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Breath of the Wild Fanfics

Aka me trying to promote my stuff ! As I see the fanbase growing, I thought it’d be a good idea to show my works ! BOTW has been a huge source of inspiration for me, and kicked me out of the dreaded writer’ block, so I hope that you’ll enjoy reading these like I enjoyed writing them !


1 - Butterflies

A ghost haunting Sidon, a love he has yet to confess: what should he do ?

2 - Memories and Doubts

A confident, funny Prince. That is how everyone sees Sidon, but what if all of this was just an illusion ?


1. Her First Chapter

A fate set in stone, but when she met him, things felt a bit lighter - until everything changed: A View on the Prodigies

Other - focuses on the Champions

1. Her Last Chapter

Everything seemed to go well, but appearances are not to believe

2. Questions

A conversation on Vah Medoh between the Champions, who suddenly question Link’s worthiness.

BTS Reaction to another member confessing to you

Anon Requested:  BTS reaction when another member confessed to you/their gf and they walk into you two ♥

I hope you like this reaction ♥

Jungkook (Hoseok) : You hadn’t realized what Hoseok was doing until he grabbed both your hands in his and took a deep breath, his eyes bored into yours and you instantly tensed up. You tried to pull your hands back but once doing that his grip on you tightened. “Hoseok, don’t-”

“Don’t what (Y/N)?” Hoseok immediately cut you off, his voice was higher as he questioned you. You just shook your head at him and tried pulling your hands back but once again his grip on you wouldn’t let your hands free.

“Don’t say it, because if you say it then-”

“Say what? You don’t want me to tell you that I’ve liked you since I met you? That I was the first one to have feelings for you and you fell for our little maknae,” Hoseok scoffed at the mention of your boyfriend. “I understand that you two are the same age but really (Y/N), I didn’t think you were so oblivious to my feelings, I actually thought you liked me back but obviously that wasn’t true.” 


“What’s going on here?” Hoseok’s hands immediately dropped yours and he took a large step back. You spun around and saw it was Jungkook, you turned back to where Hoseok was only to find him gone. “Jagi? Did something happen?” You turned back to Jungkook and saw he was now in front of you, you slowly shook your head before stopping and looking up at him. 

“He told me he likes me.”

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Taehyung (Jimin) : “Jimin where are we going?” Jimin was dragging you through BigHit because he needed to talk to you, you didn’t ask why because it sounded urgent and important and Jimin was your friend so you just went with him. When you entered the room Jimin immediately slammed the door shut and soon your back hit the wall beside it. His hands were placed on each side of your head as stared at you. His arms trapped you and you couldn’t help but freeze at his movement. “Jimin…what are you doing?”

“Do you really love him?” 

“What?” You asked completely baffled, “Are you seriously asking me if I love Taehyung, my boyfriend of three years? Jimin what’s-” Your sentence was immediately cut off with his lips, as if there was a mini hulk in your your arms pushed Jimin back, his feet stumbling a couple of steps. “Jimin, what the fuck!” Your hands wiped your mouth, you turned and reach for the doorknob to leave the boy who basically just confessed his feelings for you.

“(Y/N), wait.” Jimin spoke and began walking towards you.

“No, don’t touch me, don’t talk to me, don’t even look at me!” You yelled halting Jimin’s movements. You reached for the doorknob again but suddenly the door swung open and Taehyung stepped in, he immediately stepped in front of you. 

“Did you-” Jimin started but Taehyung only took a step closer.

“What went on in here?” Your boyfriends voice was deep and low and you couldn’t help but feel the fear that was radiating off of Jimin. Jimin just shook his head, his head lowered not meeting the gaze of Taehyung anymore. Taehyung quickly grabbed your hand, pulling you out of the room and left Jimin alone.

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Jimin (Jungkook) : Jimin couldn’t believe his eyes when he walked in on you and Jungkook, at first the only thought that was going through his head was that he caught you cheating on him but the thought immediately disappeared when he saw the look on your face, there wasn’t any emotion on your face, your arms were crossed over your chest and back leaning against the wall of the living room, Jungkook was a few feet away from you but he wasn’t too close. Your eyes would quickly flash over to Jimin but your emotion just stayed the same, they’d soon go back to Jungkook who had turned and saw Jimin. His eyes widened at your boyfriend and immediately started stammering, his hands flew up as if he was in front of a cop with a gun. He’d be saying things like “Nothing happened.” again and again. He’d simply stop talking when he saw Jimin wasn’t angry either, once seeing that he quickly bowed to his hyung and walked to his room, once hearing the door close Jimin immediately made his way to you, he pulled you in his arms and asked what happened. 

“I think Kookie has a crush on me.”


“He likes me Jimin, he was telling me he likes me before you came in.”

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J-Hope (Jin) : When Hoseok stepped foot in the room he couldn’t believe what he saw. Jin was usually the more mature member out of the group, he never would be as immature and actually try and make a move on you. Hoseok figured Jin had a little crush on you by always mentioning your name when with all the boys and how touchy he has been with you in the past, but now Hoseok seeing with his own eyes he couldn’t believe how stupid he was as to just think that Jin wouldn’t actually try something. Hoseok came rushing to you the minute he saw you trying to push Jin away. “(Y/N), please just think about it.” Jin spoke before he realized Hoseok was in the room. His face was in pure shock the moment he saw your boyfriend, he was yanked back and was now separated by Hoseok stepping in the middle of you two. 

