i do it for the lesbians

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I won’t even lie when I was a Baby Lesbian I identified as futch but I have grown up into a glorious mess of a dyke and u definitely helped with that thank u

thank u for changing ur ways instead of coming into my inbox with a 5 page essay on why saying that futch isn’t real is lesbophobic and ahistorical i love you anon keep dyking it up

Beauregard, human disaster.

i wish all the (majority white) wlw/sapphic/lbt women blogs were as openly anti racist as they are anti twerf/transmisogyny, obvi this isnt every blog and we non-trans women need to do better for trans women in our community

Its so backhanded to write “ trans friendly” in your bio and then be a huge fucking racist on your blog, as if trans women of color arent more likely to receive racialized transphobic violence at the hands of white supremacy, and capitalism, there is nothing “trans friendly” about being a racist or letting racists come into our spaces

i just wish more white wlw were sticking there necks out for black and brown women by openly being anti racist/racism on their blogs, listening when we call them out on racism/antiblackness/cultural appropriation, donating and boosting our donation posts and supporting/uplifting our unique struggles

We (black and brown wlw) see who’s selfies you reblog, who’s donation posts you choose to boost, who you choose to follow, who you choose to uplift, love and advocate for

and its nobody like us

Do better


based on one of the most wholesome text posts ever written (by an absolute legend), of the aftermath of the first kiss, but also an excuse for me to draw spock’s weird bedroom curtain

The fact that there are femmes out there who have a preference for butches makes me so happy. It’s hard not to feel unlovable in a world that sometimes paints butches as aggressive and controlling. Seeing you talk about butches with such love is so healing. I just want y'all to know how grateful I am for you.