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@ask-your-captain-levi asked me to post a tutorial on how I design the headers for the daily pages in my bullet journal (see this post) and I was more than happy to do so. (Disclaimer: I was largely influenced by the gorgeous Bree Berry! Check out her blog and instagram @breeeberry)

Please just remember that your bullet journal does not have to look perfect - after all, it is a planner and it is meant to be used as an organizational tool. That being said, feel free to jazz up this method in all kinds of ways and tag me in pictures of your headers and fonts, I would love to see them! x

Some Kings Cage Analysis

I can’t put this under a cut because mobile but
!!!!!!!!SPOILERS FOR KINGS CAGE!!!!!!!!!

Honestly I know we’re all hurt and shocked by Cal’s choice at the end of King’s Cage but I think it was a good move on Victoria’s part. As much as I love and adore Marecal, Cal’s entire arc in KC was pretty Mare-centric. All his scenes were mainly focused on him saving Mare or being with Mare. Him taking the crown reminds the reader that he exists beyond Mare. He has other dreams and desires. Other motives besides the girl he loves.

Truthfully I can’t blame Cal for taking the crown. It says it right there in the book, Cal has been raised for the crown since birth. He couldn’t possibly just throw away everything he is and the person he has been made to be in 6(?) months. It was also clearly shown throughout the novel that he still cares about the silvers, he grew up with them. He feels connected to them in one way or another regardless of his alliances. He really only stayed with the guard because of Mare. Had it not been for her he probably would have left.

To the reader, Cal’s choice seems like a very cruel thing to do. This is because we have only read the scene from Mare’s perspective and she is hurting badly in the epilogue which puts a very different lens on the scene than if it had been shown from Cal’s POV. This skews the readers perception of the choice and makes it very one-sided which is exactly what Victoria wanted to happen. We all felt Mare’s pain when Cal made that choice which creates sympathy for Mare and apathy for Cal which will carry on into RQ4 until things resolve themselves.

In the end I’m glad this was how it happened because it opens up so many possibilities for plot advancement. It’s not just Maven vs. The Rift anymore, it’s Maven vs. Cal (and of course, the Scarlet Guard). At some point in RQ4, Maven and Cal are gonna have to face off and that’s gonna be very interesting for both of their characters. We know from KC that Cal still loves Maven, he longs for the little brother he once knew which I think will make him very hesitant to actually try and kill him or bring him down. It’s gonna cloud his judgement which could end up being his downfall.

Maven will also be very interesting to watch during this showdown in RQ4. We saw in KC that he has conflicting emotions about his family, that he knows he loved them but he no longer can. Elara’s manipulation is going to continue to factor heavily into Maven’s motivations (interesting how she’s still pulling the strings so long after her death).

Not to mention this new marriage arrangement will give us even more insight into Evangeline. She’s such an interesting character and we know she can be deadly but this is a scenario she can’t very well fight her way out of. I’m curious to see what she does to try and get back to Elane and her family. I think there’s a distinct possibility of her and Mare working together to try and take the crown from Cal. Neither of them want it.

All in all, while it hurt us dearly, I’m glad that Cal took the crown and did what he did. This is gonna make for one hell of a story in RQ4. I’m excited.

Gemma | Minimalist character poster

 This took me so long. Not the poster itself because the drawing was easy and fast to do. But the idea behind it. I’ve been thinking about Gemma for so long, but how to portrait a character like her? I knew I wanted to highlight her love for Mathematics but it was more challenging then I thought. Until Solve for i.

Bear in mind, this poster is pre Solve for i, so that’s why the half heart.

Book : Under My Skin | Author : A.E. Dooland (asynca)

Min & Bree | Henry | Sarah 

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Favourite blogs?

Ohh my do I have a few!

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I love all these blogs I decided to tag (theres a lot more but eh) Ones who are my friends or the amazing artists listed! Keep doing what you’re doing!!! <3333 *tackle hugs you all*

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Do you have Lance hc's????

