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hey you obvs don't have to but if you're still doing those au things maybe one for jooheon?? literally anything I just love him so much ((also love u so much u r an angel))

  • professional dressage rider!jooheon
  • talks to his horse like it’s his best friend
  • “listen to me pot of honey,,,,,,we are gonna crush the other team,,,,,,,i don’t care about how good wonho and starry night look, we are gonna get first place!”
  • looks really good in the tight riding pants, long boots, and blazer,,,like a prince,,,,,
  • unlike some other riders who hand their horses off to assistants in the stable after shows, jooheon spends time taking off the saddle and brushing pot of honey’s mane
  • and he actually loves all the horses, he doesn’t leave the stable until he has to go out for photos or something
  • whips are allowed in most competitions, but jooheon barely ever carries one. he really doesn’t like them
  • you’re working on someone else’s horse, brushing it and getting it ready for the show when you see jooheon come in still in costume
  • and you’re like oh he’s here to drop off his horse??? but then he starts tying up the horse to get the saddle off and you’re like ,,,,he’s gonna do all this work????? still in costume?????
  • and you go over and you’re like “i can take care of your horse-” and he’s like “no problem, i love doing this myself!”
  • and you can’t help but watch him because not a lot of the professionals wanna deal with the stable,,,,,like it doesn’t smell the best and it’s not easy work to take care of a horse
  • but then you see jooheon smiling, petting his horse and even whispering to it
  • and you’re like,,,,he’s so,,,,,,,,,cute,,,,,,,,,
  • but you’re like don’t stare!!!! you’re just a lowly stable hand
  • but then jooheon comes over and he’s like “i have some extra grain, is it ok if i give your horse a treat??” and you’re like they’re not mine,,,,but i think the horse would love it
  • because she’s already nipping at jooheon’s elbow and he grins and puts his hand out 
  • and you smile because he looks so happy around the animals,,,,,just like you,,,,,,,and jooheon asks about your job and stuff
  • and you’re like “the stable is my favorite place, that’ll never change.” and jooheon is like “i know i should say i love the performance space, but,,,,,i love the stable too.”
  • and you guys laugh with eachother and it’s cute jooheon is like 
    my group is performing again at 5, you should come and watch if you can
  • and you’re like,,,,ill try to sneak away from work for a bit
  • and jooheon leans forward a bit and he’s like “you’ll be my goodluck charm this time around, right?”
  • and you blush like oh,,,,,and he kind of stutters a bit like i!! didn’t mean,,,,,to be ,,,,,weird
  • but you’re like no no no it’s fine ill totally try to watch you and cheer you and honey on!!!
  • jooheon grins but as he turns around he’s clutching the front of his blazer because,,,,,,,,,,cute stable hand??? making his heart beat?????? what is this???????
  • his horse, pot of honey, makes a noise and jooheon is like “did you just tell me im having a crush?” 

My gym partner, Chris, and I were friends for a while now. We’d met at the gym about two years ago. He was already a hunk when I started there. Since then, I gained some extra pounds of muscle, thanks to him. He’s been kind of my personal trainer.

Throughout this time, all the workouts and training sessions together made us really good friends. We’d watch sports games together at each other’s house, go to parties, concerts, etc. We were so close that I began to feel attracted to him. I loved how he helped me in the gym with lifting weights and how to better position myself doing crunches. And I loved when he’d put on those tight lycra spandex pants that highlighted his beautifully shaped legs and butt.

However, I didn’t have the courage to come out to him. I mean, he was my best friend and if I ever was to say how I felt about him, perhaps he wouldn’t understand it, and our friendship could be at risk. And I didn’t want to lose that.

A couple of weeks ago, after work, I went to the gym, as I did every day of the week, except for the weekends. Chris and I met there, as we did daily. Just a another normal day. The workout session turned out to go pretty well. In fact, so well that we both completely forgot about the time, until the guy who’s responsible for the gym said we needed to leave because it was 11.30pm and the gym was about to close.

After we showered and packed all our things, we headed out and I asked Chris whether he wanted to sleep in my house. It was late, he had to get the subway and then the bus to get home, and I just thought that didn’t make any sense. Besides, he’d already been to my house many times. This would be the first time he’d sleep in it. No big deal!

On the way home, I told him I had to go to work really early in the morning, so I said what I always said: “Mi casa es tu casa”.

The next morning, I woke up at 6am and I headed downstairs over to the kitchen to grab something to eat. In the way, I stopped by the living room to see him. He was lay down on the couch as deeply asleep as one could.

