i do love his curly hair but

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Sorry to bother you but could you do headcanons about Logan having a s/o with curly hair pretty please thanks I love your blog 😘

  • Logan wasn’t particular one to cuddle but in the rare moments in which the two of you did enjoy each other’s embrace Logan would rest his cheek against the top of your head, your curls providing a nice cushion.
  • In the mornings while you were fluffing you hair out he would come by and lightly tug at a spiral, watching it bounce back into place before he told you to scoot over so he could shave.
  • Logan would never admit it, but he loved the way your curls bounced when you talked really animatedly about something. They were like springs, bouncing ecstatically with every word you uttered.
  • He’s just as protective about your hair as you are. Anyone who so much as raises a hand to touch your hair without permission, ran the risk of getting their chopped off.
  • “If you want to keep that hand, I suggest you put it right back down, bub.” he was intimidating enough to make anyone take a few steps back. You’d smile a little to yourself and lean a little closer into him.
  • Despite his fears of hurting you, you feel safest at his side.
  • He finds your wash day process incomprehensibly tedious.
  • “Well what is this for then?” he’d question. “That defines my curls. Keeps things from being too much of a mess.” “I thought you just washed it and you were done?” “Sure I guess I could be, but  the extra steps keep my hy hair soft and shiny.”
  • If you ask really nicely, and you’re absolutely alone sometimes he’ll take you wide tooth comb and pull it through little sections of your wet curls.
  • Sometimes you fall asleep in the process. He’s so gentle that the action is only soothing.

who allowed him to be beautiful

Joker Imagine : Bonding with his daughter

Joker’s P.O.V.

‘’I need to go J’’ Y/N sighed while putting on her black boots. ‘’But what if I do something wrong?’’ I groaned, talking about our 3 year old daughter, Jezebel but she preferred to be called princess. She was the cutest little girl I had ever seen with brown curly hair and piercing blue eyes. She looked a lot like Y/N, but she had my eyes. I loved her, but I was still Joker. I was scared I couldn’t take care of her when Y/N was gone.

‘’Oh you’ll do fine’’ Y/N sighed and then grabbed her purse. ‘’I know you’re a good dad. You’re not bad at everything’’ She giggled at me and came closer. I rolled my eyes, but couldn’t hold back a smirk. ‘’I’ll be back at 8 pm. Remember that she has to take a nap and then she needs food’’ Y/N told me seriously before giving me a kiss. It was left short, but I still got a little spark from her lips.

‘’See ya’’ I hurried to say before she could go. Just as the door closed, I heard a little princess coming closer, small steps getting louder. ‘’Daddy!’’ She squealed happily and soon I felt someone tugging my red shirt. I turned around and saw her standing there in a green dress, a tiara and she was holding a plastic knife. Her big blue eyes were looking up to me and she was smiling. ‘’How is daddy’s little angel doing?’’ I asked her and kneeled down so i was on her level.

‘’I’m no angel’’ She giggled and hugged the toy knife. She was really cute. Even tho I hated most people and I could be the cruelest most cold-hearted person ever, this little girl had me wrapped around her finger. I only cared about two girls, Jezebel and her mother Y/N. Everyone else could go and fuck themselves. ‘’Who told you that?’’ I raised my non-existing eyebrow. ‘’Me’’ She answered proudly. Suddenly she jumped and raised the plastic weapon, holding her other hand on her hip. ‘’I’m pwincess of the world!’’ She declared loudly, her tiny voice sounding like it was coming through speakers.

I picked her up and held her high, spinning around once. ‘’And I’m the king of the world’’ I joined her little thing. It caused her to giggle again. ‘’We are the bestest daddy’’ My little princess told me very surely and then hugged me, wrapping her small arms around my neck. I just held her in my arms, letting this little girl hug me.

