i do enjoy pie

“It’s Pi Day! I’m not a mathematician but I do enjoy having an excuse to eat nothing but pie all day. My only problem is that I never know what type of pie to start with. What should I get first?”

melissamccloskey  asked:

Asparagus, Wisteria, Cotton Candy :)

Asparagus: What’s an unpopular opinion you have?

Okay, here are a few of my personal opinions that others may not share (and that’s okay - *subtle avoidance of conflict*):

  • Oatmeal is disgusting, I don’t care what you put on it, it’s icky to my taste-buds.
  • (TW) I like the taste of PB2, but it certainly doesn’t equate to real peanut butter for real peanut butter jobs (like not even close.) And I certainly cannot deny that I’m a hypocrite for sometimes using it and that there are definitely disordered thoughts tied up in it, but I still feel like I honestly like the taste of the chocolate one.
  • Also, Ensure (as long as it’s not strawberry) tastes pretty good to me. I don’t mind it at all.
  • Completely non-disorder related, but I have always hated pie. I do enjoy the pumpkin filling in pumpkin pie, but I hate pastry crusts and stuff.
  • I don’t agree with pro-ana/mia content, I think it’s harmful, but I do understand why people do that (sometimes I want to) and I don’t think they’re horrible people or that really aggressively shaming them will change much. People want a sense of community which is why they share things publicly. I would also like there to be less content like this, but in my opinion people get defensive when they feel attacked and it doesn’t motivate healthy change. I don’t mean that reporting blogs is wrong, I guess I just prefer a kill them with kindness method more.
  • I understand frustration and needing to not associate with people because not everyone gets along, but sending nasty anonymous messages to people, even if you feel strongly that they have some basis, again, is cruel and pointless. People don’t tend to change when attacked (and I’m not meaning to assume that they should change either.) I really do not understand out and out meanness. Like if you don’t like someone, don’t interact with them. Cruelty is not okay. If you have criticisms or concerns and you cannot say them face to face with someone, you need to question why that is and whether you actually need to say what you need to say.
  • Self-hatred is very self-involved. That said I completely understand feeling like you’re the most horrible person in the world, but I guess my opinion on this front stems from what I’ve found helpful (which others may not) which is recognizing that I’m just an average fuck up with average problems, but VALID problems. Every single person is struggling. You’re not terrible and this cannot be either an excuse or a condemnation of yourself because then you continue to focus on just yourself (which overall doesn’t help you see the bigger picture.)
  • I really don’t like the terms “neurotypical” and “neurodivergent.” I understand using them, but like there is no “normal” person out there who’s like the standard. There’s misunderstanding out there for sure and it can be harmful, but an us/them thing is unhelpful in my opinion.

Wisteria: What’s your favourite thing about yourself?

This is a really hard question to answer right now because I am in an “I hate myself” mood, but I as much as I hate my sensitive nature, it is connected to my capacity for empathy and caring for others. I really do care a lot about others, so I guess my heart (which is generally well guarded) is my favourite thing about myself.

Cotton Candy: What is your favourite dessert?

This is also a hard question. I don’t know that I’m that picky? My disorder certainly is. But my favourites have always shifted through the years? Probably something my mom would make. She used to make this blueberry, breaded dessert with a sugary, crunchy top. There’s also a chocolate version of it and they’re both amazing. Ice cream is pretty great. My mom also used to make chocolate zucchini cake that was so good! Her fruitcake is pretty great, and there are these chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallow, cereal bars that she makes that are also quite delightful. Oh and her date squares!  feel like I could honestly create a blog solely dedicated to mom’s amazing recipe’s.