i do have a heart though i swear

This loneliness
This thick black cloud unclearing
For years I have been alone after the last time I burned through someone

Here is a hammer
Rebuild from it if you can figure out how
To make a home out of yourself

I only love with a great fire
As though I was a spark that sprang from black when the earth began

I swear
This heart is too full to be so dammed vacant
This heart
This keeps beating
This pressure rising
This love
This thing nobody can stand to touch for very long
This thing nobody can understand

Do you want a simple lover?
One who will be a little less intense?
A little less centre and more skin?

I cried once when somebody put their hand on my back because
It had been so long
Since anyone had touched me

I am the lover who will weep
Just to be in your arms

The rain will come and afterward
The sky will be clear again
And bright
And life will grow here
I want you to understand

Why the earth was born



woooow hello hi! thank you to those who have welcomed me already, i promise i’ll get back to you soon. in the meantime, i’ve got a plots page and a profile page on sooyoung for you to take a look at. if anything catches your interest, go ahead and IM me and we’ll get straight to plotting! if nothing catches your interest or you want a plot filled out, you can always IM me anyways or just tap that cute lil heart on the bottom right. i do have a twitter but i’m not on it a lot. if you’d like to plot there instead though, that’s totally fine! unfortunately, i’ve got a throbbing headache so i won’t be able to plot with anyone yet. but i swear i’ll get back to you soon. in the meantime, here are some bullet points on my lovely little hades!

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There’s nothing as fearless as falling for a friend.
There’s nothing as vulnerable as watching your wavelengths slowly twist and turn through each other going from late night talks about how much you hated high school to three hour phone calls about how much I wish you were here with me.
The empty 7 ounce bottle of Maker’s Mark you bought me is still sitting on my nightstand filled with fake flowers and even though I swore I’d throw it out months ago, I still don’t think it makes me weak.
How often do you find someone who makes you feel like you’re floating and who makes you want to drop everything to find them again?
My heart is always going to have a soft spot for you because I never felt so safe with anyone else and I swear to god I wanted to melt into your arms forever.
And I don’t feel like I need to resent you just because you weren’t right for me.
Beautiful things are sometimes meant to die.
—  Falling for a friend

over-the-natural  asked:

Hello I finished reading Noir yesterday and trust me I'm speechless! You have huge talent I love your style of writing! By the way could you recommend me your favourite Soukoku fanfics? Cause I don't know what to do rn and I'm sure you have great taste xD

I see you enjoy smothering my heart more than once! I swear all these cotton-candied words will one day be the end of me. Again, thank you so much for the love <3

Picking out favourite fanfics is like picking out favourite songs for me however, It’s nigh impossible! There’s simply so many wonderful creations out there and I haven’t had the time to fully explore everything myself. Let me gather my thoughts for a bit though and I’ll hit you up with a message soon!

Do have a wonderful day~

uhhhthisone  asked:

I just thought of something worse for the FE:W... pairings exist and so do second gen characters(though a support system probably will exist somehow).

i actually have been worrying they’re gonna throw poorly-written crossover het into this like i just KNOW some girl with much better things to do in her own game is gonna look at fuckin xander and go like “wh-why is my heart beating so fast??” i swear to god if i ever have to see someone seriously mention pairing up fuckin elincia and corrin for stats or whatever i’m going to tear my home apart


are we out of the woods yet? // hey tay! let me formally introduce myself. my name is jam reia but you could call me jam (weird right?) & if you want you could give me some funny nicknames like we’re the best of pals (: I’m from the Philippines and I just wanna thank you for making me smile each and everyday! nobody ever makes me happy like you do, I swear I’m like the happiest potato everytime I see you :) words are not enough to explain how grateful I am for your existence and how much I love you. My heart literally fills up with so much happiness beamcause of you🙈 Beyond thankful for having a best friend like you, @taylorswift love youuu & hope to give you the biggest hug soon even though I’m the smallest bean eveR.

p.s. I’m also thankful because you write amazing lyrics that I can use as instagram captions for these kind of photos :)

A Happy 5 Years to my favorite people ever. I swear it was just yesterday when these five guys were hurled into my life with no intention of making it easy (with all the unannounced twitcams and follow sprees and other moments etc etc) I’ve been in this fandom for 3 ½ years, a bit before uan tour had started.. What a wild summer that was, though. They completely changed my life, bringing me so much happiness and joy with their music and sense of humor. I do have a bittersweet feeling in my heart on this specific anniversary… Mainly because nothing is the same and we’re all growing up and changing. I have nothing but pride for these boys, our boys. With them, everything is okay. Everything is exciting and hilarious and worth living for. I can’t say I’ve made friends myself with the help of the band (I’ve really always felt like an outsider in the fandom) but I’ve seen other friendships blossom and grow and it makes me happy to witness it. People are finding a sense of belonging and it warms my heart. If you’re still reading this you’re a champ.. But what I’m trying to say is… One Direction has given me endless hours of joy and I love them with all of my heart. It’s ridiculous because they’re just a band.. But if you’re in the fandom, you know they are so much more than that. What we have as a fandom is so special and intimate despite the mass number of fans. The inside jokes and interviews 1DDAY OMG DON’T GET ME STARTED. All of that is thanks to 5 (yes 5) boys. Our boys. Happy Birthday One Direction. To many more years of adventure.