i do love this film a lot

An IM from @boycastlegirlcastle last night: 

So I saw The Shape of Water late tonight and when I was walking home it occurred to me that I’d just seen a Garrus love story by way of Guillermo del Toro. And then I checked your Tumblr and confirmed you have a tag for the film.

I have been clocked so accurately all can do is laugh.

horror films for people who don’t like horror films

i’ve been asked this a lot: what horror movies would you recommend to people who try to stay away from the genre in general, for whatever reason? some people don’t enjoy being scared, some people find horror too unrealistic and outlandish, and some people don’t enjoy the repetitive tropes that are admittedly often present in horror films. 

that being said, when i do give people recommendations for horror movies to dip their toe into, they’re often the same ones, or very similar ones. so i’ve gathered them here today, in case my horror loving followers have any friends who ask them the same questions, but aren’t sure of how to answer. 

Q: Why don’t you like horror?

A: “I don’t like jumpscares.” 


  • The Silence of the Lambs
  • The Orphanage
  • Rosemary’s Baby
  • The Shining

A: “I can’t stand gore.” 


  • The Babadook
  • The Others
  • Ringu
  • The Conjuring

A: “I don’t like horror’s cheesy tropes.” 


  • It Follows
  • Pontypool
  • Teeth
  • A Tale of Two Sisters

A: “I don’t like the way horror treats women.” 


  • American Mary
  • Girls Against Boys
  • You’re Next
  • All Cheerleaders Die
  • Excision
  • The Loved Ones

A: “Horror is too unrealistic.” 


  • Hush
  • The Girl Next Door
  • Wolf Creek
  • Almost Mercy
  • Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer

A: “I’d rather watch something funny.” 


  • Life After Beth
  • Jennifer’s Body
  • Zombieland
  • Shaun of the Dead
  • Re-Animator

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What was the point of the story Coraline? Because the first time I ever saw it, it was a DVD birthday gift from my mother, given with the description, "I saw this movie and thought of you, because the little girl in the movie is an ungrateful daughter like you are." I haven't been able to watch it more than once since then, and I keep finding mixed interpretations...

The point of it was to write a story for my daughters to tell them that being brave didn’t mean that you weren’t scared, it meant that you were scared but you did the right thing anyway; that people who give you lots of attention sometimes do not have your best interests at heart while people who give you less attention than you would like may still love you; that it is a good thing to save your family from the darkness, and that you have to forgive your dad if he’s writing things and can’t always stop to play with you.

I’ve not noticed any ungrateful daughters either in the book or in the film. I suspect your mother may be inclined to see them where they do not exist.

me talking about the harry potter movies: tbh i have a lot of issues with these films,, the script was an absolute mess at times, some of the costumes weren’t accurate at all, lines were often not delivered correctly, also some of the casting choices weren’t all that great either,,,

as soon as a harry potter movie starts playing: this,,,, is truly cinema at its Peak. hollywood at its full Glory. no series could ever dream to top this. DO NOT fucking doubt that i can repeat every line every character says in every single goddamn scene 

171230 Hoseok’s Tweet 

우리 태형이 생일 마니 추카해 💓#홉필름 #태형생일ㅊㅋ 형이 마니 애껴~

Our Taehyungie, Happy Birthday 💓 #HopeFilm #TaehyungHappyBday Hyung cherishes you a lot. 

Taehyung: Ah seriously, don’t be like that. 
Taehyung: Ah, really
Hoseok: Taehyung-ah look here.
Manager Sejin: Birthday Goblin
Hoseok: Happy Birthday
Taehyung: Ah, what are you doing?
Hoseok: Filmed right away, Happy Birthday.
Hoseok: Happy Birthday. 

