i do enjoy tv more than movies

Request from @fangirljeffy !

“ I was wondering if I could maybe get a Wilford x reader one-shot where the reader had a horrible day? “

Wilford x reader,

Gender neutral pronouns, fluff!

Today had been fucking awful for (y/n). They had to go out to run errands basically all day and since morning things had been going terribly. They walked up to the door to get back in the house, they’d unload the groceries later, or Wilford could help, whatever happened later didn’t matter as they remembered all the events from today as they looked for the right key to use on the door. When (y/n) left the house this morning they forgot their money, this didn’t upset them though, they just took a breath and drove back home, got it quickly and were back on their way. The sky was a bit cloudy but it certainly wasn’t anything too bad right? They were wrong, after forgetting their grocery list and trying to remember all the items they came out to pouring rain, they got back to their car absolutely soaked to the bone. The next store they were visiting for some extra materials they needed for a project had freezing ac, which did not help whatsoever. On the way back home, (y/n) had to suffer through a dreadfully long traffic jam. Now, as they finally unlocked the door to their lovely home with Wilf, there was terribly loud thunder and flashes of lightning in the evening sky.

All they wanted to do was surprise Wilf by doing the shopping for once. He was always so protective, taking care of most of the responsibilities and just letting (y/n) do their own thing. They wanted to help! But unfortunately, today in particular the universe seemed to disagree with that idea. They could smell whatever baked good Wilford had prepared today from the kitchen but they were on the brink of a breakdown and (y/n) just collapsed on the soft pink couch in the living room.

“Where were you, Hun? I made your favorite cookies! I missed yo-“

Wilf excitedly called for them as he came over from the kitchen until he saw them splayed on the couch. He rushed over, slightly panicking. “Cupcake what happened? You look exhausted!”

“Nothing… It’s fine Wilf, I’m fine, I just got the groceries.” (y/n) sighed, tears starting to well up, they were exhausted, but Wilford always did the work, they needed to help.

“Nonsense love! Come on, I’ll draw a bath and you’ll get changed into some pajamas, then we’ll talk.” Wilford helped them sit up and quickly ran off into the nearby hallway, heading to the bathroom to prepare a warm bath. There was no arguing at this point.

(y/n) felt like shit, but they cracked a light smile at Wilf. He was always so sweet to them. (y/n) stared up at the white ceiling and around to the light-yellow walls, a lovely lemonade and strawberry mix of colors generally adorning the house. When he informed them the bath was ready, he practically pushed them to go. They shed their soaked clothes and sank into the water, it was delightful. They took in the warmth and once done, dried themselves off. Will had picked out some comfortable pj’s to wear and left them on their bed; (y/n) got dressed before heading back to the living room. Will was already sitting, with Netflix up on the tv, waiting for them to choose a movie, and their favorite cookies set on the table in front of the couch.

“Come here sugar, you really shouldn’t have gone through all that trouble today.” Will patted the spot next to him on the couch.

(y/n) walked over and sat down, leaning onto Will. He smelled sweet and he was warm, also clothed in his pajamas, (y/n)’s baby blue and Will’s baby pink.

“I just… I wanted to help.” (y/n) uttered out, tired. They went through the movies, settling on one they knew Will also liked and letting it play.

“Sweetie, you do so much already. You help me with work whenever you can, you always find ways to make me smile, you make sure I’m fine. I love you, you don’t need to do more to help for me to love you more than I already do.” He booped their nose and (y/n) laughed lightly, his bubbly attitude always bringing them back.

“I love you too Wilfy.” (y/n) pressed themselves against him more, smiling, calm again. They picked up a cookie and took a bite, enjoying the wonderful sweetness of it. Will was a great baker, no doubt. Will draped an arm over their back, as the movie played on the tv in front of them.

“You’re mine, darling, I’ll make sure you stay happy and well as you should be, got that?”

“I do, thanks Wilfy.” (y/n) smiled and happily let themselves rest more of their weight on Will, enjoying the comforting words.

“No need to thank me sugarplum, I’ll always remind ya when ya need it.” He pressed a kiss to (y/n)’s head as they giggled and they both watched the movie, happy.