I have a lot, my good anon. Just gonna ramble right now about my son because god I love him. This is gonna get long.

Lance is athletic. In a kind of casual way. He surfs, he swims, he does gymnastics. He does cheerleading at one point (he claims it’s to get girls, but really he just thinks it’s fun) and for some really weird reason, golf. He dances, too, not in professional kind of way, he just likes to dance. Any music starts playing and he can’t not dance.

He sings, and he’s good, but sometimes he’ll just start singing obnoxiously. He’ll break into Mr. Brightside or YMCA or kpop or literally anything during training, or while cooking, or while showering. It’s not uncommon to hear him walking down the hallways of the castle singing, especially after bad missions. It’s soothing in a weird way to everybody.

He’s got depression. And ADHD. He’s got coping strategies for the ADHD, having learned them at a young age, and Hunk’s been friends with him long enough to know how to help when he gets too stuck in his head, and Lance knows how to help with Hunk’s anxiety, when he starts panicking. Lance hides his depression pretty well, but sometimes he’ll have a bad day and he’ll find somebody, usually Hunk, Pidge, or Coran. Coran always has something for Lance to do, and Pidge lets him sit in her lab as long as he doesn’t bother her. Hunk plays games or watches videos or lets him ramble while doing his work.

He’s a morning person, much to the annoyance of everybody else. He had to be, because he grew up with a lot of family and it was always a battle for the bathroom in the mornings. If he wanted a hot shower, he had to get up earlier than his siblings. The house was always chaos in the morning, with people hurrying around looking for lost shoes and keys and homework that got left on the dining room table the night before and went missing. There was yelling and arguing and occasionally burnt bacon when somebody got distracted, and carpool was a nightmare to figure out every morning. There was never enough coffee in the pot in the morning and Lance’s kid brother liked to use his brush which annoyed Lance to know end. And he misses it. He missed it when he moved into the dorm at the Garrison and he still misses it, probably even more now, because he doesn’t know if he’ll ever get to see any of his family.

He’s smart. It doesn’t always seem like it, because he’s not the greatest with comebacks and sometimes he tries to show off, but he’s smart. He’s intuitive and picks things up quickly, at least certain things. He’s had to learn how to take a step back after too many broken bones and detentions when his impulses got the better of him when he was little. It doesn’t always work and he’s still impulsive, but he tries. He’s a sniper in the original sense of the word as well as the current sense and has excellent aim. He’s always had excellent aim. He learned it from tormenting his older siblings by throwing things at them (on a somewhat related note, he makes excellent paper airplanes).

He likes to be dramatic. He really likes being dramatic. He likes attention. He also knows that Hunk doesn’t always like attention, so he’s quick to make everyone focus on him. When they meet Pidge, it transfers over to her, because my God that kid can’t hold back a snarky comment or not argue and they’re a team, right? Better for Lance, who everybody expects to be loud and in trouble, to take the heat than Pidge, who is likely to set the school on fire or pick a fight with someone twice or three times her size.

He’s also nosey. He lives for drama and gossip. He’s too curious for his own good, always wanting to know what everyone’s talking about. It’s partially because he’s a little brother and constantly wanted to know what his older siblings were doing. He’s not always the most subtle about it. Some people find it endearing. Most of them find it annoying. Lance is somewhat unapologetic about it. He likes knowing things. Generally he just likes knowing for knowing but he isn’t afraid to use it as blackmail material. The problem is everybody has that on him, as well, because he gets into trouble more than he should.

He’s really good at painting landscapes. He can’t for the life of him paint people, but he’s good at sunsets and mountains and trees. His mom has a painting he did of the beach at sunset framed in the living room. Lance considered art classes, then got distracted by the Garrison and becoming a fighter pilot, and kind of forgot about painting, hyper-focused on flying. It happens.

Also, he really likes lemon cream pie. I don’t know why this is something I think about but I do. I don’t know. I really don’t know.

