i do believe he was looking at blake

#ok i wanna talk about bellamy blake in this scene #look at his little smile #and his shock #the time it took to process and accept that someone #THANKED HIM #bellamy blake cannot believe that someone thanked him #cause he never once in his life got that #he thought it was his responsibility #to take care of his sister #of his people #and he gave #and he gave #and he gave #till there was nothing left #and never expected anything #and here comes clarke #who always sees him #and she thanks him #and do you see his face #he is trying to accept this thanks #cause he thinks he doesn’t deserve it #BUT MAYBE FOR A MOMENT THERE #for just a tiny moment #bellamy blake thought he deserved it #cause for once he managed to keep someone alive #this smol, fierce, as broken as he is girl #that always manages to get under his armor

let's go back to our cocoon

Summary: Post 4x03. Bellamy, trying to get back to sleep, wakes to Clarke entering his room. Rated G. WC: 2220

A/N: this is my first work in the fandom & it’s been a long time coming. likes, kudos, reblogs, and comments are all very much appreciated. let me know if i should write a pt. 2! / title taken from “cocoon” by milky chance

tags: fluff & angst, sleep cuddling, canon compliant


He stirs at the sound of his name, eyes opening into darkness. This is usually how one of his nightmares starts: Clarke running, calling his name—her voice filtered through the blackness as if nightfall could be a physical place that blocks them in. He can’t get to her, can’t see her. She just keeps calling his name, the sound of her voice made tinny as it ricochets off walls that keep her in and keep him out. These walls are impossible to find, even running straight at them with his hands stretched out, as if breaking a bone is the least of his problems.

But this is no nightmare because this time, a door opens. The rectangular plane shifts, becoming thinner and thinner as light begins to burst from the hole it leaves behind. Bellamy, raising his head, props himself up on his elbows and squints.

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To Kill a Jaguar - Bellamy Blake

Request: *Not a request*
Requested by: *Not a request*
Pairings: Bellamy Blake x Reader
A/N: In which the smallest and most fragile, looking, girl (reader) is going hunting. Everyone thinks that she’ll slow down the group, but is proved wrong. 

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You wanna know why I’m not worried about Bellarke AT ALL? Because to me, even when they were canonically in a relationship, their best scenes were ALWAYS with each other.

- S1 and 2, Clarke and Finn wokay some nice contents. But the whole season 1 with Clarke trying to reach Bellamy? Him saving her, their looks, Day Trip, the fact that they both “parented” Charlotte? “Who we are and who we need to be to survive”? Their scenes when they were sick? “Our princess has that effect”? “I trust him!”? When Clarke talked to Jaha about Bellamy being essential for survival for the Delinquents? All their motivational speech? “People follow you, you inspire them”? The whole epicness paralleling their journeys on the first eps of s2? Their hug on ep5? The campfire scene? “Had to be done”? THE RADIO TALKS?? “It’s worth the risk”? “Love is weakness”/”i was being weak”? “You won’t be by yourself”? “I can’t lose you too”?? The whole non-verbal communication?? TOGETHER?? MW?? CANON STUFF Clarke NEVER had with Finn

- S3, CL? And Bellamy with Gina? Well while Bellamy was with Gina we got FUCKEN EP2!!! “I’ll do anything, I’ll stop fighting, please don’t hurt him” “Get out of my way”? “WE CAN’T LOSE CLARKE”?? Bellamy going through the forest while he’s hurt? “I should be there”? Bellamy climbing the whole Polis tower for Clarke while he’s hurt? Their “angsty looks” on ep3?? Him walking away?? HER FACE?? Also while building up CL,,,, ummm EPISODE 5 PEOPLE?? “This is not who you are”? And while Clarke was grieving Lxa, um the Look™ they had when they saw each other again on Nevermore?? Non-verbal communication again? Them helping each other with their wounds? “Maybe there are no good guys”? THE BEACH TALK?? “We need each other”?? THE HUG??? “I trust you”? “I believe you”?? “Start with Bellamy Blake”?? WHEN HE BRUSHED HER LIPS TO GIVE HER THE CHIP?

- DO WE HAVE TO TALK ABOUT S4? Y’all were worried about NC, but we basically had a “YES YOU WILL”, “if I’m on that list, you’re on that list”, HAND. NUZZLE., the whole day Trip? “You keep her centered” “you got it backwards”? THE LIP QUIVERS™? Clarke sacrificing 50 ppl for Bellamy?? “Bellamy should be back by now”? “Clarke… if I don’t see you again”? The car chase? Roan taking Bellamy prisoner to make Clarke’s determination waver? The fact that she got him kidnapped to be safe in the bunker? Flustered/Sad kitten Clarke because she hurt Bellamy? “I never meant to hurt you”, the whole rover talk™, Bellamy killing a dude because he’s too busy smiling at Clarke?? EVERYTHING SINCE THEN?? The 2199 calls Clarke sent to Bellamy? The Hug? Crying in your arms? “LET HER GO ECHO” The heart to heart talk?

I probably forgot TONS of moments.

Listen people, no matter what, Bellarke has always been more epic than everything. More epic than any canon romantic relationship they’ve been in, and that won’t change no matter what.

Bellamy Blake Imagine: Finding Home


Summary: Octavia finally persuades reader to go with her to Arkadia to see her brother Lincoln. But since Skypeople are on odds with grounders for betraying them during Mount Weather war they decide to sneak in and Octavia gives reader some clothes so she can look like a skyperson. In the camp Octavia leaves her for a while and reader meets Bellamy, then she finally meets Lincoln and he, with Bellamy’s help convinces her to stay in the Arkadia.

Word Count: 2301

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“Octavia, I can’t go there,” I protested as she tried to convince me to go to Arkadia for like a thousandth time so I could finally see my brother Lincoln whom I hadn’t seen since the Mount Weather incident.

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Thief (Part 4)

Pairings: Bellamy / Reader

Warnings: Violence, Torture, swearing. 

AN: Double update again tonight because I got my butt in gear and managed to edit this post as well. I was going to queue it but then though ‘fuck’ it I love my followers and i’ll post it as well. 

You can find the other parts of Thief down here::::
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“What exactly are you hoping to achieve here Bellamy?” you didn’t like having your hands bound behind you back like this especially as it seemed he’d finally learnt to knot the ropes correctly to stop you slipping them. “Lincoln won’t answer your questions and neither shall I”

“And why is that Y/N?”

“Would you talk if this situation was reversed? If it was you in bonds and me wielding the questions would you give up your people?”

He sighed “No I wouldn’t” going over to a stool he pushed it over to you motioning for you to sit. “Finn is probably going to die, you were the one who told us that”

“Finn will die there is no probably. The poison is unstoppable without the antidote”

Bellamy took the stool opposite you leaning his elbows on his knees, staring over at you. “I’m not an idiot Y/N. You walked into our camp only wanting to help Finn a man you met for what 5 minutes?”

“Not for 5 minutes” you cut in “more like weeks. We’ve been meeting for weeks now”


“I found Finn outside the walls only days after escaping. He wants….” You laughed but it was without humour “soon to be ‘wanted’ peace and wouldn’t that just be better for all of us?”

Bellamy honestly seemed shocked at your statement. “You were talking about peace between the two of us. Peace between our people”

“Yes. Is that honestly so hard to believe?”

“Coming from the thief who stole all our ammunition?” he scoffed crossing his arms over his chest “yes I find that very hard to believe”

“Believe what you will Blake, you’re right though I walked in here only wanting to help yet I’m once again tied up with my friend blooded in your ship” you stared straight at him without blinking. “You wonder why we attack you. Yet what reason have you ever given us to trust you?”

Bellamy’s mouth was set in a thin line “and you’ve given us so many of those reasons to trust you as well. Your people drew first blood Y/N”

“First blood? You have no idea what you’ve done Bellamy Blake of the Sky people” you hissed angry now at his seeming self-righteousness.

“What we’ve done?”