Outside the rain still came down hard on the pavement, but that was irrelevant now, all that mattered in that moment to (y/n) was them, Wilf, and the bond being shared by both.

Today wasn’t so bad after all.

EXO Reaction when their s/o gets hype over a TV series

This request was originally about Stranger Things 2 but I thought of doing it kind of general because there are so many good TV series to get hype for. Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


“Tell me the truth… are you excited over the new season… or because the guy there is taking off his shirt hm?” *Naughty Chan*


*Him trying to explain all the theories* (Probably is more excited than you xD)


*Watching the first season with you* “Please no more jagi! I already know he dies! No more spoilers!”


*Probably very jealous* “Why does she enjoy watching those little kids more than being with me!” 


“No… I’m not scared no… it’s not real…. just American urban legends… yes. that’s it… legends… I need more chicken ‘cause the horror…”


*Just watches you as you get all excited when the season 2 is announced* “Look at you… getting all excited over a show… wonder what you’ll do when I give you a ring….”


“I don’t know if I should watch the TV or her…. she’s more entertaining with those reactions…”


“Come with me baobei… we are going to watch it in my private movie theater. You’ll love the HD” *Secretly excited*


*Trying to hard to stay up and do a marathon with you*


*You two have a dance for special occasions like this* “It’s out, it’s out!”


*Watching Teen wolf with you* “Oh Oh… wolves!! CHOGIWA!” 


*Knows it’s better to let you be.. with your series* “I’m just…. getting chicken yes… you watch… I won’t distract you…”

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Wanted to watch a bit of the Oscars but parents made me turn off captioning because “it blocks the screen, use the FM if you want to watch”

FM only AMPLIFIES, and the red carpet premiere has tons of crowd noise, so it would only make the background noises LOUDER which won’t HELP.

Louder does NOT mean clearer. People who think that FM systems, high volume, and sticking microphones on everyone will make things easier for deaf don’t GET IT, I swear. You can amplify mumbling but guess what, IT’LL STILL JUST BE MUMBLING IF THE PERSON ISN’T SPEAKING CLEARLY. I could have you mumbling at TOP VOLUME and I won’t understand you. Or if there’s background noise, like a lot of it, like during a red carpet event, then NO AMOUNT OF AMPLIFICATION is going to help me separate between speaker and environmental noises.

Also captions don’t cover up the entire TV so I wish hearies would stop complaining that it is an eyesore. AND to stop telling me that reading captions is lazy because I can’t be bothered to use my ears. “You just want to read rather than work on listening comprehension” WELL I’M DEAF SO WHAT LEVEL LISTENING COMPREHENSION DO YOU THINK I *HAVE* FFS.

At least I still need to finish the last 8 episodes of Jyuohger along with the movies and those at least have subtitles so I’m going to enjoy my damn toku without struggling to figure out what was said since my folks won’t let me put the CC back on at all on the TV. Better to watch j-dramas since hearies would also be complaining if there are no subtitles on foreign language progams so for me I do enjoy watching things on my computer more than the TV since my family is ALWAYS griping if they catch the CC on (and they’ll turn it off every time they spot it so I keep having to turn them back on when I want to catch anything) 

Why do I keep having to fight for access?! It just irritates me when people turn accessibility into something that I’m just taking for granted like some special snowflake.  

ID #26386

Name: Zizi
Age: 20
Country: Aruba

Hi there!

Zizi is a nickname, by the way.
Also, I swear a lot when I talk so be warned.

I’m 20 physically but I’m realistically a cranky old lady. Just waiting to reach my cat lady phase.
I’m an Indian Muslim but I’ve spent practically my whole life in Dubai.
I’m living on a Caribbean island for Med school. The pretty sunsets do help with the intense stress.

I’ve travelled quite a bit so I enjoy exploring new places. That being said, the internet is my addiction (my meme game is strong) so I enjoy spending time in my room for days on end but that’s probably because Med school drains me.
Love cartoons (like Steven Universe) and music. I draw more than I study and I watch old British tv shows in my free time (i.e Are You Being Served) so comedy is my thing. Also love just well written shows and movies regardless of genre. Oh and animated superhero films (Under The Red Hood kills me every time).
I also love reading. A LOT. Fiction and Non Fiction.
Food is my life and I would fight for it. Ramadan is both the most peaceful and heartbreaking time of the year for me.