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FLUFF FLUFF FLUFF with the lightest most PG mention of sex

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(death tw) below is a message in dedication given by ft island’s hongki to jonghyun during yesterday’s broadcast of kiss the radio. it is said that the song he played to open the show was jonghyun’s cover of “yi si fuera ella” while the song he played to close the show was “따뜻한 겨울 (our season)”. translator: “from the first song right to the last song all the songs seemed to be words that hongki wanted to say to jonghyun and he sounded so sad with his voice choked with emotion. it was totally heartbreaking." 

hongki: whether it’s everyone of you or me, or the place where jonghyun is now, i hope that it will be a warm winter for everyone. i always say things like: ”this winter is so cold, it’s really too cold“ every winter. but this winter seems like it will stay as the coldest winter in my memory. i came here after paying my last respects to him. how should i put it? i’m really sorry. we were just filming together not too long ago, and i want to meet up with him again. we spent quite a long time together so i hope that the place where he is in has no pain and he can do all the things he wants over there. i think … i’m going to miss you, a lot. (source: colourful247)


✨  Witch’s Brew  ✨

“Abby, a young witch, decide to make some tea for her friends but she got a little bit carried away…”

Here is my one minute short film about a cute little witch! It is half 3D and Half 2D and I had a lot of fun working on it this year! I hope you’ll like the result! 

Do not hesitate to share around! ♥

Lots of witchy love and enjoy! ✨🌿🌘🔮

Why the Jungkook GCF Tokyo video is important !

🔹 The fact that Junkook used this Troye Sivan song. It’s no secret Kook loves Troye, but he loves this song SO MUCH that he used it despite copyright claims. He could have chosen any song, any of their own songs for no copyright, but he chose this song and as a result, the video is not monetized. Meaning they’re not making money from it. Jungkook uploaded the vid solely because HE wanted to, not to get money at all. Or he PAID royalties to use the song! He’s always saying that he looks at the lyrics and meaning of a song. This song is a gay love song with male pronouns and he chose it. Where is the hetero explaination.

🔹 He filmed, directed, and edited this amazing video because he just loves Jimin so much. He spent all that time for Jimin alone when he didn’t even give the other members birthday presents. He treats JM differently, he clearly cares a lot for JM whether as just friends or lovers.

🔹 The video is all Jimin from Jungkooks perspective. Every scene had something to do with Jimin, he barely even showed himself. It was the literal definition of “he thought the view was pretty but I thought he was prETTIER” jk is whipped. When you love someone, it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you’re with them. This was JM through JK’s eyes.

🔹 The fact that SO MANY comments were saying they feel like they’re on a date with Jimin.

What does that make Jungkook then??? All these fans who can see the romance in the air but like to put it on themselves since they wanna be with Jimin is fine, but it showed the video was extremely date-like, as if Jungkook himself was on a date with Jimin. If jungkook treated a girl like that, everyone would lose their minds. But since it’s a guy, it’s just a friendship.

🔹 People even have the audacity to say JK made the vid so army could have a dating sim with JM??? Are you fucking kidding me? JK made the vid for HIMSELF. That’s why he used copyright music. If he was doing it for fans, he would have used their own music to make profit and he would have told Jimin about it

🔹 Since Jimin DID NOT KNOW JK was gonna post the video. He said he would have acted differently. If the video were a “dating simulator” Jimin would have been his stage persona but he was real, raw, and as pure as we will ever see him. It was the real JM that only JK gets to see. And he was so happy. He was truly happy with JK at his side.

🔹 Dreams do come true, kids. JM since 2013 wanted to go on a vacation with JK, just by themselves if they ever had time and they finally were able to, in the happiest place on earth. I don’t care if jikook is real and I don’t know but it’s obvious that they definitely love each other, romantically or platonically.


“How can you stand there and boast about being immune to love? Why does the genuine love of a woman scare you so much? You think that your way is a superior way to live? I know a lot of women that feel the way that I do. Oh, you men. You make us work so hard for your love, if you would just love us for ourselves.”

