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How did you start liking bttf and/or mjf?

my mom was like (to twelve yr old me) u LITERALLY HAVENT SEEN ANY OLD MOVIES and i was like (without seeing any old movies) yeah bc they are AWFUL and OLD and my mom was like ok.. no… and forced me to watch bttf and then mjf lifted up his glasses after literally being knocked out of the air and i was immediately catapulted straight into 80s hell where i fell in love with mjf and im pretty sure like the next night i hid in my room and watched the secret of my success and then i watched the rest of mjfs filmography and tried to hide it from my entire family for like a year but everyone found out and roasted the hell out of me for it so… lol its been a long road anon

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How do I meet other girls that I actually have an interest in. I'm pretty new to tumblr and I'm just curious how girls meet other girls even just to chat to..

Dating apps, dating sites, gay bars, gay straight alliances and tumblr. Just follow some people, chat with them.

I got tagged by @sogekihei-sama, @blondefoxmedic and @zebirdgod in one day XD

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Nicknames: Midnight (blame @awokenbymadness for this)

Height: 5′5ft

Time right now: 9:07 pm

Last thing I googled: Purple in japanese culture (Research for coloring outfits…)

Fave music artist: Ghost Town!!!

Song stuck in my head: Twin Flame by of course Ghost Town

Last movie I watched: I think Resident Evil The Final Chapter

Last TV show I watched: Samurai Jack S2

What I’m wearing now: Pajamas

When I created this blog: September 2014

The kind of stuff I post: TF2, Bloodborne, any shit that catches my interest

Do I have other blogs: I have 4 RP blogs: @redbritishsniper, @federalblu-britishmarksman, @two-midnightmercs and @snowwhite-merc

Do I get asks regularly: I wish for that for all of my blogs. Cause I love answering asks

Why did I choose my URL: Again, and as always, this was formerly a medic cosplay ask blog and I wanted a creative url rather than ‘ask-the-[blank]’ and I thank this one person who suggested me this url. Months later, no asks and being busy with college, turned this into a personal blog, keeping the url of course.

Hogwarts House: -

Pokemon team: -

Fave colors: Green, red, black and blue

Average hours of sleep: 7-9 hours

Lucky number: 7

Favorite characters: Medic, Sniper, Spy, Joseph Oda, and Plain Doll

Dream job: A writer while being an Illustrator

Number of blankets I sleep with: One

Following: Since my main blog is a rp blog so…510

Who I tag: @awokenbymadness, @vulpes-umbra, @chocolatecandyeyeballs, @lazyghostsh, @trojan-merry-go-round, @morbid-mouse, @nani-le-fox, @mythhearts, @disdainful-loni and @the-rogues-revenge

Castaway AU

Okay so since this post would make for an excellent fic but I can’t guarantee that I’ll ever turn it into one…so to hedge my bets, I’m going to give you the outline? And maybe I’ll turn it into a fic one day but for now, I want y’all to know what I would do in case I don’t. It’s all under the cut:

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Since I’m perpetually stuck between being full of ideas (which I do - I have an entire storyline plotted out) and an unmotivated slime without interest and encouragement, here’s what I’m going to do. If this post reaches 50 note, I will begin a full-length fanfic featuring Yoriko and Shizuka. (and probably peter @sentochoryu every step of the way tbh)

*whispers* Divine Victoria reads smutty literature in bed when she’s had a long day pass it on

Looking for some kin friends

This Tumblr is a new start for me so I’m looking for people to talk to. I’m not big into many shows, not ones that have an  recognizable fanbases, but I do have a lot of other interests I hope to share with people on here

I’m looking for

  • Voidkin
  • Spacekin
  • Starkin
  • Alienkin
  • Ghostkin
  • Demonkin
  • Angelkin
  • Dragonkin

But I’m also looking for people  who are in to:

  • Crystals
  • Space
  • The Supernatural
  • Magic
  • Arts and Crafts

Okay guys! I wanted to do a small rant on what it means for my blog to be a “sfw little space”. I have gotten countless requests to look at sexual blogs, submit to sexual blogs, or be sexual with a dom immediately after meeting them.

That’s not how it works. I am SEVENTEEN, and have no interest in showing your perverted followers my body. Nor do I have any interest in seeing all of your other submissions. Nor do I have any interest in playing with a dom who I am not comfortable with.

That being said, I’m a fairly forgiving and kind person, until you message me assuming I’d be interested as a SEVENTEEN year old little in participating in your sexual whatever. I don’t. I will tell you very bluntly.

Please be respectful. There are so many littles leaving the community BECAUSE they are expected to be sexual, and when they decline, fail to find a big for them.

This breaks my heart…. Please be little regardless of how crappy people are, and please remember to be kind to everyone.

I love you guys more than words can tell!!!

Rant over.

That Gabrielle’s family basically never forgives Xena for “luring” Gabrielle away is another touch I enjoy about the scope of the series. Their continual hostility toward her feels so genuine, and understandable, particularly with some of the shit that Gabby goes through.

Not that a life trapped in a small village, married to a guy she isn’t interested in, at the whim of any wandering warlord is SUPER GREAT, but those are things her family can understand. Xena’s world is incomprehensible to them, and all they know is that every time they see Gabby again she’s a little more weary, a little more jaded. a little more scarred. That it’s Gabrielle’s life and choices doesn’t really enter into it. All they have is their anger and fear and sense of loss, and it’s so much easier to put that on Xena’s shoulders.

I wish more idols could open up stores with for instance fashion, makeup, skincare, or anything they might have an interest in. I know YG already do it, but other groups/companies could make such a killing. Like… have you SEEN Kevin? YES I would buy a cushion foundation he recommended! His skin is flawless.

@hajime-isayama-official sometimes u are a blessing to the aot fandom, and I love that, but other times u kinda kill the fact that some of us ship Eren and Levi, so I’m gonna ask, do they have any interest in each other in a romantic way? (I still love u tho, aot have taken my life in a good way)

curufinwefeanaro replied to your photo: // lays down and thinks about how much I love…

are they married


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The best thing about POI! I love the monologues they give their characters, they're so intense, but especially a Root or Finch speech (or just give me Root/Finch debating the ethics of AI all day, every day, with Shaw and Reese brooding, flexing and cleaning their guns in the background and smirking at the nerds). Root's favourite colour. Hm. I agree with the blue, maybe purple, but one of those richer, dark variations. And black for her nails, of course.

Hear hear about Root and Finch debating the ethics of AI all day, every day!

Also dear god, we have such a lot of monologues from the show and they’re so beautifully done for the most part. Just off the top of my head, we have the Chess speech, the Rules speech, the Hope speech, the Life’n’Death speech… THIS SHOW IS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT SO MUCH!!

Another vote for blue for Root! I’m going to have to start keeping a tally at some point. (you can’t convince me that the only reason she chose black for her nails is because it’s ~edgy and ~goth and she just couldn’t resist the image). 

(Send me the thing you love most about POI and your headcanon for your fav character’s fav colour!)


me, living my life when suddenly i remember grrm confirmed arya and gendry’s reunion and did not deny that they have romantic undertones all with a smile on his face: