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I really love your art you're one of the best i ever seen and sorry for asking what do you think Garnet and Emerald make?

aw cheers!
I’ll show you a bit of how I work tricky colour combinations out

I take refs of the gemstones themselves and colour pick from them, then overlay the two to get a combined colour - then I take that colour and bump up the saturation. So here we get an olive kind of colour! and since the gems we’re working with are both usually semi-transparent it would make sense for the one we pick to be as well.

So, that narrows down our options and we can go from there. Something like Idocrase (the one in the pic), Moldavite, Kornerupine (green variety) or even Sphene (if you want something a little brighter coloured) would all work imo

Hope that helps ✌️

Talks Machina/Critical Role 10/17

I really felt like Taliesin’s story about Percy and what almost happened really illustrates the concept of grace.  Unasked for, unearned but just a little pause, the space of a breathe, and everything falls into place.  Peace, rather than self-damnation.  It was grace for Percy and for Taliesin both, actually; given how he couldn’t figure out how to end things until just that moment.  One perfect moment and rage gives way to grief which gives way to healing and clock towers.

…also, if I’d been at the table when the Raven Queen started up on Puny Mortals Should Be Grateful for What They’re Given I would have reflexively plane-shifted to the Shadowfell and started burning things down.  What, exactly, would She have been capable of doing without those mortals she deigned to scorn?  Matt’s tone and language were lovely, but the ideology behind them was pretty toxic.

Do you think Kylo will die?

To be honest no, if Rey and Kylo do develop a romantic relationship or even just a friendship (which I really hope they do) I don’t think they will kill him off because Rey has lost everything her parents abandoned her and she has been isolated. Kylo has been abandoned too in a way. Leia was always working as a general, Han was always smuggling and didn’t even spend time with his son. Both of these characters feel lost and confused. Both of them will understand each other and bring a balance to the force. In conclusion I don’t think they would take away another person who Rey loves and cares about , she has lost enough already.

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hi love! Do you know of any more fics where one of them or both can read the others mind? I couldn't find any on the navigation sheet but I did read the 3 that you recced a while ago already. Thanks for doing what u do, you're amazing ❣️🌹

Here you have three more! Also I’m proud that anybody actually uses the search bar and such and I’m not only preaching into the void about this haha :P

Unraveling (friends to lovers, smutty)

Run and I’ll Give Chase (vampires)

Baby you’re a little mind reader (”if you’re a mind reader, cough right now” trope)

Here are the previous ones :)


We sat on my bed looking at each other

Both making this “you do it” kind of face

So we teased each other

And laughed until we touched accidentally

Sat closer to each other

Until finally

You kissed me

And then you thought it was bad

Because I didn’t say anything

But I couldn’t have; I tried

You had to leave and I got my words together

To say goodbye

But I still stood there, barefoot in the cold

Staring like a fool - I had no words again

You took them home with you

Magical Accident

Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Requested by anon

Request: Hey love, could you do a Wanda x fem reader, where the reader is pregnant and tells Wanda, and Wanda freaks out saying she can’t have the baby and leaves the reader. Both of them are heartbroken but another avenger convinces Wanda that she’s going to be a good mother and Wanda goes back to the reader explains why she scared to have the and they get back together and I have the baby. Sorry if this is long hun. Thank you! Have a wonderful day.

Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters, they belong to Marvel.

A/N: So I really didn’t know what to do for this but @redhairedwolfwitch gave me an idea and it’s something I never did before. This ended up being a little bit longer than I thought. I hope you like it tho anon :)

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You were currently helping your girlfriend, Wanda, practice some of her magic. You have always been by her side whenever she practiced. You watched as she was working, you couldn’t help but smile. You were happy that Wanda has gotten more confident with her powers. 

When she was done you leaned in to give her a kiss. Wanda smiled into the kiss, she wrapped her arms around you and held you close. You pulled away from the kiss annd cuddled into her.

“Come on, my love.” Wanda placed a kiss on your temple. “Let’s head to bed.”

