i do my best to never post hate

ok i just had to rant about this for a while:


my boy is so badly treated and so hated but poor baby hasn’t done anything wrong he tried his best doing what’s best for everyone and protect everyone but still y’all denying all the good in him + his efforts to keep everyone safe and happy. 

this poor baby boy wants to keep his friends and the people he cares about healthy safe and happy but yet he gets slandered and hated on?? i’ve said this but he tried his best he never meant to do anything that would hurt anyone.

what has he ever done wrong he’s the softest person in the game can you all believe.

i just want to express my love for this man he is the absolute sunshine and he deserves happiness and i wish everyone did him better and showed him the love he deserves. 

he lost the love of his life the one that made him the happiest he was the one hurting the most because he knew everything and he tried to prevent it all i swear i’m tearing up i don’t think he deserves all of this.

for the ones who haven’t gone through secret 1 and 2 i advise you to stop reading.

man that was just one hell of a ride for me especially since i love him so much i cant believe this is the end they gave him he deserved so much more he was the one that deserved to live a happy life he did not deserve THAT. i am still a WHACK and completely devastated that it ended that way my precious boy.

i want to end this by reminding y’all how beautiful he is and how honest and his kindness without limits and how brave and strong he is to go through all of that it’s just absolutely insane and just all the qualities would take too much to even recite. please give him the love he deserves please hype him up. my boy the love of my life great thanks y’all and hopefully he gets his own route and i can continue living without torturing myself.

that was it.

Something just like this - Jughead x Reader

Request: A Jughead x Reader based off of the song Something just like this by the Chainsmokers & Coldplay 

Word count: 1085

Warnings: None

A/N: I tried my best so no hate, and I’ll be posting more later today loves :)

I’ve been reading books of old,

The legends and the myths,

When Jughead was little, he read tonnes of books, mysteries, legends, myths, anything really, but the books that included heros such as Achilles, Hercules, Spiderman and Batman, books that would usually inspire children to be something great, be a hero, made Jughead Jones doubt himself, he never saw himself doing anything great or heroic.

Clearly I don’t see myself upon that list

She said “Where do you wanna go?”

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every tumblr post

- “touch my butt and buy me pizza”

- “I want to (do very average thing) and have sex with you”

- “Let’s make out and talk about the unniverrssee”

- “I was gonna be productive but nah I’ll just stay in bed all day and watch netflix!! :D :D :D”


- meme

- *picture of bruises*

- *aesthetic post followed by actual aesthetic picture with angry man in the comments*

- “YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO *insert something normal/necessary thing here”


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Thank you for speaking out against that person. I wish they would realize that relapse is harder on the person actually doing it. Idk about anyone else, but I can never think logically during and after a relapse. All I can think is "I fucked up/I'm worthless/everyone hates me." and things like that. Even though I KNOW, logically, my best friends only worry for me and want to see me get better. I hope no one in a sensitive state sees that post. It's very harmful and I hope they change their views

I completely agree. I hope she changes her views as well, thinking in such a negative light isn’t a gentle way to live and no one deserves that.

No one should be made to feel guilty for not being able to get better. Sometimes things just don’t get better, sometimes people still relapsing is the best it gets for some people. That doesn’t mean you give up on them just because their best isn’t good enough to you.

It’s okay to feel useless sometimes when advice doesn’t work, that’s normal. Heck, even I get frustrated when it seems like nothing I say works to help someone but just because it doesn’t magically fix them doesn’t mean it didn’t help. Maybe their relapse would’ve been worse without the help and although that can be hard to remember, that doesn’t make it okay to call people anything for being sick.
Besides, that’s a personal thing. There are some feelings that don’t need to be shared, at least not publicly where you don’t know who will see it, for the sake of other people’s feelings.

