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Bucky, can you tell us about a time you had to force Steve to go to medical because he thinks he's pretty much invincible?

my favorite times is when steve is unconscious. or really punch drunk. because then i can just drag him into medical. and i dont really have to worry about brain damage because 1. he’s already an idiot and 2. healing factor.

( which is not to say that his healing factor is enough to keep him out of medical. it’s not. he still has to go in, no matter what he says. the only ones who get out of medical on the healing factor excuse are wade and logan. and that’s just because they’re too much of a pain to bother with. so steve still has to go to medical. )

you would think being raised by a nurse would teach him to respect medical. but no. 

he broke his hand–his whole damn hand, not just the fingers–punching a solid concrete wall a month ago. he wasnt aiming for the wall. (he claims.) he was aiming for a doombot, which dodged, and he hit the wall instead. it may have been the only doombot ever made with a survival instinct. if only steve could have borrowed that after clint shot the doombot’s head off.

since steve is steve, and he thinks erskine and howard injected him with adamantium instead of superjuice, he just kept fighting with his broken hand. and he kept forgetting it was broken. (and yelling swearwords over the comms every time he punched something with it. language, steve.) 

so afterwords, all of us knew he was injured–it was pretty hard to miss, what with the swearing and the swelling. if the universe was kind, or if steve was less stubborn, he would have accepted the inevitable and just gone to medical. obviously he did not do that. instead, he started doing the ‘im just fine my hands are always this weird looking bucky what are you talking about’ routine. i think he was just planning on setting the bones himself, though i really dont want to know how exactly he planned to do that. i was fixing to just grab him and haul him off. 

i guess he could see it in my expression, because he made a break for it, and tried to grab hold of tony as he was taking off. except tony didn’t see him coming, and the two of them only made it about twelve feet up before steve throwing off tony’s balance managed to crash them both. 

the iron man is pretty heavy. steve wound up under it. 

he broke his other hand.

after that he went to medical quietly.

(he was not quiet for long. theres no greater force of irritation than bedridden steve who can’t use his hands to do things. he gets bored and then i start really missing being cryofrozen)

I Miss You (Zach Dempsey)

From: 13 Reasons Why

Warnings: none, just fluff

Dedication: I’d like to give credit to @jefferyatkind​. The edit is hers and she makes a lot of edits like this one, check out her blog https://jefferyatkind.tumblr.com/ I love her edits so much and yeah.

(I dedicate this imagine to you because from the moment I saw your edit I knew that this could be a great story)

You walked to class with you best friend alex. Yeah, that’s right, the Alex Standall. You were friends ever since FML. And after hannah, He was your second closest friend.

Right now you were walking with him to Biology. “Hey y/n! Standall! wait up” you heard a familiar voice call. You turned around smiling seeing your boyfriend, Zachary Shan-Yung Dempsey. “Hey babe” you said greeting him. “Where are the dickwads?” you asked teasing him. “y/n/n!!!! They’re my friendsssss” He whines. “They’re skipping first and second period” Alex answers nonchalantly. you sigh at their stupidity, you mean yeah, they’re kinda your friends but doesn’t mean you agree with everything they do. you kiss Zach on the cheek, “That’s all???” he says pouting. you laugh and peck him on the lips then we enter bio. We were early by 10 minutes so the only people here were You, Alex and Zach. “Hey, Dempsey, are you going to the fun park with the gang?” Alex asks Zach as he settles down in his seat. “Yeah” he replies as he puts his arms around you.

“Are you going babe?” he asks you

“Aww no, I can’t. midterms next week. YOU SHOULD STUDY TOO” you replied. “Yeah but, you’ve met my mom, I studied for midterms since last week and all i have to do is review” he answers.

“Oh well, too bad for me then” you reply sighing. “Come on babe you have to go. Or else I’ll be lonely” he whines pulling you closer. “I wish I could baby” you say kissing his forehead. Then the teacher enters and you start your first class of the day.

—— lunch time ———

“Yo y/n! Ready for fun park later?” Justin asks as he and Jessica sit down at our table. “Nah, I gotta study” you reply sighing. “BOOOOO!” Bryce shouts. You roll your eyes and listen to them plan about their day.






You finish studying earlier than expected and all you could think about is Zach. I hope he’s okay. you thought. As you finished packing your phone lights up and all your friends are sending you snaps. One from Jess, one from Justin, one from Alex and one from Monty. “Why isn’t Zach messaging me?” you though aloud. You watched all their snaps and see how much fun their having. “I should’ve gone” you said to yourself “They’re probably on their way home anyway” you say glancing at the clock. 7:00pm it read. You sigh once again as you see Zach has a recently updated story. “Let’s see how much fun he had, enough to not send me any snaps or what” you mumbled as you opened his story

came out. Your heart melts at the sight of your cute boyfriend. You slide to message Alex on snap.

You: How’s my baby?

Alex: Annoying as fuck. He wouldn’t shut up about you not being here.

the definition of disgusting puppy love

You: Yeah yeah what’s up with the puppy? Is it clifford? Clifford was my favorite thing ever when I was young

Alex: He won it in the basketball game thing in the arcade part of fun park

You: Of course, basketball.

Alex: He says he would’ve given it to you and it would’ve been the perfect romantic whatever but you aren’t here so he just made himself miss you more

You: My boy is so sweet 😌💖

Alex: If you think that’s sweet then this is even better. He’s been hugging that thing while he’s sleeping and he says he’ll still bring it home for you

You: …….

Why are you guys watching Zach sleep? Where are you?

Alex: Still in fun park. We’re staying until Saturday night so everyone can study on Sunday. We rented a hotel room in the hotel beside it

You: And you all fit?

Alex: Duh, Bryce booked the biggest room there was. And its in the top most floor. You could fit too actually

You: I’d go but i don’t want to sleep in the same room as that rapist 🤢🙄

Alex: Nah. This is his so called “redemption” moment Monty and him have their own room in the floor below. And we locked our doors.

You: Soooo who are you guys with?