You nodded, you got out of her arms and held out your hand for her to take. Wanda smiled as she took your hand in hers. You both walked hand in hand towards the room you both shared. 

What you and Wanda didn’t know is that things are definitely going to change soon.


About four weeks later, you started to not feel well. At first you thought it was just something that was going around. But you slowly started to realize that something wasn’t right. You would’ve told Wanda that you haven’t been feeling well but she was on a mission with some of the other Avengers.

You knew that Bruce was at the tower so you decided to call him to see if he could run some test to find out what was wrong. When FRIDAY let Bruce know that the tests were done, you couldn’t help but feel nervous. 

Bruce was reading the results. “Everything seems to be fine…” His eyes widen. “FRIDAY are you sure this is correct?”

“The results are correct Dr. Banner. I made sure to run the test multiple times.”

“Bruce? What’s wrong? What does the results say?” You nervously ask.

He looks at you and walks towards you. “(Y/N), I’m not sure how to tell you this, but…” He hands you the results. “You’re pregnant.”


It’s been a few days since Bruce told you that you were pregnant. He knew you would never cheat on Wanda so he was confused on how you got pregnant. After you started to calm down and think, you realized that when Wanda was practicing her magic something happened that caused you to become pregnant.

You were at the apartment that you shared with your girlfriend. Wanda had called you about ten minutes ago telling you that she got back from the mission and that she was on her way home.

The nerves started to sink in again. Any minute Wanda would be home and you would tell her that you were pregnant. You had to tell her, you just weren’t sure how she was going to take the news.

You began to pace back and forth, you tried to calm yourself down but then you heard the front door open and your eyes widen. Well here goes nothing. Wanda walks in the living room with a smile on her face. Her smile fell when she sensed your anxiety and that worried her. 

“(Y/N), love, what’s wrong?” She walked over to you and took your hand in hers, she gave your hand a gentle squeeze.

You opened your mouth to tell her but the words wouldn’t come out. No matter how hard you tried you couldn’t tell her. Then you saw her eyes glow red and you knew she was reading your mind. She would never read your mind unless she was really concerned about you.

Wanda’s eyes went back to their normal color, her eyes widen. “This can’t be true. How… how did this happen?”

“It’s true, I went to see Bruce so he could runs some tests… something must have happened when you were working on your magic, it’s the only explanation as to how I got pregnant.” You explain. “Wanda you know I would never cheat on you. You’re the love of my life.”

Wanda pulls away from you. “We can’t have a baby (Y/N)! I can’t… I can’t do this.” She turns around and leaves.

Once you heard the front door close, you sit down on the couch. You put your head in your hands and you breakdown. You didn’t know how Wanda was going to act but you never would’ve thought she would leave.


After Wanda left the apartment she went back to the tower. Everyone was in the common room when she walked in. Bruce looked at Wanda and he immediately knew that you told her and that it didn’t go well.

“Hey Wanda, I thought you were going home to see (Y/N)?” Steve asked. Wanda ignored him as she went to her room that she still had at the tower.

Everyone looked at each other with concerned looks on their faces. Steve stood up from his spot on the couch and went after Wanda. He got to Wanda’s room, he knocked on the door. When he didn’t get any answer he knocked again.

“Wanda, it’s Steve, I’m coming in.” He slowly opened the door and walked in. He saw Wanda sitting on her bed just just staring at the wall. “Wanda, what happened?”

Wanda started to cry as she told Steve about what happened and abouther fears of not being a good mother. Steve was shocked with everything Wanda was telling him. He was extremely happy that you were going to have a baby but he was also upset that Wanda left you.

Steve started telling her that she was going to be an amazing mother, that the baby was going to have two of the most amazing, loving and caring mother’s in the world. He knew that she was scared but he tried to ease her fears as best as he could. 

After a few hour of Steve taking to Wanda and trying to calm her down, she realized she made a huge mistake of leaving you. So she was going back to the apartment and get back the love of her life.


You were still sitting in the same spot when Wanda left. You had no idea what to do. You were so lost in your thoughts that you didn’t even realize that she came back. 

