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hey buddy. since you're takin requests, how about a little kustard ship fluff? something cute with classic sans and fell sans bein' all lovey. love the art, btw.

Sorry, this isn’t very lovey, is it?

I hope it’s still sorta close to what you were expecting

For @riversongbadass-whovian-overload, Twelve/River in C4. Thank you for asking!

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Hello! I really like your blog and was wondering how RFA+Saeran+V would react when they meet MC for the 1st time and realizing that MC is much shorter and younger looking than expected. I was wondering since I'm a 19 yr old girl, 4'11", and get told often that I look 12 and am still given kiddie menus at restaurants lol. You don't have to respond, I just thought this would be a funny scenario since some characters are really tall, thank you!

Haha, some of them would have a huge difference! Hope you like these~


  • This man is really tall
  • When he first met, he kind of looked over your head trying to find you in a crowd
  • He wasn’t taken very aback by your height
  • He think you’re cute being so tiny
  • But you do look very young which could cause trouble if he’s not careful
  • He’s very protective of you with the press, since he doesn’t want you caught up in drama
  • If you try to look a little taller, he’ll give you his opinion on different heels
  • Listens to your rants when others mistake your age
  • Sometimes he’ll take selfies to tease you, since you always end up cut off at first
  • You always have to stand on a table or something
  • Eventually, he just memorizes one specific angles so you can take it together
  • He won’t tease you if you can’t reach things though
  • He’ll get whatever you need, and even shifts things around in his house so you don’t feel bad


  • He’s used to being the shortest in his group of friends
  • He’s still growing though
  • If you feel really insecure about your height, he’ll try to cheer you up
  • “Maybe you’re still growing, like me!”
  • He secretly loves it when you wear oversized sweaters
  • The sweater paws make you look like a cute puppy
  • He likes to give you piggy back rides if you’re tired or want to see over a crowd
  • Your baby face doesn’t faze him that much
  • But if someone else says something to you, he’ll defend you
  • You both have a perfect height difference
  • He can easily rest his arm around you and you fit perfectly against his side
  • Loves to hug you from behind a lot


  • She’s an average height, but still pretty small
  • You guys aren’t that far off which means she has a shopping buddy
  • You and her start going shopping for heels every other week
  • You both fit each other’s clothes decently
  • Hers is a little big on you, but no big deal
  • You actually like wearing her clothes, because you look a lot more mature
  • Her style rubs off on you
  • You look like a child next to her a lot with your baby face
  • She also helps with that since she gives you tips on make up
  • Either way, she doesn’t care how you look
  • Your age is reflected in how you act, and she thinks you’re very wise and caring


  • Talk about height difference
  • He thought you were cute in the chats in the way you talked and acted
  • But seeing you in person, you were so tiny and adorable to him
  • Like with Zen, he was worried you might get caught up in some scandal because you two looked years apart
  • But with his cautious nature and  the fact that the body guards basically hid you, there were no issues
  • He can tell when you’re feeling insecure about your height
  • On those bad days, you’ll end up finding a new pair of heels in your closet
  • Likes to find creative ways to kiss you smoothly
  • He’ll lean down asking you to fix his tie and then just steal a kiss
  • You like it when you’re sitting on one of those tall chairs
  • For once, you can easily kiss or hug him without straining on your toes
  • He makes sure there’s small step stools in every room, just in case you need things from the top shelves
  • You can’t tell whether you find it sweet or not…


  • He figured you were pretty tiny from your background info
  • But for some reason, in person you just seemed so much smaller
  • He actually loves teasing you about it
  • When you reacted negatively to the short jokes, he kinda stopped
  • Still got you in more subtle ways
  • Rests his arm on your head you might have almost killed him
  • Purposely holds things out of reach
  • But he’s still pretty considerate when you can’t reach things in the kitchen or dining room
  • Cuddling is really nice though
  • He’ll come up behind you when you’re sitting on floor and just envelop you in his arms and a blanket
  • One time, you were given a kids menu at a restaurant
  • He was suppressing his laughter when you were trying to explain to the embarrassed waiter
  • But you both colored with the crayons anyway