I decided to lean in and kiss him on the cheek, whispering the words “I’ll be back soon, beautiful”. And I went to work.

At 3.15pm, I headed back home earlier than I expected. I opened the door and went “Chriiis, I’m home!”. Complete silence followed. “Chris?”, I started asking repeatedly, after checking the living room, the backyard and bathroom. When I walked in the kitchen, I saw him as he was in the picture above. As soon as I looked down to his perfect highlighted butt, my penis started hardening. That was hot as hell!  

- “There you are! Didn’t you hear me? I called your name like 20 times!”, I said half joking, half seriously. He didn’t move an inch. He wasn’t facing me so I walked around the kitchen counter to face front him.

“Chris? Chris? Are you alright?”, I asked while waving my hand in front of him. He was just frozen in place, staring blankly at the window. No movement, no shivering. Nothing. As I was reaching for my phone to call 911, I started hearing whirring sounds near me. They got louder and louder, as if something was about to turn on, like an electronic appliance or something.

Then I realized it was coming from Chris. “What the f…?”, I thought. I leaned my body close to his torso, and I could really hear those sounds. “What the f… is going on!?”, I thought again. All of a sudden, his eyes started to blink fast, his head, which was right-turned, headed front.

- “Diagnostic complete. All systems fully functional. Reinitializing systems”, he said with a deep robotic voice.

“Diagnostic? Systems fully funct….You’re a robot!?”, I said to myself. It was a weird feeling. I was surprised. This was the last thing I expected. But, at the same time, I felt really turned on. I had a robot-fetish, what could I do? No one knew that, not even him.

Then, he sort of woke up and saw me there.

- “Oh hi there, Cody! You’ve come home earlier, haven’t you?”, he said as if nothing had just passed.

- “Hum, yes, I…hum, Chris, are you a robot?”, I finally asked.

- “What? Why would you ask that?”, he asked laughing, almost making a fool of myself.

- “Because I’ve been standing here for minutes watching you saying things like Diagnostic complete. All systems fully functional! Is this a joke?”

He then closed his eyes and his head slumped down a bit. This probably lasted 5 seconds.

- “Oh come on, Chris! Quit f..*# with me!, will you?”, I said feeling upset.

His head straightened up again and he opened his eyes again. He proceeded:

- “So, you figured that out, hum? I’m not a robot, I’m an android, who’s…”

- “Whatever!”, I interrupted a little bit angry. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

- “Because we are not programmed to reveal our robotic nature until it gets discovered. As I was saying, I am a companion android, unit Chris-XY, designed to befriend someone we think will help us better interact with humans. I chose you.”, he explained.

- “Wait a minute..So everything we did, every feeling you might have is pre-programmed? Simulated?, I asked

- “No, definitely not! I am a sentient android. That means I have an A.I, which is the robotic term for soul. I have my own personality, my own character. And I chose you, because I liked you. I like how you are.”, he said sincerely.

- “Well, hum….we, I mean….”, I stammered, as I processed all those things.

- “I know this is a big shock to you, but soon or later, you’d have to find this out, one way or another. And, yes. I know you like me more than just a friend.”, he added.

- “Oh, well, hum…you know…that’s not really….”, I stammered even more this time.

- “You don’t have to say anything. We are companion units, so we are experts in analyzing how people look at us. In fact, I know everything about you. Every time I came to your house, I accessed your pc and it was very easy to discover you have a robot fetish. And I think that really helps our situation here, because many of my android colleagues don’t continue their relationships, once their true nature is revealed. But I guess that won’t be a problem here, am I right, Cody?”, he said with a final perky smile.

- “Huuum, I..you know…I guess not.”, I kept stammering.

- “So, I’m judging by the size of the bulge you have down there, you may want to get upstairs and have some fun. What do you say?”

- “Hum, sure! Of course!”, I exclaimed, after eyeing down to see my penis wanting to get out of those pants, as I realized my dream of having a robot companion had finally come true. This was not a dream!

- “There’s only one last thing before we move ahead.”, Chris said smiling.

- ”What’s that?”, I asked curious.

He then stopped smiling, his face turned numb and he robotically said:

- “Sex mode activated”.

After that, his smile came back, he lifted me with his strong arms and took me upstairs for an afternoon I’d never forget.

