i do know what im doing

i finally gave in and doodled an Efi shes just,,, so small. shes so good

Yuri on Ice fandom according to Tumblr

Ep1: Wow this is pretty gay
Ep2: Damn this cant possibly get anymore gay
Ep3: This cant possibly get anymore gay
Ep4: This cant possibly get anymore gay
Ep5: This cant possibly get anymore gay
Ep6: This really cant possibly get anymore gay
Ep7: I stand corrected
Ep8: Hah ok, but whens the wedding
Ep9: Oh shit wait

so, the kiss was huge and its being widely discussed

but like, the kiss happening or not happening is not even that conclusive to it being canon. like someone has said already, they have been canon for some weeks now, but this episode RLY cemented it, and it was beyond the kiss. like

man. thats canon.

(specially the last pic. their gazes, victors hand behind yuris head to protect it from the fall, yuris hand clutching the back of his coat, i wanna die)

and i have the BIGGEST soft spot for yuris mental monologue during his performance. he doesnt put victor on a pedestal anymore, he says victor is inexperienced and an idiot, and he wants to surprise him and go beyond his expectations, and its so endearing. victor lost his cool bc he was worried, and he shows how deeply he cares for yuri. every new episode, theyre growing and i DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO. im so hyped this is bad.