  • You once told him off for not taking care of himself
  • And he just casually commented
  • “What do know? Aren’t you like 12?”
  • You released some wrath on him until you found out he legit thought you were 12
  • He treated you like a normal adult after that
  • He makes references to your height, but not in a joking way
  • At least, that’s what he says…you never see the smirk he gives after you struggle
  • He’ll unconsciously pat your head as he walks by
  • The worst is when you two are walking
  • It’s so hard to keep up with his long strides
  • Whenever you’re on your tippy toes trying to reach something, he just gets it for you after watching you for a few minutes
  • Mutters “cute” but you never hear it


  • He can’t see very well when you first meet
  • When he moves to place a hand on your shoulder, he accidentally places it on your head
  • He apologizes for it profusely
  • Loves it when you hug him
  • He likes the feeling of your tiny arms around his torso
  • Also likes picking you up and spinning you around if you haven’t seen each other in awhile
  • He usually interrupts people if they start to make a joke about your height or something
  • He actually never realized you had a baby face
  • He was so accustomed to hearing your voice
  • Normally, you two talked about deep things, so he could tell your maturity level
  • Makes up cute nicknames referring to your height

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hey i'm new to this whole yoonmin thing but i ship them so hard and i just wanna know if you think they're really dating or if they're still in the will they won't they phase. because watching their old interactions things feel a lot different now, like something changed between them?? i don't wanna get too hopeful. so if you think they're together when do you think they started dating? cause it feels like a recent development

I think during the I need u era (april - june 2015) was when they both realized they had feelings for each other. like when they were on the kota kinabalu trip it just seemed like a lot of things happened between them. and then from june until early october of that year they were still trying to figure things out between them and wondering how they could make things work. 

why do I think it took them 5 months to figure things out? that summer they went on the bts live trilogy tour and they were literally always busy (plus when they got back they filmed the prologue video and were preparing for hyyh pt. 2) so i think they spent a lot of that time trying to spend as much time as they could with each other but also really focusing on their jobs. 

I think they officially started dating around jimins birthday (october 13th) in 2015 and have been ever since ! 

recently though it’s felt like the feelings between them have gotten a lot more calm, soft, and real. and we found out in mid-october that yoongi and jimin went to yoongis parents house in daegu for chuseok and ever since then yoongi has seemed so much more happy, relaxed, calm, and really confident almost

so I think the idea of his parents meeting jimin as his bf for the first time and then accepting the relationship was a really impactful thing for yoongi and he felt like he didn’t have anything to worry about anymore. my close best friend jan'e wrote this really nice thing that put his change into words perfectly

sorry this isn’t more detailed and its kind of a rough interpretation but i feel like based on all the things i’ve seen, this is the ‘most accurate’ timeline

anyways welcome to ym :’)

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Can I get one acceptance parent hug ? ( Going through some rough times with everything now ) btw your art it's amazing and the reason why I still trying to do all this shit. You're amazingly sweet and honestly I don't think it have a word to describe how amazing and kind you are.

im so proud of you for being so strong and getting through each day!what a warrior! you go through hell and yet here you are!!the kindest and coolest kid!!its amazing!youre amazing!

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hey uncle mod, how those hands doing?

Getting better, I think? but it’s kinda slow; I did try not to use them for anything resembling drawing for the first half of the week, but I’ve been having a little go at the doodle comic to break myself back in when they’ve been feeling up to it. Still on a sort of hiatus officially but maybe I’ll be able to do some more work come the weekend. Thanks for asking buddy, I’m sorry you all have to be so patient with me!

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yo, different anon here, referring to the anon asking if there will be a good ending for swapfell, and you saying you can't say anything yet, i get it, no spoilers right? you don't want to ruin the story for us yes? i greatly appreciate this, also i think we're all just really attached to the characters and we all worry for them, but still i do hope that you're not getting flooded with asks asking if things will be ok, anyway are you having a nice day/night?

Ooh yes it’s because of spoilers;///; I really don’t like spoilers so I try to avoid them for you xD sometimes I get asks about the story and I really can’t answer or else people would find out things that are suppose to come out later. But thank you for being attached to the characters and being patient >\

i don’t know if everyone has read the news yet but usa network decided not to renew eyewitness. however i do still believe there is hope for someone else to pick it up. adi tv studios just tweeted about it and it seems like they haven’t lost all hope either.