Alex: Justin, me, Jess, Sheri, Zach, Marcus

You: The 6 of you in a suite?

Alex: yep

You: Damn hold on

You ran out your room to see your parents having dinner. “Hey sweetie” Your mom greets. “Hey mom, i have to ask you something” You say kissing her and your dad as a greeting. “You want to go to the fun park with your friends don’t you?” your dad says even before you can utter a single word. “Y-yeah. how’d you know?” you ask confused. “I saw Zach after my business meeting in the hotel. He really misses you. I asked him why you didn’t come and he said because you had studying” he explained.

“but since you’re probably done” Your mom adds trailing off. “You may go” your dad replies motioning to your bags on top of the staircase. “You knew I was going anyway? And you DO know its overnight…. right?” you ask both of them as you walked up to grab your bags. “Yeah and we’re okay because I trust you and Zach” Your mom says kissing you goodbye. “I’ll take you” Your dad says grabbing his keys.

You walk to the card and head out. You quickly send Alex a text

You: I am on my way don’t tell Zach. It’s a surprise!! Do you guys want pizza? xx

Alex: Yes please 🙏🏻

“Hey dad, is it okay if I buy Pizza for the gang?” You ask shyly. “yeah sure” and with that you park and get some pizza


“Hey guys let’s order pizza” I yell. A chorus of sures and hell yeses were being thrown. “Alright” I said laughing slightly. I notice everyone is in the common area talking except one certain raven haired male. “Zach we’re ordering pizza” I tell him walking in his room to see him still cuddling the stupid red dog. “I don’t want any” he says hugging it tighter. “Alright” I say closing his door. Man I hope y/n gets here soon. Her boyfriend is too whipped.


“y/n, y/n, wake up!!” your dad calls as he shakes you lightly. “5 more minutes” you whisper putting your jacket over your face. “Are you sure? In 5 minutes I can turn around and go back home and you’ll miss surprising your boyfriend” he says turning the car around. “WHAT I’M HERE? ALREADY?” you yell sitting up. “y/n! Stop shouting we’re in an enclosed area, but yes we’re here” your dad says pushing you out the door. “Thanks dad” you say throwing him a smile then kissing his cheek. “See you tomorrow” you say before closing the door and walking inside the building.

You finally reach the room and press the doorbell thing. “Wow the pizza guy is fast” you hear Jess say on the other side of the door. “Hey I’ll get it, he might be cute” you hear Sheri call and right after the door opens. “y-“ you cut her off before she can yell “shhh it’s a surprise” you say whispering and putting your finger to your lips as if you’re telling her to be quiet. “Well I’ll say”Jess says walking in the room. You hug everyone then turn to Alex. “Where’s my cotton ball?” you ask the bleached blondie. “In that room. He’s terrible without you. The Clifford hit him hard” he says motioning over to the door beside us. You grab a piece of pizza and a paper plate then you try to open the locked door and when you accept that you can’t open it, you knock on his door instead. “Alex I told you I don’t want any pizza” your boyfriend grumbles as he opens the door. His face turns from gloomy to shock. “y/n???”

“You don’t want any pizza even if it comes with me?” you say pouting.

He quickly gets out of his state of shock and wraps his arms around you “darling if I knew that all i had to do was to order a pizza, I would’ve called ages ago” he whispers in your ear then kisses you. You melt in the kiss and pull him towards you. As the kiss becomes more passionate you hear a cough behind you. You both pull away to see your friends glaring at you guys playfully. Sheri counts, “one… two… three” and all together they shout. “GET A ROOM”

You all laugh at each other then you and Zach walk back in his room cuddling, as you replace the big red dog with your small petite body. And neither you nor Zach would have it any other way

Mobile masterlist (as of May 31, 2017)

tried to fit everything onto one GIANT masterlist post but tumblr glitches out and un-links everything if i do that SO here is my masterlist pt. 1!


i ALSO added the date each post was created so it’s easier to tell which ones are newer posts hehe

Random Compilation Snaps: (2015-6)

Jimin Yoongi Jungkook Hoseok Taehyung
Jimin2 Yoongi2 Jungkook2 Hoseok Jin

Conversation Snaps:

jimin’s new hat | tae brings puppy to practice | tae wants to cuddle | surprising jimin at his concert | suga and jungkook in the studio | jimin wishes you good luck on your midterm | namjoon thinks you study too much | jimin comforts you during anxiety attack | jimin, jungkook, tae, hoseok wish u happy birthday
jimin misses u when it rains | tae finds a kitten | jimin teases ur crush on jungkook | jimin is cuter than jungkook? | jin wants to see your face | jungkook’s timberlands | sleepy tae | jimin steals your glasses | jungkook & tae tease you | namjoon reminds you to eat | tae cant keep secrets | dinner with hobie & tae | jealous jimin | jimin gives shopping advice | bangtan insider | backstage @ MMA | visiting busan | after music bank win (!!) | bts boyfriend takes care of you

Text Conversations:

Sorry he’s busy (2015) | accidental dirty text (2015) | old hairstyles (2015) | time of the month (2015) | i like you, bestfriend (2015) | school encouragement (2015) | weird 3am texts (2015) | study distractions (2015) | surprise international visit (2015) | post halloween party (2015) | public relationship (2015) | not leaving you alone at night (2015) | reacts to non-bts bias (2015) | puppy texts (2015) | protective big brother bangtan (2015) | nevermind suga (2015) | sick bangtan (2015) | jealous bangtan (2015) | jealous bangtan 2 (2015) | good luck during finals (2015) | demanding run music video answers (2015) | at MAMA2015 (2015) | doing bts’s makeup (2015) | happy birthday jin (2015) | bts calling you babygirl (2015) | today will be a better day (2015) | aegyo/oppa attack (2015) | random angst (2015) | random angst 2 (2015) | first love (2015) | why bts loves you (2015) | bts christmas presents (2015) | taehyung’s birthday gift (2015) | 난 너를 사랑해 by jin (2015) | reacts to drunk girlfriend (2015) | post-horror movie paranoia (2015) | bts patients (2015) | big brother jungkook (2015) | bts boyfriend wasnt original bias? (2015) | namjoon drunk angst (2015) | cringeworthy pickup lines (2015) | broken hearted bts’s little sister (2015) | sick, clingy bts girlfriend (2015) | meeting of girlfriend’s parents (2015) | take a break, bts (2015) | future lives with bts (2015) | childhood stories (2015) | namjoon’s twin (2015) | conversations while sitting in the same room (2015) | affectionate jungkook (2015) | not good enough for hoseok? (2015) | post-car accident (2015) | music composition with yoongi (2015) | v and suga are okay (2015) | sarcastic jungkook goes too far? (2016) | grumpy, hungry girlfriend (2016) | yoongi asks out jin’s best friend (2016) | BTS cheers you up after you end an important friendship (2016) | CASUAL bts 1 (2016) | CASUAL bts 2 (2016) | CASUAL bts 3 (2016) | jealous suga (2016) | 3 am cheer up (2016) | sleepy bts girlfriend (2016) | hoseok & 1VERSE (2016) | college!bts (2016) | highschool!bts (2016) | bts buys tampons for gf (2016) | bts bromance (2016) | yoongi’s bestfriend’s confession (2016) | burnt out bts girlfriend (2016) | jungkook confesses to noona (2016) | bts picks u up from work (2016) | teaching jimin english 1 (2016) | teaching jimin english 2 (2016) | teaching jimin english 3 (2016) | yoongi vs woozi (2016) | affectionate bts (2016) | valentines day texts (2016) | yoongi & long term gf (2016) | bts girlfriend @ exolution (2016) | angsty jungkook (2016) | angsty jimin 1 (2016) | angsty jimin 2 (2016) | happy birthday hobi (2016) | angsty suga breakup (2016) | needy maknaes (2016) | needy maknaes 2 (2016) | highschool jungkook (2016) | bts wishes u happy birthday (2016) | bts hiphop monster (2016) | bts cheers u up after shitty day at work (2016) | namjoon love (2016) | homesick namjoon & yoongi (2016) | bts & harry potter (2016) | exam crams 1 (2016) | exam crams 2 (2016) | bestfriend bts (2016) | bestfriend bts: long distance edition (2016) | needy namjoon (2016) | bts makes u jealous (2016) | shitty emotions (2016) | bts fashion (2016) | ‘i love you’ in korean (2016) | cute jungkook (2016) | soft yoongi (2016) | junkfood overload (2016) | airport fiasco (2016) | late girlfriend (2016) | agustd release!!! (2016) | late night random texts (2016) | yoongi’s unrequited love pt 1 pt 2 (2017) | fake boyfriend bestfriend (2017) | jimin’s new hair (2017) | sending bts boyfriend on makeup errand (2017) | 


organization tips!

Oops this is a bit long but I thought I’d share how I plan to stay organized this semester at university.

Find a note-taking system that will work for you

I have 5 different notebooks for each of my 5 classes. For Chemistry, Calculus, and Physics, my notebooks will be strictly for lecture notes. For textbook problems and practice questions, I’ll use loose leaf paper and organize everything in 1 binder. For Biology, I will write textbook notes in the notebook and annotate/add info during lectures. I’m using this system b/c my prof won’t be posting slides online (however, last semester I typed all of my notes for bio from the powerpoints before/during class because the slides were posted beforehand.) For psychology, I’ll type lecture notes during class and write them out in the notebook later (if you’re going to rewrite notes, organize the content in a different way and explain in your own words).

On the first day of class, I write all the necessary info for the class on the first page of my notebook. Basically, pull all the important bits from the syllabus. I like to include: class name, times and location of the class, the prof’s name, the prof’s office hours, location, and best way to contact them (usually email), a breakdown of your grade (i.e. how much your final is worth), important dates, and any other necessary info (such as if the prof posts notes online, if they’re strict about attendance, etc.)

Use a planner

You could use a bullet journal but personally I find planners more functional because I can easily plan ahead my entire semester. Most planners will have a few notes pages so I like to write out my schedule there. It’s easy to reference if you’re still getting used to your schedule. If it’s your first semester at a new institution, include little tips on locations, such as “Oh my psych class is in the same building as that coffee place I like and english is in the building near that big statue,” or anything else you might find useful. 

As soon as you get all the syllabi, write down all those dates in your planner! Obviously include midterm dates and such, but also include which readings need to be done each week, which lab is being done each week (for chem labs I’ll do Lab K one week and suddenly Lab E is the next week and it’s super stressful not being sure which prelab to do), etc.

As well, it’s really helpful to plan out your studying for midterms and finals. It depends on how prepared you feel you need to be. I simply would write a note that my physics midterm was two weeks from now, to serve as a reminder to start studying soon. One of my friends likes to write in specific times to study. So if the midterm was in one week, she would schedule a one hour study session on Thursday and then two hours on Saturday and so forth, all leading up to the midterm.

Get everything ready the night before

There’s nothing worse than being rushed in the morning and starting off stressed. Do meal prep, pack your lunch, lay out your clothes for the next day, pack your bag, and clear off your desk. I also keep a pen and sticky notes beside my bed. This way, I can put my mind at ease by writing down something I think I might forget or by writing a to do list for the next day. 

