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Hey did you see the new rohan ova character designs? What do you think of em? I feel like okuyasu got screwed up bad.

honestly my first reaction to them is UHH… i get they were tryin’ to replicate araki’s newer style more but it feels like a strange amalgamation of his style and diu anime’s style… maybe it’s the colors that are making it stranger for me? i feel like they don’t work as well here. they’re flashier and work with diu’s cartoony style but feel weird with this more realistic deal

i guess i’ll have to see it in motion first but diu anime’s style had a simplicity that gave char appeal and potential for wonky expressions, which are always what make things fun. hard to say from these caps as everyone has the same dam expression tho pfft

if u haven’t seen em this is what they look like:

I used to change my Sims’ makeup for like every look but now all I do is give em a clear gloss and brown eyeshadow..this is literally what happened to me irl lmao

Because I’ve basically been told to upload this. I needed to prepare tho. :’D My Sh//eith shipper soul is crying somewhere in the corner. But what you don’t do for special people.


“No mourners, no funerals. Another way of saying good luck. But it was something more. A dark wink to the fact that there would be no expensive burials for people like them, no marble markers to remember their names, no wreaths of myrtle and rose.”

good responses to being stabbed with a sword (part 2)

  • oh no i’m allergic
  • it sword of seems like you’ve got a problem with me
  • laughter. not the word “laughter”, just. laughing
  • sure it’s the thought that counts and i appreciate the sentiment but does this gift come with a receipt
  • you wound me. literally. you just. actually wounded me. that thing is really sharp. so you. don’t even look at me like that they can’t all be winners
  • wouldn’t it have been hilarious if i just flew back like balloons do when you pop ‘em? can you even imagine? god. just. do it again, pretend the first time didn’t happen. come on. please

death count: two walls, a chair, wally’s sanity

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Iconic Hannibal Fics Rec:

Cause we all deserve a little re-taste of the classics, right? 


Shark Tank

What Dreams (Series)


Rubies (Series)

Ladders (Series)

The Way A Knife Loves A Heart

Crystal Ship (Series)

The Business (Series)

House Guest

Beasts Of the Earth According To Their Kinds (Series)

Ya’aburnee (Series)



Nice Work If You Can Get It (Series)

Say Stop

Demolition Lovers

Food For Thought


Warrior (Series)

And, of course, Every Hannigram Fic Ever: The Crack Compendium (Series)



Well, re-enjoy, in this case. 


in which I edit beautiful black sails caps (part I)

“Civilization is coming, and it means to exterminate us.”

Rating Of Every Raichu Sprite From Main Series Pokemon Games

Pokemon Red/Blue: 

Detailed for what limited pallets the gameboy had back than, slightly minamalist and simplistic in design as all gen 1 Pokemon are.  I respect this elder regardless for his original design. 9/10

Pokemon Yellow:

A PERFECT BOY!!  Look at that expression full of excitement!  I wish we could have seen more of this quality Raichu in this game.  10/10

Pokemon G/S: 

Designers, c’mon now.  This isn’t fair.  You can’t just make me choose between TWO sprites to rate!!  But if I have to choose, than I prefer 1st sprite.  He’s fat, powerful and that expression on his face just screams of smugness.  The second Raichu, however, seems to have more mischievous expression rather than aggression.  Both receive a 7/10.  

 Pokemon R/S/E/FR/LG: 

Not as fat, but I do like his “PUT EM UP, SCRUB” pose. 9/10

Pokemon D/P:

He’s finally relaxed, he’s no longer in constant attack mode!  I’m so proud of him of his comfort around others!  11/10

Pokemon Platinum: 

 I am concerned for his sudden shift in weight gain, but as long as he feels comfortable with his weight however, than so do I.  Now there’s just more of this big boy to hug. 9/10

Pokemon HG/SS: 

What a joyful expression!  An improvement to the previous 2nd gen sprites. I trust him. 10/10. 

Pokemon B/W/B2/W2:

Another quality sprite!  This one takes inspiration from the mid animation frame from 4th gen, I see!  I appreciate the reference.  Also, look at the those LEGS! 9/10

Pokemon X/Y/OR/AS

Not much detail, and I miss his expressions and pose.  He’s happy with his transcendence to 3D but I miss the little details. :( 5/10

Pokemon Sun/Moon:

NOW THAT’S MORE LIKE IT!!  The happiest boy I’ve ever seen.  Unratable, to put a number on his perfection would be a crime.  He’s not quite as chubby however, but he must be light enough to fit on his tail.  Still enjoys a Malasada every now and than.  Finally gets his time in spotlight with his new found psychic powers away from the popularity of Pikachu.  He’s even got his own Z-move!  Good job, little buddy on your rise to stardom!  

hating on any of the matsus and making one of them seem worse than the other characters is OUT

respecting and appreciating that the matsus have different personalities and traits that might not necessarily appeal to you but could understandably appeal to others and therefore not hating/bashing/bullying them for it is IN

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another fairy tail nalu fanfiction rec, please! ^_^

YeHa why not lol ;; Of course there are other many good fanfiction out there! heres just a short fanfic rec with my current favotite fanfics.

Fairy Tail GO! by @mushi0131
T - [57] Multichapter - Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Stolen by @loadedeel
M - [28] Multichapter - Romance/Adventure

Berserk by @rivendell101
M - [12] Multichapter - Adventure/Romance

Her Scream by @fresh-princess-is-here
M - [19] Multichapter - Supernatural

Living With You by @unashamed-shipper
T - [16] Multichapter - Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Heartstrung by @x-benihime
M - [7] Multichapter - Romance/Hurt/Comfort

Last Of Her Kind by @edo-salandria
T - [1] Oneshot

Between the Lines by @riverofmemoriesft
T - [191] Multichapter

What Hides In Plain Sight by @not-just-any-fangirl
M - [22] Multichapter- Humor/Adventure

Stolen Moments by @xambedo
T - [3] Multichapter - Romance/Drama

A Fresh Start by @proudtobeaginger
T - [5] Multichapter - Romance/Family

Secret Affairs by @msmanga14
M - [3] Multichapter - Crime/Romance

Bed Bugs by @mslead
T - [3] Multichapter - Supernatural/Romance

The Princess in Pants by @doublepasse
M - [8] Multichapter - Romance/Humor

A War On Two Fronts by @hannah-nobody
M - [29] Multichapter - Romance/Tragedy

Mahrid by @chikach00
T - [1] Oneshot - Supernatural/Romance

One-Ply Promises by @papalogia
T - [6] Multichapter - Romance/Humor

In Every Living Thing by @snogfairy
T - [5] Multichapter - Romance/Fantasy

Layman’s Terms by @toxineena
T - [2] Two-chapter - Romance/Humor

Endscape by ff.net
M - [4] Multichapter - Supernatural/Romance

My Dark Angel by @tkitty23
M - [3] Multichapter - Romance/Supernatural 

Bite Me by ff.net
M - [4] Multichapter - Romance/Drama

Cute As Fuck by @rayreeanne
T - [66] Multichapter - Humor/Romance

Capturing her Damaged Heart by @mushi0131
M - [2] Multichapter - Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Whiskey Tango by @siriusly-random
T - [2] Twoshot - Hurt/Comfort/Romance

His Mistress by ff.net
M - [3] Multichapter - Romance/Friendship

Neverland by @absent-angel
T - [3] Multichapter - Adventure/Hurt/Comfort