I’m really talkative (if that wasn’t obvious already) but I actually do listen and I apparently give good advice but for some reason people still don’t listen (SMH).
Having a pen-pal would be a nice way for me to have exposure to other countries and cultures. It would also be cool if I had a friend in a country if I decide to travel there.

I would really love to meet some new people.

Preferences: No xenophobes (too brown for that). No islamaphobes or any anti religion sentiment. Atheism is cool, hating on religious people and their beliefs isn’t. No racists or any anti-LGBT sentiment either, thanks.

Age-wise I don’t really have a preference. I’m used to having friends older than me so any age really works for me at this point.

How to Read More (Part 1)

Reading is one of my all time favorite past times and one of the ways I practice self-care. I regularly get questions asking how I read so much, or how to read more. Here are some tips and tricks for making time to read in college.

1. I recommend that all college students own an e-reader. Books on e-readers are cheaper than hardbacks or paperbacks. Also, you can keep a larger amount of books in your room by keeping them on an e-reader, and they are lighter and more portable in an already heavy backpack. As far as e-readers I recommend Kindle over Nooks, Kobos, and other brands. Kindles are virtually indestructible, have relatively good battery life, and kindle books are cheapest. 

2. Learn to use your library, and maximize your library memberships. Let’s face it, College kids LOVE free stuff. There is a magical place where everything is free (other than printing :P)!! I belong to two different county libraries back home, and I use my school library ALL THE TIME. Also, you can get library books on your kindle! Which is awesome because then you don’t even have to leave your room. 

3. Most of your favorite tv shows and movies are more than likely based on books. 13 Reasons Why, Pretty Little Liars, Forrest Gump, Mean Girls and so many more!! If you have a tv show or movie you particularly enjoy, I recommend looking it up and trying the book out.

4. Get a reading buddy (or buddies). It is great to read books with a friend because then you can discuss them together. A great way to do this is by joining a book club, but if you don’t have time or access to one, you can always read a book with a friend, family member or S/O. Also, you can set up “households” on amazon and share books with your “husband/wife” on their kindles with no additional charges. My boyfriend is listed as my “husband” so we can read books at the same time without both having to buy them!

5. Join Goodreads. There is something soo satisfying about tracking your reading progress. Also, Goodreads helps me discover new books, and connect with fellow book lovers.

6. Read books before bed! This is the BEST way to fit in extra reading time and it helps ease your body to sleep. Just make sure if you are using an e-reader, you use blue shade or turn down the brightness to the lowest possible setting.

7. Read books mentioned in other books and movies. Whenever I see/hear a book mentioned inside another book or media source I like, I always take note.

8. Set numeric goals for how many books, chapters, or pages you want to read.

9. Keep a variety of books on hand. It’s ok not to finish a book, or put it down for a while if you don’t like it or it’s boring you. Don’t get discouraged. Pick a different one.

10. Join and participate in read-a-thons. Read-a-thons are like marathons where you read as much as possible. Some have themes. Some don’t. Some are one day. Some are weeks. Dewey’s  24 Hour Read-a-thon is next Saturday (4/29). 

What are you reading?

Fic: Got Your Number

prompted: “I’m minding my own business, driving down the freeway, when I look over and see you sitting in the passenger seat of a tow truck cab in time to see you give me this woeful I’M-SO-MISERABLE look so now I’m writing down my number and holding it up to the window so you can talk to me instead of the truck driver” AU.

~1200 words, PG.

Kurt was about four seconds from beating himself to death on the car window. Somehow he’d been stuck in the backseat after Santana called driver (which he would allow, since it was her car) and Rachel called shotgun (which was less acceptable, because he knew her motion sickness excuse was totally fabricated), meaning he either had no leg room or had to deal with the spare buckles digging into his thighs if he tried to stretch along the bench. Even more annoying than that, though, was the fact that Santana and Rachel had been arguing over who should have control of the radio for the past twenty-five miles, getting shriller and shriller as the miles passed with no resolution.