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midterm stress

A/N: this is short and sweet, thanks anon for the request i loved writing this because it gave me such brad feels, so here ya go. also I’m catching up on requests so bare with me, ill try to get some done since todays a snow day for me (:

it was the last day of midterms and you needed to make sure you passed this test so that you could get by in this class. you had been studying all day ever since you’ve gotten home and you had all of your papers laid out on the bed spread out trying to organize everything. you heard the door creak open when you saw brad standing there with a cheeky smile on his face while holding a taco bell bag. “what are you doing brad” you laughed. “i thought my smart girlfriend would want some taco bell to eat for your study sesh” he giggled dropping off. “your the best” you said grabbing a taco from the bag and taking a bite. you continued going over your notes as brad went to walk out. “brad, babe you can sit in here if youd like im not kicking you out. itll only be another half hour tops i promise”  he then headed over to the couch to open up his laptop for a bit. you were going through vocab for biology and you kept getting the same thing wrong every time  you tried maybe five times through with your flash cards until you tossed them in frustration. “well i guess im gonna fail, because i cant do anything right” you said with your hands over your face. brad rushed directly over to you “baby, dont say that. youll get it. you’re the smartest girl i know” he said holding to the side of your face. “but i cant brad, ive been doing this all day and i know im gonna fail this” you said almost crying. “shhh baby girl no tears, why dont you take a break i miss my baby’s cuddles” he said hugging you with his breath hitting the side of your neck. “oh alright, only because youre the cutest boyfriend like ever” you said kissing him swiftly. “thats my girl, now move these papers so i can actually cuddle with you and watch some tv” he said giggling piling the papers together and put them on the couch.

he wrapped his hands around you and peppered kisses all over your neck. “i love you so much baby i hate seeing you cry” he whispered lovingly in your ear. “im sorry im just extreamly stressed and i need this class to graduate” you said turning to face him. “dont apologize, i just want you to relax. and i think i have a few ideas” he said bringing his face closer to yours. you smiled at your boyfriend in content “yeah? whatd you have in mind then?” leaning even closer. he chuckled starting to kiss you holding your waist  leaning on top of you starting to lick the bottom of your lip, you opening your mouth allowng his tongue to trace the inside of your mouth. “well, a little bit of that, and hm of this” he said before grabbing your butt causing you to squeal. “and maybe a little bit of this” he chuckled before tracing his lips down to your chest. you were a mess under his touch and he knew it. “i love how i could make you get all flustered” he chuckled. you then took the chance to flip him over and straddle his waist whilst he had a shocked expression on his face. “now whos all flustered?” you asked sarcastically. “kiss me” he mumbled bringing his face close to yours. you decided to tease him a little bit so you started of kissing him very slowly biting his bottom lip, causing him to groan. you began rocking your hips a little bit before kissing him. “babe if you dont cut that out im gonna cum in my pants” he said with a laugh. “stop what?” you asked sucking on his neck. “oh fuck babe, you’re killing me” he said with a groan. you pulled away finally and sat down give him one more peck on the cheek. “how was that for a break babe?” he smirked. “i think i need to have those type of breaks every day of the week” you laughed. “im down for it anytime, any day of the week babygirl” he said sweetly. “brad, i love you so much. thanks for calming me down” you said cuddling into him. “i love you too, so much. i dont think youll ever fully understand how much i care for you baby” he said kissing you on your forehead cutely.

The Challenge: Part 1

Anon: Could u write a smut scenario with Mark ! Anything that come up to ur mind please and thanks ;)

Author: Admin M

Character(s): Mark (GOT7)/Reader

Word Count: 1,635

Summary: Could Mark Tuan be anymore of an ass. Yes he is charming and yes he is good looking. If only people would see the real Mark like I see him.

A/N: I kind of always wanted to write a popular, school boy scenario for Mark so I hope you like it! :) Also making this a two parter. I wanted this to be a good one :D Hope you like Part 1.

“Hey girl.” A girl almost passed out because of that simple greeting to her from Mark. Mark Tuan. He is the king of our high school. Just a simple smile or wink could send girls to the nurses office. He is a total a sweet heart. He gets good grades, is the President of our class, and volunteers at random places on the weekends. He is every girls dream boyfriend. Well not every girl. There is me. 

I use to be the best in school. Great grades, Class President two years running, and great at sports. I was the best at everything. I couldn’t be beat. Until Mark transferred to our school. Now I will admit, he is handsome and charming but that won’t distract me from my studies and constant need to be number one. And he knew that. That little snob knew what he was doing. He knew once the class elected him instead of me that he was under my skin. Let me just tell you what happened when the voting results were announced. 

We were all in our homerooms and I was tapping my pen against the table. I’ve never been this nervous in my life. I’ve never had anyone come close to beating me at anything. I asked to be excused from homeroom cause I knew if I had lost I would completely lose it. I quickly got into the bathroom and locked myself in making sure no one was in there with me. I stood there looking in the mirror when the results were called out. 

“And let’s say a big congratulations to our new Class President, Mark Tuan!” I fell to the ground. I knew it. this little bastard won! He actually did it. that was the end of my popularity streak. It all starts with this. I composed myself and began to walk out of the bathroom. 

“I knew I could beat you.” I froze. I knew that voice anywhere. Mark Tuan.

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First 6 hour midterm is a week from today (Monday) and despite my kittens doing absolutely everything in their power to prevent me from studying or distract me, I’m getting organized 🔥

Hello! I’m a big fan of bullet journals/planners in general, but not a lot of the common uses fit for college specifically, and especially majors like science (like im in!). I like to customize mine to fit my schools needs, so here’s a little quick guide on how to get the most efficiency out of your planner for college!

Semester Page

Where you would normally start out with a year/month-by-month page, I make a semester page. Have the semester labeled at the top (ex: fall 2016). On this page you can include: class list, block schedule, a section for dates (like when final papers are due, breaks, and add/drop deadlines!) If you’re in a lot of clubs or have a job, you can include info on those too. 


This one is optional IMO, I don’t use a monthly page and i get on fine. However, this should have a list of all the months in the semester (August-December or January- May) and space to fill in things like test dates, school events, or even personal reminders. This can be super useful if you’re in classes that only have a few tests a semester and you want to be able to reference the dates without digging through a syllabus

Month Page

Okay, we have our semester overview, let’s move into this month. I like to make a small calendar, just for reference on dates, not for filling in. I only include 5 things on this: A small calendar (2 x 2 squares on a dot grid page), study goals, books to read, notes, and a per day planning area. I keep my planning area on its own page. 

Study Goals should be used for classes with little structure and few tests, such as a lecture class, to put dates where x section should be mastered by. I like this for math in particular, because it can be easy to not study for math, but practice problems should be done a lot. Books to read can be subbed for a habit tracker or something similar. The per day planning section should be used for due dates! Go through your syllabus and write out what’s due when this month. Color coding can be useful here.


