i do know its not how it went ok

mlm playlist for when you want to dance to Gay Dance Anthems™ that don’t sound like they were played at Eurovision or a sung by women what is up with that 

Homosapien - Peter Shelly

Dairy Queen- PWR BTTM

Do You Want To- Franz Ferdinand

This Boy’s In Love- The Presets

Hey- Le1f

You Made Me Gay- Gravy Train!!!

Rock Lobster- The B-52′s

All Over Your Face- Cazwell

Youth (Gryffin Remix)- Troye Sivan

All The Boys- PWR BTTM

Gangsta: P.G

 Well I’m gonna try and do two imagines for Lip tonight, and maybe one for Carl.

Warning: Swearing and all that Gallagher stuff

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Damon x YoungVampire!Reader

Part Two

Damon smiled as he lounged in the setting sun, sipping at the glass of bourbon in his hand and the satisfying feeling that tomorrow was Saturday and as of yet, not a single bad thing had happened that week.


“There is nothing that can make this week bad.” Damon muttered to himself as he put his feet up on the balcony ledge.


A small indignant squeak had Damon taking a deep breath, vowing to end whatever was ruining his pleasant week. He was completely taken back by the sight that met him. He’d left the boarding house door wide open to let the cool air in, knowing this weekend most of the gang would be staying he wanted the house to be aired and cool.


The other side of the invisible barrier was a teary eyed child, skin sizzling from the rays of sunlight that caught her, ramming painfully hard into the barriers trying to get inside. Damon didn’t think he’d ever seen such a tiny vampire, she was over all rather sweet looking, big eyes and knee high socks with little T-bar shoes and a short cotton dress that would have been a light green if it wasn’t for the blood soaked into it.

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Have you ever done that thing where you brush your hair and then regretted it because FLUFF


I remember when I was 5, my classmates always asked me if I brushed my hair everyday. I answered no bc it was my mom who took care of my hair when I was a kid and she never brushed my hair when it wasnt wet (thx god mom💗). Then my classmates thought it was weird and dirty and i was like??? Because I didnt really know why my mom didnt brush my hair everyday. So I felt sad. Then when I went home, I took a comb to brush my hair.
AND ISTG ONE SECOND BEFORE I DID IT MY MOM SAW ME. And her face was O _ O. She took the comb and said “no!! never brush ur hair when its dry!!!!!!!!! Why do u want to do that!!!!!”. And I was like “idk, my classmates said it was strange and dirty” and my mom was like “…. ok they are just idiots, they dont know how to take care of curly hair”
Idk why I remember that lmao, but yeah it was my mom saving my hair.

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Ok so In your opinion (seriously) with the whole Jungkook has a hickey thing do you think it's actually a hickey and if so do you think he has a girlfriend or was he just getting some cheeks from a random before they went on tour?? 🤔 cause y'all know idols aren't so innocent as they portray 👀

I always say idols be getting some, no one’s stupid they be getting exposed all the time from older idols saying how they secretly meet up, date, and hand their numbers to girls, people act like they’re so ‘innocenct’ and don’t know what a sex  is (yes  “a sex”)  and these idols be making sex jokes all the time, come on now, they’re human, sex isn’t bad and isn’t going to hurt any body so who cares if they’re gettin some and it probably is a hickey but I’ve also seen bruises that looks like hickey’s too

Awoken pt.2

A/n Here is part 2 lovelies

Warnings: Swearing probably and some fluff

My body felt heavy and cold as I squinted against a bright light. 

“Y/n?” My heart raced. Steve? It hurt to open my eyes more, but I wanted to know if my mind was playing tricks on me.

“Steve?” The light that was shining in my eyes went away and a nurse was in front of me with Steve sitting at the foot of my bed.

“I can’t believe you’re here.” Steve told me smiling.

“Where is dad? Where is Peggy? What happened to the Hydra agents? How did we escape? How did you know where I was? Is dad ok?”

“Whoa whoa slow down a bit there kiddo. There is alot of explaining to do and I have to give it to you slowly because its a lot to take in.” Steve told me trying to calm me down. I looked around and there were strange things in the room. “I will give you the big news first before I answer all of you’re questions.”

“What big news? Steve where are we?” The nurse prodded at my back with her stethoscope.

“Breathe.” She instructed

“And why do I have a nurse inspecting me?”

“Y/n…. what was the last thing you remember?”

“Peggy and I were on a rescue mission to shut down a Hydra base where they were experimenting on people to create superhumans. I got cut off from Peggy and heard dad’s name and saw him. He…. he had a metal arm and then I was attacked from behind from a small ugly dude and I blacked out.”

“First of all, you are grounded for not telling us that you became an agent with Peggy. Second of all…. what happened was many decades ago.”

I looked at Steve like he was stupid. “This is one of you’re jokes isn’t. Oh you were out cold for years when in reality it’s only been like a week right? And we somehow ended up at Stark’s place? I’m guessing all the gadgets in this room are his inventions.” 

“Y/n I’m not joking this time. Hydra froze you. You were frozen. I was frozen after defeating the main branch of Hydra and your dad was frozen as well. Its 2014. That is a tv.” He pointed to the thin rectangle on the wall.

My face dropped when I realized that he wasn’t joking. “Where is Peggy?” Steve sighed. She was gone. I never got to say goodbye to her. I screwed up our mission because I let my emotions interfere. 

“You said dad was frozen too. Does that mean he’s still alive?”

“That’s actually why they woke you up. I didn’t even know that you were frozen.”

“Who is they?”