Then reality hit me. I actually had a daughter. Sometimes it felt so unbelievable. I was responsible of her, she looked up to me. It was mind-blowing to think about, but wow I was happy. ‘’Can we go to the pow pow place?’’ Jezebel whispered after a while, knocking me out of my thoughts. I looked into her eyes and sighed. ‘’I’m not sure you’re big enough to shoot yet’’ I admitted seriously. Y/N didn’t like the idea at all. She wanted Jezebel to be at least 5 until she could start shooting stuff.

Suddenly I saw pouty lips and glossy eyes. Oh fuck. ‘’But I wanna shoot’’ She whimpered sadly. I saw dinosaur tears forming in her eyes and I started to slightly panic. ‘’Oh..Don’t cry baby. Daddy will take you to the pow pow place’’ I promised, hoping that it would stop the tears. Miraculously the tears disappeared and a big grin appeared on her face. ‘’Yes!!’’ She cheered loudly and dropped her knife while throwing her hands in the air.

‘’But you can’t tell mommy’’ I reminded her while walking out, heading to the elevator. ‘’I won’t’’ Jezebel reassured me. As we got in the elevator, I saw our reflection in the mirror. I liked seeing myself like this. I would give Jezebel the childhood I never had. A good one. ‘’Can I pwess the button?’’ She whispered excitedly. ‘’Hmm let me think’’ I was slow on purpose. She crossed her tiny fingers and nearly held her breath. I lowered her in front of the buttons. ‘’It’s that one’’ I pointed at the right button. Then she pressed it and chuckled at it. Oh the little things kids found interesting.

‘’The tawget is Batsy’’ I heard her saying which surprised me. ‘’Where did you learn to hate Batman?’’ I questioned her and held her hand, not wanting her to run off when the doors would open. ‘’You and mommy’’

From Afar

** I do have some prompts in my inbox to get out. But this popped into my head the other day when I was out for dinner with my parents and seen a father with his young daughter. And I couldn’t get it out. Enjoy!


She didn’t mean to stare. But Aelin couldn’t help it.

Taking a long, slow sip of her cocola, Aelin watched the father and daughter at the table across from her.

The little girl had her father’s white hair colour. Only, well her father’s was cropped short, hers was curly and flowed down her back. Her short legs were kicking back and forth as she sat in her chair. There was a baby doll on the tray next to her. She was eating away at her fries, chatting away happily to her father.

Meanwhile, her father simply smiled at her. Every now and then Aelin saw his lips move, telling his little girl something. He was dressed in a suit. As if he worked for a big company and was on his lunch break. Though if it wasn’t from the little girl across from him, Aelin would have find it odd for a man in such a nice suit to be having his lunch break at McDonalds.

Aelin couldn’t take her eyes off him. With his light hair, tan skin, and pine-green eyes (that Aelin got a quick glance of at one point), he was unlike any man she’d ever seen before. And watching him with his daughter, patiently listening to her, Aelin was going to be honest. It made him hotter.

“You’re starting to drool.”

Aelin jumped up. Her eyes quickly shifted to the woman sitting in the seat across from her. A pair of red lips were turned up in as smirk as green eyes shone with amusement.

“Funny.” Aelin sat up straighter. She picked up some fries and started eating away. But not before flicking her glance to the man and daughter once more.

“I’m serious.” Lysandra took a sip of her drink, leaning back against her seat. “If you kept looking at him like that, you definitely would have started to drool.”

“Whatever Lys,” Aelin rolled her eyes. Even though, she kind of knew Lysandra was telling the truth.

“Not that I can blame you,” Lysandra quickly glance behind her and Aelin took the chance to follow her gaze. The man was now opening his daughter’s yogurt as she finished up her nuggets.

Lysandra turned back around. “I mean look at him. Any man who’s that good with his daughter… I can basically feel my ovaries getting ready to explode.”

Aelin simply raised an eyebrow before shaking her head slightly. She wasn’t going to give Lysandra the satisfaction of agreeing with her. Even though she did.

