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Ankko Week 2017 | Day 5 | Free Day

Witch Akko and Witch Finder General Andrew. Or Witch Hunter? That’ll be more forbidden and sad. Forbidden love is great!

So I told myself, “Wow, free day, maybe I can draw something cute and comfy.” But then I sketch this. “Okay, maybe make the design really simple.” But then I draw individuals stitches and line the seams. Why do I have to be like this?

Fancy Meeting You Here

Part 2

Imagine y/n was a part of Rick’s group, but  she’s been kicked out by Rick, cause Daryl & her were always fighting (mostly cause Daryl had a lil crush)

After being alone for few weeks, the reader stumbles upon Negan’s men. They bring her back. Negan tried several time to get her as his wife but she always refuses.
When the line up comes y/n is here, hidden. She grabs Negan’s arm when he’s about to kill Glenn & just say Yes, so he knows she’ll become his new wife and doesn’t kill Glenn. All Rick’s group is surprised to see her” - Thank you for the prompt! @perseusandmedusa C:

Ships: Negan x Reader

Words: 2,007

Warnings: Curse words, mentions of smut, violence.

“Well you know what, Daryl?! Fuck you! Go to hell!”

You were having another one of your frequent arguments with Daryl. He was insisting that you shouldn’t go out on a run when you were perfectly able to go and help the group. You didn’t know if it was because he though you incapable or because he just didn’t like you getting some of the limelight for a change, but he would argue with you every. Damn. Time.

You had stood up and went outside for some air, making sure to slam the door loudly so that it woke up everyone in a kilometres radius of you. You put your hands on your head and took in large lungful’s of cold air. You stood there for about ten minutes, calming yourself down until you felt someone poke you from behind.

“Hey! Watch it- Oh. Sorry, Carl. It’s been a rough night, you know?” You said apologetically to the boy before you. He didn’t reply and he was determinately not looking at you in the eye. “Carl?”

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Okay first thank you @training-and-gaining @tubeztheone and @rebelamazon thank you for the encouragement because halfway through doing full reps I wanted to give up and I saw y'all on my pre game post

And secondly today today today I did full 20 rep sets of different exercises the Wonder Woman workout. I’m happily a little tired and worn out and my arms may hate me tomorrow but I feel stronger for doing it and I’m super happy.

Also! Thirdly! My other martial arts friend who trains karate is going to hang with me tomorrow and we may kick around a little? I’m hella pumped because like I said a few weeks ago I definitely need to work on my sparring and free sparring 😸 so, I’m gonna give her a moving target to practice for her black belt tests and she’s gonna give me a chance to feel it out.

“seriously ged’ lost squirt!”
 “yeh jokin me”

  • Book Katniss: This is my dad's old hunting jacket.
  • Movie Katniss: This the figure-flattering jacket I just bought from D12's local H&M.
  • Book Katniss: I bundle my braid up under a cap when I go hunting.
  • Movie Katniss: I keep my braid out so people can tell I'm a girl.
  • Book Katniss: My dad had black hair and olive skin. I too have those features. As do Gale, Haymitch, and everyone else in the Seam besides my mom and Prim.
  • Movie Katniss: Gale and I both have fair skin and medium-brown hair. Haymitch is blonde.
  • Book Katniss: I'm so dehydrated right now that I can hardly pee and what I do produce is brown.
  • Movie Katniss: We're not going to address the health effects of arena conditions or the fact that I'm a human who urinates.
  • Book Katniss: Sometimes I notice Peeta staring at me and then looking away really fast. What's up with that? Kid's weird.
  • Movie Katniss: Peeta followed me home from school every day... How romantic.
  • Book Katniss: I'm very skinny, so I'm afraid that all the other tributes who've always had enough to eat will be far stronger than me. And not skinny in a hot way; like I have literally been on the brink of starvation my entire life. Capitol designers want to surgically augment my breasts so I look better on tv.
  • Movie Katniss: I'm skinny in a hot way. I'm curvy, so yeah my waist is small but I've got boobs and a butt. No one would say I require a boob job to look good.
Courage and Kindness: Part 8

PARING: au reader x Bucky Barnes 


WARNINGS: slight verbal abuse 

Part 8 is here! Sorry it’s a bit late, but life has gotten in the way slightly, so not sure how regular I’ll be posting but don’t worry I will be getting at least one if now two chapters out a week !! 

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Part 7


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If her stepmother would not have a fourth dress made, it seemed to (Y/N) that there was no reason why she would not try to run it up herself.