“A group called the Avengers. Mr.Stark’s son Tony is part of it and so are many others. They found you and woke you up because…. well Hydra had done some things to your dad. We’ve figured out that they had trigger words to make him act like… well go crazy and destroy things.” 

“So where do I come into this?”

Steve stared at me blankly. “You’re taking this very well.”

“Steve my dad is alive and so are you. I mean I would’ve preferred that Peggy was here too, but I know that you’ve got my back.” He smiled.

“You’re going to be part of the Avengers. They woke you up because maybe you could snap your dad out of his trigger words long enough to get him back to the tower to make sure he won’t do damage again and have him join the Avengers as well.”

“Do they know where he might be?”

“Yea. You might want to get dressed first. There are some clothes in the bathroom for you. Warning though. Some of the fabrics are weird.”

I stood up and walked into the bathroom to change. He was right about the clothes

It was about a week before there was any news on dad and in that time I got to know all of the avengers. Nat took a liking to me right away and with her came along Clint. We practiced together and Nat showed me more modern moves that added to my skill set. Everyone started to help me settle into a life of technology. Mr.Stark’s son Tony had all the cool gadgets however so I was always hanging around him to see what new stuff he was doing. He was the one to actually pick up something on my dad.

“There!” He pointed at the screen from security footage. “He’s getting plums.”

“Well he’s an old man he’s probably having dietary issues.” I joked.

“He’s the same age he was when you two were frozen.” 

“Yea ok where is he?”

“Pretty close actually. Go get ready we’re getting in the jet.” 

Soon we were across the country in some slums.

“Everyone split up into pairs. He’s armed and dangerous. Y/n you’re with me.” Steve told everyone and we headed into a run down building.

“Do you think this is going to work?”

“It has to. It’s the only way to get Buck back without harming him.”

“And if it doesn’t?”

“Then we’ll have to use force.” 


“Did you hear that?” I asked him stopping on the stairs. There was quiet until the door next to me flew off its hinges and a figure came running out. Steve pushed passed me and ran after him. I got all the way to the roof before I caught up to them.

On the roof they were both putting up a good fight. Steve relied on his shield every time dad tried to hit him with his metal arm making Steve’s feet to dig into the roof.

“DAD!” I shouted across the roof and he kicked Steve in the stomach sending him flying then he started to walk over to me. He pulled a gun out of its holster and started to shoot at me. Quickly I dodged and flipped out of the way until he ran out of bullets.

“Dad stop. It’s me! Y/n! Your daughter!” I told him running towards him and met him in the middle with him swinging. I quickly maneuvered behind him and jumped on his back trying to hold his arms behind his head, but settled for his hair.

“You should really put your hair up or let me braid this shit dad.” I told him while staying on his back pulling on his hair. He kept swinging trying to get me until he finally decided to body slam me into the wall and before I could move he slammed his non metal arm into me causing me to double over.

He started to walk away as I spit blood.

“You know who I am don’t you? That’s why you didn’t kill me by hitting me with your metal arm.” I told him leaning against the rooftop wall for support while holding my stomach. He didn’t react.

“You are my sunshine.” I said and he stopped. “My only sunshine. You make me happy when skies are grey.” He slowly turned to face me as I still held my stomach, but I kept going. He had to remember our song.

“You’ll never know dear how much I love you….”

“Please don’t take my sunshine away.” He finished and paused in front of me.


“Y/n… I thought they killed you.” He wrapped his arms around me.

“We need to get you back to the tower to get your arm under control.”

“No Y/n I can’t… I can’t hurt any more people.”

“Dad I’ve seen the stuff Stark has. He can fix your arm and get rid of the words.”

“No you need to go you’re still just a kid.”

“Dad Uncle Steve can even vouch for me.”

“That’s true Bucky.” Steve walked over to us. “If not we can figure it out. Just come back with us. You can join the team and fight for good.”

He looked skeptical.

“Please don’t take my sunshine away.” I told him and he sighed and nodded.

I was finally going to have my dad back.

Sorry for some of the inaccuracies guys. Its been awhile since I’ve watched the movies and this is also an au so there are things that are different. Also yes that song sung came out in the 40s which I did not know and I thought it was cute so yea I put it in there for some fluff.

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JC is why I'm glad Liam & Niall went to UMG. JC had to do his solo album w/ Jive bec nsync's contract wasn't done yet, and Jive vastly favored JT (you know, the pre-ordained golden boy) over him. No radio deal, not much promo, only a club tour in a few cities, 2nd album shelved. Plus he was caught in the backlash of JT & Janet Jackson's nipplegate fiasco. It's too bad because he has a lovely strong voice and is a great dancer too.

Hi anon! OK, hold up–since I’m not an NSYNC fan, I need some fans to explain to me how a different member of the band would get stuck in nipplegate?

This is fascinating…

also remember the other day when i mentioned going on instagram makes me feel like i wish i was doing more stuff when i see people doing cool art world stuff and attending parties??????? i was like, well i know tonights the emmys so surely thatll still be in effect, but how bad could it be?? and then the top of my feed was someone i went to high school with just At the emmys fkdksjskclahxadkdkdkdjxjxhafkkxhska ok!

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um I'm not sure if its ok I ask you about this, I don't know how much you like getting questions and whatever. I'm kind of shaken up because I saw somebody mention a deviant artist called thiscrispykat I used to like maybe 4 years ago, but I haven't been to da in a long time. It said they were drawing nazi cartoons, and I couldn't believe it. I went to check it out and it was true. Not just nazi pictures, but combined with Care Bears and even a Trump My Little Pony. do you know how to report it?

Idk how to do anything on deviantart. Followers who know about deviantart?