-The Love Witch (2016)

DIY spa day🌹

1.prepare your space: make sure your room and bathroom are clean and smell nice and change your bedsheets. light some candles. if you have a diffuser put in fennel oil or lavender oil. super calming.

2.boil some water in a pot to use as a steam mask.

3.fill the tub with water, add a handfull of epsom salt, a few drops of your prefered essential oil, a bath bomb/bubbles if you like. if you wanna go the extra mile…add some rose petals. you can get some cheap bouquets at supermarkets.

4.put on a hair mask and wrap your hair in a bun. If you don’t have one you can use conditioner instead or any oil…I have tried them all and my favourite is apricot oil.

5.remove any nail polish you have on.

6.cleanse your face with your cleanser, then exfoliate, put your face above the water pot for about ten mins and put on a clay mask or any other purifying mask of your liking.

7.if you have hydrogel eye masks put them on, if not you can use thin potato slices..they work wonders.

8.prepare a relaxing beverage…herbal tea…wine…whiskey..whatever you like.

9..soak in the bath for as long as you like.

10. exfoliate using your own diy scrub - sugar and oil. 

11.lounge for hours in your towel and beverege while listening to music.

12.rub lotion or oil all over yourself and wear comfortable clothes or be comfortabelly completly naked. whatever you prefer.

13.after washing off the purifying mask i really recommend hydrating the skin with a hysrating sheet mask or raw honey.

14. DIY Mani-Pedi : soak your feet in water and a cup of vinegar for 30 minutes. while you do that file your nails and cut your cuticles then apply olive oil to them and massage them.
wash your feet and file them with a pumice stone. file your toenails and apply foot cream. and paint your nails if you want. if your toenails are dry apply some olive oil and shea butter to the heels, wrap them in seran wrap and wear 2 pairs of socks and you will wake up with baby soft feet.

*i also did the korean baby foot peel mask and if you guys want ill make a post about my suprising experience.

15.apply toner to your face and follow with rosehip oil. massage your skin starting from the forhead to the neck. there are so many videos abot face massage on youtube. it’s so amazing, you’ll feel great and your ski will glow.

16.apply ½ castor oil ½ olive oil to your eyelashes and lips.

17.apply lotion to your hands.

18.just lounge and do whatever relaxes you and makes youhappy. I personally like to drink sparkling wine and reading vogue or watching an old film.

19. make sure you are hydrated and drink lots of H2O and well nourished and  eating well and getting all your vitamins and minerals. 

20.try to relax while listening to white noise or your favourite sound, like rain, eind, fireplace crackle, ticking clock…or any ASMR. hair brushing ASMR is my guity pleasure.

21. enjoy yourself, praise yourself. indulge. love your body and soul. no matter what you do just make sure it feels good.

Who is Sehun?

♡ *Chokes*

♡ You:oh!

   Me:You mean Oh Sehun

♡ He was only 22 when he saved all of us with his dance in lotto

♡ E X O

♡ Maknae

♡ Dance line

♡ His instagram deserves to be in a museum

♡ B E S T  P O S T S  E V E R

♡ The lost one

♡ Owner of iconic lines that will always be remembered

♡ Shawty imma party till da sun down

   Never don’t mind about a thing

   That’s right my type

We actually love SM for giving him lines

♡ His line in sing for you got me crying

♡ An angel indeed

♡ Sang Baekhyun’s part in cloud9 

♡ We were all proud

♡ #Givesehunlines2k17

♡ Innocent af

♡ Doesn’t really understand dirty jokes and stays away from that stuff but who knows

♡ When he and kai-also the maknae- went to a chinese mukbang show,he didn’t understand a dirty joke 

♡ and stood there like an innocent baby while kai was laughing his ass off

♡ Is a fluff ball

♡ He isn’t the aegyo type 

♡ but his presence itself is cute

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♡ He is so loved

♡ not just by members but by the staff as well

♡ All of them love him but

♡ He has a special bond with The “shopping crew”