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Hi! I have a question and hope you can help me find an answer. Am I still aromantic when I ship people and am happy when others are in relationships? I just really don't want something like that with anyone myself but I don't mind my friends telling me about their love life. I really like your blog by the way. Thanks in advance.

Of course!  The definition for aromantic just states that you do not feel romantic attraction.  Aromantics can definitely still enjoy hearing/reading/watching romance.

Some people might enjoy stories about supervillains.  That by no means makes them a villainous person.  I think of it that way.  

silvermyrtleleaf  asked:

Hey J, I know the Bible contains God's instructions for us, but in this modern time, I wonder if it's ok to also look at "secular advice" on topics like developing your career (especially as a young person), money management and general life stuff (e.g. being organised and good mental health). I don't refer to anything against God, but what if the source of the advice is still someone non-Christian? I hope you know what I mean. What do you think?

Hey dear friend, I absolutely believe that “all knowledge is God’s knowledge,” and that anything useful to you is divinely anointed. 

While we might not see eye-to-eye on this, I don’t believe there’s a “sacred/secular” divide. It’s a strangely false dichotomy. As a Christian, to reject “non-Christian sources” is no better than when the evangelical church boycotts a movie or a department store. If we had to boycott the things we disagree with, we’d have nothing left. Even our Christian-labeled books, music, and movies all navigate within secularized companies and channels that might endorse things we dislike. I wonder if Christians recognize the irony of “taking a stand” on culture wars when the very venues they use—church buildings, social media, news stations—are unavoidably non-religious.

In fact, the Bible itself cites secular and non-Christian sources to support itself. Here is a list of non-canonical citations in the Bible. The Book of Joshua mentions the most obvious one, called the Book of Jasher, and Apostle Paul makes an argument in Acts 17 that quotes secular sources as well as acknowledging Epicureanism and Stoicism. 

Even more, how much are we missing out on if we segregate from all secular sources? My favorite authors include Oliver Sacks, Andrew Solomon, and Yuval Noah Harari, who are all gay men that would be despised by the typical evangelical congregation. C.S. Lewis was classically trained in medieval literature and ancient mythology; Apostle Paul was trained under the famous Jewish teacher Gamaliel; Jesus himself was Jewish. I cannot imagine a privatized little world where I only hear from those who call themselves a Christian—especially when so much “Christian art” is bland and mediocre.

I have to add that yes, we must discern wisely and think carefully (1 John 4, Acts 17:11). I believe very strongly that Christianity teaches to think for yourself. I also think we need to be even harder on Christian-sounding teaching, because so much of it is “hollow and deceptive” (Colossians 2). And we must learn to pick the meat from the bones, or as Aristotle once reportedly said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.”

— J.S.

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So I entered a writing contest and I had gotten my hopes that I'd at least get third place. But I didn't and now I'm so discouraged I took down all my stories on wattpad. I don't know what to do. I like to think I write for myself but there's no joy in writing when you have no reader to enjoy it.

That happens and it’s very rough and upsetting.

Please remember that there are thousands of writing contests and they’re usually skewed. Realize you are only one of many who lost that contest, but you’re all still writers. If you stop writing, you’re not even that. One measly writing contest is not an authority on your writing.

Wattpad also is not an authority on writing. It is less a reading room than it is a popularity contest. If you have a sparkly, sexy cover and make lots of friends on the site you’ll get reads. But that takes just as much work as the writing part, and you’re a writer not an agent.

Do you want to write? Write. If it gives you peace of mind, write. If you’re angry and want to tell someone, write. Writing is an art form and therefore has to be about you first. If you write only for fans and recognition then you’re not going to love writing for long. Find something else, something that’s just you, something you don’t need others to approve. We spend too much time seeking approval that we never get anything done. 

Best advice to get you through this discouraged funk is to get yourself a big stack of books and just start reading. An unemployed writer falls back on being a reader. Reading will change the way you feel and might also teach you a few things for when you decide to start writing again.  

neko-chick  asked:

Congrats on getting married! Wanted to say that and send an ask so I kinda mushed them, hope you don't mind. I was wondering if you could do a punk!cas and nerd!dean highschool au? Please? Love your work! Bye!

First of all, thank you! It’s only a day away now and I’m looking forward to it!

Secondly, I don’t normally write ficlets, but I think I can do this one. Especially since when you mentioned this au I immediately thought of this fanart for some reason? (Source, hopefully? Otherwise, correct me please!)