“Leave.” Hoseok spoke, his eyes narrowed at the eldest member and voice dropped. You saw his fists clench and you immediately grabbed ahold of him, your hands fisting the back of his shirt and gently tugging. Jin had gotten the hint that if he didn’t leave it’d be a big mistake and without another word or glance he left. Without turning around Hoseok spoke again, this time to you. “What did he mean by please think about it?”

“He told me to leave you for him…that’s what he wanted me to think about.”

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Rap Monster (Yoongi) : “Yoongi?” Your voice came out quieter than you intended but it completely shut out with the slam of the door. You were waiting for Namjoon in his shared room with Yoongi and was confused by Yoongi’s actions. Once the door shut he immediately made his way to you, his hands wrapping around your wrists and tugging you up off of the bed. “Yoongi!” You yelled at the sudden jerk of your body, your chest colliding with your arms as the hit Yoongi’s chest. He looked down at you, eyes not stern or anything as you had expected them to be because of his movements, but instead they were soft almost pleading in a way. “Yoo-” Your eyes screwed shut as his lips made their way onto yours. You just stood there, not pushing back, just waiting until he was done. Once his lips left yours, your eyes slowly opened and met his gaze, he looked sad and upset, you didn’t know if he was upset with himself or not but no matter what he looked disappointed.

“You didn’t kiss back,” Yoongi let out a sigh as the words left his mouth. “You really do love him, don’t you? Even though it has’t been long-”

“I love Namjoon Yoongi, I’m sorry.” Your voice stayed quiet, your eyes looked up at the sad boy and only wished you could make him feel better.

“What’s going on here?” You and Yoongi’s head snapped to the door, Namjoon was standing there, arms crossed over his chest and an unamused look was plastered on his face. 

Yoongi was stuttering through all of his words, you couldn’t help but look at him and want to help. “We were just talking.” You said.

“About what?” Namjoon immediately said

“He’s having, uh,” You paused for a second, only a second before the idea popped into your head. “Girl problems, he’s having girl problems.”

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Suga (Taehyung) : “I’m the one you should be with! Not him!” The words echoed through the whole dorm and nearly everyone in the living area froze including you. You were in the hallway trapped by Taehyung while everyone else had happened to be in the living room and kitchen. Namjoon was in the kitchen with Jin and Jungkook while Jimin, Hoseok and Yoongi were in the living room. The boys in the kitchen widened there eyes and stayed still once they heard the voice boom and very well knew who’s voice it was and knew who he had yelled at. Jimin and Hoseok tried to stop Yoongi as he was rushing towards the two of you. The sound of Taehyung’s voice yelling at you instantly made Yoongi’s feet come down to the both of you. Once he saw you, frozen by Taehyung and pinned to the door Yoongi heaved him back, he stumbled back catching onto a doorknob in order for him not to fall and instantly stood up again repeating his words now to Yoongi. “She shouldn’t be with you, let her go and let her be with me.” If Yoongi wasn’t steaming already he sure is now, he took a step forward to Taehyung but stopped suddenly when he felt your hands wrap around his arm and try and pull him back.

“Don’t do this Yoongi.” You whimpered looking at the back of his head, he promptly spun around and looked at you.

“Is what he said true?”

“What? No!” You raised your voice and shook your head. “I just don’t want you to fight, let’s just go to your room,” You tugged on him again trying to bring him back to his shared room. “Please, no fighting. I don’t want him.” Your eyes glared down at Taehyung before looking back at your boyfriend. “I don’t want him.” You reassured.

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Jin (Namjoon) : When walking in on you sitting on the bed with Namjoon and his hands enveloping yours Jin honestly didn’t think anything of it. He knew you two were close friends but once Namjoon caught sight of your boyfriend his eyes widened promptly and scooted away from you. Now Jin hadn’t caught what Namjoon had said but seeing his reaction he knew it couldn’t be good. “What’s going on?” Jin spoke eyeing Namjoon more than you. You straightened up, crossing your legs and looking at Namjoon as well.

“He, um, he told me-”

“I have to go.” Namjoon stood up abruptly and passed by Jin and left the room. Jin couldn’t help but look shocked as well as you once seeing Namjoon’s actions. Jin’s eyes soon met yours and he made his way to you, closing the door in the process and soon sat beside you. 

“What was he talking to you about?” 

“He likes me Jin, he told me he’s liked me for awhile now and had to tell me.” You let out a sigh before looking him in the eyes. “He told me not to tell you.”

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BTS Click and Drag/Screenshot game #1 - Who will be the first to? - EleishaaMayy/JamlessChimChim

Hey! I see you’ve stopped by my Click and Drag. This click and drag consists of “Who will be the first?” Questions, (J- )Hope you enjoy! Feel free to tell me who you got, I would love to know 😊

1) Who will be the first to invite you over to their video shooting?

2) Who will be the first to confess their love to you?

3) Who will be the first to take you out and listen to their new music?

4 (This is sadly the last one for #1 because I’m getting tired making all these gifs xD) Who will be the first to ask you to be theirs?

Thanks for doing this BTS click and drag. Sadly this is the end of #1. If you want you can message me some questions and I’ll add them in #2. I’ll give credit to you guys :) ❤️ 

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Ooh! From the second list "Don't freak out, but we may have gotten married..."


Loki hadn’t been looking forward to representing Asgard at Vanaheim’s Ostara festival. Until he saw Crown Princess Sigyn, that is.

“Enjoying yourself, your majesty?” the woman in question asked, taking a seat beside him as they watched priestesses dance around a huge bonfire.

“I do believe I am, your majesty,” Loki shot back with a smile, emboldened by the mug of elderflower wine that was constantly being refilled. “Thank you for extending me an invitation.”

“Well, actually my parents had hoped that your parents would travel here for the festival,” Sigyn confessed. “They have asked them every season and they have always politely declined.”

“Ah… I’m sorry,” he muttered into mug.

“I’m not,” Sigyn grinned into her own drink. “I’ve heard so many terribly interesting stories about you, and I’m so glad we finally got to meet.”

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Take Time to Realize (Part 4 of 4)

Request: Modern Day!AU They are best friends and the reader likes Bucky but he doesn’t like her and when she confesses it’s like one of those ‘you never know what you have until it’s gone’. After that Bucky realizes his feeling for the reader.

Word Count: 2,492

Warnings: Smut. Unprotected sex.

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

A/N: And we have arrived to the end! Hope you enjoy it, guys!

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You stare at him. Because there isn’t anything else you can do, really. You just look at Bucky like he’s grown another head. Your mind is running at a hundred miles per hour and you can’t believe it. You can’t believe he’s standing before you, saying such selfish things.

“Why?” you find yourself asking.

Bucky seems surprised by your question but he takes a deep breath and his eyes are piercing right through yours.

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I love reading your take on TBL so if you could indulge me one more time... Why do you think Red was so affected by Elizabeth's fantasy? His reaction - his unusual silence - is something that always comes back to me... (I'm sorry if you have talked about this before) Thank you!!!

I’m always happy to go down these rabbit holes over and over again, anon. but let’s take it behind a cut:

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Being best friends with Taehyung lead you to meet Jimin, and fall in love with him. You confessed, but he rejected you… How are things gonna go from there? 

| Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Three.Five | Part Four | Part Five | Part six | Part Seven | Part Eight | Part Nine | Part Ten | Part Eleven | Part Twelve | Part Thirteen | Part Fourteen | Part Fifteen | Part Fifteen.Five  | Masterlist |

**A/N: **So i’ve been considering doing these for a while now, and for some reason today was the day it came to life. It’s my new series, i hope you enjoy, and i might take requests after i’m done with this? Please look forward for the next parts. Much love xx and remember you can always say something to me.

Never Again

Joe Sugg x Reader

Request: Hi! Can you do a Joe Sugg imagine? Can I also be a youtuber and he confess his love for me but, I’m really insecure and think it’s a prank. Can he “convince” me by saying why and it’s super fluffy. Btw I do like him back. Thank you so much!

Warnings: fluffy 

This was so cute to do! I hope you like it!! Romantic Joe is always fun to write and I think he would be so cheesy and nervous 


“Okay everything is set up, do you need anything else?” Joe gave Caspar a grateful hug. “Thanks for helping out Casp, I just hope she likes it.” Caspar laughed, looking around the room at everything Joe had done, “Trust me, she will love it.”
“Do you really think it will work?” Joe questioned Caspar, looking desperately scared he might ruin a friendship. “Joe, of course this will work I thought of it, don’t question it.”

Joe walked Caspar out of his flat and looked at their handy work. With Caspar’s help he managed to make a homemade dinner, catered to Y/n favorite foods with candles and rose petals over the table and around the room. He had to make sure to light them before she comes by. He looked at the cameras which were hidden behind glasses and on high shelves before making his way to the bathroom to shower and get ready before Y/n arrived.

Joe had invited Y/n over to work on a collaboration video for his and her channel but really he wanted to tell her that he loved her. She was one of his dearest friends and they had a strong flirtation-ship going. Joe couldn’t remember the exact moment when he realized he loved her. It could have been when she dragged him out shopping and he watched as she laughed at ridiculous outfits but tried them on anyway. Or maybe it was the time that she cried into his chest when she fought with her friends and he felt that he needed to do everything in his power to make her feel better. Or perhaps it was one of the many times in which they cuddled, watching movies and falling asleep together. He couldn’t remember but all he knew was that he loved her. He had passed the stage of lust, he was instantly attracted to her beauty, her body and her smile but the more he got to know her he was attracted to her personality and her mind.

He heard a knock on his door as he fixed his quiff, his hands began to sweat and his stomach fluttered with butterflies. He took a deep breath before dimming the lights, making sure all of the candles were lit before opening the door, his mouth dropped at the sight of her. Y/n’s hair was in waves past her shoulders and she wore a beautiful long cream dress with red flowers and neutral lace up flats, which he was thankful for considering they were the same height. Her eyes widened at the sight of him, “Why do I feel underdressed?” She questioned walking into the flat, “And why is it so dark?” After she set her purse and coat down on the small desk by the door, she faced him.

“Joe?” He blinked before feeling his face flush, he rushed over giving her a welcoming hug, “I have a surprise.” Y/n hesitantly took his offered hand and closed her eyes as he instructed. “What on earth is going on?” He shushed her before leading her into the dining room and moved her to stand in front of the meal as he moved back, reaching for her favorite flower which was placed on the table.

“I thought we were filming a video Joe,” she stated, still with her eyes shut tight, waiting in anticipation. “I changed my mind, you can open your eyes now.” She slowly opened her eyes and instantly gaped at everything around her. She took in the sight of the table set to perfection with candles surrounding the room and rose petals under her feet, she looked at Joe and her eyes started to water. He stood there, looking nervous as hell, waiting for her reaction. She stepped forward, nodding to the flower in his hand, “Is that for me or are you going to hold it all night?” Joe blushed and held it out for her. “So what exactly is going on Joe? I know it’s not my birthday or anything else…” she trailed off.