♡ Sehun+chanyeol+suho+vivi

♡ Suho loves him aaaa llooooott

♡ and he loves him back

♡ sehun basically grew up with suho while suho was taking care of him

♡ Wants to join “THE BEAGLE LINE”

♡ but age matters only in korea

♡ Has a lovely relationship with every member

♡ Plays with baek’s hair

♡ laughs with xiumin

♡ Makes fun of people with d.o

♡ Chanyeol is his partner in crime

♡ Learns chinese from yixing

♡ Runs in the concert with chen

♡ Him and kai are basically two hoes

♡ His relationship with suho is just adorable

♡ he also learned how to roast people from suho

roasted suho countless times

♡ which proves that he’s an angel sent from above

♡ He grew up a lot

♡ After Luhan left,he got more mature as he said

♡ “With luhan,i learned the true meaning of friendship”

♡ Is a soft baby

except when he dances in the water



♡ He can be an angel but he’s also a sexy god

♡ He can literally beat anyone with his sexiness

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Why do fuck my life

♡ He is handsome

♡ really handsome

♡ I’m pretty sure he could be a model if he weren’t a member of exo


♡ He is seriously no joke

♡ He was chosen as the best dressed in LV Paris show


♡ *proud tears*

♡ Goes to fashion shows a lot

♡ SEBOOTY who we all worship

♡ This mans body is no joke

♡ His face

♡ His abs

♡ His arms

♡ His legs

♡ Especially his booty

When did a get in such a perverted fandom

♡ I have no regrets

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♡ Looks good

♡ while eating

♡ while walking

♡ while existing

♡ Looks hella good in glasses

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♡ Looks good in anything

Would look better without

♡ Also rocks every hair colour

♡ Sehun in black is hot

♡ Blonde sehun is god

♡ The rainbow hair

I hear people cringing 

♡ We don’t say thathe doesn’t look good but

Why rainbow?

♡ Is a big meme

♡ A really big one

♡ He is a living meme legend

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♡ Got embarrassed and was shocked when jhonny called him sunbae

♡ He thought he was talking to jhonny from nct but you never know

♡ He soon found out that the person was jeonghan from SVT 

Jeonghan spilled all the beans to monsta x

♡ Is still embarrassed 

♡ In paris,manager told him to stop doing the peace sign

♡ Did it inside his pocket

♡ His vlives are a meme itself 

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♡  V I V I

♡ There’s a rumor saying that if you say vivi 3 times

♡ A worried sehun will appear behind you and ask

♡ “WHERE?”

♡ His biggest passion in life

♡ His love

♡ His will to live—->

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I ship them

♡ He is the type of boyfriend that will let you drown when he goes to save vivi

Vivi is a dog and knows how to swim

♡ I feel sorry for his future wife bc his first love isn’t her


♡ he has the most sass on earth

♡ I ain’t joking

♡ There’s a korean joanne the scammer  in his soul

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♡ We all know where this convo ends

♡ Suho said that he used to cry a lot since he misses his family

♡ His acting in exo next door was priceless

Why do they all act like they never filmed it?

♡ He has this upcoming movie called “dear Archimedes”

♡ S U P P O R T  H I M

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♡ He is a soft fluff ball who needs protection and love and more lines


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I've never seen Pacific Rim because it was promoted (at least in my country) as a movie about fighting robots (not that different from how the Transformers movies are promoted) and that's not my thing. But from what I've gleaned on tumblr, there seems to be more to it. All this to say: sell me on Pacific Rim?

Aw man.

So, Pacific Rim is a movie with robots fighting giant monsters.

It is unapologetically, unashamedly a movie about robots fighting giant monsters.

And it is amazing.

Because yes, humanity is nuts and decides giant monsters from another dimension invading is a problem best solved with giant robots. BUT!

