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I like that (FP Jones-Riverdale)

Summary: Y/N’s Jughead’s friend who works at Pop’s where  FP Jones saves her from a creepy fratboy.

It was a lovely day in a small town called Riverdale. This town was used to be one of the most boring and calm towns in all the universe. But not long ago an unexpected accident happened that caused the whole town to became suspicious of absolutely everyone they knew.

“Y/N! Wait up!’‘  A black haired boy with a grey crown like hat yelled as the girl with a floral dun dress made her way out of the Riverdale high school.

’'Juggy, hey, what’s up?” Y/N turned around to come face to face with her friend.

“Going to Pops?”

“Yeah. My shift starts in about 30 min.” She smiled.

“You’re probably the only person who is excited about going to work.” Jughead  said with his face seeming like he’s totally done with everything.

“I’m not excited about work, silly.” She smiled, elbowing him playfully. “I’m excited about people.  Do you have any idea how many different people I meet everyday, how many people i talk to, how many stories i hear everyday.” She explained looking up at the sky.

“You’re something else.”


“You’re so positive, I don’t think I’ve ever seen you mad or sad..”

“Oh c'mon that’s not true, I do get mad.”

“Lecturing a  drunk on what feminism is after he told you he used to date an 'ugly feminazi bitch’ doesn’t count.”

“It very much does.” She fake glared at him before adding, “Besides we have you and your angst, we don’t need mine as well.”

“Sure, but i can’t help it, ism w-”

“You’re weird, you’re not like us, you’re not the perfect next door kid. I know.” She cut him off before bursting in to laughter when she saw his annoyed expression.  “I’m sorry buddy, you know i love you.” She added hooking her arm trough his as they continued walking.

“I know, but it would feel a lot more special if you wouldn’t act like you’re in love with absolutely every creature on this planet.” He said sarcastically before smiling down at her. “But yeah i love you too.”

“That’s totally not true, i don’t want snakes anywhere near me.”

“Here you go, one black coffee and a chocolate muffin.” Y/N said with a smile on her face as she gave a man in his late 20’s, his  order. “If i can get you anything else let me know.”

“Actually there is something else.” The man said clearly checking her out.

“Sure, what can i do for you?” She said, with a smile still on her face, trying to ignore the fact that she felt like a prey, being surrounded by a lion.

“You can let me do you.”

“Excuse me?” She tried to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, hoping he meant something else.

“I’m just kidding.” He said causing Y/N let out a sigh of relief. “But you can give me your number.”

“Sorry i  actually like to separate work and pleasure.” She tried to reject him in a nice way.

“But how can you say no to all the pleasure i would be able to give you?”

“Also, I’m saving myself for Jesus, sorry.” This was probably Y/N’s favorite lie to use, and being an atheist she thought it was just so funny how many times this line has worked and made the guys stop annoying her.

“Don’t worry you’ll be screaming 'Jesus’ all night.”

“Ha-ha” She faked a dry laugh before turning around and started cleaning the tables next to his desk.

“C'mon cutie pie don’t be that up tigh-” The guy was cut off by a deep voice coming from behind Y/N.

“She is not interested! Say one more word and i will rip your head off your shoulders.” The mysterious dark figure behind the girl said, making the guy shut up and look down at his phone in shame.

“Thank you.” Y/N whispered as she released that the man in his late 40’s that saved her from the creepy frat boy, seemed very familiar.

“Anytime.” He said shortly before taking a seat on one of the bar stools.

“Can i get you anything, on the house.” She said with a  smile on her face as she  made her way behind the bar again.

“Sure, a beer.”

“Coming right up.” She smiled before getting the beer and giving it to him. “Here you go. And thank you again, Mr. …”

“Jones.” He said looking up at her with those warm brown eyes. “But everyone calls me FP.”

“Nice to meet you, FP. I’m Y/N.” She said offering him her hand which he took and shook. His hands were big, his skin rough bellow her small and soft ones. “Jones? Any relation to Jughead?”

“Yeah that’s my kid, you know him?”

“He’s one of my best friends.” The girl smiled. “He’s a strange but good kid.”

That made the older man laugh, it was a nice sound. He had black hair with some grey hairs here and there, making him even more handsome, and his eyes, oh his eyes were do warm and inviting, even tho his whole persona was  very dark and uninviting.

“Strange is an understatement.” He agreed making the girl laugh.

“Very true.” She nodded, pouring herself beer as well. It was getting late and the pop’s was basically empty except the frat boy from before who was just making his way out.

“Wait, how do you know him, you have to be at least in your early, maybe mid 20’s” He said taking another drink of his bear.

“I’m 19, I’m a senior at your sons school” The girl told him as she took a sip of her beer.

“You look older.” He observed and raised an eyebrow at her beer.

