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If the members were youtubers instead of idols, what kind of channel would they have? (individually ofc)

Ok, ok, alright, ok. I know Youtube pretty well, so this shouldn’t be too hard for me

Nayeon: Beauty Guru
I think this one was pretty obvious. She’d have a channel similar to someone like Zoella or sprinkleofglitter, her content being mostly haul videos and makeup/hair tutorials, along with other videos like monthly favourites and house decoration tours. She’d have a very organised channel and all of her videos would be very pretty, with a cute intro screen or something similar. She would do a lot of collabs as well with her close friends.

Jeongyeon: Vlogs + Comedy
I’m thinking something like Tyler Oakley or maybe Amazing Phil. I’m leaning more toward Tyler. She’d do a lot of vlogs addressing content that’s popular or that she’s interested in, and there’d be some vlogs about stuff that happens in her life as well. She’d always present her content in a funny and comedic way and she’d do a lot of collabs with as many people as possible, she’d be friends with pretty much every other youtuber. Eventually she’d reach a status where she does celebrity interviews

Momo: Dance Covers/Daily Vlogs
The majority of Momo’s videos would be dance covers, or dance focused videos. She would choreograph her own stuff occasionally, and always try and provide unique videos. But Momo isn’t the type to stick to just one type of video, she’d do a lot of daily vlogs as well. Which would pretty much just be food vlogs of her going out to restaurants, cafes and other food places. Dance collabs would be rare, but she’d frequently have friends with her during vlogs. I can also see her doing Q&As every so often.

Sana: Daily Vlogger
For some reason, my mind immediately went to Joey Graceffa. Basically her videos would more or less be, “come with me on my daily adventures while I live my exciting life with my ridiculous number of friends”. She’d do some challenge videos here and there when she does collabs, and every now and then she’d make a video following the latest youtube trend. She’d be the kind of person who’s constantly dropping wisdom and advice everywhere when she does her vlogs, and she’d be extremely entertaining to watch.

Jihyo: Music/Performance + Vlog Channel
Jihyo’s talent as a singer is just so surreal I can’t picture her doing anything but music. She’d be similar to Troye Sivan in that she’d have a combination of song performances and covers along with vlogs and Q&A style videos. She’d be a youtuber with a strong connection to her audience, she’d have a really dedicated fandom and she’d do a lot of live streams. Eventually she’d reach enough fame to produce original music and release an album (like Troye), but unlike Troye she’d still produce a lot of blog style videos.

Mina: Gaming Channel
Mina loves games ok, she’d definitely be a gamer. But since she’s a little more shy, she’s going to be really different from a lot of the really popular gaming youtubers. Her playthroughs wouldn’t be as loud or high energy, but she’d still be hilarious, especially when she does collabs and makes her guests play horror games with her. Her content would be similar to the big gamers, Markilplier, Jacksepticeye, etc basically she’d play anything from horror to flash games. She’d do vlogs every now and again as well, usually just to give her subscribers updates on what’s going on

Dahyun: Skits + Comedy
I’m picturing something similar to Liza Koshy or iisuperwomanii for Dahyun’s channel. Just a lot of explosive comedic energy, and she’d probability create her own characters to portray, similar to Liza and Lily. Lots of punny humour and there would never be a moment where you’re not laughing while watching her videos. Skits, advice videos, types of people Dahyun would make a lot of videos like that.

Chaeyoung: Animation + Speedpainting + Vlogs
Chae’s channel would mostly be focused on her artistic side and she’d pour a lot of creativity into her videos. I can see her starting off doing speed paints and then moving onto animated videos. Eventually she’d start doing normal vlogs as well and her channel would be a combination of Amazing Phil style daily vlogs combined with her animation and speed painting. I can see her doing live streams where she takes requests of what to draw and talks with her viewers while she draws.