Thirdly, here’s the ficlet. Hope it’s good?

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So I saw a headline for SGT and it mentions it being really raunchy but then I'm reading through some fans interpretations of it and it's almost funny to me how mainstream will take it as a "raunchy party video" while the fans try to see the deeper meaning to it and really try to connect it to Zayn and everything he's been through. Hope I don't sound like I'm nitpicking. What are your thoughts on it?

Anonymous said:

hi sasha, how are you? hope you’re having a good day! 😘 was just wondering what do you think of sgt mv?            

Hi nonnie(s). I’m well, thanks for asking. I do see the video as a meditation on Zayn’s experiences. The biggest hint would be shooting the video at the Zerrie stunt house. Videos are staged and so was everything we saw from that house. Fiction on top of fiction. Clever.

I find it a statement on fame. He’s in the middle of the action, but still feeling disconnected because you’re often surrounded by people who are enamored with your fame and wealth, but not you the person. The booze, sex and weed are for sure the trappings of stardom. I think at times Zayn has felt like a spectator in his own life, rather than an active participant.

Also the monkey and the alligator pinged as a shout out to the 1D days as well as the overall wild party theme. 1D’s done all of that. Except now the gator is real (maybe a metaphor for the perils of their journey) instead of inflatable, the party is a lot more adult and Zayn is a lot more jaded. 

Remember the days when there wasn’t even a hand of color in the “Night Changes” video? And remember how 1DHQ tripped over themselves lying about why (It was an assistant! It was Sophia!)?? Now we’ve got a video full of POC. Progress. I appreciate the little victories.

anonymous asked:

I have a question and I hope you don't hate me but why do people get made when people have Mari be a little insecure? I mean, I get not being totally self-hating because she DOES have huge moments of confidence, but even after Stoneheart she still says stuff like: "Tikki, you've probably had better Ladybugs/I can't do this!" I get not wanting her to find validation in Adrien, but I think she still has self-esteem problems. Plus she's a teenager. Everyone has problems with themselves as teens.

oh no, don’t misunderstand me, marinette definitely has self-conscious moments. she’s not a monolith of confidence, and she definitely has moments where she doubts her own abilities. like you said, she’s a teenager and she’s a human being, that’s inevitably going to happen. 

when i say “cripplingly insecure,” i’m talking about that self-hating, self-deprecating characterization people like to give her which i think goes a touch too far. i don’t think ladybug would ever be afraid of revealing her identity to chat noir because he thinks he won’t be impressed with marinette. she doesn’t know who chat noir is, and as far as she’s concerned, chat noir meeting marinette would be like chat noir meeting a stranger he doesn’t know. i don’t hink marinette would assume “oh no chat noir is going to think i’m so ordinary and nothing special even though he doesn’t know who i am and has no reason to think those things.”

that kind of thinking comes from a place of major self-deprecation and self-hatred, and i don’t think marinette shows that. she may thinks she’s clumsy or she may think she’s incapable of being a superhero, but the girl knows she’s a brilliant designer and would never assume her designs are awful unless she knew she underperformed (as an example). when she’s fighting as ladybug, she is super confident in her abilities and very rarely assumes she can’t do something. 

i think marinette’s biggest source of insecurity is that she thinks she can’t be a hero without her costume on. that’s less an issue of her being self-deprecating, and more an issue of her learning to realize that doing small acts of good and being a hero on the small scale is just as admirable

els-main  asked:

Ayye could you do ushiten or kuroken where either kuroo or ushijima need comfort bc they feel insecure ??? :00

“Tendou,” Ushijima says one day when it’s just the two of them on a run. He’s not even winded. Satori’s a little jealous, but that’s what makes his friend so great. “I have a question.”

“What is it, Wakatoshi?”

Ushijima pauses, but doesn’t break his stride. “Do you think I’m insensitive?”

Satori blinks. “What do you mean?”

“I’ve noticed that sometimes when I talk to people they react similarly. Like I have offended them. But I don’t say anything that isn’t true. Oikawa, for example, seems to think I’ve wronged him greatly.”

Satori decides to keep the opinion that Oikawa is a whiny baby to himself. 