“Well i guess it’s the experience that matures you, not your age.” She said nodding in the direction of where the frat boy used to sit. “And this,” She continued, lifting her beer, “I’m European, I’m basically already an adult in every way.” She said winking at him.

“If you say so.” He let out a laugh again. “Europe, i knew your accent can’t be American?”

“Yep my mum and i moved here when i was 16 after she divorced my dad, he was kind of an asshole, also probably the reason i have daddy issues.” She said.

“Daddy issues, huh?” He said raising an eyebrow as he shifted closer to the girl.

“You should beware, you’re right at the daddy age.” She winked before letting out a laugh.

“Well then.” He sent a smirk her way, making a soft blush creep on her cheeks.

It was nice, besides the fact that there was a huge age gap between then they got along, they both had the same seance of humor and were able to talk about nothing and everything, as cliche as it sounded.

“Y/N, sorry I’m late, I’ll own you one.” Hermione said stumbling trough the door.

“Oh, don’t worry about it, I didn’t even realize what’s the time.” Y/N said straightening up and looking at the clock, it was just a bit over 4am, she was supposed to end her shift at 3am but she ended up sitting next to FP on one of the bar stools and talking since there were almost no other costumers at night.

“Give me a sec I’ll just put away my stuff and take over.” Hermione said walking in to the closet area behind the bar.

“Sure.” The younger girl said as she stood up from the stool.

“How are you going home?” FP asked garbing his jacket from the stood on the other side of him.

“I’m walking home, pretty much just to shower since i clearly don’t have time to sleep before i have to get to school”

“I’ll drive you.”

“You sure?”

“Yeah, it’s the least i can do.” He said, genuinely feeling happy without being  drunk

“Alright, I’ll just grab my things.”

“Thank you again, Y/N” Hermione hugged her before she made her way out of the restaurant where FP was already waiting on her.

“Ready to go?” He asked offering her his elbow trough which she hooked her hand as they walked towards his truck.

“Thank you again, for standing up for me.” She said as they made it to his car, where he opened the door for her. 

“It was my pleasure.”  He said before closing the door behind her and Walking over to his side, and starting the car. 

“You should come by more often.” She smiled as he started the car. 

“Now that i know a girl like you works there, i most defenetly  will.” He said, sending her a quick smirk before looking back on the road. 

“Are you flirting with me, Mr. Jones?” She asked scooting herself closer to him and laying her head on his shoulder. 

“Have been for the last couple of hours. Thank you for noticing.” He said with a chuckle and in that moment she knew exactly where Jughead got his sarcasm and snaky commentary from. 

“Oh I’ve noticed.” She said before being interrupted by her own yawn. She gently wrapped her arms around his arm, which he was now resting on her thigh as they drove. 

“We’re here.” FP said as he Parked his car at the address the girl told him was her home. 

“Mhm” was all she said before cuddling in to him even more. She was already half asleep. 

“Come here.” The man let out a chuckle before picking the girl up in his arms and caring her out of the car bridal style. 

“Wat arr you doin’?” She said Partially Waking up. 

“Getting you home safely.” He said just as they reached the top step if her porch where he gently set her back in her knees. “Will you be able to make it the rest of the way?” He said a smile on his face.

“Mhm, I’m a big girl, remember?” She said searching for her Keys in her purse. “Got 'em” she smiled pointing the Keys in the air. 

“Good job baby girl.” He said clearly amused by her sleepy attempt to get in to her own home, the fact that she drank a couple of beers probably didn’t help. 

“I like that.” She smiled up at him, enchanted by the new nickname. 

FP raised an eyebrow at the girl as she stumbled closer to him. 

“Thanks.” She said before stepping on her tips toes and pressed sing a soft but quick kiss on his lips. 

FP didn’t have time to react as she already turned around and walked trough her door. 

“I like that.” He said to himself before Walking back to his car with a proud smirk playing on his lips. 

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Tension at the Office

Character: Jessica (SNSD)
Word count: 2519
Summary: CEO Jessica Jung always took her work seriously. Even if she had to work with an infuriating, tardy woman in tight dresses and high heels | #(slight)smut #fluff #office!au
Warnings: slightly smutty themes (business woman Jess got me feeling things …), slight bad language

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She couldn’t help the way her eyes rolled when you walked into her office, twenty minutes late and beaming to the brim with a smile.

“Good morning, Jessica! Sorry I’m late!”

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Request:hi this is my first time asking for a request and i thought it could be cool if you wrote an imagine where the reader is friends with team free will and she has a twin sister and they get really confused because the reader hasn’t told them and she plays a prank on them. It would be really cool if you wrote this thanks.