Another optional one, a weekly page/spread. I use this mostly during finals and midterms, because there’s just so much. On a weekly page i put a big list of everything i need to do for each subject, before the end of the week. So readings, online quizzes, homework, studying, papers….etc. Basically, i put everything i need to do this week in a weekly page and allocate it throughout the week. This is nice if you have a lot of online classes, where everything is due sunday night. This saved my butt last semester!


Okay, now the fun stuff. I like to separate 2 pages into 6 sections, with one section for saturday/sunday together. You can also do 8 sections, and have an extra section for notes/budget/habits/etc, if you need more space for saturday and sunday, or if you want to incorporate a mini weekly overview. I like to leave extra room for doodles, washi tape, quotes, pictures, or anything else!

I hope this helped! You can see pictures of these here

I’m at work right now… I handed in a big assignment my boss gave me for the semester but told me to re-do everything because she changed her mind on what type of format she wanted. Deadline’s in 4 days and I have midterms to study for. Fuq

yosoygaby  asked:

I'm a first year nursing student and I just started my second semester and I just reallyyyy want to know some study tips you or other nurses used because I know everything get's harder as the semesters go by and I just wanna make sure I'm doing everything I can to succeed as a nursing student! Thank you :)

Basic Studying Rules of Nursing School:

1. Flash Cards- making these guys helped me memorize things like labs and cranial nerves and I could stick them in my pocket and could study on the subway/ bus on the way to school.

2. Try not to procrastinate- this is hard- lol for someone like me.  It’s easier to study week by week rather trying to cram everything before the midterm/ final. Organize your study materials and go from there.  

3. If you do not understand a concept, then Speak Up!!- professors are more willing to help you understand something before an exam- rather than after you got an answer wrong.

4.Utilize your resources-  my school offered a writing center to help with papers and APA formatting (and it was free!).  My school also had librarians to help in finding articles on a topic for a paper as well as search tips to find the articles that I was looking for (this was also free). Most schools offer teaching assistants in the bigger core classes.  The teaching assistants were graduate students who answer emails/ questions/study sessions (these people can be very helpful).     

5.Take study breaks- some people think that if you study for 23 hours straight, somehow this will make you more prepared for an exam.  I don’t think so- in fact, I did better on tests that I studied for 2 hour increments and then had a break (i.e. dance party, laundry, watch an episode of the vampire diaries, go for a run).

6. If you are studying in a group- use the rule of 5- if there is more than 5 people in a study group it is not going to be a productive studying time.  In addition, DO NOT rely on these groups to LEARN (go to a group already knowing concepts and bounce ideas to BETTER understand).  This makes better use of your time.   

7.  Remember to get sleep and Relax!  You are going to kick ass and be amazing.  You are going to be the best nurse ever! 

:) !

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13/100 Days of Productivity

It’s going to be a no-sleep weekend for me. Everything piled up. I’m re-writing notes for my Human Sexuality midterm re-take I have to do on Monday. I also have my term research paper due for Abnormal Psych. Then, Tuesday, I have my final for Human Sexuality. I want to die 😩😩😩😩😩 (that may be the second time I write that this week)

Tips for my upcoming college freshman followers.

Last year, around this time I was preparing myself for the next chapter of my life, college. It was certainly an exciting time in my life because of all the possibilities that college had in store for me – the moving in process, finding out who my roommates were, getting weekly emails talking about frosh week/ orientation, dorm shopping, classes, and all that fun stuff. At that time, I didn’t know what to expect and I didn’t care. I was ready to take everything on head strong and just take on whatever life threw at me. 

Looking back at it now, the one year I spent as a freshman was no cake walk. It was one of the most difficult (yet rewarding) years of my 19 years of living. I’ve had to go through so much learning curve that I wasn’t even prepared for half of what I had to go through. I had to learn how to adapt at a quick pace just so I wouldn’t fall behind. In the end, it did make me stronger, it made me smarter, and it made me prepared for the real world. However, I do wish that I had known some of these things that I know now before I went to college last year. So I thought I should at least share these to my followers who are off to college this upcoming fall and just eager to get started and get the dice rolling.

1.) Don’t worry about the past. The beauty of college is that you can start off with a blank slate once again. It doesn’t mean that you just completely forget who you are , where you came from, and the people that got you there. it just simply means that the past doesn’t defy who you’re going to turn out to be in college.

Seeing yourself evolve and grow is an inevitable process that will happen in college. You might not wholeheartedly embrace the change right away, but trust me you will come to terms with it, because that change is for the better. College is the time where you find yourself and grow into that person that you are meant to become. Just remember, being a freshman gives you a brand new opportunity to start over again. To do things you wish you had done back in high school, to be who you truly are to be accepted by those around you. The change is scary because you’re accustomed to this certain norm you had back in high school, but trust me, once the path seems a little clearer, you’ll see that you’re better off. Never stop searching for yourself and embrace the process of change in your life.

2.) If it doesn’t click right away, it doesn’t mean it won’t ever click. The most exciting part of my freshman experience was meeting new friends. The day I settled in college, I was so excited to make new friends and find people who were like me that I just put myself out there hoping that it leads to me finding new friends… Then reality hit me. Three weeks of school had gone by and I still haven’t made friends. It turns out I had nothing in common with any of my roommates, the people I met at frosh (and got drunk with) were nothing more than just “drinking buddies” that I only ever talk to at parties. The first three weeks of school was the loneliest I’ve ever felt in my life. To add salt in the wound, I would go on Facebook and see all of my old friends tagged on photos with their new friends. I was so down on myself that I just ended up spending weekends alone in my bed and watching Netflix. It wasn’t until October that it had finally click and I found my people. After saying “fuck it, why not?!?” after one of the guys from my intramural team invited me to a party. That’s when I met who would become my closest friend in university. We just ended up clicking from our shared interests in dancing, FIFA, beer pong, and all that. After that I’ve spent every weekend going to the coolest parties with, kicking ass in beer pong with, ending up at Denny’s at 3 a.m. hammered drunk with. He became almost like a family member to me, like someone that I’ve known my whole life. My point is: You’ll eventually find your spot in university with the people you like. It might be something that happens because you’ve made it happen, or it might be like my case where it happened out of nowhere, unexpected. Go out and take a risk; go to that party! Join that club! Who knows who you might meet? Hang in there, you’ll be alright!