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- The movie is done by Guillermo Del Toro, the guy behind Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth, and Crimson Peak. So visually? It’s GORGEOUS. The monster designs are stunning. The art direction and color and visual themes are all brilliantly crafted. I could write a whole essay just on the use of color (and I’m sure someone here has!).

Originally posted by headlesssamurai

- The movie has leads of color. You walk in thinking Charlie Hunnam’s white boy character Raleigh is gonna be the main character, and then it turns around and focuses on the dynamic between Mako Mori (played by Rinko Kikuchi) and her adopted father Stacker Pentacost (Idris Elba). There are still a lot of white characters, but Mako and Stacker are the movie’s emotional core. 

Originally posted by hamillfisher

- The movie is pretty feminist. Mako Mori is AMAZING, and the movie does not focus on sexualizing her or turning her into the object of a romance, but rather letting her be a total badass in her own right with her own important story arc. The movie and the characters respect her, and a lot of gender tropes get undermined with the film. The Mary Sue has a good write-up here

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- The movie is original. It’s not a remake, not an adaptation from a book or comic, not made to sell toys, and not a sequel. And while I love adaptations, there’s something really cool about a fresh and original story, since Hollywood hasn’t been doing many of those. It takes the mecha genre and the kaiju genre and does something new in combining them.

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- The movie highlights the importance of relationship bonds. It takes two people to pilot a jaeger (giant robot) to share the ‘neural load’ of controlling that big a robot with your brain. And in order to successfully pilot a jaeger, pilots have to be “drift compatible” – meaning they have some kind of bond or connection that allows them to be mentally in sync. Pilot pairings demonstrate every kind of bond, from platonic friends, to parents and children, to brothers, to married couples. And they’re all important!

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- The movie is FUN. There’s beautiful, insane action fights with robots punching giant monsters and it’s a goddamn delight.  The premise is nuts, and it doesn’t try to apologize for it. It’s just plain enjoyable. 

In short: Pacific Rim, while certainly an imperfect movie, and while unabashedly a movie about robots punching giant monsters, is still good and still fun, and you should absolutely see it. The visuals are great, the characters are likable, the action is amazing, and it has a lot of heart, and a lot of hope in humanity’s sheer and utter ridiculousness. 

Warning for if you go watch In a Heartbeat on YouTube

I don’t know if anyone’s said anything about this yet but, do not go and look at the comments. The comments are full of homophobic slurs and I’ve seen some threats (one was about “electrocuting all gays”). There are some nice comments about how lovely of a movie it is but, a lot of it is homophobic assholes who are bitter about the film.


Solaris (1972) - dir. Andrei Tarkovsky

You don’t love her. You do love her. She is willing to give her life. So are you. It’s touching, it’s magnificent, anything you like, but it’s out of place here - it’s the wrong setting.