Fancy a Roll in the Hay? (Pt 13)

Hey guys, sorry this is such a late upload, I took a break to go floss and series of events you would not even believe happened that stopped me from writing for a good hour. Plus I seriously struggled with this part. I’m still not 100% happy with it but I figured it was as good as it was gunna get. I hope it’s ok! xox (also sidenote apparently the name for this has been shortened to Farith and I am not sure how I feel about this. I should have named it something catchier at the beginning when I had the chance ahaha)

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12
Part 13
Part 14
Part 15
Part 16
Part 17
Part 18
Part 19
Part 20
Alternate Ending

Suddenly, the pain was gone and you were awake, but the world was still black.

“Any sign of her waking up?”

“No, they said we need to wait a bit longer.”

“Weren’t they just going to inject her?”

“Her body isn’t stable enough yet. They need to wait a bit longer.”

The voices around you were hushed and sad, talking about you as if you weren’t in the room.

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& for Johnny

Send “&” for a LOVING text.

“ Hey sugar, I know its only been a few months but you have no idea how much I love you… I know its kinda sudden its just that I was doing some thinking as I went for my morning ride and I just really appreciate you for seeing something, anything in me in the first place. You make me feel like I’m worth something again and for that. Thank you. You’re my miracle.”
“ Oh no sorry did I send you too much. God its so cheesy but I really mean it ok…”


PART 1  || PART 2 \ PART 3 || PART 4

You didn’t know what to think the moment that you saw the wolf come out in front of you. You felt that you should be afraid, that you should run away, a natural instinct when you see a wolf that was taller and larger than normal, almost eye level with you. But then you remembered that this wolf saved your life, helping you get back to town. But what actually made you feel at ease, where the color of his eyes.

The familiar hazel color, a warm color that sparkled with intelligence, these weren’t the eyes of a rabid animal, like the way many people thought, and this eyes were genuinely caring. They actually reminded you of Ashton, the shade almost an exact match, still finding the lively gleam that he has. You looked around hoping that Ashton would be near, but he was nowhere in sight, most likely still disengaging traps.

You looked back at the wolf, his head cocked to the side with a questioning look to you, “hey Pup, I missed you”, you said with a smile.

Instantly the wolf’s ears perked up, at hearing how happy you were, his tail wagging happily, reminding you even more of an overgrown puppy. His eyes perked up even more. He trotted over to you, approaching you not too fast, so you wouldn’t be too scared of him. He stood right in front of you, sitting right in front of you, as his tail wags on the ground. His head was slightly lowered as his nose tapped your arm.

You raised your hand to his sandy colored fur, feeling the soft fur underneath your fingers. You noticed how Pup was leaning into your touch, relaxing as you pet his head. Your hands reached for his ears, feeling the fur there even softer, you were happy as you pet him.

“You really are like a giant puppy”, you said to him.

“Yip”, he answered.

“I wish I would have brought you a squeaky toy or a doggy treat”, you said with a chuckle.

You noticed that Pup, scrunched up his nose at the mention of those things. You laughed knowing that he actually understood.

“Fine no puppy treats for you”, you said while letting out a laugh, “look at me I’m talking to a wolf, a wolf that actually understands me, I wonder if I’m hallucinating”, you said petting once again.

The wolf looked up at you, and gave you one large lick. His tongue leaving behind his saliva that you weren’t too fond of, all up your face.

“Eww, why would you do that?” you said as you wiped off your face, “how does Ashton put up with you?”

“Yip”, he said excitedly at hearing the mention of Ashton.

“So you like Ashton too”, you said and immediately blushed, at hearing that you admitted your liking to Ashton.

“Yip”, he answered that you took as a yes.

“So you approve of me liking him”, you asked, as you went to pet him.

“Yip”, he answered eagerly as his tail wagged just as eager.

“Good, I thought you would”, you said, “where is Ashton anyway?” you asked hoping that he would show up any second, you were already missing him.

You kept looking around, hoping to see any sign of Ashton. It wasn’t that you didn’t enjoy Pup’s company; it’s just that you wanted Ashton here too. You really had grown too attached to him, and with your almost kiss, you just wanted to know that things weren’t awkward between the two, despite him being ok with it. You let your mood drop a bit, you wanted to spend the day with him, yet he wasn’t here.

Pup instantly noticed your mood; he let out a small whine, his eyes reflecting the sadness that you were feeling. He looked almost guilty, when you knew that it wasn’t his fault. He pushed away from your hand, and gave you another lick, hoping that you would cheer up at his loving gesture. Knowing that you still weren’t as happy as you were, he laid down on the ground, his large paw covering up his eyes, uncovering them as well, almost like he was playing peek a boo with you. You laughed at him, seeing him trying to make you happy, which he was doing quite well.

“I guess I shouldn’t be sad, besides Ashton has to go make sure there are no traps for you”, you said petting him, “he does take good care of you doesn’t he?”


“I guess that I can’t be mad at him then, besides I don’t think that I can be mad at him to begin with”, you said petting him.

“but if you ever need help, I live straight that way”, you said pointing in the direction that you and Ashton came from, “the house overlooks the forest, just howl or something, and I’ll come right down, I promise”, you said as you nuzzled your face into his, letting your face get tickled by his fur.

You spent some time just playing with Pup, letting your mood lighten, as well as letting time pass before Ashton’s arrival. He would nudge your body with his nose, before running around, almost like if he was playing tag. It amazed you how smart this wolf was, understanding, and much more, it made you wonder if this wolf has had some sort of owner, or lived too close to people, that it picked up mannerisms of both a friend and a pet.