Oh, great, and we’re slowing down! Kurt thought, noting brake lights all around them. Just what I needed to improve my mood.

Thankfully, the crush of traffic trying to merge into their lane made Santana have to stop arguing and focus on the road, a small mercy for Kurt. He looked out his window idly as they neared the source of the bottleneck: a tow truck along the right shoulder picking up an older sedan, orange lights flashing away.

He had to double-take when he saw the guy leaning against the cab of the truck.

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Harry Styles - Girlfriend Sings Song In Another Language Imagine

[Thanks so much! Hope I did alright with this one. I feel like I could have done better but.. I couldn’t figure out how else to do it so I hope it’s okay! I didn’t want to specify what language/country Y/N is from just to keep it more open to everyone, ya know?  Enjoy!]

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anonymous asked:

Do the bravado bros watch movies? If so, what kind do they like? I keep imagining my MC forcing A to watch a romcom with her and he ends up really liking it but he tries to hide it because it doesn't go with his brooding personality lol

A and N tend to stay away from TV and movies. A enjoys it more than N, but if they watch TV it tends to be something like documentaries rather than movies :D

F will pretty much just soak up any kind of movie that is on!

M probably more of an horror movie kind of person!

Though, I like the idea of seeing how A would react to rom-coms :D All that emotion just displayed on the screen would probably be overwhelming for them, lol!

Thank you so much for the ask :)

thetoocleverfox  asked:

Bookish asks: 7, 14, 29, & 43 :)

7: What was/were the last book/books you bought?

Ehhh I got some free classics for Kindle? If those count? I’ve mostly been checking out library books ngl.

The last thing I actually paid for was probably Harry Potter-related, ngl. Or Jane Austen-related. We just don’t know.

14: Name a book where the movie/tv adaption actually was better than the original

Princess Bride. I enjoyed the book, but that movie tho. Plus it loses points for having Wesley ACTUALLY HIT Buttercup, like wtf dude. 

And I like the Stardust movie better because it’s more Princess Bride-y lol (loved the book tho).

29: How do you sort your shelves? (i.e. by color, author, title etc.)

It’s kind of a controlled chaos situation, with the faves occupying their own space, and everything arranged by series and author, but in no real order other than that.

43: Are you the kind of person who reads several books at once or the kind of person who can only read one book at a time?

I like reading multiple books at a time, but one usually gets most of my attention.

Bookish Asks, if you’re interested

Phan: Dandelion

Wordcount: 563
Genre: Fluff
Summary: pastel!Dan and punk!Phil have a movie night.
A/N: I wrote this one as a thank you for lesterboobs, because she gave me something I really wanted. Hope you enjoy!

The lights in the room were dimmed, the TV being the brightest source of light. Blankets and pillows lay on the floor, building a cosy nest to curl up in. Dan’s head was resting on Phil’s chest, the older teenager’s arm was lying over his shoulders, and he traced the patterns of the many tattoos on Phil’s other arm lazily with the tips of his fingers.

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What are your fav South Park shipping headcanons? :3

i’ll do this for my top two favorite ships, style (stan x kyle) and cartters (cartman x butters)

style: stan tops, kyle bottoms. stan is taller than kyle, but only by a few inches. their relationship doesn’t involve too much sexual interaction. they’re more into cuddling and enjoying each other’s company. kyle is surprisingly the better kisser, even though stan would’ve had a lot more experience over the years. when they’re cuddling and watching a movie, stan will get distracted from the tv and start counting kyle’s freckles (i know he canonly doesn’t have freckles, but i still think kyle with freckles is adorable). when kyle is stressing over exams, stan brings him strawberry ice cream and offers to play video games, letting kyle win almost every round. if the broflovski family is busy and stan has the free time, he watches ike for kyle. kyle is a bookworm, stan is a football player. kyle never misses one of stan’s games, even if it cuts into his study time. they both love to play with each other’s hair. kyle gets lost in stan’s eyes very easily, he thinks they’re the most beautiful things in the world. stan enjoys sneaking up behind kyle at school just to wrap his arms around his waist and give him gentle cheek or neck kisses. kyle would never admit it, but he actually likes when stan does this, even if it can be embarrassing at times. 