The NoSleep Podcast’s “Follow Forever”

I’m sure you’re all enjoying the official NoSleep Podcast Tumblr, but have you ever wanted to inject more horror goodness directly into your dash (and your brain)? 

We have many, many talented NoSleep collaborators Tumbling along with us! Without further ado, the NoSleep Podcast’s “Follow Forever!”


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And I’m sure there’s many more lurking about! Be sure to let me know if you are or follow a NoSleep contributor and I’ll be happy to add your blog to the list. Happy following, everyone! 

Seen Too Much (Jamie and Claire Version)

@akb723 asked: Jamie and Claire catch one of this kids in the act with the boyfriend/girlfriend. This could be smutty or not I just love your writing and would love to see your take on this awkward situation. Seems fair since the kids caught them a bunch. 😁

I had to write this one twice. The first one got a little more serious than I wanted. I hope this fills the ask to your liking!

Claire walked around their house, searching for her second daughter. Faith was at the library doing a school project with a classmate. Bree was supposed to be the only one home and she was never late. But when Claire had come home with Jamie, after visiting with Jenny and Ian about the Lallybroch estate, they’d noticed an unfamiliar car in the drive.

Bree was normally a good girl, though she took after her father more than her mother. Normally if Bree was misbehaving, Faith would be the one to inform everyone about it.

“Do ye recognize that car, Sassenach?” Jamie asked as we closed the front door.

“No, I don’t. Do you?”

He shook his head. His eyes moved around the house quickly and she knew he was listening hard for anything out of place. He’d done it the few times she’d gone hunting with him.

“Someone’s here…”

Claire frowned and looked for evidence of a visitor but saw none.


Jamie’s blue eyes flashed.

“A man.”

“She wouldn’t…”

“She’s our daughter, Sassenach. Aye. She would if she thought we wouldna be home for some time.”

Jamie took her hand and they made for the stairs.

When they’d gotten pregnant with their fourth (and very unexpected) child, Jenny had offered them one of the small houses on the Lallybroch property. It wasn’t large by any means, but it fit them comfortably. Things were also easier for Jamie to help with the running of the estate.

Without knocking, Jamie threw open the door to Bree’s room. There was a muffled curse in what might have been Gaelic and a squeal from Bree.

Claire gaped at the scene before her.

Bree wasn’t wearing a shirt, bra, or her jeans. The other body that had been on top of her wasn’t wearing his shirt either. It seemed that they’d been caught before things had progressed too far.

“DA! Don’t ye knock?!”

“Not in my own bloody house! Who the hell is this?”

“My boyfriend!”

Claire coughed to cover up her snort. Jamie caught it.

“Would ye mind tellin’ me just what is going on here, Breeanah Ellen Fraser?”

“Would ye turn around?”

Jamie folded his arms over his chest.


“Da, please!”

“I was there the day ye were born, Breeanah. It isna anything I havena seen before.”

Claire looked from her daughter to the man hastily zipping up his jeans. She stared at him before realizing why he looked familiar.

“Roger? Roger Wakefield?”

“Ah… Hello, Mrs. Fraser. Pleasure to see you again. I go by Mackenzie these days, though.”

Jamie turned to them, frowning.

“Ye ken him, Sassenach?”

“Ah, yes. And so do you. Do you remember Reverend Wakefield?”


“That’s his son.”

Jamie’s face turned a deep red.

“His son. Who is older than my daughter?”

“That’d be the one.”

After a deep breath, he turned very calmly to Roger.

“Go now, before I gut ye.”

“Aye, sir.”

Roger grabbed his shirt and fled, but paused to cast a glance over his shoulder to Bree. Jamie made sure he left the house and the grounds before coming back to speak with his daughter.

“Breeanah. Ellen. Fraser.”

“Da, I—”

“Ye will speak when I finish. Ye ken that yer mam wasna a virgin when we wed. I’ve no reason to expect that from you. But ye willna take a man to yer bed afore ye turn eighteen. Or under my roof. Am I clear?”