As Aelin finished off the last of her fries, she couldn’t help but glance up again. She watched the man and his daughter for another moment before she heard Lysandra sigh.

“Why don’t you just go introduce yourself,” Lysandra raised an eyebrow. “Or is the great Aelin Galathynius actually scared of approaching a boy?”

Aelin let out a soft snort. “As if. But he has a daughter, meaning he could be married.”

“Or he may not be,” Lysandra shrugged her shoulders. “Just go talk to him and see if he has a wedding ring on.”

Aelin looked away from Lysandra. She was actually considering it - going to talk to him. But then she saw the father and daughter standing up. The little girl held her baby doll in her small hands as her father picked up their garbage.

“Oh look at the time,” Lysandra suddenly stood up. “We should get going.”

“Where? To corner him,” Aelin nodded to the father. “At the straws?”

Lysandra rolled her eyes. “Just come on.”

Gathering up their garbage and trays, the two girls stood up and made their way to throw their things out.

Honestly, Aelin kind of figured that after they left the restaurant, she would never see the father and daughter again. But just as Lysandra was about to put her tray on top of the garbage bin, Aelin notice a doll sitting there. The same doll that the little girl owned.

Aelin grabbed the doll without a second thought. Maybe she really did want an excuse to talk to that amazingly hot father. Or maybe she just wanted to give a little girl back her doll. Either way, Aelin made her way out the door, ignoring Lysandra behind her.

She managed to catch up with the father-daughter duo in the middle of the parking lot.

“Excuse me,” Aelin jogged up the the pair as they turned around.

She was slightly taken back by just how green his eyes really were. And how tall he was. And she could see tattoos starting to peek out from the collar of his suit.

A few moments of silence went by until Aelin realized she was staring. She cleared her throat. She could feel her face heating up, but Aelin refused to give into the blush trying to creep onto her cheeks.

“I believe this is yours.” Aelin looked down at the little girl. She smiled as she held out the doll. The little girl’s eyes and face lit up.

“Thank you!” She reached forward and took the doll, hugging it close.

“Yes. Thank you.”

Aelin looked up at the girl’s father. A small smile was on his lips as he watched his daughter before turning to Aelin again. She watched as his eyes quickly moved up and down her body, and something in her stomach flipped.

“It was no trouble.” Aelin said, just for the sake of saying something really.

“You saved me from a lot of tears tonight if I had to put her to bed without that doll.” The slightest smile was directed at Aelin.

“I don’t cry,” The little girl spoke up. “I’m a big girl now.”

Her father simply chuckled and Aelin smiled before a phone suddenly started ringing. The man reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone.

“Rowan Whitethorn.”

Silence fell around them as the man - Rowan - took his phone call. There was a few “yes’s” and “no’s” before Rowan looked up at her.

“Thank you again.” He simply told her before going back to his phone call. He grabbed his daughter’s hand and they walked away.

Aelin stood in the parking lot as they jumped in their car and drove away. She was aware of Lysandra coming up behind her, but didn’t say anything.

“Well,” Lysandra cleared her throat. “That’s one way to talk to a hot guy.”

Aelin simply ignored her, making her way to the car. A smile on her face the whole way.

Because she now knew the hot father’s name. And he had no wedding ring.

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hi !! i love your art btw but i need advice, there's a slim chance i could be a concept artist for my studio but i need to send in a portfolio and sample character designs, almost all of my character designs are fan art which i can't submit but ifk how i should go about making a bunch of new ones

I’m not sure what advise you’re expecting from me. How to come up with original character designs? I’m not a professional and I’ve never created a portfolio so I have no idea if this can help you in any way or not but this is what I do sometimes when creating a character - I made up a story (it doesn’t have to be anything complicated) like imagine an Italian florist, he’s tall, has a big nose (because he loves smells of flowers :)) and curly hair. He’s in love with a woman who buys flowers in his shop every day. Such a flower shop au (I’m disappointed in myself xD) And here he is:

