i do miss when they looked like this

You know what I miss? When Pixar had the 3D animation and Disney had the 2D covered.

I miss traditional animation so much. I watched Rescuers Down Under yesterday and was so wowed by how pretty it was and how expressive the characters were. Joanna, being a character that doesn’t speak, uses her face an gestures to show how she’s feeling and it comes out so perfect.

With what Disney is doing now you don’t get those exaggerated faces anymore and I honestly think the color tones are really “bleh” looking even if they’re good films like Tangled, Wreck it Ralph, and Zootopia.

Animation also tends to sometimes take risk with styles that I don’t see with 3D. Like Ernest and Celeste had more of a “washed out” look to match the book illustrations and it really worked for it.

Song of the Sea and Secret of the Kells had a GORGEOUS color pallet and the animation would wow anyone. Seriously, Disney needs to take notes and stop getting by on their name alone.

2D animation doesn’t have to be dead! It isn’t outdated! 

optimistic thought: what if the rocket was inside the rpg the whole time, which is why they all thought it was missing from the box. what if the gang was pretending to shoot at dennis’ car as a joke, and then holy shit it goes off! 

why else would the fact that the rocket is missing be a plot point? they could have had it be in there and had the exact same reaction from dennis, and then they wouldn’t have to set up much for mac wanting to blow up dennis’ car if something bad goes down in the finale. that brings into question—if the rocket really is missing, how do they find one? did someone steal it out of there to begin with? does mac go and buy one to make dennis happy? 

although in the previews they all look pretty happy/excited that it blew up, not horrified or surprised. so i’m probably wrong. mac even sounds like he goes “woo!” when he shoots the rpg. if they’re so happy, maybe that does mean they’re trying to make themselves feel better after dennis leaves them. or maybe dennis approved of it. 

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Can you name a few occasions where Daryl seemed as though he was wanting to kiss Carol or feeing sexual/romantic tension? People have said there's a lot but o must have missed them all :(

#3 on the day :)

Sometimes with Daryl it ain’t always as easy to tell… cause he dosen’t quite come out and say it or be obvious about it which is maybe why some don’t see it. If we want to go for tension aspect I can think of a few for you to rewatch if you want cause there are some I like in particular. 

there was this…

the look on his fact when he realized what he was doing…

and this…

He did serious amount starting here that kind of made me want to fling myself out a window I mean it was a good 15 seconds of just eye-fucking between them and was the first I actually yelled at them to just kiss already.. and that was in season 3..

and this…

extremely flirty in whichhe was actively participating I might add…

And here…of course..

where he definitly looked like he wanted to kiss her… among other things…

there are lots of other examples I could cite and i’m sure my fellow  carylers could tell you more of them as well i’m just too damn tired. I mean like I said, it’s not always as obvious with him as it is with others so sometimes you gotta look for it. If you didn’t see it, go back and watch some their scenes again… especially watch Consumed and Strangers, the former of which he spent a lot of time looking at her and the latter of which he actually stumbled over himself by means of a water jug  while trying to chivilrous  so there you go..

It’s there trust me :)

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Ciao TalentOne, if you want for "short prompts" : experiments in cooking.

Thank you for the prompt dear ;) And, I know I’ve already told you but your latest fanart is amazing. Love the detail ;)

“Miss Swan!”

Emma cringed at Regina’s voice but complied when the shorter woman pushed her aside as the first bubbling drop of what had tried to be chicken broth fell into the formica.

“I know how to do it.” She mumbled as Regina sighed into the soup, the liquid looking more like molten lava than actual broth.

“Dear, as much as I love you I highly doubt that.”

Emma’s scowl transformed into a smug grin as Regina kept removing the soup, mentally listing the little tricks she had learnt over the years and coming up empty with a way to transform the broth into something edible before dinner. Turning and looking at Emma who was still standing in the middle of the kitchen the former Queen pointed at the trash, silently asking Emma to pick it up. The blonde’s smirk. However, gave her pause.

“Yes?” She asked, frowning. The blonde’s skin was slightly flushed and for a moment she looked at the way the blush dusted the normal pale cheeks before she blinked, noticing that Emma seemed to still be fixated on her. “Dear?”

“You said that you love me.” Emma stated simply, shrugging and turning towards the bin, her smile obvious on the way she spoke even if Regina couldn’t see her face anymore. “You did.”

Regina stared at the blonde’s back, unable to speak for a second, realizing that she, in fact, had said that. A statement, she knew, was true but one neither of them had said before. Not like that, not in the back of Regina’s house with both Snow and David on their way and about to enjoy Neal’s second birthday. Because, as domestic as it was neither Emma or herself had actually spoken about the reason why Hook had left two months ago, or the, still unspoken mystery of how it had been possible for them to actually break out from the Wish Realm one year ago.

And there were a lot of things Regina could have said in that moment but she opted to look at the broth and sigh into what really could be the fumes of an almost dormant volcano before nodding, knowing that Emma’s watchful gaze was looking at her.