You looked through the mirror at yourself. One of the few possessions you had of your mothers was her dress. The light pink gown was a little big on you, but nothing a little sowing couldn’t fix. You had worked on it almost all day, and now you could finally see Bucky again. Hurrying down the stair’s you could hear your stepfamily below.

“My dear girls. To see you like this it makes me believe one of you might just snare the prince. And to think, I have two horses in the race. I doubt any other maiden will out shine my daughters” Daisy beamed at her mothers words only to see you descend down the stairs. Your stepsister’s dresses were lavish and extravagant. They almost reminded you of a Christmas decoration. Victoria’s dress was extraordinary as were most of her gowns.

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iamyourlordsdragonqueen-blog  asked:

I'm trying to make a thranduil costume for my friend and I'm not exactly sure how to put together the coats. Can you help me out.

Hey iamyoutlordsdragonqueen! This is Kates. It all comes down to how authentic you want the coat to be. The coat is technically made of many strips of fabric cut to the appropriate shape, laid out, and sewn up in just the right way. With a template, ruler, and the right fabric it’s not too terribly difficult to do, but it is very time consuming. 

Here are a few links to cosplayers who have shared their process:

This guy does it (almost) exactly how I would do it:

Take note: the pattern he’s using is out of print, but I honestly think that Simplicity 5386 is a pattern EVERY costumer should have, so if you want to cut up the original, buy a second copy (you can probably find it on ebay, etsy, or small online sewing shops). If you’re like me and don’t want to cut the original, get some wrapping or butcher paper and trace your patter on to that, then cut up the new pattern.

If you want an easier version, you can simply make the Simplicity 5386 pattern up (with notifications to the front opening and collar, of course) and either leave it or stitch down piping along where the fancy seams would otherwise be. I have seen cosplayers do the coat without all the seams, and they look pretty good for not being 100% authentic. 

I hope this helps!


thatfaunycosplay-deactivated201  asked:

Please make a tutorial on your capable top! It's one of the cleanest folds I've seen!

Sure thing!

A couple things up front: A lot of this is done very much by the ear. I’m not, by any means, a professional at sewing.

Also, I have 32F boobs, so I have my own challenges in terms of getting things to fit right and not gape in places. This also means that my construction is based off of me wearing a strapless bra underneath. My method would probably not work if you didn’t have a wired strapless bra underneath. But, all the principles are basically the same no matter your size, and since it’s all off the cuff, there’s no pattern for you to take into account.


I used a cotton interlock fabric for my top, in a color called Ivory. You can make it out of any jersey-type material and get about the same results, and you could also make it out of white, rather than ivory, fabric (you’d have to tea dye it though — the wives’ clothes are all a bit dingy, so they wouldn’t be pure white). I think it was 6 dollars a yard at Joann Fabrics… I got 5 yards but in all honesty, that was a lot. If you feel like you’re going to mess up, though, always buy more than you think you’ll need.

The cotton interlock, because it’s a stretch fabric, will give you really clean pleats, but they won’t be sharp, even if you iron them. But the material is also very comfortable and soft.

Any thread will do. I used an ivory color. I suggest matching, as with anything, the thread and the material, even if you’re going to tea-dye white fabric.

I also recommend having a sewing machine. You don’t need a serger (i don’t have one) but something that can do both straight seams and zigzag stitches is best.


I built my top in three layers: The base tube top, and added modesty panel, and the halter.

A note about the modesty panel: The fabric, when stretched, becomes a little bit transparent. Not like, alarmingly sheer, but enough that I (who have never done a cosplay where I’ve been in a bra top) felt uncomfortable. If you can make a double layer tube top, do, because sewing in the modesty panel is annoying. Basically double up the fabric and treat two layers as one layer if you’re doing that. I will tell you about how i did my modesty panel though.


Take your fabric and find which way it stretches. That will be what goes around you.

If you have a flexible measuring tape, measure from where you’d like your tube to start (i chose right above my cleavage) to where you’d like it to end. Try to measure over a taut shirt, to get the idea of the roundness of that area. My distance was about 9”. Add a little more (I added 3”) so that you can attach the halterpiece.

Then, take your tape and measure around the fullest part of your bust. When you make it, you’re going to remove a few inches from this, because it’s a stretch fabric, and you do want it to stretch. I removed too few at first, but don’t worry.

Cut out a piece to your dimensions (I cut a piece that was 12”x36”). Pin it on you just to see how it does.