“Y/n I have something to tell you.” Joe pulled out Y/n’s chair and she sat carefully, watching as he sat down and took her hands in his. “Y/n, you’re one of my best friends and that’s such a pleasure, but I don’t want to be considered your friend anymore.” Y/n’s eyebrows burrowed, “Joe what are you talking about?”

Joe took a deep breath before looking her in the eyes, “Y/n, I love you, and not as friends, I want to be with you and I really hope you feel the same.” There was a silence as Y/n’s jaw dropped in shock. Joe loved Y/n. She had been waiting for this for such a long time, a tear slowly dropped down her face and she smiled wide, Joe’s worry immediately dissipated as she whispered, “Joe…” She laughed breathlessly and looked away to wipe her eyes when she spotted a red light on the shelf above the counters. Her face fell as her heart shattered, she looked around to find another small camera filming them. She became outraged, “Are you seriously filming this? IS THIS A PRANK?” Realization dawned on Y/n before she slammed her chair back, standing immediately. Joe followed right away, “No Y/n I swear it’s not-” He was cut short when Y/n released a sob, tears streaming down her face. She had filmed a video with Caspar like this, where he pulled a prank saying how he was in love with her. It was awkward because she didn’t feel the same way but after it was revealed as a prank, she was relieved. Joe had done the exact same prank, except he took it way further with making it as romantic as possible. “You just have to be the ultimate prankster don’t you? I don’t like this sick joke, my feelings can’t be played like this. I can’t believe I thought this was real but no you don’t love me, how stupid I feel.” She turns to leave the room but Joe grabs her arm, ultimately stopping her, “Y/n please don’t leave this isn’t a joke, I would never do that to you,” Joe himself starts to tear up as she rips her arm out of his hold. “I’m serious, I meant every word I said. Please don’t walk out the door, just talk to me, hell, just listen.” She sighed, “Explain, now.”

“Y/n I love everything about you, the way your eyes shine when you are happy and how you confide your secrets in me. I love that you write me letters when I take the train because you know I’ll be bored. I love how you cuddle with me after I’ve had a bad day or make me breakfast when I’m hungover. I love the smile you give me when you have just woken up and how you fit perfectly in my arms. I love everything about you,” he slowly made his way closer to her, taking her hands, “This isn’t a prank, I was recording it because if you said that you loved me too then I would love to use this for a later time in our relationship. Actually no, I’m not going to dance around it. I want to use this footage at our wedding because I need you in my life and one day I hope we get there together.” Y/n throws her arms around Joe after a moment of silence, “Do you really mean all that?” She whispered and his hold tightened around her, almost like she will disappear if he loosens his grip. “Of course I do, and trust me please. Caspar said this would work, I didn’t mean to make you upset. I just wanted to tell you how much I love you and I’m so sorry that it turned out this way, I never meant-” Y/n pushed her lips to Joe’s, effectively shutting him up. He gently caressed her face, kissing her slowly, not wanting to taint the moment of their first kiss. “Oh, I love you too Joe, and please never let Caspar give you advice again.” He chuckled, leaning his forehead against hers, “Never again.”


Let me know if you liked it! 

I hope you like this, anon. If you have any questions, message me.

Soldier 76

• Out of the three of them, Soldier 76 would be the most awkward.

• He wouldn’t exactly understand the flirting, especially when you seem to do that with a lot of people. If anything, you reminded him of McCree.

• When the crush happened, it nearly consumed him because it was all he thought about. He wondered if you liked him back, and he feared you only flirted with him because it was so natural for you.

• He wouldn’t be the one to confess his feelings. If you do like him back, you’ll have to be the one that says it. If you don’t, you’ll never know about his crush.

• Soldier 76 might try and use the advice McCree gave him, but it wouldn’t go well.


• Genji would definitely flirt back the moment you flirt with him. He’s just as much of a flirt, and he’ll make sure you know that.

• He never expected a crush to form, especially when he thought your flirting came from a friendly place.

• Genji would be the one to come out with it almost right away. He doesn’t want to dwell or suffer in silence, so he’d definitely tell you when he notices it.

• If you like him back, he’ll be so incredibly excited. He’ll still flirt with you constantly, even though you’re already with him.

• If you don’t, it might devestate him, but he’ll quickly learn that it isn’t the end of the world. He’ll understand that your flirting is just something you do.


• Out of the three of them, Reaper will be the one to ignore his crush the most. He doesn’t want those feelings to take over, but ignoring them only makes them worse.

• He most definitely won’t be the one to reciprocate the flirting, and he definitely won’t admit his crush on you.

• Reaper would brood more than usual if he realizes that the crush is consuming him. He would avoid you at all times.

• However, if he lets himself (meaning lets Gabriel take a little bit more control) lose, he won’t be afraid to openly flirt with you. And that means flirting at the most inappropriate of times.

• Most of the time, you’ll be the one to confess first. Even then, it’ll take him some time to do the same.

You are all so awesome. 

There were so many questions that my browser kept crashing! Sorry about that.

Thank you so much for hanging out. If I accidentally sent private answers/didn’t complete any/didn’t get to any good questions, I will try to sort that out. Some of you wrote such nice things, and I appreciate it so much. I wanted to answer so many, but it was impossible (obviously). 

