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Awww…I just thought this was romantic or cute or something in between. Love really has only one definition–it is.

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Do you happen to know "V for Vendetta?" If not, I do suggest you look into it! He just seems rather comparable to Arsene Lupin as much as I know of the latter so far?

Yes I do!! I haven’t read the comic, but I’ve seen the movie and they seem a lot alike! For the most part, they’re both VERY brilliant, they both mean well and they strive to do what’s just, but their methods don’t abide by any restrictions other than their own.

That being said, even though he’s pretty eccentric, I don’t think Arsène would be too fond of killing because it’s ‘far too brutish and unnecessary for his taste’ lol, and V tends to be more extreme with his methods (understandably so), but other than that, I think he has quite a few similarities with V! Good call, anon!! ^^

Jun x Reader

Jun x Reader


College AU

Warnings: Language

A/N: This one took longer to update and I’m not even sure why since I already have the parts written .-. but anyways I mixed two of the parts I had to make it longer to make up. I really hope you’re enjoying it ^-^

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You were out grocery shopping with Jeonghan, Jihun, and Wonwoo. Sungcheol asked if I could go since he didn’t trust them to get essential foods. You got to meet Jihun and Wonwoo after  your encounter with Mingyu. You walked into the grocery store and Jeonghan walked up next to you.

“So do you know how to cook?”

You looked at him. Seriously adoring his hair.

“I can survive if I need too.” He smiled

“Good, Mingyu is usually the one who cooks. What’s your favorite to eat? Can you eat spicy food or no?”

“I told you. I survive. I’ll eat anything. I do love spicy food though”

“Ahhhhh, Jun likes spicy food too”

You guessed Jun is the one person you haven’t met yet. You wanted to ask more so you were prepared and didn’t run into another Mingyu situation but Jeonghan ran over to link arms with Wonwoo. Jihun walked up to you.

“I heard you screaming back to Minghao screaming earlier today”

“I get irritated when I’m woken up.”

He nodded like he totally got you.

“It’s a never ending screaming fest in this house. I’m usually always just in my room working on my music or sleeping. So it’s getting annoying to listen to the screaming all day. So thanks.”

Huh. I still feel like he doesn’t belong in college but alright. You began walking around throwing things into the shopping cart that Wonwoo was pushing around.

“So Wonwoo, what are you like?”

He shrugged.

“I don’t think I’m the most interesting person in this household. The usual. I like playing video games, listening to music, or watching movies.”

“Oh, I see.”

“I’m scared of dogs”

“Seriously?” So no dogs. I don’t hate him so I wouldn’t want him to live uncomfortably.

After paying we got into the car. I sat next to Jeonghan. It was quiet in the car until Rap Monster started

“bogo shipda ireoke..”

Jeonghan yelled


Wonwoo turned up the radio. Jeonghan turned to you

“Sing with me!”

You thought what the hell. I love singing.

You and Jeonghan:

“nunkkochi tteoreojyeoyo
 tto jogeumsshik meoreojyeoyo
 bogo shipda (bogo shipda)
 bogo shipda (bogo shipda)
eolmana gidaryeoya
tto myeot bameul deo saewoya
neol boge doelkka (neol boge doelkka)
mannage doelkka (mannage doelkka)”

Jeonghan looked at you

“You have a nice voice!”

I smiled “Thank you, you’re not bad yourself”

He smiled back happily while you guys continued to jam out.

Once you guys got home. Jihun got inside deciding he’s done enough and was going back to his room. Wonwoo decided to start putting things inside. While Jeonghan went to call others to help. You decided to help Wonwoo and grabbed two bags and was beginning to walk towards the front door when you tripped nearly face planting the ground when someone caught your arm. You looked up to see this blonde guy that you didn’t recognize.

“So you’re a klutz? Literally there’s nothing around you to trip on”

You heard Jeonghan yell, “There you are Jun!”

So Jun’s a douche. So far is what I grasped. There’s 10 of them living in this household so I guess there had to be a douche.

Jun looked at you and took the bags with one hand and offered his other to you.

You looked at his hand and decided on taking it because you’re not sure on who’s bad and good side you need to be on yet.

“Thanks. I can carry those in”

Jun looked you up and down. You hid slightly.  He handed you a bag.

“Looks like the other guy’s got the rest anyways.” He started to walk inside. You couldn’t help but notice he has really good legs.


You swear you could’ve hit the roof with how high you jumped. Turning around ready to smack the shit out of someone, you chose to back away when noticing it was Mingyu.

“What the actual fuck Mingyu.”

“I saw your encounter with Jun. He can be an ass.”