Anyway, I should be the one saying thank you, but also, I’m sorry you’ve been through so much. No one deserves to feel that way, button <3

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Asdfgkdbaokabsjabduan your latest post about tae/kook shippers resonated the heck with me. Alot of those shippers really get on my nerves. Some of them are just passive aggressive and obnoxious AF. And then there's also them saying that jk hates Jm just so they can have their ship... but u never see ji/kook shippers saying that jk hates tae.

yeah i see that a lot. (this is my opinion!!!!!) since tae/kook do a lot of things i do with my best friend, i just can’t see them in a romantic way. i mean, yeah tae/kook have had some romantic moments, and i love tae/kook a lot. but in a platonic way.
i feel like ji/kook shippers can be super obnoxious as well, there’s some that just piss me off bc they send death threats and stuff. but tae/kook shippers take it to a new level. when i first got into bts, tae/kook shippers had me CONVINCED that jungkook hated jimin until i saw a bangtan bomb that showed otherwise.
its really toxic that fans try to separate members, who we know are super close, just bc it’s not part of their ship.
i don’t alienate one member, just bc they had a moment with jk or jm. and the fact that so many shippers (not just tae/kook and ji/kook ones) do spread hate is just disgusting.
like, lets be real, as far as we know, no ship is real and theyre all straight.

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God you have no idea how much I hate ot4 stans with a burning passion this is the same person who made that islamaphobic post comparing Zayn to trump and she wants all of the four boys to hate Zayn as much as she does. "Awkward ass handshake" I hope Ziall rises just to piss her off my god chonce(.)tumblr(.)com/post/158824861887/1d-really-out-where-reclaiming-march-25th-damn

ohohoho you have no idea how much I despise them. they’ll never shut up about zayn, even though they claim to hate him so much, it’s funny. let them do what they do best, talk shit and make up stories, if that’s what makes them get off. also, we don’t talk about that demon here, everyone supporting her nasty posts is just as trash as she is and needs immediate help

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1. Favorite anime?

Utena and Hunter x Hunter

2. Worst anime?

If I don’t like something I just dropped it or never checked it out to begin with, so I couldn’t think of something I really hate enough to call the worst anime.

3. Do you read manga that goes with the anime?

I tend to checked all the versions out first and see if I like any of them. Then I goes with the version I like the best if I don’t intend to drop the series, period. (HxH is a special case where it doesn’t matter because of the Hiatus ;-;)

4. Most favorite genres?


5. Least favorite genres?

horror, gore, tragedy (especially the senseless type that exist for its own sake)

6. Favorite character?

Gon Freecss. Charisma is not something I could understood before Togashi and HxH 1999 version show me what the word mean with Gon Freecs.

7. Least favorite character?

Couldn’t think of one off the top of my head. Usually it would be a character that is the clear author’s favorite who could do no wrong (but is actually and obviously annoying, worthless and drag down the story quality)

8. Qualities you like in a character?

I really appreciate intelligence and realism. If the character isn’t smart then they have to be someone I could think of as a reasonable human being in the context of the story.

9. Short or long anime?

Short I guess. Long anime usually have a big drop in quality or wait till it get good period.

10. Anime or manga?

Manga, I read faster (unless the art is really shitty then it’s anime)

11. How do you choose the anime you watch?

Back when I was a kid, I don’t really make a choice I just watch what the morning cartoons TV programs threw at me. Now, I let tumblr convince me.

12. Skip or listen to intros/outros?

I’ll try to skip it if there is nothing new.

13. How do you cope with friends or family don’t like you watching anime?

When I was a kid, my parents are certain I would “grow up” and stop watching and since I was young I couldn’t really do anything. Now, I watch anime online so they don’t know I didn’t naturally outgrew anime ;3

14. Do you stop an anime midway if you don’t like it?

All the time!

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Sorry child but you're a Christian and your calling yourself an Israelite is incredibly disrespectful. In fact, everything you said in your "leaving christianity" post is a damning set of lines that show that you are so thoroughly entrenched in Christian thinking that you actually believe Judaism as it is today AND as it was in Jesus's time is anything like what you posted.

Hi, I did not intend at all to be disrespectful. I never new that there was such a strong disliking between messianics and orthodox until I made that post (I got a lot of hate mail from orthodox jews)

I honestly had no idea that would offend anyone. That’s not what I’m here to do, I’m just here to try to live my life the way Yeshua did to the best of my ability, and since he was Jewish, I feel the need to learn about that culture even though I’m not born Jewish.