Today’s a really exciting day for me, so this meant a lot. Thank you so much for the immense amount of support and love. You are all amazing. I really hope you enjoy Kindred.

Furthermore, I hope to see you all soon. Oh, if we’re not hitting your city this time around, we will eventually. We always try to play in as many places as possible. 

This was fun. 
Let’s do it again!


anonymous asked:

This is just a question, not a confession. How big do you think Giants are? (Not Humans, Giants, like The BFG characters.) I'm asking because I always see big differences (20 feet-50 ft-70 ft-90 ft) so how big is an "Average" Giant? (As a Tiny I vote: Way too big.)

I suppose it varies from giant to giant? I know that giants up to 20 ft. are generally classified as ‘mini-giants’, and anything planet sized or so is giga, but that’s a whole lotta wiggle room in between

On some old g/t circles I used to be in (mostly DA groups or obscure forums) everyone generally loved the 1/12 scale, meaning that the human was 1/12th a size of the giant. Putting the average human at 6 feet or less and the giant 12 times taller, basically 72-ish feet. That would make the human about 6 inches comparatively.
Some people (me) preferred the 1/24 scale, which is 144 feet tall giants. An average human would seem about 3 inches compared to the giant

Most tinies I see tend to prefer sizes of 3-6 inches in comparison to their bigger counterparts, so if we up that to average human height, and scale up the giants, average height would be anywhere from 72 feet to 150

If you wanna see visual representations of it, this site is a godsend

and if anyone wants to add onto this post with more g/t mathtime feel free

(and as a tiny, I fully agree, best size is way too big)

sugaryyoonri  asked:

hellooo! how are you? hope everything is fine! 💓 soo, i've been making progress with the story (which im kinda embarrassed to upload). the thing is, how do you make romantic stuff (e.g. confessing, cuddling, etc.) less cheesy? (..i feel like i ask you too much about these kind of stuff. sorry. ㅠㅠ)

Hiya! I’m okay, finally started working on something new ^_^

Don’t be embarrassed hun, I’m sure it’s great, I like the enthusiasm and questions, it shows you really want it to be good ^_^

This is actually I need to work on myself, romance is definitely not my strong point cx

I guess my advice would be, try to not over exaggerate, if that makes sense? Try showing the romance through more subtle actions?

Ah, I’m really not sure with this one, like I said, this is something I need to work on as well cx Don’t worry about asking me though, I like answering your questions!

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confession: i want to start wearing skirts/dresses to work because pants are super uncomfortable to me but i think it will attract too much attention bc i work in a warehouse 😔 people in the past have overwhelmingly noticed when i get new glasses and sneakers and when i have worn a dress in the past. i dont like the extra attention i wish i could just be myself and blend in at the same time. Have a nice day JP love ya

ugh i know that feeling of judge anting to be comfortable and wear what you want without drawing attention to yourself. it’s a conundrum. i hope one day you’ll feel confident enough to do so!! the reason people react is because they’re ignorant and the unfamiliar scares them. when people question me or react negatively to my appearance i try to make it into an opportunity to educate them, even if it’s something as small as my nail polish. i’ve had many opportunities to actually enlighten people to what it means to be non-gender conforming. much love and power to you tho xoxo i hope things get easier as time goes on

I haven’t written much of Reaper yet, so I’m going to do this request. I hope you like this, @8bitoutlaw! If you have any questions, message me.

Would he ever say it?

• It would have to be a dire circumstance for him to ever say it. Reaper would be a man of little affection. He would show his love in other ways that could be described as (very) subtle.

• In all honesty, Reaper has a hard time acknowledging his feelings, especially ones such as love or passion. He prefers to disconnect himself from people because it makes getting away from them easier (and it gives Talon little leverage over him).

• It would take you being close to death for him to admit that he loves you, even though he knows that’s exactly what he feels for you.

How would he say it?

• When he finally admits to it, Reaper would spend quite a bit of time to confess to you.

• It would either be during a heated argument or when you’re on the verge of death. He would be desperate and would want you to know that he does care about you.

• He’d say it without realizing it, too. Then, after, he would spend quite a bit of time wondering if he had done the right thing by telling you.

• Reaper might also get angry when he realized that he said it. He’d silently curse himself for saying it until you reassured him that you loved him, too.

• He wouldn’t say it again for quite some time, but you knew he cared about you.

I hope everyone is having a good night. I just wanted to say I’m sorry for my sporadic blog and I’m sorry if you think my quality has dropped. Also I’m hella single and HELLA thirsty so pls pls pls pls hmu. I have an ask box and I don’t get anything anymore :P also very shallow confession/confusion. My followers keep going up but I used to average 200000 notes a month but now I average like 60000. Do you not like me anymore? Honest answers. Also another important question. We all know that I don’t find myself attractive. 80% of guys call me attractive/stunning/gorgeous/sexy on Grindr yet I never get guys in real like. How/why? Do I believe them. How do I let people know I’m gay. Do I have to wear a sign? Important questions. End rant.

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hi, not a confession, just a question. Do you publish all the confessions you get? Also, It seems like a lot of people are afraid of being judged by you with their confessions (because of that "please find jesus" thing a while back).

Yes, I publish all the confessions I receive. I wasn’t aware that people were afraid of being judged by me, that was something I had been hoping to avoid. Can I ask where you heard people were worried about being judged, just so I can clear it up if possible?