Tzuyu: Daily vlogs + life vlogs
For Tzuyu I can see her doing storytime vlogs and also topical/advice vlogs. Something similar to danisnotonfire in that she’d blog about being an introvert and highlight stuff about existential crises and expose herself for being awkward. She’d also tell a lot of stories about her experiences with strange people and basically talk about how annoyed she is with people and wants to live in a box. Her videos would be unintentionally hilarious because of her sacrasm, dry sense of humour and savage comments. Pretends to be dark and mysterious but all her followers know she’s a softie

I lied, this was super hard it took me a long time. Sorry for keeping you waiting

s(QUAD) intro post part 1: #shomajesty

onwards to: s(quad) intro part 2: dj boyang, s(quad) intro part 3: #slaythan

i…really don’t have time to be doing this lmao but i couldn’t resist. since i’ve gained some new followers lately and the grand prix is about to start, here’s another intro post about one of the bright young stars of figure skating and my favorite current men’s skater, shoma uno!

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In the middle of inking the intro to my 6B AU ask blog, but  I keep seeing daily pokemon ask blogs, and I’m considering doing one for one of these two. Particularly Whisicott as it IS my favorite Pokemon along with Typhlosion of course.

y’all i dont know what im doing i never do honeslie. i apologize in advance for being the Trash that i am and for this intro being kinda long ?? anyways im nelly (17,she/her ) and i present to you my even trashier and messier child kim minho like i h8 them but i luv them and y’all probably will too ?? i also have a disc*rd (taeyongie#6610) if anyone wants to hmu there. but you can find some things about minho under the cut !! 

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hey i have so much work to do for these papers because my nationalism paper is due in 13 days and i still havent read some of the books and have i mentioned its a 20 page essya? also its with chicago style formatting which? i dont totally know how to do anything everything is VERY complex and i have so much work to do and yet…..the great british baking show is on netflix and i just wanna spend all my time watching that……fuck

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aaa sorry if this makes your backlog of asks worse but!! what kind of advice would you give to people who want to make their own fangan? especially if they have little experience as an artist!

ur fine!! im sry i havent been getting around to the asks but im queuing some up today

i hesitate to give too much advice when i haven’t even gotten through the first chapter yet but

  • try writing samples of all your characters before you start the actual fic! i had rough concepts of everyone before i started, but a couple of the characters changed personalities entirely as i started actually writing their intros and one even got a complete backstory rewrite at the last minute :’D
  • you don’t have to do art to write a fangan! you can absolutely write a great story either way, so dont feel pressured into it just because other stories do it too. that said, it’s a LOT of work but great art practice (character design, expressions, BACKGROUNDS) and i bet you’ll start seeing improvement in your work just from having to draw so much ;0
  • i use clip studio paint for almost all the art bc there’s so much inking and VECTOR INKING WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE im not even joking. if you want something free though krita is actually my main workhorse for digital painting. inkscape is what i use for maps, the interface is a lil strange but it’s the best free vector art program i know of
  • perspective guides are ur friend. i need to use them more often lmfao
  • don’t be afraid to go a little nuts with the character designs! this is dangan ronpa after all. youve got over a dozen characters of near equal importance and focusing on/exaggerating just one or two distinctive traits per character helps people remember who’s who. picking one color to consistently associate with each character helps with this too
  • write something YOU want to read! it’s really easy to get bogged down about notes and follower count and update scheduling but in the end what matters is that you are creating something new and you’re having fun doing it!

good luck and be sure to link me when you start posting!!

Hey Friendos

I’m doing another round of “Help me out with my Youtube intros” if you’re interested. Frankly I’m always doin this but this is a remember.

The intros for my youtube channel, Rad Plays, all have peeps saying some variation of “Dude, that’s fuckin’ radical” and I think it’s rather swell, but I need more peeps to also do that thing! If you would like to be one of the voices in the intros to my videos, It’s honestly the easiest thing in the world. Just record yourself saying something along the lines of “Dude, that’s fuckin’ radical” and send it to me, and bish bash bosh it’s as simple as that. you can send as many as you’d like, and If you did, it’s be super cool of you!