cartters: cartman tops, butters bottoms. cartman is tallest. in private, cartman is much more loving, but he’s still the type of guy who values his public status, so he doesn’t get too affectionate in front of others. despite this, butters still manages to get cartman to hold his hand and will give him cheek kisses in front of the others, because butters doesn’t really care. butters is a cuddle monster, and thinks hugging cartman is like cuddling a teddy bear. cartman would never admit it, but he also loves to cuddle. cartman would also never admit to sometimes letting butters win when they play video games. cartman has anger issues, and in a fight, he probably would make butters cry before realizing his anger is out of hand and apologizing as much as he can. butters stands up for cartman whenever the others make fun of his appearance, saying that eric is very handsome.
thats just some of many :’)

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May I have a moodboard ship for BTS, with the theme of 'A Night In'? When I'm comfortable with someone(friends or dating), one of my favorite things to do is cuddle up on a couch with a mug of hot cocoa(with more marshmallows than cocoa), watch something we both enjoy(usually something action/comedy based), and spend the time talking and making each other laugh with tickles and dumb jokes(and raspberry kisses if we're dating), because seeing someone I care about genuinely laugh is the best~<3 :D

I ship you with J-Hope! I think you two would just have so much fun taking a break from the world by watching mindless, stupid TV shows and movies where the plot is terrible but you love it anyway. Thanks for stopping by, we hope you like your moodboard! 

- Admin C

chibistarz  asked:

Can I have Both Kanekis, Juzou, Uta, and Sasaki's favorite thing to do while cuddling? (Like reading, watching tv, listening to their s/o's heartbeat, things like that). I love your blog!

Kuro!Kaneki likes to read whenever they cuddle. Their head rests on his shoulder as his eyes skim over the pages; they rarely read along with him since he reads much faster than they do, but occasionally, they’ll ask what’s going on. He always enjoys it– his posture straightens a bit and eyes brighten; the words spill out and he ends up rambling. He does get embarrassed about it sometimes and looks at them to apologize, but the countenance they hold when they stare back is too much for him and he ends up more flustered than before.

Shiro!Kaneki enjoys having his partner in his arms; their back is pressed against his chest and he absentmindedly plays with their fingers. Neither of them speak a word and simply sit in a serene silence– rarely do they ever talk, but if they do, it’s to ask the questions that constantly linger in the back of their minds. It’s always a heart to heart conversation when this occurs, but whether they talk or keep to themselves, those moments are the most important and will always be remembered.

Juuzou is always in awe when there are horror movies on TV. His s/o doesn’t particularly enjoy them, but his wondrous expression is always endearing, so they end up watching him more than what’s on the screen. It still doesn’t put them at ease, so they sit close– shoulder to shoulder, fingers laced together. He tends to get really into the movie, but occasionally he’ll squeeze their hand or wave it around when he gets excited. It’s not the most peaceful cuddling, but nonetheless, they both enjoy it.

Uta’s fingers are constantly tracing designs on their skin. They aren’t the type to snuggle up a lot– just lying by each other is enough. He always finds himself intrigued when he touches them; he listens to what they say half the time because he’s so focused drawing haphazardly, but they always find fascination in the amount of concentration he puts into it.

Haise likes to wrap up in a little blanket burrito with his s/o; the couple doesn’t do anything in particular, but sometimes they’ll turn on the TV. It doesn’t really matter because he ends up cracking corny jokes or they end up having long conversations that run late into the night– they drown out the sound of the television and only find comfort in each other and their words.

apritelleorai  asked:

28,29 and 30 for the 40 ship questions.

28. Does shipping come easily to you?


29. Do you need to ship something to really enjoy a movie/book/tv show/comic?

No. To enjoy something, all I need is an interesting story and well written and ac

30. Name a couple of fandoms in which you have no ships.

Scream and Criminal Minds.