3.) Make sure you get your proper nutrition! You’ve heard of the freshman 15. I know you have. Well, it’s true. Freshman 15 scared me to the point that I dedicated time and effort to be at the gym working out at least 4x a week on top of intramural basketball. Staying active is good, but eating healthy and making sure you have all the necessary nutrition is important. Luckily I didn’t gain any weight, but what happened was my nutritionist said that my diet was poor that had I eaten properly on top of my workout regimen, I would probably have abs now. My diet lacked fiber and contained high amounts of red meat. I barely ate vegetables, drank a lot of soda and vodka, and had an inconsistent routine with my eating habits. Most freshman who are living in dorms will have a meal plan, which means pizza bars, burgers, and shitty greasy food. Moderate yourself. Sure, it’s okay to have pizza once in awhile, but don’t do it everyday. Eat some veggies, some fruits. It’s okay to go HAM with that ciroq bottle once in awhile, but make sure you’re hydrated with water everyday. Your colon and liver will thank you. Trust me! Moderation, self-control, and planning ahead with meals is crucial to a healthy bowel movement and a function digestive system (this is coming from a finance and accounting major, fam)

4.) Schedule and plan ahead as much as possible. This isn’t high school anymore where you can roll by with last-minute crunch time motivation. Remember, in college there aren’t very much opportunities to get graded on things. It’s usually a midterm, participation, and a final. That’s 3 - 5 things to get graded on. Do your best the first time. 

In college you will face a lot of opportunity cost (I took 1st year econ and now I think I’m an expert bc I got an A-) in which you have to prioritize certain things over the others. While some things are unavoidable and just have to decide how you’re going to split your time over it and compromise, most things are avoidable by planning ahead and doing things that are assigned ASAP (regardless of how distant in the future until the due date is up). Most of the opportunity costs due to poor planning and scheduling are usually silly things like “Should I keep studying or should I do the laundry?” things that you can usually avoid with proper planning. Avoid those situations, do things ahead of time so you can later edit and review them to improve what you have, always expect the unexpected.

5.) Your mental health and your well being is above all else… Even school. Say it with me again “Your mental health and your well being is above all else… Even school!” There will be times where everything about college is overwhelming and you just don’t know what to do. Things will pile up: due dates, midterms, social life, etc. Just know that what you are feeling is completely normal and it happens to the best of us. It’s okay to breakdown because of it. I’ve had my fair share of breaking down at the library after 12+ hours of studying because even then I still couldn’t fully grasp a concept and that I’ve felt fucked for a midterm/final. Give yourself time to breathe – go out for a walk and clear your mind for a little while, go pet some puppies, treat yourself and buy a shirt that makes you feel good about yourself when you wear it. If self-helping doesn’t feel like enough, your school offers the resources to help you cope and deal with what you’re feeling, and there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. It’s okay to breakdown from feeling like the world is crashing down on you, what isn’t okay is staying feeling like shit. You got this, homie! I believe in you! :)

Another thing is failure. Failure is not a sign that you’re inadequate or stupid. Certain things can factor in with life that we can’t control. There is nothing wrong with failing. Don’t let it discourage you from getting where you need to be, because like I said it happens to the best of us. It’s okay to do bad on a test, to drop out of a course, and to fail in a course. There are opportunities to take the class once again. Don’t let failure define you and ruin your ambitions of succeeding. I met this girl in my Marketing class because we got grouped together by random. It was her second time taking the class because she failed the first time. By the end of it, she got an A as her class mark and she helped me a lot to understand concepts that I was unfamiliar with. Like I said, it happens to the best of us. Don’t let failure define your ambitions to succeed.

Well, in the end of day, we’ll all experience college differently, these are just some tips that I think are important for my college freshman followers to know before they head off to school and experience one of the most exciting part of their life. Take what you need from my tips, and remember to just keep keeping on and never be afraid to take risks! You’ll get to where you’re meant to go sooner in life. If you have any personal questions or want to talk to me more about my experiences in college, just hit me up with a message and I’ll gladly share some more insights to you! Good luck Class of 2019 :)



19.2.2016 // 19/100

Thank goodness it’s Friday. Well, you know, aside from my casually irritated attitude this morning from my stupid headphones that kept popping off, interrupting my musical rage I was trying to enjoy. But all is well now, I’m less stressed and eager to do what needs to be finished. It’s time to complete all my readings and focus on physics this weekend. Our second midterm is in exactly one week! 😦

Currently my desk is stacked up with pages of reading all filled with colorful sticky notes. Not only does it make my reading look pretty, it breaks it down so I can quickly look back and know what the subtext is talking about. Even my to-do list is covered in sticky notes. ✔️📚💯

Sunset is my favorite time of day to study. It’s so peaceful, everything is coming to rest, and the sky never disappoints. Wishing you all a lovely Friday. 🌅


Head in the clouds but my gravity’s centered…it’s sweater weather!!

I’m so so so so excited to go home tomorrow for thanksgiving break!! Winter finally looks like it’s about to hit the east coast –all the leaves have fallen and we even got a little snow yesterday and today! I’m currently in the library studying for my psych midterm tomorrow and finishing a problem set for my biochem class. After 11am tomorrow, it’s officially thanksgiving break!! I can’t wait to go home and see my mom, my brother, my dogs, and my friends! This semester has been so grueling and has stretched me in so many ways, and the first thing I need when I get home is gonna be a huge hug from my mom, and some cuddles with my pups! I’ve been waiting for this break for sooo long and already have everything I’m gonna do planned out: on wed I’m going up to Berkeley to visit my friends and boyfriend and we’re going to see porter robinson and madeon in SF 😍😍, on thurs i’m gonna have thanksgiving dinner w the fam, on fri my mom is buying me and my brother a car!! and i’m maybe watching fantastic beasts at night, and on sat i’m going hiking and having a picnic w bae!!!!!! I’m so excited to go home!!!

silver-stargazing  asked:

Ford learns to play banjo for the prompt?