“Those ‘flares’ you fired at the Ark to stop your people being sacrificed. They landed on our villages. Whole communities of women and children wiped out while you all were celebrating” Bellamy had paled at your words clearly as unaware as Finn had been at the damage they had wrought. “So tell me, who out of the two of us is the real monster?”

He didn’t get chance to answer because Raven burst into the tent, clearly furious.


“Finn’s losing this fight Bellamy and the other one won’t talk, we’ve tried everything. So it’s her turn”

Bellamy surprised you by standing and placing his body in front of yours. “We aren’t hurting her Raven”

“She’s a grounder Bellamy”

“She’s a grounder who walked in here of her own free well to help us Raven. We are not hurting her”

Raven scowled looking around him to glare at you still sat on the stool Bellamy had given you before.

“She doesn’t look like she’s helping much”

“You’ve tortured my friend and threatened to do the same to me. Not much incentive to help you is it?”

“Finn is going to die” Raven insisted yanking at the sudden hold Bellamy had on her to calm her jerk towards you. “You came here to save him…”

“And I still would”

“What?” she went limp in Bellamy’s hands. “You’ll help him?”

“I said I would. Let Lincoln go and I’ll save Finn”


“No” Bellamy cut her off making Raven stare at him in horror. “Save Finn and you are free to go Y/N, but Lincoln stays here”

“Then you have your answer Raven, it isn’t me you need to be torturing”

“Bellamy” Raven grabbed is hand to pull him out of the tent but he wouldn’t go. Turning back to you instead.

“The last time I left her alone to talk she vanished with the whole stock of camp ammunition”

“I’m tied up remember”

“That didn’t matter last time” he came around you to actually check the ropes around your wrists were still in place.

“You have my word Blake. I won’t move from this spot until someone comes to get me”

He didn’t look like he believed you but Raven grabbed him once more eyes pleading as he relented and allowed her to drag him from the tent.

No sooner had he left than a young girl who looked startlingly similar to him appeared in front of you.

“You’re a grounder. You know Lincoln?”

“I do”

“Can you help him? Please?” begging she crouched beside you “this is all my fault, he got hurt because of me” she grabbed your upper arm “you have to help me save him”

“And how do you expect me to do that?” you asked her curiously. “I’m tied up and in case you hadn’t noticed there’s guards everywhere surrounding Lincoln in a dropship with only one exit”

“Save Finn” excitedly she yanked at the knots of the rope, freeing your hands. “Saving Finn will create a diversion and we can get Lincoln out of here. There’s a hole in the wall you can get out of it leads into the woods around the back of camp”

Rubbing your wrists you got to your feet “you’re either a very foolish or very brave young girl. Standing there telling your enemy that there is a hole in your walls defence”

“And are you going to help me or hurt me?”

“Against all known reason I’m going to help you. I need Lincoln’s medicine pouch, it has the antidote to the poison in it”

“It’s upstairs”

“Figured. Can you get us up there?”

She nodded the two of you slipping out from the back of the tent and heading towards the ship. The girl led you to the far side pointing up. “There’s a lose panel halfway up, opening it will put you on Lincolns level. I’ll meet you there”

You nodded turning to the wall finding an easy hand hold you scaled the ship waiting at the panel until from within you heard a man’s voice.

“Octavia! Bellamy forbid you from being here”

“Well Bellamy isn’t here”

You moved the panel and slipped behind one of the guards while the girl, Octavia apparently, kept the other distracted. You wrapped an arm around his neck and pressed on the pressure point leading him to drop instantly into unconsciousness. At the crash of his body the other one spun looking shocked at you and his now unconscious friend. You waved at him watching as from behind him Octavia lifted and crashed a pipe into his skill dropping him as well.

She raced to Lincoln while you found his medicine roll. “Lincoln where’s the book?” you asked him, speaking English for Octavia’s benefit.

“In that one’s jacket”

Following his nod you found Lincolns note book in the jacket of the boy you’d downed. Quickly finding the right page you pulled the correct antidote out taking it over to Octavia.