“Aye, da.”

“And ye certainly willna take a man to yer bed whom I’ve never met! How old is the bastard?”

“Four and twenty…”

Jamie sighed.

“Put your clothes on and come downstairs. We need to discuss your punishment.”

“Aye, da.”

Jamie and Claire went downstairs and waited in the living room. Bree came down a few minutes later, her cheeks flushed and her hair pulled back.

“Da, I’m sorry.”

“That ye lied to me? Or that I caught ye in it?”

“Both? I ken I should ha’ told ye about Roger.”

“Aye. Ye should have. Sit.”

She did, looking down at the floor.

“If ye want to keep seeing that bastard, ye must bring him to Sunday dinners at Lallybroch. If he willna come, ye willna see him again. Any and all visits must be wi’ me, yer mam, or Faith. Am I understood?”

“Aye, da. I willna let ye down.”

Jamie smiled.

“If ye wish to sleep with wee Roger, there’s one condition.”


“Ye must have the sex talk wi’ yer mam again.”

“No da! Please! I still ken what she said before!”

“I want ye to be sure ye ken what’s going to happen. Yer mam is the best doctor I know.”

Bree groaned, but nodded.

“Aye, da. Is that all?”

“Gi’ me yer phone.”

“Da! Ye canna take it!”

He fixed her with a fatherly glare and she immediately handed it over.

“I pay for it. It’s mine. Don’t worry, lass. If he calls, I’ll be sure to pass the message along to ye.”

Dragonfly in Amber

[for the sake of cohesion, I’m not writing this scene by scene as I normally do]

“Children accept the world as it is presented to them”. Reverend Wakefield’s words couldn’t be more true. Brianna only knows Frank as her father.  As she describes him to Roger I can’t help but think, Huh??  But that’s Bree’s reality. However, for someone who seems to love her dad, she’s asking an awful lot of questions regarding who he was and what he was like. Because she knows there’s a back story to her parents’ marriage. And for some reason, she only wants to learn of it after Frank is gone. Because of his temper? Because sometimes after death we idolize someone and don’t want to face the fact that they weren’t as perfect as we’d like to remember?  I love the references she makes about her mum “living in another world”, “she’s insane”.  It lead me to think that Claire has never been 100% present in Bree’s world. That a part of her, for the past 20 years, has been somewhat cut off at times, when she may have allowed herself to turn inward and return to Jamie in her mind. She may never have spoken of him, like she promised Frank, but Frank couldn’t control her thoughts.  

Bree is sensitive, argumentative, ready to battle her mother at every turn. That could be grief talking. Or young adulthood. Because Bree is at a point in her life where she notices relationships, and how they work.  What she may want in one, or doesn’t want.  And because she knows there’s an “incident” in her parents’ marriage, the curiosity is killing her. She’s desperately trying to make sense of it. And we witness for ourselves how she tries to talk to her mother about it, but Claire shuts it down.  

I love how she is with Roger.  It’s the 60s, and she’s forward and blatantly teasing/flirting/interested in Roger and giving him lots to think about. 

Older Claire. The voice tone is different, measured, controlled. This Claire doesn’t put her foot in her mouth.  This Claire thinks before she speaks. I love the conversation between her and Roger in front of the fire. He’s asking how you say goodbye, thinking she’s talking about Frank, when in fact, we all know she’s talking about Jamie.  

At first, I found the transitions between the 1960s and the 1700s very jarring. I didn’t like it.  It was too harsh.  But after a while I realized that it very much mirrored Claire. Her present life is having to face the harshness of her past life. And she doesn’t mourn her recently passed husband, but her long dead husband. Which is why the trip to Lallybroch broke our hearts.  When she is faced with her happiest memories and she sits on those stairs and pictures Jamie, her Highlander, Laird of Lallybroch, he isn’t looking as she last saw him, but as he is in her mind. Strong. Tall. Handsome. God, one might even say, Majestic. She feels him on her lips and closes her eyes in remembrance of all she wanted. And had to live without. And we see the crack. The very small fissure in a very tough exterior that is Dr. Claire Randall.  And then, she visibly pulls herself back together again. That’s how she’s done it. That’s how she’s lived for 20 years and managed half a life.  