Thanks for reading!

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As a GWG (gay with guns) you've inspired me to get my permit ASAP. Also, any recommendations for a total novice?

I do have an intro to firearms tag that needs some updating and some posts coming up in that tag. But what do you mean by advice for a novice? Advice for models to carry, advice for carry positions, advice for holsters, advice for calibers you should look into? That’s a big question! I’d advise you go with a 9mm for carry if you’re new to shooting, something small enough to conceal, but big enough to be viable home defense option with a light attached, especially if you are short on cash. I will reblog my super intro post for you.

I’m glad you’ve got the bug! I think anyone who can safely own a firearm (isn’t a danger to themself or others) should have one tbh, especially considering the jumps in hate crimes we are seeing this soon into the next 4 years.

SinOD (Star in the Ocean Deep) and tGL (The Golden Letters) Update March 19 2017

Dang…that title’s a mouthful haha.

I was way too busy dealing with visiting family and friends this weekend to get as much as I wanted done, but I did get a few things in anyway.

SinOD Updates:

- worked on one shot of the intro of SinOD

- started on the 2nd shot, but it looks like im going to have to do it using a quicker method, as my first just takes up WAY too much time that I dont have if im gonna finish the whole game in time.

tGL Updates:

-worked a little bit more on the pink map that i showed previously. All I need to do now is draw a tonne of items to fill it. Hoo boy…

- Oh! And some super good (in my opinion) news: I finally got the Arabic plugin to work perfectly! I’m SUPER EXCITED! Now I can successfully translate my game after I’m finished making it!

Supplies for class 📙🖋

Last week I promised to post an intro and a tag this week, but I didn’t realize how busy I was going to be. Soooo I figured instead of doing the tag, I’ll just share with you guys what I bring to my classes since the semester starts on Monday for me. (But I’ll still do the intro.)

I usually bring 2-3 notebooks a day - since in my uni classes work M/W/F or T/Th. I have the Rhodia Staplebound notebooks in 6x8.25".

For pens, I have my trusty Pilot V5 pens. Along with my new love the Pilot VPen - all in a cute ass makeup bag I got from Sephora.

Last I just have some page markers/flags I got from the $1 Target section. Which are cute af.

I want to know what you guys bring to class! So if you decide to do a post about it, please tag me!


my first post to studyblr!

just a quick intro: my name is ellie and i’m a canadian that’s currently in high school in france. i’m not 100% sure what i want to do in the future but i’m really, really interested in music, drama, photography, and graphic design. i made this blog because i want to feel motivated to do better in school! 

i just bought some new stabilo pens and highlights so i wrote a little list of some random things that have been on my mind and i redid some of my business notes from a few days ago. i know my writing isn’t the prettiest but honestly i’m kind of into relaxed writing that isn’t too neat. i hope that doesn’t annoy anyone too much ahaha

i’m a complete newbie so tips or advice are appreciated!

fun 5sos soundcheck question ideas

bc they repeatedly say not to ask dumb questions yet no one seems to listen smh so here’s a list of GOOD, INNOCENT (hopefully), FUN questions :)

- “why y'all not letting calum have a moment this tour? last yet he had the everything i didn’t say intro and this year all y'all got something extra but calum got nothing. why you gotta do him dirty like that?!”

- “calum, what’s ur fave song to play on bass that isn’t one of your own?”

- “calum, since you’re interested in poetry, do you think lyricism is a form of poetry? and what kind of poetry do you find most intruiging?”

- “calum, i really love your tattoos. i know some of them have special meaning but i’d love to know more. can you tell us the meaning behind your [insert specific tattoo] tattoo?”

- “calum how do you make your skin glow like that? reveal ur secrets”

- “calum, i really admire you as a bass player and i truly believe that you are one of the best young bassists in the world right now. do you have any advice for people who look up to you in terms of playing bass?”

- “calum, what’s your fave lyric you have ever written?”

- “calum, what’s your fave drink on a night out?”