Alien AUs
  • “Okay, I know I told you I’m an alien and everything but I swear to god if you try to get me to say ‘greetings earthling’ I will punch you. Of course no one says that! What is this an ‘80s film!”
  • There’s this new kid in my school and they’re pretty weird. Not the cliche kind of weird, as in they actually don’t know how to fully operate as a human being and I think they might be an alien. 
  • “What am I if I fall in love with a being from a different planet? … No, i’m just wondering of course.”
  • “Uhm, hey, long story short I’m not from around here and there are people (with guns) chasing after me please please please let me hide in your house?” 
  • “I don’t know what would’ve been worse, me finding a bear in my kitchen at 4AM eating all my food or a cute alien eating all my food at 4AM.”
  • “Are all humans this cute?”
  • “I got hunted down and dragged out of hiding and now I’m in some scary lab (pretty sure I’m about to be dissected) but just before the operation this scientist came in to check everything was alright, wait what you’re unhooking me from the machine now we’re running away out of the science lab. man, maybe humans aren’t that shitty afterall.” 
  • “We crashlanded on Earth and despite being rivals we’re too scared to think straight and we keep clinging onto each other for dear life, oh god those humans think we’re a couple, quick you zogloid kiss me before they realise anythi— damn, you actually did it.”
  • “You’re my alien friend and I’ve decided to run you through all the human things you don’t understand, starting with films. I decided to pick Star Trek and I can’t get over the fact how you’re so fixated on the screen and characters, omg you’re adorable.”
  • (Alternatively) “You’re my alien friend and I’ve decided to run you through all the human things you don’t understand, starting with films. I decided to pick Star Trek and honestly I’m about to lose it because all you’ve been doing throughout the whole film is rant about how it’s so inaccurate and how that would never happen and watching you get so (adorably) angry about it is a lot more entertaining that watching the film.” 
  • “I was meant to only come to Earth to get information about humans so my race could figure out how to dominate the planet but I think I’m falling in love with my test subject, shit.”
  • “I don’t understand human emotions or motives but who the sparax made you cry I’m GOING TO HUNT THEM DOWN AND KILL THEM — too much?”
  • “I was always taught that humans were really horrible creatures, but something must be wrong with your DNA because you’re the most adorable, funny human I’ve ever seen… did I say that outloud?”
  • “Dude, just because I come from a different planet doesn’t mean I can’t understand English. Yes this does mean I did understand that comment you made about my butt.”

requests are open!

I just read an interesting comment on one of my posts that I thought merited a full response. I won’t share the name of the commenter for their privacy but here’s the part that struck me: 

I think Rian Johnson straight up butchered Luke’s character when he had him try to kill Ben. I mean this is supposed to be the same Luke who couldn’t even kill his father but is somehow willing to murder his underage nephew?

While I can see why a lot of people would have this reaction, since Luke as we know him is a very loving and forgiving person, I do have to disagree. I think what Luke did was entirely in character, and illustrates an important point about the film and about how Luke is viewed in popular culture.

When Luke first tells Rey about what happened with Ben - before he tells her the entire truth - he says “By the time I realised I was no match for the darkness rising in him, it was too late.” This suggests that Luke had sensed Ben’s attraction to the darkness for a while. Later, he confirms this: “I’d sensed [darkness] building in him. I’d seen it in moments during his training.”

Clearly, Luke had thought that he was good enough of a master to steer Ben toward the light. This is very much like Luke: he believed, even with Vader, that he could use his own goodness to influence the goodness of others. Finally, Luke realised that his own goodness just wasn’t good enough to influence this boy. This is what prompts the incident.

Luke goes to Ben’s hut and looks into the sleeping boy’s mind. The film implies that this is the first time he did this; apparently, he had previously trusted Ben - and himself - enough to give Ben privacy. Now, however, moved to doubt, he gives into the temptation and reads Ben’s mind, “and it was beyond what [he] had ever imagined.” As he says, he saw the end of everything he loved. 

Now, as we know from Luke’s later confession, his first instinct is to draw his lightsaber. Keep in mind that this is Luke, who risked everything - and nearly lost everything - to keep those he loved safe. And who does Luke love more than anyone in the world? Han and Leia. And who do you think he saw Ben killing in those dreams? The ones against whom Ben has the biggest grudge: Han and Leia. When Luke looks into Ben’s mind, we hear a lightsaber igniting and a woman screaming. He saw Han’s death by Ben’s lightsaber. He saw Leia’s agony.

Luke, remember, has a history of kneejerk reactions when it comes to saving Han and Leia. Against his better instincts and Yoda’s warnings, he went to try and save them in ESB, only to nearly die himself while losing an arm and becoming horribly traumatised in the process. We know from the original trilogy that Luke will run straight into open fire to try and save the people he loves, because this is a man who grew up with very few such people. 

So he sees, right in front of him, images of those he loves - probably Han and Leia - being slaughtered. He, like a true Skywalker AND a true Jedi, has a kneejerk reaction, “the briefest moment of pure instinct”. What do his Jedi instincts tell him? Draw your lightsaber. Defend those in danger. You could easily argue that this reaction is just as much a product of trauma as of training: how many times has he seen his friends nearly perish? How many times has he nearly lost everything? 