“Well so far I think you’re more of an ass”

Mingyu laughed.

“Hey so since it’s your first day here lets go to this party” You looked thoughtful.

“Sure why the hell not. I need to get loose after this day”

He smiled at you.

“Alright. I’ll let the other guys know and see who else wants to join” He went to go ask the other members.

Later that night you were wearing a black crop top that came just above your belly button with some black skinny jeans because all black was your forte.

Mingyu came up to you.

“Well damn. I didn’t know you wanted to get that loose.”

You shoved him.

“Me? When I met you you wearing nothing but a towel!”

“Oh! So that’s what you’ll remember of our first encounter.”

You rolled your eyes.

“Whatever. Just be glad I actually remember you.” You walked off to go grab yourself a drink because you were going to need it. You downed a couple of shots and grabbed a red solo cup filled with beer.

“So you’re an alcoholic?” Jun came up next to you grabbing a solo cup of his own.

“No. But you live in the same house as me. Wouldn’t you drink after a day with them?”

He shrugged and took a drink of his cup.

“They aren’t THAT bad once you get to know them.”

“I don’t think they are bad. Just.. it’s been an intense first day…”

Jun nodded. “You got lucky I live there” He smiled at you and left towards the dance floor.

He seriously has some nerve. He thinks he’s all that. You scoffed and decided to walk around.

Mingyu came up to you pulling you to the dance floor. Which you didn’t mind since you loved to dance and so you danced.

Every so often you’d escape for another shot. Coming back to dance. The more shots you took the more provocative your dances became. After other guys started coming up to you to get closer to you. The boys started to pull you away from them.

You started to stumble your way for another shot when an arm grabbed you.

“Listen princess, I think you’ve had way too much to drink at this point.” You looked up to see Jun. He was slightly sweaty from dancing. His blonde hair sticking to his forehead. Also either you were really drunk or his sweaty self smelt really good. You leaned towards him, which resulted him in grabbing your shoulders.

“Yeah, you’re done”.  

You could hear voices talking between them self. Probably about you but all you knew is that the arms you were being carried by smelt good and you felt safe.

You woke up the next morning with a pounding headache. You looked to the side and saw water along with painkillers.

Bless their souls. They’re considerate. You took the pills and decided to contemplate on what the fuck happened last night.

Well one thing you can ensure. You’re fully clothed and none of the boys are in bed with you. That’s the biggest relief. You pulled yourself out of bed and to the bathroom to shower and get ready for the day. You started to head downstairs after hearing commotion in the kitchen.

Mingyu was standing by the stove making something. Soonyoung and Minghao were standing by the counter looking like hungry wild animals. Sungcheol walked in and looked at you.

“Oh Good Afternoon. Fun night out I take it?”

“I suppose. I have a killer headache and I’m starving”

Mingyu looked at you and smiled “It’s almost done!”

You sat.

Jeonghan came in and grabbed some water.

“You know Y/N. You can really fucking dance. So many guys were so on you last night. You really could’ve gotten laid”

You put your forehead to the table and groaned.

“Who let me drink so much” Mingyu put a plate in front of you.

“We tried to stop you. But your feisty. Which only got people turned on more.”
Jeonghan laughed out loud.

“He probably means himself. He had his eyes on you like all night”

Mingyu shrugged.

“I appreciate attractive people when I see them.” He looked at you.

“Don’t worry. I didn’t do anything to you though. I’d like to be wanted back” He winked. And left to go serve the others.

Jeonghan looked at you and leaned in.

“He’s such a fucking flirt. My god. Don’t fall for that. He’s full of shit”.

Sungcheol looked at Jeonghan.

“I’m going to make a swear jar, that way we use that money to buy groceries. It’ll fill so fast.”

Jeonghan stuck his tongue out of him.

“Whatever. I’m going to get my food.” He walked out.

You saw Jihun come down and retrieve some food then leave. Seokmin came in.

“I’ve got a class today so bye!”

Sungcheol grabbed a bagel. “I have work. So don’t destroy the house. Seriously.”

Minghao and Soonyoung ran off after eating. Probably to go dance. They were dance majors.

Mingyu came to sit next to you. “Guess it’s just us now.”

You shifted away a bit and ate.

“I have somethings to take of at the campus. So I’ll be going soon.”

Mingyu nodded. “I have work to go too”

You guys ate in silence. Then you put your dish away and looked at Mingyu.

“Well have fun with work. Bye” You left quickly.