And when Claire is on Culloden Moor and the woman asks if she’s a Fraser, Claire says, “Yes. I am.” and gives a small smile.  Because now she can finally claim her true identity. She can freely call herself Claire Fraser. And she can finally speak to Jamie and of Jamie at the same time. Through Brianna. Brianna IS Jamie to her, in looks and manners. She could always share everything with Jamie, and he would listen.  And she does, again.  And only when she’s come back to him to tell him that he was right, and Brianna is alive, can she say goodbye. Their story wasn’t finished until she could tell him he had a daughter.  And now both soldiers, she and Jamie, can rest easy.  

When she’s back in Inverness leaning against the car, it echos the very first time she’s in Scotland. Dreaming of vases and settling down. That Claire, on that trip, was cute and bouncy and happy. This Claire is serious and melancholy and guarded. Which war did more damage? History may say it was WWII but not for Claire. Culloden changed her forever. 

Did anyone else catch the parallels in Brianna and Claire’s confrontation? Because in this moment, Bree is Frank.  And Claire is repeating the same speech she gave Frank when she returned, speaking of another man that she loved deeply.  But Bree is also Jamie, because she wants honesty, where Frank really didn’t want the story at all. Brianna states that Claire isn’t perfect, just as Frank declares that she is not the Virgin Mary, and they both accuse her of being fucked by someone else. And once again, Claire reiterates it was all so much more. In the face of their anger, she will not diminish who and what Jamie is to her. Claire tells Bree that she didn’t want to fall in love, that she fought it, yet it was the most powerful thing she’d ever felt in her life.

Also, when Bree talks about “every other bored housewife” did anyone else think she was referring to Frank’s affairs? Because I sure did.

And when we flip back to Culloden we see a very desperate Claire. A reactionary Claire. The direct opposite of the Claire we’ve just seen in the 60s. And it’s a different Jamie. Flashback to Jamie back in Paris telling Murtagh he would never stoop to regicide, but now, NOW he’s looking at Claire considering her plan. We see how Culloden has changed and shaped Jamie as well. Jamie is cold and tired and really, really gaunt. (Well done, Mr. Heughan. I believe you are as weak as you say you are.)  And he is 100% done with Bonnie Prince Wackadoodle thinking he’s Jesus Christ. This is why Jamie can entertain Claire’s plan. Because the Prince is quite clearly, out of his mind. It’s changed him enough that he’ll commit murder. And he does. To protect Claire. To protect Scotland. It’s just not the murder he expected to commit. But in order to move forward in this desperate attempt, one more obstacle has to be overcome. And in the midst of battling Dougal the look on his face says, “don’t make me do this, Uncle”. And when Claire joins in, the sheer horror on both their faces gave me chills.  

When it’s time to leave the camp, we finally see the depth of Claire’s love for the first time. She begs Jamie to run away with her. She begs him to let her stay and die with him. Jamie accepts his fate, but Claire will not. Until they speak of the child. And in the middle of this turmoil we have Jamie’s small smile, and Claire’s in return as they share this beautiful secret. And as Jamie once told her that she was his home, she tells him that now.  And she tries to argue, but you see Claire give way to obedience. Remember (as I’ve mentioned before) when Claire promised Jamie before he punished her, that she would do what he said, even if she didn’t agree with it? (Ep. 109)  Claire proves yet again that she loves and respects Jamie. Jamie never demanded her obedience. It was Claire’s to give freely.