“Give this to Finn. Half now and half in another 12 hours. Don’t forget the 2nd dose, the poison won’t realise him without it”

Octavia took the vial. “I won’t forget” she cast one more look at Lincoln. “The hole in the wall is exactly opposite the hole in the ship. Follow the tunnel along and you’ll come out in the woods. You won’t have long”

“We won’t need long” with Octavia’s help you freed Lincolns hands helping him stand. Octavia gave him one last look before heading to the hatch.

“I’ll lock it behind me. Go fast”

“We have to hurry Lincoln. Can you climb?”

“I’ll manage” he gritted his teeth and followed you down the dropship. You found the hole in the wall exactly where Octavia had said it was.

“Go Lincoln” you pushed him in first. “Quickly”


You were halfway gone at Bellamy’s shout. Surprisingly he was alone not surrounded by other delinquents coming to capture and tie you up once more.

“Y/N I can’t let you leave”

You smiled at him. “Are you going to stop me Bellamy?” he plainly looked torn as you came out from the passage standing close to him.

“You know about the passage, about our defences. How am I meant to let you leave?”

“I guess you’ll just have to trust me” acting on pure instinct you reached up pressing your lips against his, Bellamy’s hand went to your hip to steady you as he kissed you back.

Lips tingling you smiled at him once more before stepping back leaving a stunned Bellamy stood there as you vanished into the passage. Lincoln was waiting at the end leaning against the wall.

“Everything alright?”

Touching a finger to your lips you nodded. “Sure. Come on Lincoln we need to get you back to the cave”

Grunting he reached out to lean on you. “Energy’s nearly gone”

Letting him rest on you with your arm around his waist you helped him into the forest and back towards the cave.

The Commander & The Leader. (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Requests/Summary- I was wondering if i can get a scenario with Bellamy Blake from The 100? Where Reader(grounder) argues with Bellamy(their dating) about all of the things that he has done for Pike and him killing 300 of her people. He says something hurtful about her and her people. then when Pike was about to pull the trigger on Lincoln, she offers to take his place because she loved Lincoln like a brother. Pike kill reader instead and Bellamy witnesses everything and blames himself for everything.
could you please do an imagine where you’re the commander and Bellamy falls in love with you??❤️

Originally posted by belizasource

gif not mine

For you, leading your people was the most important thing in your life. You cared for them deeply and it wasn’t a duty for you, it was a desire. All your life has been spent caring for them. After all, you are their Commander. But ever since the Skypeople came back down from Space, it had become harder and harder to choose the right path. Even more so when all the adults started taking charge. Your people who were once apart of the Skypeople, were beginning to be outcasted and feared. Having them at the root of discrimination wasn’t easy, but having Bellamy fall in love with you was even harder because you loved him too. Terrible things began happening. Bellamy was confused about what side he was on and who to protect. And with each decision he made against your people, he broke your heart over and over again. It seemed like there was no getting through to him but you have to try at least one more time. 

“Bellamy!” You call from afar, receiving looks from skypeople. You know they want you out of their camp but you have business to attend to. He turns around, knowing by the sound of your voice that this isn’t going to be a conversation he wants to have. 

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So is there anyone who hasn't gotten a hug from Jaune? If not do any of you want one? (Asked by megareader93)
  • Ruby, looks down sadly: I think we've all hugged Jaune, everyone.
  • Yang, quietly: Yeah...especially after what happened...
  • Blake, sighs and looks up: Yeah...can't believe it...Pyrrha....
  • Pyrrha, popping up: I'M SORRY OKAY I DIDN'T MEAN TO BREAK HIS RIBS!!
  • Ruby, jumping and shouting back: YOU THREW HIM AT A WALL!!
  • Pyrrha, covering her face, muffled shouts from behind her hands: He scared the life out of me!!!!
  • Jaune, sitting in the infirmary bed, frightendly looking back and forth, quietly: Oh man this is unbelievable.
  • Weiss, leans down next to Jaune: At least you don't have to share a dorm with them
Dialogue Excerpt from a 4+1 Prompt (Rough Draft)

“He was a leader that connected with the people’s emotions rather than just giving logical reasons for why they should or shouldn’t do something. He instructed, protected, inspired.”