① Something like this? :)
② Look how happy he is when he talks about the woman of his dreams! lol
But what if he was short and plump? Well… in ③ he looks more like a mafioso, I can hear his hoarse voice “You’ll all be pushing up daisies…”

Anyway, you can draw whatever, whoever, but if you know a bit the character you want to draw it’s easier to make them look the way you want and give them a particular personality. This is why you’ve no problem with designs based on someone else’s stories. You already know those characters. Now you just need to make up something yours?
Good luck with the job!!! :)

I live for the day cristiano starts letting his curl pattern be free again no joke every time I see glimpses of curls on him I suffer like his curls are so pretty on him but he hates them and I stay appreciating them

Day6 reaction to your curly hair

Request: Day6 reaction when u have really big curly hair? - spam anoon

A/N: as I say in all of my Day6 gif reactions, the gif may not fit perfectly due to the unfortunate lack of them. ;-;


-constantly playing with it and watching it spring back- “How does it do that!?”

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He’d absolutely love to run his fingers through it, not knowing why you had asked him to stop until his fingers get knotted in it.

-fingers get stuck mid-way through- “Oh…”

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-always staring at it in fascination- “Wahhh~ so pretty~”

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-constantly asking questions and pestering you about it- “Can I style it?”


“What if I put this in it”


“But could I d-”


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He would love watch you style it in the morning, watching as the ringlets bounce back and forth and how they somehow manage to land perfectly together.

“Ugh, this is a mess”

“You think it’s a mess?? I thought you were trying to make it look like this! It’s so pretty!!”

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He’d be the type to admire it from afar. Not because he doesn’t like it, but because he probably thinks that something lives in it.

“Wait, you’re saying a bird hasn’t laid eggs in there?”

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why do all of my dowoon reactions always have birds mentioned in it wtf

A/N: I hope you enjoyed and this is what you wanted!

-Admin Yeonie

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Ideal body types for a female s/o for the Axis and Allies please?? :D

//I already did that axis so I’m doing the allies!!

2p America: Likes women with a bit of muscle and some junk in the trunk. Prefers blue eyed people just because their eyes remind him of his past. Wouldn’t mind a chubbier partner from time to time but usually sticks with people on the skinnier side. Prefers short-medium length hair, straight or wavy.

2p France and 2p Canada: LOVE chubby people as they think there’s so much more to love. Enjoy people with a darker skin tone and hazel/green eyes. Like curly/wavy hair of any length. TOTAL BOOB-BUTT GUYS.

2p England: Oliver prefers people who look like him; somewhere in the middle between skinny and chubby with pale-ish skin and dotted in freckles. Doesn’t really care about boobs or butts. Prefers long haired women.

2p Russia and 2p China: Just like 2p France and 2p Canada, these guys are suckers for bigger people. However, they don’t care about skin tone and eyes. They’d prefer someone with a little bit of curve and a pinch of ass.

Bad people

Requested by Anon - New Year-New prompts 1 and 37 for Klaus please. Something along the lines of him calling the reader out on them being more than friends and she denies it and they end up having sex. Change anything you would like! Sorry if this is a bother <3
Prompts - 1 – ‘We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.’
                 37 – ‘Do you think we’re bad people?’

Word Count – 313

Characters – Klaus x Reader

‘We’re not just friends and you fucking know it.’ Klaus hissed at you, you and he have been seeing each other more frequently and you know he was developing feelings and you were as well but you didn’t want to admit them.
‘You may think that but I don’t.’ You said across from him. He sighed and ran his hand through his curly hair, that you loved to run your fingers through.
‘If you don’t feel that way then, just leave.’ He said and you hesitated.
‘Okay then.’ You said and turned to walk away, but he grabbed your wrist and cornered you against the wall. You couldn’t resist.
‘You just said no.’ You said in between kisses.
‘No I said I was fed up of us hiding our feelings from each other.’ He said as he deepened the kiss leading you to the bed and removing your clothes.