“(Y/N)?” Wanda softly calls. When she sees you her heart breaks even more at how broken you looked. She slowly sits down next to you, she looks down at the floor. “I’m so sorry,babe. I shouldn’t have left.”

You look at her. “Why did you leave?” You voice cracks.

“I was scared…” She takes a deep breath. “I’m scared that I won’t be a good mother or that I’ll lose control of my powers and hurt the baby or something will happen and I won’t be there to protect you or the baby…”

“You’ll be an amazing mother, I know you will.” You reach over a take her hand in you’re. “I’m scared too but I know we’ll be able to get though it together.”

Wanda wraps her arms around you, she smiles when you wrap your arms around her. “You’re right.” She kisses your temple. “I love you so much, my love.”

“I love you too, Wanda.” You smile and snuggle into her arms.

Both of your lifes are definitely going to change but you knew that it’ll all be worth it.

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idk if uve seen it but theres this tumblr post where a brother and sister are both gay so they pretend to be dating each others partners so when they sleep over their parents make them sleep in the other's room. do u know if theres any fics that exist where harry and gemma do that?

Sorry, love but I definitely haven’t come across any fics like this. But I’ll tag a few blogs just in case they know any :)

@writing-about-larry @alarriefantasy @noellehenry @nottooldforthisship

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I'm tryna figure out if your roundup is legit or sarcastic. Either way, I love it. I love seeing all sheith posts in one place. DOING GREAT!

My round up is legit. Sheith and Klance have been rivals since day one, but every post I’ve seen contrasting the two have just cherry picked moments for one side or the other. I wanted to do a real contrast. One that took both sides moments into account and lined them up side by side, so we could get a real idea about the shippy moments for both.

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Could I have some Historia headcanons? Thank you very much:)

  • Historia loves puns, and it will be the death of her. She gets so weak for puns, and can never resist an opportunity to use one. It’s both annoying and adorable. 
  • She has the singing voice of an angel. And she sings all of the time. When she’s doing chores, she’ll start humming a little song to keep herself and her friends motivated. She’ll sing in the shower. She’ll sing someone to sleep after a bad dream. She’ll sing to someone to distract them from the pain of an injury, no matter how serious that injury is. She just loves to sing and sing for people to help brighten their day. 
  • She says she doesn’t have a favorite color because all colors are equally beautiful (but her favorite color is actually an orchid purple, like the crayon.) 
  • She’s the ringleader in all the squad’s plans. When they suggest hanging out or having a party, she’ll be the one that actually follows up and makes sure that it happens. You can count on her to make sure that the group stays together and actually does things together. 
  • She isn’t a big cuddler, until it’s time for bed. She isn’t one to snuggle with her S/O or friends on the couch during movies or while hanging out, but once it’s time to go to sleep, she’s all hugs and cuddles. She just likes to feel safe and close to someone when she’s sleeping; it helps her fall asleep to either be wrapped up in someone’s arms or to have someone she can wrap her arms around. 

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Title: The (Step) Mothering Business

Summary: Damian is less than thrilled about Selina and Bruce’s upcoming marriage. Selina has a little something up her sleeve, though (literally). (Selina, Damian, a kitten) (ao3)

Note: It’s Catie’s birthday!!!! If you’re not following @catie-does-things​ you’re seriously missing out (but i mean i do reblog like everything of hers so if you’re following me by extension you follow her lmao). ANYWAY CATIE I hope you have the HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS i love you so so so much you’re always so thoughtful, kind, and insightful and make me want to be both a better consumer/reader and y’know person <3 

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Ok sorry if I’m dumb, but would Jungkook be Sandra Bullock or the hot cop in the miss congeniality au, because tbh both sound fun

I haven’t even thought that far into the plot but a role switch would be fun!!!!!! honestly makeover fics are really my weakness but I try not to do m them bc I haven’t found a way to stray from the ugly duckling trope. You shouldn’t have to change for some1 to love u like that!!!!!!!

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If the bitty was actually found/rescued and is now being housed by the Sanses's crush/SO, is there any difference in the interactions?