“Did he inspire you?”

“Every day,” Clarke said with a smile, looking at the ground as if she was deep in thought, reminiscing. “It’s hard to give up when you have someone in your corner, someone that reminds you who you are, someone who always believes in your best self. That’s who Bellamy Blake was to me.”

“You loved him, didn’t you?”

“He was my best friend. Of course I loved him.”

‘No, not in that way,’ Madi wanted to say, but the story was nearing the end and her eyelids were beginning to feel heavy. She promised herself that she would ask Clarke about it later.


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Word count: 457

Author’s note: I’m tagging one Beta here, because… it started with me telling her about a new idea of mine that I thought my Readers wouldn’t like, but she got all excited, and we spent the last couple hours brainstorming ideas for this story. I also sent her one of my old works, and she said that the beginning would be perfect for this one, so I consented and rewrote those paragraphs, which is the prologue you can read here. Part of the first chapter is done, too :3 I hope you’re just as excited for this as we are!! (p.s. The magazine mentioned is a real one that is run purely by Teen Wolf fans, I just so happened to come across it on the web.) Also… she was asking me when I was going to write smut again. Well, here we go, kiddos!

Beta: @random-fandom-fangirl2112


I’m fumbling with the pages of my book, I’m clicking my pen, my leg is bounding up and down and my head is swivelling around constantly in impatience. The lesson is incredibly boring with the sub teacher—our social media teacher is a bubbly and energetic woman, but a little while back she had an accident and now she is to be hospitalised. For the time being, we were assigned this professor to keep our lectures, but the way he talks makes me drowsy.

“Seems like our time’s up,” says the professor after glancing at the watch hung on the wall. Loud chat chirps up and the pupils in the hall immediately jump up from their seats and begin stuffing their notebooks, laptops, pencil cases and mobiles in their bags. They file out through the two doors on either sides of the room at the top of the stairs, and I’m just about to follow them, but then I notice the professor waving me over. I approach him curiously, having no clue what he would want from me.

“Ms. Blake asked me a favour,” he announces.

“Can I help?” I ask, unsure. I’m not quite getting what he wants to convey by telling this to me. He gives me a half shrug before going on.

“Actually Ms. Blake’s request was for me to ask you to make an interview instead of her.” I blink in surprise, and adjust the strap of my bag on my small, fragile-looking shoulders.

“Okay, sure,” I agree, jerking my shoulders up nonchalantly. The professor reaches behind himself and swipes some papers up from the surface of the desk, handing them over to me after more or less managing to arrange them. They are still a messy stack of papers, but I should probably be appreciating the effort.

“Here you go,” he says, pointing at the top of the paper. “Here’s the date and place,” he explains. “Then the name of the subject of the interview, and the questions Ms. Blake wanted to ask him.”

I ogle the lines for a while, my gaze roaming over the page before something catches my eye. I swallow as I look up at the man with my face most likely getting closer and closer to a faint white shade.

“I have to interview a model? From Neckz n’ Throats?” I can’t believe Ms. Blake has me do such a thing—that magazine features werewolves, isn’t afraid of shooting erotic imagines, and the creature in question is an Alpha. I need to swallow once more against the enormous lump in my throat.

Instead of giving me encouragement with words, all the professor does is giving me an apologetic look before leaving me alone in the lecture hall.

Just wanted to post a little something.   

It feels like the tag has gotten a little discouraged over the latest episode but don’t feel that way. Things are very much alive and in motion for us; here are a few things to consider:

Blake verbally cracked and strained when bringing up Yang’s name. There is definitely something there. 

Sun has feelings for Blake (its quite known by this point) but when he said he’d do it all again to protect Blake he said Yang would do the same. He also said when “your friends” fight for you, he mentioned himself as a friend. So don’t be discouraged because they used the friend formality. Remember most couples start out as friends as first before it goes deeper. Since Blake and Yang were’t a defined couple yet, referencing them as friends seems like the logical thing to do but we do know there are feelings there. To further my point, when Jaune was asked where he got the gold for his armour in epiosde 1, he referred to Pyrrah as “from a friend”.  I think they use the friend word to guise the relationships so they don’t look forced and that they develop naturally.  Trust me, with everything we’ve seen, things will develop between Blake and Yang once they reunite. Believe it. 