You got to the university and took care of what you needed to take care of. Deciding to wander instead of going back to the house alone. You walked past this dance practice room that was playing music and peeked in. There you saw Jun by himself dancing. You stood there peeking through the tiny window. You couldn’t help but admire that he had a good body. He was wearing black jeans and a white sleeveless shirts. His arms looked good.

Suddenly you vaguely remembered last night. Drifting off into the memory you remember his arms and him laying you down in bed. Then you placed your forehead against the door remembering you pull him down once he laid you down.

You felt yourself fall forward. Jun catching you.

“Hi, I see you’re up”

You blushed. He seemed to always be catching you and now he knows you were watching him!

“Uh, you dance well…” Might as well keep up with that you saw him.

“You don’t dance bad yourself” He said as he walked to go drink some water.
You couldn’t help but watch as he drank his water. His Adam’s apple being prominent and sweat dripping down his forehead. You swear you weren’t into this before. Jun looked at you.

“So what are you doing on campus?”

You shook your head to pull you from your thoughts. “I had some paperwork to turn in”

He nodded, “Ah, I see. So you’re free? Let’s go get food. I’m hungry”

“Alright let’s go.”

You went with him. But you weren’t going to tell him you just ate before coming..

A/N: LOL so this is three parts of what I have. It seems like a lot.. Anyways I know there are three members missing from the household but they seemed kind of young to put into college so I left them out of the house but I promise that they will appear. OH and I wrote this like a week after seeing BTS live and PCD is fucking real hence the song.. yeah.. Anyways thank you for reading, I’ll be sure to update soon~


Fandom + Aesthetic: Shirley Bennett (Community)

ana tip

So I’m not a pro. But i have suffered from ana for many years. So, what i like to do is eat. I love food. Not the food though. I love the flavour. But after a while of being without. I’m used to it. You van do it.

Okay so. Tip!
I have trouble stopping myself from eating if i eat breakfast, or lunch. I wake up and drink coffee to stop the hunger pains. Then tea and lots of water. Then i go for a 30 minutes walk. Around 10 am i take an ice cold shower. Which burns about 450 calories in 30 minutes. Then i drink green tea mixed with digestion tea. Then lots of water again. Then i sit around all day. Or do whatever my family has me do for the day. Then around seven or eight i eat dinner. I eat no more then 300 calories worth at one time. So i normally only have around 400 calories in one day. Works great. I love it. :-)

They told me if I didn’t eat after 7 I would lose weight.
They told me if I cut all my food into tiny pieces and chewed each bite 30 times I would lose weight.
They told me if I didn’t enjoy my food I would lose weight.
They told me to overpower my hunger and cut back my calories and I would lose weight.

So I did all of those things, and guess what I didn’t lose weight. I just spent my teen years starving, exhausted, eyes glazed over, eating one meal a day, chugging diet soda to trick my body into staying upright, slicing into my skin because I wanted so badly to be out of it. 

I did all of those things and I didn’t lose weight, but I lost those years and I won’t get them back and I have to wake up everyday and fight to make sure I’m not losing any more. 

So please please please please eat. Take care of yourself. A year from now I want you to say ‘I didn’t lose this year.’

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2, 33, 53

 2. How old are you?

 33. What do you typically have for breakfast?
yogurt with (chocolate) cereal 

 53. Favorite foreign food?
I’m saying Italian is foreign bc Italian is the best kind of food ever to exist in this universe. 

(If that’s not foreign enough, I do love most Chinese food too, though I hate rice.)

get to know me uncomfortably well

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So, what's the difference between a ghoul and a ghost?

Jeremy: Well there’s lots of things actually! Ghouls are supernatural creatures who are known to eat human flesh but, unlike mindless zombies, we’re very aware of what we do. Most ghouls hate human food, but I really love it even though it isn’t as satisfying. I can do anything a human can do. Ghosts are super different.

Ray: Ghosts are spirits with unfinished business. We can’t eat or sleep or really do much of anything like humans can, but we can disappear. I can interact with objects and use them if I focus hard enough, but touching people without phasing right though them is still pretty hard. Plus, I’m always cold. It sucks.

Jeremy: Oh, right. The biggest difference is that ghouls aren’t dead. Plain and simple. Kind of a relief actually, I don’t think I could handle that.

Ray: Yeah, it isn’t exactly a walk in the fucking park, man. Personally, I’m glad I don’t have to eat people for a living, so I’ll stick with being dead.

You know what also made me laugh about Death Note ? How L always knew what Kira was up to and Light always had to change his plans. I don’t remember everything so I guess he always had another plan just in case but… Wow !

Kudo Haruka LoGiRL Spring Tour Interview Translation

(I seriously almost had this done and wasn’t able to work on it till I rebuilt my computer D:)

“Sweet Low Bass”

Now that the tour has started, what do you think?