That thing was meant to be a joke, but yeah, it was rude of me. I did apologize for it, and I still am sorry, and I’ve avoided and will continue avoid that type of thing in the future. If it hasn’t been obvious since then, I’ve been detaching myself more from the blog, so that incident won’t repeat. 

This blog is meant to be a judgement free space, I am sorry if it doesn’t seem that way, and that type of thing won’t happen again.

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∯ ∯ ∯ ∯

for every ∯ i get i will say/confess something without specifying for whom it is meant

it’s so weird seeing… someone like you. you’re so kind, and hopeful – but you’re not as happy as you seem. i can tell. just… even when things aren’t easy y’need to keep it up. you don’t always have to be happy, and you should never feel like you have to pretend to be happy for others. but don’t let go of that hope, it’s too easy to lose.

you can keep hiding behind pride, and anger if you want to bro. i know things probably aren’t easy where you’re from and… don’t let people fault you for whatever you gotta do to get through your shit. but not everyone is out to get you. there are gonna be people you can be soft with – don’t be afraid to.

i’m happy and not happy to have met you. it’s good to know there is someone else out there… like me. but fuck, man… how did it get so bad? i could guess, but i guess i’d rather not. i just wanna say whatever you had to go through, i’m sorry. i’m here for you though, bro. i’m not gonna go anywhere…

get your fuckin’ shit together. stars…

Yet Heavily Intoxicated

Request from imaniversaxe: Hi I love your imagines and I was wondering if you could do a Nate imagine where you come home drunk and All the guys are there and you say something embarrassing or something like that and nate takes care of you and stuff like idek if that made any sense

A/N: (I had this up last night, but took it down thinking I wanted to make some changes, but I ended up changing nothing.) Here you go, love! Thank you so much for this request. It was really fun writing it, hahaha. (: I hope you guys enjoy. Please feel free to like, reblog, or hit me with an ask about anything - a questions, a confession, a discussion, your opinion about this imagine, or criticism! Any is greatly appreciated. ☺️💕


Stumbling around and continually tripping over your feet, you couldn’t find a single balance in your bones, so much so that it took three people to help you get from the car to your house. Because not only will you fall on your own, but if there weren’t enough people to hold you down, you’d be spreeing free from their grip and running drunkenly around the neighborhood like a fool. The boys didn’t want that no matter how funny they thought it would have been.

“Buh boys-aahh,” you spoke indistinctly. “I’m fine! Look!” You lifted your arms from their shoulders and immediately started wobbling, causing the boys to spring midway forward with their arms out ready to catch you just in case you fell. It was like looking at a bunch of monkeys waiting for another monkey to make a mistake. Nevertheless, you still tried to prove your sobriety, bringing your arms up like an airplane and trying to steady your movements one slow step at a time. However, that failed to show as you kept senselessly leaning side to side.

Scared you might fall and hurt yourself, Johnson swifted under your arms. “Nope,” he blurts out.

“But Johnso-”

“Nope,” he quickly spoke again, shaking his head. He pointed his finger forward. “Walk.” He was serious. Besides Nate, out of all the boys, Johnson would be the most protective over you. He has always been there for you since the beginning and there when you needed him the most. His sweet and gentle, yet completely sassy, nature worked for you, and he didn’t want to see you tripping flat on your face.

Gilinsky and Sam joined in, and while those three kept tight of your arms and upholding your shoulders, Nate walked up the porch to open your door to which he had a spare key to. “Alright. We’re good,” Nate said as Gilinsky carefully handed you over to him. The rest of the boys let go and Nate bent down to carry you bridal style over the ‘threshold’. “I hope it won’t be like this on our wedding day,” he chuckled. He had you dangling over his arms, and by now, you were halfway passed out in his grasp.

Gilinsky, being the funny one in the group, messed with your hair a bit as he walked in the house and closed the door behind him. “I wonder how girls deal with sooo much hair,” he asked. He pulled it in all sorts of direction and you could see the pure curiosity in the boy.  

“Girls are powerful,” Sam jumped in with a comical grin.

“That’s damn right,” you mumbled quite deadly, yet still consciously aware of your surroundings. You raised your arm up to emphasize your point only to lightly smack Nate in the face. The boys laughed at the scene and Sam, wide-smile, had to hold your arms down to keep you from flailing them some more.

Nate took a several more steps inside the house and bent down to settle you on the couch. He stood back up and walked to the top end of your body and took a seat, gingerly lifting your head and placing it on his lap. He started to play with your hair just the way you like it. Sam, on the other hand, went straight to the kitchen to ransack your refrigerator for food, despite the fact that he just came back from a party in which stuffed his face with tons of chips and an endless array of pizza. “Spaghetti!!” he joyfully screamed. He took out a fork from his pocket and quickly gouged his face in the leftovers. Johnson, noticing the fork, shot Sam with a quizzical look. “What?” Sam mumbled with food stuffed in his mouth. He shrugged his shoulder and replied, “You never know what could happen, bro.” Johnson just shook his head and went straight to the restroom to take a leak.

Gilinsky, exhausted, let out a sigh and dropped down on the single sofa diagonal from you and Nate. “Man, did you see (Y/N) out there? She was wild! I’ve never seen her drink like that before.”

“Yeah, bro. I didn’t know she could party that hard!” Sam voiced out from the kitchen.

Nate propped his elbow on the couch and rested his head on his hand. “Yeah,” he laughed. “But look where that got her.” With his other hand still gently caressing your head, he wonders if you’re still awake. “Baby?”