(Also anyone who ships Blacksun comes at me for this, remember I’m not attacking your ship but simply posting something about my own. Be civil and don’t bother trying to start an argument as I auto ignore that. Shipping wars are pointless.) 

anonymous asked:

Do you think that the time jump will make bellamy look less protective over octavia? By less protective I mean if he will be more independent in that regard. He will always be protective and will care about her.

Absolutely. We have to remember that a large part of Bellamy’s over-protectiveness when it comes to Octavia is an ingrained factor. He was conditioned from her birth to believe she was his responsibility. She’d never been out of his sight before, not really, when they were on the Ark, and the one time he did take her out of their home, she was arrested and their mother was floated. 

He had every reason to believe (based on past experience and conditioning) that if Octavia was out of his sight, harm would come to her, however, Bellamy’s arc for the past 4 Seasons has been about learning to let Octavia go. In fact, in every Season finale, she’s been leaving him. 

In Season 1-she leaves with Lincoln (something Bellamy asks of Lincoln).

In Season 2- they both end the Season inside Camp Jaha, but Octavia is very clearly associating herself with the Grounders now and she walks through the gates with Lincoln, not Bellamy. 

In Season 3- Octavia walks away from Bellamy (and spends half the Season actively angry with him and turning her back on him). 

In Season 4-Bellamy is in space and Octavia is in the bunker. 

They’re always separated at the end of a Season, because the story of the Blakes has always been about learning who they are separate of each other after spending 17 years living right on top of each other. 

JRoth has also already given us a bit of a hint about some upcoming tension between the Blakes, saying that there might come a time when Bellamy disagrees with choices Octavia makes as the Bunker Leader (and I’m sure this happens early on in the Season). 

So basically, yes. Bellamy will no longer be allowing his own life to be ruled by Octavia’s anymore and I can’t wait. 

Desperate (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: The reader and bellamy are captured by the mountain men and they take the readers bone marrow. He has to watch all of that and gets angry and desperate..a lot of fluff pls..you can decide how they get rescued.

“Y/N,” The dull ache in your head causes your eyes to open and you attempt to look around as the empty room spins. You let out a grunt, feeling the pain in your wrists as you look over to them. You furrow your eyebrows at the thick leather straps holding you down onto a table. “Y/N.” Bellamy whispers once again, you quickly turn your head over to him. His hands are cuffed by metal chains as he stands against the rock wall. Feeling your heart beating faster in your chest, you began to panic as you pulled on your restraints.

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Requiem: Part Nine


He took a breath and took in the pitch, at the other Illyrians training. The past two and a half months, he let his anger at Ezekiel and himself fester and it cost him his brother and Bay. It almost cost him Maze and everyone else.

For the past two days, Nate hadn’t stepped foot in the Night Court and Bay hadn’t stepped foot in the Night Court or Hybern. He supposed Nate was still with Dacia and Bay was still with Ash and Maze.

He glanced at Blake, who was already taking his shirt off to train in the heat. Blake looked at him, tying his hair with a strap of leather, “You want Bay to believe you? You need to believe yourself first. You need to believe you won’t break Maze.”