“I guess I did dear. Now help me or your mother will have a reason to say that I plan to poison her.”

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I wonder if it's possible to capture "skid" animations, like CounterHit K Pile Bunker or Fafnir when it hits characters. Some of those roll animations look interesting.

Do you mean the ones like this?

(he’s beauty and he’s graaaaace…)

Sadly I can’t, at least not with my current methods…  Since the characters fly off to the very edge of the screen they’ll always get clipped off somewhere.  There’s also the issue with dust particles or contact ‘sparks’ obstructing the view.  I was hoping to at least find a partial workaround by making a mod to turn all the fancy effects into transparent boxes, but unfortunately I haven’t yet figured out how to make uMod work with my recent PC build. 

I’ve heard of camera mods that could help me access more unique poses, but I admit I haven’t attempted it myself at this time.  I really ought to look into it some more…

At the end of the day, I’m just improvising like crazy. =P  If anyone knows of programs or other ways I could get some nice quality shots to share, I’d love to hear ‘em!

things in Heathers that give me life:

• Kurt and Ram’s head nod in beautiful
• the “it really blows” foreshadowing
• “thus ending her hangoverrr”
• literally every single time Veronica laughs
• “Jesus I’m on the frickin’ bus again”
• the dance in big fun cuz it looks sO FUN
• every single lyric in blue aka the fuckboy anthem
• when he missed the punch and JD raises his arms like “that’s rigHT, BitCH. COme aT ME.”
• “dang dang diggity dang”
• “oh look she was reading…the bell jar” *gasp*
• the arm hug thing Veronica and JD do. you know what i mean
• Veronica/macnamara hug after shine a light reprise
• “hello, slut”
• Veronica’s finger guns

Sorry for the apparent inactivity lately! Im in LA and its SUPER busy so I dont have much time to check things. Not only that but when I DO reblog stuff here on my phone, Tumblr doesnt actually do it which makes it seem like I’m dead! I swear I’m not, look!! *waves arms around* I’m alive!!

But I apologise for seemingly being absent. Im usually super active so its always weird to not be able to be AS active! I’ll be back home again soon :) miss you guys!

There are probs already posts like this but I haven’t seen one so ima say it anyways

They didn’t design Keith’s dad to look similar to Shiro on accident okay hear me out

It’s so clear to me that Keith does miss and want his father around. The pained look on his face when he says ‘of course I do’ in his little hallucination dream sequence makes that painfully obvious. In Keith’s bio on the Voltron site it says that he joined the garrison after being orphaned at a young age.
So what I’m thinking is… little newly orphaned Keith joining the garrison because he has nowhere else to go/live and he misses his father. And then he meets shiro and imprints on him because he makes the connection in his brain like ‘looks like father = new father figure’
Keith looks up to shiro and finds this paternal bond with him, and Shiro takes Keith under his wing. That’s why their father/son/brother dynamic is so important to the story and honestly I think it has so much potential to be interesting as long as they write it properly. It’s so painfully clear that they see eachother as family and I want more info about it!!

I’m scared to see what happens when I let you in. I’m weird and guarded and scared you’ll see what you weren’t expecting. I’ve never really experienced what it’s like to have someone look at me the way you do and that scares the hell out of me.
letters to a friend
  • aries: i'm sorry that we fought during our last year together. i miss you so much, and will always cherish our drunk days together.
  • taurus: god, you are absolutely gorgeous. your voice makes me melt. why do you always fight, even if you know you are wrong?
  • gemini: why do you keep me at arms length? why don't you let yourself really, fully connect with anyone? i understand adaptation, but sometimes it really is too much.
  • cancer: do you understand that i am not trying to hurt you? please stop fighting me when i try to see past your protective shell. i simply want to care for you.
  • leo: you even look like the sun; you radiate like nothing else. i know you love with every fiber of your being, but that is no reason to let someone take advantage of you.
  • virgo: sometimes criticism is good, but don't you think you push it? please do not try to fix me; i am not broken. i miss you.
  • libra: you push away people that actually care about you, and for what? for a sign that represents a scale, you really do not understand balance. let yourself be cared for.
  • scorpio: you do not let anyone really understand your mind and heart as a whole, and shatter yourself like glass to protect who you are. don't you think this is counterproductive? please try to keep yourself whole.
  • sagittarius: i understand the pursuit of knowledge, but sometimes you take the way you feel as a fact. you know that not everything you say is based upon factual evidence, and somehow you convince everyone that your way is the right way. why don't you try letting someone else convince you for a change?
  • capricorn: you do not let your emotions influence anything you do, which is admirable, but sometimes you need to listen to them. the world is made up of facts, but feelings make the world go 'round.
  • aquarius: why do you treat your lovers like friends? you are afraid of losing your individuality in another person, and detach yourself instead. please let yourself love.
  • pisces: you see the face of everyone who has ever hurt you on someone who really actually cares for you. i understand a victim complex, but you're not just hurting yourself by thinking this way.