You were about to tag the wolf, when you saw him run in front of you, as he started deeper into the forest, a growl emanating from his mouth as he bared his teeth. He was crouching, his paws firmly planted on the ground, almost ready to pounce should whatever threat that he was growling should come too near. The way his was crouching, was almost reminding you of Ashton that day in the alleyway, when Ashton was protecting you from that man, the way he made sure that you were behind him, almost as if to protect you.

“Pup, is something wrong?” you asked trying to see what he was look at but you couldn’t tell or hear what he was growling at.

Pup looked back at you, similar to the way Ashton did in the alleyway, convincing you more that the wolf and Ashton, spent a long time together, seeing as how they similar mannerisms. Pup’s eyes stared at you, almost reminding you so much of Ashton. One of his ears twitched in the direction that he had been staring at a while ago, and he instantly growled, and ran off in that direction.

You felt scared; you were now alone in the middle of the forest. You didn’t know what to do, you had no idea where Ashton was, and whatever was out there, had made Pup so mad that he had to run off. You tried to think of going back home, but what would Ashton do, if he didn’t find you where he left you. You began shouting his name, hoping that he would hear you and run back to you. You your stomach turn and clench, as panic was spreading over your body, you shouted louder, and hoped that he would come sooner.

You heard something snap behind you, and as you turned you finally saw Ashton turn out of the woods. You were instantly relieved and ran to him, his arms instantly wrapped around you, pulling you close, smelling the scent of the woods on his skin, calming you so much. You heard Ashton, whispering calm words into your hair, as he rubbed your back.

“We have to go, there are people hunting in the forest”, he said to your ear, “we have to go, it may not be safe”, he said to you.

You nodded, and his hand slip into yours, filling the spaces of your fingers with his. He pulled you thought the forest, making sure to avoid where ever the hunters were, to make sure that no one would accidentally hurt either of you. He quietly made his way out of the forest, leading you to the clearing, far from whatever was in the forest, yet still concealed from everything else.

“Where were you?” you whispered.

“I’m sorry (Y/N), there were some animals that were caught, and I could see that you were fine, I wouldn’t have been gone if I knew you were in trouble”, he said his hands still holding you.

“How do you know that I was fine?” you asked.

“I saw you with Pup, I was heading back just to make sure that you were fine, even though there were still a few traps, but I saw you with Pup and knew you were safe hands…paws… you get me”, he said with a laugh, “it wasn’t until I saw him dash away that I thought that we should get out of there”, he said frantically.

“How do you know their hunting?”

“I saw them, they were carrying guns, I can’t believe they have stooped that low, it’s bad enough certain animals get caught in their traps, now some might die because of them”, he said angrily, “are you ok?”

“I’m sorry today went so bad”, he said with a sad face.

“No its fine, I got to see Pup, so it wasn’t that bad, it would have been better if we both got to play with him”, you said shyly.

“So you really aren’t scared of him?”

“How many times do I have to tell you, I’m not afraid of him, no matter what anyone says”, you said confidently.

“I can officially see that now”, he said with a smile.

“Hey want to see what Pup and me where playing?” you said wanting to move onto another topic.

“You were playing with Pup?” he asked with a quirky look on his face.

“Well I had to keep myself entertained, since someone left me in the middle of the forest”, you said with a teasing voice.

“I already said I’m sorry about that”, he said nudging your shoulder.

“Still, ok so…tag you’re it”, you said touching his chest, as you began to run away from Ashton.

Ashton was surprised, giving you a moment to put distance between you and him before he started running after you. You could hear the sound of his feet catching up to you, fueling you with more energy to run faster. You felt happy as the wind was hitting your face as you ran; you let out a few laughs. You knew that Ashton could easily catch up to you, but instead kept his distance for you as you heard him laugh. Your breath was already speeding, giving your body the oxygen it needed to keep running as well as the strain in your legs, but you still kept running, able to ignore it as you ran.

You were running out of breath, and before you knew Ashton’s arms wrapped around your waist pulling you towards his chest. You could feel the rise and fall of his chest against your back, it wasn’t as quick as yours, but with each rise you could feel his body firmly against yours. Ashton’s breath fanned your neck, the warm breath making your body shiver. His body felt so warm, almost like running a fever, making the warmth radiate onto your skin. You could feel his arms tightening a bit more, pulling your body even closer to yours.

You wiggled in his arms, giving you space, but still not letting go, and you not wanting him to let you go. You turned and faced him, his hazel eyes looking at you with a loving look. You knew that you were attracted to Ashton; you could almost feel it between you both, the sparks igniting the more that you spent in his arms. You looked at his lips, wondering if they felt as soft as they looked. You were going to kiss him earlier today, and now it was like you were getting a second chance to kiss him, and you didn’t want to let the chance get away.

You leaned up, hoping that he wouldn’t push you away. Ashton leaned in as well; your eyes were fluttering close, feeling the warmth of his breath on your lips. There was a moment of hesitation between you both, neither sure if this was ok. But before the moment died, you closed the space between your lips.

His lips were so warm, just like the rest of his body. His lips were still against yours, neither moving your lips, and then slowly his lips started moving against yours. They brought your lips to your life, moving against his. You could feel the spark with each kiss that you shared. Your arms wrapped around his neck, pulling him closer to you, as his arms wrapped around your waist, as he leaned more into you. You felt your body tremble with excitement, as he kissed your more, you could feel his body tremble as well, almost like a growl. His hold on your waist tightened as he kissed you more. He bit your lower lip, tugging it, making you gasp a bit; he took the advantage and explored your mouth with his tongue. He kissed you deeper, letting his tongue dance with yours, making you moan.