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  • Ghira: Alright, now listen. Sienna Khan is a strong terrifying leader. She will only show respect when given it so be on your best behavior. That means no rude comments and Speak. Only. When. Spoken. To. Is that understood? *Ghira said as He, Blake, and Sun are lead down an old street to a large abandon building.*
  • Sun: Why do I feel like that was only directed at me? *Sun whispered to Blake.*
  • Blake: It was. *Blake informed him.*
  • Sun: Well, that is just rude. *He frowned while Blake looked at him with a raised eyebrow.* ... Fair enough.
  • Blake: Look don't take it personally. Sienna Khan is the reason why the White Fang became violate in the first place. She is a firm believer in the only the strongest survive and is the one that started the grim mask.
  • Sun: Wait. Seriously? I thought is was, uh, you know who.
  • Blake: *Blake frown knowing who Sun was talking about as her cat ears drooped down.* It's true Adam was the one that made all of the white fang under him start wearing the mask but it was originally to show that he was her pupil.
  • Sun: So then that means...
  • Blake: Sienna Khan trained Adam to be the killer he is today. *Blake sadly admitted then felt Sun place a comforting hand on her shoulder.*
  • Sun: It's not your fault. That dumbass made his own choice and now he is going to be in for a big surprise when we are here to kick his ass.
  • Blake: If he tries to attack Sienna Khan directly.
  • Ghira: Which I doubt young Adam is that foolish. Sienna Khan is a fierce warrior and won't hesitate to kill anyone who challenges her. Even I had few... close calls with her. *Ghira frowns rubbing his side.*
  • Sun: Yeah but you still won right?
  • Ghira: Of course.
  • Blake: Weren't you in the hospital for three days after your last fight with her?
  • Ghira: It was a luck shoot!
  • Sun: Soooo, not to change topics about the possile butt whoopings you may or may not have gotten. *Sun slowly started as Ghira glared at his.* But What kind of Faunus is she? Is she a tiger? A lizard?
  • Blake: I'm... not really sure to be honest with you. *Blake muttered.*
  • Sun: What?! How could you not know what kind of Faunus she is after working for her for so long? *Sun asked with surprise.*
  • Blake: I rarely meet her and every time I did she always wore her grim mask hiding her face. Sienna khan isn't even her real name.
  • Sun: And THAT didn't immediately set off a few red flags when you let her take over. *At this Blake and Ghira both stop to Glare at Sun who held his ground as he crossed his arms.*
  • Blake: ... Point taken.
  • Ghira: Fair enough. *He and Blake admitted as they entered the building the leader of the White Fang has made her base.* However to be fair she only started to wear it when I and Kali had decided to take of as leader of Menagerie.
  • Rhino Faunus: Ahem. Excuse me for interrupting. *The rhino faunus cleared his throat, getting the attention of the Belladonnas and Sun.* Please wait here. I shall inform Sienna Khan that you have arrived.
  • Ghira: Very well. Thank you.
  • Rhino Faunus: My pleasure. It is the least I can do for you and your daughter. *The Rhino faunus bowed and walked off.*
  • Sun: ... He seems nice.
  • Blake: He is. He was my babysitter when little.
  • Sun: He was!?
  • Ghira: He was. Blake used to use his horn as a scratching post.
  • Blake: Dad!
  • Sun: That poor man.
  • Blake: Sun!
  • Ghira: Anyway, as for Sienna Khan's Faunus heritage, she is from an old bloodline of Faunus. One which allows them to either shows fully what they are or hides it completely.
  • Sun: What's that mean?
  • Blake: *Blake shrugs* It's only a myth. A clan of Faunus that-
  • Rhino Faunus: Sienna Khan will see you now. *The Faunus interrupted as he reemerged from the room which he enter before stepping aside to hold the door for them.*
  • Ghira: *Ghira nodded and looked back at Blake and Sun.* Are you both ready? *The two nodded and followed Ghira as they made their way into Sienna Khan's room lit by candles and a fire place. Once inside Blake and Sun quickly noticed dozens of maps of different kingdoms, Schnee dust minds and factories, leaders of anti-faunus groups with some that are crossed out, even photos of other white fang members, and what catch Blake's attention a small framed picture of half a picture.*
  • Blake: That's Photo. *Blake thought to herself.* They look almost like...
  • Sienna Khan: It's been a long time hasn't it, Ghira? *Sienna Khun spoke causing Ghira, Blake, and Sun to quickly turned to the fire place. There two chairs, open empty and the other that's back faced them where taken that shows a red armored gauntlet rest upon the arm rest, sat in front of the fire with a small table in between them where a large Grimm mask laid next to a small glass.* What bring you back? If its about what happened at Beacon, It's being taken care of if you haven't already received the plans on dealing with my pupil.
  • Ghira: Actually, this visit is to warn you about your pupil Sienna Khan. *The former leader of the white fang started taking a step towards it new leader.* Aside from leading that attack on Beacon, twisting what the White Fang stands for, and even sending his followers to track down and on my daughter. He plans on attempting to over throw you and taking over the White Fang.
  • Sienna Khan: Yes. I am aware of this. *She told them, reaching for the glass of liquor.* As well as the order that Adam has told his followers to track and find your daughter.
  • Ghira: You are aware of this? *Ghira questioned in a low almost threatening tone.* You were aware of the spies in Menagerie? You were aware that one of them attacked my daughter and nearly killed her friend?! You were aware that my daughter was endanger and you didn't think of warning me!?
  • Sienna Khan: *The leader of the white fang pauses while lifting her glass, Blake's ears picking up the sound of her turning her head towards her father.* The Towers are down Ghira. By the time I learned about Adam's obsession with your daughter, Whom I remind you betrayed him and broke his heart, *Ghira and Blake both notice a hint of frustration in her tone.* I received your message of wanting to speak with me. Which is why I will deal with it.
  • Ghira: Which is why I will be PERSONALLY be assisting you and the white fang hunt him and his follower down. *Ghira told her crossing his arms before Sienna Khan slammed her glass on the table hard startling Blake and Sun.*
  • Sienna Khan: You seemed to misunderstood me, Ghira. You may help our people find his followers to restore our tribes good name. But I will be dealing with MY pupil. Personally. *She told them, in a very threatening manner. However, to Ghira and Sun's surprise, cause Blake to step forward.*
  • Blake: Then I am going with you.
  • Sun: Wait What!?
  • Ghira: Blake. No.
  • Sienna Khan: Blake?
  • Blake: Adam was my partner. He was a friend... I have to take responsibility and stop him. *Blake begins.* It's my fault he is like how he is. It's my fault that he has become the monster he is now. It's my fault that now everyone I care about is in danger. It's my fault that the one I... The one I love lost so much... I need to make things right. *There was a moment of silence Sun and Ghira seeing the determination is the young huntress's eyes. Then to all of their surprise Sienna Khan rose from her chair as she spoke.*
  • Sienna Khan: Sure.
  • Ghira: Sienna Khan! *snapped as his successor as she reach for her dust blades sword.*
  • Sienna Khan: You can drop the title Ghira. I won't be doing this hunt with you daughter as Sienna Khan. Beside, *Sienna Khan said, turning to face Blake and Sun watching as an expression shock washes over their faces and stared right into Blake's eyes with her red.*
  • Sun: No way...
  • Blake: I don't believe it... You're... You're...
  • Raven Branwen: We have a lot to talk about.