Games, Games and more Games

*a tad smutty* Spencer and I always played little games with each other, especially at work. Some are quite fun and love able like little pranks, while others, to put it plainly, get me unbelievably hot and bothered. Today was one of those hot and bothered days and God was Spencer winning. Every chance he got, he would press against me, his pants tight as ever, his hair a curvy and wavy mess, and whisper innocent things in my ear as if he didn’t know what he was doing. Don’t get me wrong I can hold my own, like bending over to pick up things that I “dropped” right in front of him, or leaning over his desk to talk to him so he could see a good a month of cleavage, and re applying red lip stick every hour. Sometimes I play quite a good hand but Spencer’s always beats mine. As I stood in the copy room, waiting for the papers that Garcia has asked for, I heard the door open and close behind me, knowing exactly who it was.
“You know you almost had me today.” The voice said causing me to smirk at my frustrated boyfriend of six months.
“The whole biting the end of pencils or eating things in a sexual way with your plump red lips, you sure know how to get me going, but…” He said as his foot steps began to get closer. I could feel his chest as well as his growing bridge against my back. I let our a small sigh, knowing that I was going to loose yet again.
“…we both know you always give in first.” He said continuing his thought from before as he ran his hands up and down my arms slowly, sending shivers down my spine. Not giving him any satisfaction or any indication that I was going to give in, only made it worse. He spun me around and pressed me against the copy machine, lips only inches from his, eyes locked dead into mine, and one of his hands sliding down my torso and into my jeans.
“Shit.” I let out causing him to smirk and only continue to do what I was hoping for all day.
“Now you can kiss me, giving into everything or I can bring you so incredibly close to orgasm and then leave, without another word.” He said as his hand began to rub me faster and faster. His eyes were now a dark brown and my head was thrown back, my groans and moans getting louder, trying my best not to let him win yet again.
“Oh baby, if you have a choice.” He said kissing my neck causing me to let out a rather loud and deep moan. He smirked slightly, knowing I was closer that ever.
“Oh fuck me.” I said just before grabbing his face and placing me lips on his. Losing this round of the game and giving into my rather hot and dominant boyfriend that no one saw other than me.
“I say what we do around here, not the other way around.” He said, breaking the kiss, taking his hand out of my pants and heading for the door.
“Later.” He said as he left the room, leaving me turned on and breathing heavily. He has been practicing his self control, he upped the anti and now I knew I didn’t stand a chance in hell.

Much, much better.

Characters: Dean x Reader, Sam.

Warnings: Smut.

Tagging: @spnfanficpond @aprofoundbondwithdean @spnashley

Summary: Reader pretends to be a stripper for a case. Dean gets a bit intense.

A/N: I am feeling the urge to make this a series. So let me know with some feedback. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy. Lots of love xx.

His jaw hit the ground the moment she stepped on the stage. He couldn’t look away, all he could do was ogle with his mouth agape. He always thought she was beautiful, but seeing her like this made his mouth dry and his heart thud in his ears.

He took her in. His eyes sliding from her wine stained lips, down her neck and lingered on her hips. The way she swayed them caused his pants to become uncomfortably tight. All he could imagine was ripping off that snug little top and panties and doing sin to her body, until she cried his name out in ecstacy.

Sam cleared his throat, jolting Dean from his little fantasy. He shifted and moved his hands into his suit pockets then turning to look at Sam.

“Maybe asking Y/N to do this was a bad idea.” Sam said, his lips in a tight line.

“What? Her pretending to be a stripper. Come on Sammy. It had to be her. It’s not like we could get up there and shake our asses in this club.”

Sam shook his head and chuckled at Dean’s response.

“You know, I hate the way all these guys are looking at her. But I ain’t mad about the way she looks either.” Dean smirked.

“She can handled herself Dean. A guy tries something, she’ll knock him into next year. Except you. She has a soft spot for you.” A small smile was dancing on Sam’s lips.

She was agile like a cat, snaking around the pole- making sure everyone’s eyes were on her. Yeah she could dance pretty well but that didn’t make it less embarrassing or nerve wreaking wearing almost nothing and shaking her ass for horny men. She sighed, the things she did to catch the monsters. She looked up and noticed Sam and Dean leaning against the bar counter, and Dean had a smirk plastered on his face, which caused her heart to quicken and her body to tremble. She was trying to distract herself from his smoldering eyes.

“Find the siren. Kill the son of a bitch. Find the siren. Kill the son of a bitch.” She whispered to herself as the song ended. She took a boisterous bow, her ass swaying as she walked off the stage to join Sam and Dean.

Dean bit the inside of his cheek- jealously welling up inside his chest as men whistled at her. A man sitting at the bar, loudly smacked her ass as she walked passed. She was furious but before she had a chance to put him in his place, Dean’s fist connected with the man’s face. She heard the crunch of his nose and when he fell to the ground she saw the dribble of blood.