“(Y/N)?!” Johnson yelled once he got out the restroom. He walked towards you and bent forward over the couch, whispering, “(Y/N)?” making the boys laugh.

You waved your arms to shoo him away as you frowned your face. “Go away, Sam.”

“Sam?” Johnson giggled.

With food still stuffed, Sam whipped his head up at the sound of his name. “What?”

“Nothing,” Gilinsky laughed while looking at you. “She’s so drunk right now. But aye, alright,” he continued while getting up from the sofa. “Let’s get her to be-”

“No I’m not,” you randomly burst out. Gilinsky titled his head in puzzlement, and everyone laughed at how late your reaction was.

You dazed in and out of your state of mind and began to slur out a wave of nonsense. “I’m a pretty flower with dragon wings and the itsy bitsy spide- Did you know that me and Nate sleep together? Not sexually, but sometime I imagine what it’d be like. We haven’t gone that far yet because he’s such a swee-”

Nate’s eyes widen, nearly popping out of its socket, and so did everyone else’s - some out of amusement and one out of shock. “Okay!” Nate’s apprehensively exclaimed. He took a stance and turned to face everyone, clasping his hands together, and told them, “I think imma stay here.” He nervously chuckled.

Samuel narrowed his eye at Nate.

“No, no! Not like tha- Oh, my gosh,” he said, pinching the bridge of his nose. He sure got himself mixed in some easily misunderstood mess.

“I’m kidding, man,” Sam laughed. He walked out the kitchen and came to pat Nate on the back. “I know what you mean, but aye, see you tomorrow. Make sure she’s drinks the thing on the table. It’s for her hangover when she wakes up. I added a little Sammy kick to it!”

“Yeah, for sure. Thanks, bro.”

Johnson was next in line to bid you two adieu. He gave Nate a goodbye handshake and diverted his attention to you. “Goodnight, (Y/N),” he verbalized, pecking a kiss to your forehead that your hair covered. You groaned in response.

Gilinsky also ended the night with a goodnight handshake to Nate. “See you, man. We’re shooting hoops tomorrow at Nash’s,” he pointed his fingers. “Don’t forget!”

Nate patted Gilinsky on the back and chuckled. “I won’t. Who wouldn’t want to win three times in a row?” he teased, referring to the last two failed games Gilinsky and his team played. He pounced on Nate and a quick little horseplay took place.

After the boys finished with their boisterous rough-housing, Gilinsky said his goodbye to you. “Love you, baby girl.” He left your side, but not without a quick peck on the head.

The three boys exited out the door and mustered in the vehicle. You now had Nate’s full attention. He sighed in contentment at the sight of you. “Oh, (Y/N). You are sooo going to regret this when you wake up,” he laughed. He carries you up to your room and plants you the bed. He then brings the sheet over your delicate, yet heavily intoxicated, body and turns around to get cleaned up in the restroom. After washing his face and taking a moist towel to wipe yours, he makes sure to put two pills of Advil by your side and a glass of water. The drink Sam concocted will be last. Once his list is done, he weakly climbs into bed with you. Feeling the bed oscillate, you subconsciously shift body and wrap your arms around him. Nate’s initial reaction was not to move, but once you had settled down, he grabs you into his arms and closes his eyes as he lays a lingering kiss to the top of your head. “Goodnight, lil mama. Sweet dreams.”

Bellamy imagine for Anon

Warning: language

Can you do a 100 imagine? I was hoping it could be with Bellamy, maybe where the reader is badass and knows how to fight. So when her and Bellamy come across grounders. Her and Bellamy fight them and he gets hurt during the process and she helps him. And he confesses his love for her. Please be a really cute ending.

Hope you enjoy it! I may have gotten carried away so it is a little long! Let me know what you think! Thanks!

“And where do you think you are going?”

You tried to ignore Bellamy’s questions as you headed to the makeshift gate. Bellamy rushed towards you and blocked your path.

“I asked you a question.”

“Oh, King Bellamy! I hope you can forgive a simple peasant like me. I was unaware that I needed to clear my plans with you. I thought I was a capable, independent woman. But I am just a peasant. Do forgive me, sir.”

“Very funny. Cut the bullshit and just answer my question.”

“I’m going hunting, Bell. Calm down, will ya?”

“Listen, I don’t have the energy to put up with your smartass attitude. And you know the rules, you need to have a partner if you leave the gate.”

“Everyone is still asleep. I don’t want to wake anyone up. Besides, I just want some alone time. And you can’t stop me from going.”


“Wait, fine?”


Even though you were shocked at Bellamy’s change of mind you wasted no time and hurried towards the gate. You waved at the poor guards who had been up all night and made your way out to the woods. You typically didn’t mind wandering off by yourself but the sun was only just coming up and it had an eerie affect on the forest. You pulled an arrow out and held your bow, ready, just in case. And, as if on cue, a twig snapped behind you. In a blink of an eye, you were facing your predator with your arrow at his nose.

“Jesus, Bellamy! I could’ve shot you!”

“I couldn’t let you come out here alone!”

“I can protect myself!”

“I know you think you’re tough but you aren’t as strong as you think you are.”

“I should’ve shot you.” You mumbled under your breath as you turned back around and began to head deeper into the woods.

“I heard that.”