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If you believe anything Carol Large says you are messed up. How dare she do this for money and put ML down like that. She is a sick fuck

As much as I dislike Carol giving the interview at all, maybe cool your jets a bit, because she was careful and actually specifically said she wasn’t going to say anything bad about ML. And didn’t. Any ‘put down’ was simply because Gwen came out positively in implicit comparisons (ie. he’s happier than he’s ever been), so calm down…

Look, Blake’s family and friends aren’t always coy. Get used to it or avoid seeking out what they say.

Static (Bellamy Blake x Reader)

Request: May I request a Bellamy x reader where reader refuses to let Bellamy go into mount weather so he unfortunately does whatever it is they do to make her fall asleep so he can do it and when she wakes up she’s pissed at everyone for letting him go in but when he finally reaches them with the walkie talkie things she relaxes cause he asks about her and tells her he’ll see her soon? You can add more or less but just an idea! 😂 thank you sm

“No!” You exclaim, looking at Bellamy with an incredulous expression, “I can’t believe what I’m hearing. There’s no way you’re risking your life in that damn mountain so stop bringing it up.” Crossing your arms, you shake your head angrily. Bellamy Blake, the hero, wants to sneak into Mount Weather to save the 48 skypeople who were taken. 

“Y/N, sunshine, baby,” He jokes as a grin makes its way onto his face, “I’ll be alright. I always am. I know what I’m doing.”

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