i do it for the notes

hc that when mike gets called slurs/treated unfairly because of his race, the losers ALWAYS call it out

pt. 1, how richie reacts

(tw for slurs)

○ we all know mike is basically the only black kid in town, so that calls for some tension when he’s out with the other losers sometimes

○ so one day he’s in the arcade with richie, and some douche comes up to them while mike’s about to beat the high score for galaga or something. a lil crowd had gathered around them and everything but this fuckin guy pushes everyone out of his way like he runs the place

○ “scram, geeks, it’s my turn” “kinda in the middle of something, here” “yeah, we’re almost done” “i said fucking scram; i know this n****r can’t be doin’ anything that special, anyway”

○ everyone goes silent, and all eyes look to mike

○ mike freezes, and looses his streak. richie actually flinches

○ but it doesn’t last long and naturally richie spins around punches the guy in the face

○ “what the fuck did you just call him?!” “jesus–cool it, rich, i’m used to it” “no, fuck that!”

○ richie wanted to keep fighting, but mike held him back with all he had and just kept muttering “nonviolent, nonviolent” in his ear because that’s what his grandpa taught him to repeat when he got frustrated

○ anyway the arcade manager asks no questions and kicks everyone out

○ richie barely calms down until the guy is out of their sight

○ “mike, you don’t deserve that!” “i know. none of us do”

○ and richie just kinda knows what mike means when he says “us” so he decides to chill for mike’s sake and get some food

○ mike appreciates it a lot

○ “got that racist fuck pretty good in the nose, though, huh?” “you did good, rich”


11.23.17 // happy thanksgiving (to those who celebrate)!! i hope you all had lovely dindins and desserts :0

rewriting some biology notes from earlier in the term since i’m too lazy to do genuinely productive things lmao. i found out from a transfer advisor that i’ve been pursuing the wrong degree this whole time so i ended up dropping all my classes this term bc none of them even count OTL but next term (winter 2018) will be a fresh start!

ive always been sorta a loner. that’s just my nature. and i mean if im gonna be this way i’d rather be a cool mysteriously stoic loner rather than… rather than the compulsively over-sharing loner but. i mean i can work on it.


Steven Universe, 1976.
The only thing that keeps me from making a full video of this is the need of a properly funky arrangement of the theme song.

More retro-fitted shows filed under my “title art” tag.
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  • Me: I feel like my blog is really lacking something
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danger is our middle name!

(part two)


Musical Theatre Challenge: [1/1] favorite number
↳ For Good (Wicked)

And just to clear the air
I ask forgiveness
For the things I’ve done
You blame me for

But then, I guess
We know there’s blame to share

And none of it seems to matter

A reminder to smol insecure studyblrs

- You do not need midliners to be a good studyblr
- You do not need expensive pens to be a good studyblr
- You do not need a kanken rucksack to be a good studyblr
- You do not need perfect lighting to be a good studyblr
- You do not need a mac or iPhone to be a good studyblr
- You do not need Japanese stationery to be a good studyblr
- You do not need to be at university to be a good studyblr
- You do not need plants and flowers to be a good studyblr
- You do not need to follow aesthetics to be a good studyblr
- You do not need to study red brick subjects to be a good studyblr
- You do not need to be neurotypical to be a good studyblr

As long as you are studying SOMETHING and want to create your own content in ANY WAY YOU LIKE and are promoting good study habits and general positive vibes, you are a good studyblr. In fact, you are great. Keep up the good work!!