~a trash can never looked that beautiful~ @phantheraglama

I know i’m late, but last night i was lurking in the last 15 pages of your blog… Like always (im sorry, im so weird) and after seeing your selfie -FINALLY WE KNOW YOUR FACE YAY- i had to draw you :)

You are one of my absolute favorites phan bloggers here and i really appreciate how much time you take in this blog, doing your best answering anons and cheering people up with your art.

As this is your selfie, i would understand if you want me to delete this post :)

-Btw your answer to the hate anon was savage, i want that printed out yo-

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do you have any of your own sam headcanons that are more in the tone of his character?

i’ve never really been one for making headcanons myself, i’ve never written them for anyone, not even sully. i prefer other people’s sully headcanons.

i just know that some of the ones i’ve seen for sam have been so insanely out of character.

i found a list so i’ll do my best to work from that and give this a good old try.

feel free to disagree as these are my opinions. im not gonna hate on you for thinking im wrong.

this is my official: “i don’t hate sam drake” post. kay? kay. 

Sam Drake headcanons that are vaguely in character and not at all weird:

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Lucas, Eleven, Mike and Dustin.

Gosh I loved this show. Gosh I love this kids! Eleven and Dustin are gifts… I cried so much…

I’m not very good at fanart. I never do fanart. I kinda hate this sketch, and I don’t know if I will put colors on it… But my best friend told me to post it anyway, cause given to her she could “feel how much I loved this characters”.

I always trust my friends. “Friends never lies”

*run away while crying*

Feeling Worthless On Tumblr

There’s this thing about tumblr that can really make a person feel worthless sometimes, I know, I’ve been there. I’ve seen fanart with thousands of notes coming around on my dash over and over again, I’ve seen every last person in the fandom going crazy over a fanfic that’s been written, and I’ve seen people post selfies on their personal blogs and everyone fleeting over to them to leave them compliments. Meanwhile, I’m here with my fanarts getting less than ten notes, my ficfic is never talked about and my selfies get one note at best and some Grade A anon hate along with it. I know that at times like that it can be really difficult not to feel like everything you do is not good enough and no one cares about you. So I’m not at all surprised when I see people talking about feeling worthless because of tumblr and feeling disenchanted by a community they had originally joined for the fun and the hopes of being included. I don’t know why some content and some bloggers get more attention than others, but I do know this—just because no one is liking or reblogging your posts or reccing your fics, doesn’t make you worthless. No one’s worth is measured by the amount of likes or reblogs. There could be countless of reasons why you’re not getting the attention you deserve, but your worth does not factor into that. These might seem like empty words, I know, and I also know that when you’ve spent so much time and heart creating something, you want to get some love for it, I get it, I’ve been there, most of the times I’m still there. But don’t let that effect the way you see yourself and don’t let that discourage you, because you are important and so are things you create. It’s as The Doctor once said, “900 years of time and space and I’ve never met anyone who wasn’t important.”


So I’ve noticed lately how much hate and unkind words have been going around hockey tumblr. I know a lot of tumblr’s have though about deleting, myself included, but I want to make this post go viral and have it become a kind of go to for hockey blogs to follow one another without fearing that a hateful post will pop up on their dash. 

So my blog is a safe zone, hateful posts will never pop up and I promise to do my best to included multiple hockey teams on my blog to welcome everyone in. Feel free to reblog this if you want to join me on making hockey tumblr the hockey tumblr of a year ago, when it was actually fun and felt like a community of supportive hockey fans.

The only thing worse than Coco Montrese or Jade Jolie are Coco and Jade teaming up.

This Untucked has solidified it for me. I have zero respect for either of them anymore.

Coco is an older queen who’s been doing drag long enough that she could be a Latrice or a Chad, but instead she chooses to get involved with all of the pettiness and drama that literally no one in the season needs. She’s not just immature, she’s immature despite the fact that she’s had YEARS to grow and develop as a performer, and that’s not only disappointing, it’s downright shameful.