For me personally, I needed the top to not gape. Part of my reasoning in making a smaller piece was that the elasticity would pull in the bottom of my top. I was wrong. I ended up making a seam that looked like this:

So that it would fit right. As with anything, this might work for you or it may not. Pinning on yourself or on a mannequin that is your dimensions is key to figuring out what works.

Try it on, with the bra you’ll wear and see if you’re happy. if not, keep revising.


At this point I realized “oh, this is pretty light…” and summarily hurried to pin in a modesty panel. Basically I took a piece of fabric, laid it over my chest, and cut it to just cover all the front (because that was all i cared about). It it very rough, construction wise (i folded over the seam and sewed that and it’s pretty obvious) so this is why i say, before you make it, do two identical pieces for your tube top.


This is what ya’ll came here for.

So the basis of my halter is a piece of fabric that looks like this:

It’s very imprecise, but basically: thinner at the middle for the neck, wider at the ends, ends cut at angles. I think mine ended up being somewhere around 9″x40″. Layer the pieces over yourself (or your mannequin) while you have the tube top on to get length (you don’t have to be exact, as long as you have that wired bra).

Sew the bottom of your halterpiece —in a criss cross — onto your tube top (the few extra inches). Don’t worry if the seams look weird down there.

Put the whole shabam on.

Here’s where my pleats/ folds come from — I reverse the neckline so that one end of the halterpiece is over the other, then I twist the thinner piece up at the top 3-4 times, and that naturally puckers the halter fabric, creating the folds. you can redistribute these with your fingers/hands by just scrunching the fabric a little bit.

You should have some weird loose ends, though. Do not fret. Simply tuck the extra material up under your underwire. if the back is wide because you added some inches, scrunch it down like you would the pleats on your halter.


-This may not work for everyone. This is just how I did it.

-You might have more sewing skill than me and be able to create a clean seam at the bottom. You could them probably go braless or go with a nonwired bra if you can do that.

-Don’t finish any edges. I know it sounds crazy, but the outfit is supposed to be very loose and improvised. Plus, knit fabrics don’t unravel like woven fabrics do.

-You can conceivably create this without modesty panel if you felt comfortable enough.

-Don’t forget to distress! The outfits are not clean, and the fabric has a tendency of looking really pristine. I suggest character powder (I have Ben Nye in Plains Dust), coffee or cinnamon, tea dyeing, and rolling around in real desert dirt if you live near something like that.

finished products, for reference.


Jamaal May - “I Do Have a Seam”

“Hello, you needle in my sternum. You know how ragged I’ve been, why I’ve always wanted the sewing machine of your hands.”

Turns out even poems specifically designed for the page can be beautiful when read aloud. This poem is a contrapuntal, one of the more radical examples of what the page makes possible: it’s three poems in one.


I Do Have A Seam by Jamaal May

This poem is breathtaking. 

anonymous asked:

why do scrotums have seams????


can someone enlighten us? Sure we could google it but tumblr explanations are both more funly explained and often right. Plus the commentary.


jamaal may - i do have a seam

this poem. I’ve listened to it at least 10 times tonight. 

blackandsugary  asked:

Does anyone else ALWAYS want to learn the more as he can? I just want to watch all the interesting movies, and series, read all the books ,Lear how everything work, know how to do everything... For example this month I ask for my birthday Chinese lessons, I watch at least 1movie and episode everyday, read one book every week, learn python and C++ for create a robot really soon... I want to do so much things and it's seams like I don't have enough time, that really stressed me.

To me you sound like a typical INTJ who hasn’t been able to develop proper Fi yet. Your introverted feeling function helps you figure out which things are more important than others. Therefore you can get some kind of ranking and a clearer vision of your goals.

The constant strive for wanting to learn something new is a typical INTJ thing. INTJs are known for enjoying to take classes and find out more and more about topics which interest them. I’m sure that many INTJs out there can relate to this post.



wikis-cosplay  asked:

Do you have any tips for arm socks? I'm doing Jasper from SU and every time I have tried to do them they split at the seams or been to tight. Do you have any tips?

Hi @wikis-cosplay

Working with fabric that is tight fitting and needs to stretch can be tough. This is one of my favorite videos explain how to work with a stretchy fabric. If this doesn’t help message me with some photos of what your seams look like and I’ll try to help identify the problem and give a better answer. 


I am still working on it. Took a break over the weekend (partly because I was at an awesome wedding with a burlesque show and as you’d imagine I had to focus on that lol) because it was breaking my head. The texture is curved and as you can see on the left pic, the neck is split in 4 areas. This one will very likely have some visible seams, but I am doing my best. I will share it though. I am in love with this mesh and I really want to use it on my sims. <3