- “who the fuck runs your tumblr and why did they reblog porn?”

- “calum, what’s your fave part of being a professional musician?”

basically just give calum attention bc god knows he deserves it. and also #Investigate who the fuck runs the 5sos tumblr bc we all deserve to know.

wolfsbane highlights - tyler hoechlin!

OKAY. Last but obviously not least. This is gonna be a looooong read, y’all, so make some tea or whatever. Obviously Hoechlin was like, 85% of the reason I went. And I made it to the M+G!!, and both panels!!, but only the Sunday lounge. They forbade filming really strictly so I didn’t try, but I ummmm did record some audio, just so I could do the transcripts. I do not have the energy to type it out as exactly as last time, but basically this is everything that he said during that weekend!

Highlights include - talking about his butt, him speaking foreign languages!!, and making fun of Derek’s life…

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new (not really) studyblr

hi!! my name’s Marissa, I’m 16 and from Melbourne, Australia. i’ve had this blog for a little while now but haven’t done an intro post so i thought i should do one now bc i have no followers bc nobody knows me :) i made this blog to motivate me to study more efficiently and stop procrastinating, especially bc this is my second last year of highschool so i gotta crack down!

i’m doing vce currently (equivalent of junior year in the US i think?) and studying psychology 3&4, indonesian 1&2, viscom 1&2, chemistry 1&2, maths methods 1&2 and literature 1&2. 

some kool kids™ whose blogs have been very motivational and helpful for me: @studeity @vcestudyblog @nehrdist @studyign @studyingandlattes @mediocrestudyblr @studygoalsaf @overachievings @studeying @mindpalacestudy @studyplants

if you’re a studyblr pls reblog this so i can check your blog out, and i would be v grateful if you would follow me! all my original posts are in my “mine” tag :)))

xx Marissa


My name is Kim and I am creating a milestone video for Jacksepticeye because he reached 8 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS yesterday! If you would like to submit a video of yourself talking to Jack, doing the intro, doing the outro, or fanart of any kind (preferably not NSFW fanart though) Then send it along this way! I accept all sorts of submissions so just check out my “The Rules” page or the “FAQ’s” page for more info.

Also, the URL is called “Tribute” because of the lovely @jacksepticeyemilestones who is no longer using their blog because of some issues with an abuser, so I’ve taken over for the milestones video. Let me know if you have any questions! -Mod Kim

Hmm… how do I start this off. Umm, ok. Lol awkward intro. Sooooo I’ve just hit 2K? Thank you! And since I didn’t do a follow forever on my first thousand I decided to make one now! I feel like this should be longer, but I don’t really have much to say other than I love you all and thank you so much. I wanted to add everyone I follow in here, but here’s just some of my faves. Also, I hope to get to know all my followers more! :* (don’t mind the pic I’m horrible at editing) So the formatting will be: (idt I’m gonna do mutuals too many sideblogs w/o links so idk)

  • Bold - Faves
  • 🌸 - Friends :)

# - F

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And that’s about it! Sorry if I forgot anyone, I did this relatively fast, so if I missed you hopefully I’ll get you on the next one! If you want to see everyone I follow, you can check out my blog roll. Bye! ❤

I have become a hermit...

Which isn’t good.

I see a lot of new faces, and I would love some introductions. I’m Rodger Andrews, the student advisor. That means, any questions you have about claiming, school, life after school, work… All that sort of academic/professional stuff… You can come to me. I”m not a counselor, I’m an advisor, please do keep that in mind. 

But yes, intros. Name, mark, and something you’d like to do when you’re done with classes here…

ive been meaning to do this harmony rig FOREVER 

im going to be reanimating some of the ice climber scenes from the super smash bros intro and we`re creeping up to the deadline slowly but surely so I thought i`d get it out of the way. Having a simple design really helps though!

Building rigs is a lot of fun and I`m thinking about making it available if anyone else wants to play around with it :) , since im not doing it for work or school or anything , just my own animation.