40. If you could change one thing about your OTP, what would that be?

I have more than one OTP. Mostly my changes would be that they get together in canon, or at least kiss or acknowledge their feelings for each other. And for my canon OTPs, that they stop having so much drama all the time and just make them be happy.

     “We’re hanging out for the first time today.”
     “What are you discussing?”
     “Words, and how hard they are. Communicating without words is easier than putting together all those strange sounds.”
     “Connecting with people is more wordless than anything, and I don’t think we give that enough credit. There’s intimacy in silence.”
     “Are you nervous about what you might say to each other?”
     “There’s a nervousness using words, but I think there’s just as much nervousness not using them. I think it’s something we don’t know how to do anymore. We’ve long since stopped relying on reading body language, being in someone else’s presence, and just enjoying taking in the scenery together. It seems like watching TV or movies is the only way you can do that anymore and still feel safe doing it. So maybe there’s nervousness forming words, but there’s a boldness to not speaking.”
     “A close friend of mine and I can sit together for hours and not say anything. It’s kind of sad that you can’t do that with everybody—you can’t just be in a room. We use words like a script. You always have to have some automated response. It would be nice if you could go to a restaurant, give the staff a hug, sit down, and somehow they would know what you want.”

     Northampton, MA

To the anti-TFA people

I love The Force Awakens.

I have been a Star Wars fan since childhood.

I’m perfectly well educated on literature and mythology.

I still love The Force Awakens.

(Because your ~*~perfect~*~ Original Trilogy mythological space operas systematically exclude people like me, and frankly? You can pry my Star Wars LEAD CHARACTERS of color from my cold, dead hands. Wank off over as many essays about the mythology of the OT as you want, but acknowledge that that this much-vaunted mythology WAS NOT UNIVERSAL TO EVERYBODY. The Star Wars mythology is firmly Western (except for the bits that George Lucas appropriated and butchered from East Asian culture, but did any Asians actually show up in Star Wars? Not until FORTY YEARS LATER. Unless you count the Neimoidians, who were thinly veiled stereotypes that were offensive as FUCK.)

(Oh, Lucas did research, did he? He was so careful to get the Greek myth structure right, was he? Well, evidently he didn’t care enough to get anything Taoist or Buddhist remotely right, or any of the costumes ripped straight from China and Mongolia, and instead felt that he was entitled to carelessly appropriate them as aesthetic set dressing and put them on white actors because…well, we know why.)

So anyway. Those movies are still a product of their times, and those times were white and male.

And yeah, I love Princess Leia and I love Carrie Fisher and I love the step forward it was for Princess Leia to be there. But no commentary from you OT stans about how women of color have been systematically excluded from lead roles or even roles with any depth or agency whatsoever, eh? People of color have been Star Wars fans this whole time, and it still took THIRTY-EIGHT FUCKING YEARS for a male character of color to get the lead. It’s going to be FORTY-ONE FUCKING YEARS for a woman of color to get more than a couple lines and a background scene.

I mean you can go masturbate over your oh-so-white Han/Leia/Luke OT3 as much as you want - in my non-ranty moments, I do like that ship too - but fucking hell. Fuck off and let us enjoy our movies - the movies that actually include us and acknowledge our existence in a futuristic space galaxy - in peace.)

Edit to add: I would die for Lando Calrissian and Mace Windu. But 100% of Mace’s characterization came from EU novels and TV shows, not the movies. And Lando’s supporting role is simply not sufficient representation anymore. I will NOT roll over and be appeased by token representation in the year 2017.

(Part 2 and Part 3, because my brain kept thinking thoughts.)

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about why I’m still so intrigued by the character of Loki, even after writing so many thousands of words of fic and reblogging every single tumblr gif of him a million times. It’s certainly not because Tom Hiddleston is pretty.

I’ve never really understood what causes me to latch onto certain characters more than others, and it is RARE when I do. I can watch entire seasons of TV shows without bothering to learn the main character’s name because I just kinda don’t care until a character makes me care. It’s taken me a while to figure out why most characters simply don’t do it for me—and why Loki is different.