Your lungs began to ache wanting to get fresh air. And as you broke the kiss, Ashton leaned into you, following your lips, not wanting to let go of your lips. You blushed at seeing Ashton wanting to kiss you again; you bit your lip, hoping that would keep you from kissing him, not that you didn’t want to.

“Do you regret kissing me?” he asked, his breath brushing your lips, teasing you to kiss him again.

“No, I regret not kissing you sooner”, you answered him, feeling your cheeks warm more, “do you regret it.”

Your hands reached for his, letting your fingers hold his. You looked down at his hands, not wanting to look into his hazel colored eyed, because you weren’t sure if he would regret it. Suddenly he let go of your hands, making your heart ache because you thought that he did regret it, but then he reached for hand, bringing it up his lips to give it a firm kiss, making you gasp.

“Nope not at all”, he whispered to the back of your hand.

You smiled bashfully, your face warmer than before, as you leaned up to place a chaste kiss which he welcomed, instantly feeling that small spark when his lips met yours.

“We should get you back home, before anyone sees you here”, he said as his locked his hands with yours.

“Would it be bad for someone to see me here?” you asked.

“Well I did sort of get rid of a few traps, so those people might be mad at seeing that, I wouldn’t want them to blame you. They already know it’s me, I don’t want them harassing you about it, plus you can tell that the people here don’t like me, I wouldn’t want them to shun you because you were seeing with me”, he said disappointedly.

“Ashton”, you said placing your hand on his cheek to tilt him to look at you, “I honestly don’t care what people say about me, I like you, I really like you, if I should try to impress anyone it would be you. I’m not ashamed of you, let them talk if they want, because I’m happy with you”, you said pouring your feelings out for him.

“You don’t need to try to impress me”, he said leaning down to kiss your lips, “you already do. I really like you too” he said obviously letting you know that he felt the same for you, “but still I don’t want them to hurt you, I can handle their harassment, but if I can protect you from that, then I will”, he said firmly, “id protect you from anything (Y/N)”, he said kissing you, “let’s get you back home”.

He held your hand, and pulled you back to your home. Each step letting your shoulders touch, letting your bodies touch, loving the small spark that you felt, the warmth of his body seeping onto your skin. His thumb drew small circles on your hand, as he pulled you closer so that you could be pressed more. You couldn’t stop smiling the whole way home, and as you looked over at Ashton, you noticed that he couldn’t either, seeing the small pink tint on his cheeks the whole way home.


You were in your room, getting ready for bed as you replayed the memories of today. Your fingers brushed against your lips, remembering the way Ashton kissed you. You instantly began blushing as you remembered the way Ashton pinned you against a tree and kissed you, as you were nearing your home. The way his lips moved against yours, almost urgently like if this was the last kiss he would ever give you. His lips peppered kisses across your face, making you let out a small moan when he kissed your neck, making Ashton want to kiss you more but he kept himself from kissing you deeper.   

There was something addicting about his kisses, there was something addicting about him in general. Although you had recently met him, you couldn’t help but be drawn to him; it was like there was something that pulled you to him, wanting to be near him. You knew that you did like Ashton, but that was quickly changing, you could see yourself loving him, and you didn’t care, because it seemed that he felt the same as well.

Your hands traveled touching the various places that he had kissed you, wondering when he would do that again, because you knew that there was going to be another time.

You looked out the window with a smile, today was a great day. You looked down at the clock and noticed that it was a bit passed midnight, and knew that you should get to some sleep soon, seeing as how Ashton said he would be here to take you out to breakfast date, which you eagerly agreed to. You began to lie on your bed hoping that you dream of playing with Pup and Ashton in the woods far away from the judging eyes. But just as you were letting sleep take over you heard a howl, right outside your window.

A painful howl.

You looked out your window, and there outside was the wolf. You instantly got dressed, wondering what was wrong. You raced outside the door, hoping that your aunt or cousin, or anyone would wake up to see Pup right outside the door. You made sure to leave the door unlocked, and walked over to the wolf.

Your heart was racing with worry, what had happened to make him come all the way here to see you. Once Pup saw you began to walk over to you, and our instantly noticed the limp in his step. You’re eyes widened, he was hurt. You ran over to him, not wanting him to walk any further, wanting to keep him from getting hurt.

And sure enough when you reached him, his right front leg was bleeding; the fur mangled showing you the clear gashes on it. Pup instantly tried to take one more step, but the moment that he applied pressure to his injured paw, he collapsed letting out a pained whine.

Pup was hurt, badly, and you weren’t sure what to do.









WELL BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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“Olivia, what, exactly, do you think you’re doing? You’re running on no sleep. You need to calm down. You’re not thinking straight, and you’re not making any sense.”

twenty-five days of peter and olivia
↳ day eighteen - most tender moment

always-so-happy  asked:

Hii. I got this in my head for a while. Kaner was seen in 19 blackhawk hoodie in public but they are not like out or anything and reporters get curious. Just some fluff please ? :) love ya!!!

Hey, thanks for submitting an idea! Sorry I took so long. Hope you like it! 

Beep, beep, beep

Kaner groans into his pillow. 

Beep, beep, beep

“Ugh, Jonny, turn that shit off,” he moans, bleary-eyed and barely awake. He swats aimlessly at the bedside table. 

Eventually, after destroying like half then nightstand, Jonny manages to silence his alarm clock. It’s ass o’clock in the morning. They’ve both got to be on a flight to Nashville in T-4 hours for the All Star Game. Kaner’s got to go home and, like, pack. Shit, why didn’t he think of this earlier? 