Ushijima continues, “Just the other day, I made a girl cry after she requested to speak to me privately. I’m not sure what I did wrong.”

Satori also decides not to mention that that girl was trying to confess to him. He doesn’t blame her, Ushijima’s a great guy, but he’s not exactly the most self-aware. He stretches his arms in front of him.

“You’re not insensitive,” Satori says. “Not on purpose, anyway. You say what’s on your mind, right?”

“Right,” Ushijima confirms. “People like honesty.”

“Right,” Satori repeats, because that’s true… for the most part. That’s another thing he admires about Ushijima, really, how he can stand to be so honest without ever fearing that others would turn that against him. “You’re straightforward and you tell the truth. So maybe sometimes people misunderstand, but you have the best intentions at heart, don’t you, Wakatoshi?”

“Yes.” Ushijima frowns. “Are you sure I’m not offensive?”

“Would I lie to you, Wakatoshi?”

Ushijima considers this briefly. “No,” he concludes.

Satori grins at him. “Exactly. Trust me, Wakatoshi, you’re fine the way you are.” 

theemoestdemon  asked:

Wow you answered my request pretty quick! Think you can do one where they get caught too? (Maybe by Tom's parents? More protective Marco lol) I don't want Tom to have to go back tho, he still gets to stay. (That's up to you tho)

Of course I can! This was such a good idea, I will take any excuse to write about protective Marco! It’s my all time favorite thing!!!! I hope you like the second part, and don’t worry, I wouldn’t have the heart to do that to Tom!

Read the last one here! https://tomco-headcannons.tumblr.com/post/160531555357/of-course-i-can-write-that-i-cant-tell-you-how

Tom and Marco sat on the bench on the outskirts of Mewni. They were smiling and giggling with each other, watching the leaves fall and counting how many red ones there were. “I’m really happy you’ve cheered up the past few days.” Marco told the demon. “I just… couldn’t stand seeing you so… I’m sorry I’m just making things worse.” Marco laughed a bit and trailed off. Tom shook his head.

“No, it’s nice. Thank you.” Tom assured. He looked back out at the leaves, before his face fell a little bit and he got a look of anxiety. “Does Moon know we’re here?” He asked.

“Probably.” Marco responded. “Why?” He asked. Tom looked over his shoulder and got up, making his way back to the castle.

“Well… if my dad is looking for me… he might talk to Moon first because of how close I was with Star… I don’t really… I just think we shouldn’t…” Tom tried to find the right words but Marco cut him off.

“Hey, if you don’t feel safe here we can leave, you don’t need to explain yourself.” Marco assured. Tom smiled and the two made their way back to the castle. They would get Star and then go home. It was better for Tom to stay somewhere hidden for a while, just until his father stopped looking for him. Marco watched the demon carefully, he wanted so badly to reach out and hold his hand. And make him feel as safe as Marco was determined to keep him.

And that determination would be tested very soon.

As soon as the boys entered the castle, Tom’s eyes widened and Marco darted out in front of him, standing in a defensive manner. King Lucifer stood above them. “How did I know, that if I came around here enough times, I would eventually catch you trying to sneak through?” The large demon whose entire body seemed to be engulfed by black smoke stood up taller.

“D-Dad… how did you-” Tom was cut off.

“Find you?” He asked. “It was easy. I know you would go running to that Butterfly girl, just like you always did.” Lucifer explained. “Now I’ve had enough games, Tom. Come with me, now.” He demanded.

“He’s not going anywhere with you!” Marco cried out. Tom flinched at the harsh tone Marco was crazy enough to use against this man. Lucifer looked over at Marco and narrowed his eyes.

“How dare you speak against me!” He hissed, whacking Marco aside so he fell to the floor. Lucifer then reached down to grab his son roughly by the arm and yank him away. “And YOU! How dare you run away! Like an immature child!” He reprimanded. Tom let out a cry and tried to pull away. But Lucifer tightened his grip.

“Stop! You’re hurting me!” Tom cried. Lucifer yanked him upward and grabbed him by the neck.

“Put him DOWN!” Marco yelled, kicking the large demon in the knees. Lucifer was so shocked by this that he dropped Tom to the floor. The littler demon scrambled away and curled up in a ball, Marco stood between him and king Lucifer. “Don’t touch him! Don’t you EVER touch him AGAIN!” Marco screamed.

