i do miss england

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This is a Warring-States-something-that-takes-place-in-Europe AU where Annie and Armin were childhood friends but Annie moved from a domain that belongs to the lords Armin serves to a rival state when they were young and they are forced to battle each other in an invasion by Annie’s lord.

Secrets of the Castle | a danisnotonfire/hogwarts imagine

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My parents were most excited when my letter arrived from Hogwarts School of Witch Craft and Wizardry the year of my 11th birthday. They had told me they were slightly worried as I didn’t begin to show any signs of being even remotely magical until I was about 8. It’s fair to say that they were rather relieved that two magical parents had not given birth to a squib.

I think the best day of my whole 16 years had been shopping for all my supplies in Diagon Ally the day before catching the train to Hogwarts. Trying on all the robes and getting my wand was definitely the highlight of that day. Then just before we left for the day I saw a sand coloured rat in the window of one of the many pet shops in the ally. After much convincing and telling my parents that a rat wouldn’t be too distracting in my first year, they finally let up and let me get the rat named Suki.

My parents didn’t even cry when I got on the train the next day, or that they let me see anyway. I think they were too excited that I was actually going to Hogwarts, the place that had so much meaning to them. I made my first and best friend on the train there, his name is Phil. I remember thinking when I was younger, what a strange accent he had. Phil was from the north of England and had black hair with a fringe that went the opposite way to most peoples.

Phil and I sat together on the train with two other girls in our cabin; I can’t for the life of me remember what their names were.  The train ride up to Scotland was beautiful, and it has remained that way for the past 5 years.  Even covered in snow the England country side always managed to glitter. I do miss catching the train with Phil, he began just meeting everyone there since he lived so high up.

But by far the most magical part of the first trip to Hogwarts was the boat ride across the lake. Its tradition for the first years to do this so they can an amazing look at the castle and so all the higher years can sit down before them. I was in a boat with the same people I was in the cabin on the train with including Phil. It was at the end of the boat ride I had my first encounter with (Y/N). She had seen that I was having trouble getting from my boat to the dock so she offered to help me. He reached out his hand and I grabbed onto it assuming that any normal person would be kind enough to not let go. Unfortunately for my little 11 year old self, this was not the case and just as I was between the boat and the dock, she let go. It seemed so much like an accident, like her hand had slipped but she quickly started laughing just like the people she was with. I was quick enough to grab onto the dock so only my bottom half got soaked, by this point (Y/N) had walked off but as I watched her walk away I saw her look back over her shoulder, it looked like she mouthed the words ‘sorry’. A professor was able to dry me off before walking inside and I’ll never forget what he said to me,

“A Slytherin that one, for sure.” This seemed like such a harsh remark at the time knowing the very little I knew about the houses at Hogwarts. My parents were both in Hufflepuff so they had high hopes that I would follow in their footsteps. I personally wasn’t so keen on this idea and wanted nothing more than to be different from my parents. It’s not like they pushed any views of the houses on me, they wanted me to make these types of calls for myself but I did know about the type of people who came from Slytherin.

After the boat ordeal, through which, Phil stuck by me, we made our way into the castle and were led into the great hall to sit at the back of the four long tables which represented the houses. At the front of the hall there was a single stool with an old mangy looking hat sitting atop it. After the introduction from the headmaster and a few songs from the quire, it was time for the sorting ceremony.

Every child was called up one by one to sit on the stool and have the old hat sit atop their head from a matter of a few seconds to a few minutes and essentially decide our fate. The four houses of Hogwarts were Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw and Slytherin. Each house had their own colours, common rooms and rituals.

After about halfway through the group the girls name was called who kinda sorta dropped me into the lake. I didn’t know her name at the time but I made a mental not to not forget it. ‘(Y/N)’ the professor at the front of the hall called out. (Y/N) walked up rather excitedly,  she was the first to go up there like that, in that manner. She climbed up to the top of the stool and sat down waiting for the hat to be placed on her head.  The sorting hat thought about where she belonged for about 2 minutes before yelling out the single word I was told to expect,

“SLYTHERIN!” The Hat bellowed throughout the hall.

The whole of the Slytherin table clapped and yelled out as (Y/N) ran to join her new house. Not long after that my name was called and I got up off the long bench and walked so fast I was almost running to the front of the hall where I eagerly jumped on the chair, awaiting my fate. As the professor lowered the hat on my head I could hear mumbling. It was here I realised that the hat actually talked to you or rather talked to itself,

“Ahh, well then, you must be the child of the Howell’s correct? Yes, Dan, well, I know exactly where you belong… GRYFFINDOR!” The hat screamed. I then heard uproar as I excitedly jumped off the stool and joined my new family. Gryffindor was not exactly what I was expecting but I was thrilled none the less.

Soon after Phil’s name was called and he walked up to the stool seeming neither excited nor scared. The hat sat on his head for no more than 5 seconds before yellowing out ‘HUFFLEPUFF!’ I was momentary upset that my first ever friend I made at Hogwarts wasn’t in my house or I wasn’t in his but the disappointment was short lived as soon as I saw his excited face. I knew we could still be friends no matter what house we were in.