It’s just, last night was so cozy. He and Jon, curled up together in the corner of the couch, watching the Kardashians do their thing. Sure, Jon made fun of them like every two seconds, but Kaner could tell he was amused. They’d traded soft kisses, and Jonny had even let him have a bowl of ice cream in bed. 

Look, Kaner’s not a softy. Well, he is a softy. But not that much of a softy, okay? It’s just, he and Jon rarely get those nights with no stress, no pre-game day jitters, no practice to wake up for. It’d been so nice, Kaner still feels warm all over, his skin basically buzzing with happiness. 

But now he’s gotta get his ass home. He’s gotta throw together a bag for the weekend—what the fuck is he even supposed to bring, other than those hideous jerseys? Hair gel, he muses. His iPad. Maybe he could quickly download the latest episode of KUWTK? 

“Kaner,” he hears Jonny’s soft, morning grumble beside him. 

“Yeah,” Kaner says back, shifting to his side so he can have front row access to Tazer’s grouchy, why the fuck am I alive right now face. “Good morning, babe.” 

Jonny frowns at that. But like, please, like he doesn’t love it when Kaner calls him babe. “You gotta go…Go get your shit…Our flight’s leaving soon.” 

Kaner just has to look at him for a second. There’s nothing quite like soft, irritated at the world, grumbly, just woke up Jonathan Toews, Kaner thinks. He thinks there’s nothing better in the universe, actually. And like, honestly, how did he get so fucking lucky? He gets to wake up next to this pissed off mess every morning.

He gets to kiss him through their morning breath, trade sloppy hand jobs in the shower as they try to wake themselves up. Jonny makes him breakfast everyday. Like, sure, it’s healthy as fuck, and the spinach to cheese ratio in the, of course, egg-white omelets is way off, but they’re made with, like, love. Then Jonny rewards him with a slap on the ass, and Kaner is ready to start the day.  

And he’d never have it any other way. 

He eventually makes it out of bed, but not before giving Jonny some impromptu but very welcomed morning head. Kaner grabs a random assortment of clothes from Jonny’s closet that will most likely cover up all the important things. Look, it’s 8 o’clock in the morning. 

“Pick me up at like 10:30, okay, babe?” Kaner says, giving Jon a swift kiss goodbye. 

“Yeah, whatever, lazy ass,” Jon replies tiredly, but he’s smiling like a satisfied idiot, like he just said something really funny, and god, Kaner loves him so much. 

Kaner’s pocket is buzzing like crazy, and seriously, what is going on? He’s never been that popular, so he’s starting to think someone must have died, but then Jonny’s texted him 4.5 billion times, and oh shit

In retrospect, he really should’ve known better than wearing a Jonathan Toews sweatshirt—in public. I mean, he wasn’t born yesterday. 

kaner, fix this use twitter idk, is one of the millions of Jonny’s texts. 

say some bullshit about how u know toews is more fashionable. idk why ppl are so freaked out. also do u want egg mcmuffins for the plane, let me know. 

actually mcdonalds ran out what the fuck. 

Kaner’s smirking at his screen. Of course Jonny would have a McDonalds crisis concerning Egg McMuffins. Of fucking course. 

ok its fine, i went to another 1 

btw r u dead?????

better???? He texts Jonny after, sending him a screenshot of the tweet as well because Jonny is old and stubborn and does not care for social media. “It’s spoiling the minds of our generation,” he says. 

ya ok. i mean ppl def think we’re fucking now tho, he replies promptly. 

Kaner wonders to himself for a moment as he shoves various items of clothing—no Toews apparel, thank you—into his suitcase, then types back, would that b so bad? 

Jonny leaves him hanging for a bit. Or like, two minutes, but Kaner considers jumping out the window all the same. 

no. i mean. we’ll see won’t we? pick u up in 15. 

Kay, Kaner texts back. i love you 

i love you too kaner 

tumblerx01  asked:

Just found ur blog and ran thru it, there was so much cuteness and sweetness and beautiful art that I had a heart attack out of the pureness of u and ur drawing, you must be a living cinnamon roll to be this adorable and sweet. Thank u for making my day after the shit I went thru. Also I read about someone harassing u. It's ok, just do what I do about people like that and pretend they don't exist. I also have a habit of eating and being lazy as a reaction but don't do that. Stay pure little one

Oh my oh my !! (///////////)♡

You don’t know how this made me happy ! I am so glad I could bring happiness to someone.///// You are the adorable and sweet one ! I am really happy for receiving such a beautiful message from you.

You are the one who made my day . I can’t stop smiling and blushing !! /////// You are so kind ! Thank you very very much for the sweet words .

I am sorry you had to go through bad things, I hope everything is okay for you.

Here, here, I have something for you ! I hope you like flowers.♡

its almost 10 pm and usually by this time im in bed either listening to podcasts or already asleep, but i stayed up a bit longer bc its saturday….. this was such a lazy slow day, i got p much nothing done :’D (except i visited home to pick the last redcurrants from our yard ♥♥♥ and at least i finally uploaded the fugonara comic LOL how did it take me so long)

but its ok! i had a really tiring and long week and did some stuff that made me nervous (it went well ♥) and i know next week is gonna be super tiring too, so i think ive deserved to be lazy for one day/weekend. i gotta be kind to myself. im tired but its ok to be tired, i can do more art and stuff some day later when i have more energy to spare

im so glad i went to see a psychologist regularly for the first half of this year when i was super tired and anxious. i still gotta work on my self-esteem issues a lot, but i learned to be way more gentle with myself, and that was a rly valuable lesson

now im going to bed!! i hope everyone has a nice day/night, whatever time it is in your time zone ♥

KBTBB: Ota x Mc (Part 4)

Yoo~ Part 4 here. Honestly, i didn’t expect i’d receive many asks about this series. Apparently, most of them say they want mc to be with Eisuke in the end. Some want her with Baba while some want her and Ota to get back together. Oh and even Soryu. Lol~ Idk but…how about i write endings for all the guys that got suggested? Btw, this part is not the end yet…probably. And since a new week is starting soon, i might get busy again. Therefore the endings might not come soon. I’m sowwy.