“Can you teach me?” Ford asked, half-hoping Fiddleford couldn’t hear him over the gentle strumming.


“The banjo. Can you teach me how to play the banjo?”

Fiddleford stopped idly grazing the strings with his fingers and set the instrument aside, peering over a pile of textbooks thrown haphazardly across his bed at Ford, who was pointedly avoiding eye contact and crossing his arms at his desk.

Fiddleford leaned back against the wall and raised an eyebrow. “Are you serious?”

“Yes.” Ford muttered, wincing as he did so.

“You called it an affront to humanity.”

“It is!”

“Yes Ford. Double-down on insulting one of my many passions while asking me to help you with something. That’s how you get what you want, genius.”

“I mean—”

“If it’s so horrible, then why the hell do you want me to teach you in the first place?”

“I, well, um, uh, you see—”

“Spit it out!”

“Because Pavlov!”

That was not an answer Fiddleford had expected. “What?”


“Ford, I heard you, but I don’t understand.”

“Pavlov rang a bell whenever his dogs were eating, and he kept that up for so long that they were conditioned them to feel hunger or impulsively go for the food whenever a bell was rang.”

Fiddleford’s eyebrow raised even higher. “We have the same Psych class, Ford. Where are you going with this?”

Ford huffed and closed the textbook at his desk, swiveling his chair around to meet Fiddleford’s eye.

“You’re Pavlov. I’m the dog.”

“I…. make you hungry?”

“What? No! That’s ridiculous. You make me an A-student.”

Fiddleford shakes his head and stares blankly.

“…. You lost me again.”

“You know our rule, where you’re not allowed to play the banjo when I study?”

“The incredibly stupid rule, yes. I’m familiar. What of it?”

“And you know how you have literally never followed the rule once ever?”

“Yes, I’m familiar. Once again, where are you going with this?”

Ford stood and started pacing.

“Last week you went to visit your grandma.”

“Jesus, Ford, stay on one topic for three seconds, please—”

“Stay with me, Fidds. Last week you went to visit your grandma. I sat down to study for our midterm—”

“The midterm’s not for three months, Ford,” Fiddleford interjected, but Ford continued, not skipping a beat.

“But I simply couldn’t do it! I tried everything! I adjusted the window blinds, moved the fan, tried raising the temperature by 3 degrees! Counting periodic elements! None of the usual tactics worked! I couldn’t focus. There was only one thing missing.”

Ford turned and gave Fiddleford a meaningful look, and after a few seconds Fiddleford’s eyes widened in recognition, before he instantly fell backwards on his bed laughing.

“Oh my fucking God.”

“So you see, Fiddleford—”

“Oh my fucking God!”

“In case you ever leave the dorm again—”

“Oh my Jesus-on-a-southern-fried-cracker!”

“I need to know how to play, because I can no longer study without that infernal, disgusting sound.”

“I literally am unable to handle this.”

Fiddleford laughed for what must have been minutes before he caught sight of Ford, standing before him, looking defeated and dejected. His laughter started to die away and he sat back up to meet Ford’s gaze.

“Please, Fiddleford.”

Fiddleford sighed and scooched to the left, patting the mattress next to him for Ford to sit down, and dropping the banjo in his lap.

“Okay, Jersey boy, let’s get started.”


Note: This is canon to “Jersey Boy”

Pairing: Kazuma/Bishamon
Theme: high school!au: the tutor

Student council president Kazuma couldn’t believe he was the one assigned to be Bishamon’s tutor.

On paper, he did seem like a competitive candidate: president of student council as well as several other academic clubs, perfect attendance record and grades, was on good terms with the teachers and so would be able to get an idea of what exams would be. But, still.



Tutoring her.


Bishamon was tall with long, flowing blonde hair that trailed behind her wherever she went. She would smile and wave at Kazuma when she saw him–with him as president and her as captain of various sports, they’d find themselves collaborating at times–and he’d smile back, blush when she’d disappear. She was sweet to everyone but was harsh on her team when it came to practice. Yet, it was within reason and it seemed to make people love her more.

Kazuma wasn’t even aware that her grades were suffering, which was why he was surprised when a teacher alerted him of his assignment.

“Sorry for being late!”

“That’s all right.”

Adjusting his glasses, Kazuma sat a bit straighter and smiled. He had rented a study room in the library so they could talk; Bishamon set her things down and pulled out the chair next to him, leaving Kazuma startled for a moment, as he’d expected her to sit across from him.

Not that he minded.

“So which subject would you like to start on?” he asked, recovering quickly.

“Aah… everything, really. I just want to do a brief overview of all the material.”

“With midterms coming up, I do think it would be best to tackle weak areas first–”

“My grades are fine,” she said suddenly, blinking and Kazuma stared back before his entire face erupted in a blush, stammering out an apology at what he had implied. She just laughed, a sweet sort of laugh that left Kazuma’s heart thrumming wildly, and waved it off. “No, no, it’s fine! I can see why you’d think that. I don’t really need a tutor, just a study buddy. You’re always busy so I figured asking a teacher for you as a tutor would be the quickest.”

“I-I see…”

“Besides,” she said and Kazuma wasn’t sure if her hand brushing against his was on purpose or not, but he couldn’t focus on anything besides her tucking her hair behind her ear, “what better way to steal the number one spot by finding out his study methods?”

Blinking a few times, Kazuma finally relaxed in a smile, understood that she was teasing him.

“I see… so that’s what you’re really after.”

I know I’m supposed to post these everyday but I’ve had some internet connection issues but hopefully everything is back to normal!

I’m actually really close to finishing all of my winter break assignments, just two more to go! Still need to keep studying and reviewing for midterms in preparation for testing after break.