The Stones.  My God, the Stones.  The reversal of roles.  When Jamie stops Claire from going through the first time because he isn’t ready, she does so now. And again, Jamie gives Claire choices. He lets her decide how to tell Frank. In some small way he probably expects Frank to believe it, because he believed it. He doesn’t doubt Claire. He trusts her implicitly. Claire knows Frank is different. But how can Jamie conceive of someone who doesn’t literally worship Claire like he does? Claire begs and it’s heartbreaking. Claire Beauchamp hasn’t begged once. Not once. Except now. And as Jamie lists his crimes you can tell in his voice he regrets none of it. Because it’s been for Claire. And as he tells her he will stand before God, and punctuates his sentence with kisses, you can hear in his voice all the love he feels for her, and you can hear his desire for her rising. When he takes her to the ground it echoes the moment in the glade when he says, “Does it ever stop? The wanting you?” Because for Jamie it never stops. Never. And he’ll have his wife before she goes. And as the cannons distract him, he nods at Claire but this time she doesn’t nod back. She doesn’t. And won’t. Because in this they are not Team Fraser.  Instead of repeating the vow “Blood of my Blood” as she did on her wedding day, Claire initiates it.  And they stare and memorize each other’s faces as Jamie walks Claire back to the stones. Her “I love yous” are so much more passionate than the first one she said at Lallybroch, so long ago. And Jamie is so moved by it. And the fact that he keeps nodding and she won’t respond is breaking my heart. Claire will not lie. She will not give him any indication that this is okay with her, because it’s not. Honesty pledged is honesty honoured. Jamie’s voice breaking on her name, it’s too much. I can’t even see through my tears to type this stupid sentence…

Finally, when Brianna accepts her mother’s word, and echoes Jamie’s words of “I believe you. I don’t understand it, but I believe you” Claire cannot contain herself. Bree’s acceptance plays beautifully across her face. Then, when she asks for honesty, it’s more than Claire could hope for. Jamie’s daughter, indeed. And as gotham-ruaidh so eloquently reminded me, the sun breaks over Craig Na Dun in the form of Jamie Fraser.   “…and the sun came out, in the person of James.”– Outlander, “A Marriage Takes Place”

Other Thoughts:

Richard Rankin does an amazing job of showing us how Roger is hit by the lightening bolt that is Brianna Randall.  


I like Geillis in this episode.  I like seeing her past.  And I like how it won’t clog up Voyager and take time away from the scene we will be waiting for.  And I LOVE, “Why are you here?”  And did anyone else catch the hesitation in Geillis after Roger introduces himself???  Ah, time travel.  How do you work?

Murtagh’s bow to Fergus. Perfection. Fergus’ nod to Jamie.  And Jamie’s nod back.  Frasers.  Family.  And Murtagh, Godfather until the end.  His promise to Ellen, to watch over Jamie.  Even if it means dying together. 

Fucking barbeque.  Fucking barbeque???? Nicely played.

I’m gonna say it again.  Dragonfly in Amber is a beast of a book to get through. And the writers did an amazing job of cutting it down into manageable pieces and making it coherent. However, I’m excited for the new writers next season and what they may bring to the table.  

But I want to end by saying that the cast was stellar this year. Extraordinary. Sam Heughan’s acting is nuanced but the way he uses his voice as a tool is outstanding. He delivers lines like no other.  

But Caitriona Balfe stole every damn scene she was in this year. Every. Scene. She was beyond amazing.  I love her Claire so much more than book Claire. We really are lucky to have them.    

A list of things that I need to remember:

  • The world is not out to get me.
  • For everyone who hurts me, there are at least three people waiting to heal me.
  • Not everyone will like me and that’s okay.  What’s really important is that I learn to love myself.
  • Trying to please everyone is exhausting and never actually works.
  • I shouldn’t feel bad for distancing myself from people who do more harm than good.
  • People will not hate me for complimenting them.  If they do, they’re not the kind of people I want to keep around.
  • I’m allowed to have feelings.
  • My life is mine and I shouldn’t feel like I’m letting someone down if what I do is different from what they expect.
  • I am valuable because of who I am, not because of what I do.
  • I am not a bad person for wanting to be happy.  I deserve to be happy.