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"Our little Family" Part 2

Characters: Dean Winchester x Reader, Sam Winchester, Sammy (8), Charlotte (4), Sophia (4) Winchester (kids), Amy Martin, Julia Martin (mentioned)

Length: 1925 words

Warnings: Angst (a lot of it), cheating

Summary: You and the Winchesters got out of the hunting life a few years ago when your first son Sammy was born. You and Dean got married and bought a house in Kansas, leaving the bunker behind. Your little family expanded when your twins Sophia and Charlotte were born. What happens when a mysterious girl knocks on your door one night and demands Dean Winchester?

A/N: So, this is part two of my little series. Hope you enjoy reading it. As you can see, English is not my native language. So please forgive my grammar and spelling mistakes. Critique is always welcome though. Big thank you to @larajadeschmidt13 for motivating me and editing my stories. Check out her stories too, she’s a really talented writer. Also check out @teamlara, really talented ladies! <3. Enjoy!

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“I’m Amy and I’m looking for a Dean Winchester.” She said trying to look inside the house.

“I’m his wife, Y/N. Maybe I can help you too. What do you want from him?”

“My mom died recently and she told me to go to this address looking for him. I’m his daughter.”


“You’re …. I’m sorry you’re what?” You asked not able to process what the girl in front of you tried to tell you. That couldn’t be possible. Dean has three kids: Sam, Sophie and Charlie. There’s no other kid. That’s not …… It couldn’t be true. She must be lying.

“My mom was Julia Martin. She died 4 months ago on cancer. Until the day she died, she never mentioned my dad. She gave me this address and …. and told me it’s time to meet my father.” You couldn’t believe your ears. That couldn’t be possible. You were near fainting when you heard a voice.

“Babe, who’s at the door?” Your husband called from the dining room. But you weren’t able to listen to what he was saying. You felt like you were going sick. You tried to hold yourself on the doorframe, feeling your legs giving in.

“Is that Dean?” Amy said, ripping you out of your trance. You nodded, still not able to form a word.

“Can I maybe come inside?”

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This dress was made in the Philippines, along with the shirt my Dad wore to their wedding. My Mom, who was born there, said that her dress was one of the last pieces of her home country that she held on to. And now it’s gone.

Today, on Thanksgiving, (November 26th, 2015) I watched my Mother break down in tears when she realized her wedding dress was lost.

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Monday night around 7:30, I attempted to be a good Samaritan. I was trying to let the driver of a dark Lexus SUV know his headlights were not on. I had been following him for quite a ways on I90 since traffic was si…ngle lane due to construction. It was dusk, and since we were driving for some time, and it was getting darker, and the driver appeared to not know his headlights did not automatically turn on.

The Lexus and I exited onto Bypass 20 heading West. I took this opportunity to let him know his lights were off. I pulled up next to him, turned on my dome light, waved my hands, tapped my horn, and kept mouthing the word ‘lights.’ Never once did he look at me. He sped up, so I sped up. I just thought if he just looked at me, he would see I was trying to let him know his lights were off.

He pulled over, so I pulled over too just to say, “hey, your headlights are not on.”

I hopped out of my car, with a smile on my face because I thought I was doing a good deed, and started to walk up to him, but he rushed me. He stood three inches from my face and spit right in my eyes. I pushed him away, to get him out of my face. I used both my hands and pushed him on his shoulders. Then, he hit me.

I fell to the ground and he hit me again. I grabbed onto his leg and started yelling, “call the police! call the police!” He just kept hitting me. He pulled my hair (lucky, I had my hair in a convenient ponytail for him to grab onto) and he bang my head against my car. He hit me between 20-30 times.

During all this, cars were driving by. We were on Bypass 20, West Bound near the I39 entrance ramp. No one stopped.

However, the passenger of this guy’s car was nice enough to get out of the vehicle and video record with his cell phone. The passenger made no attempt to pull this man off me. When I did let go of his leg, he drove away, but I did get his license plate.

I forgot my phone at home that morning, and I was begging for someone to call the police. I didn’t want him to flee and leave me there, but that is exactly what happened. He sped off. I had no one with me, and no one stopped to help the white girl who got her face beat on the side of Bypass 20.

The man was white, medium build, about 5" 9’ tall, with light, short hair. He was driving a dark Lexus SUV. I reported the incident to Winnebago County Police, but I have not heard any updates yet.

I have a mild concussion, and have bruising from my left cheek bone all the way back to the back of my head. You can see the black eye, but you cannot see the bruising in my hair and head.

Never once did I drive erratically, nor did I do anything mean or vicious. I was tapping my horn, not blaring it, and waving my hands. I had my dome light on inside my car so he could see me. Never once did he look at me until he rushed me and hit me.

If anyone is has information on this man, please let me know. Feel free to forward this to friends and family. I would like some sort of justice.   The Illinois license plate number is S21 2747.

When I spoke to Winnebago County Police, they stated that plate came back to a white Honda SUV.

I am 99% sure that is the correct plate number.

The address on this plate was to a person in Freeport, Illinois.

Now, you know what I know.