Taking some notes for an assignment plus doing some searching for AP Gov resources for maybe a masterpost in the future? My teacher isn’t very reliable so I definitely need to do some learning on my own.

fullmetalcal  asked:

Is it just a coincidence that the derivative of the area of a circle is equal to the circumference of a circle? I realized this earlier today while sitting in class and wanted to know if there's anything more to it.

nope, it’s not a coincidence at all! 

here’s a link to two explanations. they’re actually the first result on google, but i think that’s for a good reason. they’re pretty helpful in describing why in a rather concise manner, at least in my opinion. 

i’d do one myself but i’m so frazzled and studying for my quantum midterm that everything i attempted to write on it sounded like i threw words in a blender and poured them out hoping it was coherent enough (spoiler: it wasn’t)

attolirene-deactivated20160522  asked:

If you don't mind replying, why do you like Anders so much? (Not tryna start an argument; reading about why someone likes a character helps me like a character a lot of the time.)

the short answer to this is a pixely screenshot of anders with kittens badly photoshopped on with DEGENERATE APOSTATE HOBO CAT HUSBAND written across it BUT BECAUSE I DON’T WANT TO STUDY FOR MY MIDTERM YOU’RE GETTING THE LONG ANSWER INSTEAD? I’m really emotional right now; this might get more than a little pretentious. 

I love how from the moment you meet Anders in Awakening you’re given everything you need to predict how his story will end. It’s very oblique foreshadowing and likely wasn’t intentional on Bioware’s part, but I like playing fast and loose with canon to suit my needs when continuity is malleable like it is for Dragon Age due to different in-game choices and the extended universe novels, etc.

From the beginning, Anders’ identity was dissociated from personhood. You never learn his real name, as Anders is only a nickname given to him in reference to the fact he was from the Anderfels, and what are the Anderfels known for? The land is barren from Darkspawn taint and living is hard (his clinic), an endless battle against the Darkspawn they’ll never win (mage freedom), kept alive and bolstered only by unshakable faith in Andraste (Justice). The Anderfels are poor, but feared across Thedas for giving birth to the hardest warriors, the staunchest believers. The Anderfels’ government is a puppet run by the Grey Wardens, and isn’t it appropriate, that for all Anders rejects societal institutions (the Chantry, the Circle, the Templars) and refuses to work with or within them, that he will never escape the Darkspawn taint poisoning his body? For all the times Anders fled the Circle longing for home, it seems he never truly left. 

Fundamentally, Anders is a tragedy. Anders is good intentions gone horribly wrong. The conclusion to Anders’ story is Justice will never exist for mages, for anyone, because Justice itself cannot exist in our world. If you want to bring in 9th grade lit class into this, Anders is man vs. society brought to nihilistic conclusion. 

Nothing else in the game highlights this better than his relationship with Fenris and the way their stories play off one another. I hate how the fanbase more or less split itself into to camps where you have to pick to like either Fenris or Anders, because I love them both very much! They’re foils to each other in ways that go far deeper than their stances on mages and magic. (Personally, I think this kind of reductivism is what led to Inquisition’s stance on the mage/templar conflict which is a whole other discussion, but I don’t regard Fenris as being pro-templar so much as mage/magic critical.)

Fenris’ story is a personal one. His fight isn’t with mages or magic; his fight is with Danarius, Hadriana, Varania, who have all abused, violated, and exploited him in some way, although they do happen to all be mages. He ends the game (assuming you didn’t give him to Danarius, and if you did how the fuck could you?) having begun a slow recovery process to move on, but this only happens after Danarius and Hadriana are dead and he’s permanently burned his bridges with Varania. Fenris recovers because he gets closure.

But Anders’ fight isn’t personal like Fenris’. Well, it is personal because he’s a mage, but functioning as an activist who writes manifestos, his struggle becomes an abstract one against ideas and societal institutions. Anders is fighting a battle against the Chantry, against every single piece of misinformation spread about magic, every piece of social conditioning that predicated Thedas to hate magic, to believe the Circles are a just institution and the Templars are a necessity. Locked away in Towers, most people never witness what mages experience nor are mages given an opportunity to dispel misinformation about magic. Anders fights ideas, and in the end, how do you make peace with an idea?

In Awakening, Anders was filled with just as much hate for the Templars, the Chantry and the Circle as he was in DA2, something I feel fans who don’t like Anders like to forget, partially because Anders was written to hide his hatred beneath his humor and I guess that was done too well. The thing is though, Anders in Awakening acknowledged that as a single person, he’ll never have the power to make things better for mages. He can’t upend the Chantry and end the Templars, nor can he single-handedly change the mind of every peasant of Thedas to stop fearing magic, which his own father did, having rejected him after Anders’ magic manifested. By then Anders was 12 and old enough to understand exactly what was going on too. He resented it, but he accepted it and compromised because he knew he couldn’t change it. 

Once he merges with Justice, accepting and living with injustice and oppression isn’t an option for him anymore. Justice forces him to act, because Justice can’t compromise. All throughout DA2 he’s fighting against a battle he can’t hope to win because abstract ideas don’t function in the real world. Isabela even comments on this directly, and says, paraphrased, that ideas don’t work in a world full of people. Fenris’ problems are rooted in people; his problems can be solved. Anders’ never will be. Anders could never “get better” in DA2 the way Fenris did because Justice is hard, Justice can never be satisfied.

Anders functions as a tether to humanity for Justice, but in the end he loses. In Awakening, he knew he couldn’t win a fight against ideas, and that’s exactly what happened to him in DA2. He lost his battle against Justice, and he lost his battle against the oppression of mages because people can never win battles against ideas. He lost the moment he says that he has become the cause of all mages, because he no longer sees himself as a person but has sublimed himself into an abstract ideal. If you function at the level of abstract ideas, destroying the Chantry makes perfect sense, because the Chant of Light is the origin of the oppression of mages.

Anders is breaking under the weight of perfection, a cautionary tale about ethics pursued without morality, good intentions that could only ever go wrong, and that’s why I love him.