It’s relatively the same? Except if the bitties have a crush on them as well. There's more jealousy at the beginning but they still get along well after getting over themselves. I’ll list the differences for that.

Classy Bean- he keeps an eye out for tiny him. But that’s about it.

Red Boy- bargaining with the little him. Help a bro out. They both love you. help him.

Sassberry- it takes a lot longer for them to come around to each other because they have such jealousy issues.

Scaryberry- so sad. Tiny bitty him gets to live with you. Probably cuddle with you. He’s so sad. He wants to do that. This is how they end up closer because bitty him helps him with his crush on you.

Axe- they get in a small fight before they both realize this is stupid. They are literally the same person just one is carry on sized. He can’t blame the other for loving you because he’s him.

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I know you don’t do the whole shipping thing, so I was curious if there was an ultimate couple that you get behind? Like, even though you don’t ship, this is THE OTP for you.

LadyNoir is pure joy for me. You’re right, I’m not into the whole shipping scene, but I ride and die by LadyNoir, my friend. Or any of the other ships with these two as there’s four. Which is both lovely content-wise and frustrating in terms of them actually getting together lol. Anybody who knows the show I’m talking about and ships these two is automatically my friend haha.

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I really love reading your headcanons in todomomo; they're both cute and adorable (+suffering and pain for the angst sobs)!!! I was wondering though, do you have any thoughts of what would todomomo feel when they receive a distress signal from their partner and end up finding them all battered up from villain's unfair ambush attack??!! Will it be shock??!! Or anything else??!! O.o!!

HEEEYYY THANK YOUUUUU sorry there’s a bajillion unanswered asks and this one was one of them, trust me i love every single one of you but i can’t answer them fast enough so bear with me ;(

reading this makes my heart and guts twist,,,,,,didn’t know i needed angst tonight before i sleep but here i am,,,,,okay but in all seriousness, I think:

-todo sent the distress signal; momo would be in total shock, her first reaction would be to try and calm herself. She takes a second to ground her thoughts and shove away the ache that’s deep in her chest and she scrambles to think of the best solution. Obv, she locates him and hopes for the best, first aid kit already created and out in hand in case, in the other is her bo staff. Momo knows he’s fully capable of keeping himself in check so getting this signal means he’s really in a pinch. She’s ready to fucking kick ass though and no one is gonna stop her. When she gets there, he’s laying there with his arm around his torso, and he can barely talk. Momo thinks he broke his ribs and calls for medical heroes right away. She shoves his bangs onto the side, cooes him and tells him everyone is alright. 

Momo holds his hand and he tries to swallow the urge to grunt in pain so as to lessen her worry.

-if its momo; todo would prioritize her and drop what’s at hand. I see him tracking her down almost immediately, teeth against his lips, eyes burning bright in the darkness of the night. He looks fearsome and when he sees Momo at the scene, slumped against a pile of rubble, he feels the adrenaline pumping hard through his veins. Todo runs to her, kneels, and calls her name and she murmurs his name back painstakingly slow. He’s so happy she’s conscious and they stare at each other like the night was too long and all they want was to lay on the couch together like usual. Todo kisses her forehead and reminds her that everything was going to be okay and he wanted so bad to wreck the person who did this to her but she nods her head in to the side and Todo sees that the villain, not too far away, was totally KOed. He mumbles “that’s my girl” and she coughs out a laugh. 

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Hiya! Can you please do the OTP questions - Fluff for The Freshman/The Sophomore Chris x MC? Thank you! 🤗

Of course! The ultimate fluffy duo!