Plot: Ota cheats on Mc.

Warning: angst, violent, nsfw…and harem. Idk, somehow it just turns into harem toward the end of this part. Lol~

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


*3rd PoV

Ota walked to where Eisuke was, then they started to talk briefly about the scandal. Meanwhile, Hiyori was standing just a few meters away from them, scanning the situation to choose when to talk. Little did they know, a woman, or to be specific, it was that woman - the actress who announced the engagement shamelessly as if it was the truth, she was hiding in the shadow the whole time looking at the commotion. When she saw Ota protected Hiyori with all his mind, the flame of jealousy start burning up stronger. She whispered

“..It’s you…if it’s not for you, I and Ota would be happy together forever. You..you need to disappear from this world completely…”

then she pulled out a kitchen knife and dashed toward Hiyori from behind. Sadly, Soryu was talking to Inui and Samejima, while Eisuke was still talking with Ota. Only, Baba, who had just exited the hotel had the full view of the scene, noticed something was going wrong.


He ran at full speed to stop to woman, he cursed as he wished he came down here from the penthouse sooner. He screamed

“Ota! Soryu! Catch her! Catch the woman!!”

but…it was too late. The moment they heard Baba’s voice, they all, Hiyori included turned to see what was the problem but a high pitch wicked laugh rang loudly as if it could even cut the air, and came after was a dull sound of Hiyori’s body hit the ground. She didn’t even have a chance to scream in pain. She clutched her stomach as blood started gushing out, dying the ground beneath her with red. Her breathes ragged as she tried to get more oxygen into her lungs. Ota was so shocked he couldn’t even get a word out at first but it only lasted for a few seconds. He rushed to Hiyori right away and gently gathered her into his arms.

“Hiyori! Hiyori please! Stay awake! Don’t close your eyes please!! I..I haven’t even showed you the surprise that i promised yet!”

Hiyori’s eyes were watering up as she reached a hand up to his cheek. She stroked it with her thumb and whisper Ota’s name as if to tell him that everything would be fine. Meanwhile, Soryu screamed orders at Inui and Samejima, his hands caught the actress wrists and he pressed the woman on the ground, no mercy at all. At the same time, Eisuke was calling an ambulance and Mamoru, who was at the police station at the moment. After he was done with the phone calls, he crouched down beside Hiyori and grabbed her other hand.

“Be strong ok? They will be here soon.”

Ota, who had been calling Hiyori’s name nonstop now let his tears fall freely.

“Please Hiyori! Don’t leave me alone…I..How am i supposed to live without you? We..we still haven’t made enough good memories together. I haven’t even met your parents. I haven’t even sealed our love with a ring. Please…”

He kept crying as Hiyori closed her eyes slowly

“I..i’m cold Ota…”
“Hey…Hey Hiyori!! Keep your eyes open! That’s an order! Remember three rules i taught you? Please! Don’t you dare break just one rule!! No!”

*A few hours later - At Luke’s place.

“How is she Luke?”
“Sexy is not completely ok yet. She sure is a strong woman but…she lost a lot of blood. I need someone to donate some in order to save Sexy. We gotta be quick.”

Their faces turned pale, only Ota spoke up hurriedly.

“Take mine please. We have same blood type.”
“…Is that ok Ota?”
“Yes it is. I would give her my life as long as she can live.”

He said firmly, there wasn’t a bit of doubt or hesitation in his voice or his eyes. Seeing his determination, Luke agreed and told Ota to follow him and get ready. After they’re done, Luke walked out to inform everything to the guys. Ota was left alone with Hiyori. He touched her cheeks and stroked it gently, every stroke fulled with love and adoration. A short while later, he leaned down and pressed his forehead against hers, his hands never left her cheeks.

“Please wake up soon Hiyori. I know it’s too late but if…if you let me, i swear i will show you the surprise that i promised…”

*At night

Everyone had gone back to the hotel. All of them were very worried but they thought they should give Ota some time alone with Hiyori, in case she woke up. Back to the hotel, Eisuke suddenly became more arrogant and cold as if he was pissed. Well, he was actually. He paced back and forth in his office worrying about Hiyori. He wouldn’t let anyone see this side of him.

“Damn it! If only i wasn’t on the phone. If only i kept my eyes on her the whole time…”


He threw his coffee cup to the wall and it shattered into pieces. Simply because it wasn’t the coffee he loved which made by Hiyori.

“I would never put you in danger if you were with me. I am sure that with what i’ve got, especially my feelings, i can keep you safe always.”

Soryu, back at his own place, was running his hand through his hair in the bath. His eyes focused on the ceiling. He blamed himself partly for not being able to protect a girl when she was right there near him. Somehow, he felt a strong urge to protect this small girl. After the bath, he went to his study room and start reading a book when Samejima knocked on the door, then came in after Soryu gave him permission.

“Sir, you haven’t had dinner. Would you like t-”
“Can’t you see that i’m busy?”
“Yes sir. I understand.”

Then he left quickly, hiding the fact that Soryu was holding a book up-side-down. He was obviously worried about the precious girl.

“But…would she be safe with me…a mobster boss?”