Jade is a sprepper. There’s no other way to say it. She is the DEFINITION of someone who thinks they’re the sweetest bitch around, then just turn into a major cunt any time someone tries to come for them. I really thought I’d like her this season, but she’s turned out to just be a petty little girl who wants to slide by in the competition by making fake, two-faced friendships and acting SHOCKED when people don’t like her backstabbing attitude.

The two of them together is just the ultimate boogerdom and I’m SO not here for it. If they’re not the next two to go home, I’m going to be so disappointed. Once they’re gone, this season will REALLY get good.

I’m so tired of people insulting Roman. Like seriously? My friend made a postive post about Roman, and guess what happens? Someone just had to come along and say something negative. Like damn. Y'all say he can’t wrestle, and the people that say that have never been in a ring. Like how mad are y'all? Its so sad. Y'all take time out to hate him when y'all could have been doing something productive and positive. But y'all have to hate on a man that does his best and does all he can. If I ever make a post praising him please don’t ever say anything negative because I’m not going to hold my tongue anymore. If you don’t like Roman just leave the guy alone. Its not hard. You’re just spewing hate for no reason. Its not needed.

Ten Years of Posting Art Online

Today marks the day where I posted my first art online. I developed a lot artwise and how to look at things and people in the art field. I have put a lot effort into my art and always tried my best and had my highs and lows. I got a lot hate and I got a lot love. The online art world is full of nice and talented people who push me to get better and some bad artists who want me to feel bad for what I do and what I am. I draw cartoony art and probably will never change that. A lot peeps stopped interacting with me, some kept talking with me in all the years and I am thankful for you. I am not sure where I will go next. I am afraid to give everything up and this year is one of the lowest points I had after all these years. I had some nice gigs and still try to get somewhere, but right now I am more or less ‘forced’ to work as an educater in the kindergarten. I thank all of you, the ones who hate me, love me, became friends, dropped me for other popular artists, used me to get a gig, support me or my art, ignore me for stuff I did wrong or for my art style that does not fit your taste, peeps who started liking the cartoon style but are better artists than I am, peeps who stole my art, peeps who payed me to work, peeps who gave me a chance to work, peeps who cannot draw and still look up at me as the person I am today… Thank you all.        

myusernameinserthere  asked:

You are one of my favorite artist and I have a question so I just started working on my own art and at first I thought it was great but then I just started hating it and never finished I was wondering if you ever had this problem with your own art?

I’m sorry to hear that myusernameinserthere.  Personally I’ve been unhappy with my art on and off for a bit now, but even if I’m not happy with it I still try to finish it and maybe post it.  I make a looooot of crappy sketches in between what I actually post.  So yes, I have had this problem and still do, but I try my best to work through it by continuing to make and finish art, even if I’m not completely satisfied with it.  It’s something that comes and goes no mater what level of skill.

My advice is to keep drawing anyway!  It often takes lots and lots of bad drawings to get to a good one.  Even “bad” drawings help you improve because you can see what you like and don’t like about said drawing and carry it to your next project.

We’re also our own harshest critics, so try to be more forgiving to yourself and strive to just get better!

So don’t give up!  Keep working through it and I’m sure you’ll make something you love.  Many many things you love!

bizarrethings  asked:

I´m working for a few months now in a fanfiction series. I just posted my first chapter and I got some good reviews, but then a reviewer decided to make some bad comments, even saying that i didn´t have permission to write about that particular universe. How to deal with this kind of criticism? thanks.

Haters gonna hate. Really, though…

How to deal with it though? You’re never going to please everyone, and some people like to make mean comments just to bring people down. If it’s not constructive, the best thing you can do is try and ignore it. Don’t let it get the best of you. If YOU like your story, thats all that matters. And you have other people that like it, even better. Writing wouldn’t have progressed without people writing things that people don’t like as well. 

The best advise I’ve heard is from my current fiction workshop professor, which is: “Take about 1/3 of criticism, and disregard 2/3. If they’re just mean, then that’s part of your 2/3”. 

It takes some time, but it’ll get easier! 

Followers, any other encouraging advise?