A/n: Okay thanks for requesting, I hope you like it. Sorry it took me awhile to get it out but uh life is busy for me. If you liked it tell me and if theres anything you need at all tell me. Thanks happy first request!! love ya

         The guys had been playing pranks on you all week, whether it be Sam cutting holes in your clothes, Dean putting itching powder in your pants, or Castiel taking all the hair off your head. Enough is enough! You knew exactly what you had to do and you knew exactly who to call.

         You never told the boys that you had a twin sister and they would have never guessed because you had been with them for a couple of years they figured that they knew everything about you. You got up from the couch in the bunker and walked to the kitchen and grabbed your phone and you scrolled through your contacts until you finally found Y/S/N. You hit the call and waited for her to pick up, you hadn’t talked to her in a year and hoped she would be able to forget the little incident that happened to cause the break of bond you had with her. When she picked up you told her your plan and she said she would fly out in a week and that she would help you without question.

                Your sister never knew you were hunter and you hoped that she never would, you didn’t want her to get her involved in the life, which was why this was so risky. You started to open up the refrigerator and thought about telling her to cancel the flight she had booked and making up some lame excuse for why but your thoughts were quickly interrupted by a face full of what you guessed was flour exploding in your face. Somebody which you guessed was Sam, (because he was the only one who had any alone time here in the last couple days), had flour bombed you. Oh No! There was no way you were canceling now!

A week had passed and your sister was expected to be here anytime today. The week was a complete wreck and you had to deal with almost all the tricks from the book, but what you had in store would blow the pants off all of them.

As you sat there watching TV you heard the door ring and you knew exactly who it was. You got up from the comfortable couch and walked over to the door. When you opened the door your sister had almost the same outfit as you on that happened to you a lot when you guys were growing up. You opened your arms and gave her a tight hug, she felt a lot bigger and you guessed that was from sitting in an office all day, and you knew your sister loved to eat.

“Hey Y/N!”

Her eyes widened and she leaned in and whispered “Are they here?”

You laughed and shook your head. You let her in and she sat down on the couch.

 “So uh how are you?"she asked.

"I’m good but you know these pranks have got to stop, but we can talk about that later tell me about your life….. in New York.”

 A smile grew on her face and she said “Well I got a promotion and uh, well, I’m pregnant!”

She screeched with excitement but your mouth just flew open and an idea that would be better than ever popped in your head.

“Stand up for a sec”, you motioned for her to stand up and as she did you realized how big she was and knew that your plan would work perfectly. “Okay so I have the perfect idea, the other day me and Sam got really drunk and we woke up the next morning on the couch both of us naked, and no we are not together,” You knew she would ask if you did if didn’t tell her,“ but we both just assumed that we got tired after a game of strip poker.”

You paused and thought about how awkward it was when you woke up to find him naked and asleep next to you and the fact you were naked too. You didn’t even have to say anything else because she finished" So you want me to be you and pretend that your, whatever, pregnant with Sam’s baby?“ You nodded with excitement and you knew without a doubt you were smiling.

You spent the next half hour doing your best to explain about who Sam and Dean were, but since you wanted to keep out the fact that you were hunters you told her that you were FBI and that sometimes you used monster names as codes for the names of the murderers and that you would handle any cases or FBI related things.

When Sam and Dean came home you had an obvious fake pregnant stomach under your shirt. Your sister was in the shower because she had fallen into one of Sam’s flower bombs. You heard the door open and instantly got ready to be obviously faked pregnant.

"Y/N we’re home and we bought some food.”

You stood with your back turned to the door and you were leaning against the counter, one hand on your stomach.

You heard the sound of feet coming into the kitchen and you felt a hand on your shoulder and you turned around to face Sam. He gave you a soft smile and then you saw his eyes drop to your stomach.

“Y/N, What the hell?!?”

“Sam, do you remember that night that we got drunk well, I’m pregnant, I-I- I didn’t know how to tell yo-”

“Dean come here!”

Dean came in and his eyes went from Sam to you to your stomach and his eyes never left your stomach.

He looked so shocked and it took every ounce of blood in you to not give in and laugh. He lifted up your shirt and instantly gave a sigh of relief as he saw a pillow that was duck taped to your stomach. You gave in and laughed so hard you almost peed.

“Got ya!” you said while still laughing.

“I should have known that you would get me back eventually,” he patted you on the back “Good one.”

He walked out of the kitchen and headed to his room.

“So you almost got me but I was just pretending so you could scare Sam, you will have to a lot better than that to scare me.”

You smirked “Oh trust me I will.”

That night you slept in the bathroom so your sister could sleep in the bed until she got her hotel room.  Since you knew Sam would get up early you woke your sister up early and discussed the plan with her.

You watched from the door as your sister went into the kitchen to get some coffee and talk to Sam. When she walked in Sam was so busy reading he didn’t even look at her stomach. She poured herself some coffee and sat down next to him.

“What ya reading?”

Still looking at his book he said “Just doing some research on the case.”