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I had to put my little dog down yesterday. He was a miniature dachshund with intervertebral disk disease. I'm coping ok, but I'm a little worried about dog2. He keeps retracing Snicklefritz's steps, looking for him. Have you ever had to deal with this? What did you do?

I am so sorry for your loss. 

When my dog, Ferris, died, our other dog, Riley, spent a long time looking for her. She slept with Ferris’ toys, and she could tell that Anne and I were grieving, so she frequently brought Ferris’ toys to us, along with all of her toys.

Animals grieve, and when a pack loses one of its own, it’s really normal for the surviving members of the pack to be sad. 

We let Riley know that we missed Ferris too, and that we were going to still be pack leaders, so Riley didn’t feel like she needed to fill a role she’d never filled before.

It took time, but she got used to the change in the house, and so did we. I think if you just love your dog, snuggle him and remind him that you’re still there and you’re still taking care of the pack, he’ll be okay.


Philip Shea in every episode  ·  1.04 Crème Brulée

I miss my mom. I know she’s messed up right now, but I swear she is a good person. When I told her about me, the first thing she asked me was if I had a…a boyfriend who was nice to me.
           Do you?
 Are you kidding me? No, even if somebody out here did like me, they would never admit it.

After being away from you so long, just standing in the same room as you feels like there is electricity binding us together, sparks flying as we pretend we haven’t seen the other.

Tell me, in the moments when I drag my eyes away from you, do you look at me like you used to?

—  j.f // remembrance • excerpts of stories I will never write
Yixing doesn't deserve this.

All OT8 stans take the nasty exit on the left. Yixing is resting. He is taking a long needed break after carrying and spreading Exo’s name in China alone. You have no clue how many times he’s brought up Exo in an interview, talked about being with his group, talked about missing the boys. Even his damn ringtone is set to Call Me Baby in Go fighting. He’s taking a week off for his health after having a hectic schedule in China, something I’m very sure the boys support, remembering Chanyeol’s message to him in the summer. So miss me with this bullshit about him leaving. He’s taking the long deserved break that he didn’t get to have in January like Exo, when he was filming Operation Love and doing other multiple schedules. He’s finally letting himself rest. So please. Just look at how much he loves Exo, all the playful teasing and sweet actions at concerts and how much they love him. Look at how grateful and how much love he holds for Exo-Ls and Xingmi and his promise to us all. Have a little more faith in Yixing guys. He doesn’t deserve this.

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I was an innocent.
I was innocent and you turned me into something the devil would be ashamed of.
I knew you only ever looked at me when I wasn’t wearing anything and it was only ever about fucking around and at the beginning that broke my heart but right now I miss doing inappropriate things with you.
Like dirty talking in church, or you whispering what you want to do to me whilst my brothers in the same god damn room.
When we were breaking down I asked you what it was you wanted and you replied “I guess you’re fun to play with” and that pretty much sums you up,
The last thing you ever said to me was “you dirty little girl” and I hate that I hate that I hate that.

I hate that I still want it back. I hate that I still want you when you only ever wanted my body.

with you

for my hp girls @poppypomfrey & @bisexualbvffy. love you. 

I miss him. I miss him. Have I said that yet? Because I do. I miss him and it is awful and I cannot help myself.

“Snape’s an arse. He always was an arse.” Marlene says, throwing a Quaffle in the air and lying on my bed when we’re meant to be studying for charms. I grip my bedpost. Dorcas leans over and hits her.

“McKinnon, shut up.” She looks over at me, gently, like I am delicate. Easily startled. “You don’t need him, Lily. You have us.”

Only- now here is the worst part, the part I can’t ever tell anyone. Occasionally I think I would give them all up if only to have him back. Not how he is now but how he was before, when we were nine years old, on a swing, in a park, with the sun everywhere. That makes me awful. What he did makes me sick and I continue to miss him regardless.

“Lily, please” he hisses at me in potions, because has Slughorn partnered us up again, “I’ll do anything.” his voice cracks on the last word, and I almost give in right there. But then- the field, with everybody staring, wind blowing hair in my face, my heart a chutney in my chest. I set my jaw.

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Kara’s body language when speaking about Cat

Cat has her cute looking up thing, but Kara has this habit of hugging a pillow when she is distressed and worried about losing Cat.

“I have to see Miss Grant tomorrow and, between what happened with Adam and missing work, ugh, it’s bad, it’s really bad.

“I do not do well with change. Gosh, Miss Grant, I really can’t imagine being here without you.

“Turns out, I’m not a reporter. And Cat is leaving, Clark is leaving, everything is changing.”

It’s like she needs to hold to something in order to focus, to be able to talk about it and express her fears without losing it completely.
And, at the same time, hugging something is an instinctive way to seek comfort and warmth, to protect herself from her own feelings and from how terribly scared she is of seeing Cat leaving or of seeing their relationship somewhat ruined. Because Kara can’t lose Cat.