Sam grabbed Dean by the shoulders, holding him back. “Walk it off man. Let it go.”

She stood there, shocked. This was the first time Dean had defended her, he usually let her smash the bad guy to pieces. She didn’t know how to feel- flattered or furious. He slid of his suit jacket and chucked it at her, as he walked out the club with Sam, without even glancing back at her. She held his jacket close to her chest and smelt him. She grinned and put it on, following them outside.

His blood was boiling, not for her anymore but with anger. It was one thing to look at his girl and a whole different thing to touch her. He wanted to crush that guy, make him understand that she was his, only his.

The ride to the motel was a tense one. Dean’s jaw was twitching like he was biting down his words and Y/N sat in the back expressionless just holding onto Dean’s jacket around her.

The moment Dean pulled in front of the motel, Sam spoke up with an awkward smile, “I have a bit more research to do. So I’ll see you guys later with some dinner.” Dean throw the keys at him and barged inside the room. She waited outside until Same drove off. She wasn’t in a hurry to get smothered by Dean’s temper.

He yanked his tie off and flung it on the bed whilst pacing. She took of his coat and was standing in front of him. He was trying not to stare.

His eyes were sharp and green, his handsome raw boned face livid. He was, she thought smugly, hers for the taking. He ripped the coat from her hands and tossed it aside.


“You’re lucky I didn’t wrap it around your throat.”

She leaned in to snarl in his face, “try it.”

He slid his hand under her chin, gave her throat a light threatening squeeze. “I prefer my hands.”

“You don’t scare me Dean. You never did.”

He hauled her close to him. He could smell her hair, her skin and lust crawled along with temper into his belly, “I can change that.”

A fire burning in her eyes, “I was doing my job Dean. It burns your ass that other men actually make moves on me. I have a mind of my damn own. You sure as hell can’t pretend like I’m yours. So take a hike.”

“I hate the way you’re speaking to me Y/N. It actually wasn’t that, that was burning my ass. It was your ego soaked bitchiness. You go around acting like you don’t need anyone.”

He caught her fist an instant before it plowed into his jaw. They grappled for a moment.

Then they fell on to the bed.

She tore his shirt, buttons popping as she yanked it impatiently over his head. Her breathing ragged. He rolled, he ripped the flimsy material off her. Her teeth digging into his shoulder and his hands dragging through her hair. His body pinned hers and his mouth crushed into hers and all she could think was Thank god. She arched against him, her mind yelling for more. Her hands streaking over his body to take it.

He was rough, like she flipped a switch in him. He craved her, hunger borderlining pain. He wanted to bury himself in her wet heat and have her writing beneath him.

He took her breast with his calloused hand and then his mouth. She bucked under him, levered her hand’s between their bodies and fought his zipper. They were gasping for breaths as they touched, groped and felt.

The momentum had them of the bed and onto the floor. Even as the fall dazed her, he drove into her. She cried out, a short shocked sound and her legs wrapped around him like chains.

She felt all of him in tons, the line of bone, the play of muscle, the scars, the taste of his flesh and the quick scrape of stubble when it rubbed against her.

She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t stop. Each violent thrust fired into her blood until she was just a mass of raw nerves. She clutched on to him, pistoning her hips to match his thrusts, her vision blurring.

The orgasm seemed to tear up from her toes, her centre, heart, head. For one instant, she saw his face, vivid and clear above her. His eyes almost black, fixed on hers with intensity that stripped her to the bone. Even as her eyes glazed, she knew he was falling out of himself, he still was watching her.

She rolled over on her stomach and laid flat on the floor. He lay beside her, their fingers and legs tangled, both staring at the ceiling with heaving chests.

Y/N sat up and asked Dean, “Feel better now ?”
He turned his head to look at her, with a smirk, “don’t you ?”

She grinned, “Much.” She said as he tucked a stray hair behind her ear, tenderly.


Summer. I have had to take several cold showers today. I was also told to ‘put some pants on’ these ones are ok i suppose. i couldn’t take the usual photo to show the tush because these shorts really do show off every little bit of it.

I like how less fearful I have become of showing off my thighs. I’m wearing these shorts, and although they have become super tight I just love how they hug every little part of me. As a bigger girl I was always aggressively told I shouldn’t wear shorts - because i am showing ‘too much skin’ but I adore shorts. It’s a shame to be told to cover up all the time because at times like these I really do love my body. I just wish that other people didn’t see it as a disgusting thing that needs to be ‘covered up’