You lay on your back panting. You sighed and sitting up, you grabbed your shirt placing it over your head before getting changed. You heard the covers moving behind you.
‘Where are you going?’ Klaus asked from behind you, as he watched you place your hair up in a bun.
‘Do you think we’re bad people?’ You asked suddenly.
‘What?’ Klaus asked.
‘We said we weren’t going to do it again but we just did.’ You said turning around and looking him in the eyes.
‘Y/-‘ He started saying but you interrupted him.
‘I said I don’t have feelings for you…’ You started saying and you watched his face fall before you looked down at your bare feet.
‘but I do.’ You whispered looking at the ground, Klaus couldn’t wipe the smile of his face as he stood up, placing boxers on and enclosing you in his arms.
‘Then good.’ He simple said as you placed a sweet and delicate kiss on your lips.

Post Season 3 Assassin AU

Hannibal thinks Will died in the fall so he roams the world looking for a purpose and decides, ‘ fuck it I’ll become an assassin I have nothing better to do now.’ Until one day he gets a contract to kill a man who has been causing trouble for the mob by killing many of their goons but the description of the man concerns him. White male, late 30’s/early 40’s, brown curly hair, blue eyes, and a scar on his forehead. ’Could it be?’ Hannibal thinks. And it is. In all his glory. His beautiful and clever Will. He tracks Will and decides to not reunite yet but instead go back and kill the surviving mob members for almost making him kill the love of his life. Afterwards he reunites with Will and they quickly flee to another country before the news of what he’s done can reach Will. Or alternatively: he reunites with Will and together they hunt down the men that tried to hurt his William. 

I wrote this the morning after watching Mads’ short film/ad thing and I haven’t decided if I wanna make a whole fic to it yet??? Maybe after finishing the other two fics in my drafts. 

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One last question about fox techie. Do they have another littler? Maybe just they only have a litter of one boy who ends have ears to big for his body (both fox and human ears) and curly blond hair like Matt. He's smaller than the two girls and much less active. It worries techie that he doesn't move much in his belly or grows as big as the girls. It freak both Matt and Techie that they even have the idea of going to a doctor to see if the litter is ok.

Oh gosh, I really love his idea.

Techie hardly even looks pregnant. He knows he is, Armitage even confirms it by his change in scent, but Techie has no idea why he hasn’t got a huge baby bump yet like he had last time. He rubs his tummy constantly, trying to feel his litter, only ever feeling one.

“It only kicked a few times today,” Techie mutters, lying flat on the couch with Matt on the floor next to him, his hand on his fox’s small belly. “Mattie. I’m worried.”

Matt tells him that he’s worried too. Reassurance would be pointless; Matt can’t hide how scared he is that someone is wrong with their little pup. He tells Techie about doctors and midwives, and that maybe they’d be able to help them, but Techie is too scared that he’ll be taken away and experimented on.

Armitage gives Techie a thorough look over, confirming that there’s only 1 pup and that it’s growing slowly. He gives Matt a list of foods to get to aid Techie’s pregnancy and Matt goes out straight away to get what he wants. He comes home to find Techie crying gently with their 1 year old twins in his lap, holding onto them tightly.

But Techie’s pregnancy isn’t as tough as the last one, and he gives birth on his due date to a little boy, much smaller than his sisters were when they were born. His hair is light, already looking a little curly, and ears like his Papa.

The girls love him and they bring their toys to him to share, and Techie has to tell them softly that he’s not big enough to play with their toys yet. The boy is shy and timid, scared of everything, just like his Mama. He snuggles into Techie at every chance he gets, whilst the girls prefer being tall on Matt’s shoulders.