But then the moment passes, and Luke comes back to himself and remembers where he is and what he’s doing. We even see his thumb move back to the switch to turn the lightsaber back off - but it’s too late. Ben’s awake.

Luke was never going to kill Ben. He saw something which, for lack of a better word, triggered him: the deaths of his loved ones. He had a gut reaction, a Jedi reaction. It’s important to remember that even though he didn’t end up killing Vader in RotJ, he came very close: he had that same gut reaction and had Vader pinned to the ground. He even cut off Vader’s hand before he came back to himself and, as he would have done with Ben, turned off his lightsaber and showed mercy. 

Luke isn’t perfect. He makes kneejerk decisions throughout the entire original trilogy that sometimes have disastrous results. He’s emotional and volatile and fiercely protective of his loved ones. There is no way to get Luke Skywalker more riled up than to threaten the people he cares about. He’s very much Anakin’s son in that respect.

However, as Luke says to Rey in TLJ, he’s become a myth. A legend. He’s been practically deified. People want the perfect hero: Luke Skywalker, Jedi Master. This isn’t just a commentary on the universe of Star Wars itself: it’s a commentary on us, too. In the decades since the original trilogy, Luke - who in those films was deeply flawed - has become a paragon of perfect goodness in our cultural lexicon. When you actually go back and watch the original trilogy, though, you realise that he isn’t. That he struggles with impulsive rage, hatred, anger. That he is more than willing to kill to protect his loved ones. That is the real, fallible Luke Skywalker. 

It’s therefore perfectly logical that Luke becomes the person we see in TLJ. The source of shame, his impulsiveness, his instinctual gut reaction: drawing his lightsaber. So now, he refuses to pick one up. He tosses the damn thing off a cliff. He barely even looks at it. He says ‘Jedi’ with a sneer, because it was Jedi training, Jedi instinct, that taught him to draw his lightsaber in response to danger. It was Jedi instinct that brought him to stand over the bed of a sleeping boy, Jedi instinct that flipped the switch in his head so that, for just a moment, his whole body said kill.

Similarly, it was the Force that alerted him to Han and Leia’s danger in ESB. It was the Force that alerted him to the darkness growing inside Ben. It was the Force that showed him what was in Ben’s mind. So, just like with the lightsaber, he cuts himself off from the Force. He isolates entirely, far away from everyone. If he can’t sense danger, he can’t react impulsively. If he can’t react impulsively, he can’t make mistakes. And if he can’t make mistakes, then he’ll can’t ruin anyone else’s life. All he wants, more than anything, is to keep his loved ones safe, and by TLJ he’s come to the conclusion that the only way to keep anyone safe is for him to stay far away from everyone. 

This is why Yoda’s little sermon on facing your own impulsiveness, facing your own mistakes, is so important. Luke’s impulse, when he thinks he’s ruined another life (Rey’s), is to burn the tree. But just as with Ben, he backs off. Yoda, however, forces him to face that flame, and in doing so forces him to face what he did to Ben: he burns down the tree just like Luke’s biggest mistake burned down Ben Solo’s life. And now, as a true Jedi, he must face that mistake and learn from it. He has to, as I like to say, go clean up after himself by confronting Kylo.

Rian Johnson wrote a masterful conclusion to Luke’s arc. He didn’t just force Luke to be human again, he forced us, as an audience, to confront the messiness of Luke’s humanity - something that, in the years of merch and pop culture and fannish devotion, we’ve forgotten. Yoda burns down the sacred tree, and at the same time, Rian burns down our false idol of Luke Skywalker to leave only what matters: the real Luke Skywalker who won our hearts in the first place. Impulsive, hot-headed, stubborn, passionate, wonderfully complex Luke.