i do half that shit

“VIXX suck at sports”

Yeah, they do. They suck at the sports they don’t give a shit about just like us LOL Hell I’d rather sit out than do half of the shit PE classes make us do.

But no, last year they won gold for men’s wrestling, Leo and Ravi helped their futsal team score and win, Hongbin threw flawless three-pointers, N is pretty good at archery, Hyuk runs like a fucking predator, and Ken… well he’s their personal sunshine aegyo cheerleader.

So yeah… VIXX suck at sports.


yooo rn these are pretty much it? they might change when i get to know some characters better or see other headcanons I like so much I integrate them into my art but YEAH

basically, nobody is straight

I’m kinda flipping my shit at this panel because freaking Celestia Ludenberg aka the Ultimate Gambler is on a card game LIT ON FIRE BY MONOKUMA


i said i wasn’t going to post anything else in the tag today but @mschiaffino wanted to see the artwork for Venus so i scanned them both.

that’s the best i could do because i didn’t feel like cleaning off the scanner and the boxes were already pretty beat up from me opening them lol

lydyda  asked:

Oh but how about this? Keith as half Galran and Atlean. His mom is Altean and her shape shifting ability was passed down to her son and that's why he's able to retain his human form.

look i was going to draw baby keith again but then i settled for his cute young alien parents flirting  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Inktober 04 - Kigurumis


If I had to choose between getting high or falling in love I'd definitely choose getting high… every fucking time

The constant struggle between “I don’t make enough bad decisions to be mentally ill” and “bad decisions are Bad for a reason, stop that”

I really can’t stand it when you’re discussing the environmental aspects of veganism and non vegans are like ‘BUT VEGANS USE PHONES AND CARS AND PLASTIC AND CRUDE OIL AND’

And I’m like yes.
I know.
And it PAINS me.

For reals, I’m literally just trying to live like a normal person here, so if you can find me some affordable tech made from sustainably sourced materials, I WILL BUY IT.

Like if you can offer me a renewable power supply for my house and an electric car for an affordable price then god damn I will honestly explode with happiness

But for the moment, whilst my carbon footprint is roughly half of the national average, and I’m doing a shit ton more than the vast majority of people, stop waiting for me to give up everything before you will change anything. I’m doing the best I can within my means.

This doesn’t have to be one side vs the other thing, we’re not doing this for gratification or some kind of personal gain, we’re doing it for the good of thousands of people we will never even meet, and for the future of our kids and yours alike.

Basically, we’re doing what we can, and the difference is that we’re doing enough, if everyone was causing the same amount of damage that vegans do, then chances are, the earth would have an actual fighting chance at pulling through this.

Please just stop fighting against us and hear us, its more important than you know
And if anyone wants help changing their ways, I’m more than happy to be of service!

Peace and good will to all of you


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SAT vocab review with zachary quinto feat. chris “fuck you i’m an english major” pine’s slow realization of defeat


*wipes sweat and tears off my tablet* what do you mean that isn’t even all of them?

Calyum’s Moblie Masterlist

I know the frustration of non-mobile-friendly masterlists of stuff you wanna read but hate going to safari or wherever to get the links SO here is a mobile-friendly, reblog-able, bookmark-able masterlist of the shit that I love to write/make :-) I’ll update this every few days to make sure all is up to date!






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It’s 4 in the morning right now and I’m suddenly thinking about All Might and Inko sleeping together but one of them wakes up in the middle of the night and just smiles at the sleeping figure next to them, carefully running fingers through their hair thankful to have someone dear to wake up to. They go back to sleep, cuddled closer to them, and feeling warmer than they’ve had in years.