She looked at her stomach and then twirled her hair as she tried to think of something to say. She didn’t even have to think long before Dean walked in looking half asleep.

He looked at her stomach and sighed in a groggy voice he said “Look Y/N you fooled us once, you’re not going to again, especially with the same exact joke.”

It was even funnier to watch than it was to act out.

“Guys but it’s not a joke.” Your sister said it so innocently that even you almost believed and you hoped the boys would too.

“Y/n it’s too early for this just give it up.”

She didn’t say anything she just held her stare at the boys and made a serious face.

“Okay obviously you aren’t going to give this up so what your telling me is that if I lift up your shirt you will have a real pregnant belly?” Sam asked blatantly annoyed.  

She nodded and everyone watched as Sam lifted up her shirt. As soon as her belly was revealed you knew this was the best prank yet.

“What the hell?” the brothers said in unison.

“I told you I was pregnant; please don’t be mad yesterday I was just testing you to see your reaction.”

“We aren’t mad just shocked don’t worry we will figure this out.” Sam put his hand on your stomach.

You couldn’t it, help you started to shake with laughter and put your hand over your mouth to stop it from being heard. You probably would have laughed forever it you hadn’t accidentally hit the door with your foot.  The boys grabbed their knifes and headed toward the door. Suddenly your sister screamed out in pain with a hand on her stomach and was making a pain filled face. Because you know your sister so well you knew she was faking but they seemed  think  it was real. Dean set his weapon down and walked over to her side frantically asking what was wrong; Sam hesitated but was over there in a second.

You got a little nervous when Dean started to call for Cas because of him just popping up anywhere.

Luckily Cas popped in behind your sister and looked her up and down before sticking two fingers to her head. His fingers dropped from her head but she was still screaming in pain and he looked at her with confusion.

“Y/n, your okay now I healed you what’s wrong?”

Your sister stopped screaming and looked at the angel oddly.

“Thanks Mr. Magic Fingers.”

You laughed silently at the fact she had no clue about Castiel. You were just about to walk in and announce that you had scared the pants off all of them when Castiel said “ I think you are pregnant and with a baby boy.”

Your sister started to smile and rub her stomach “Well I hope it’s a boy.”

Just before you walked into the room you took a good look at the boys and their faces. Castiel looked so confused and was eyeing your sister like she was a rare species. Sam looked stressed and worried. And Dean looked pissed. You laughed and opened the door and walked towards the kitchen.

“I got you, I got you!” You sang as you came from behind the boys.

They jumped and grabbed their weapons, all aimed at you; ready to fire.

“Whoa, calm down its me, Y/N."                                                                                                                                               

"Okay somebody tell me what the hell is going on here” Dean said still pointing his gun at you with a confused face.

“Well boys, meet my twin sister Y/S/N and her baby boy.” You pointed toward her stomach.

You smirked and said with chanting voice “I got you guys; I’m not really pregnant, ha ha ha!”

“Son of a bitch!”

Sam ran up to you and gave you a hug and took your face in both of his hands “Don’t ever do that to me again, okay?” You nodded still laughing.

“I get it now, that was funny” Said Castiel still putting on a serious face.

You spent the next hour talking with the boys and your sister, explaining the plan and who your sister was.

 At the end of the conversation  the boys whispered in each other’s ears then looked to you with mischievous smiles and said “This. Means. War.”

The day I went to Taylor Swift's house.

Today I had the opportunity of a lifetime. Today I got to go to Taylor Swift’s house in Los Angeles with a handful of other diehard fans, and we all got the best surprise ever. We had the privilege of listening to ‘1989’ before it comes out in one month and one week with Taylor sitting in front of us.

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Katy Perry Wonderland Magazine Cover Story

From playing Smurfette, to riding a life-size Egyptian horse and straddling a turd emoji rodeo – chart topping Cali girl Katy Perry is living each of her glitter tinted dreams. 

Katy Perry unzips the gusset of her shark outfit and peers into the fuzzy crotch area that’s hanging somewhere near her knees. Her famously animé wide eyes look surprised, like there should be something in there, before she quickly zips it back up and waves goodbye to the group of US Marines who have come backstage to meet her. We are backstage at her show in Vienna’s Stadthalle, a 16,000 capacity venue in the Austrian capital. Tomorrow night, Simply Red will play here. For Perry, this kind of malarkey – waving at foam-mouthed fans like she’s Queen Elizabeth trundling down Pall Mall – is business as usual. She is, after all, the reigning queen of pop. The next day we meet again, shuffling through the plush carpeted hallways of the hotel she’s staying in. She tells me the guy who just interviewed her wrote a song for her. Though I don’t have anything to compete with this, I don’t mind telling Perry I really enjoyed the huge, floating turd emoji that made its way through the audience the night before. And why wouldn’t I? Of all the emojis it’s clearly the best.

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