I need a change.”

“Honey, I just feel like you’re doing this for the wrong reasons,” She says, knowing you all too well, she knows deep down why you’re so desperate to do this, “I understand he broke your heart, but,” She starts, but you quickly cut her off.

“Just dye my fucking hair,” You snap, refusing to have any sort of conversation that had to do with him. Him, the man you saw as the love of your life, the person you were meant to spend the rest of your life with, but apparently he didn’t share the same dreams.

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