  1. Who kisses the other on the nose and the one receiving the kiss blushes?
    Chris definitely kisses Savannah’s nose. Usually when she is pouting. She’s just too cute and he can’t resist, plus it makes her stop outing.
  2. Who sits on their partner’s lap as they wrap their arms around their partner’s neck?
    Savannah. Chris’s lap is her favorite place to be. 
  3. Who kisses the inside of their partner’s palm before reassuring them everything is going to be okay?
    Neither one of them really. Chris is more likely to squeeze her hand or kiss her forehead. 
  4. Who initiates the forehead touch™?
    Both of them, depending on the situation.
  5. Where do they first say “I love you”?
    At the boat dance after winter quarter. 
  6. Who wraps their arms around their partner who is cooking?
    Chris. He can’t really cook but he loves watching Savannah cook and bake and he can’t resist the urge to wrap his arms around her and steal a kiss. 
  7. Who breaks out the first aid kit when the other gets a paper cut?
    Neither, though it’s close. Both of them are very protective of the other. 
  8. Who cuddles up to the other on the couch?
    Both of them. Savannah will usually sit in his lap, her arm draped around his neck. 
  9. How do they hold each other when their partner asks to be held?
    They like to spoon with Chris as the big spoon. 
  10. Who picks up the other fireman style in a playful way?
    Chris has definitely done this to Savannah. 
  11. Who brings the blanket to wrap them both up in it?
    Savannah. She’s a nurturer and she’s always thinking of the small details. 
  12. Who falls asleep on who? What is their reaction when the other falls asleep on them?
    They both do it. Chris sometimes falls asleep on the couch while they are cuddling and Savannah will just tuck the blanket around him. If Savannah falls asleep in Chris’s lap, he’ll carry her to bed. Sometimes they both fall asleep on the couch together and then either Kaitlyn or Zack will tuck the blanket in around them, after snapping a picture, of course. 
  13. Who likes to be held and who likes to hold?
    Savannah loves it when Chris holds her and he loves it too. He loves feeling her in his arms and knowing that she’s his. 

Thanks for the ask @ghostlyfestwitch

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If you don't mind doing two ships at once, Naruto/Kakashi and Sakura/Kakashi(help I secretly have a great love for Kakanaru save me from this hell)


vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

It’s terrible that I can’t find very many good fics for this pairing because I ship it hard. Naruto, the light to Kakashi’s darkness. Kakashi, the intelligent calm to Naruto’s impulsive energy. The two of them would understand the losses to they have both suffered and accommodate the things they do to deal with that. But also, you know, yum! Sorry anon I can’t save you from hell when I’m roasting right beside you. 


vomit / don’t ship / ok / cute / adorable / sexy / perfect / beyond flawless / hot damn / screaming and crying /i will ship them in hell

One of my favorite Kakashi ships. I will go down with this ship. So much potential for light fluffy love but also for messy knock-you-on-your ass emotions. Kakashi wasn’t always there for her in the beginning but I love a good story about learning to appreciate someone and damn if these two don’t appreciate each other. In both nice ways and the down and dirty ways. 

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Six Movies I’ll Always Watch

thanks for the tag @aisforr :)

Being tagged in things like this somehow makes me forget every movie I’ve ever watched, but let’s do this.

1. Tangled - when I say I can quote every line of the movie, I’m not kidding. Others have tried and failed to prove me wrong.

2. Home Alone/Home Alone 2 - I can’t separate them because I love them both. Only at Christmas, but they’re bloody brilliant movies. 

3. The Breakfast Club - another John Hughes one, but he makes damn good films. 

4. Nativity! - another Christmas one haha. It’s adorable and has some surprisingly catchy songs. 

5. The Notebook - horrifically cliched but I love it. 

6. Lilo & Stitch - does this really need to be explained? It’s just amazing. 

I tag: @cooperbettycooper @cooperjones2020 @wonderrful @adorebughead @allskynostars @bugheadotp

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I like the idea of Bucky mentoring Peter and seeing the same "I gotta help" attitude that he grew up seeing in Steve, and kinda like, pseudo-adopting Peter as his own lil protégé and talking about science (something Steve couldn't *quite* keep up with) and space and the advancements in society since 1930. I also love the idea of Peter and Bucky both being into suuuuuper cheesy films and watching them together.

I feel like Steve could keep up with the science stuff, I think he just wasn’t as interested in it as Bucky. But for real, I do not understand for even half a second how it’s not Steve and Bucky who are the ones mentoring Peter. When Peter Parker is just a 21st century little Steven Grant Rogers. This would be good content.