You let a small smirk form on your lips as you continued walking. You looked over at Bellamy and couldn’t help but notice how much he had aged during the short time you had been on earth. He had a gun strapped around on his back and a knife in his hand, prepared to be thrown at any second. Never in a million years did you think you would end up on earth with Bellamy Blake, the ex-guard. But you were a thief so maybe you two were a decent match.

               You were so caught up in thought that you hadn’t noticed Bellamy freeze until it was too late. You winced in pain as a blade caught the edge of your ear. You were lucky it hadn’t been your eye. You snapped back to reality as the grounders approached. Three men, easily twice your size, were running and leaping over fallen trees quickly approaching you.

               Instinct took over and you pulled your arrow tight as you aimed it correctly. You took a deep breath and then let the arrow sail. Your aim proved true again as you saw the closest grounder fall to the ground with an arrow in his chest. Bellamy seemed shocked at your skill and pulled desperately at his gun strap to swing it around his body. Once his clumsy attempts worked, he aimed the gun then took a shot but nothing happen.

“Shit. Shit. Shit! It’s not working!”

“You didn’t think to check it before we came?”

“Jasper was supposed to check them all!”

You held back your argument as you noticed the two grounders were only a few feet away. You aimed another arrow but right as you went to shoot the nearest grounder dove at you. Your body roughly slammed into the ground and the grounder was pulling back his knife to end you. But he was much too prideful. You took advantage of his misjudgment and stabbed his side with one of your arrows. This caused him to clutch his side in pain. You used this time to slide out from underneath him. You scrambled backwards and desperately reached for another arrow. You stared in disbelief at your arrows. Every single one of them had broken in the tackle but you didn’t have time to waste so you pulled a knife from your boots. You took care of the grounder that had tackled you and went on to help Bellamy. He was in a chokehold from a grounder that was at least 200 pounds. You tried to aim your knife at the grounder but you didn’t want to risk hitting Bellamy. Luckily, Bellamy used his own body as leverage and flipped the grounder over. This came as a surprise to the grounder and gave Bellamy just enough time to save his life by ending the grounders. Your body bent over in exhaustion after the grounder died.

“Well, I was wrong. You are a lot stronger than I thought.”

You started to laugh at Bellamy’s comment but it was cut short as an arrow flew past your shoulder and hit Bellamy right above the hip. Without hesitation you spun around and let your knife soar into the grounder that had shot Bellamy. He instantly fell to the ground and you quickly spun around, scanning the area. The woods seemed clear and you rushed to Bellamy’s side. He was about to pull the arrow out when you stopped him.

“Leave it. You could bleed out before we get to camp if you take it out.”

Bellamy listened and you carefully wrapped your scarf around the arrow, attempting to slow the bleeding. Bellamy was too heavy for you to carry so all you could do was throw his arm over your shoulder and help him limp back to camp. Once you saw camp you called out for help from the watchmen. Octavia and Jasper rushed out to help you carry Bellamy into camp. You quickly got Clarke and stood back to let her take over. Clarke got to work and you stepped out of the tent.

You dropped to your knees and began to cry. It was too much. Bellamy could be an ass but he didn’t deserve this, none of you did. You let grief fill your body and then slowly pulled yourself back together. After an hour of pacing Clarke finally exited the tent.

“The arrow was poisoned. It’s not good.”

You rushed back in the tent and the others gave you some time with Bellamy. You sat by his cot and held his hand.


“I was right about one thing.”

Bellamy’s words cut you off and you stared at him with confusion etched into your brows. And you decided to play along with whatever he was going on about.

“And what would that be, King Bellamy.”

“The importance of the buddy system.”

You let laughter take over and shook your head at Bellamy.  Once the laughter quieted you spoke again.

“It seems like you could have used a better buddy.”

“Are you kidding me? You were a beast out there! I wouldn’t have made it a second without you. Now that last grounder with the poisoned arrow was rather unfortunate but seriously, I wouldn’t have wanted to be with anyone else.”

“Bell, I–”

“Let me finish. I don’t know how this will turn out for me but I need you to know something. I love you. Since day one on this dumb planet. I love you and I’m sorry it took a poisoned arrow for me to tell you  that.”

Your heart burst with emotion and you met Bellamy in a desperate kiss.

“Well, sorry to break up with love fest but I have something you might want, lover boy.”

Clarke held up a vile with the antidote. You rushed over and pushed Clarke towards Bellamy, eager for him to be healed. Once she finished up Bellamy wasted no time and pulled you back into his body and began to plant sloppy wet kisses up your neck until your lips met.

“About damn time.”

Bellamy kept his lips on yours but managed to give Clarke the bird as she excited the tent. Maybe Earth wasn’t the worst thing that could happen to you if that meant you got to be with Bellamy Blake, you thought as you lifted up your finger to join in Bellamy’s sarcastic salute to Clarke.

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Hey can i have a gif bts reaction where they have a crush on me and they try to confess after a recent break up i had

Rap Monster: Well, since the fortune`s on my side today I want to tell you something

Jin: The fucker wasn`t worth it in the first place, my sweet

 Suga: I`m not sure if it`s right to use this situation as an opportunity for myself…

J-Hope: Why would you even date him in the first place when you have me, who adores you so much?

Jimin: [serious expression] From now on, can I be the one who takes care of you?

V: Don`t you think I could do a better job than him as your boyfriend?

Jungkook: Him: Well, there`s always another option for you… there`s someone who has a huge crush on you and dreams of becoming your boyfriend. [You: Who are you talking about?] Him:

- Vivian

(As always, gifs aren`t mine. Credits to gif owners)