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The Decoy Bride Gifset- “What’s she like? I’d suppose she’s just like anybody else. Just a normal girl.” And on a side note just like this Katie I also have the useless talent of balancing spoons on my nose. And, I do it a lot when I am very bored or in others words I have nothing else to do. Although sadly enough for me no cute scotsman like David Tennant thinks it’s cute or silly. Instead I usually get yelled at for dirtying up the silverware. 

  • please pardon a six minutes mess that is my pronunciations

been tagged to do an accent challenge by @kihyunsgirl @chimchimshi @desiladki & @daegucrew which all have cute voices, ah i love hearing ppl’s voices~

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anonymous asked:

Can you tell me the plot to killing stalking? Your reblogs about it have got me interested, and i want to start reading it but i don't have a clue where to find the English writen one. Also youe art its really good! Keep up the good work!

Without giving away recent character developments or anything, its basically about this guy named Yoonbum who, not sugar coating is, is a stalker. I guess he’s had a lot of crushes that he’s gone over the line with before, but the story follows his recent crush, a guy who he knew from school and the army who is really popular, Sangwoo. One day Bum manages to break into Sangwoo’s house and in doing so finds out that he’s nothing like he appears outside. He’s a very violent/abusive guy who kidnaps and kills women.

By some turn of events Bum gets caught in his house, but instead of killing Bum Sangwoo keeps him imprisoned there. The rest of the story is just Sangwoo and Bum flipflopping on their feelings about each other, and Bum trying to escape.

All in all if you like horror, psychological thrillers, and crime topics then I’d give it a read. The art is phenomenal and the characters are interesting and well written. For me most of the story is trying to figure out the motivations of Sangwoo and why he does and says the things he does. He’s really complex (and I can’t figure him out too well and it’s driving me up a wall), but I think that’s what makes the series so addicting.

You can google killing stalking and find a place to read it, or you can support the artist on the official Lezhin website and pay for the chapters with coins (roughtly 4USD pays for 14 coins).

Warnings: gore, violence, verbal abuse, sexual abuse, blood, nsfw sexual content

Not a series for the faint of heart.

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Speaking of fics .... know of any newer chaptered ones??? Especially angsty ones

here are the chaptered ones i’ve read recently that i liked : like a boomerang, i’ll fly away, just tell me the song and i’ll sing it, adore you, tug-of-war


booi I’ve said this legit 3,917 times on this blog,
But I am so t h a n k f u l that this series CONTINUES to exist. The story is still going, and I am here for it. Since I was a kid, and now into ~adulthood~ I am a fan of db.
anyway, I don’t know what I would be doing without dragon ball. and I am so thankful that they’re still here.

hi my name’s gin and i suck at finding people to follow. if you could do me a favour and like/reblog this if you regularly post any of the following, and tag things at least for blacklist purposes, i’ll check your blog out and maybe follow you!!! i’m pathetically Picky but i promise to at least give your blog the once over

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