I first saw Loki in The Avengers, and while I enjoyed the movie, I honestly didn’t pay him much attention. It wasn’t until later when I saw Loki in Thor (the movie) that I sat up and thought, “Oh, hello. Who are you, and would you mind terribly if I psychoanalyzed you?”

So what was the difference?

(Apologies. I’m weird and think about shit like this.)

I’m an INFJ, and I’ve met quite a few others in this fandom. We’re supposedly pretty rare, but there seems to be something about Loki that draws us together. INFJs feel things very deeply. Emotional depth (any kind of emotion, good or bad) is like crack to us. In other words, Loki is like crack to us because he’s a goddamn mess. In Thor, the audience pays witness to his complete emotional breakdown, and Tom Hiddleston has enough acting talent to push and push until the audience feels it. That’s what caught my attention, but it isn’t what held it.

There’s a part of me that has always felt bullied by the high expectations of an extroverted society. When I watched Loki struggle to get words out and be heard when Odin was banishing Thor, I thought to myself: I know exactly what that feels like. I watched him crack under pressure when everyone was already expecting him to fail and thought: YEP. Been there, done that. He longs for acceptance yet sabotages himself from achieving it out of fear of rejection. He pushes people away and then resents them when they’re gone. He creates his own crises. Oh, yeah. That’s totally me. 

Oh, my hell—this freaking character. He frustrates me because at times, he’s me at my worst. I probably love picking apart his flaws because at some deep, unconscious level, I recognize that they’re also my flaws. No, I don’t have world domination on the brain, and I would never hurt anyone. But I do things like push loved ones away, isolate myself, get overwhelmed by perceived (and often imagined) expectations of others. I reject people from my life who hurt me. I twist other’s words because I’m insecure and want to be prepared for any potential hurt that could possibly come my way. And then I punish that person passive-aggressively for stuff they probably didn’t even mean to do.

There’s a reason I get hung up on the relationship between Loki and Odin.

I want to have hope for Loki because in a way, that’s my story I’m looking at, told on a far grander, fictional, space-viking scale. Like an allegory of a very simple idea. He fascinates me because he has failed and made the wrong decisions. It’s like staring at my own potential end if I let my emotions rule me. I have this intense desire to see Loki made whole. To restore his broken relationships, find acceptance, and to WIN for once because that gives me hope for myself.

In short, I think my fascination with Loki is a manifestation of my own self-loathing, as well as my desire for acceptance and redemption. And if that isn’t fucking awkward to realize then I don’t know what fucking is. ^_^

Why do I ever let myself think? I really shouldn’t let myself think. Or write meta.

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Do you think that Stephen Amell is just worn-out/ jealous that people want to know more about olicity than the others parts of the show

To be honest, yeah. Definitely. Heck yeah. And sometimes I feel bad for him. I get that Olicity is a strong theme in the show, and obviously the fans are in love with it. But I think that Arrow kind of fell victim to what a lot of TV shows fall victim to- a fanbase that’s more engrossed in a relationship than the actual plot of the show. And don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Olicity, but the entire show isn’t Olicity v. Lauriver, you know? There are some really important questions that need to be asked regarding the show and the show’s plot. Stephen and the entire cast and crew of Arrow, especially the stunt team, work their asses off to create movie-like scenes and stunts for the audience to enjoy. Do you remember how in the first episode when Oliver basically climbed to the roof of that warehouse and followed that gunman? He jumped and rolled and swung and climbed like a professional. And then the fighting scene in the finale? It was beautifully done! The choreography was brilliant and each punch, kick, and stab was so realistic. Where are the questions about that? Not What’s your training schedule like? but more How long does it take you to learn a new stunt? And what about questions that refer to the story? How is Moira’s death going to affect Oliver in the next season? How do you think Oliver will react when he finds out that Thea left Starling? How do you think he’ll react when he finds out that Malcolm Merlyn is still alive? 

I get that a lot of people love Olicity, I’m one of them! I just hope people don’t forget that there’s an actual storyline here- a guy survived a hellish island for 5 years to try to save his city. He kicks butt and takes names- and not just the names of the girls he’s slept with.