i do love him! for realsies!

idc, i love Winston

Just BFF things with Winston <3

  • Winston gives the best hugs ever, ever, ever. If you’re sad and ever need a safe, warm and secure hug, Winston is the scientist to see! Even if he’s busy working on something, he’ll drop everyone to give you a supportive cuddle. Mind you, he is always a bit awkward when you cry because he isn’t sure what to do and he doesn’t like to see you cry, but he understands that sometimes you need it. Plus if you cry in front of him it means you trust him.
  • It’s handy having Winston around when you don’t understand something and ask for help. He never ever makes you feel like you’re stupid for asking a question or needing clarification on anything. Winston is a pro at translating complicated matters into layman’s terms.
  • Watching sci-fi TV series’ and movies with Winston is both amazing and annoying. If it’s a bad TV show he’ll make it amazing by making fun of how bad the ‘science’ is. It never feels like a waste of time if you decide to watch a bad show or movie with the scientist. The con is that sometimes he can ruin the magic of a good show, but he’s become really good at holding his tongue if it looks like you’re enjoying yourself. Still, after it’s all over, it’s always worth riling Winston up over it.
    “…Okay, tell me what was wrong—”
    “My goodness, what wasn’t wrong. For one, the last scene was completely illogical, it—”
  • Winston is a great work out buddy in that Athena harrasses the both of you equally to get your butts moving, so you both work out together to stop the AI from nagging anymore, but it’s fun when it’s not just you and the both of your encourage each other constantly to complete each session.
  • One of the most amazing and fun things when it comes to being bffs with Winston is that karaoke is fucking amazing with him. It’s always a riot because the two of you are masters of songs where you get to sing and Winston gets to rap. He’s got fucking mad flow and no one believes you until they walk by Winston’s lab one day and the two of you are basically roaring lyrics to really old school songs. Some songs that come up a lot include ‘No Diggity’, ‘Humpty Dance’ and ‘Monster’ (the last of which Winston helps you learn to rap too <3)