Honestly, I was worried about what we were going to do if our guests would decrease. Once the curtain went up, it was very energetic and I thought there were a lot more people than I expected.

It also includes new song splits, huh.

“Haru, is it alright that you sing here?” is what I thought, I was happy about the surprising parts, but felt that I shouldn’t face it like “I got more than my seniors”. In regards to my fans, they will want to see me sing the solo parts, so I’d like to be able to meet their expectations.

For this tour, what are your personal challenges?

The teacher often says to me “Work on being more sexy,”. I’ve received some praise for “sad” and “pained” facial expressions but, if I try being “sexy” it will end up being childlike. Secretly I have been observing Sayashi-san’s loose movements and study them.

On this tour, you are singing a new version of “Joshi Kashmashi Mongatari”.

This version’s lyric’s are kind of like the previous version, so I thought “My character is thin…”. But, I think I’m putting out a feeling of being a handsome girl.

You are well-liked among Hello! Project members, huh.

Its seriously surprising that I’m so popular! Honestly, I don’t understand why at all, its troubling. But, the new members will say I’m their “senior they look up to,” or “senior they like,”, I don’t feel like I’ve become a “senior they look up to,”, you know…More like “senior they like”.

Its already like you’re a “love interest”, huh.

Why is this? I can understand feeling like “I can’t talk to the senior I look up to,” but, I don’t understand “I can’t talk to the senior I like,” and why they aren’t able to. When I talked to seniors I liked I would get all bashful, and they would make fun of me! I’m happy about this situation, but its also something I’m troubled about a lot.

For Valentines’s did you receive any “True Feelings Chocolate”?

We trade each other basic chocolates in Hello! Project but, for the members who said they liked me, they gave me special chocolates.

Please tell us what who those members were.

Angerme’s Wada Ayaka-san and Sasaki Rikako-chan, Country Girls Inaba Manaka-chan, Morning Musume ‘15’s Haga Akane-chan, and, recently, Kenshuusei’s  Funaki Musubu-chan said she liked me…

Kobushi Factory’s Ogawa Rena-san wrote on her blog that she liked Kudo Haruka.

Thats the extent of my popularity, I’ve wondering if the popularity of my character can persist.

For the future, does Kudo Haruka have any goals?

For the current Morning Musume, I’m thankful I’ve been able to have more opportunities doing solo magazine work. People may not know this, but I’d like to have the role that’s appealing in magazines and gravure.

The other members have said that you have an “Angel Face”, huh.

Originally I thought myself to be cute, but, apparently to the other members its like I’m a kind of narcissist. So its like I would come to be mean, but rather than having the appeal of having power through language, I’d like to become cuter gradually.

Have you been doing anything to keep up your angel face?

I look at myself when I wake up in the morning, I just put on natural makeup to make skin not look rough, I just take care of myself basically. I love eating though…

What foods do you like eating in particular?

Ramen. I can’t quit it. But, if I properly check the schedule, before the day of a shooting, about 3 or 4 days before, I eat it. If don’t it eat it, I will become stressed. If I eat ramen then the next day I’ll refrain from fatty foods, its that sort of thing.

In the new ‘15 lineup, who have you deepened your relationship with?

With Susuzki Kanon-san, more than ever have I gone to her for advice. 11th generation member Oda Sakura-chan is able to do everything on her own, so in that sense its like the 12th generation members are the first juniors for the 10th generation. So, she taught me how I should pay attention to them and how to contact them and the like.

What is your relationship like with your juniors?

The two of us have had lots of work together so I’ve developed a relationship most with Makino Maria-chan. It seems like Makino-chan has been making “Kudo-san Notes”. Its like a summary of things I’ve said. It makes me happy that there is a junior watching me, therefore I think I need to be responsible.

What do you think when you compare “‘15” to “‘14”?

I think that “‘15” has to win versus “‘14”. I don’t want it to be said that “It’s bad because there are no seniors,”. United as the 13 of us, doing the best that we can with our own characters, we must keep pushing forward.

Finally, you often say the phrase “Thanks! Thanks! Kuduu? Canduu!”

Originally, “Kuduu? Canduu!” was from when I first joined, the staff proposed that nickname for me. But, in my mind I thought “What the, I don’t want to say that,” but it was sealed immediately. But recently I wanted a phrase like “Ganbatte Ikuta!” so, “Thanks! Thanks!” had revived and stuck. This time I really wanted it to become popular, so I gradually continued to say it. Its going to overthrow “Ganbatte Ikuta” !