He closed the book and his eyes caught on the cover. He heaved a sigh

“…I just showed someone a pathetic side of me which i shouldn’t…”

He let out another side as he stood near the window, looking out into space.

Baba was the one who felt guilty the most (after Ota tho). If he was a bit faster, if he didn’t linger in the penthouse for a few more minutes, he could have stopped the actress. Hiyori had always been different from those women who Baba flirted with. That’s why, he felt attached to her, he felt that she was so special to him that he wouldn’t want to spend much time away from her. Lately, he even tried to stop by Tres Spades as much as possible just so he could see her smiling face. He didn’t talk much when Ota confessed his cheating act, but actually, deep inside, he wanted to give Ota a good punch, he wanted go to Hiyori side right away to comfort her. Not because he was Ota’s best friend, well, it was part of the reason, but mainly, it was because he felt butterflies in his stomach everytime he saw her face, and he wanted to believe it was…something special..like…love.

“Hiyori…would you choose me if you decide to leave Ota after?”

His whisper came out as light and gentle as a touch of a feather. He asked that question as if to himself, because no one gave him an answer. He let it be carried away by the wind as he looked up to the sky fulled of stars.

“Is it silly to make a wish to the star?”

*Midnight - Ota’s PoV

I had felt asleep without realizing when suddenly, i felt a small squeeze on my hand which was holding Hiyori’s and it sent a signal to my brain. I jolted up noticing it was totally dark inside the room. Then I heard a voice, a sweet gently voice that I missed so much even though I just heard it a day ago.

“Is that y-you Ota?”
“Yes yes Hiyori! It’s me. Do you want me to turn on the light?”
“No..it’s fine.”

Hiyori called my name! Sh-she’s ok! I then went to opened the window, letting the moonlight fill the room with its cool and silver light. My eyes adjust to the darkness after a moment, and with the help of the moonlight, I could see Hiyori’s pale face, i didn’t even know if it was because of the moon? Or..another specific reason? Or maybe both?

“How are you feeling Hiyori?”
“..I’m ok now Ota. The wound still hurts though. But..i’m alive aren’t i?”
“Hiyori…is now a good time?”

Hiyori seemed to understand what i mean so she gave a nodded lightly. Her hands clapped together. I took a deep breath then started to explain everything from the very beginning. Repeating the story again just made my whole body ached in pain. My voice started to tremble when i was almost done telling her the story.

“…and that’s the reason i cheated on you and made you feel insecure. But Hiyori, you have to know that my whole heart, body and soul belong only to you.”
“…You have no idea just how scared i was when i saw you covered in blood. I though I lo-lost you for sure. I was ready to end my life as well but..thank god. You’re here, talking with me now. That’s all i need for now.”

I looked her straight in the eyes and continued.

“You…don’t need to give me tell me right now, about what your choice is. I will wait for as long as it takes so…think about it thoroughly ok? Even if you decide to leave me, I..i’m ok with that. As long as you’re happy. I’m happy. So please Hiyori, just for tonight, let me be here with you.”

My tears started falling again even though i was trying so hard to hold it back. Great, now i looked like a total loser.

“There’s one more thing, will you hear me out Hiyori?”
“…of course Ota.”

God she accepted to hear me out. This simple thing made me so happy i could burst in more tears than i already had.

“…it’s that…when you get better and your wound heal completely, will you let me show you the surprise that i promised you that day? I mean…almost two days ago..i felt like it was so long ago huh? Haha…”

I faked a dry laugh as Hiyori smiled gently at me. It was so beautiful. The moonlight just made her look even more gorgeous. It was like…she was sparkling.

“…I understand Ota. Tonight, I will think about the whole thing, the whole story and what i should do from now on, and i will answer you as soon as possible.”
“…Ok. Thank you Hiyori.”

Then i sat on a chair near her bed and hold her hand, she didn’t pulled back. Which i considered as a good sign. It’s ok. I was satisfied with just that for now. Then she turned to look at me, looking a bit tired.

“Hey Ota…even though i haven’t decided on what i’ll do yet, you..you don’t need to suffer ok? I believe what you told me was the truth, and i don’t want to see you be in pain anymore. So…at least, smile for me.”

Gosh how could this girl be so generous and nice to me? I…I didn’t even deserve to hold her hand, to touch her. But i couldn’t let go. I kept holding onto her hand and i gave her my best smile, not the angelic smile of Ota Kisaki the artist, but a genuine smile from the bottom of my heart.

“ Yes Hiyori. I will…I will always smile for you ok? Now go to sleep, it’s past midnight and morning’s not coming yet. Get as much rest as you can ok? I will be here.”

She nodded then closed her eyes. Her eyelashes cast a shadow on each of her cheeks. The curtain fluttered as the wind gently flew. I pulled the blanket up to her chest and then i gathered all my courage to lean down and gave her a small kiss on the forehead.

“Goodnight Hiyori. I love you…so much.”

This simple thing suddenly seemed hard for me to do even though it was a daily thing we used to do a lot.

Quietly, i let her sleep as i gazed at her the whole time that i couldn’t even get some sleep. I wished…things would keep being like this, so peaceful, forever.


And~ that’s part 4. It’s not the end yet. Next part will be the end and there’re 4 endings so…look forward to it? RIP Hiyori tho…T^T
Lol~ Jk. I’ll find the time to finish it during this week.  It will not be as fast as i posted these 4 parts this weekend so do forgive me. And thank you for following me and this series until now. I appreciate it.

Also, this part, i didn’t check after finished at all. Hope it’s alright and man…the grammar thing always kill me.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this part. Now i gotta sleep, class starts early tomorrow. T^T (WHY? I hate school)

Much love~