“Think for a moment about what you are doing, human.” He spat the name like it was poison. “Now step aside, and let me bring my son home.” He growled.

“No!” Marco yelled back. “You are never going to hurt him again!” He screamed. Lucifer gritted his teeth and took a step forward. Marco stood up taller. “Take one step closer to him, I dare you! Take another step and see what happens!” He yelled.

Lucifer threw a look at Tom, who flinched at just this. “Tom, I grow tired of this. Come with your father, NOW.” He demanded. Tom gulped and Marco turned to look at him, he got down on his knees and held the demon’s hands.

“Tom, listen to me. You don’t need to go with him, I can bring you home and you’ll be safe.” Marco promised.

“He’s coming to his real home, with me.” Lucifer hissed. He pushed Marco aside and extended his hand. “Come along, Tom.” He called his son forward and Tom hesitantly reached out to take his father’s hand. About an inch away he pulled back.

“I-I don’t… you hit me. Marco says that’s not what a parent is supposed to do.” Tom mumbled. Lucifer became enraged at hearing this and he grabbed Tom, hoisting him up by the horn. The demon began bawling and kicking and screaming as his father threatened him. “MARCO! MARCO HELP ME DON’T LET HIM TAKE ME!” Tom screamed. Marco ran between the two demons and pulled Tom down so he fell to the floor. Marco fell ontop of him and wrapped him in a hug. He peered up at Lucifer and seethed.

“Leave. Him. Alone.” Marco barked. Lucifer stood taller and took a step closer, Tom burrowed deeper in Marco’s arms and the human had fire in his eyes. “Take one step closer, I dare you. Just see what happens.” he growled. “You’re scaring him. You’re scaring my Tommy.” Marco yelled at him. Tom looked up at Marco when he said this. Marco just called Tom “his”. And for some reason, that made him feel very happy, even in such a stressful situation.

King Lucifer stood there silently for a long while, before looking down at Tom. “Thomas, come home at once, or you will very much regret your choices.” He growled. Tom stiffened and held Marco’s hand tighter.

“He’s just trying to scare you. It’s okay, I won’t let him hurt you.” Marco promised. Tom gulped and nodded. Marco wrapped Tom up in his arms, holding him close. He peered over at king Lucifer and growled at him. “Go now. He doesn’t want to go with you.”

Lucifer stood there, enraged. He looked as if he was about to attack the two boys, but stopped. “Fine. Don’t ever come home.” He spoke to his son. “You were a screw up since the day you were born, I’m glad to be rid of you. Stay on earth, die for all I care. But if you ever come back home, or if I ever see you in the underworld again, you are going to die, Tom Lucitor.” He threatened. And with a burst of black flames, he was gone.

As soon as it was over Tom burst out into tears. Marco hushed him and held him close, rubbing his back and stroking his hair. “I should have gone. I shouldn’t have said no to him.” Tom blubbered. “He’s going to.. He’s…”

“You’re okay.” Marco cut him off. “He’s gone now, he’s never coming back. It’s okay, I got you.” Marco promised. Tom wailed and the human held him close.

“What am I going to do? I can never go home and… I can never go home!” he sobbed. “I have to listen to him it’s what I’m supposed to do and… oh my god what have I done!?” Tom cried, sobbing harder. Marco just let him cry and held him closer. He was so scared and brainwashed from all these years of abuse, that no matter where he was he wouldn’t feel safe. Even if his father admitted to abandoning him, Tom still feared being hurt and found, and torn away from the only person who showed him love. But Marco would help. It would take a long time, and it would be hard and frustrating, but he would help his demon get better.

We Don't Talk Anymore


Word Count: 1,055

A/N: I think I may do one for each member. Oooohhhhh 😍😍😍😍 I also intended for this to be longer but, oh well… lol hope you guys like it. *still can’t stop listening to his cover. You go Jungcook 😂😂😂😂*


The thin fabric held between his fingers was the sole reason he was feeling the way he was. It was a scarf she must have left behind. It still smelled of her perfume. How long had it been stored in his closet with the rest of his junk? At least a month now. It was soft between his fingers as he admired the blue color that seemed to always match her skin tone. He hated this. He hated that he had to find that.