After a massive feast that appeared out of the table we were led to our dormitories by the prefects of our houses to show us our bedrooms and our common areas. On the walk to the Gryffindor common room I met a boy named PJ, who was extremely chatty, who has remained on of my best friends to this day. As we ascended the moving staircases I looked down to notice a bunch of kids heading down stairs.

“Slytherins” PJ stated, “their common rooms are in the dungeons, it must get awfully cold down there. Worst house, location wise if you ask me” PJ continued. I wasn’t exactly listening at this point I was looking at a little girl who was looking around the giant room. She eventually looked straight up and directly at me it seemed. There was no mistaking that he was the girl from the boats with the dark hair and green eyes, (Y/N).

a/n I was too excited to not post this. But seriously… what have I done?

Frankly, we miss Paris

(I didn’t forget about when John and Paul went to Paris in 1961! Sorry, it was in September 30, but I was busy this day haha So I decided to write this post for John’s 75th Birthday week)

John Lennon’s aunt gave him £100 for his 21st birthday. At that time, it was a lot of money. John could have spent it with new instruments, Elvis recordings, porn magazines, prostitutes, or even to take any person along in a trip (Like Stu, George, Cyn or any other girl) but he decided to take Paul as this person unhesitatingly.

“And Paul and I also did the same thing, once. We just canceled. We’d made it, in Liverpool. We were making good money, for those days. I can’t remember what it was – maybe a couple of hundred dollars a week – but enough that you’d have a little extra. You’d have it in your back pocket. And Paul and I just— A relative of mine gave me a hundred pounds, for my birthday, which I’d never seen that much money in me life. Paul and I just canceled all the engagements, and left for Paris… And George was furious, because he needed the money – to work, you know. But that was another time when the group was in debate as whether it would exist or not.” – John Lennon

(Source: Excerpt, Interview with Elliot Mintz, January 1, 1976)

Actually. their first plan was going to Spain but they ended up in Paris in a cheap hotel, sharing a very small bed. 

“We planned to hitchhike to Spain. I had done a spot of hitchhiking with George and we knew you had to have a gimmick; we had been turned down too often and we’d seen that guys who had a gimmick (like a Union Jack round them) had always got the lifts. So I said to John, ‘Let’s get a couple of bowler hats.’ It was showbiz creeping in. We still had our leather jackets and drainpipes – we were too proud of them not to wear them, in case we met a girl, and if we did meet a girl, off would come the bowlers. But for lifts we would put the bowlers on. Two guys in bowler hats – a lorry would stop! Sense of Humour. This, and the train, is how we got to Paris.

"We’d never been there before. We were a bit tired so we checked into a little hotel for the night, intending to go off hitchhiking the next morning. Of course, it was too nice a bed after having hitched so we said, ‘We’ll stay a little longer,’ then we thought, ‘God, Spain is a long way, and we’d have to work to get down there.’ We ended up staying the week in Paris – John was funding it all with his hundred quid.

"We would walk miles from our hotel; you do in Paris. We’d go to a place near the Avenue des Anglais and we’d sit in the bars, looking good. I still have some classic photos from there. Linda loves one where I am sitting in a gendarme’s mac as a cape and John has got his glasses on askew and his trousers down revealing a bit of Y-front. The photographs are so beautiful, we’re really hamming it up. We’re looking at the camera like ‘Hey, we are artsy guys, in a café: this is us in Paris,’ and we felt like that. 

(Paul McCartney - The Beatles, Anthology, 1995) 

Stuart didn’t like that:

“Last night I heard that John and Paul have gone to Paris to play together - in other words, the band has broken up! It sounds mad to me, I don’t believe it…”

Okay, all this stuff sounds normal. ‘They’re really good friends’. Years later, though, more specifically in 1976, during the time John wasn’t with Yoko and went to live with May Pang, he received a visit from Paul and Linda. 

“John, do you miss England?” asked Linda. “Frankly, I miss Paris”. 

(You can find it in May Pang’s book about John)

And I finish it with a radio interview of John about 1961 Paris trip he gave in 70′s, I think.

“The thing was all the kissing and the holding that was going on Paris. And it was so romantic, just to be there and see them, even though I was 21 and sort of not romantic. But I really loved it, the way the people would just stand under a tree kissing. And they weren’t not mauling at each other, they were just kissing.”


P.S.: Paul took a pic of John sleeping during this trip. Now this pic is framed on a Paul’s home wall.

People are reviewing the endgame of The Secret World’s Issue 12 and I get why, but I’m personally doing psyched-up squat thrusts over the fact that they are unifying the currencies.




I can go back to New England and do all the missions I missed and then take the new currency and go and pay for AEGIS UPGRADES.

In other words, this vastly broadens the ways to experience TSW while still getting a sensation of progression each play session.

This is fucking huge.

This is big.

I’m going to get to basically live in my favorite zones. Kaidan is a masterpiece but all my AEGIS gear is 1.6 and above… time for a glorious change of pace.