But all their children after perfect. The little boy will learn strength from his sisters, just like Techie learned it from Matt.

cuddling with Tommy Holland would include

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  • coming home to find Tommy asleep in your bed, looking cute as hell
  • his plump lips slightly parted
  • his arms (and a bit of his chest) slightly poking out of under the duvet as he was lying on his side
  • his curly hair spread messily against your white pillow
  • when Tessa sees you she barks and jumps from her spot (which was next to Tom) to run to you
  • her excitement woke Tom up
  • “wha-who’se he- y/n?”
  • “it’s me, love, go back to sleep”
  • “come cuddle meeeeeee”
  • “Tommy i have a lot of work to do and-
  • him pouting and looking at you with his adorable sleepy brown eyes
  • “pweez”
  • sighing and giving in because who can resist that face
  • slowly climbing into bed with him after changing into one of his shirts
  • gently placing your hand on his cheek and kissing his soft lips
  • “i missed you darling”
  •  talking about your day
  • him telling you about the funny and silly incident that happened to him that day
  • getting sleepy
  • his fingers carelessly wandering on your skin
  • “guess what i’m writing?”
  • feeling his cold fingers draw shapes on your arm
  • “stop i missed it! do it again”
  • “ok one last time”
  • him repeating the movements with his fingers
  • “did you just write penis?”
  • “oh honey! you know me so well”
  • “you’re such a goof!”
  • “but i’m your goof, right?”
  • “you’re the worst, Holland”
  • him peppering your face with kisses
  • “stooooop i’m sleepy”
  • eskimo kisses
  • him playing with your hair
  • “i love you y/n”
  • hearing you snore quietly
  • him smiling at the adorable little sunshine that he call his soulmate
  • placing a kiss on your forehead
  • whispering “night” 
  • wrapping his arms around you protectively
  • falling asleep in each others arms

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Hi! Could you do a name aesthetics for my girlfriend, Autumn? She likes music, has light freckles and short, curly hair, and was born in the fall. She's absolutely gorgeous and kind. Thank you so much if you do this, I love your account.

All done! Thank you so much!

Autumn. She is soft, faded wool and candlelight. She is a comforting squeeze and cinnamon bubble gum. She is pressed flowers in forgotten books and early sunsets. She is the light scratching of the strings of an acoustic guitar and lovers singing along. She is a golden crown atop a wild mane. She is the markings on a robin’s egg and the tinkling laugh of faeries. She is Autumn- the maiden of the sun and earth.  

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Hi Camille!! I just wanted to know if you'd be making curly hair cc soon? I rarely see long or medium curly hair and it bugs me because I need some to make a simsself :( Have a great day! <3

Hello!! I would love to make some medium/long curly hairstyles! I have very curly hair myself :)
It’s unfortunate that EA hasn’t give us much in the way of curly hair meshes to work with, but I’ll see what I can do!

I hope you have a great day, too! <3

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funny moment from today: INTJ and I were in science and I kept calling him a nerd, and he was like 'shut up, you're a nerd too, I'm not that bad' and like five minutes later ended up explaining Esperanto, fencing and D&D (like his main passions) to these kids in our science class and I just gave him this Look™ and he burst out laughing (he always covers his face when he starts to laugh and it's lowkey adorable with his curly hair) and it was a Good Moment™ I love my INTJ friend

WHY DO ALL INTJS DO FENCING!?! I swear if you’re trying to figure out if someone is an INTJ, ask them if they do fencing/swordplay and if they say yes you’ve got yourself an INTJ™ (of course this is a stereotypical exaggeration you critical ‘that’s not true’ nugget followers of mine)
Anyway that’s pretty coooool I love INTJs!!!! For that reason !!!!

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Hi! I love your name moodboards! Can you do one for the girl I like? She's so cute w long curly dark hair and she loves nature and the outdoors and she is feminine and loves florals and she's super hippie and free spirited and she's also religious (Jewish) and is v committed to that. 💛🌿

She sounds beautiful! Hope ya like this.