He hissed as he tossed the fabric across the room. Wherever it landed would be it’s resting place. He didn’t care. The thought of her swarming his mind restlessly. It had been at least a month, maybe more, since they’d spoken. He wondered what she was doing. Who… He hissed at his own thoughts. Cherishing the time alone, in a room separated from the rest of his hyungs. He needed the space from prying eyes and concerned questions.

A hand ruffled through his hair as he fell onto his bed. His face buried in his sheets for a moment. But as soon as his eyes closed he saw an image of her face. He had sworn he would be with her for years to come. That they would always be two halves of one whole. But things happened. Words were spoken and… they fell apart. The way things ended between the two made it seem like everything was just a joke between them.

He rolled over and sat up on his bed. His head fell into his hands. He wasn’t sure why all of a sudden he felt so helpless. He was sure he had been able to settle his thoughts. But with the way he was feeling, he was certain he never truly got over it. He wondered honestly what she was doing. How she was. He missed just talking to her.

He pulled out his phone and unlocked it. He still knew her social media. They even had some shared friends. Maybe he could see something. Maybe.. As he stared down at his phone, he looked through their friend’s posts. She was with someone else already? He locked his phone and set it down. Was he a joke to her? Was their whole relationship something she could get over so easily?

He grabbed his phone and stood up. He pulled a sweater out from his closet before leaving his room and slamming his bedroom door closed. “Hey what the hell?” Yoongi asked as he poked his out from his room. “Why the hell are you making so much noise Jungkook?” Yoongi clicked his tongue before shutting his door. Jungkook couldn’t care at the moment. He was too intent on getting to her apartment.

He left the dorm and walked down the familiar streets that would take him to her place. Thankfully it was dark enough that just pulling up the hood of his sweater would disguise him enough. He could remember walking down the same roads before. Just to see her after a long day of practice. Just to hear her voice say his name. To see her beautiful smile light up at the sight of him. He longed for the feeling of her arms around him.

He was screaming on the inside. How did everything end up that way? How did she move on and leave him behind feeling that way? Did she not even love him back? He was almost certain she felt something… Maybe he was wrong.

He stood in front of her apartment building. He would need to be let in… How would he do that without needing to tell her? He needed to think of something to say before even getting to her apartment… Thankfully someone walking out recognized him from when he used to frequent her apartment. He got in easily and ran up the stairs to her apartment.

He took a deep breath and raised his hand to knock on her door. But for some reason he felt paralyzed. His wrist wouldn’t allow him to knock. He was frozen in place. What if she was in there with that guy…? What would he do? He would crumble into nothing if he saw him in there with her. He snapped out of his trance and knocked on her door. After a moment he heard her soft footsteps and the lock to her door turning.

When she pulled the door open, her eyes widened before her cheeks flushed red. He felt his heart ache inside his chest knowing that he was the reason that she had red cheeks. In an instant he had walked inside, closed the door and pinned her against it. All in one quick motion his hands were beside her head and he felt his heart racing.

“How… How did you forget me? Tell me. Tell me now so I can forget you too…” He breathed as his hands became fists. He couldn’t look at her. His eyes were screwed shut and he felt his heart pounding faster.

“Forget you…? Is that what you think?” She asked quietly. Her voice void of emotion as she looked at him. He looked so torn apart. She wished he knew that she felt exactly how he looked. Broken apart. How could he ever think she forgot him?

“Who is he then? In those pictures? Don’t lie.” He hissed. It was true. She had gone on a couple of dates with another guy. But it was to try and get over Jungkook. It ended up being too hard so she stopped seeing him.

“He’s not you.” She sighed. He managed to open his eyes and stare into hers. His right hand left the door and tangled into her hair as he set his forehead against hers.
“Why did we ever stop?” He asked. Her hand found his wrist and gently caressed it with her thumb.

“I don’t remember…” She answered honestly. He brushed his nose against hers before ghosting his lips against hers. His left hand finally pulled away from the door and tangled in her hair as he pressed his lips to hers. Her eyes fell closed and his followed. It felt like ages before they broke apart.

“Don’t look at anyone else. Don’t think of anyone else. Only me.” He breathed.

“Only you.”

I'm an entj
  • Te: People will follow me because I "look like I know what I'm doing" even when I straight up explain to them that I do not
  • Ni: But even when I know I don't know something I still basically think I know anyway
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